RAOFNow.  Does this *still* crash X?  Who knows!04:13
RAOFNo!  Cool!04:13
RAOFOh, that does :(04:30
RAOFEnsuring X doesn't crash would be more fun if testing didn't mean that X crashed :(04:40
ajmitchat least when you find that X doesn't crash, you know you've done something right04:43
RAOFWell, yeha.04:46
RAOFDoesn't make the failure mode any less obnoxious :)04:56
RAOFI'm looking for a sponsor for a tiny mesa upload to fix crashes in clutter apps with multiple stages like Quadrapassel - http://cooperteam.net/Packages/mesa_7.9~git20100924-0ubuntu2.dsc09:15
tjaaltonRAOF: check10:13
andrewaclthi, when I try and watch a movie (vcl or Movie player) xorg crashes it seems and it returns me to the login screen. The only thing funny in Xorg.log.old is "intel(0): drmDropMaster failed: Bad file descriptor." This started happening overnight :/14:15
andrewaclthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9907713#post9907713 describes my issue, if anybody is willing to take a look :)14:41
Sarvattandrewaclt: it's because you have drm_kms_helper.poll=N, that only works on a newer kernel and prevents the module from loading on the older one unfortunately14:53
Sarvattbecause the module parameter didn't exist back in 2.6.3214:54
andrewacltI see14:54
andrewacltSo it's loading the wrong module?14:54
Sarvattit's not loading the module at all, if you remove that it should work again14:55
andrewacltI see, thanks.14:55
Sarvattno problem, sorry for not mentioning that when you were testing the newer kernel14:55
andrewacltSarvatt, Thanks, I'm glad a asked here, otherwise that would of taken me forever to figure out :)15:02
Sarvattugh, need to go through this mess of patches for xorg-server in maverick and see if one of them is the cause of server-1.9-branch failing to pass the tests now - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/56814698/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.xorg-server_2:1.9.0%2Bgit20100930%2Bserver-1.9-branch.4d2542a1-0ubuntu0sarvatt_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz19:59
ricotzSarvatt, hi, what do you think about adding kernel 2.6.36 to edgers?20:00
Sarvattwould be much appreciated if you want to put it in there20:01
Sarvattare amd64 kernels building in PPA's again yet?20:02
ricotzwould takes some time to upload it for me, but the current natty kernel runs fine here20:02
ricotzthere is a commit which should solve this space issue20:02
* Sarvatt nods20:02
Sarvattit could get hairy for external module users since they aren't going to bump the ABI till natty opens20:04
ricotzright, hmm20:04
Sarvattwont be that long though and its not installed by default unless we do a meta package too anyway20:05
ricotzok, i will upload it20:07
Sarvatthmm maybe http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?h=server-1.9-branch&id=d4ef63f602325a9920dc1cbf64e3969dfa394d5f really did break the xserver tests20:15
jcristauthere's a bugzilla about it regressing some stuff20:16
ubot4Freedesktop bug 30267 in Input/Core "openarena mouse faliure since dix: don't create core motion events for non-x/y valuators" [Normal,Reopened]20:17
achianghello, which library provides this API - XkbChangeTypesOfKey() ; is it libxkbfile?21:40
vishgah! why does something in stock always not work for me :( 21:41
vishif i use the mainline kernels, i dont have problems with X :(21:41
jcristauachiang: libX1121:44
achiangjcristau: thank you. i have a bug with a test case21:44
achiangjcristau: it's present in lucid and still present in maverick. i haven't gotten around to testing upstream yet, because i haven't figured out how to test the latest upstream21:45
vishwhen did the drm changes land ? was that in .32-16 ?21:46
Sarvattvish: yeah but there have been quite a few updates since then with drm bits from .34 and .35 stable even. what's wrong now?21:49
jcristauachiang: that function hasn't changed in years, it's either a server bug or it's not fixed upstream21:49
jcristauachiang: so best to file your bug there imo.21:49
vishSarvatt: remember i had shown a video, of /only/ the guest session flickering?21:49
achiangjcristau: i don't know much about this actually; i'm passing the bug along for a customer who discovered it. would you like to see the test case?21:49
vishits been the same issue since then21:49
Sarvattradeon? the new_pll problem?21:50
vishyup, thats the one21:50
jcristauachiang: i wouldn't know what to do with it :)21:50
achiangjcristau: or, i can just file an upstream bug, that's easy enough21:50
jcristauxkb scares me.21:50
Sarvattthey disabled new_pll on rv515 but i think you had a rv530?21:50
vishi have RV51521:50
Sarvattoh maybe i had those backwards, or the proposed kernel with the fix isnt out yet21:51
vishwell, i'm on maverick :)21:51
Sarvattmainline .35.x works?21:51
Sarvattthey ripped out new_pll completely in .36 afaik21:52
vishi was using mainline maverick kernel on a lucid system, but now i'm fully on maverick stock21:52
vishand still the same ol issue21:52
Sarvattsounds like the fix only got backported to lucid, and will come down from the next .35 stable update, let me make sure21:53
* vish files a bug again .. 21:54
vish i think the last one got duped to some other bug with the flickering..21:54
Sarvattthere it is  upstream, dont see it in ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git21:55
vishSarvatt: should i file the bug in kernel? or in -ati ?21:57
Sarvattits in
Sarvattvish: it shouldnt even be needed, we'll get it free whenever the kernel can get updated next21:58
vishSarvatt: hehe, i tried waiting for this lucid last time :D , and maverick is here.. 21:59
* vish crosses fingers this time ;)21:59
Sarvatti know there's a 2.6.35-23 kernel in a kernel team ppa somewhere..22:00
Sarvattpretty sure thats intended to go in maverick before the release, or on the same day22:02
Sarvattat least you dont have an rv530, the need the same quirk and dont have it yet :)22:03
vishi need to check the new_pll quirk too! iirc, the last time what it did was delay the problem much longer..22:05
* vish tries ppa and makes sure.. ;)22:05
Sarvattwow people weren't kidding about the conservative governor being a lot better than ondemand in recent kernels22:42
achiangSarvatt: hm, where's a link to that train of thought?22:52
achiangSarvatt: interesting thanks22:55
Sarvattit seems more willing to go into higher p-states for shorter periods of time and chrome feels more responsive because of it, of course it could be all in my head :)22:55
Sarvattthings have been unbearably slow all throughout maverick here22:56
achiangSarvatt: but if you read through to the end of the thread, you see this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2010-September/012176.html22:56
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
achiangSarvatt: well, mjg59 says "conservative takes longer to drop back to lower frequencies; So it's just about plausible; Depending on the workload..."23:00
mrooneyhey all, I'm testing Maverick and getting frequent X restarts when using the proprietary nvidia drivers, is there value in debugging the issue and filing a bug?23:27

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