Mastercomputergeeksjw: It wasnt stable for me either. The update icon crashed and some more things crashed but it was nice otherwise. I really like the new openoffice-3. 20 times faster load times.00:00
aciculaserard going of memory doesnt postgresql have some (suid) tools for manipulating accounts etc00:00
DroneWorkYou here Dulac?00:00
intraderin 10.04 the properties tab of the context menu shows a dash in the executable checkbox and it does not offer the 'Open' context menu until the checkbox is checked.00:00
serardacicula: I got it on the ubuntu pages, thank you :)00:00
DroneWorkAnyone here successfully use a cablecard tuner on their ubuntu box?00:01
aciculawell i wouldnt call ti a succes, but i have used a tvtuner card yeah00:01
DroneWorkcable card ability or no?00:02
IdleOnest__: Version 0.63.1ubuntu700:02
aciculacable card? not sure what you mean, i used an analog tuner card00:02
MasterDroneWork: Whats a "Cable card" .. descramler etc ?00:02
MasterDroneWork: Whats a "Cable card" .. descrambler etc ?00:02
aciculanot sure about the CI digital cards00:02
nogoit sould be dvb00:03
DroneWorkCablecard....allows your PC to pair with your cable provider and provide you cable channels directly to your PC00:03
DandanOk so i'm having problems with wireshark again any help00:03
DroneWorkso yes, in a way it works like a descrambler00:03
aciculadronework, theres two types, ones got an analog tuner, the other is a 'digital' sytem that needs a decoder card that looks like a credit card00:04
DroneWorkyes I know00:04
DroneWorkthere are multi stream ones as well00:04
aciculayeah, but its not clear which one you are referring to00:04
DroneWorkwho uses analog these days?00:04
aciculathe majority of the world populaton?00:05
DroneWorkanyways, analog does not require a cablecard00:05
nogoi won't take this kind of cards00:05
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
nogoit's dangerous as a credit card00:05
aciculaexcept the form factor these cards have nothing in common with credit card payment systems00:06
aciculaanyway, if your provider allows you to use older CI interfaces then you can get it to work under linux provided your card is supported, with CI+ you cant00:08
kermithow do i exit X? it seems to just keep restarting.00:09
Flare183kermit: sudo serivice gdm stop00:10
MagicJI am running unetbootin right now - I started it at the terminal with a sudo anb the window opened and all looks good - I chose the iso and it offered me the flash drive and I selected it.  It now hangs at "installing syslinux to /devsdb1"  In the  terminal window I do see the message: no connection to ibus-daemon00:10
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zysoksanybody knows what the common http:// interface address for rutorrent?00:12
WanabeHello, I just have a problem with a deleted music folder.00:12
ovrflw0xhow do i install tomcat 7 on ubuntu 10.10 pre-release?00:12
Flare183!ubuntu+1 | ovrflw0x00:13
ubottuovrflw0x: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+100:13
trond-hi room. I have a dell e4310 and it can get into suspension mode, but it can't get out... kernel: 2.6.32-22 (as I'm having trouble with newer kernels. This makes the screen flicker like mad!)00:13
kermitFlare183: stop: Unknown instance:00:13
Flare183kermit: Somethings wrong with gdm then00:13
kermitFlare183: oh, i have to be logged off X for that to work, i see00:13
Flare183kermit: actually you have to be doing that via a virtual terminal00:14
kermitFlare183: right00:14
aciculawell screen flicker is not so bad ussually00:16
aciculadoes suspending work with the newer kernels?00:16
WanabeI accidentally deleted the Music folder. I got it back, with all its contents. However, now when I change the icon theme, the music folder icon just changes to a general folder icon.00:17
jribWanabe: pastebin ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs maybe00:18
Wanabejrip: I don't know what that means00:18
jrib!pastebin | Wanabe00:18
ubottuWanabe: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:18
chrisbuntunerdhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1583914 please help I broke mom's laptop00:19
jrib!here | chrisbuntunerd00:19
ubottuchrisbuntunerd: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com00:19
trond-chrisbuntunerd, there goes your weekly money :) (don't know what you call that in english)00:20
chrisbuntunerdwill you help please just go to the link00:21
mgmuscarianybody have an hda intel / conexant audio card running on lucid? can't seem to get input from the microphone working00:21
Wanabechrisbuntunerd: hit f2 (depending on the computer) when the computer is first booting up00:21
chrisbuntunerdwanabe: how will thay help00:22
chrisbuntunerdwanabe: how will that help00:22
aciculait'll give you a menu where you can select a safe mode option00:22
Niglopcan some1 walk me through mounting my flash stick?00:22
Wanabechrisbuntunerd: on it's own, it won't. I'm just only allowed to post one line of text at a time00:22
chrisbuntunerdoh but now It will boot windows vista00:22
aciculavista boots?00:23
chrisbuntunerdto when the cursor comes on00:23
jribchrisbuntunerd: if you don't care about having ubuntu on it at this point (doesn't sound like you do), just ask ##windows how to restore the windows mbr00:23
Flare183Sound like a GRUB problem00:23
chrisbuntunerdjrib I want ubuntu00:23
chrisbuntunerdgrub wont even turn on00:23
jribchrisbuntunerd: wait, can you boot ubuntu?00:23
Wanabef2 should pull up booting options00:23
chrisbuntunerdok I will try back in a few00:23
aciculaoh F2 is for grub, F8 for the windows boot menu?00:24
Wanabeacicula: depends on the computer brand, it might require a human sacrifice (HP)00:25
aciculachrisbuntunerd: no grub prompt may mean your vista installation is fine still, however, and this is probably important, go get the manual, and check you have recovery cd's, or how to make them (for windows).00:25
chrisbuntunerdbut I still want programs and files00:27
WanabeYou can recover the files in vista through Ubuntu00:28
chrisbuntunerdit this #ubuntu-unregged?00:29
ElCerebr0I'm using 10.04LTS sometimes my computer kind of freezes up and stops accepting mouse input, I can move the pointer around but cannot click on anything, right click usually brings up a menu but left click does nothing. I have compiz and awn running, are they to blame for this?00:29
aciculaerr you cant make recovery disk of vista from within ubuntu though, not if the data for that is stored on your harddrive00:29
Wanabeyou can with mine00:29
aciculainteresting laptop you have then, heh00:30
chrisbuntunerdI need programs some of my homeschool is on there00:30
Wanabejrib: it says : command not found00:30
WanabeCan't you reinstall the programs?00:30
jribWanabe: erm, what does?00:30
chrisbuntunerdwanabe:I need programs some of my homeschool is on there00:30
DroneWorkAll the cablecard type tuners listed in the ubuntu forums are outdated....anyone know where to find a more updated list?00:30
jribWanabe: I asked you to pastebin a file, no command00:30
DroneWorkor know of anyone using one that works with ubuntu that is still on the market?00:31
trond-chrisbuntunerd, on the link you gave they are telling you to use bootreg which is a windows application00:31
chrisbuntunerdi did00:31
Wanabejrib: i truely do not understand00:31
jribWanabe: open ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs, copy what you see, paste at http://paste.ubuntu.com, tell us the url00:31
* chrisbuntunerd needs help00:32
jrib!helpme | chrisbuntunerd00:32
ubottuchrisbuntunerd: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:32
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:32
chrisbuntunerdsorry community00:32
ElCerebr0I'm using 10.04LTS sometimes my computer kind of freezes up and stops accepting mouse input, I can move the pointer around but cannot click on anything, right click usually brings up a menu but left click does nothing. I have compiz and awn running, do you think they  are to blame for this?00:32
aciculachrisbuntunerd: you installed ubuntu, and now you cant boot ubuntu or windows, and you need to get windows to boot again because there is data on there?00:33
aciculaor can you boot ubuntu for example00:33
plitteris there a way of making rhythmbox download more than 1 podcast at a time?00:33
chrisbuntunerdis funkyhat here00:33
Wanabejrib: you fixed it!00:34
* jrib is amazed when asking someone to pastebin a file fixes the issue00:35
trond-acicula, can't he then just set up grub/something to add vista as a boot option? I think I've read numerous articles on how to dualboot windows/ubuntu.00:35
chrisbuntunerdi have done that when grub worked it would not boot00:35
Evil_Ericim looking for the person who was helping me with my dvd issues00:35
abstrakt!bot abuse | jrib00:35
ubottujrib: Please don't play with the bots, or else... Also see !behaviour and !msgthebot00:35
chrisbuntunerdvista I am screwed00:36
jribabstrakt: -_-00:36
* chrisbuntunerd kicks ms00:36
abstraktEvil_Eric, how bout just ask about your dvd issues and see if someone knows00:36
trismplitter: podcasts in rhythmbox aren't really very configurable, might try gpodder, it allows you to configure the number of simultaneous downloads00:36
Gneaabstrakt: tsk tsk00:36
Evil_Ericehhh i dont have dvd issues now and just wanted to say thanks to the guy00:36
aciculachrisbuntunerd: so you know what grub is, and when you select vista there ti will not boot?00:36
abstraktEvil_Eric, oh ok, well then nevermind :)00:36
acicula(vista that is)00:37
chrisbuntunerdI wish we got beans for this00:37
plittertrism thanks:) will try gpodder:)00:37
aciculaok, after you select vista in the grub menu press F800:37
aciculaa few times, or F5, i forgot which one it was00:37
aciculait should give you another text menu00:37
chrisbuntunerdgrub does not show up anymore00:37
leifacicula: F8 opens the windows boot menu00:38
aciculahow is grub not showing up, what do you see when booting00:38
chrisbuntunerdI hate MS bot do not say anythin about !hate00:38
chrisbuntunerdwell i tried windows repair thing and changed mbr00:39
aciculaerr ok, but what do you see when you are booting00:40
aciculawhen you turn the laptop on, what does happen00:40
chrisbuntunerdit tries to boot windows00:41
chrisbuntunerdthen goes as far as the cursor00:41
aciculadescribe what you see, how can you tell it tries to boot windows?00:41
chrisbuntunerdthen just hangs00:41
chrisbuntunerdI see the windows moving thing and then black then cursor00:42
aciculak, after the initial bios screen press F8 every other second or so.00:42
leifNormally grub would print out an error. I call fake00:42
chrisbuntunerdleif what do you meen00:42
aciculawell if he fixed the mbr grub would npt get laoded anymore00:43
chrisbuntunerdleif: duh00:43
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:43
leifSorry, didn't know he tried that already. But if you boot with a windows cd into repair mode and entered fixmbr \Device\HardDisk0 it should work00:44
chrisbuntunerdh00k: not helping00:44
chrisbuntunerdacicula:I have to leave in 15 mins can you help in ubuntu forums00:45
chrisbuntunerdacicula :I have to leave in 15 mins can you help in ubuntu forums00:45
almoxarifechrisbuntunerd: was that a wubi install?00:45
agentgasmaskHI. When doing a: sudo aptitude install unetbootin  - I got this, any help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/502933/00:46
aciculawell im not sure why your windows isntallation is not working anymore, thats something for ##windows, but its not the mbr, since you describe windows starting. you can get grub back by booting an ubuntu livecd and reinstalling grub, i think the wiki covers that00:47
aeon-ltdacicula: just come back here., some one will know00:47
aeon-ltdchrisbuntunerd: see above00:47
aciculayou'll want windows repair cd's or remaster disc even if you cant get windows fixed though00:47
aeon-ltdacicula: sorry wrong person00:47
chrisbuntunerdI am in big doodoo00:47
agentgasmaskoh, nevermind. A simple sudo aptitude update fixed it. :)00:48
LordDragonhey all. im trying to configure my skype to output via a headset and input from the headset but without changing my whole system to use the headset as the primary sound device. the only option i get in skype is "pulse aidio (default)". is there a way i can get to select the headset?00:48
sam555if you change the smb.conf file, do you have to restart samba?00:49
sam555if so, how?00:49
aciculapa-devman lets you swap streams to different outputs00:49
aciculawait its called differntly, sec00:50
leifsam555: sudo service smbd restart would do the trick I guess00:51
sam555leif: thanks!00:51
LordDragonok acicula i installed it. but skype still only allows "pulse audio server (local)"00:51
LordDragonhow do i configure it to let me select headset?00:51
aciculato have it show up as a separate pulse audio output you'll have to add a sink, call it headset and add your headset to that sink00:51
LordDragonacicula, oh ok. where is the config for that? im hoping there is a gui?00:52
sam555leif: didn't work, says unrecognized servce00:52
aciculapadevchooser, start it, its an applet00:52
sam555leif: and I don't see samba listed in init.d :(00:52
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=== theguychrisbuntu is now known as leif
leifWhich version of ubuntu do you use?00:53
leifotherwise sudo /etc/init.d/smdb restart could work00:53
leifUps, if it isn't there I don't know.00:54
sam555leif: 9.0400:54
sam555leif: yeah, cause that was the one I was looking for, but didn't see it00:54
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:54
EmtsujI'm having a problem upgrading to 10.04. It wouldn't work via the Update Manager so I burned a disk. I booted up with the disk in, it got to the language selection, selected english, chose to install and then I see a flashing underscore for 10 seconds and then the screen goes black forever.00:55
leifsam555: Are you sure you have the samba server installed? Because in 9.04 you restart it over /etc/init.d/smbd00:55
sam555leif: i'm double checking.  there is the samba conf file and directory in /etc/ so I assumed it was installed00:56
aciculaEmtsuj: what hardware do you have?00:56
LordDragonacicula, ok im in. and im in the manager. but i dont see a place to create a new sink00:56
EmtsujI don't really know. 10.04 was installed before but it wouldn't boot. It got to the login, I heard stuff happening, hit enter, typed my password and logged in, but nothing appeared00:56
sam555leif: I'm just gonna install00:57
leifsam555: According to the following pace, that is the default way to restart samba. How about saving the conf in your home folder, purging and reinstalling samba?00:57
EmtsujSo it randomly stopped working. I re-installed 9.10, and now I'm using that. I'd rather have 10.0400:57
aciculaLordDragon: under playback you can see the streams using your playback devices, and you can swap them to different outputs, under output devices i can switch between analog output and headphonse00:58
Flare183!hi | kurt_00:58
kurt_Can someone help me with a problem i have, im using Ubuntu 10.04 and cant seem to install the driver update for my nVidia Graphics card :(00:58
aciculai just fiddled a bit to see if i could define a sink via that program so you can set it up permanently, but i think it needs to be set via a configuration file afterall00:58
wcshi people00:59
kurt_anyone ?00:59
=== trond-- is now known as trond-
kurt_the driver update file i have is a .run file00:59
LordDragonacicula, i dont see any option for that. manger has "server info, devices, clients, modules, sample chache"00:59
DrDeepsAnd I'm Emtsuj. Damned ethernet came unplugged01:00
kurt_i run it with sudo in terminal and get some message aobut havint to turn x off :s01:00
kurt_i turned off x in terminal to try and install the driver update again then my screen was just blank i couldnt do anything : /01:00
* DrDeeps slaps Emtsuj around a bit with a large trout01:00
aciculaLordDragon: click the applet and then volume control01:00
kurt_im new to linux so i dont know what to do but it seems like a lot of effort just to update my graphcis card driver : /01:01
DrDeepsdamned thing01:01
aciculayou can modify audiostreams and output devices there01:01
FloodBot4DrDeeps: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
sam555leif: thanks for the heads up!01:01
kurt_can anyone help please ? :s01:01
acicula!ask | kurt_01:02
ubottukurt_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:02
DrDeepsI'm having a problem upgrading to 10.04. It wouldn't work via the Update Manager so I burned a disk. I booted up with the disk in, it got to the language selection, selected english, chose to install and then I see a flashing underscore for 10 seconds and then the screen goes black forever. It was installed before but it stopped working.01:02
=== DrDeeps is now known as Emtsuj
EmtsujThere we go...01:02
kurt_i didnt ask to ask a question i "asked" a question....01:02
LordDragonok acicula.under playback i see vlc, songbird and tweetdeck. skype IS running bu tits not listed. also in playback they all say "alsa" is that the same as pulse audio?01:02
aciculakurt_: you said you have a problem with your nvidia driver01:02
kurt_i explained it01:02
kurt_then asked if someone can help lol01:02
aciculadont use the .run files01:02
aciculaubuntu has its own installer for nvidia drivers01:03
kurt_then how do i updatemy nvidia driver ?01:03
aciculasystem -> administration -> hardware drivers01:03
kurt_becuase i used the nvidia website and it gave me a .run file which i dont know how to use :(01:03
LjLyou don't. you use the driver from the repos, if updates come out for them they'll be installed automatically in due time01:03
kurt_ive tried system administration and hardware drivers... and it doesnt have an update button01:03
LjLdon't aim to always have the latest version (of anything), because that generally makes no sense and can be very counter-productive.01:03
kurt_only says i am using the driver or something,  but im not using the updated version01:03
LjLkurt_: that's because the driver gets updated together with other packages by means of the package manager01:03
kurt_im not sure how up to date i am though... i think my driver is a few versions behind... not just 1 version01:04
kurt_and hardware drivers doesnt have an update button only lets me activate and deactivate drivers01:05
aciculayou are running the latest version if your system is up to date01:05
DrDeepsthat is so annoying01:05
DrDeepsI need a new ethernet cable...01:05
drbutti installed the drivers from nvidia's site and rolledback to ubuntu's driver package, had better results.01:05
aciculathe latest version that is suited for your curent system that is01:05
kurt_so the graphics driver will update with "Update Manager" ?01:06
LjLkurt_: "apt-cache policy nvidia-glx" should tell you, although i'm not sure nvidia-glx is the correct package name these days01:06
aciculaLordDragon: err skype should show up, try making a testcall and see if it shows up in the list01:06
LjLkurt_: yes. it's a package like all the rest of them.01:06
DrDeepsI'm having a problem upgrading to 10.04. It wouldn't work via the Update Manager so I burned a disk. I booted up with the disk in, it got to the language selection, selected english, chose to install and then I see a flashing underscore for 10 seconds and then the screen goes black forever. It was installed before but it stopped working. Sorry about reposting this again, my ethernet cable keeps01:06
DrDeepscoming un-done...01:06
IdleOneLjL: nvidia-current is the package name01:07
=== DrDeeps is now known as Emtsuj
kurt_hmm ok01:07
LjLkurt_: ok, "apt-cache policy nvidia-current" then01:07
LjLkurt_: if "Installed" and "Candidate" match, then you're up to date01:07
kurt_ok what should that tell me01:07
aciculawell there are a few legacy drivers too still, depending on which card you have?01:07
kurt_becuase it looks like i get blank results :s01:07
drbuttyou can't install the nvidias-site drivers while in gnome anyway, you need to compile it in the termial. but like i said, i rolled back to the driver suite provided by ubuntu anyway.01:07
kurt_it says "Installed: (none)"01:08
kurt_"Candidate: (none)"01:08
kurt_"Version table:"01:08
kurt_does that mean i dont have an nvidia driver installed ? :s01:08
IdleOnekurt_: did you activate the driver in System > Admin > Hardware Drivers?01:08
LordDragonacicula, nope nothing. it just says "problem with audio" in skype01:09
ceil420kurt_: that means one isn't even available :o by that package name, anyway. "candidate" means what's in the repos01:09
lsrlineI'm trying to get help with Inkscape, but when i say something in the #inkscape channel it says cannot send to channel.01:09
aciculais skype trying to use the sound daemon or oss or alsa directly?01:09
kurt_so is my graphics not working right now ? :s01:09
drbuttisr: is the channel +m?01:09
coz_lsrline,   what issue are you having with inkscape/01:10
kurt_because if i look in hardware drivers, it says "this driver is activated and currently in use" but aparently "apt-cache policy nvidia-glx" says otherwise01:10
LjL!register | lsrline01:10
ubottulsrline: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:10
aciculakurt_: what model card do you have01:10
IdleOnekurt_: what is the output of: lspci | grep VGA01:11
aciculathat works too01:11
kurt_a GeForce 9800 GT01:11
lsrlinecoz_: I'm trying to make text and object, so that you can manipulate each letter01:11
aciculaapt-cache policy nvidia-glx-legacy01:11
aciculaor something to that extend01:11
kurt_the ouput is "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G92 [GeForce 9800 GT] (rev a2)"01:11
aciculaoh its numbered01:12
aciculathere are a number of different nvidia drivers that are used depending on your cards age01:12
coz_lsrline,   ok so you have an object and a line of text right now ...yes?01:12
kurt_so what am i meant to do to make sure i have the right driver installed and activated ? :s01:13
EmtsujI'm having a problem upgrading to 10.04. It wouldn't work via the Update Manager so I burned a disk. I booted up with the disk in, it got to the language selection, selected english, chose to install and then I see a flashing underscore for 10 seconds and then the screen goes black forever. It was installed before but it stopped working. sorry to repost again...01:13
aciculanothing, the system figures out which one is right for you and activates it01:13
coz_lsrline,   with the text did you higlight the text then  Path /  Object to path01:13
lsrlinecoz_: yeah I just have text entered in and I want to be able to convert that text into an object, so that you no longer need the font associated with the text01:13
kurt_so is my driver working properly or not right now ? :s01:13
aciculasince its listed as activated its working (or you'd not have a working graphical interface)01:13
aciculayeah it is01:14
coz_lsrline,  ok that's what you do ...highlight the text  go to  Path / Object to path01:14
kurt_hmm ok01:14
kurt_and soon the update will be in the "Update Manager" right ?01:14
kurt_for the newer driver01:14
kurt_oh xD01:14
coz_lsrline,  then you do not have to have that specialized text on another system for it to be rendered properly01:14
aciculaprobably never, sec ill dig it up01:14
lsrlinecoz_: sweet thanks...01:15
coz_lsrline,  would you like an example  to be sure?01:15
jrennerhey everyone I'm having an issue with playing a video. in particular an ogv file with ogg theora video and vorbis audio. the audio works fine but I'm getting no video01:15
kurt_:s but updates are released for a reason :s i mean reading the update notes it fixes a few bugs that are apparently current with the driver i have now01:15
aciculanvidia posts drivers here http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html01:16
aciculaif you look there you see the latest driver for linux is http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-256.53-driver.html01:16
aciculanow check which gpus those drivers support01:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:16
lsrlinecoz_: nah, that's okay I got what I needed.. thanks again... for whatever reason when I was adjusting the kerning on the text it would chop off part of the letters on top, but making it an object (which i needed to do anyway) fixes it01:16
stiltzkinhey guys, hoping you can help me with something. I have an (apparently infamous) issue wherein ksoftirqd consumes 100% of my cpu01:16
jrennerhey everyone I'm having an issue with playing a video. in particular an ogv file with ogg theora video and vorbis audio. the audio works fine but I'm getting no video01:17
aciculainteresting, its still listed there01:17
coz_lsrline,  oh yeah   that is way different procedure :)01:17
kurt_well my driver version i have now01:17
kurt_isnt even on that list :s whats going on lol xD01:17
stiltzkinoutput of dmesg | tail shows lots of messages like sr 1:0:0:0: timing out command, waited 120s01:17
stiltzkinwat do?01:17
coz_lsrline,  and actually you are making the object into a path  not the other way around01:18
stiltzkinCan't kill the process, it just respawns immediately01:18
stiltzkinAnyone have any idea what I'm talking about? For reference, I'm running 2.6.35-2201:19
vistrowhy am I getting 'Daemon is inhibited' when mounting an EXT3 FS?01:19
kurt_how do i see what driver version i have installed for my nVidia then ? becuase i think im looking in the wrong place01:19
aciculakurt_: no it appears a 9800 isnt legacy, i thought it would be, but that driver lsits it as supported still01:19
jrennerhey everyone I'm having an issue with playing a video. in particular an ogv file with ogg theora video and vorbis audio. the audio works fine but I'm getting no video. however if I play through chromium the built-in codecs there read the video fine01:20
aciculakurt_: not sure, its still not a good idea to try the unpackaged driver though01:20
stiltzkinThis is really very frustrating. It's eating all my resources and there's no way to stop it01:20
kurt_howcome ? :s01:20
jrennerstiltzkin. just uninstall?01:21
kurt_would nvidia really tell me there is an update to my driver which fixes some bugs if it wasnt gonna work properly ? : /01:21
stiltzkinjrenner, just installed lol01:21
indecipherableati graphics card?01:21
aciculasec, just checking version numbering01:21
indecipherableoh nvm nvidea01:21
aciculathe new 10.10 ubuntu uses the newer 253 driver01:21
jrennerstiltzkin what program is it again?01:21
aciculaso it looks like nvidia just pulled a bumpgate on the driver?01:21
kurt_im using 10.0401:22
stiltzkinjrenner, ksoftirqd, it's apparently a low level device thing01:22
uLinuxIs there a command to remove a PPA?01:22
v1zoanyone has advice on redirecting bind through tor? haven't found anything at google01:22
vistroDisregard that I suck cocks...01:22
aciculakurt_: yeah stick with that, and upgrade to 10.10 if you need some of the features or must have the newer nvidia driver01:22
kurt_what new features does 10.10 have then ?01:23
kurt_that i wont have now in 10.0401:23
jrennerstiltzkin: try upgrading kernel "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"01:23
stiltzkinv1zo, install torsocks. then you can just use the "usewithtor" command01:23
stiltzkinjrenner, running updates right now actually...and praying01:23
kurt_cus im not up for formatting my computer right now lol :P01:23
aciculakurt_: dunno updated software and drivers :)01:23
coz_kurt_,  http://blog.mypapit.net/2010/09/new-features-and-changes-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick.html01:23
v1zostiltzkin: thanks a lot01:24
aciculayou can just do inplace uprgades, dont need to nuke existing isntalls01:24
stiltzkinv1zo, np01:24
coz_kurt_,   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMovies01:24
jrennerokay does anyone have some codec knowledge for me?01:24
rmrfslash10.10 will come with 3D glasses and won't be displayed on a "traditional" display. Rather, it will be sent directly into your occipital cortex over TCP.01:24
stiltzkinrmrfslash, but can it play Crysis?01:24
rmrfslashno, that was the only regression bug01:24
kurt_so will i ever get nvidia driver updates in 10.04 using update manager ? :s01:25
kurt_im confused now01:25
aciculakurt_: i doubt it01:25
jrennerstiltzkin: if you did any updating be sure to reboot01:25
kurt_and why dont nvidia give me an easier way to install the driver : /01:25
Ugly_Duckcan i upgrade my sources.list for debian to include lucid packages or will that totally break my system?01:25
kurt_instead of giving me some .run file with a stupid complicated way to run it01:25
coz_kurt_,  unlikely but you could use the ppa for new drivers01:25
aciculakurt_: it will require a backport of the newer driver to 10.0401:25
kurt_i dont know how to do it :(01:25
stiltzkinjrenner, absolutely. it's taking forever because it's using an entire core of my CPU01:25
kurt_ppa ?01:25
aciculakurt_: well its not stupidly complicated, but it may require software not rpesent on your sytem, or may be altogether incompatible with your Xserver, etc01:26
coz_kurt_,    https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates01:26
kurt_well it tells me i have to stop x server or soemthing to install it01:26
coz_kurt_,  the driver there is the 260.19.0601:26
kurt_i stop x server...then my screen is blank wtf ....01:26
rmrfslashkurt_: the run file isn't that big of a deal, is it? are you saying this because you need to stop the X server to install it (agreed, that's annoying)?01:26
jrennerstiltzkin: its a little hackish but "while [ 1==1 ]; do killall ksoftirqd; done;"01:26
stiltzkinjrenner, I'm a little worried about hardware problems with this as well, my CPU has to be lava hot right now, and the fan is kicking01:26
danc3kurt_: it's "hard" to run a .run file?01:26
kurt_well like i said im new to linux01:27
kurt_and i cant get my updated driver to install cus i dont know what to do once i stop x server01:27
danc3kurt_: did you read the instructions there on the Nvidia driver page?01:27
Ugly_Duckacicula: any ideas?01:27
h00kkurt_: did you check the documentation on !nvidia01:27
h00k!nvidia > kurt_01:27
ubottukurt_, please see my private message01:27
kurt_it didnt give me any, just gave me the download01:28
danc3kurt_: look again01:28
rmrfslashkurt_: you're unlikely to get sympathy here anyways when it comes to restricted drivers... from experience01:28
jrennerstiltzkin: are you overclocked or is your comp pressed up a against a wall or buried in the ground? if not you _should_ be okay....01:28
aciculaUgly_Duck: no you cant mix debian and ubuntu01:28
stiltzkinjrenner, I don't think even that will keep it down. It spawns new processes as soon as they're killed. Killing all of them will probably use about as many resources01:28
kurt_what you mean ?01:28
NOMADICUSHow do I reload the fstab?01:28
coz_kurt_,   that ppa should work since that driver is slightly better than the nvidia_current offered in lucid01:28
kurt_i dont want sympathy just wanted to know if i could get some help01:28
jrennerstiltzkin: prolly right.... but a while loop of killing is always fun right? :P01:28
aciculayeah id stick with the ppa if you must fiddle with the drivers01:29
coz_kurt_,   I have used that driver with fewer difficulties01:29
acicula.run files is just asking for gamebreaking stuff01:29
kurt_the 260.19.06 ?01:29
stiltzkinjrenner, yeah I suppose lol. I'm just frustrated that I couldn't find any definitive answer for what causes this. Dates back to 2004 but no one has a real paper trail on it01:29
jrennerhaha I'm pretty sure kernel upgrades should solve your problem01:29
danc3kurt_: you couldn't read this file, right there on the Nvidia driver page:  http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/256.53/README/installdriver.html01:30
kandinskiI have a working Ubuntu Maverick install that's terminal-only. I installed ubuntu-gnome and nvidia-current with all the dependencies and then did a sudo nvidia-xconfig, but when I try to sudo startx it says it can't find the nvidia module, what do I need to do next?01:30
stiltzkinjrenner, I mean most people just said stuff along the lines of "it has something to do with the wireless drivers; just reinstall"01:30
scgtrpjust installed kubuntu, is there any way to get a newer kernel than what comes with it besides compiling it myself? 2.6.34 (35?) had a patch that made acpi work on my laptop01:30
coz_kurt_,   yeah as long as you install it via that ppa... I would not suggest using the official driver ONLY because lucid makes it so you have to jump through a few hoops to get it installed01:30
h00k!maverick | kandinski01:30
ubottukandinski: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:30
kandinskioh right, thanks h00k01:30
jrennerstiltzkin: that might be a good idea if upgrading doesn't work01:30
coz_kurt_,  so enable that ppa  and do an update and it should install automatically01:30
aciculascgtrp: bacports, ppa, compiling it yourself, that pretty much summs it up?01:30
kurt_well no, i just clicked on driver downloads and chose my card etc didnt notice anywhere in them steps a "how to install" : / i was expecting it would be easier01:30
scgtrpacicula: backports? where?01:31
scgtrp(also what's ppa?)01:31
rmrfslashscgtrp: personal packages archive01:31
stiltzkinjrenner, don't see what it'll solve though, because inevitably the same wireless drivers and ksoftirqd daemon will get installed next time01:31
kurt_ok ill try the ppa, thanks coz_01:31
aciculapersonal package archive, from other people or projects01:31
danc3kurt_: slow down and pay attention to what you're doing01:31
h00k!ppa | scgtrp01:31
ubottuscgtrp: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:31
tombaughbooks have been written about this but I still don't get it... I'm following an introductory linux course and one assignment question is how to "enable the root account"... some are suggesting "sudo su-" but doesn't that merely give you some root privileges, as the root account is still disabled? but if so, what's the difference? if it is not "real" root, is there a way to demonstrate that?01:31
coz_scgtrp,   Personal Package Archive   I believe01:31
scgtrpinstalling firefox, will take a look in a few01:31
coz_ok I am off for the night  ...clean install time :)01:31
aciculascgtrp: unless you need feature xyz its ussually not worth the hassle transplanting kernels01:32
dwxreaperI always just enable it01:32
h00k!root | tombaugh this article explains it.  Note, it's not officially supported if you do enable the root account01:32
ubottutombaugh this article explains it.  Note, it's not officially supported if you do enable the root account: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:32
scgtrpacicula: i kinda do, i can't boot with acpi enabled and my laptop gets ridiculously hot :(01:32
jrennerstiltzkin: true but installs aren't infallible. its sorta a last ditch effort.01:32
rmrfslashtombaugh: I never enable root... sudo su to become root user but I've never set the root password01:32
aciculascgtrp: fan control ussually is a bios thing i think?01:32
aciculaon laptops that is01:32
jrennersudo -s works too01:32
scgtrpacicula: yeah, my bios is really screwed up and switches out some important tables halfway through boot which makes linux explode01:33
plitterWhy cant i get to download the rest of my podcast (have 200) in gpodder even when i set the setting for 900? Theres supposed to be at least 380 episodes in that podcast....01:33
Cajun_Lan_ManDoes anyone have any experience running Conky? I installed it from the Ubuntu repositories, but I have no idea how to start/run/configure it.01:33
aciculaic and the fix is in a newer kernel?, dunno which ppa you need but thats where you need to look for a kernel01:33
scgtrpacicula: yeah, reported it to the linux people and it was patched over in .34 or .35 (can't remember which)01:33
xcaliberHello All.........01:35
aciculascgtrp: alternatively, 10.10 beta uses .35 by default01:37
aciculait looks like anyway01:37
rmrfslashwill ubuntu 10.10 come with vga-switcheroo or whatever it's called for hybrid graphics laptops?01:37
h00k!maverick | rmrfslash01:37
ubotturmrfslash: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:37
aciculai havent heard of that working on linux01:38
scgtrpacicula: ubuntu doesn't require a full reinstall to upgrade, right? i remember some distro doing that and thinking it was a horrible idea01:38
aciculahttps://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa appears to be the kernel ppa01:38
scgtrpyeah, found it01:38
aciculascgtrp: inpalce upgrades (should) work01:38
scgtrpalright then01:38
weeklyquestion: what does the little arrow on the bottom left of my floders in gnome01:39
weeklyon the icon01:39
ldskfjUbuntu .bashrc as complete as KUbuntu's?: - Am I not seeing something important?  the Ubuntu's system .bashrc is no where near as complete as the KUbuntu system: ex, 2 specifics: 1) aliases, 2) prompt colors.   -  Is there a more complete set of settings available to easily be installed/added/usedWith the Ubuntu system?  Where & how can I get that, for adding into my Ubuntu system?01:39
weeklydoes it mean that it (the "folder") is actually a link to another physical location?01:39
aciculaldskfj: sure its not overwritten somehow?01:40
mattgyverweekly, yeah its a symlink01:40
mattgyverweekly, oh wait mine is on the bottom right, yours is on the left?01:41
weeklymattgyver, no no your right01:42
ernieneed help on import of mbox into claws mail from the ubuntu repo.  Thunderbird properly imports the mbox but claws mail does not.  I have the mbox plugin install01:42
weeklyits on the bottom right01:42
mattgyverweekly, oh okay, your other left cool :)01:42
weeklymattgyver, is their an easy way to manage the links? right clicking doesnt give me much in the proerties department01:43
aciculascgtrp: i forgot to add, 10.10 is still beta, stuff breaks, so ymmv01:43
ldskfjacicula - how would I know the answer to that?  This is a computer lab computer, with a new account, which I didn't set up.  It has a small .baxhrc, 745 bytes, so my presumption is that is the standard .bashrc.  Is the standard Ub .bashrc different fro that, 745 bytes?01:43
mattgyverweekly, not really that i can tell without just editing it from the command line01:43
Phantom11121I installed ubuntu 10.04 and with my wireless N card i see the network, but it would not connect01:44
weeklymattgyver, is their a command that i can --help to look at managing them?01:45
aciculawell .bashrc is a clone from either a default bashrc or a bashrc setup by your sysadmin01:45
mattgyverweekly, check out; man ln01:45
rmrfslashPhantom11121: do you recieve an IP?01:45
rmrfslash... address?01:45
DarkRedmanHi :)01:46
Phantom11121rmrfslash no, nothing it keeps asking to reenter the passcode01:46
Phantom11121rmrfslash or the webkey01:46
jrennerhey everyone I'm having an issue with playing a video. in particular an ogv file with ogg theora video and vorbis audio. the audio works fine but I'm getting no video. however if I play through chromium the built-in codecs there read the video fine01:46
rmrfslashtry the Hex Key option01:46
rmrfslashSorry, Ascii01:47
Phantom11121rmrfslash ascii, well the passcode are just numbers, does that make a difference?01:47
aciculajrenner: what video player are you using?01:48
n0a1iaswhats the channel for compiz fusion help?01:48
DarkRedmanI've made a USB Key, but my BIOS don't detect it, should I specify LBA flag ?!01:48
abstraktn0a1ias, #screwyourmachine I think01:48
jrennerI've tried totem, mplayer, and vlc01:48
n0a1iasabstrakt, ha ha ha, but really01:48
aciculaDarkRedman: not unless its from the stoneage01:48
rmrfslashPhantom11121: sure man, numbers can be in ascii... worth a try01:48
Phantom11121will try it, ty01:48
DarkRedmanso why my BIOS couldn't detect it ?!01:49
aciculaDarkRedman: check your bios for support for usb booting01:49
jrenner*acicula: I've tried totem, mplayer, and vlc01:49
aciculaDarkRedman: what hardware?01:49
DarkRedmanI've already did with another usb key it works01:49
aciculajrenner: none of those give video but all give audio?01:49
DarkRedmanAMI Bios MSI/Nvidia Card01:49
DarkRedmanbut it worked with another Ubuntu OS but not the last01:49
aciculaDarkRedman: cpu/chipset01:49
DarkRedmanPhenom II X 2,5GHz01:49
cjaeAdd VNC to rc.local                sudo vim /etc/rc.local                /usr/bin/vncserver -geometry 1280x1024 -depth 24              doesnt start in ubuntuserver10.04 ?01:49
aciculanot the harrdware then, check your usb stick and make sure its bootable?01:50
ubuntuI think my HD might be done for.  Anyone recommend a way to tell for sure?01:50
DarkRedmanShould I do a pastbin of lspci ?01:50
DarkRedmanIt's bootable01:50
aciculaDarkRedman: its the usb stick thats improperly initialized, or your bios is not setup to boot from the stick. Rebuild the boot stick, change the boot order in your bios or use the boot device selection key when the system is posting to select the usb stick01:51
jrenneracicula: yes. and mplayer gives me some interesting output01:51
jrenneracicula: VIDEO:  [theo]  720x480  24bpp  29.970 fps    0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s)01:51
DarkRedmanI did it with unetbootin and even gtk-usb-creator01:51
mattgyverubuntu, best way to determine is with the vendors utility they normally have tests it can perform.  If you suspect its bad salvage whatever data you can asap.01:51
aciculajrenner: well vlc, totem and vlc use different backends01:51
robert83a2hello, I'm runing ubuntu (no idea which version) I just tried to install postfix (instead of exim4) but I keep getting this error : http://www.pastebin.ca/1951492 HELP :)01:51
aciculawell im sure they all use the same theora lib in the end actually01:51
aciculabut different wrapeprs for ti01:52
ubuntumattgyver:  maybe too late. :(.  I can see the disk in pampliset (using a live CD)  but I can do any operations on it.01:52
tripelbI got an update notice today, After I clicked on do updates I get a window that tells me they cant be authenticated. What's up?01:52
aciculadoes totem not complain about a missing codec?01:52
DarkRedmanacicula: does usb-gtk-creator is enough to remake my USB stick ?!01:52
aciculaDarkRedman: err that or unetbootin should let you create a proper boot stick01:53
jrenneracicula: mhmm but that 0kbps is bothering me01:53
ubuntumattgyver: but gparted can't see it at all? wtf?01:53
mattgyverubuntu, you could try doing a fsck on the drive but I dont know if thats gonna help you too much, dont do it while the drive is mounted though01:53
aciculajrenner: malformed video eprhaps?01:53
ubuntunone of the partitions will mount. and fdisk -l /dev/sda returns a blank line.  I'll see if fsck knows something I don't01:54
mattgyverubuntu, most dead drives ive seen dont show up in gparted, sometimes you can repair those disks with the vendors utility or the tools on systemrescuecd01:54
xompis the cURL for apache2 in ubuntu just hopelessly busted?01:54
jrenneracicula: yes but I can play the video in chromium and I could also play it on a previous installation of ubuntu01:54
mattgyverubuntu, does blkid show anything for the drive?01:54
aciculayeah but chromium uses the same system libs as totem & co do01:55
aciculawhich makes it kind of weird01:56
ubuntunot listed in blkid01:56
mattgyverubuntu, what brand drive is it?01:56
aciculaif the disk is really on its last legs, a bucket and dry ice may give you the time to grab the data off the disk with dd?01:56
madjoeany db design tool you would recommend for mysql?01:57
ubuntuit is a seagate drive.01:57
aciculaphpmysql ?01:58
madjoeacicula: link?01:58
aciculajrenner: i cant really come up with a logical reason as to why that video works in chromium but not in the others01:58
aciculaerr phpmyadmin even01:58
aciculajust type it into your adressbar and itll take you there01:59
aciculajrenner: as at least some of those programs use the same libraries for decoding, vlc may have its own01:59
madjoephpmyadmin is a pile of crap, I need something more advanced01:59
ubuntumadjoe: phpmyadmin works for what I need (simple db stuff)01:59
ubuntulol, sorry got that message01:59
robert83a2how is one supposed to remove EXIM4 on Ubuntu02:00
robert83a2something is quiet buggy here02:00
aciculaheu what do you need then02:00
greppymadjoe: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/02:00
fridgeratorwhat happens if i remove pulseaudio?  im running 10.04 and when playing games through wine the audio stops working after about 5 seconds02:01
madjoeubuntu: I'm using MySQL Workbench now, it's ok, but it's crashing here and there... and it's not as good as running queries within my console... some advanced stored procedures can crash Workbench easily...02:01
madjoegreppy: ^^02:01
jrennerI may just re-rip it...02:01
aciculafridgerator: you will have to set programs to use another sound output02:01
greppymadjoe: ah, I do all of my db design in vi :)02:01
robert83a2YEAH succes :))02:02
aciculaits possible, and theres probably a few guides on it too02:02
madjoegreppy: because you're a real man, and I'm a pussy ;)02:02
sweezeare deskbar-applet and eclipse installable in maverick?  update-manager -d wants to remove them on upgrade, but if they're reinstallable after upgrade, that's fine w/ me02:02
madjoegreppy: I like to run my queries in my console window, but sometimes it's easier to have GUI02:03
aciculais there something similar like workbench for postgresql?02:03
fridgeratordoes anyone know if mint uses pulseaudio as well?02:03
madjoeacicula: http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Community_Guide_to_PostgreSQL_GUI_Tools02:04
xangua!mint | i suppose yes fridgerator, for mint support ;)02:05
ubottui suppose yes fridgerator, for mint support ;): Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:05
aciculathats a lotta tools02:05
SeanInSeattleHey all.  I'm getting this error message on my new web server (vps):  <my username>  is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.02:11
greppySeanInSeattle: you need to run "sudo visudo" as a user that can use sudo.  "man sudoers" will have info on syntax02:12
SeanInSeattlegreppy:  I see a text edit with /etc/sudoers loaded.  What edits should I be making?02:13
ubuntuthanks for the advice everyone else.02:14
DulakSeanInSeattle: exit that and just add your user to the admin group for sudo access: sudo adduser username admin02:14
SeanInSeattlegreppy:  but I don't see an admin group listed in the sudoers group.02:15
DulakSeanInSeattle: have to do that as a user that has sudo access, and you'll have to relog the user you added to the admin group for it to take affect02:15
DulakSeanInSeattle: you are on ubuntu?02:15
coshxI'm debugging an upstart script, and it seems frozen when I all "sudo start myjob" or "sudo stop myjob" -- I can ctrl+c out of it, but have to reboot for it to stop freezing. ls -lrt in /var/log shows auth.log is most recently updated. any ideas?02:16
SeanInSeattleyes.  I'm on ubuntu 10.04, but its all commandline through ssh on my web server.02:16
greppySeanInSeattle: do you have another user on the system?02:17
SeanInSeattlegreppy:  Yes, I've got the root user.02:17
greppySeanInSeattle: so log in as root and do the adduser username admin02:18
SeanInSeattlegreppy:  though I don't have an "admin" group on the system.02:19
SeanInSeattlegreppy:  it says that I don't have an "admin" group on the system.02:19
DulakSeanInSeattle: you aren't in ubuntu then02:20
mattgyverSeanInSeattle, open /etc/sudoers in an editor, in the#user privelage specification duplicate the root line and change root to user02:20
tripelbI got an update notice today, After I clicked on do updates I get a window that tells me they cant be authenticated. What's up?02:21
DulakSeanInSeattle: ubuntu uses the admin group for sudo access, and you don't have one.  I suggest you get support from the appropriate distro support channel.02:21
Artemis3tripelb, did you try changing repository mirror?02:21
tripelbShould I update if it says "NOT  AUTHENTICATED" ? 10.0402:21
kiss1hello why we cant use a full login theme on ubuntu 10.4 ?02:21
kiss1like we were able to do in other older versions ?02:22
tripelbArtemis3, I know nothing about repository mirror.02:22
SeanInSeattlemattgyver:  Did that.  Now try logging inas the lower priv'd user and try sudo-ing?02:22
greppyDulak: he could be in ubuntu, it's a vps, perhaps the provider tweaked it.02:22
SeanInSeattlegreppy, exactly.02:22
mattgyverSeanInSeattle, yeah give it a whirl and see if it works for you02:22
SeanInSeattleits slicehost.02:22
kiss1hello why we cant use a full login theme on ubuntu 10.4 ?02:22
kiss1like we were able to do in other older versions ?02:22
SeanInSeattleThanks guys, gotta head out.  I appreciate it.02:22
Artemis3tripelb, i suggest you pick another mirror and try again... System -> Administration -> Software Sources02:23
Dulakgreppy: no, I'd bet money it's debian and not ubuntu.02:23
mattgyverkiss1, because GDM 2.30+  doesnt support that kind of theming02:23
kiss1so that mean we cant use a full login screen theme ?02:23
Artemis3tripelb, just cancel update manager for now02:23
mattgyverkiss1, view the post I just linked you, the PDF explains ways to theme it if you want to but its not as easy as before02:24
tripelbArtemis3, what is "unsupported updates (lucid-backports) "  that I have checked by default?02:25
mattgyverkiss1, I pm'd you the link i forgot to say that ;)02:25
greppyDulak: I was going to have him run "lsb_release -d" to find out :)02:25
Artemis3tripelb, thats ok, you can leave that enabled02:25
sam555is there an equivalent drive image program for Ubuntu like this one http://www.runtime.org/driveimage-xml.htm?02:26
lunksIs there anything similar to Rainlendar for Gnome?02:26
Artemis3tripelb, just avoid "proposed" ^^02:26
Braber01Can sombody explain !addfact to me? Im looking  at the documentation and I don't quite understand it.02:26
mattgyversam555, if your looking for a good imaging tool use clonezilla02:27
tripelbArtemis3, that's the same thing as the advanced button in the software updates window. It says nothing about mirrors. I'm afraid I dont know what to do.02:27
Artemis3tripelb, first tab02:27
sam555mattgyver: thanks!02:27
xanguayes, railendar lunks ...02:27
Artemis3tripelb, "download from" or something like that02:27
ubottuTo add a factoid to the bot, use the following form (the factoid will then be forwarded to the ops to approve): !foo is <reply> bar02:27
Braber01!pong is <reply> ping02:28
rlankfoi'm having a hard time removing a package with dpkg, how can i force remove?02:28
greppyrlankfo: what error are you getting?02:28
lunksxangua, I actually want an alternative for rainlendar :P02:29
DarkRedmanHi I've a big problem to boot on my USB Live Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 ! My AMIBIOS couldn't find it !02:29
lunksxangua, rainlendar didn't work at all here02:29
tripelb Artemis3 OK there are a list of servers. I've got UNITED STATES highlighted now but/and there are many listed under US02:29
Artemis3tripelb, just pick another02:29
xangualunks: then just use gnome's calendar applet02:29
rlankfogreppy: one second02:29
tripelbArtemis3,  now since I chose Texas in Austin it's downloading package information.02:30
lunksxangua, gnome calendar widget is not ideal for me. I just want similar rainlendar functionality02:30
tripelbArtemis3, Details show me that a lot of packages failed but they seem to all be called "Translation-en_US...02:31
DarkRedmanWho could help me ?02:31
tripelbstill working 99 of 10602:31
Guest59275hello everyone02:32
tripelbArtemis3,  it's still working. What is it that I am doing now? It is still working 99 of 106.. 103 of 107 now. huh? number changes.02:32
mattgyverDarkRedman, does it even get to the 'try ubuntu' screen?02:32
rlankfogreppy: http://pastebin.com/mqD03hnS02:32
tripelbArtemis3, now it's 105 of 11502:33
Guest59275how do i change my name?02:33
DarkRedmanmattgyver: not at all02:33
Artemis3tripelb, don't worry, let it finish02:33
Braber01!nick > Guest5927502:33
ubottuGuest59275, please see my private message02:33
DarkRedmanit only works for the LiveCD02:33
* tripelb goes away for a few minutes. Wonders how to change the TIMEPERIOD till it goes back to the loginscreen. 02:33
mattgyverhmmm, does your bios support loading from USB drives, if its a USB 1 do you have legacy USB support enabled?02:34
DarkRedmanI've legacy Support enabled02:34
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DarkRedmanIt already worked with one Ubuntu LiveUSB but since I reseted it I changed options but nothing works02:34
greppyrlankfo: what does "hostname -f" output?02:35
Dulaktripelb: if you mean the time before the screen is locked: System->Preferences->Screensaver  there is a slider that controls how long, and also whether to lock the screen.02:35
mattgyverWhat do you mean by reset it?  Did you reformat the drive once already?02:35
Braber01what are good !factoids to rember?02:36
rlankfogreppy: Name or service not known.02:36
DarkRedmanyes the USB drive02:36
DarkRedmanwith FAT32 type02:36
greppyrlankfo: there's your problem02:36
DarkRedmanI used usb-gtk-creator with an official iso from ubuntu.com with a good MD5 checksum02:37
rlankfogreppy: thanks, waiting on host records to update :P02:38
=== Guest59275 is now known as Zealot
mattgyverDarkRedman, im not sure off hand why it wouldnt load then, sounds like your setup right02:38
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:38
DarkRedmanI know that the BIOS don't detect USB drivers, few months ago it worked. I set up the three options to USB support as USB legacy supports on enabled02:39
greppyrlankfo: what is the contents of your /etc/hosts?02:39
rlankfogreppy: fixed now :)02:39
greppyrlankfo: yay :) glad I could help02:39
antlonganyone use kate?02:40
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: Is your Bios boot piroity setup to read usb first?02:40
=== Zealot is now known as Diesel
DarkRedmandarkdelusions: yes it is02:40
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: what happens when you attempt to load the USB? does it just ignore it take you to windows or give you an invaild system disk error assuming there nothing installed on the HD?02:41
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Thre365iveAnyone here?02:42
DarkRedmandarkdelusions: it happens that it doesn't detect USB drive (from BIOS)02:43
DarkRedmanaltough I enabled USB legacy BIOS support02:43
hiexpoboth usb02:44
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=== Cid is now known as Iori
darkdelusionsDoes you bios have a boot menu where you can manually select what boots frist I know if I press esc on one machines it will give me a boot menu02:44
DarkRedmanYes I try it too by pressing F8 but it only detect CD drivers and Hard Drives but not USB drives02:45
Thund3rXHi all,02:45
DarkRedmanand I don't understand why because it worked few month ago and I actived all USB options to enabled like legacy USB support02:45
Thund3rXIn the Ubuntu 10.04 release, my Firefox doesn't submit the web page when clicking on a submit link02:46
darkdelusionsDarkRedman:  have you tried another jump drive02:46
Thund3rXchrome on the other hand works fine perfectly02:46
jdeloachCan somebody help me troubleshoot a Ubuntu server which sometimes boots, sometimes just hangs. When it boots, it fails a few hours later. I cannot SSH in, but it does respond toPings.02:46
Thund3rXDid anybody had the same behavior?02:46
aciculatry different usb ports, front,back, make sure usb is enabled in the bios, load bios defaults if you arent sure how, etc.02:46
Iorihello everyone02:47
aciculajdeloach: if its pingable but you cant login do you get a password prompt?02:47
Thund3rXJeloach, did you install the SSH Daemon to that server?02:47
aciculaior can you at least onnect to port 22?02:47
aciculawith something like netcat02:47
mamece2hello my dear friends02:47
jdeloachThund3rX it's installed. The console hangs too.02:48
aciculajdeloach: you mean open ssh sessions hang?02:48
jdeloachThund3rX I can hit enter and such and type and such, but it doesn't work.02:48
jdeloachacicula: No, system wide. Even at the server itself.02:48
Iorisorry first time using irc02:48
sacarlsonThund3rX: maybe some security setting?  it should pop up something telling what security hold it has hit.  firefox worked for me02:48
somethinginteresI installed some updates on maverick the other day and they auto-removed totem. Has anyone experienced this?02:48
Iorihow do i connect to port 2202:48
Thre365iveSo, I need some help with Java if anyone is willing to deal with a noob02:48
aciculaheu evreything hangs but you can still ping?02:49
mamece2i had installed ubuntu in a partition, now i would like to install backtrack 4, can i do it in another partition? i tryed to install BT4 and i can only edit the same partition of ubuntu02:49
DarkRedmandarkdelusions:  jump drive ?!02:49
aciculaanything in the kernel logs?02:49
jdeloachacicula: Not from what I saw, I am not good at debugging those however.02:49
coshxThre365ive: do you need help installing it? what issue are you seeing?02:49
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: flash drive (not it should make a differnce)02:49
DarkRedmanI gonna try other USB places02:49
Iorii do i connect to port 22?02:49
farangHello.  I have an amazon ec2 micro instance of lucid.  I have been using the instance since they launched and everything has been going great.  But I just rebooted and the system has hung ,it seems as though Ive hit bug #634102, but as Ive already rebooted Im not sure what I can do to get back in the machine -- any advice?02:49
DarkRedmanyou mean flash bios drive ?02:49
Artemis3jdeloach, did you do memtest, systester, etc?02:49
sacarlsonmamece2: I would think you should if you have a spare partition to install it in02:49
DulakIori: ssh is port 22: ssh hostnameoriphere02:50
jdeloachacicula: this has happened before, It rocked last install, but the OS HDD failed so I replaced it, with this install it sometimes works, like it did the install before last.02:50
Thre365iveWell, I tried to install a few minutes ago from the kernel, but when I got to the user license agreement, it just locked up. I restarted the machine & now it's giving me an error02:50
Thre365iveI can PM you the error, it's kinda long and I don't wanna clog up the chat02:50
mattgyvermamece2, sounds like you installed ubuntu to the entire drive.  You will have to resize it to free up the necessary space for bt4.02:50
jdeloachArtemis3: It worked great 2-3 weeks ago. It HAD been up for several months before I did a reinstall (and a new HDD)02:50
DarkRedmandarkdelusions: do you mean to flash bios ?02:50
jsecHi all. Is it safe to uninstall and reinstall MySQL on Lucid Server Edition?02:50
Dulakjsec: yes even02:51
Artemis3jdeloach, nevertheless do the tests when you suspect (or suffer) instability02:51
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: No i ment have you tired another flash drive but ignore that question :)02:51
Iorisorry i'm completely new in irc....not sure what you mean02:51
DarkRedmanoh ok USB drive02:51
DarkRedmanI didn't because I've not more USB drive02:51
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: ya but I thought about that after the fact that shouldnt be the issue02:51
jdeloachArtemis3, I will if the system gets more desperate. Any ideas on trouble shooting within the OS itself? Such as log browsing?02:51
hhasseybonobo-activation-server (humberto-2540): could not associate with desktop session: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-U93OYds1z7: Conexión rechazada02:52
hhasseyand suddenly im back on the login screen02:52
jdeloachArtemis3, I am terrible at trouble shooting general linux problems. I am good with the software but not with OS logs.02:52
hhasseyseems random02:52
DarkRedmanhum should I try to change USB place like in the rear of my computer ?02:52
DulakIori: open up terminal from Application->Accessories->Terminal and at the prompt type 'ssh hostnameoriphere' to connect to that host/ip on port 2202:52
tikiking1How do you set up Ubuntu One in Xubuntu?02:52
Artemis3jdeloach, hard lock... i suspect: memory, cpu, power supply, or video...02:52
coshxThre365ive: can you pastebin the error?02:52
sacarlsonjsec: do you have your database files backed up? if nothing is using it why not?02:52
jdeloachArtemis, it responds to pings so it doesn't seem like a physical problem.02:52
DarkRedmanI'm bored I can't use last Live Ubuntu because I need to fix it a big problem on my HD with Ubuntu because canonical only sell assistance for one year and not for few bugs :(02:53
Thre365iveIDK how02:53
Thre365iveLike I said, complete noob02:53
jdeloachArtemis, I can do basic things like hit enter and such I doubt it is hard ware.02:53
DarkRedmanI'bve this huge problems since many days :'(02:53
jsecEverything is backed up remotely. I just bunged up the root password, and even the recovery steps didn't work. Trying to reinstall now.02:53
Artemis3jdeloach, interesting... just pings? when it happens did you try sysrq reset?02:53
coshxThre365ive: paste to ubuntu.patebin.com02:53
mamece2hi mattgyver, i have windows, i installed ubuntu and that made a partition for it, but when i tried to install BT4 i can edit only the new partition when it is ubuntu02:53
DarkRedmanWhat I can do ?!02:53
jdeloachArtemis3, sysrq restart? The only way to restart it is with a Crtl+Alt+Delete or Power Cycle it.02:54
Dulakjsec: well that root password is kept in a database that won't be purged by a reinstall02:54
farangis there any way to revive a lucid image that has hung on boot due to a bug in cloud-init?  Seems like there is a fix if you have access to the machine, but what can I do?02:54
Artemis3jdeloach, ah then it works with plain ctrl alt del...02:54
jsecDulak: yeah i just found that out... :(02:54
jdeloachArtemis3, Do you agree it must be software?02:54
sacarlsonjsec: root password can't be too difficult to fix but if that might be easier02:54
jsecAccess Denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)02:55
aciculafarang: can you make it boot from a cdimage and chroot into the instance?02:55
Artemis3jdeloach, its just a suspicion, its never bad to rule out hardware ^^02:55
Artemis3jdeloach, are you using a gui in that server?02:55
farangacicula: what do you mean by cd image?  This is running on Amazon EC202:55
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: You can try reseting the bios back to default or possible update the bios if your savvy enough02:55
jdeloachArtemis3, no it's basically headless with a monitor I through on it for checking things if SSH isn't working or such.02:55
DarkRedmanI already reset it02:55
tripelbdulak, thanks for telling me. I have been using "power manager inhibitor" and I knew there must be a more adjustable way.02:55
jdeloachArtemis3, just standard console.02:55
mazzanethow do i make a ppp connection start on boot-up?02:56
Dulaktripelb: np02:56
DarkRedmanand someones said me to flash bios is risky so what to do ,02:56
Rothamhey... I have a new comp with win7 installation... how hard is it to resize the windows partition so I can put on ubuntu?02:56
Iorican someone help me with the equinox theme instructions?02:56
Rothamor where can I readup on that?02:56
Ioriit's not so clear....02:56
Dr_WillisDarkRedman:  it can be risky. Depends on the machine/mb/bios in place.02:56
Artemis3jdeloach, anything interesting in logs?02:56
aciculafarang: dunno then02:56
Cpudan80Rotham: With windows 7 you can resize directly from windows02:56
DarkRedmanI've an AMIBIOS02:56
DarkRedmanwith nvidia n750 chipset02:56
Cpudan80Rotham: for that visit ##windows02:57
DarkRedmanPhenom II X4 2,5Ghz02:57
jdeloachArtemis3, I am not sure how to debug those logs as there is so much data. Would logs/things do I look for? I am fine with individual programs like Apache/Samba logs, but with system wide there is just so much info I am bad at searching.02:57
DarkRedman4GB RAM02:57
darkdelusionsDarkRedman:  if your not comfortable flashing the bio the only thing I would say is burn a CD02:57
Dr_WillisDarkRedman:  check the amibios/bios update pages. and their readmes.   Many MB's these days have a 'rescue' type bios option. in case of a failed flash.. but ive not heard the original problem.02:57
rdaviladoes anyone know how to execute a command after the shell has been loaded through this command: gnome-terminal --tab -e "cmd" ?02:57
DarkRedmanI can't burn a CD because I need LiveCD for that I've only one CD drive02:57
Artemis3maybe try to find the time of the lockup, in /var/log/messages02:57
jdeloachArtemis3, And use that time to look through dmesg or such?02:58
sacarlsonjsec: I'm sure you read something like this to reset the mysql password http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17503502:58
Artemis3dmesg basically shows /var/log/messages02:58
rdavilaI wan to execute the "cmd" command after the new shell has ben created, after execute the command it should return me to the prompt02:58
jdeloachArtemis3, what would it show as a "lockup" any words it might be using? Just looking for critical things failing?02:59
jdeloachArtemis3, please PM any responses you have as I am going to my server room/extra room to look at the server, I wouldn't want to miss any of your advice.02:59
tripelbI changed my "download ubuntu software from this source" site. It has been downloading package information.. checking a/the repository/ies for new removed or upgraded software packages. This for over 15 mins but it still looks ok. Download looks ok... OOPS error here. --> what I cant copy the text in the error box?? But a Mac can, since 20 years etx.  OK will type it--> W: GPG error: ht://linux.dropbox.com karmic Release: (BUT I'M 10.03:00
tripelb04!!) The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY (a long number in hex)  Artemis303:00
metrixcan anyone suggest an easy to use network backup solution for debian/ubuntu systems?03:00
caliarihello anyone can help me with my laptop error03:00
jsecscarlson: yes, all it gives me is the same error with (using password: NO) instead of yes03:00
Roush427rHey, how do I partition my HDD for windows 7 through Ubuntu 10.10?03:00
tripelbcaliari you have to just ask your question not ask if you can ask.03:01
DarkRedmandarkdelusions: How to get help from canonical without paying for one year but just to fix the current bugs, I asked it since 5 days on channel but no one knows03:01
caliari /join #ubuntu to join.  Register if you don't want to do this again: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet03:01
Artemis3tripelb, it seems you have a third party respository enabled03:01
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: That i know of there is not a way that what the IRC channel and Forums are for03:01
caliarierror that is giving me is that the partition is not valid03:01
tripelbArtemis3, OK so if I do?  I must have done that from the page called "What to do after you install ubuntu."  I followed a lot of their directions.03:02
darkdelusionsDarkRedman: if you dont pay for there help service then it community supported03:02
Artemis3tripelb, if you dont need that dropbox repository, you can untick that repository back in software sources and try again03:02
tripelbArtemis3, what is happening while I am getting all that stuff?  should I do that regularily?03:02
Roush427rHey, how do I partition my HDD for windows 7 through Ubuntu 10.10?03:02
Dr_WillisDarkRedman:  there was some option on the live cd i recall to boot 'to ram' and free up the optical drive..03:02
DarkRedmanYeah but last time some people here tried to help me to fix a bug but it deleted my .Private folder of ecryptfs and my Ubuntu on HD don't work anymore03:02
DarkRedmanand I don't want to endamage anymore03:02
DarkRedmanI'm going crazy, I can't use my Ubuntu and my important DATA to work03:03
Artemis3tripelb, if you add a third party repository, chances are you also need to add a key so it won't complain about untrusted sources03:03
caliarihello tripelb: can you help me out please03:03
IzinucsDarkRedman: you file bug reports on launchpad to make them aware of the issues you're having. you may find other reports dealing with your issues and possible solutions too.03:03
Dr_WillisOne reason not to use encrypted homes. i guess..03:03
DarkRedmanI can't file03:03
Dr_Willisbye all - work time03:03
tripelbArtemis3,  AND ANYONE - How can I learn how to think about this instead of following directions and not understanding the significance of what I am doing!03:03
DarkRedmanBecause I can't boot and use apport-bug03:03
DarkRedmanI boot on ubuntu but I've a special fatal error03:03
DarkRedmanI need efficient assistance03:04
tripelb!ask |caliari03:04
ubottucaliari: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:04
sc30317does anyone have a good experience with an open source eCommerce platform?  I am looking for one03:04
jsecscarlson: GOT IT. the sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 seemed to do the trick03:04
jsecI'm at the MySQL console.03:04
jdeloachArtemis3, can't get into OS at all right now. Some error messages, not word for word but got keywords "comreset failed -16 ata" "Unkown command "terminal"" "fsck .2% non contiguous"03:04
mamece2mattgyver, i have windows, i installed ubuntu and that made a partition for it, but when i tried to install BT4 i can edit only the new partition when it is ubuntu03:05
DarkRedmanPlease I need help !!!03:05
caliaritripelb: my laptop is giving me a error that reads partition not valid..03:05
Izinucssc30317: you mean a web site with product that you can tie into paypal or other venues?03:06
sc30317Izinucs: precisely03:06
Iorihey guys, when installing equinox theme, it asks me to extract corresponding archive. Is it talking about the source or package?03:06
jdeloachArtemis3, Should I just try reinstalling?03:06
mauve_1105Hi all, I'm able to connect to a passworded wireless connection, but I can't get Firefox to load any internet page. Other PC on the wireless router surfs internet fine. Any suggestions?03:06
Izinucssc30317: well.. Joomla comes to mind.. there are others too but I haven't played with them.. Joomla.com for more info and downloads.. there's lots of help there and also tons of third party support.03:07
mamece2do u recommend me to dl the ubuntu updats?03:07
caliaritripelb: my laptop is giving me a error that reads partition not valid..03:07
Izinucsmamece2: updates are good03:07
DarkRedmanWho could help me please ?!03:07
Crash1hdIs there anyway of knowing when I started something (I have an svn add / update that has been running for a couple of days now going strong) but I dont remember when I started it, I know that its 18GB of data so its going to take 4.5 days I just want to know how close I am to being finished03:07
sc30317lzinucs, thanks for the recommendation03:08
xanguaIori: just add the ppa http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Equinox+Ubuntu+Packages+%2832+bits%29?content=12188203:08
sc30317anyone else have an eCommerce suggestion?03:09
Izinucssc30317: np.. by the way .. if TAB doesn't work to auto complete a nick then you're most likely spelling it wrong.. like mine .. izinucs with a capital i .. :)03:09
sc30317haha gotcha Izinucs03:09
sc30317Izinucs: have you used joomla for eCommerce before?03:09
caliaritripelb: my laptop is giving me a error that reads partition not valid..03:09
IoriXangua that's a website03:09
Izinucssc30317: not for ecommerce but I've setup several sites with it.03:09
Artemis3jdeloach, hard to say, chances are it will do the same03:09
xanguaIori: yes03:10
sc30317Izinucs: I don't see any portion of ecommerce for joomla?03:10
Izinucssc30317: there's tons of plugins for it... some better than others.. I suggest checking their site out and the related plugins.03:10
sc30317Izinucs: will try, thanks03:10
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caliariHi guys: my laptop is giving me a error that reads partition not valid..03:10
=== Zero_Cool is now known as Acid_Burn
crawlncaliari: does it have a dualboot or just inx?03:11
Iorixangua, can you just add the url of website as ppa? I don't think so....03:11
=== Acid_Burn is now known as Crash_Overide
Izinucssc30317: check this link http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/e-commerce03:11
sc30317haha just got there Izinucs03:11
sacarlsonDarkRedman: do you have a secound computer?  maybe you can pxe boot and fix your problem http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/05/how-to-install-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-without-cd-usb-via-the-internet/03:12
caliaricrawln do not know.. acpi bios v1.3003:12
crawlncaliari: do you have a windows partion as well on the laptop or just using ubuntu03:12
Crash1hdcan someone show me what a cron would look like when running at every 20 and 40 mins on the hr?03:12
caliaricrawln do not know.. acpi bios v1.30 toshiba sat03:12
caliaricrawln yes03:13
DarkRedmansacarlson: no :s03:13
DarkRedmanI don't what is pxe03:13
caliaricrawln yes windos03:13
Iorii dont want to add ppa03:13
Iorii just want to follow the instructions03:13
crawlncaliari: it saying that the partion the bootloader is trying to boot from is not a valid partion.03:13
DarkRedmanI've contacted Canonical within a form, i hope they'll could help me because I'm really embarassed since 5 days03:13
Iorican anyone just quickly explain it to me?03:14
Iorihow to add the equinox theme?03:14
crawlncaliari: does it boot to windows?03:14
xanguaIori: have you already opened that url and READ IT¡¿03:14
sacarlsonDarkRedman: pxe boot is boot from lan,  but if you don't have a secound computer to setup as a boot server then it's mute point.03:14
caliaricrawln: it will start up but will not let it read the live CD.. just give me the error message03:14
xanguaIori: equinox theme needs equinox engine, you can install both once you have added it's ppa03:14
DarkRedmanAnyway even with a second computer I would have to setup a boot server but it's too hard for me03:15
crawlncaliari: reburn the cd at low speed 4 or 8x03:15
Iorixangua: yes but some instructions are not clear and i dont understand since i'm a noobie03:15
DarkRedmanI can try to flash my bios but I don't want that my bios become broken :s03:15
crawlncaliari: my computer has that problem when burning inx cd's03:15
caliaricrawln: it is on a 4x now03:15
IzinucsIori: what's the link for the PPA?03:15
crawlncaliari: try DL the minimal cd then03:16
Iorippa is ppa:tiheum/equinox03:16
crawlncaliari: and burn it to see if it's a problem with the iso03:16
xanguaIori: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox equinox-theme equinox-ubuntu-theme03:16
caliaricrawln: the dos will not start up03:16
IzinucsIori: no... what's the web address for the main site of the ppa03:16
sacarlsonDarkRedman: maybe you will just have to buy another hard disk.  you can buy secound hand disks cheap here.  like $20 for 40 gb03:16
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
Ivisso 10 days to the big day hu ? :D03:17
crawlncaliari: will it not boot to windows or ubuntu?03:17
IzinucsIori: there' you go.. xangua answered what I was going to look up.03:17
caliaricrawln: the problem is not the iso the PC that i am using now is from the cd..03:17
LicuadoraIs there a way to hide the side tool bar from Unity?03:18
LicuadoraIt's just that takes too much space03:18
DarkRedmansacarlson: why ?! It's not a problem of hard disk !03:18
xanguaLicuadora: no autohide if that's what your asking, neither hide; canonical already said it03:18
Iorixangua: thanks, it seemed to work. Before, I added it to my software sources apt field and the key as well but i didnt know how to install it03:18
DarkRedmanit is a fresh hard disk I bought few time ago it's a 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive03:18
caliaricrawln: correct it is just going to the screen and it reads" partition not valid03:18
Licuadoraxangua: REALLY?!03:18
LicuadoraAw, man!!03:19
sacarlsonsounded like an unsupported hard drive problem.  if not what is it?03:19
xanguaIori: that's only what the web say.......03:19
LicuadoraIt's just too..... bad03:19
LicuadoraI want Gnome back!03:19
mamece2how much gigas will i need for ubuntu?03:19
Iorixangua: what's with the command './configure --prefix=/usr --enable-animation' ? Do i run this in the terminal?03:19
crawlncaliari: yes but if the laser is weak or the cdrom is old it affects the ability of the reading of the cd. had to swap out a cdrom that reads and writes for another one to get my server to boot03:19
DarkRedmansacarlson: it's USB drive that's is not supported not hard drive03:20
=== Lxndr is now known as Qwa
=== Qwa is now known as Lxndr
DarkRedmanand my USB drive is not the problem because it worked few month ago03:20
Crash1hddoes this look right? --> 20,40 * * * '/...'03:20
sacarlsonbut you are booting from usb drive?03:20
xanguaIori: no idea what is that for or why you want it to run03:20
crawlncaliari: if you have a ubuntu already installed and a windows system next to it check the grub configuration03:20
iOperawhy FloodBot1 here. lol03:20
IConrad01Hello...  have a tiny bit of an issue here, hopefully it'll be a simple one.03:20
rwwmamece2: !requirements | mamece203:20
rww!requirements | mamece203:20
ubottumamece2: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu03:20
IConrad01How does one go about manually restarting audio in Ubuntu 10.04?03:21
rwwiOpera: to stop flooding :\03:21
Iorixangua: it worked and i see the theme in the appearance window. I'm just asking supplementary questions because i didnt understand the instructions onsite03:21
caliaricrawln: i did that and it will not read any cd .. It was working fine last night03:21
Iorixangua: thanks for your help by the way03:21
IzinucsIConrad01: perhaps.. sudo service pulseaudio restart ..03:21
iOperaif anyone knows why pae kernel can not run.03:21
LicuadoraNow the Plymputh crashed03:21
IConrad01lzinucs: No dice.  "Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions"03:21
Licuadorawell,  it is still a beta03:21
caliaricrawln: how to check the grup config?03:22
iOperai install pae kernel. but fail to start.03:22
Artemis3Licuadora, you should go to #ubuntu+1 ...03:22
DarkRedmansacarlson: because I need a fresh Live image03:22
IzinucsIConrad01: then "sudo killall pulseaudio" .. it should restart by itself if not then "pulseaudio &"03:22
IConrad01iOpera: Did you install all three *.deb files?03:22
caliaricrawln: how to check the grub config?03:22
xanguaiOpera: how did you¿03:22
DarkRedmanbecause old old are not up to date with the tools to repair my Ubuntu03:22
iOperaIConrad01: why deb? i install from source03:22
DarkRedman(I mean Ubuntu on my HD)03:23
sacarlsonDarkRedman: is that a yes you need to boot from usb drive?03:23
justine777wwhat does Error: Cannot install 'default-jre-headless mean?03:23
IConrad01Ahh.  Did you compile the headers et al, then?03:23
xanguaiOpera: fron sourse¿ pae is in the repository03:23
DarkRedmansacarlson: is that a yes ?! What do you mean ?03:23
IConrad01Izinucs: No dice.  pulseaudio doesn't restart sound.03:23
mamece2whats the name of the initial?03:23
iOperaxangua: you use pae?03:23
IzinucsIConrad01: did it ever work?03:23
mamece2g what?03:23
xanguaiOpera: no i don't03:23
caliaricrawln: how to check the grub config?03:23
xangua!pae | iOpera03:23
ubottuiOpera: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info03:23
IConrad01Izinucs: Yes.03:24
iOperaubottu: bot?03:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:24
IzinucsIConrad01: when did it stop...? after installing something?03:24
IConrad01Sound just up and died on me five minutes ago -- I've been running Ubuntu since 7.04.03:24
mamece2whats new with the new kernels?03:24
justine777wsorry I logged off by accident What does Error: Cannot install 'default-jre-headless mean and does anyone know how to fix it?03:24
sacarlsonDarkRedman: you can boot from your internal disk then?  but after boot you can't read the external usb drive?03:24
ccwHey all.  Is there a configuration file for the 'me menu' somewhere?  For some reason, I have no social bar, and I can't figure out how to activate it.03:24
IConrad01Izinucs: Nope.  Didn't do a thing.  I only noticed it died when I sent an IM and no sound came up.03:24
nozesvou indo nessa, flw lindos e lindas03:24
DarkRedmansacarlson: I can't because I got a bug on my Ubuntu since someone on this channel tried to help it finally erase my .Private folder then ecryptfs can decrypt my session03:25
Guest88698anyone installed mac os by ubuntu?03:25
IzinucsIConrad01: weird.. catastrophic sound card failure perhaps.. try aplay <music file> in terminal and see if it works with that03:25
DarkRedmanso I'm forced to use a LiveCD or LiveUSB but my LiveCD is not up to date, and my LiveUSB can't boot so I'm frozen to wait for an efficient help03:25
DarkRedmanlive Canonical03:25
johnihello everybody, have a security problem with my ubuntu03:25
caliaricrawln: are you there??03:25
iOperaxangua: nothing special at that page.. i do all03:25
=== Crash_Overide is now known as Crash_Override
IConrad01Izinucs: aplay is running but there's no sound.03:26
iOperalinux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae03:26
quesoHow do I view /var/log/faillog (it's binary?)?03:26
johniI have a local dev web server (only runs on localhost to the network) and I see that it gets weird requests /test or /w234234203:26
johniI suspect I have something on my system03:26
IzinucsIConrad01: I know this sounds silly but have you checked the jack going to the speaker? I've got a dog that likes to lay under my desk when I'm sitting there.. 70lbs on wires does things :)03:27
johnican somebody point me in some direction ?03:27
IConrad01Izinucs: It's a laptop.03:27
* DarkRedman want to suicide because Ubuntu doesn't work and can't access to his own DATA03:28
caliarihi guys , my toshiba sat. laptop is giving me a error "partition not valid" can any one help??03:28
iOperawith 10.04, need linux-server linux-headers-server installed?  pae... i3+GT24003:28
IzinucsIConrad01: that would preclude a pet pest... accidently hit the mute key?03:28
justine777wwhat does this mean: Error: Cannot install 'default-jre-headless03:28
IConrad01Izinucs: It changes color when you touch it.  So... no.03:28
IConrad01I really don't want to have to reboot to fix this. <_<03:28
Dulakwow that equinox thing looks real nice03:29
crawlncaliari: try http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/AutoSuperGrubDisk03:29
Artemis3IConrad01, if possible, paplay is preferred since it uses pulseaudio03:29
DarkRedmanI let Ubuntu down, it doesn't work anymore :s03:29
iOperawho use pae kernel here.03:29
sacarlsonDarkRedman: well that's were the $20 used disk would be usefull then.  so you could have install a working copy of ubuntu there so you have a cd that you could burn a new copy.  or use a spare partition on your present 1T disk and install a new clean 2nd working copy of ubuntu?03:29
IzinucsIConrad01: click the speaker icon up by the clock and check out the preferences.. gotta cover all the bases.03:30
DarkRedmansacarlson: if I install on one of my other CD I'll got to grub03:30
IConrad01Izinucs: I just tried cat trial.wav > /dev/dsp and there's no audio.03:30
DarkRedmanand it'll bug harder03:30
caliaricrawln: this page will do what for say??03:30
DarkRedmani've 3 HD and one is my main 1TB HD03:30
Artemis3IConrad01, and alsamixer just in case03:30
LxndrI am having trouble with Sound Recorder. It seems to record sounds coming in, but then when I try to play the file/recording back, it gives me an error: "Failed to connect stream: too large." How can I make this work?03:30
tripelbcaliari, I'd like to help you. someone else could do it better. To do that you should say something like: I have an ASUS laptop with (a dual boot windows-if that's true) with Ubuntu 10.04 (or whatever you have) and I'm in the middle of trying to install yadd yadda (or whatever you are doing) and (name what is happening while it is saying) it says "Partition now valid"  -- I would need that info and so would someoen else. --- I sure am03:30
tripelb more experienced in asking questions in here so I tell all that from the get-go.  AND dont put my name in the line so that everyone will see it.  (I'll see it too.)  ---  We'll get you fixed up!!03:30
aromanrealistically, what is the difference between an Ubuntu RC and the Ubuntu GM? Any reason I shouldn't consider them equal?03:31
DrDamnitWhat's the Linux equivalent of Camtasia or Screenflow?03:31
iOperagoto forum.03:31
IConrad01Artemis3: alsamixer shows everything max, nothing muted.  Even the pc beep ... and I'm getting nothing.03:31
DarkRedmanDrDamnit: try gtk-recordmydesktop03:31
ccwany takers on the missing social bar? I've got gwibber working fine and everything, just no sign of it on the me menu...03:31
IConrad01I'm thinking my soundcard might have decided to "take a nap"03:31
BinaryManis it possible to force a usb port to put out a full amp instead of half an amp?03:31
Artemis3IConrad01, is that a single sound card?03:31
DarkRedmanit's really efficient03:31
IConrad01Artemis3: It's a laptop, so... yeah.03:31
sacarlsonDarkRedman: well if your afraid to work with the disks that have your valued data best to us a $20 disk to try without fear.03:31
IzinucsIConrad01: I'm stuck .. someone else will have to pick this up.03:31
BinaryManto hell with USB standards and rules.03:32
Artemis3IConrad01, stop anything that could be using sound...03:32
DarkRedmansacarlson: I don't need too !03:32
IConrad01Izinucs: Yeah.  I was afraid of that... <_<03:32
BinaryManis it at all possible to tell my laptop to put out a full amp?03:32
tripelbcaliari, (BTW I had gone to take a shower. Sorry you didnt know to leave my name out of your request so that everyone would see it.03:32
DarkRedmani've already 3 HD03:32
IConrad01Artemis3: Nothing is using sound.  I lsof'd.03:32
DarkRedmanso why to buy a 4th ?!03:32
sacarlsonDarkRedman: then what do you need to do?03:32
tripelbArtemis3,  AND ANYONE - How can I learn how to think about this instead of following directions and not understanding the significance of what I am doing!03:32
BinaryManas in something like echo "1000" > /dev/system/bus/usb/usb004/power03:32
caliaricrawln: could the hard drive be the problem?03:33
DarkRedmanI need to burn a LiveCD at least or make my LiveUSB workin' then I could fix (perhaps) the bug about ecryptfs and the erase .Private folder03:33
BinaryMani doubt that's an actual path, but something along those lines.03:33
DarkRedmanactually I can't burn a CD because I need the LiveCD gor that and I've only one CD drive03:33
Artemis3tripelb, thats becoming philosophical ^^'03:33
sacarlsonDarkRedman: well how are you going to burn a cd if it is the only way you can boot?03:33
DarkRedmanand I would like help from canonical because most of time some people says me to make things which make more errors on my ubuntu03:34
caliaricrawln: could the hard drive be the problem?03:34
DarkRedmanthe only way is to install another Ubuntu to burn a new cd the problem is about grub03:34
DarkRedmanif I've 2 grubs03:34
DatzDarkRedman: linux is maybe not for you.03:34
DarkRedmanDatz: that's not the problem of linux at all03:34
DarkRedmanthat's the problem of gparted first03:34
Datzwonder what that is based on03:35
sacarlsonDarkRedman: what's so hard about grub?03:35
DarkRedmanthen the problem of ecryptfs03:35
mauve_1105How do I find out my default gateway?03:35
tripelbArtemis3, I dont know. I'm just a dim bulb in a dark room. <-- now that's metaphorical.03:35
DarkRedmansacarlson: when I've 2 grubs it can overloads which one other03:35
Artemis3DarkRedman, normally you can just put a live cd and start from it, or an usb stick with the live cd image and fix it03:35
DarkRedmanyes but my live cd is not up to date (as the tools to repair)03:35
Dulakmauve_1105: 'route -n' should show it03:35
DarkRedmanand if I upgrade it I use all my RAM so it lags so much03:35
sacarlsonDarkRedman: the encrypt thing you will have to fix after you have a working ubuntu running on something other that your livecd03:35
caliaricrawln: thanks will look for a clearer answer ...03:36
tripelbANYONE - How can I learn  more about linux,  instead of following directions and not understanding the significance of what I am doing!03:36
DarkRedmanso I try to install a new ubuntu ?03:36
DarkRedmanon another HD ?!03:36
Datztripelb: try a book03:36
tripelbright datz, or a website.03:36
mauve_1105Dulak: what can I do if my gateway is ""? :(03:36
tripelblike I've never looked at one.03:36
pozicanWhere is the log that will tell me what packages were recently installed / removed using apt?03:37
Datztripelb: why are you asking?03:37
ccwso here's another issue I haven't been able to make any progress with:  if I use any of the function or special keys on my keyboard (one of those wireless usb jobs) the left mouse button stops working, though I can still move it, right click, and scroll.  Neither restarting the mouse or logging in and out resolves the issue, only a full reboot.03:37
Artemis3DarkRedman, i guess you could try the ubuntu 10.10 image, if you use the an usb stick, do NOT use persistence when creating the boot disk03:37
ccwanyone had similar problems?03:37
Dulakmauve_1105: that's means it's to itself, the one in that list that starts with is the default gateway03:37
DarkRedmanArtemis3: it's that I tried but it doesn't boot, my BIOS doesn't detect it even if I enabled USB legacy support (for booting)03:38
DarkRedmanand I set USB drives as first boot option03:38
Datzpozican: you could try to generate a file with all the installed packages -> dpkg --get-selections > installed-software03:38
sacarlsonDarkRedman: at this point I guess that's what I would do.  stick an old hard disk in pull out or don't mount your present disks.  install ubuntu you have on the old disk, burn a new cd with what you want on it.  move on03:38
pozicanDatz: I'm more worried about what was removed in the last 10 minutes  ;)03:38
IConrad01Ah, fuckit.  I guess I have to reboot.03:38
Datzpozican: ah, I see03:38
DarkRedmansacarlson: I gonna try, see you soon I hope ;)03:38
Artemis3DarkRedman, isnt there a key for boot menu when you turn on the machine?03:38
DarkRedmanArtemis3: no :s03:39
DarkRedmaneven with manual boot F8 command03:39
pozicanDatz: seems most distros and pkg management keep a log - Yum for example, I guess I just assumed apt would, being fairly mature03:39
mauve_1105Dulak: when I try to ping the default gateway, it just says "Do you want to ping broadcast? Then -b" -- I'm just trying to ping the wireless router.03:39
tripelbBecause I'm not understanding what I'm doing. I followed what someone said. it failed. Now I'm getting a "duplicate sources" when what I did was change my software sourced to u-texas. when that failed I turned it back to United States server. --- I am trying to do the software update that the Updater told me about today.03:39
DarkRedmanI try to install a new Ubuntu with forcing current HD to not endamage my current Ubuntu03:39
DarkRedman*forcing undected my current HD03:39
DarkRedmansee you soon03:39
Datzpozican: do you know how they were removed?03:40
pozicanDatz: apt-get remove03:40
sacarlsonDarkRedman: good luck03:40
IConrad01Well, I guess a reboot it is.03:40
Dulakmauve_1105: pastebin the output of the 'route -n' command: http://pastebin.com03:40
Datzpozican: there should be a log of all the commands you've issued in your home dir03:40
tripelbDarkRedman, I'm of a simple mind but you know you have to do it on a different partition, right?03:40
pozicanDatz: Sure, but that won't help in the case of apt-get remove ati* instead of ati-*03:40
mauve_1105Dulak, one moment please, gotta type it out. the machine is beside me.03:41
Datzpozican: ah03:41
pozicanDatz: it's quite the mess :)03:41
Dulakmauve_1105: just the lines with ips, and only need the first 3 columns03:41
sacarlsontripelb: I hope we didn't get him to do something even more damaging03:41
linusasus6I want to understand why when I plug earphone in jack sound is in earphone and in speaker in same time03:41
aromanWhich is newer, apt-get or aptitude?03:42
tripelbdatz, I switched to main server and it tells me it cant get a key for dropbox, again. Artimis3 told me to take dropbox off some list but I have no idea how to make this happen.03:42
KennyXYZaptitude is better03:42
Dulakaroman: they are both old, one just resolves dependencies better (aptitude)03:42
tripelbsarcarlson: He really really wants to learn. I like his style.03:42
Izinucsaroman: 'bout the same.. just depends on which one you like.. KennyXYZ says aptitude is better but that *use to be true*.. they are both pretty much the same now.03:43
Datzpozican: I guess you could search for packages, and see what might have been removed...03:43
aromanDulak, Really? Isn't aptitude being removed from Ubuntu?03:43
sacarlsontripelb: only way to learn for me is have nothing to fear and nothing to loose03:43
mauve_1105Dulak: http://pastebin.com/m9uKa2ij (btw, I can authenticate fine with WEP/WEP2 and I have full bars in terms of signal strength -- it's just that FF won't load internet pages)03:43
Dulakapt-get still won't give you multiple options for resolving a dep problem but aptitude will03:43
Datzpozican: something like aptitude search ati-*03:43
ccwwould somebody mind saying 'ping' or something, just so I know I'm actually getting messages through?  Not trying to be a jerk, I promise, just relatively new to irc...03:44
KennyXYZaptitude updates the dependencies03:44
Dulakmauve_1105: 'sudo route add default gw ipaddressofgatewayhere'03:44
Datzccw: we hear ya03:44
tripelbKennyXYZ, why is aptitude better?  I'm pretty nubie but I started using apt-get instead of Synaptic because Synaptic never works for me. Really never. I'd use CLI a lot if I knew what I was doing.  (looking for the name of something free to learn from, preferably html) -03:44
ccwsweet, thanks03:44
aromanSo is there a drawback to aptitude, then? Surely it's being replaced by apt-get for a reason..03:44
tripelbsacarlson read what I said just above to KennyXYZ03:44
Izinucstripelb: synaptic and apt-get and aptitude go to the same place.. and use dpkg to install stuff.. if you can't install from synaptic then there are other issues.03:45
Dulakaptitude will give you many options for a dependency conflict, apt-get only gives you one option, and it's not always the right solution for your problem.03:46
KennyXYZcan i post a link in here?03:46
tripelbIzinucs, yes, like I dont know how to use synaptic and it annoys me.03:46
AbhiJitKennyXYZ, yes pastabinit it03:46
tripelbdulak, thanks for that explanation.03:46
sacarlsontripelb: ya why would synaptic not work and apt-get work?  you run a server with no xserver running?03:46
LxndrI am having trouble with Sound Recorder. It seems to record sounds coming in, but then when I try to play the file/recording back, it gives me an error: "Failed to connect stream: too large." How can I make this work?03:47
KennyXYZhere is a good link to read about it03:47
mauve_1105Dulak: I typed "sudo add default gw" and got "SIOADDRT: No such process" -- ???03:47
IzinucsKennyXYZ: that's an old link03:47
tripelbsacarlson, No. I am the problem. , like I dont know how to use synaptic and it annoys me.03:47
DatzKennyXYZ: ha, I just read that03:47
fuzzybunny69yhey everyone! I started a program and told it to run in the background by using a & at the end of the command but for some reason it is still showing output from the program when i am using a terminal. Does anyone know how to stop it from doing this?03:47
KennyXYZyes, it is an old link03:48
DatzI always thought aptitude would be the successor to apt-get, then then agian I don't know what time period they originated03:48
hiexposynaptic is ure friend03:48
Dulakmauve_1105: sorry forgot the interface: 'sudo route add default gw ipaddresshere ra0'03:48
sacarlsontripelb: I use both but mostly synaptic.  I like to see this list of apps to choose from.  I don't use aptitude much.  but they all work03:48
IvisCan i upgrade to 10.10 alredy ?03:49
Datzis it cool to spell things wrong now? :p03:49
DrDamnitDarkRedman: gtk-recordmydesktop works great! How do I get it to only do one monitor though? (Or one application) select window either doesn't work, or I am not doing it right....03:49
linusasus6yeah I love synaptic you can install all dependenty but from the deposit only if is not in deposit then you need terminal03:49
AbhiJitIvis, #ubuntu+1 for maverick questions03:49
LxndrI am having trouble with Sound Recorder. It seems to record sounds coming in, but then when I try to play the file/recording back, it gives me an error: "Failed to connect stream: too large." How can I make this work?03:49
mauve_1105Dulak: nope, still no better: "SIOCADDART: No such process"03:50
IvisAbhiJit, thanks03:50
hiexpoDatz,  sure if ya wanna be a tard03:50
linusasus6I want to understand why when I plug earphone in jack sound is in earphone and in speaker in same time03:50
KennyXYZwell apt-get leaves orphaned dependencies on your system03:50
tripelbI found the dropbox repository and I unchecked it from the list..  now the UPGRADE still cant be Authenticated.03:50
KennyXYZapt-get remove i meant03:50
Datzhiexpo: lol03:50
w0_well I installed apache, and it runs at bootup, how can I change this?  ALSO when I type 'ps' apache2 doesn't show anything.  but I can load the webpage in firefox.  I tried 'apache2ctl -k stop' and nothing ...03:50
tripelbI found the dropbox repository and I unchecked it from the list..  now the UPGRADE still cant be Authenticated. Artemis303:50
AbhiJitw0_, try in #ubuntu-server03:50
w0_ab: thanks03:50
Dulakmauve_1105: nifty, in network manager did you change any of the settings for the wireless?03:51
CrankygeekAnyone having problems with installing Team Viewer on 10.10..?03:51
AbhiJitCrankygeek, ask in #ubuntu+103:51
tripelbI found the dropbox repository and I unchecked it from the list..  now the UPGRADE still cant be Authenticated. Artemis3 -- now I'm changing servers AGAIN03:51
linusasus610.10 is still beta03:51
aromanlinusasus6, RC03:51
tripelbthere's a channel for that03:51
aromanOh wow guys, aptitude is FAR superior to apt.. that article blew my mind.03:51
aromannever knew aptitude was so capable!03:52
Datzthe things it can do!03:52
Izinucstripelb: have you tried sudo apt-get install -f to see if it will fix problems?03:52
aromannow im boggled by WHY on earth ubuntu dropped it!03:52
mauve_1105Dulak: nope, not yet. I don't think I have the network administrator that most people use -- I have "Preferences -> Network Connections" but nothing under "System -> Administration"03:52
bobstroaroman:  link?03:52
KennyXYZapt-get is still good03:53
Datzaroman: it is dropped in 10.10?03:53
aromanbobstro, It's a well known fact I thought, I'll look03:53
Dulakbecause they are retarded about cli stuff.  They feel the new software center is good enough03:53
bobstroaroman:  oh, thought you just read something. i did have problems several years ago that aptitude handled better.03:53
DulakI know I'll be installing aptitude first thing on a new install03:53
DatzI guess you can always apt-get install aptitude?03:53
aromanoh please. the software center is OK, but it needs another two releases of work to be able to match apt-get and aptitude03:53
aromanDatz, lol03:53
tripelbIzinucs, what does that statement do?03:54
tripelblooks at man file Izinucs03:54
KennyXYZwell, apt-get wouldn't delete your dependenices... it would work great for newbies. and they wouldn't stress out about a missing dependencies03:54
aromanfound the link: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/aptitude-removed-from-ubuntu-1010.html03:54
Datztripelb: man apt-get03:54
hiexpoinstalls promises03:54
trismKennyXYZ: apt-get autoremove03:54
linusasus6apt-get autoclean03:54
KennyXYZyeah, i know that command, trism03:54
bobstroaroman:  ah, sorry. i thought you meant you just read an article on the differences.03:55
aromanbobaloo, Oh, I did that too.. :) KennyXYZ posted it hold on03:55
* Datz is not going to upgrade until the next LTS anyway03:55
ccwnew request: can anyone point me to some documentation for the 'me menu'?  Somehow I failed to turn up anything very detailed, and after some googling it sounds like no one else is having my problem03:55
tripelbstaz that's what I am looking at.03:55
Izinucstripelb: it tries to fix whatever might be wrong with apt or the package manager..03:55
linusasus6Please I want to understand why when I plug earphone in jack sound is in earphone and in speaker in same time thank you! ;)03:55
aromanDatz, Why?03:55
tripelbdatz that's what I am looking at.03:56
Datzaroman: because I don't like upgrading03:56
DatzI'm going to leave my ubuntu-server install for 5 years :p03:56
aromanDatz, Really? Upgrading is the best part of Linux! :)03:56
Datzaroman: not if it replaces all your config files03:56
Izinucsaroman: not on a server03:56
aromanaroman, Oh I assumed it was a desktop03:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »03:57
darkdelusionslinusasus6: that means you jack sensing is not working03:57
linusasus6so what I install then03:57
DatzI probably wont even upgrade my desktop... either.. but we don't have to go into that :p03:57
aarcane@find drdb03:57
aroman!botsnack | Datz03:57
ubottuDatz: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!03:57
tripelbdatz Izinucs man apt-get says "install is followed by one or more packages desired for      installation or upgrading. Each package is a package name, not a   fully qualified filename " and does not mention -f for install as a sub for a package name.03:57
Datzhum :p03:57
DulakI'll wait at least a month to go to 10.10, non-LTS releases tend to be buggier for a while03:58
aarcanehow do I make the bot tell me about drdb ?03:58
blackdoggycan anyone help me setting my microphone in 10.0403:58
darkdelusionslinusasus6:  are you using an onboard sound card or some standalone sound card03:58
aarcaneDulak, 10.4 was one of the buggiest releases to date.03:58
tripelbdatz Izinucs - how will that help my problem with upgrades03:58
AbhiJit!factoid | aarcane03:58
ubottuaarcane: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:58
aromantripelb, perhaps I can be of some help, what is your problem? :)03:59
KennyXYZhey, i want that new Unity GUI on the 10.10 netbook edition03:59
KennyXYZit seems exciting03:59
tripelbdatz Izinucs -  I'm doing the best I can. If I dont sound like I am it's because I dont knwo what to ask.03:59
linusasus6I guess is onboard I use a laptop03:59
KennyXYZand plus i am running a netbook :P03:59
Datztripelb: I came in too late to know what your problem was, but -f is fix broken package03:59
darkdelusionslinusasus6: what kinda of laptop?03:59
Izinucstripelb: -f is still a valid option03:59
linusasus6Asus k52JR03:59
Dulakaarcane: yeah, I didn't upgrade to that till a month after release either, I don't like dealing with it.03:59
aarcane!ubottu doesn't have a factoid for drdb :(04:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:00
fuzzybunny69yaroman, what article are you talking about?04:00
darkdelusionslinusasus6:  I use to have the same problem with my Asus laptop and it was annoying let me see what I can find for your laptop04:00
aarcaneDulak, I'm torn between sticking with LTS, and moving to 10.10 for new features..04:00
aromanfuzzybunny69y, I reposted the link a while back, KennyXYZ told me/us about it.04:00
tripelbaroman: datz - I got an update notice today, After I clicked on do updates I get a window that tells me they cant be authenticated.04:00
KennyXYZanyone running a netbook in here?04:01
darkdelusionslinusasus6: it took me weeks to figure it out on mine... :) but 10.04 fixed it04:01
Izinucstripelb: check out man apt-get .. the -f option is listed there.04:01
Dulakaarcane: for my workstations I'll upgrade, just not right at release04:01
aarcaneKennyXYZ, I have two of them, one doesn't liek ubuntu, one runs it almoast exclusively.04:01
KennyXYZoh, which one are they? i am using a Dell mini 10v04:01
Datztripelb: I couldn't tell you myself. try to fix broken packages like suggested. Then if you don't get help here, go to the forums.04:01
aromantripelb, An update notice like the standard Ubuntu graphical update notice?04:02
tripelbaroman: datz - I went through changing my software sources (someone called it picking a different mirror) and I removed one of the software sources. So far. --- will look at the man file again.04:02
aromantripelb, why would you do that..?04:02
aarcaneKennyXYZ, dell mini 10v works perfectly (including wifi, bluetooth, webcam), whereas the asus T91-SA doesn't work because of the GMA500 chipset.04:02
KennyXYZhaha aww04:03
tripelbdatz Izinucs aroman - yes a standard ubuntu update notice. --- did apt-get install -f and this -- NP -- 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 27 not upgraded.04:04
oktexantripleb when you got the error message did it show a key that couldn't be authenticated?04:04
tripelboktexan YES!04:05
Izinucstripelb: and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade give you errors?04:05
Datztripelb: putting the error message in pastebin might to help diagnose the problem04:05
darkdelusionslinusasus6: this post should help you out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=916279904:05
tripelbIzinucs, I dont know I didnt try them..04:06
blackdoggyhi people can someone tell me why my microphone is not working?04:06
tripelbIzinucs, no error for the first04:06
oktexansudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys [the key that was bad here]04:06
Izinucstripelb: if you're getting an error about a key then we should all ask if you enabled a PPA repository or some other third party repo?04:07
oktexani got that off the forums but the person said that fixed their problem04:07
Datzblackdoggy: are you using 10.04?04:07
Izinucstripelb: try what oktexan mentioned04:07
tripelbHello World: Izinucs when I did it in CLI it told me what package is the problem!! I'll uncheck it. oktexan datz04:08
oktexantripleb with no brackets btw04:08
Izinucstripelb: what was the package?04:08
tripelboktexan, you didnt use my handle in the line.. was it the one about keyserver keyserve.ubuntu.come --recv   etcetc04:09
oktexantripelb yes sorry04:09
tripelbIzinucs, playonlinux  -- it's a wine thing. I only have wine because the "What to do after you install linux page" suggested it.04:09
linusasus6the links not working04:10
linusasus6I mean the commands04:10
Izinucstripelb: sudo apt-get remove --purge wine04:10
tripelboktexan, I use xchat because it highlights the lines to me in red.04:10
linusasus6Connexion vers www.linuxant.com||:80... connecté.04:10
linusasus6requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse... 404 Not Found04:10
blackdoggyDatz: yes04:11
tripelbIzinucs, i think I dont want to remove it, I just dont want to update it. I'm pretty sure I can do that.04:11
Izinucs!fr | linusasus604:11
ubottulinusasus6: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:11
linusasus6this is from the terminal04:11
oktexantripelb, nice...i'm using it also but i must admit i'm an irc noob hehe was wondering about the red lines04:11
Izinucstripelb: why did you install it?  do you have windows apps that you're trying to run?04:11
linusasus6the french canal sleeping at the moment04:12
tripelbIzinucs, I dont remember right now what was the reason for wine. I can find out for you though.04:12
Izinucstripelb: doesn't really matter.. wine is only used for running some windows apps..04:13
darkdelusionslinusasus6: i am still lookin give me a sec04:14
isaacSince when is #ubuntu reg-only?04:14
darkdelusionsisaac:  been that way for a while04:14
Izinucsisaac: been like that I think for the last month04:14
tripelbIzinucs, it was for "some windows games" I guess I can remove it. PlayOnLinux is a front-end for wine. Anyway I unchecked that update and it's working. TOO BAD I didnt get the message from the GUI installer and had to know TERMINAL CLI in order to find out what was at issue.  datz oktexan04:14
tripelboktexan I am not an irc noob. lol04:15
tacomasteri am having a problem installing my wireless driver from system > admin > hardware driver's i get the error "sorry,installation of this driver failed. please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log" so i have pastebin "/var/log/jockey.log" here http://pastebin.com/LhAbBBsz04:15
Datzblackdoggy: ok, I was just checking to see which kernel version you are on. Perhaps your kernel doesn't fully support the sound chip04:15
tripelboxtexan FYI there is a channel #xchat that I have used from time to time. I recommend it. Not as busy as here.04:15
Datzblackdoggy: try to find more information of the chip, and post to the forums. (unless someone else has a suggestion)04:15
researcher123can someone guide me to start my Lynx again which suddenly show Low resolution n hence failure04:16
tripelbblackdoggy http://www.ubuntuforums.org are fine!04:16
Izinucstripelb: there's an option in the gui updater to show more detail.. that might have done it.04:16
badnaamcan someone help me with a ssh-key nightmare please04:16
badnaamhere is the link to the problem on stackoverflow04:17
tripelbIzinucs, yes I looked. That's how I knew about the key thingy.04:17
nobarkingi wish we could have jabber support in ubuntuforums04:17
tripelbIzinucs, I dont know linux but I have this computerbrain and I was a programmer in the wayback before the web. So my thinking processes are in gear but my knowledge quota is on the short side.04:18
tripelbIzinucs, datz, oktexan Time to Reboot!04:18
Izinucstripelb: why reboot?04:18
researcher123I am getting error Your screen resolution,graphic card driver, not found.It ask me to start in Low resolution but when I say YES to it the system takes infinite time n never start again        04:18
darkdelusionslinusasus6: that the only thing i can find04:18
tripelbIzinucs, datz, oktexan Thank you very much, from the shore of the Pacific ocean.. --- Reboot because the updater is finished. Success...  datz oktexan04:19
linusasus6but is strang the 404 error04:19
oktexantripelb cool good luck!04:19
Izinucstripelb: unless it requests a reboot it's not necessary04:19
sacarlsontacomaster: what wifi device is it you have?  lspci to find out.04:20
Izinucstripelb: that's one of the advanatages over windows.. updates take effect immediately except for kernel upgrades.04:20
linusasus6I will try to install with synaptic04:20
badnaamcan someone help me with a ssh key issue please http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3827331/strange-ssh-issues-with-github04:20
tacomastersacarlson: i dont need to lspci its a broadcom 432204:20
darkdelusionslinusasus6: right click ont he link and choose copy link address04:20
isaac"mmc0: Unknown controller version (2). You may experience problems."04:21
darkdelusionslinusasus6: or wget http://www.linuxant.com/alsa-driver/archive/alsa-driver-linuxant-
isaacThis the live cd gives me on startup.04:21
CrankygeekI am having trouble installing Teamviewer, I think it may be a bad file downloading from the website, but I can't be sure, can anyone give me a hand?04:21
tacomastersacarlson: i looked up the b43 linux drvier and the b4322 is unsupported but is supported with the broadcom-sta driver but i cant install because of my problem04:21
isaacThen the graphical shell starts to boot up, then the computer resets and starts booting all over again.04:21
isaacDoes NOT do this with installed Vista or Vista restore cd.04:21
troy-is it possible to route traffic through an alias'd interface? e.g. eth0:1?04:22
troy-when i do it just shows up as src eth004:22
Datzblackdoggy: this might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:22
IzinucsCrankygeek: why teamviewer? vnc is builtin. .  tightvnc is installable...04:22
Datzblackdoggy:at least in finding out infomation about the sound card04:22
CrankygeekBecause I have firewall issues at work and teamviewer just works, VNC doesn't04:23
Iviswhat games you are playing on linux? :)04:23
sacarlsontacomaster: did you look at this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104489804:23
blackdoggyDatz: its  Realtek ALC26204:24
tacomastersacarlson: yes that was the first page i actually came across when i went looking for support for my card04:24
randomOfAmberis there a better way than jhbuild to get the latest gnome-shell?04:24
sacarlsontacomaster: so what step did you get to in that?04:24
DarkRedmanHi all :)04:25
DarkRedmanI'm back with a fresh (second) ubuntu on another HD04:25
randomOfAmberDarkRedman: hello04:25
linusasus6ok thank your second link work will try to restart now04:25
DarkRedmanrandomOfAmber: hello :)04:25
IzinucsCrankygeek: you getting it direct from teamviewer.com?04:25
Datzblackdoggy: ok, good start :004:25
blackdoggyi have a bug report submitted on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/65172504:25
CrankygeekIzinucs: yes......here is the install error I get when I try and install it04:25
researcher123how to solve the issue of failing to start Lynx in low resoution04:25
DarkRedmanArtemis3: I'm back :)04:25
four2zerohello to all i running jolicloud on a netbook and its pretty awesome however im missing a feature that is needed, and dont know if anyone is able to view samba shared network on jolicloud ?04:26
tacomastersacarlson:i fully finished that guide and it didnt do anything different it didnt even have a button to enable wireless when you right click networkmanager or anything when you ifconfig or iwlist04:26
blackdoggyDatz: I think i should completely remove Pulse and make Alsa  my default04:26
Artemis3its getting trickier to join the channel lately04:26
IzinucsCrankygeek: you might have to sudo chmod +x <file name>04:26
CrankygeekIzinucs: dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>: Bad file descriptor04:26
DarkRedmanArtemis3: I installed Ubuntu with OEM mode (LiveCD on disk) it is persistent altough ?!04:26
Datzblackdoggy: that might work.04:26
four2zerohow can i connect jolicloud to an existing samba connection ?04:27
IzinucsCrankygeek: silly question.. you downloaded the .deb for ubuntu right? did you need 64 bit or 32 and did you get the right one?04:27
sacarlsontacomaster: and what is seen in /log/syslog at boot about your device?04:27
Artemis3DarkRedman, when you create the usb stick from iso image, there is an option below about saving user data, you must not, pick the one without this04:27
DarkRedmanArtemis3: I talk about LiveCD04:27
DarkRedmannot LiveUSB04:27
DarkRedmanI choosed OEM mode04:27
aemaethi ran "sudo apt-get upgrade" but 3 packages aren't upgraded, are these optional upgrades then? and how do i get those?04:27
CrankygeekIzinucs: I downloaded the deb 32 bit package04:27
Artemis3doesnt matter then04:27
IzinucsCrankygeek: and are you double clicking it or using dpkg -i <package name>04:28
Artemis3DarkRedman, oh we should take this to #ubuntu+104:28
blackdoggyDatz: is there any decent guide to follow?04:28
DarkRedmanwhat ?!04:28
DarkRedmanoh okay marverick ?!04:28
CrankygeekIzinucs: I am clicking it using gdebi package installer04:29
isaacThis the live cd gives me on startup.04:29
isaac"mmc0: Unknown controller version (2). You may experience problems."04:29
isaacThen the graphical shell starts to boot up, then the computer resets and starts booting all over again.04:29
KennyXYZi accidently uninstalled gdebi04:29
tacomastersacarlson: what is the full path to the log file in which you are talking04:29
sacarlsontacomaster: I'm sorry that would be /var/log/syslog   maybe try grep b43 /var/log/syslog to see what pops up04:29
IzinucsCrankygeek: you may be right.. bad file or bad compile by them.. I'd file a bug with them.04:29
isaacDoes NOT do this with installed Vista or Vista restore cd.04:29
DarkRedmanI come back via Pidgin04:29
KennyXYZit was so annoying being a linux newbie04:29
CrankygeekIzinucs: are you getting the samething?04:30
blackdoggyDatz: http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=828427304:30
IzinucsKennyXYZ: after 5 years I'm still a noob :)04:30
Artemis3KennyXYZ, just apt-get install gdebi04:30
IzinucsCrankygeek: I'm not installing it.04:30
CrankygeekIzinucs: I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me having the problem04:30
Artemis3KennyXYZ, ok, sudo apt-get install gdebi04:30
aemaethDarkRedman: finch is better04:30
DarkRedmanI'm back04:30
DarkRedmanfinch is a cli program04:30
randomOfAmberis there a better way than jhbuild to get the latest gnome-shell?04:30
DarkRedmanand i'm not good with that04:31
DarkRedmanpidgin and xchat are my favourites irc clients04:31
aemaethwell i have no gui, so04:31
aemaethi guess byobu is technically my gui...04:31
DarkRedmanI got an error with synaptic and gdeb "E: linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 17"04:31
IzinucsDarkRedman: byobu/screen and irssi is another combo you should check out04:31
DarkRedmanI don't like irrssi and don't feel comfortable with screen04:31
blakkheimirssi + screen + ssh04:32
aemaethoh yea, and how do i remove the old packages of the generic startup thing that just updated?04:32
blakkheimthe best04:32
Izinucsblakkheim: +104:32
tacomastersacarlson: http://pastebin.com/yTSHkKMs04:32
DarkRedmanblakkheim: I agree but I prefer GUI interface than CLI interface04:32
slacker-Hi guys, need some help with mdadm. I'm running a software raid 5 with 3+1 disks. I have replaced one and during the rebuild smartd detected an uncorrectable sector on a different disk, which stopped the rebuild04:33
aemaethcan you help me Izinucs?04:33
blakkheimDarkRedman: for a text-only chat protocol? :)04:33
tacomastersacarlson: i dont know why you are insisting on the b43-fwcutter because i have done alot of reading on it and it does not support the b4322 card04:33
DarkRedmanblakkheim: yes04:33
Izinucsaemaeth: what packages do you want to remove?04:33
DarkRedmanI don't know all screen shortcuts "par coeur" (I don't know how to translate)04:34
DarkRedmanit's the same for irssi and ssh options04:34
tacomastersacarlson: only thing that supports this card is broadcom-sta that i have seen04:34
researcher123where can I find recent system log file04:34
Artemis3/var/log ?04:34
aemaethIzinucs: first i need to install the last 3 updates that it has the red 3! for, then if it just went to .25 generic pae should i remove .24?04:34
slacker-I have now 2 active, 1 spare and 1 failed spare device but the filesystem is still up and running. how can I recover?04:34
DarkRedmanI've an error installing some package : linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic - E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:35
sacarlsontacomaster: what's the name of that driver then?04:35
four2zerohow do i connect jolicloud to an existing samba network ?04:35
aemaethand then i'll need an update-grub to get it off my screen during bootup04:36
Izinucsaemaeth: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade .. then after a reboot sudo apt-get autoremove should do it.. but I've never delt with pae.. if it's a kernel image for pae then autoremove should do it.04:36
tacomastersacarlson: well if i can ever get broadcom-sta installed its called "wl"04:36
aemaethok, autoremove is what i needed for second part, but when i did upgrade there is still 3 left, not sure what to do04:37
sacarlsontacomaster: then maybe you need to blacklist the others04:37
soulwarpsudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:37
Izinucsaemaeth: sudo updategrub or update-grub or grub-update .. can't remeber the syntax04:37
sacarlsontacomaster: I didn't see them doing that in that post04:37
glebihanaemaeth: update-grub04:37
tacomastersacarlson: i have gone through that as well were it told me to blacklist b43, ssa and a few other and i still couldnt download so i deleted the blacklist i made04:38
|multipass|is there any way to get dual views in Gedit??04:38
FloodBot1DarkRedman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:40
tacomastersacarlson: not trying to be rude in any way but i dont see how this is even hinting at fixing that i cant download from system > admin > hardware drivers04:40
aemaethdist-upgrade is what i needed actually04:40
glebihan|multipass|: I don't think so04:41
soulwarpaemaeth, that's what I figured04:41
Izinucs|multipass|: kate should do that.. but it's a kde editor and will pull some dependancies04:41
badnaamcan someone help with a ssh issue please http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3827331/strange-ssh-issues-with-github.04:42
sacarlsontacomaster: I saw many errors in that log I'm not sure.  but it seems some people get different drivers to work with that device as reported in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/37625904:42
aemaethso when i have .21-.25 of the generic thing i'm upgrading now, how do i get rid of the old ones? autoremove seems to have done nothing, like goggles04:42
Izinucsbadnaam: you might also ask in #linux and/or #ubuntu-server04:42
sacarlsontacomaster: so I guess you would have to black list all but one at a time to hope to find the driver that works for you04:43
DarkRedmanwho can help me if I share screen view ?04:43
Izinucsaemaeth: if you know what the full file name is then sudo apt-get remove --purge <file name>04:43
glebihanDarkRedman: start by explaining your problem04:43
aemaethkk Izinucs04:44
DarkRedmanI try to chroot my main ubuntu (I installed a ubuntu instead of to use LiveCD to repair my Ubuntu) my .Private folder is erased I try to chroot first to use ecryptfs then04:44
DarkRedmanI try to do first a grub update but it doesn't work04:44
DarkRedmanAnyway I would like to repair my Ubuntu04:45
glebihanDarkRedman: you have to run grub-install first04:46
DarkRedmanglebihan: even if it's already installed ?!04:47
glebihanDarkRedman: well if you changed you master hard drive, you have to install grub on the new one04:48
DarkRedmanMy main Ubuntu doesn't detect hard drives :s04:49
Dawgmatixanyway to plot per process memory usage on ubuntu?04:50
glebihanDarkRedman: btw with did you choose to install a new ubuntu rather than using a live CD to repair your system ?04:50
glebihanDawgmatix: top04:50
tacomasteris anyone know how to add a program like nautilus-share to lubuntu so i can do network shareing to my other linux computers04:50
DarkRedmanBecause LiveCD lag so much and is not up to date04:50
DarkRedmanand I can't make a LiveUSB04:51
Dawgmatixglebihan - i am looking for something that allows me to see a graph04:51
Dawgmatixafaik top just shows instantaneous values04:51
DarkRedmanI spent  hours to try to make a LiveUSB I finally tried to install a new ubuntu just for repairing the main one04:51
glebihanDawgmatix: yes you're right, sorry no idea04:51
DarkRedmanso if anyone could help me using grub-install with a VNC sharing04:52
DarkRedmanbecause I don't arrive to do it04:52
pseudosudoHi does anyone know how to move a ubuntu partition?04:53
AbhiJitpseudosudo, use gparted04:53
soulwarppseudosudo, only use gparted when the drives are not mounted. I do it under live CD04:54
Ivisok i feel dumb i just cant add to panel volume controlel04:55
Ivishow do i do it ? :D04:55
=== zack`ubuntu is now known as zakck
DarkRedmanWho could help me please ?!04:55
=== zakck is now known as zackk
DaveWManybody use GRUB_CMDLINE...blah=".. with "nosplash text" as parameter on maverick ?  after doing update-rc.d -f gdm remove,  and plymouth remove,   apt-get remove gdm,    during bootup,  short before it goes to text login,  the screen still flashes a splash for a second,  display changes in some way04:56
DaveWMi'm trying to figure out what it is that's doing that04:56
IzinucsDaveWM: #ubuntu+1 for maverick04:57
pLrDaveWM: what do you want to do?04:58
DaveWMpLr : well i want to disable any form of splash from coming up and also to have a text login,  i've got several systems with an  ubuntu desktop,  two of them with nvidia current drivers installed,  for some reason it gets stuck on that splash every other reboot or so,  seemingly random04:59
DaveWMi figure its got something to do with plymouth,  but i'm not sure about that either tbh05:00
vic20gmri know im often abit chatty, but to suspect me of being a flood "bot", well i never!05:01
vic20gmranyway, is it illeagal for usa residents to install/use gstreamer?05:01
pseudosudoAbhiJit, the problem is that I had Windows XP installed before and I installed ubuntu after. I decided to turn my system into just a ubuntu system so I deleted my Windows XP Partition. What I'm left with is "Unallocated" empty space before my ubuntu partition that I can't grow/merge to05:01
pLrDaveWM: did u empty /etc/X11/default-display-manager ?05:01
Dulakvic20gmr: they assume you're guilty until you prove otherwise05:01
pseudosudoSo I'm guessing my other option is to make a new partition and move it all over05:02
AbhiJitpseudosudo, you can grow ubuntu partition to taht empty space using gparted05:02
four2zerohello to all, i have an existing samba server running on ubuntu-server 10.4 and i have installed jolicloud on a acer netbook, and would like to give it access to the files on that server, how can i make this work ?05:02
AbhiJitpseudosudo, you must use live cd for this task05:02
DarkRedmanWhat I can doo ?!05:02
AbhiJitpseudosudo, you can do this while you are running ubuntu05:02
pseudosudoAbhiJit, yes i've been using the live CD. Apparently you cannot grow to unallocated space that is "before" the ubuntu partition05:02
pseudosudoI do not have the option05:03
AbhiJitpseudosudo, you can move that space after the ubuntu05:03
Aemaethafter sudo apt-get dist-upgrade it only boots into grub menu :(((05:03
vic20gmrDulak, is it illeagal in usa or not?05:03
instahas anyone been having that "unkillable dpkg" problem in lucid?05:03
pseudosudoAbhiJit, I am not getting options to do that? How do I move the unallocated space?05:04
Aemaethwhy would dist-upgrade kill my entire grub and how do i get it back?05:04
four2zerohello to all, i have an existing samba server running on ubuntu-server 10.4 and i have installed jolicloud on a acer netbook, and would like to give it access to the files on that server, how can i make this work ?05:04
AbhiJitAemaeth, http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/apt-get-how-to-fix-very-broken-packages/05:04
IzinucsAemaeth: that happened to me because of a kernel update.. do this full line in one shot and reboot when done.. see if it fixes it.. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:04
vic20gmris it illeagal for usa residents to install/use gstreamer?05:05
AemaethIzinucs, i need to get into linux to do that05:05
Izinucsvic20gmr: I use it.. so far the software police haven't caught me.05:05
AbhiJitpseudosudo, first unmount both. then useing mouse drag the ubuntu partition to the unallocated space manually it will take ages depending on size of ubuntu partition then you will be able to increase ubuntu partition to taht right side unallocated space05:05
vic20gmrgood for u, but that is an answer to another question05:06
* AbhiJit reports Izinucs to FBI05:06
four2zerogstreamer is opensource05:06
four2zerohello to all, i have an existing samba server running on ubuntu-server 10.4 and i have installed jolicloud on a acer netbook, and would like to give it access to the files on that server, how can i make this work ?05:06
pseudosudoAbhiJit, thanks I'll try it now05:06
IzinucsAemaeth: wait.. killed your grub? ouch.. shouldn't have.. you'll have to chroot with a live cd to fix.. but I don't have the knowledge to do that from memory.05:06
CyberRatpseudosudo and backup first05:06
AbhiJitpseudosudo, hmm05:06
AbhiJitpseudosudo, how much is your ubutu partition size05:07
pseudosudoCyberRate and AbhiJit, Yes I already imaged my ubuntu partition to another HDD just incase. But the funny thing is when I try to boot off that hard disk, ubuntu does not boot up. Something about UUID05:07
vic20gmrfour2zero, is ilegal for a usa resident to use it?05:07
AemaethIzinucs, i tried manually booting my image, but it said 'No kernal found"05:07
AbhiJitpseudosudo, hmm backup is important in such operations.05:07
CyberRat2 partitions with same UUID :)05:07
four2zeroyes, its legal for us resident to use05:07
four2zeroopensource is free to use.05:07
IzinucsAemaeth: if it's a grub issue that would make sense.. it doesn't know where to find the kernel.05:08
rwwfour2zero apparently doesn't know about software patents.05:08
Aemaethso i can't manually get it in this grub menu shell thing i have?05:08
pseudosudoCyberRat, no no I disable my Original HDD before booting the backup one05:08
vic20gmrrww, i take it it *is* ilegal for usa resident to use?05:08
rwwvic20gmr: ask a lawyer. If I cared about things like your question, I wouldn't trust random people from the internet.05:08
Aemaethrww, all the best legal advice comes from irc or 4chan05:09
four2zerowhy would it be illegal for a us resident to use....?05:09
IzinucsAemaeth: if it dumped you to a grub shell then I'll have ubottu send a link. do you know if you're using grub 1 or 2.. fresh install of 10.04 would put grub2 on05:09
four2zeroexplain if you can ?05:09
vic20gmru pointed out sw patents, i c that as a sign u *might* know what *U* r talking about05:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:09
rwwfour2zero: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic.05:09
CyberRatpseudosudo oh a different UUID them mtab sais05:09
AemaethIzinucs, it was xubuntu all updated05:09
IzinucsAemaeth: 10.04?05:09
CyberRatyou have to replace the new UUID in mtab05:10
vic20gmrrww, u pointed out sw patents, i c that as a sign u *might* know what *U* r talking about05:10
AemaethIzinucs, yes, as long as that's on the lastest xubuntu iso05:10
CyberRatoops fstab yes05:10
IzinucsAemaeth: ok..05:10
instavic20gmr: are you paying by the character on IRC?05:10
four2zeroGStreamer is released under the LGPL. The 0.10 series is API and ABI stable.05:10
Izinucs!grub2 | Aemaeth05:10
ubottuAemaeth: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:10
|multipass|is there any way to get dual views in Gedit??05:10
aleakjust testing...05:10
CyberRatgedit sucks05:11
CyberRattry vi :)05:11
instahas anyone had problems with dpkg/aptitude freezing on lucid?  mine keeps zombieing and it's really a problem :(05:11
four2zerohello to all, i have an existing samba server running on ubuntu-server 10.4 and i have installed jolicloud on a acer netbook, and would like to give it access to the files on that server, how can i make this work ?05:11
CyberRatanyone knows a good opensource DMS for home/private use?05:12
DarkRedmanWho could help me using VNC Client ?!05:12
IzinucsCyberRat: DMS?05:12
DarkRedmanI've a huge problem since 5 days about repairing encrypted data with ecryptfs05:12
CyberRatIzinucs document-management-system05:12
DarkRedmanIt's really important for my work05:12
CyberRatDarkRedman they may hire me05:13
four2zerohello to all, i have an existing samba server running on ubuntu-server 10.4 and i have installed jolicloud on a acer netbook, and would like to give it access to the files on that server, how can i make this work ?05:13
DarkRedmanWhat do you mean CyberRat ?!05:14
pseudosudoCyberRate, I have no idea what fstab is05:14
pseudosudoI will look it up now05:14
CyberRatsudo nano /etc/fstab05:14
CyberRatits where your mounts are set05:14
IzinucsCyberRat: ah.. there's several.. KnowledgeTree is one that comes to mind that is pretty much enterprise level05:14
pseudosudoOk thanks CyberRat.05:15
CyberRatIzinucs yea i seen a few, i think i go try some in vbox before stuffing my main setup05:15
=== snow_vanganh is now known as snow_ru
IzinucsCyberRat: always a good idea :)05:15
pseudosudoCyberRate, let's say I have my hard drive set up like this:   [ntfs(winXP) partition] [ubuntu Partition] .  Is it possible to switch them around?05:16
DarkRedmanCyberRat: ...05:16
Izinucspseudosudo: windows likes to be first.. and ubuntu takes a minumum of 2 partitions05:17
instaubuntu only needs one parition05:17
Izinucsinsta: 2.. one for root and /home and then a separate /swap05:17
instano it doesn't05:18
instajust needs /05:18
CyberRatDarkRedman hire me to fix stuff at your work05:18
instait'll run without swap or you can use a swapfile05:18
DarkRedman"hire" ?!05:18
Izinucsinsta: ok.. symantics.. you have to force swap off.. for your average user a fresh install will always include /swap.05:18
pseudosudoAbhiJit, I just loaded up ubuntu live again and opened gedit, I stil can't draw any of the partitions around..05:18
instai'm just mad that my machine is broken >: ( so i'm being pedantic05:20
CyberRatDarkRedman yea pay me and such to fix stuff :)05:20
DarkRedmanto pay ?! no sorry05:20
DarkRedmanonly canonical for that05:20
CyberRatDarkRedman well your boss earns witht he fix05:20
pseudosudoOk since I can't move the partitions around. Can somebody just tell me how I get my unallocated space into my ubuntu??? This is how it is set up right now: HDD:    [windowsXP ntfs] [unallocated space 25GB] [ubuntu lucid ext3]05:20
DarkRedmanboss ?!05:20
DarkRedmanwhich boss ?!05:20
CyberRatyou said it was for work05:20
DarkRedmani'm my own boss05:20
DarkRedmansorry for my english05:21
Agent001Do people have connection issues playing chess on yahoo.com on Ubuntu distro?05:21
sebikulpseudosudo: boot using the liveCD, open gparted and resize the partition you want, it's that easy05:21
mtk31hi all05:22
pseudosudosebikul.... I tried that many times05:22
pseudosudoIt won't allow me to resize to the unallocated space because it is BEFORE the ubuntu partition05:22
pseudosudoIf it's that easy I wouldn't be here.. thx anyway05:23
DarkRedmanwho could help me for chrooting ?!05:23
mtk31can someone please help me with openoffice'05:23
DarkRedmanmtk31: what's the issue with openoffice ?!05:23
sebikulhave you tried format a new partition using all the unallocated space?05:23
Geoffrey2ok, that was generally annoying05:24
dendritepseudosudo: thats happened to me before. i just reinstalled everything :/ not what you wanna hear, but...i fixed it05:24
mtk31i want to know if it is possible insert date or time with something line ctrl shift ; or : like in excel05:24
mtk31the current date or time i mean05:24
DualProxypseudosudo: if you don't already have 4 primary partitions, format it and just have it auto mount.05:25
glebihanmtk31: try #Openoffice.org05:25
pseudosudosebikul, yes I did. I formatted the unallocated empty space into ext4 (same as my ubuntu) to see if I can merge it. No luck.05:25
mtk31ok ty glebihan :)05:26
glebihanpseudosudo: you cannot merge partitions05:26
DarkRedmanWho could help me to chroot a ubuntu partition to fix it ?05:26
sebikulpseudosudo, try to use less MB that the total size, maybe ~50 mb05:26
amageehey i'm trying to run a server on a new port (eg. 9999), but i suspect my firewall is blocking nonstandard ports.  how can i find out if a firewall is installed and what it's doing?05:28
pseudosudosebikul, try to use less MB for what? When I make a new partition?05:28
nkdoodwalhelp me in installing drupal05:28
glebihanpseudosudo: what prevents you from moving/resizing the partition ? do you get any error message ?05:29
sebikulyes, try to format a new partition using TOTALSPACE-50mb, but do it in ext305:29
DualProxypseudosudo: make a folder in /media, and mount that partition to the folder. done you now have that space free to use.05:29
glebihannkdoodwal: try #drupal05:29
nkdoodwaljoin /#drupal05:30
DarkRedmanWho could help me via VNC to chroot a partition to fix the main issue (encryptfs problem)05:30
sebikulDualProxy, that space is not formated , it can not be mounted until its done05:30
DualProxyhe said it was formated in ext405:30
glebihannkdoodwal: type "/join #drupal"05:30
sebikulhe couldn't format it05:30
DualProxy pseudosudo> sebikul, yes I did. I formatted the unallocated empty space into ext4 (same as my ubuntu) to see   (Reading database ... 135788 files and directories currently installed.) if I can merge it. No luck.05:31
DarkRedmanI need some help to chroot a partition please05:31
DualProxysorry, did not mean to post it all. =P new to irssi.05:32
sebikulLOL, no problem. read the last two words, he couldn't finish the process05:33
etheretic'lo :05:34
pseudosudonkdoodwal, when I go to resize/move on my ubuntu partition, it does not show any unallocated space05:34
pseudosudoit just shows my ubuntu partition as full, and i can shrink it05:34
pseudosudono option to move05:34
glebihanpseudosudo: could you pastebin a screenshot of your gparted window ?05:34
r0z4hi somebody can give a link about the extract package05:35
pseudosudogive me a second05:35
glebihanr0z4: what do you mean by "the extract package" ?05:35
spinningcompassr0z4: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=extract05:35
CyberRatairco time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jbFnqyd-MA&feature=player_embedded05:36
glebihan!ot | CyberRat05:37
ubottuCyberRat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:37
ethereticI have an extremely unreliable wifi connection. Signal quality/strength is good, but resolving dns seems to be a problem. When the Link Monitor applet is running, one or both of the pinged sites "fall out" irregularly.05:38
pseudosudoglebihan, here's my screenshot05:39
glebihanpseudosudo: ok I see you have an extended partition05:40
pseudosudoI can't drag anything at all, if you're planning to tell me to do so05:40
pseudosudoglebihan, is that a good thing or bad thing?05:40
glebihanpseudosudo: you'll have to resize the extended partition first05:40
glebihanpseudosudo: neither bad nor good, just adds an operation to do05:41
pseudosudoglebihan, I have no option to resize the extended partition. Resizing/moving is grayed out.05:41
ncxcudehello.. :)05:41
glebihanpseudosudo: /dev/sda5 is mounted, right ?05:41
pseudosudonope, it's booting from a live CD right now05:41
CyberRatpseudosudo and your disk is unmounted?05:42
pseudosudohow do i check?05:42
glebihanpseudosudo: or maybe your partition is05:42
pseudosudoI'm booting off a live cd and I didn't touch anything so I assume nothing is mounted05:42
glebihanpseudosudo: your *swap* partitoin05:42
glebihanpseudosudo: the swap partition is mounted automatically05:43
slacker-Would anyone help me out with some software raid 5 issues? i'm trying to reassemble a degraded array05:43
pseudosudoI love you05:43
glebihanpseudosudo: :)05:43
pseudosudoI had to swapoff, now i can grow the extended05:43
ncxcudehey... im using wine1.2 install office, succes in linux mint... but when i try in ubuntu its doesn't response anything? any help?please?05:43
pseudosudoI tried swapping off before, but i never bothered to check extended. Went straight to the ext405:44
IzinucsHow do I get a list of users logged into a specific channel?05:44
Izinucsusing Irssi05:44
pseudosudoThanks everyone!!05:44
glebihanpseudosudo: you're welcome05:44
slacker-Izinucs: /names05:44
pseudosudotook me two hours.... when it was this simple...05:45
Izinucsslacker-: thanks05:45
pseudosudosebikul, sorry for doubting you. All I really needed was just gparted.05:46
ethereticCan anyone help me resolve an apparent dns issue?05:46
sebikulpseudosudo: no problem, i didn't know either that swap was automounted ;)05:46
pseudosudoOk thanks for everything guys. Now I have a new problem.. My grub menu disappeared... There is probably an easy way to repair this through the LiveCD. Anybody know how from the top of their head?05:48
ethereticImage of link monitor history at http://imgur.com/o2N0u05:48
sebikulpseudosudo: # update-grub05:48
Spyzercan anyone tell me any link of the default utilities in ubuntu (commandline and gui)05:49
pseudosudosebikul, thanks. Thought it'd be more complicated05:49
itsux2budoes ubuntu run on something like this? http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?nm_mc=EMC-SD092010&cm_mmc=EMC-SD092010-_-SD092810-_-item-_-singleitem05:49
Spyzeri mean just any resource05:49
CyberRatSpyzer what utils?05:49
CyberRatSpyzer basic bash commands?05:50
sebikulitsux2bu: sure it will, what i can not ensure you is that the hardware will be fully compatible05:50
Spyzernot just basic all of them which come preinstalled05:50
DualProxyAnyone want to take a crack at my questions? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9906177#post990617705:50
Spyzerlike grep etc05:50
CyberRatSpyzer http://ss64.com/bash/  and use man <command> to learn more05:51
slacker-anyone experienced with mdadm, please?05:51
ncxcudehelp please? wine problem... and how to upgrade ubuntu 10.04 - ubuntu 10.10 :)05:51
maco!10.10 | ncxcude05:51
ubottuncxcude: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:51
CyberRatncxcude maybe wait till the final release?05:51
glebihanncxcude: your upgrade question should go to #ubuntu+105:51
itsux2busebikul, what hardware..?  that box is just cpu, ram and ports05:52
itsux2buis an intel Atom CPU supported by ubuntu?05:53
spinningcompassitsux2bu: Yes.05:53
ncxcudeok.. not the upgrade? but how to make wine works... im install MS Office 2007 and wine is not response anything. any sugesstion?05:53
sebikulexactly, not all features of the cpu or other included pieces may be able to work 100%, they may have some features disabled05:53
itsux2buram is ram.. hard drives are generic..05:53
glebihanncxcude: you have about no chance to make ms office work with wine...05:54
sebikulncxcide, to upgrade just run #update-manager -d05:54
itsux2buusb thumb drives are generic..05:54
ncxcudesebikul, update for ubuntu new realese or wine?05:55
icarus-cglebihan, ncxcude: i'm running ms office 2007 with wine05:55
sebikulubuntu 10.1005:55
glebihanicarus-c: really ?05:55
icarus-cncxcude, just follow the instructions on ms office 2007 page at wine app db05:55
glebihanicarus-c: wouldn't have thought it'd be possible05:55
icarus-cglebihan, limited functionality though, but all i use works fine05:55
Spyzer<CyberRat>: thanks for the bash commands any list of gui utils default in ubuntu??05:56
glebihanicarus-c: good to know05:56
sebikulitsux2bu its not just ram, it has to support the video card (and have its drivers) the audio card, the ethernet port, usb, etc05:56
icarus-cglebihan, and access doesn't work afaik05:56
DarkRedmanHi again05:56
itsux2buaudio is realtek.. which is very generic..05:56
DarkRedmanI'm on webchat again because the password is unknown and I can't install anything !05:57
ncxcudeicarus-c, the main problem of my wine is, wine1.2 it doesn't respone any .exe file? just blink my destop and do nothing...05:57
DarkRedmanI need help to fix ecryptfs on my main Ubuntu05:57
glebihanicarus-c: i would probably not have believed you if you told me access was working ;)05:57
icarus-cncxcude, um... what exe are they and how to use wine?05:58
icarus-cncxcude, like install the app with wine from scratch?05:58
itsux2busebikul, Intel GMA 3150   sounds very generic05:58
DarkRedmanI forgot the link for chrooting05:58
sebikulitsux2bu you will find out once you test it ;)05:59
itsux2buso sebikul, the only real question is the built-in network card05:59
slacker-anyone experienced with mdadm, please? trying to recover a degraded array with read errors06:00
ncxcudei just type "apt-get install wine1.2" and "sh winetricks" check like d3xd,... something like that? i don't know what the problem.. when i install in linux mint just fine?06:00
DualProxyitsux2bu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141329506:00
sebikulitsux2bu again, it's not just that. look here (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119027) go to the details tab06:00
icarus-cglebihan, follow the HOWTO section on  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1281106:01
icarus-cglebihan, check out other office app also on http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=3106:01
icarus-cncxcude, same for you ^^^^06:01
glebihanicarus-c: thanks for the links... but I was just curious, I tend not to use ms apps... ;)06:02
ncxcudeyes, :( any help please?06:02
TheEvilPhoenixi need to reinstall grub after installing Windows06:03
TheEvilPhoenixi'm in a LiveUSB image now06:03
TheEvilPhoenixhow do I reinstall grub06:03
icarus-cncxcude, maybe " mv ~/.wine  ~/wine.bak "  and try some known platium win32 app with wine?06:04
glebihanTheEvilPhoenix: look at grub-install06:04
TheEvilPhoenixglebihan: ran grub-install /dev/sda and i got this: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).06:05
Datzhumm, so it would seem ubuntu is sticking with the mac style theme06:05
Datzas far as window buttons are concerned06:05
TheEvilPhoenixDatz: its changeable06:05
TheEvilPhoenix!buttons | Datz06:05
ubottuDatz: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto06:05
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, grub-install --recheck /dev/sda  #maybe06:06
DatzI didn't know if they were going to stick with that..06:06
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, you should have chrooted to your install before hand06:06
Datzguess they want to try to win some mac users or something06:06
glebihanTheEvilPhoenix: try using the --root-directory option06:06
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages06:07
nhorning1having huge problem with eepc06:07
ncxcudeicarus-c, Hey it works! thanks... :D06:07
icarus-cDatz, you could change those button layout with a single command06:07
icarus-cDatz, or change theme06:07
Datzicarus-c: yea. ;)06:08
* icarus-c miss the way how convenient it is to get new theme with KDE though :(06:08
TheEvilPhoenixglebihan: that made it install.06:08
nhorning1anybody available to help with a No init found issue?06:08
glebihan!details | nhorning106:08
ubottunhorning1: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:08
icarus-cncxcude, cheers06:08
nhorning1ah thankyou06:08
TheEvilPhoenixglebihan: will that have overwritten the Windows MBR/06:08
nhorning110.04   was installed and running06:08
itsux2buso is there a list of these 'bare bones' systems that give the fewest problems?06:08
nhorning1had a team take it away and the battery ran out06:09
glebihanTheEvilPhoenix: it should have06:09
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, yes, you put grub to MBR, and then chainload Windows boot loader on windows' partition06:09
nhorning1No when I try to boot through grub I get "no init found. Try passing init= bootarg06:09
nhorning1also, I can't boot with live usb stick06:09
nhorning1says it can't find sda06:09
icarus-citsux2bu, i don't get what you mean?  like  ubuntu minimal ?06:10
nhorning1ack srry, I'll try and keep it all on the same line from now on06:10
pseudosudoIf I want to host a file server or any other server or something, what's the best file system for this or what's the best file system in general? ext4 / ntfs ??06:10
sunkycan i install mint and ubuntu both from windows together?06:10
LinXzdoes anyone know about a good web page that could teach me how to configure my networking - and it has to be as easy to understand, as children books with a lot of pictures; I am terribly slow at this, to be honest06:10
techbreakhi all please help in installation of ubuntu in a compaq system06:10
techbreakI dont have any partition.. but only c and a recovery partition06:10
techbreakhow can I make partition without deleting it? I dont wanna loose window06:11
techbreakplease suggset06:11
TheEvilPhoenixtechbreak: you can resize partitions06:11
icarus-ctechbreak, easy, shrink that partition then create some new partitions06:11
LinXzmy irc-client died :P06:12
nhorning1Is anybody here dealing with me, or was that just a bot that asked for details?06:12
TheEvilPhoenixglebihan: icarus-c:  do I need to define which partiton gets teh boot flag?06:12
xeuseful to use defrag first on the windows partition... to put all the data at the start.06:12
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, Windows need that i think. but linux doesn't06:12
TheEvilPhoenixnhorning1: a user used the bot's factoids to facilitate transferring information06:12
techbreakTheEskimo, icarus-c ,how can i resize partition without affecting the available files?06:12
TheEvilPhoenixicarus-c: so i don't need to redefine which gets the boot flag to use the boot loader?06:12
glebihanTheEvilPhoenix: I don't think so (none of mine have that flag)06:12
TheEvilPhoenixs/boot\ loader/grub/06:12
TheEvilPhoenixokay after my partitions resize i'll reboot (seems 100MB got left behind in the install as unallocated space x])06:13
icarus-ctechbreak, you could use your favourite partitioning tool on Windows (actually Windows Vista and above got built in resize function)   and ubuntu's installer should have resize function too if i remember correctly06:13
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, just leave it06:13
Steristhow does btrFS compare to ext4 on a scale of -5 to +5 ?06:13
nhorning1right, so I'm just wondering if there is anyone available to help06:13
icarus-cTheEvilPhoenix, since it worked before, right?06:13
razz1using virtualbox, I am trying to setup a wireless printer in XP guest( with IP 10.0.x.x), it's already connected in ad hoc mode (directly without a router) to the Ubuntu host. How do I get XP to print to the wireless printer (IP 169.254.x.x).06:13
icarus-cSterist, btrfs isn't even stable yet06:13
pseudosudoHey, can anyone tell me what's the best file system and why?06:14
TheEvilPhoenixicarus-c: i didnt have windows before... so ubuntu had the boot flag06:14
techbreakicarus-c, what is that tool? is it default in window viesta? please tell me. I am a beginner06:14
Steristicarus-c its going to be in 10.1006:14
icarus-cSterist, if you can stand data lose or file system corruption or any crap, go btrfs06:14
nhorning1glebihan: did you want my details personally? or were you just saying that in general06:15
rwwSterist: It's still not as stable as I'd like. I don't plan on using it for a while.06:15
icarus-cSterist, not sure how btrfs status is currently, but at least 10.10 will be shipping a newer linux kernel06:15
itsux2buok.. i recently stumbled upon these ultra low-end bare bones boxes from Foxconn and MSI with intel atom CPUs..  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119027 and http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883152008.. which are even cheapter than netbooks.. and a great way to get my toes into *nix..  but has "ubuntu" tested any of these type of units and provide an06:15
itsux2buapproved list?06:15
FloodBot1itsux2bu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:15
Steristyes, 2.6.3506:15
glebihannhorning1: that was a general remark, you're more likely to get help if you ask a precise question06:15
sebikulpseudosudo, the best one right now is ext3, ext4 is experimental and can produce data loss06:15
apple_catHi, I'm trying to get a elantech touchpad working on my laptop (ASUS ul 30). Could someone help me out with this? So far I have tried to enable the shmconfig option in xorg.conf but that stops my system from booting06:15
xetechbreak ... defrag your harddrive in windows. put in ubuntu disc... choose install ... this should enable you to resize the parition and install ubuntu on it. (leaving windows in place)06:15
rwwitsux2bu: http://webapps.ubuntu.com/certification/06:16
rww!hcl | itsux2bu06:16
ubottuitsux2bu: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:16
icarus-ctechbreak, in vista, first do a disk defrag (this allow you to shrink more space), then go  Disk management and click a bit you could resize the partition. for detail you better ask in ##windows06:16
techbreakbut I have only c drive in my laptop. if i do partition wont i loose it?06:16
slacker-anyone experienced with mdadm, please? trying to recover a clean,degraded raid5 with read errors06:17
icarus-ctechbreak, you have to shrink it to give space for new partitions, right?06:17
nhorning1glebihan: Well, anyway to get someones attention? because I typed out the details but I'm not sure if anyone noticed.06:17
pseudosudosebikul, so if I was just to build a simple file server or something like that I should use ext3?06:17
techbreakicarus-c, i have alot of free space in c drive06:17
techbreakicarus-c, i44 out of 287 gb is free for me :)06:18
icarus-ctechbreak, well, but the "C" partition span across the whole disk (besides Recover partition) right?06:18
Steristapple_cat you are unable to use the mouse at all?06:18
nhorning1I'll try again, no init found06:18
techbreakicarus-c, now how do i separate 100 gb for ubuntu ?06:18
nhorning1"no init found" can anyone help with that?06:18
icarus-ctechbreak, but any partitioning operation has a risk (although very low),  backup your important data before hand06:18
techbreakicarus-c, yeah beside recovery partition i have only c partition06:18
icarus-ctechbreak, 100GB for ubuntu is way too much..........06:18
Subdolus'evening all06:18
sebikulpseudosudo: yeah, that would be the best choice06:18
icarus-ctechbreak, ubuntu itself typically use <15GB06:18
aromanWhat happens when a linux version gets EOL'd?06:18
icarus-caroman, no more updates for it06:19
techbreakicarus-c, i mean 20 gb for ubuntu and a new partition for my data 80 gb06:19
icarus-caroman, from Linux or the distro06:19
Steristand repositories go offline, right?06:19
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:19
rwwSterist: They get moved off the mirrors to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com06:19
pseudosudosebikul, If I added another hard drive and formatted it entirely to ext3, is there anyway I can like auto-mount it or something on start up. Or treat it as a part of my current drive, like another folder or something?06:19
icarus-ctechbreak, yea so shrink 100GB from C drive06:19
aromanicarus-c, Other than that? Like what happens to the repos?06:20
Steristrww ooh i searched like hell for that answer a while ago lol06:20
icarus-ctechbreak, a quick google search give me this http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/resize-a-partition-for-free-in-windows-vista/06:20
techbreakicarus-c, you mean i put the ubuntu installation cd. select install and then when disk partition comes i separate 20 gb from there?06:20
Steristrww so would you have to manually add that URL to software sources?06:20
icarus-ctechbreak, but of course i don't gurantee anything, don't blame me if anything goes wrong :P06:20
itsux2buwhats  remix?  that different the LiveUSB?06:20
SubdolusI have a simple bash script to run an rsync backup daily with cron... The receiving machine does not have X, but I really want to somehow force the script to magically appear on my console when it runs automatically by cron06:21
sebikulpseudosudo, have a look at this docs (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive) (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab)06:21
techbreakicarus-c, that made me sacre06:21
icarus-ctechbreak, make very sure you do partitioning before installing06:21
rwwSterist: Preferably, you'd follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades and move to something supported.06:21
Subdolusis there any way to do that? set up a cron job for a script, that will appear on the console06:21
icarus-ctechbreak, well, as all software license states that the software comes with absolutely no guarantee  :P06:21
Subdoluswith screen maybe?06:21
techbreakicarus-c, i will surely do partitioning but i am afraid if i loose windows06:21
gbear14275I just updated my kernel to -25 and I got the following messages during the removal of my -24 kernel files...  Can anyone tell me whats up with them?  http://pastebin.com/LjMaq1Hw06:22
Steristrww my ps3 is running ubuntu 9.10 and it doesnt seem to like 10.04, so it's going to EOL ;)06:22
icarus-ctechbreak, it should be safe. otherwise Vista wouldn't have a built in resize function right? :)06:22
aromanSubdolus, I too have wondered about that .. I'd be very interested in how that would work.06:22
icarus-ctechbreak, and just make sure you don't tell ubuntu to overwrite windows, you will be fine06:22
techbreakicarus-c, ok one question. what if i delete the recovery drive and put ubuntu there?06:22
Subdolusaroman: how awesome would it be06:22
techbreakicarus-c, i wont do that.. :) :)06:22
gbear14275mainly these three lines I see repeated when update-grub runs... File descriptor 40 (/var/lib/apt-xapian-index/index.2/postlist.DB) leaked on lvs invocation. Parent PID 3760: /bin/sh06:23
icarus-ctechbreak, i guess that recovery partition is some OEM stuff that let you do 1-key recovery or stuff like that.  so if you interrupt it you may lose that functionality06:23
Subdolussomething like "firefox --display:0:0" or whatever that switch is, for sending an app to X06:23
gbear14275File descriptor 42 (pipe:[12986]) leaked on lvs invocation. Parent PID 3760: /bin/sh06:23
gbear14275File descriptor 44 (/var/log/apt/term.log) leaked on lvs invocation. Parent PID 3760: /bin/sh06:23
Steristrww update manager fails and restores to previous state, and CD installer hangs at random points or randomly wont start06:23
Subdolusbut without X06:23
pehdendumbest question ever  what do i type it term to see every drive as in what directory there linked to06:23
aromanSubdolus, Yup. I've got a script that basically "nudges" my ext. HDs every so often to prevent them from auto-sleeping, and I made it show a little log of its progress.. shame I can't see it :D06:23
techbreakicarus-c, but i wont loose windows right?06:23
Steristrww with my laptop though, its no problemo :)06:23
icarus-ctechbreak, 99%  No you won't lose windows06:24
Subdolusaroman: neat06:24
pehdenlike ifconfig shows all the network cards06:24
Subdolusthat's another idea for my NAS heh, thatd be cool too06:24
techbreakicarus-c, why that 1% less?06:24
pehdenwhats the one for devices06:24
nhorning1ok back06:24
rwwpehden: mount06:24
Subdoluspausewhile watching a movie sucks06:24
Subdoluspause while *06:24
pehdenrww that shows the devices/drives06:25
Steristtechbreak deleting the recovery partition is extremely ill-advised06:25
nhorning1"No init found"  and for some reason I can't boot using a live usb06:25
aromanSubdolus, Actually, now that I think about it, I should rewrite it in python or something to throw in an OSD-Notify thing.06:25
nhorning1any takers?06:25
pehdenrww thanks'06:25
apple_catSterist: No I can use the mouse it's just I can't adjust the settingss06:25
icarus-ctechbreak, like there could be faulty disk, random error,  software bug, and other factor (like a power cut during resize operation..)06:25
techbreakSterist, then please advie how do i do it?06:25
aromanSubdolus, you know it.. I steam 1080p from my computer over WiFi and the video freezes every so often for the damned spin down.. without my script.06:25
icarus-ctechbreak, but i haven't failed any disk operation so far.06:26
techbreakicarus-c, power cut wont be a problem... i am in laptop06:26
slacker-any suggestions where I could ask for help with mdadm?06:26
slacker-irc preferably06:26
Steristtechbreak 1% less because there's always the off-chance that the planets will all align and create a 5x eclipse causing the moon to collide with earth and crash your hard drive... or something like that06:26
icarus-ctechbreak, if you really don't feel comfortable... make a backup of the disk before hand.  or use a usb drive to install linux ?06:26
icarus-ctechbreak, or use WUBI to install ubuntu inside windows?06:26
aromantechbreak, +1 for Wubi and backups.06:27
shawnboyAfter latest Update Manager updates, Firefox scrolls in slow motion. Anyone know how to fix this?06:27
techbreakaroman, icarus-c i dont want inside windows06:27
techbreakSterist, hahaha good one06:27
icarus-calthough i don't really like wubi much (problem tends to happen with wubi after a while..)06:27
Steristapple_cat type " touch " in the software center and see if anything that comes up sounds fit for your problems06:27
aromantechbreak, Then you're not familiar with WUBI :) It doesn't install it _inside_ windows, it installs it nearly the same as dual boot.. you don't boot to windows to launch it and it runs at native speeds.06:27
Steristwubi is trash. you get about 75% or less of your CPU's power towards ubuntu06:28
Dulakshawnboy: in firefox go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced and uncheck smooth scrolling06:28
aromanwoah now06:28
techbreakaroman, I want it in separate partition...06:28
aromanare you talking from hands on exp?t06:28
icarus-ctechbreak, afaik,  wubi make a image file inside your windows drive to install ubuntu there, modify windows boot loader to let it boot ubuntu too, then register wubi to Windows installed applications06:28
aromantechbreak, well then WUBI isn't the right move.06:28
Steristtechbreak, which windows are you using?06:29
nhorning1Alright someone please let me know if the can help with "no init found"06:29
techbreakSterist, viesta06:29
EvilPhoenixicarus-c:  i figured out something06:29
icarus-cEvilPhoenix, huh?06:29
EvilPhoenixicarus-c:  i needed to set the ubuntu partition to boot06:29
EvilPhoenixand update-grub from it06:29
icarus-cnhorning1, during kernel boot?06:29
EvilPhoenixicarus-c:  i'm TheEvilPhoenix06:29
Steristtechbreak hmm that makes things a little more complicated, have you checked how much space you have available to shrink your windows partition by?06:30
shawnboyDulak, thanks. That seemed to help, although it makes me wonder why that is required. Either way, thanks for the tip.06:30
nhorning1icarus-c: I believe so06:30
icarus-cEvilPhoenix, oh really..06:30
EvilPhoenixicarus-c:  mhm06:30
EvilPhoenixleaving the Windows partition set it booted to that06:30
Dulakshawnboy: it's annoying to me too, first thing I turn off on a new firefox install06:30
EvilPhoenixand now Grub06:30
nhorning1icarus-c: there was a kernel panic this morning06:30
apple_catSterist: Sorry I don't understand what you mean, where is "software center"06:30
icarus-cnhorning1, did you mess with kernel parameter (specifically init= ) ?06:30
EvilPhoenixmaybe its just being evil06:30
techbreaki have 144 gb of 287 gb free in c drive06:31
nhorning1icarus-c: I tried to pass init=bootarg06:31
shawnboygoodbye all.06:31
techbreakSterist, i have 144 gb of 287 gb free in c drive06:31
LinXzapple_cat: it's in the Application menu06:31
Steristapple_cat i use xubuntu, so under this desktop environment it's in "Applications" but still called Ubuntu Software Center06:31
nhorning1icarus-c: but thats it06:31
icarus-cnhorning1, well.... why did you do that06:31
glebihannhorning1: sorry, system crashed, didn't see what you told me06:31
icarus-cnhorning1, init= specify the program to execute after kernel boot06:32
Steristtechbreak okay but have you used vista's device manager to check how much space it can be shrunk by?06:32
techbreakSterist, no i dont know to do that06:32
icarus-cnhorning1, you know, after kernel boot,  kernel will pass to Init,  if Init fail (not found in your case),  kernel panic :)06:32
nhorning1icarus-c: I only did that after I got the error and it said try init=bootarg06:32
Steristtechbreak standby, i'll look up how to do that on vista06:32
techbreakSterist, okei :)06:33
icarus-cnhorning1, i'm pretty sure you don't have  the program "bootarg" , hence init not found06:33
nhorning1glebihan: thanks, I've got "no init found" after grub06:33
icarus-cnhorning1, try remove the init option06:33
nhorning1icarus-c: in grub?06:33
Steristtechbreak for starters, open Start --> Control Panel06:33
sidi have install 10.04 when i restart machine it gives error kernel panic what is that06:33
nhorning1icarus-c: I'm not sure you understand what happened06:34
icarus-cnhorning1, yes?  or simply change it at boot time first.06:34
techbreakSterist, go on06:34
nhorning1icarus-c: I didn't change anything before this problem happened06:34
LinXzhas anyone had this problem: When using apt-get autoremove, it removes other packages (like Wine, that I am installing again now, because it was removed...)06:34
nhorning1icarus-c: I only tried passing init=bootarg after I got "No init found"06:35
icarus-cnhorning1, well but i know  "init=bootarg" is just wrong.06:35
Steristtechbreak found the page, 1sec while i find the area that tells how to check06:35
nhorning1icarus-c: yeah, so I'm not doing that anymore06:35
icarus-cnhorning1, that message is telling you to pass something  to   "init=" because kernel couldn't find  /sbin/init06:35
apple_catSterist: Ohh I'm on KDE and usually use aptitude or apt-get, there aren't any packages with 'touch' in the name that look like they will fix the problem. There are a few guides but the ones that are for newer versions of ubuntu say to add the 'shmconfig on' option into xorg.conf06:35
icarus-cbut not meant to  ask you to enter  "init=bootarg"06:35
techbreakSterist, sure... i am waiting06:35
nhorning1icarus-c: ok,  thanks06:36
nhorning1icarus-c: so what should I try doing?06:36
icarus-cnhorning1, did you change anything else for kernel parameter?06:36
apple_catSterist: Which would be fine, but there isn't one by defualt so I need to generate a working one and then add the option because just having an xorg.conf with one option seems to stop the computer from booting06:36
DulakLinXz: use deborphan and manually remove deps, apt-get is not good with autoremove, for just the reason you stated06:36
bluegoonHi guys, can Ubuntu Server be joined to a Windows domain?06:36
icarus-cnhorning1, it  is due to /sbin/init not found,  so i suppose there is a file system/disk error or  you pass a wrong "root" to kernel06:37
sidi have install 10.04 when i restart machine it gives error kernel panic what is that06:37
sidi have install 10.04 when i restart machine it gives error kernel panic what is that06:37
nhorning1icarus-c: I think it's a disk error06:37
icarus-cnhorning1, maybe start with doing a force disk check06:37
macobluegoon: i think you need openldap to talk to AD, but you can double check in #ubuntu-server06:37
macosid: its like a blue screen of death06:37
LinXzDulak: Thanks! It's been a problem for me; installed programs are removed...06:37
bluegoonThanks maco06:37
icarus-cnhorning1, fsck -f /dev/<your_disk>06:37
nhorning1icarus-c: ok, how do I do that06:37
sidmaco so whats the solution06:37
Steristapple_cat i'm not familiar with KDE at all :( sorry06:37
icarus-cnhorning1, boot with a live cd06:37
nhorning1icarus-c: I've tried that06:37
vincent_arderndoes anyone know what software ubuntu brainstorm is based on?06:38
nhorning1icarus-c: I get a different error06:38
=== sid is now known as riya
Steristtechbreak click Administrative Tools --> Disk Management Tool06:38
DulakLinXz: yeah it's aggressive, with deborphan you can decide what really isn't needed anymore instead of letting apt-get decide for you06:38
icarus-cnhorning1, then  fsck  -f  all your ubuntu partitions06:38
riyai have install 10.04 when i restart machine it gives error kernel panic what is that06:38
riyai have install 10.04 when i restart machine it gives error kernel panic what is that06:38
nhorning1icarus-c: something about not being able to boot sda06:38
Steristtechbreak tell me when done06:38
icarus-cnhorning1, um. what error, when you get that?06:38
EvilPhoenixriya:  it means that the kernel is broken06:38
icarus-cnhorning1, um when you boot with a livecd, it should matter even you don't have a disk06:38
nhorning1icarus-c: somthing about not being able to boot sda06:38
nhorning1icarus-c: tell me about it06:38
macoriya: figure out what bit of hardware it doesnt like and get rid of it?  i mean it could just not like the combo of your bios and 4gb of ram (yes ive seen that) in which case yanking out a stick of ram could do it... or it could be dying hardware... or a bad driver... dunno. you'll have to experiment06:39
EvilPhoenixriya:  or that at some point a dependency of the operating system's kernel failed to work, and segfaulted or something06:39
Dulakhe's talking about the first boot after install06:39
nhorning1icarus-c: I'm using a usb live cd06:39
icarus-cnhorning1, so when you boot with a livecd, it complains something wrong with sda ?06:39
nhorning1icarus-c: correct06:39
nhorning1icarus-c: keep in mind it's a usb stick06:39
Steristriya use the software center to install an old kernel, then reboot using the old kernel, uninstall the latest, and reinstall the latest, then uninstall the old. problem solved.06:39
icarus-cnhorning1, um... but when it says sda with a live usb, i'm not sure "sda" is refering to the usb or the disk..06:39
nhorning1icarus-c: want me to try again so I can tell you the exact error06:40
techbreakSterist, in administratie tool i dont find disk management tool06:40
icarus-cnhorning1, good idea06:40
Steristtechbreak Computer Management?06:40
riyaSterist software center??06:40
riyawhats this06:40
icarus-cnhorning1, you sure the live usb is in good status?06:40
Steristriya lol ask someone else for now please06:40
techbreakSterist, yeah06:40
icarus-cnhorning1, maybe try to unplug your hard disk and try to boot the liveusb first06:40
Steristtechbreak does Computer Management show you a list of things on your hard drive or a list of different applications06:41
nhorning1icarus-c: yeah, I just tried it on another system and it atleast got to the gui06:41
icarus-cnhorning1, well it is system dependent that whether sda refers to the usb or the disk :)06:41
techbreakSterist, i have three options.. system tools, storage and serveices and applications06:41
Steristtechbreak Storage06:41
coolsanhi all06:42
nhorning1icarus-c: I checked forums before this, and it seems everyone solved their problem by checking the disk06:42
Steristtechbreak do you see your 287gb partition on the list in there?06:42
nhorning1icarus-c: my problem is I can't seem to get to the point where I can run that06:42
techbreakSterist, yeah06:43
opakavicis there a way to boot jaunty in single mode06:43
marcusgood morning06:43
techbreaki got two things.. c: ntfs and d: ntfs06:43
nhorning1icarus-c: so I'm booting off the usb stick, it's got the splash screen up, it seems to take forever, so I hit esc and I get the following:06:43
techbreakSterist, i got c: ntfs and D: ntfs06:43
Steristtechbreak okay right-click it and click Shrink (dont worry, this will bring up a menu and wont take any action)06:43
techbreakSterist, d is recovery stuff06:43
Subdolusstill cant find anything on starting a program on an ssh session, then sending it to my physical console monitor :(06:43
techbreakSterist, ok06:43
Steristtechbreak NOT the recovery one, though the menu wouldn't harm it06:43
icarus-ctechbreak, on vista disk management right?06:44
nhorning1icarus-c: <bunch of junk>  Killed ubable to open '/dev/sda'  stdin:error 006:44
techbreakSterist, ya i m shrinking c06:44
techbreakicarus-c, yeah06:44
icarus-ctechbreak, so you could right click on C drive and select Shrink06:44
Steristtechbreak it's not actually shrinking right now, it should say "querying available space" or something like that, right?06:44
icarus-cnhorning1, right.... and you have used this usb drive on this machine with the same configuration before?06:45
techbreakSterist, yeah after that it shows how much it ll be shrinked.. then i clicked "shrink"06:45
nhorning1icarus-c: I used it to install ubuntu06:45
techbreakSterist, is that okay what i did?06:45
icarus-cnhorning1, oh, and the ubuntu system worked fine before right?06:45
nhorning1icarus-c: right06:45
icarus-cnhorning1, and suddenly it complains init thing06:45
opakavic!single mode06:45
renatosrabelo1! dance06:45
nhorning1icarus-c: I had a team take it into the field06:46
nhorning1icarus-c: they said it ran out of batteries06:46
Steristtechbreak wait... so you right clicked the C drive, clicked Shrink, the menu popped up... and have you done anything more beyond that?06:46
opakavici lost my password, even the root password, i'm looking for single mode boot in jaunty06:46
ethereticI have an extremely unreliable wifi connection. Signal quality/strength is good, but resolving dns seems to be a problem. When the Link Monitor applet is running, one or both of the pinged sites "fall out" irregularly.06:46
ethereticImage of link monitor history at http://imgur.com/o2N0u06:46
nhorning1icarus-c: they brought it back, and when they turned it on there was a kernel panic06:46
techbreakSterist, yeah i clicked "shrink"06:46
icarus-cnhorning1, oh... yea system shutdown before  file systems are unmounted :P06:46
nhorning1icarus-c: When I reset it I get this issue06:46
icarus-cnhorning1, that is bad to the file system06:47
icarus-cnhorning1, could you boot the liveusb with the hard disk unplugged ?06:47
nhorning1icarus-c: difficult, this is a netbook06:47
Steristtechbreak how many mb's did you tell it to shrink by?06:47
icarus-cnhorning1, ahh right..06:47
icarus-cnhorning1, do you have any other live cd/usb to try ?06:48
nhorning1icarus-c: I tried disabling the main drive in the bios already. no dice06:48
techbreakSterist, it was showing some data by default. the recent size and size after shrinking.. i didnt choose just clicked shrink06:48
xbonesxanyone know how i could mimic windows 7's feature where when a windows is dragged to the edge that it halves on that side of the screen?06:48
icarus-cnhorning1, i somehow suspect usb problem for liveusb fail to boot06:48
techbreakSterist, my system is hanged in between.. i am waiting it to respond06:48
nhorning1icarus-c: there is a copy of lucid puppy downstairs but it's not on usb06:48
icarus-cnhorning1, that's fine.  you just need whatever live system to boot and then do fsck06:49
Steristtechbreak are you using something else to talk on the IRC right now? lol06:49
techbreakSterist, if you dont mind to wait little i will restart my system06:49
nhorning1icarus-c: I can boot up the windows partition, is there any way I could do it through that?06:49
techbreakSterist, yeah I am in another laptop with Ubuntu 10.10 :) :)06:49
Steristtechbreak i would not recommend a manual power-off while using storage tools06:49
icarus-cnhorning1, no.. windows can't do anything with Linux file system except formating them..06:50
=== opakavic is now known as rumpsy
smitschI have a web cam on an HP Notebook; how can I get the web cam to work?  In Windows, there is an HP Web Cam driver; I'm new to Ubuntu.06:50
nhorning1icarus-c: I figured that.06:50
icarus-cnhorning1, can you boot to grub and verify the boot options for ubuntu are alright?06:50
coolsanicarus-c: you have .iso image of ubuntu06:50
nhorning1icarus-c: ok, just a sec06:51
icarus-ccoolsan, huh?06:51
aromanhey, does anyone know where cakephp gets installed when installed from the repos?06:51
techbreakSterist, I got back into same place.. quering volume for available disk spcae06:51
Steristtechbreak let me know when you're back at Shrink's menu06:51
techbreakSterist, i got the pop up :)06:51
nikolamWho is being marking me as a BOT for god sake06:51
coolsanicarus-c: sorry06:51
nhorning1icarus-c: Ok, I started up and hit e, what part do I copy to you?06:51
prince_jammysaroman: dpkg -L cakephp06:52
xbonesxanyone know how i could mimic windows 7's feature where when a windows is dragged to the edge that it halves on that side of the screen?06:52
techbreakSterist, total size before shrink: 294521 size of available 8411 enter the amount of space to shringk in mb:06:52
rwwnikolam: Nothing's marking you as a bot. Unidentified users are redirected to #ubuntu-unregged when they try to join here if +r is set (which it is). Your client apparently doesn't leave enough time after attempting to identify before /joining channels. You end up there.06:52
aromanprince_jammys, Ah okay, cheers.06:52
Niglopcan somebody help me mount my flash stick06:52
prince_jammysaroman: welcome.06:52
Steristtechbreak okay so what number does it show under "available to shrink"?06:52
techbreakSterist, and the last option is total size after shringk in mb:06:52
techbreakSterist, 841106:53
StrongOrderHello guys! I've seen a screenshot of the latest kde where the whole window chrome is blurred, not just title bars. How can I do that? I have 4.5.106:53
icarus-cnhorning1, kernel :06:53
nikolamrww, wl how a heck somebodz think I am unidentified, when I AM06:53
nhorning1icarus-c: you mean the version?06:53
nikolamAnd Client first identifies , then joins06:53
nikolamI see rww06:53
=== shookees is now known as ZNC_shookees
icarus-cStrongOrder, well the blur plugin ?06:54
icarus-cnhorning1, no. there should be  a line for kernel parameter06:54
Steristtechbreak okay due to the NTFS bullshxt fragmentation, you only have 8.21 gb to shrink (maximum size you can dedicate to a new partition with the current state of your hard drive)06:54
rwwnikolam: Presumably, it's not leaving enough time after identifying. I have mine wait five seconds.06:54
rwwSterist: Watch your language, please.06:54
nhorning1icarus-c: initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic06:54
icarus-cnhorning1, like   /boot/vmlinuz  root=XXXXXXXXX  quiet splash....06:54
Niglopcan somebody help me mount my flash stick06:54
Steristrww its true lol06:54
rwwSterist: I don't care.06:54
techbreakSterist, whats the next thing i need to do?06:54
StrongOrdericarus-c, enabling it only blurs the title bars. I want to blur the whole window bg06:54
Steristrww fine lol06:54
nikolamrww, I understand.. mazbe BOT should take some time before isentifying something Badly?06:54
rwwnikolam: It's not the bot's fault that freenode detects you as unidentified and forwards you.06:55
Steristtechbreak "checkdisk utility" are you familiar with it?06:55
rwwnikolam: Ask the support channel for whichever client you use how to make it wait before joining channels.06:55
techbreakSterist, ya little bit06:55
nhorning1icarus-c: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic root=UUID=30f2dbala blahg blah blah06:55
techbreakSterist, in command line its something like chkdsk right?06:55
Steristtechbreak okay, let that to a full check of your hard drive, then defragment it06:55
xbonesxanyone know how i could mimic windows 7's feature where when a windows is dragged to the edge that it halves on that side of the screen?06:56
nikolamso its freenodes fault. But other channels do not. Oh well, I am not complaining. Maybe I just go away and not connect at all.06:56
Steristtechbreak idk, i think vista requires you to reboot for it to run06:56
nikolamthanks rww for explanation06:56
nhorning1icarus-c: insmod ext2....  is that right?06:56
techbreakSterist, so shall i reboot it? what should i do next? shrink is not done06:56
Steristtechbreak i think it prompts you to reboot after clicking / commanding chkdsk06:56
Blue1techbreak: if you are shrinking a paritition, tht can take several hours.06:56
icarus-cnhorning1, yea give the whole output of that /boot/vmlinuz........line if you could06:57
icarus-cnhorning1, you could skip the UUID06:57
Steristblue1 he needs to defragment towards beginning of disk first06:57
techbreakSterist, so shall i do that?06:57
Steristtechbreak yes06:57
coolsanriya: how can i edit disk partiton in ubuntu06:57
techbreakBlue1, yeah. thats why not doing06:57
techbreakSterist, ok06:57
EvilPhoenix!gedit | coolsan, this is the partition editing system in ubuntu.06:58
ubottucoolsan, this is the partition editing system in ubuntu.: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code06:58
EvilPhoenixwrong one06:58
nhorning1icarus-c:  linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic root=UUID=<skipped> ro    quiet splash06:58
EvilPhoenix!gparted | coolsan06:58
ubottucoolsan: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php06:58
EvilPhoenixthere we go06:58
EvilPhoenixthat one06:58
FloodBot1EvilPhoenix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:58
Niglopsome1 please help me mount my flash stick06:58
Blue1techbreak: yeah you should defrag before shrinking.  and when you boot back into windows, it will forch chkdsk to run, but of course nobody ever tells you that.06:58
techbreakSterist, can you please tell me the command for the checkdisk?06:58
EvilPhoenixtechbreak:  check disk as in with windows, or the file system checker in ubuntu?06:59
coolsanubottu: i make a full part of whole harddisk06:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
Blue1techbreak: iirc chkdsk /f06:59
Steristtechbreak just go to your C drive and right click it (not in the storage tool), properties, tools, check disk06:59
techbreakEvilPhoenix, i want to do that in windows06:59
coolsanubottu: i m using gnome06:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
nhorning1icarus-c: got that?06:59
EvilPhoenixtechbreak:  just type chkdisk06:59
EvilPhoenixin a command prompt06:59
techbreakSterist, ok06:59
EvilPhoenixtechbreak:  also, ##windows for windows support06:59
techbreakEvilPhoenix, ok06:59
Steristtechbreak or that lol06:59
coolsanriya: how can i edit disk partiton in ubuntu07:00
Steristevilphoenix will that require a reboot to perform when done in cmd?07:00
EvilPhoenixSterist:  well, only if you want it to fix things, you can do a passive check07:00
EvilPhoenixSterist / techbreak: take this to ##windows if its for windows tech support please.07:00
ElCerebr0is there a channel just for social chatting?07:00
icarus-cnhorning1, that looks fine... you better find you way to  boot a live system and run fsck..07:01
Blue1coolsan: livecd and gparted07:01
techbreakSterist, ok going on07:01
Steristevilphoenix he should be doing the most thorough check before defragmenting, correct?07:01
icarus-cnhorning1, remember,  fsck -f  (force check)07:01
techbreakEvilPhoenix, please i dont wanna go there.. I wanna finish with with ubuntu installation07:01
techbreakEvilPhoenix, please a request07:01
Steristelcerebr0 #ubuntu-offtopic i think07:02
nhorning1icarus-c: ok, I'm going to try using the system downstairs to install lucid puppy on a another USB...    when do I type the fsck -f thing?07:02
EvilPhoenixElCerebr0:  either #ubuntu-offtopic or #defocus07:02
nhorning1icarus-c: in terminal?07:02
coolsanBlue1: installed ubuntu now i have only one partition 'filesystem' i want to edit it07:02
ElCerebr0I have a question about banshee not sure if anyone here uses it or can help me07:02
Splintahim upgrading to 10.10 right now07:02
Blue1coolsan: huh?07:03
Blue1Splintah: not recommended07:03
coolsanBlue1: installed ubuntu now i have only one partition 'filesystem' i want to edit it07:03
coolsani have only one partition 'filesystem' i want to edit it07:03
ElCerebr0I'm going to wait for a while before I upgrade to 10.10 if I do at all, 10.04 seems to work fine for me07:03
techbreakSterist, it says windows cant check the disk whie its in use07:03
techbreakSterist, what to do?07:03
Blue1coolsan: I am not understanding what your are saying what do you mean by "one filesystem"  -- what is it you want to edit?07:03
Steristtechbreak reboot07:03
nhorning1icarus-c: ok going....07:04
Steristtechbreak it will run the check before loading windows, don't cancel it07:04
coolsani have only one partition ' reserved filesystem' i want to edit it07:04
LinXzBlue1: Possibly he is talking about the sda partition07:04
Steristanyone know if GParted is save to use on a vista partition?07:04
techbreakSterist, ok withouth clicking "schedule disk check" or "cancel" i rebooted07:05
smitschI'm new to Ubuntu 10.04.1  It's running well on my HP Notebook.  How can I use the Web Cam built into the Notebook?07:05
Blue1LinXz: could be - but he hasn't said what he wants to edit....07:05
Kartagiswhat codec does mencoder require for libmp3lame?07:05
techbreakSterist, but it didnt chceck anything07:05
LinXzBlue1: I don't know how to do this, but I understand his question :)07:05
Blue1LinXz: go for it....07:06
coolsani want make three partition of my sda disk07:06
Steristjust curious, what does "sda" stand for? :P07:06
lebeaucoolsan, in ubuntu?07:06
LinXzBlue1: He wants to change the sda1 (shrink it) and add sda2 (or any number that is awailable) to make a new partition (possibly for /home or something like that)07:06
Blue1coolsan: please prepend remarks with the name of the person you are addressing, it helps us a lot.  you can "resize: a partition if you only have one partition, but that can take hours.07:07
Blue1Sterist: special device a (the first hard drive)07:07
Niglopmy computer isnt detecting my flash stick??? somebody help please07:07
coolsanBlue1: i installed ubuntu in entire hard disk07:07
glebihanis there a way to prevent gnome-panel to respawn when killing it ?07:07
icarus-cNiglop, your computer or ubuntu specifically07:08
Blue1Niglop: how is the stick formated?07:08
Blue1coolsan: yes you can shrink that with gparted, but it's a very time consuming process.07:08
Niglopicarus-c»  im not sure, its just not showing up in disk-utility because i was trying to mount it, Blue1 not sure07:08
coolsanhow can i plz  give me a quick over view07:08
Blue1Niglop: is it for windows?07:08
HowDoIWhy does seahorse allow you to export your private key without asking for a password/phrase?07:09
coolsanBlue1: HowDoI can i plz  give me a quick over view07:09
macoHowDoI: because all its doing is copying the file from ~/.ssh or ~/.gnupg07:09
NiglopBlue1»  no it was working before but our house had a power shortage and now its not mounted on my comp so im trying to fix it07:09
Blue1coolsan: boot off of live cd, run gparted, and when it comes up, there should be an option to resize, or change the size --07:09
macoHowDoI: it still cant be USED without a password07:09
Blue1Niglop: it would help us a lot, if you could tell us how you formatted it.  Windows?  Linux?07:10
coolsanBlue1: thanx07:10
NiglopBlue1»  linux07:10
HowDoImaco, but the password is the weakest part.  Anyone who uses my computer could export both private and public keys and then just guess the password, defeating the whole purpose of the encryption07:10
LinXzHowDol: Then you password is too weak07:11
icarus-cglebihan, you need to remove panel from required_component07:11
macoHowDoI: if they're logged in as you they can copy ~/.ssh and ~/.gnupg with or without seahorse07:11
icarus-cglebihan, and start gnome-panel as  startup application instead07:11
macoHowDoI: the solution is to not let them login as you07:11
cuddlefish_XOHowDoI: And strong password07:11
NiglopBlue1»  ext3 or ext4 i think07:11
Blue1Niglop: usually sudo e2fsck /dev/<DeviceNameGoesHere>07:11
HowDoImaco, I was under the impression that all private keys were stored on my machine in encrypted form07:11
rwwIf the password is the weakest part, you're doing passwords wrong.07:11
glebihanicarus-c: where can I find this required_component parameter ?07:11
icarus-cglebihan, gconf-editor07:12
coolsanBlue1: can i do it by 'disk utility' (system->administration->diskutility)07:12
glebihanicarus-c: ok thanks07:12
rwwthere's a reason GNUPG says "passphrase".07:12
cuddlefish_XOrww: No, ssh just does encryption right07:12
icarus-cglebihan, somewhere in /desktop/gnome/session  i suppose07:12
macoHowDoI: encrypted with what key?07:12
Blue1coolsan: no, the drive MUST be unmounted, which is why I said:  livecd07:12
glebihanicarus-c: yes, /desktop/gnome/session/required_components07:12
icarus-ccuddlefish_XO, uhh  ssh is for secured shell.07:13
icarus-cand a little more than that07:13
macoHowDoI: gpg --export-secret-keys doesnt ask for a password either07:13
HowDoImaco, I don't know what key.  I thought that the private key was semi-safe because it was inaccessible without a password.  After giving the password, the private key would be decrypted so it could be used in conjunction with the public key to decrypt whatever it was07:13
cuddlefish_XOicarus-c: ssh does encryption verry, verry well07:13
Blue1cuddlefish_XO: and "X" can ride for free07:14
cuddlefish_XOBlue1: yep07:14
icarus-ccuddlefish_XO, and it is not just about encryption though07:14
Xaseholy crap in a pita07:14
NiglopBlue1»  but its not showing up on the pc so i dont know what /dev/ it is07:14
HowDoImaco, are you saying that encryption is totally useless if someone has access to my hard disk?07:14
cuddlefish_XOXase: That's just horrible07:14
Xase... arm-eabi-gcc not found.07:14
XaseWell i can't compile07:14
icarus-ccuddlefish_XO, and as far as i know, it is openssl doing the encryption, not ssh itself07:14
macoHowDoI: the fact that ~/.gnupg is chmod 700 is what protects it. other users on the system cant see it, but you can07:14
XaseHow do I get arm-eabi-gcc for Ubuntu?07:14
macoHowDoI: but yes, if they have access to the hard disk as root.... they can get your key07:15
cuddlefish_XOicarus-c: It's quite late here07:15
macoHowDoI: well as root or as you07:15
Blue1niglop: what version of ubuntu are you using?07:15
macoHowDoI: if they're logged in as a separate user and no sudo access, they cant get it07:15
NiglopBlue1»  the latest07:15
SmitschI'm new to Ubuntu 10.04.1  It's running well on my HP Notebook which has a Web Cam.  How do I get my built-in Web Cam to work with Ubuntu?07:15
NiglopBlue1»  how do i check what /dev/ it is07:15
Xasearm-eabi-gcc ?07:15
HowDoImaco, then what do you recommend I do with the files I don't want people to see, even if they have access to my logged-in desktop?07:15
macoHowDoI: you may want to consider encrypting your home directory and not allowing people to use your user account (ubuntu has guest sessions)07:15
Blue1Niglop: don't use a question mark after my name, hit tab for completions --07:15
XaseHowDoI, you can prefix them with a . to make  them hidden07:16
macoHowDoI: get a new workflow. dont give them access to your logged-in desktop07:16
ElCerebr0Smitsch your web cam should work out of the box, what program are you trying to use it with?07:16
cuddlefish_XONiglop: try "ls /dev/sd*"07:16
Niglopok Blue1, how can i fix it?07:16
macoXase: which isnt going to stop anyone who knows how to use the system well enough to even know about seahorse or the gpg command07:16
icarus-cglebihan, yea remove  panel from /desktop/gnome/session/required_components_list07:16
XaseNo it isn't.07:16
Blue1Niglop: how many hard drives do you have in your system.  and please use tab completion. thanks07:16
NiglopBlue1 /dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda507:17
XaseWhy not just create an encrypted folder or something.07:17
glebihanicarus-c: yes did that, thanks07:17
Blue1Niglop: siggh private message ok?07:17
macoXase: the issue is encrypting the encryption keys ;-)07:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:17
macoXase: the answer is full-disk or ~ encryption ;-)07:17
st__when gnome opens smb://something, does it mount it somewhere?07:17
icarus-cst__, gvfs07:18
XaseI need arm-eabi-gcc or an arm crosscompiling toolchain...07:18
XaseWhich is oddly alien to me.07:18
timh____can one localize specific desktop icons to specific workspaces, so they appear there and nowhere else?07:18
st__gvfs what?07:19
XaseYeah timh____07:19
SmitschElCerebr0, I'm using Ubuntu 10.03.1 installed within Windows Vista Home Premium 64.  I was given a website where I downloaded and installed drivers for the DVD drive.  The only software I installed related to a Web Cam is VLC which plays my DVD's just fine.  There is no software that I can see that uses the Web Cam.07:19
HowDoImaco, so the private key is only as safe as the machine you are using to decrypt things on?07:19
macoHowDoI: yes07:19
XaseStore the Desktop shortcut in your home folder rather than in the filesystem root.07:19
st__timh____, there are no separate desktops, so cannot be different icons07:19
macoHowDoI: really, make use of guest sessions and screenlocking and encrypted filesystems07:19
Xaseor do you mean the virtual desktops?07:20
HowDoImaco, can I instruct seahorse/gnupgp or whatever to prompt me for a private key any time I want to decrypt something?07:20
icarus-cst__, gnome virtual file system07:20
macoHowDoI: to turn off caching? im sure that's possible... if there's no seahorse-agent or gnupg-agent, there'll be no caching07:20
Evo11morning ladies and gents07:20
st__how to open gvfs url in application which doesn't support it?07:20
macoHowDoI: er oh wait thats for the password07:20
icarus-cst__, iirc it mounts stuff to  ~/.gvfs07:20
coolsanSmitsch: you should install 'CHEESE'07:21
st__icarus-c, it's empty07:21
Evo11can some help me fix a sharing problem on a ubuntu server?07:21
macoHowDoI: you could get an Iron Key and store your ~/.gnupg on there then mount it at ~/.gnupg when you want to use the key. Iron Keys are encrypted thumbdrives that destroy the data if you fail the password 3x in a row07:21
icarus-cst__, have you mounted something (like a network share) with nautilus yet?07:21
SmitschOK,  I think I found it on the Internet.07:21
XaseCan someone direct me somewhere that can help me set up a arm toolchain?07:21
st__icarus-c, yes, it's open07:22
macoXase: #ubuntu-arm is probably where the arm devs live07:22
Smitschcoolsan, I think I found CHEESE07:22
XaseYeah but I am developing Android on 'Ubuntu' x86 =(07:22
HowDoImaco, thanks, but I don't know my passwords07:22
timh____st__:thx.  It'd be a nice feature.  I wonder if there is a notification when one changes workspaces so I could copy in a Desktop through some script or something.07:22
ElCerebr0Smitsch Cheese should turn on your webcam and allow you to take pictures07:22
macoHowDoI: er... how do you use encryption without knowing your password?07:23
xbonesxanyone know how i could mimic windows 7's feature where when a windows is dragged to the edge that it halves on that side of the screen?07:23
rwwinstall KDE07:23
macoxbonesx: use kwin?07:23
st__timh____, you need >1 monitor to really have several desktops07:23
ElCerebr0I've never tried skype so i don't know how it works07:23
xbonesxmaco: whats that, where can i get it?07:23
macoxbonesx: kwin is kde's window manager. sudo apt-get install kwin07:23
icarus-cxbonesx, use compiz07:23
SmitschElCerebr0 I found Cheese 2.31.1  I'll give it a try.07:23
icarus-cxbonesx, compiz 's grid plugin07:23
HowDoImaco, my passwords are geometric.  I memorize the pattern of keypresses, not the actual characters.  It is very difficult for me to write them down without looking at a keyboard.07:24
macoxbonesx: then you can set "kwin --replace" in your system -> preferences -> session -> autostart07:24
xbonesxicarus-c: im aware of that, what do i need to change in it07:24
glebihanicarus-c: the panel still respawns after removing it from required components07:24
st__how to open gvfs url in application which doesn't support it?07:24
icarus-cxbonesx, but it uses keyboard shortcut by default07:24
macoHowDoI: ah ok. muscle memory. do you frequently mis-type them repeatedly?07:24
icarus-cglebihan, have you log out/in yet?07:24
glebihanicarus-c: yep07:24
st__also, is there a command to open file?07:25
icarus-cglebihan, well i haven't tested it so.. :P07:25
icarus-cxbonesx, are you using compiz ?07:25
macost__: gnome-open filename07:25
HowDoImaco, I frequently mistype them on a different keyboard, yes07:25
timh____st__: I suppose that's it.  I'm not to keen on dragging an extra monitor into this restaurant with wifi07:25
ElCerebr0Does anyone know how to add Internet Radio stations to Banshee?07:25
glebihanicarus-c: thanks for the suggestion, think I'm going to get rid of gnome-session anyway07:25
coolsani didn't use banshee07:26
Name141are there any sega gen emulators in the repos than dgen ?07:26
timh____xbonesx: fvwm2 has that capability.07:26
icarus-cxbonesx, using mouse and drag window to edge to snap isn't a good idea for multiple workspace desktop,  since typically you drag a window to the edge to move to another workspace07:26
xbonesxicarus-c: yes sir and im aware of that part (grid)07:26
Name141or, how do I even run dgen ?07:27
icarus-cxbonesx, but yes, you could set to do it with mouse too07:27
icarus-cbut i found keyboard is more convenient07:27
xbonesxicarus-c: mine isnt set to switch workplaces when dragged to the edge07:27
xbonesxicarus-c: so i could set it up to snap like windows 7 in a single workspace07:28
st__why cannot I drag files to terminal?07:28
ActionParsnipst__: is it a feature normally?07:28
st__ActionParsnip, it should07:28
icarus-cxbonesx, yes. but i lost the howto to set that and i can't remember how07:28
ElCerebr0st what kind of files are you trying to drag to the terminal and why?07:29
icarus-cst__, when you drag a file from nautilus to gnome-terminal, it should give you the path07:29
HowDoImaco, another question:  When seahorse exports the private key, for instance, is this key encrypted using the passphrase or not?07:29
ActionParsnipst__: that's a different matter. If its not a normal feature I suggest you post it on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com07:29
st__also it doesn't paste it to terminal :sad:07:29
xbonesxicarus-c: ill mess around with it, thanks for the info07:29
willvarfarok, why is software update suggesting I install the latest linux kernel, and then listing it as UNAUTHENTICATED ?07:29
macoHowDoI: the passphrase will still be necessary in order to use it, yeah07:29
st__i;m using uxterm, it doesn;t support this?07:30
ActionParsnipwillvarfar: sounds like you added a ppa but not the key07:30
macoHowDoI: export is just so you can have the same private key on more than one computer07:30
ActionParsnipst__: not sure07:30
ElCerebr0st i just tried it and it works, never new about that07:30
nhorning1ok, I'm back07:30
icarus-cxbonesx, i got this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvlTlyEasD807:30
icarus-cxbonesx, it is not the howto i read before but.07:30
xbonesxicarus-c: ill check it ou07:31
ActionParsnipwillvarfar: if you run: sudo apt-get update ,do you get errors about pubkeys?07:31
macoElCerebr0: using uxterm or the default gnome-terminal?07:31
nhorning1icarus-c: I'm back and have puppy linux up and running07:31
ActionParsnipnhorning1: puppy is awesome07:31
icarus-cnhorning1, good.    locate your partitions with  fdisk -l  (or  blkid)  then fsck -f  them07:31
HowDoImaco, so let's see if I have this straight.  The public key is just a key that everybody has.  The private key itself is encrypted with the passphrase.  To decrypt things that were encrypted with the public key, an attacker would have to first get my encrypted private key basically by physically accessing my computer, and ALSO get my passphrase to decrypt the private key?07:31
willvarfarActionParsnip, no; I haven't changed sources or anything; I'm more here because I'm worried07:31
nhorning1icarus-c: I've tried fsck sda6 -f and it says the supperblock is corrupt07:31
macoHowDoI: yup07:32
HowDoImaco, so the whole security is the passphrase basically.  Hiding my private key just makes it a little tougher07:32
st__also I cannot drag file into execute box ((07:32
ActionParsnipwillvarfar: then i'd check software sources and /etc/apt/sources.list to see what's going on. I don't advise you upgrade just yet07:32
willvarfarI am also irritated that the update wizard first warns me things are NOT AUTHENTICATED in capitals when I got to install, but if I click a second time, it doesn't list whats to be installed or anything, it just goes ahead; so if you've tried to uncheck the unauthenticated things, you don't know if you managed to remember them all07:32
ActionParsnipst__: what's an execute box?07:33
willvarfarhow can unauthenticated things slip into the update stream07:33
icarus-cnhorning1, "dumpe2fs   /dev/sda6 |grep superblock"07:33
nhorning1icarus-c: but it's talking about an ext2 file system. I'm pretty sure its an ext4 file system07:33
icarus-cnhorning1, oh wait07:33
willvarfarbut, importantly, nobody else is being told that the latest kernel pushed out is not authenticated?07:33
icarus-cnhorning1, what kernel does puppy run07:33
st__box for alt+f207:33
macoHowDoI: yes, passphrases are very very important07:34
nhorning1icarus-c: I don't know, but I think it's a current one07:34
ActionParsnipwillvarfar: if you run stuff unecessarily as root or worse, log in as root it can happen more easily07:34
icarus-cnhorning1, uname -a07:34
ActionParsnipst__: why would you dragstuff there if you have the item already?07:34
icarus-cnhorning1, um  or just "lsmod|grep ext4"07:34
st__ActionParsnip, I need it's full name07:34
ActionParsnipst__: all good suggestions for brainstorm though :)07:35
willvarfarActionParsnip, what can happen more easily?07:35
rwwActionParsnip: That's not what it means by "not authenticated"07:35
HowDoIThanks maco07:35
rwwwillvarfar: Did you interrupt a check for updates? That sometimes causes it to say that.07:35
rwwwillvarfar: assuming that you haven't been adding new software sources, I'd guess that's the issue.07:36
st__willvarfar, update manager is not supposed to handle such situations. it's expected that you open package manager instead07:36
nhorning1icarus-c: lsmod|grep ext4 resulted in nothing I could see07:36
rww(and the solution is to tell it to check again)07:36
willvarfarnot knowingly, but I do download in background so..07:36
ActionParsniprww: sounds like a key thing to me, that's the noise apt-get makes when you don't add keys etc07:36
icarus-cnhorning1, ok now try "modprobe  ext4"07:36
rwwActionParsnip: which has nothing to do with root07:36
willvarfardoing reload in package manager and the warning goes away07:36
willvarfarbut it leaves a very unpleasant taste in the mouth07:36
rwwwillvarfar: there you go, then. It is a rather unintuitive message :\07:37
nhorning1icarus-c: FATAL: Moduel ext4 not found07:37
ActionParsniprww: if you run the OS as root and some malicious code gets ran then it can modify the sources files quite easily07:37
willvarfarupdate manager *should* mange this; the user should never be told things are NOT AUTHENTICATED07:37
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=== SoulShadow|Lappy is now known as SoulShadow
rwwwillvarfar: yeah, it's not my favorite piece of software :(07:37
icarus-cnhorning1,  "zgrep EXT4  /proc/config.gz"07:37
st__how to open gvfs url in application which doesn't support it?07:37
icarus-cst__, gvfs url?07:37
rwwActionParsnip: and it can also add keys to apt's key list.07:37
st__icarus-c, ftp://, smb:// etc07:38
rwwActionParsnip: regardless, the actual support problem has nothing to do with running as root.07:38
ActionParsniprww: maybe this script only adds to sources. Its possible07:38
Evo11can anyone tell me what will cause a windows machine to stop seeing my ubuntu server?07:38
icarus-cst__, if those glib based applications  have support for gvfs, they will just open07:38
nhorning1icarus-c: gzip: /prog/config.gz: No such file or directory07:38
ActionParsniprww: yeah I got that. Ill let you deal07:38
SmitschI installed Cheese and now my Web Cam works find.  Thanks for the tip.07:38
st__they does not07:38
ActionParsnipEvo11: can the windows system ping the server by ip and/or name?07:38
icarus-cnhorning1, check PM07:39
ActionParsnipst__: there may be folders in $HOME/.gvfs07:39
Evo11yes I can ping the server from my windows machine07:39
st__ActionParsnip, there is a folder, but it's empty07:39
icarus-cst__, do those application support those protocol itself ?07:39
ActionParsnipEvo11: then it can see it07:39
Evo11but the shared files l have on it l can't seem to access it07:39
ActionParsnipEvo11: ah, that's different07:40
st__no, they support filesystem paths only07:40
icarus-cst__,   when you mounted something with gvfs (like mounting  sftp, ftp, samba share, iso with nautilus)  they will be in  ~/.gvfs07:40
Evo11I tried connecting to the server using tightVNC Server07:40
Kartagisgood morning. what codec does mencoder require for libmp3lame?07:40
ActionParsnipEvo11: look into samba and the smb.conf file if the sever is without desktop07:40
Evo11I don't have samba installed07:40
ActionParsnipEvo11: how are you sharing the folders?07:41
Evo11The way l have it now was working up until yesterday07:41
st__i have the folder open, but .gvfs is empty07:41
Evo11just sharing07:41
st__Evo11, it doesn't make sense07:41
ActionParsnipEvo11: did you share via nautilus per chance?07:41
ActionParsnipEvo11: "just sharing" doesn't exist07:42
Evo11I'm using the built in sharing options07:42
ActionParsnipEvo11: you can share folders using samba, ssh, ftp etc07:42
ActionParsnipEvo11: the built in sharing options you set with the file manager (nautilus) are samba shares07:43
st__can someone open synaptic and say if it has big ass Search button on thee right of toolbar?07:43
compactwhats the best way to install java jdk07:43
compactive tried apt-get install sun-java5-jdk07:43
ActionParsnip!java | compact07:43
ubottucompact: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.07:43
Evo11okay didn't know that as l didn't install samba07:43
ActionParsnipEvo11: it abstracts it for you07:43
Evo11what would have caused it to just stop working?07:44
Kartagiswhat codec does mencoder require for libmp3lame?07:44
st__Evo11, what happens when you type \\SERVERIP\ in Run box?07:44
xbonesxanyone know of a program that would let you use the joystick on a wired xbox 360 controller to control the cursor and the buttons on a mouse???07:44
ActionParsnipEvo11: which is annoying as users arekept in the dark which makes support a little harder07:44
st__Evo11, (on windows machine)07:44
navetzhi I have an hp envy and want the ati drivers for my video card on linux, where can I find them?07:44
ActionParsnipEvo11: if you run: smbtree ,on the server. Do you see its shares?07:44
Evo11network path not found07:45
ActionParsnip!ati | navetz07:45
ubottunavetz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:45
st__navetz, does plain catalyst work?07:45
Evo11do l type that in the terminal window?07:45
utkarshtdown with COICA07:45
coolsannavetz: you should run a command in terminal 'jockey-gtk'07:45
ActionParsnipEvo11: yes07:45
navetzst__: I don't really know what plain catalyst is07:45
navetzcoolsan: okay I will07:45
st__navetz, the driver you're getting from amd.com07:46
navetzst__: I don't have any drivers installed yet07:46
ActionParsnipEvo11: if you run: sudo apt-get install samba ,does it say its already installed?07:46
pksadiqsorry, I misunderstood07:46
LoshkiKartagis: try mencoder -oac mp3lame07:46
st__navetz, usually it should work automatically via 'radeon', shitty opensource driver07:46
Evo11the first command gives me nothing will try the 2nd one now07:47
coolsannavetz: tou should install restricted driver07:47
Pramodmorning every one07:47
navetzcoolsan: st__: is it similar to this jockey ati driver activation tool? I am activating some restricted drivers right now07:47
ActionParsnipHi pramod07:48
KartagisLoshki it gives me No file given07:48
st__navetz, yes, activate it if you can?07:48
takyanyone formatted a recent macbook pro with ubuntu lately?07:48
navetzst__: alright its doing so now :) hopefully this will cool down my computer a bit too07:48
ActionParsnip!anyone | taky07:48
ubottutaky: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:48
st__how to open gvfs url in application which doesn't support it?07:48
Evo11Reading package lists... Done07:48
Evo11Building dependency tree07:48
Evo11Reading state information... Done07:48
Evo11samba is already the newest version.07:48
Evo11The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:07:48
FloodBot1Evo11: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:48
Evo11  linux-headers-2.6.32-24-generic linux-headers-2.6.32-24-server07:48
st__can someone open synaptic and say if it has big ass Search button on thee right of toolbar?07:49
Kartagis!pastebin > Evo1107:49
ubottuEvo11, please see my private message07:49
takyi am trying to format my current macbook pro with ubuntu, since i cannot stand osx's half-assed imitation of linux, anyone else done this recently to success?07:49
ActionParsnipEvo11: why did you install the server OS to then put a gui on it like a desktop OS?07:49
st__taky, excuse me?07:49
xbonesxanyone know of a program that would let you use the joystick on a wired xbox 360 controller to control the cursor and the buttons on a mouse???07:49
ActionParsnipEvo11: if you wanted a desktop system then you should install a desktop system07:50
Pramodi installed ubuntu sucessfully. and it worked fine. But when i inserted the firewire PCI card raw1394, my ubuntu fails to start in graphics mode.. What could be done ?07:50
st__ActionParsnip, it doesn't matter07:50
navetzneed to restart :)07:50
greppyPramod: is your firewire pci card supported by linux?07:50
Kartagisst__ http://people.sabanciuniv.edu/mtozses/synaptic.png07:51
navetzthe only time i think i've ever had to restart is for a kernel upgrade07:51
ActionParsnipst__: just curious of the mindset, its completely baffling07:51
Pramodgreppy yes07:51
st__Kartagis, thanks!07:51
izardstreethey guys - i changed my computer and host name on my ubuntu 10.04 but my old hostname jeffrey is still being displayed as my username here07:51
takyst__, you heard me, osx is horrible07:52
Kartagisst__ np. now in return, answer this. do you know what codec mencoder requires for libmp3lame?07:52
Kartagistaky send your macbook pro to me then07:52
greppytaky: I have ubuntu running on my 4gen white macbook.07:52
ActionParsnipxbonesx: seems the xpad module drives it07:52
takygreppy, bah, this is a new macbook pro, like the one without buttons07:52
xbonesxHow can i completely wipe a usb drive of all partitions (including hidden ones)07:52
greppytaky: ah07:53
xbonesxActionParsnip: huh?07:53
takyKartagis, no, because i like the device itself, just needs adequate softwware07:53
Pramodgreppy is there any way to check it ?07:53
ActionParsnipxbonesx: if you modprobe xpad it will work07:53
Evo11cos lm still very new to ubuntu server and am getting use to in the gui way then wanna go to terminal only07:53
dastanhow to install BT aplication on my lucid ?07:54
ActionParsnipxbonesx: you'll need an xbox to usb adapter07:54
st__taky, you're sounding like an inept troll actually07:54
ActionParsnipEvo11: then installing the desktop OS would have been smarter07:54
greppyPramod: I'd have to hit google with the model info and see what I could find.07:54
xbonesxActionParsnip: i have a wired controller, will that do?07:54
takyst__, i am stating truth, osx is a very sad os07:54
Pramodgreppy then i move to low graphic mode after which it works fine..07:54
ActionParsniptaky: not only is the OS lame but the hardware is twice the price07:55
takyActionParsnip, agreeee07:55
greppytaky: have you taken a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro07:55
* xbonesx agrees too07:55
ActionParsnipxbonesx: sure, grab an xbox to usb converter if it already isn't usb and you should be ok07:56
eliminyroasus rules with his EEE PC :D07:56
xbonesxActionParsnip: so "sudo modprobe xpad" ???07:56
Niglopcan somebody urgently help, my flash stick is showing up in lsusb but not blkid07:56
ActionParsnipeliminyro: check the 1205 :)07:56
rwwNiglop: what about sudo blkid?07:56
Nigloprww»  still not showing07:57
eliminyrono, i am seriuos. ) there's a lot of units that can be useful )07:57
ActionParsnipxbonesx: yeah should do it. You can add it in /etc/modules if it flys07:57
greppytaky: OS choice, like most things in life, is a matter of opinion.  Some people like apple, some like microsoft, some like openbsd, freebsd, linux, solaris, etc etc.  to each, their choice is the better and others are poor :)07:57
Nigloprww»  not showing07:57
takygreppy, i don't understand why anyone (a poweruser anyway) would use anything but linux07:58
ActionParsnipxbonesx: you may need jscalibrator to make it nice07:58
st__taky, because people needs their machines to work, not to tinker or browsing07:58
ActionParsniptaky: depends on requirement. Linux isn't always the answer07:58
greppytaky: I know many "powerusers" who swear by freebsd over linux, others that swear by osx over all others, it depends on your goals and expectations.07:58
ElCerebr0if i type sudo su in terminal it makes me root, how do i switch back to regular user w/o closing the terminal window?07:58
deSzadouCan anybody help me in find SQL (phpmyadmiN) on http://www.botm.gov.pl/  ? ; )07:59
greppytype in exit07:59
st__for example this Ubuntu OS cannot open a simple text file ffs07:59
Pramodgreppy yep i did google and it seems that Linux debian support my card..07:59
ActionParsnipElCerebr0: su foo ,change foo for your username. I suggest you use: sudo -i instead07:59
xbonesxActionParsnip: is there a config file for xpad?07:59
greppyPramod: ok, you may need to configure it in your xorg.conf07:59
Blue1ActionParsnip: was trying to help niglop recover a flash drive.  It shows up on lsusb, but nothing on blkid, can you help him?  couldn't run e2fsck since it got no further.  thanks.07:59
ActionParsnipxbonesx: it should obey whatever config there is for jscalibrator08:00
ActionParsnipBlue1: anything in sudo fdisk -l ?08:00
Pramodgreppy you mean "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" ?08:00
Blue1ActionParsnip: no didn't try that.08:01
NiglopActionParsnip»  no sdb08:01
greppyPramod: possibly, it depends on what you need to do to get the card configured.08:01
xbonesxActionParsnip: wheres jscal......08:01
st__FFS, gvfs-open: smb://XXX/xxx............/xxx.txt: error opening URI: no registerd application for processinf this file08:01
Pramodgreppy am new to linux pls be more candid08:01
st__no registered application for TXT file?!08:02
ActionParsnipxbonesx: you'll need to install it. Try running it in terminal, you'll be shown some suggested packages08:02
rewatihi i want to remove netbook remix and keep ubuntu normal environment how to do that??08:03
ActionParsnipst__: what command generates that?08:03
xbonesxcouldnt find it in synaptic, means it wont show if i run "sudo apt-get install" either right?08:03
xbonesxActionParsnip: couldnt find it in synaptic, means it wont show if i run "sudo apt-get install" either right?08:03
st__ActionParsnip, gfvs-open <url as hown in file manager>08:03
ActionParsnipst__: if you mount the share you can access the data like a local resource and have no issues08:03
st__ActionParsnip, how do I?08:04
greppyPramod: hrm, well, what kind of firewire card is it?  make and model?08:04
Loshkist__: well, no registered applications at all, really. Just recommendations for apps that are particularly useful for text files...08:04
st__but when I click local text files they do open...08:04
ActionParsnipst__: look into smbmount or you can add an entry in /etc/fstab to mount at boot08:04
st__ActionParsnip, I cannot, cifs doen't work for me08:04
Blue1ActionParsnip: nope sudo fdisk -l didn't work either.  :-( -- time for me to wind down that day, but if you could help niglop much appreciated.  thanks.08:05
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ActionParsnip!away | Blue1Away08:06
ubottuBlue1Away: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»08:06
Pramodgreppy "FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB43AB22/A IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller" Zebronics is the manufacturer..08:06
ActionParsnipst__: you can use smbfs if you like08:06
Loshkist__: well, that's just the desktop helping you out. And you have dozens of choices of desktop, all of them offering more or less the same facilities but differing on the details...08:06
st__ActionParsnip, smbfs is alias for cifs08:06
ElCerebr0Does anyone know how to add internet radio stations to Banshee?08:07
Esathow to know IP number of one Internet site?08:07
xbonesxActionParsnip: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/jscalibrator08:07
Kartagisany help for me?08:07
xbonesxActionParsnip: i found this, it shows its for drapper tho???08:07
rewatihi i want to remove netbook remix and keep ubuntu normal environment how to do that??08:07
st__Loshki, so I have to install 200 MB desktop to be able a text file?08:07
=== Blue1Away is now known as Blue1
LoshkiKartagis: weren't you asking about mencoder. Did you see my answer?08:08
ActionParsnipxbonesx: there will be a joystick app some place08:08
Esathow to know IP number of one Internet site?08:08
KartagisLoshki it gives me No file given08:08
xbonesxActionParsnip: ok lol i found one08:08
ActionParsnipst__: its slightly different, its not an alias08:08
KartagisEsat host website08:08
NiglopActionParsnip»  any ideas man?08:08
EsatKardeş kartagis: bizim wikinin IP'si nedir=?08:09
coolsanEsat: go to www.who.is08:09
KartagisEsat I don't know, speak English08:09
LoshkiKartagis: you have to supply an input file (and probably an output file too). mencoder takes *lots* of options. What exactly are you trying to do. Maybe there's an easier way?08:09
st__ActionParsnip, it's same damned thing, try mount -v -t smbfs and it will call mount.cifs08:09
EsatKartagis, : ok08:09
ActionParsnipst__: its a permission thing08:10
Esatcoolsan, : ok thnaks08:10
Evo11should l not try installing samba via Ubuntu software center?08:10
KartagisLoshki at my work laptop, I get no errors. at home, I get Audio LAVC. Couldn't find codec for libmp3lame08:10
Loshkist__: yeah, if you want one of those all-singing/all-dancing desktop gui environments. It's possible to dispense with lots of that, unless you are a beginner...08:10
ActionParsnipst__: http://lists.samba.org/archive/linux-cifs-client/2006-November/001587.html08:11
Zeu5hi there, i dl a .xpi file that is a firefox extension. however when i open it, it is opened like a zip file. howdo i install it?08:11
ActionParsnipst__: its not the same, at a fundamrental level, yes. If you look at what's happening. Its noy08:12
billyhi folks - wine has corrupted my system - gnome apps that once opened a file save dialogue now open the file save_as version - how do I fix it?08:12
der-eremitZeu5 drag-and-drop it into the the extensions window of firefox08:12
smalltown_boy345hi room.. great to see all you folks in there.. im looking for some urgent help..08:12
ActionParsnipZeu5: right click it and select open with, then select firefox08:12
smalltown_boy345i have some problems in my USB flash drive and i want to try formatting it in Ubuntu LIVE CD.............. would it be possible to format a flash drive through a Live CD?08:13
Evo11ActionParsnip should l not try installing samba via Ubuntu software center?08:13
greppyPramod: Is that the firewire controller?  what are you trying to plug into it?08:13
Zeu5tks ActionParsnip08:13
ActionParsnipEvo11: great place to find it. I have no idea how you were sharing before if its not installed08:13
smalltown_boy345 would it be possible to format a flash drive through a Live CD?08:14
LoshkiKartagis: oh. the codecs are optional due to licensing issues, sounds like you don't have them installed on the home version. When you get home, you can install them. What release are you running at home?08:14
ActionParsnipsmalltown_boy345: sure. The livecd has gparted as well as usb-creator which will allow you to install to the usb08:14
smalltown_boy345i do not want to install anything on the USB08:14
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smalltown_boy345my usb aint working properly and aint opening up in windows xp08:14
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:14
ActionParsnipsmalltown_boy345: ok if you just want to format / partition it then the livecd can do it08:14
KartagisLoshki 10.0408:15
Evo11in the gui I went to my home drive and then right clicked on the folder l wanted to share then went to properties and then to sharing08:15
smalltown_boy345so i am downloading live CD of ubuntu and i just wanted to ask if i can format the partition08:15
smalltown_boy345yes! okay08:15
smalltown_boy345thank you so much actionparsnip08:15
ActionParsnipsmalltown_boy345: not good. Does XP make the noise when you shove in the device?08:15
st__ActionParsnip, bull shit. type smbmount and it tell: Usage: *mount.cifs* <remotetarget>...08:15
rwwst__: Watch your language.08:15
smalltown_boy345yes.. it does makes the noise...08:15
ActionParsnipst__: keep it rated PG in here dude08:15
LoshkiKartagis: I think you need the w32codecs mentioned here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu08:15
st__only after some people will start watching their answers08:16
rwwjinxzs: now ask in here08:16
smalltown_boy345but it does not opens the files inside.. it is a MP3 player device.. it has songs inside it..08:16
Kartagis!language | st__08:16
ubottust__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:16
jinxzsthanks im new in ubuntu but i use xubuntu08:16
ActionParsnipst__: I've shown you the difference. If you don't like it that's your issue08:16
jinxzshow do i make xubuntu-window share files.08:16
KartagisLoshki I don't have them at work, and it works08:16
ActionParsnipjinxzs: I've always used /etc/samba/smb.conf personally08:17
NiglopActionParsnip»  please help08:17
Evo11 ActionParsnip» in the gui I went to my home drive and then right clicked on the folder l wanted to share then went to properties and then to sharing08:17
Evo11or is it better to use samba?08:17
ActionParsnipsmalltown_boy345: you could try as the VERY last resort (like just before you bin it) to put a strong magnet on it to perhaps reset it08:17
jinxzsis it easy? where i can read about that. im not been a week since i try this08:17
st__in the link you posted the guy was explained it's his fault and not the difference08:18
ActionParsnipEvo11: the gui you refer to uses samba dude08:18
LoshkiKartagis: so, the exact same command line is ok at work but fails at home?08:18
navetzhey guys, after installing the restricted drivers i couldn't boot08:18
navetzhad to delete my xorg to fix things08:18
st__and I'm not care about permissiions since both smbfs and cifs fail to open volume08:18
blakkheimActionParsnip lol08:18
navetzi also don't have composition enabled anymore08:18
KartagisLoshki yes08:18
smalltown_boy345ok action.. i will try thank you08:19
ActionParsnipblakkheim: it can work but I only advise it as a last ditch08:19
st__why I'm having that problem at all? in windows any app can open files in network since 199108:19
ActionParsnipst__: windows is a different OS with different support08:20
Evo11But this share is different than then I had samba installed via the ubuntu software center08:20
navetzhow can I get these catalyst ati drivers again?08:20
navetzi don't have the link you sent me before because I had to reboot08:20
ActionParsnipst__: linux has had iso mounting in the kernel for ages yet windows still needs 3rd party apps to do it08:20
LoshkiKartagis: I dunno why it's ok at work, but I don't see how it can function without the codecs. How do you know they're not installed at work...?08:20
navetznvm found it08:20
ActionParsnipst__: same difference08:20
KartagisLoshki because I get errors08:21
mincusHello all, I was wondering if anyone happened to know how to get a Ricoh multi card reader working on 10.04.08:21
ActionParsnipmincus: if you run: lsusb; lspci ,you will see what chip it has and can find guides for that08:22
Evo11Im installing samba from the ubuntu software center and will see if that will fix my sharing problem08:22
ActionParsnipEvo11: should do08:23
Evo11its done now will setup my shares08:23
KartagisActionParsnip is it possible for you to help me?08:24
ActionParsnipKartagis: no idea man, off to bed now. Sorry08:25
Evo11I have created a samba share using the samba l just installed and l still can't access the server file l shared on my windows machine08:27
navetzcan someone help me figure out how to install these catalyst drivers for my ati Mobility Radeon HD 4830 [M97]08:27
navetzor something similar?08:27
navetzthe restricted drivers break my laptop08:27
anukehow to connect to wifi restricted network from command line?08:28
cordorupdate-grub found the wrong /, what do i do?08:30
vic20gmris there a gnome app that will allow meto remap keyboard keys ?08:32
takyvic20gmr, you could use compiz settings manager08:32
vic20gmri dont think i have compiz, im running light08:32
mincusaction,  did that a second time but was still unable to find the controller i specified in a search08:33
blackshellwhen i use alias command to set gt="gnome-terminal"08:34
vic20gmrtaky, thanx but im running light, any others?08:34
coolsananuke: jockey-gtk08:34
vic20gmrtaky: thanx but im running light, any others?08:34
blackshellwhen i use alias command to set gt="gnome-terminal",it only sets that alias in that window,and doesnt work in another terminal,how do i make it work on all terminals?08:35
takysorry vic20gmr its all i have used, im sure there are others so keep hunting08:35
vic20gmru have suggestion[s] for key words i might use?08:36
vic20gmrtaky: u have suggestion[s] for key words i might use?08:36
glebihanblackshell: you want this to be permanent ?08:37
rwwblackshell: put it in ~/.bashrc08:37
glebihanblackshell: then as rww said^^08:37
blackshellrww: what do u mean by that08:37
rwwblackshell: take the alias command that you ran in the terminal, and copypaste it into the .bashrc file in your home folder08:38
lebleb_ican someone tell me program when i open it with a short-key it will show my special applications which i had select them before. so i can open my favorites (special) applications quickly. something like gnome-do.08:38
blackshellrww:there's no .bashrc in hoe folder08:41
anukecoolsan: i need only console solution for wifi access08:41
blackshellrww:got it08:42
glebihananuke: use iwconfig08:43
glebihananuke: something like "sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid ESSID key XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"08:44
anukeglebihan: sudo iwconfig wlan key s:herekey returns error "set encode 8b2a"08:44
theuser51I am trying to get sip working on ubuntu. The other party reports unusable/jittery audio alternating with clear audio every 2 seconds. I can hear them fine. I have tested twinkle, linphone, qutecom, gizmo5, sip communicator, etc. Same complaint everywhere.08:44
glebihananuke: add the "enc" parameter to the command08:45
glebihananuke: "enc 8b2a" I guess08:45
Kartagis!find libmediainfo008:48
ubottuPackage/file libmediainfo0 does not exist in lucid08:48
vic20gmrtaky: i was diggining around in synaptic, and found an app [gnome] called xkeycaps uses xmodmap(1) and its gui based! :D08:48
vic20gmrtaky: just thot id pass it along...08:48
ubottuSaying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.08:50
Kartagisplease help me. I get Audio LAVC. Couldn't find encoder for codec libmp3lame08:52
lebleb_ican someone tell me program when i open it with a short-key it will show my special applications which i had select them before. so i can open my favorites (special) applications quickly. something like gnome-do.08:52
sam8guys  ur views on sakis3g08:55
glebihan!hi | alexxio08:57
alexxiomy ubuntu wireless network subsystem doesnt work good , it disconnects so much, every minute08:58
alexxioi tried reconfiguring wpa_supplicant but nothing changed.. do you know any known issues with broadcom bcm4315 wireless drivers?08:58
blackshellrww:but what if i want to execute the alias in "alt+f2" window?09:08
rumpsyBig breathe, now i am in09:10
Kartagisplease help me. I get Audio LAVC, couldn't find encoder for codec libmp3lame.09:11
vltHello. How can I capture my desktop session?09:14
icarus-cvlt,  use gtk record my desktop09:15
icarus-cvlt, there are some other GUI desktop record tool. you could search a bit09:16
der-eremitKartagis what are you trying to do?09:16
AdvoWorkhi there, using firefox on ubuntu, i cannot attach files from a network location, is this a bug or? seems to work in windows, just wondering if it supports smb or ?09:16
icarus-cvlt, alternatively you could use command  "ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1280x800 -r 25 -i :0 -sameq demo.mp4"09:17
icarus-cor whatever format you prefer09:17
icarus-cAdvoWork, have your mounted the samba network share ?09:18
Kartagisder-eremit I am trying to reencode to mp4, which works on my work laptop. but the same command doesn't work on my home computer09:18
der-eremitKartagis with mencoder?09:18
Kartagisder-eremit yes09:18
der-eremitKartagis what's the command that you are using?09:18
Kartagisder-eremit I get Audio LAVC, couldn't find encoder for codec libmp3lame.09:18
Kartagisder-eremit wait09:19
Kartagisder-eremit for a in *.avi;do mencoder -of lavf -lavfopts format=mp4 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts aglobal=1:vglobal=1:acodec=libmp3lame:abitrate=128:vcodec=mpeg4:keyint=25 -ofps 23.98 -af lavcresample=44100 -vf harddup,scale=320:-3 -mc 0 -noskip "$a" -o "${a%.avi}.mp4" -sub "${a%.avi}.srt" -subcp UTF-8;done09:19
xbonesxHow can i completely wipe a usb drive of all partitions (including hidden ones)09:19
vlticarus-c: Thank you. I tried recordmydesktop but the result is blurry and not usable.09:19
der-eremitKartagis try to replace -oac lavc with -oac mp3lame09:20
vltxbonesx: `shred`09:20
xbonesxvlt: whats that?09:20
icarus-cvlt, you happen to be using compiz (3D desktop) ?09:20
xbonesxvlt: ah old school term style09:21
xbonesxis there a GUI for doing this?09:21
vlticarus-c: No, but it's a vncserver session09:21
AndorinOn Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, I just noticed that the left side of my screen is apparently extending past the monitor's edge by just a few pixels. How come?09:21
icarus-cvlt, and have you dig into the settings a bit09:21
vlticarus-c: ffmpeg's x11grab can't open any X display09:22
icarus-cvlt, yea.. coz you are using vnc i suppose09:23
AndorinMy resolution is 1440x900... when I switch it to something else, like 1280x1024, I don't have the problem, but I still see it when I go back to 1440x90009:23
icarus-cvlt, maybe try ffmpeg one more time with " -i  :0 "  changed to  "-i $DISPLAY"09:23
vic20gmrall: if i use xkeycaps to change a few key mappngs, and tell it to write out only changes will i be ok? [the program doesnt seem to know my particular keyboard, but im thinking if i just change the ones i want to change, and tell it to write out only the changes, ill be set]09:24
Kartagisder-eremit it seems to work now. what does -oac do?09:24
vic20gmrsry ab "the novel"09:24
der-eremitKartagis it's the output audio codec09:25
sam8guys any ide about sakis 3g09:25
KartagisEncode with the given audio codec09:25
rumpsysakis 3g !09:25
rumpsywho knows it09:25
der-eremitKartagis yep, to check which codecs are available you can use: mencoder -oac help09:25
Kartagisder-eremit do lavc and mp3lame have a difference?09:25
rumpsydoes this channel support this09:25
vlticarus-c: `-i $DISPLAY` works, thank you :)09:27
=== Andorin is now known as AK|offline
Inferusi have ubuntu server installed, want to put xubuntu on it, and have it boot to the gui automatically on start up09:28
Inferusis there a howto?09:28
subcoolHey, UFW has programs auto associated with it, so that when you say allow ssh - it knows the port. where can i find the list of programs associated with UFW already, and for starters .. whats the one for azureus09:29
InferusIs it just, sudo apt-get install xubuntu09:29
InferusIs it just, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop09:29
jhattarais there a way to run apt-get from command line so that kernel gets updated also ?09:30
darkdelusionsInferus: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-gui-in-ubuntu-server.html09:30
darkdelusionsthat will walk you threw it step by step09:30
morsingBut why?09:30
darkdelusionsInferus: which is pretty much apt-get install xubuntu-desktop :)09:30
morsingI've just run an update on Ubuntu 10.04 and can no longer sftp to my Debian system. SSH is fine09:31
Inferuserm, i want to have a xubuntu desktop as my linux-fu is weak at the moment, so whilst i learn more about it, it's easier for me to do some tasks in gui09:31
st__why ubuntu maintainers are so f..ing lazy? I reported a bug 2 days ago but noone even looked at it...09:31
icarus-cjhattara, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade09:31
morsingThis is the error on the server:09:31
morsingSep 30 09:09:21 albert sshd[12195]: Received disconnect from 11: disconnected by user09:31
Inferusst__ maybe they are busy? :)09:31
morsingInferus: Are they busy fixing this sftp bug?09:32
st__Inferus, I wouldn't advice Xubuntu, as it misses several important desktop functions09:32
jhattaraicarus-c, it didn't upgrade linux-generic, linux-headers-generic nor linux-image-generic09:32
st__Inferus, Gnome or KDE is bare minimum for newer users09:32
Inferusis kubuntu better then?09:32
icarus-cjhattara, because there is no update yet from your mirror i believe09:32
Inferusi have ubuntu on my laptop, fancy seeing what kde is like09:32
st__Inferus, it09:33
st__'s just different09:33
darkdelusionsInferus:  kubuntu \ ubuntu are pretty much the same it just personal pref09:33
der-eremitKartagis i'm not sure, just had the same problem some while ago, so it was worth a try09:33
icarus-cst__, some people need certain advanced features, some doesn't.  GNOME, KDE wants features,  Xfce  wants to be lightweight.  does that explain something?09:33
st__icarus-c, Windows 95 is ultra-lightweight but still has some Gnome features XFCE/LXDE/etc do not09:34
willwork4fooHi all09:34
icarus-cbecause not a majority of people need them?09:34
jhattaraicarus-c, it tells me the three packages in question "have been kept back"09:34
morsingOk thne09:35
icarus-cst__, it is hard to balance features & lightweight :)09:35
icarus-cif you need something that xfce doesn't provide, don't use xfce :)09:36
rwwxfce <309:36
* erg0lite Hello.09:37
st__a bit ot: I saw some xfec distro which has bottom panel 48 pixels height... guess why?09:38
erg0liteI have a little problem with openAl sound module in a game, it just doesn't output any sound at all could someone please help?09:38
Inferusgot kubuntu installing now09:39
Inferussetting up a print server09:39
Inferusas we have various weirdy shit going on with the printers here, i figured setting up a print server might stop some of it09:39
GenieliuThis is the first time I use IRC, I'm learning how to use it09:41
st__and you should not signup as maintainer if you have no time to triage or follow bugs09:41
Inferusst__ what is your bug with09:42
ch0s3ni love empathys irc feature screw xchat09:42
Inferusis it a security flaw or something simply not working right09:42
st__no it's normal bug, but it's not the reason not to look at it for months09:42
GenieliuI'm using the xchat09:43
rwwst__: Ubuntu doesn't have individual maintainers for packages. They're managed collectively by MOTU, Core devs, etc., depending on section.09:43
st__if you don't give a duck about the package, just kick it from repository and let users deal with author directly instead of burying their reports in launchpad09:44
xbonesxneed help completely wiping a usb drive of all partitions including hidden ones???09:44
nogoxbonesx: dd09:45
nogoxbonesx: use dd to kill a glitch grub209:45
nkdoodwalhelp me installing drupal09:45
xbonesxdont want to just kill it i want to wipe it completely09:45
Soul_Samplei have an issue with lxde+openbox, when I logout it doesn't really kill my processes, so when I relogin it starts everything again, which makes doubles of mpd, mpdscribble and kills my conky. how can I logout so that my session dies properly?09:45
AdvoWorkicarus-c, sorry for late reply. the way the shares was added was : Places > Connect to server > Windows Share.. and added that way09:45
icarus-cxbonesx, if you just want to wipe out the partition table:   "dd if=/dev/zero  of=/dev/<the_usb_drive> bs=512 count=1  "09:46
erg0liteI have a little problem with openAl sound module in a game, it just doesn't output any sound at all could someone please help?09:46
xbonesxicarus-c: is there a GUI for this...09:46
anygivennamecan anyone help me with edit command for android terminal emulator ?09:46
icarus-cxbonesx, if you want to wipe everything  "dd if=/dev/urandom  of=/dev/<the_usb_drive"09:47
icarus-cxbonesx, probably no. why would you want one09:47
icarus-cdd is too powerful,  if there is a GUI tool for it, that tool may be harder to use than dd command itself09:47
xbonesxok so do i need to unmount the drive to use "dd"09:48
icarus-cxbonesx, you should.09:48
icarus-cxbonesx, identify your usb drive with  "fdisk -l"  # that's a small L09:49
xbonesx/dev/sdb/ <--- thats it09:49
icarus-cxbonesx,  dd if=/dev/urandom /dev/sdb of=/dev/sdb   # be VERY sure /dev/sdb it your usb drive.  the command will delete EVERYTHING  on /dev/sdb09:50
icarus-c* dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb09:51
rwwneeds more sudo09:51
icarus-crww, he should be smart enough :P09:51
xbonesx"sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdb" <--- that09:51
icarus-cxbonesx, yes. assuming /dev/sdb is really the usb drive in  concern09:52
anygivennamecan anyone help me with edit command for android terminal emulator ?09:52
* icarus-c wishes there are man pages on Android 09:52
st__!piracy > anygivenname09:53
ubottuanygivenname, please see my private message09:53
xbonesxicarus-c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503095/09:53
gmalexHow can i use multimedia buttons (play/stop/volume control) on my Hp Pavilion dv2500 laptop with Ubuntu 10.4?09:53
xbonesxicarus-c: ya thats not the one09:53
xbonesxicarus-c: when eject the disk it no longer see the device09:54
icarus-cxbonesx, between, you may want to repeat the process a few times, and do some  "mkfs" operations  to make it close to impossible to recover09:54
xbonesxisnt that how you would unmount it?09:54
st__mkfs do not affect data actually09:54
icarus-cxbonesx, um... what?  you couldn't mount/umount again for /dev/sdb* because it got no partition after  that dd thing09:54
icarus-cst__, that's why we have used dd :)09:55
xbonesxicarus-c: its not like im trying ot cover anything up, i just created a boot usb and i want to get rid of the hidden partition that was created...09:55
DanielHi! I got the following in the kdm.log: error setting MTRR (base = 0xd0000000, size = 0x10000000, type = 1) Inappropriate ioctl for device (25).  Visually this error is seen as infinite login screen on startup (how much ever I enter correct credentials). Is there any chance to fix it without re-installing KDE or the whole OS?09:55
icarus-cxbonesx, lol  then you should have used fdisk instead09:55
xbonesxicarus-c: havent ran the dd yet09:55
jhattaracan apt-get upgrade be run so that it holds back packages that require a reboot ?09:55
icarus-cxbonesx, now "gparted" may make you happy09:56
st__daniel I doubt it KDE related09:56
icarus-cxbonesx, it is a GUI partitioning tool09:56
xbonesxicarus-c: ya but it doesnt touch the hidden partitions09:56
Danielst__, what could it be?09:56
Danielst__ * what to check?09:56
st__daniel have no idea actually09:57
icarus-cxbonesx, hidden partition? you mean like there are some software that hide a "partition" somewhere but not registered to MBR ?09:57
* icarus-c gotta go wash some dishes..09:58
xbonesxicarus-c: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/09:58
xbonesxicarus-c: i used this and it created a hidden partition...09:58
razz1i am trying to get xp guest os to print to my wireless printer. Its connected to ubuntu directly without any router in the middle. Using virtualbox. Any help?09:59
icarus-cxbonesx, you are willing to WIPE the who usb drive right?09:59
lilpodwhere is #apt?10:00
xbonesxicarus-c: yesir10:00
icarus-cxbonesx, " dd if=/dev/zero  of=/dev/sdb "   would clean things up10:00
AdvoWorkicarus-c, any suggestions then?10:02
icarus-cxbonesx, just a bit of explanation,  that dd command will get input from /dev/zero  (which is 00000000) and write to /dev/sdb10:02
icarus-cAdvoWork, then it should have mounted to /media/  or  ~/.gvfs  i guess10:03
flixilIn gnome, when changing the keyboard to czech (I use the keyboard applet), pressing ' + t writes absolutely nothing, instead of the expected czech ť (one character). How can this behavior be changed?10:04
=== llutz is now known as llutz_
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, trying to get wpa_supplicant to run but I get this message. http://pastebin.com/6tFuEF4i the only problem is I run rmdir /var/run/wpa_supplicant and it still gives me that message. Help?10:04
ChrisBuchholzHey, i'm setting up af 10.04 server, and have installed and configured a lamp stack. Now i need some ftp access. Can you recommend any resources for this?10:07
xbonesxicarus-c: WOW my computer just tweaked out... the temp on the video card shot up too 75C + and then my GUI started freezing up and then i could hear my hdd going nuts, like it was transferring millions of files BIG WTF????10:07
=== timmillwood_ is now known as timmillwood
xbonesxicarus-c: had to hard crach it, now the temp is kicking back down at about 62C10:07
xbonesxto about*10:07
* xbonesx is weirded out big time10:08
xbonesxicarus-c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503110/10:11
xbonesxHELLO HELlo Hello hello.....10:12
xbonesxHELLO HELlo Hello hello.....10:15
xbonesxrww: did you read the message i sent to icarus-c?10:16
xbonesxWOW my computer just tweaked out... the temp on the video card shot up too 75C + and then my GUI started freezing up and then i could hear my hdd going nuts, like it was transferring millions of files BIG WTF????10:16
ikoniaxbonesx: please control your langauge10:17
xbonesxikonia: i guess even when you abbreviate things its still considered cursing LMAO10:18
ikoniaI'm not laughing10:18
rwwxbonesx: yes, it is10:18
xbonesxikonia: sry i was taking an honest mistake on my behalf and trying to ease the situation, sorry :(10:18
xbonesxikonia: was very freaked out by what just happened with my $1600 pc10:19
pozicxbonesx: 75 degrees is normal and you may have been hacked, but it's impossible to tell in general.10:19
vic20gmrhow do i execute "game data packager" its for prboom10:19
pozicxbonesx: most likely it is an unintended consequence of something in your configuration.10:19
ikoniaxbonesx: it's not really an ubuntu issue though10:19
vic20gmrto all: how do i execute "game data packager" its for prboom10:20
xbonesxpozic: very weird i have never seen my card at idle hit higher than 60C10:20
xbonesxicarus-c: you their?10:21
xbonesxicarus-c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503110/10:21
icarus-cxbonesx, i just back10:21
icarus-cxbonesx, you have nuked /dev/sdb ?10:22
xbonesxread the log^^^10:22
xbonesxno not yet10:22
pozicxbonesx: they can get until 110 without problems.10:22
xbonesxi got scolded while you were gone too, honest mistake10:22
ikoniaxbonesx: why are you bringing that up10:23
xbonesxpozic: thanks for the tip, its a 8600m gt card too10:23
ikoniaxbonesx: this is a support channel, you apologised for your mistake, why make a bigger deal out of it10:23
xbonesxikonia: was informing him...10:23
pozicxbonesx: and then there is a cerfified temperature safety on it.10:23
ikoniaxbonesx: why did he need to know ?10:23
xbonesxno probe intended10:23
pozicxbonesx: so... nothing to worry about.10:23
pozicxbonesx: if you want to make your machine 'faster' disable all indexing services.10:24
pozicxbonesx: e.g. things like locate, etc.10:24
pozicxbonesx: if you don't know what I am talking about, just run the program called top in the terminal.10:24
xbonesxikonia: its dropped sry... i just have a very open-mined brain and found some king of humor in the abbreviation thing, i am sorry tho10:25
arfollin gnome-terminal in ubuntu 10.10 why is every new terminal I open start at / and not the previous location?10:25
pozicxbonesx: then you see what is using your cpu.10:25
xbonesxpozic: ty10:25
xbonesxpozic: hope i dont run into that again10:25
xbonesxicarus-c: btw i posted a link of the output of running fdisk, so how should i run the dd command for it?10:26
xbonesxicarus-c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503110/10:26
pozicxbonesx: you don't hope. You act and change your configuration if you want.10:27
pozicxbonesx: read a book about Linux if you want to use it more effectively.10:28
xbonesxpozic: i dont see why i would have had this problem, i have not touched any important system files10:28
pozicxbonesx: by default it builds a locate database.10:28
xbonesxi have a decent setup for a pc as well10:29
pozicxbonesx: how do you think the locate command works?10:29
ch0s3nwhats your setup xbonesx10:29
pozicxbonesx: it doesn't work by magic.10:29
xbonesxright i understand that but i belive my pc is more than capable of handling such things10:29
pozicxbonesx: it might be that you just paid a lot and got crap.10:29
arfollxbonesx, cat /proc/cpuinfo10:30
Inferusanyone here big on cups?10:30
pozicInferus: if it doesn't work automatically, it probably doesn't work ;)10:30
xbonesxdual core 2.5 6mb cache, 4gb ram, 256mb vid card, 1920x1200 hidef, 320 WD freefall sensor, 1505 wireless,10:30
Inferusi've added a printer and shared it, now in windows when i look at it i get "The '' Printer driver is not installed on this computer"10:30
pozicxbonesx: or maybe it is a bug.10:30
Inferuspozic ^10:31
pozicxbonesx: I agree that it should not happen.10:31
arfollxbonesx, so it's a laptop?10:31
arfollwhat brand?10:31
xbonesxnot bad specs for a lappy10:31
pozicxbonesx: or maybe your idea of unresponsive is different from mine.10:31
arfolland model, there may be a bug in powersaving or other10:31
xbonesxpozic: like literally i had a mouse that moved in intervals of every three seconds10:32
pozicxbonesx: if there is a real problem document everything about it.10:32
ch0s3niwanna build a new rig i have a quad core 2.4 4 gigs ram nvidia geforce 9300 gs 256 mb with dual monitor one 24 one 37 inch10:32
pozicxbonesx: I have never had that problem before.10:32
xbonesxdell xps m153010:32
ch0s3ni just want a better graphics card and maybe 8 gigs ram10:32
arfollch0s3n, sounds like my rig, but why a 37" thats a TV, so res sucks10:32
ch0s3nits a hdty lcd resolutions fiine for movies10:33
ikoniach0s3n: how is that anything to do with #ubuntu ?10:33
ch0s3ni guess it would be better in off topic but i wanted to ask xbonesx10:33
symtabevolution doesnt load anymore (it stops at loading the Folders)10:33
symtabany ideas how i can fix this? or a way to get more debugging information?10:33
xbonesxch0s3n: true10:33
arfollxbonesx, have you tried benchmarking your disk IO performance to see if it's way off?10:34
xbonesxback to my issue tho, i need to completely wipe my flashdrive of hidden partitions...10:34
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
xbonesxarfoll: compiz can do that right?10:34
ikoniaxbonesx: just use fdisk and delete the partitions10:34
oCean!afk > Weust`10:35
ubottuWeust`, please see my private message10:35
arfollxbonesx, compiz? no10:35
arfollxbonesx, use iotop10:35
arfollit'll give you a rought idea of what's using your disk, then check with hdparm for raw disk perf10:36
xbonesxikonia: i was told to use the "dd" but i wanted to make sure i was doing this right, this is the output of fdisk http://paste.ubuntu.com/503110/10:36
ikoniaxbonesx: which is your usb disk ?10:36
xbonesxarfoll: is that a GUI program?10:36
ikoniaxbonesx: sdb ?10:36
symtabseems like the folders cant be loaded10:36
arfollxbonesx, no terminal10:36
symtabany way to fix this?10:36
xbonesxikonia: the 2000mb one...10:36
symtabwithout losing all my emails10:36
ikoniaxbonesx: sudo fdisk /deb/sdb then press "d" then press "w"10:37
symtabi knew it...i said lets try evolution...thunderbird never crashed10:37
ikoniaxbonesx: that will delete the 1 partition on the disk10:37
xbonesxikonia: it has a hidden one tho, so it technically has two on it10:37
ikoniaxbonesx: no it doesn't10:37
arfollxbonesx, have you looked at gparted GUIs rock when it comes to partition management10:37
blackdoggyhey there is anybdy using realtek ALC262 with ALSA and using microphone??10:37
ikoniaxbonesx: it has 1 partition10:37
xbonesxikonia: the program i used said that it created a hidden partition that is detected by anitvirus on windows 7, which it did...10:38
ikoniaxbonesx: there is no hidden partition10:38
arfollxbonesx, maybe you mean the master boot sector?10:38
ikoniaxbonesx: delete the partition as I told you10:38
icarus-cikonia, sounds like something put something on a sector somewhere10:39
icarus-cikonia, just let him nuke it10:39
xbonesxarfoll: yes10:39
symtabanyone...any ideas?10:39
icarus-clet him nuke the whole thing10:39
ikoniaicarus-c: fine xbonesx "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb"10:39
ikoniaicarus-c: fine xbonesx "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512k"10:39
ikoniaxbonesx: see above10:39
ikoniawaste your time10:39
arfollikonia, wasting is time would be /dev/urandom10:40
rwwpsh, urandom. Real time-wasting pros use /dev/random.10:40
rwwalso, TrueCrypt hidden partitions don't show up on fdisk. Not saying that has any application to this issue, but still.10:40
icarus-crww, nah... usb drive write speed is way slower than it takes to generate random numbers10:40
rwwicarus-c: not in my experience, it isn't10:41
rww/dev/random runs out of entropy pretty quickly if you abuse it like that.10:41
pozicxbonesx: that happens btw, if you are using some program that uses more memory than you have RAM.10:41
arfollyeah urandom is better for silly dd writes10:41
xbonesxikonia: here is for more reference to this issue, i used this http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/10:41
icarus-crww, lol i thought you meath urandom in the first place10:41
babaiI'm currently running maverick beta, when the final releases, would a sudo apt-get upgrade convert my beta to the final?10:42
pozicxbonesx: a simple way to solve that is to put a userlimit.10:42
rwwbabai: yes10:42
ikoniaxbonesx: I have given you the command to totally wipe the drive, please follow that10:42
babairwat: ok thanks!10:42
pozicxbonesx: e.g. if more than 3.5GB is in use, you just kill whatever is using a lot.10:42
pozicxbonesx: you being the OS.10:42
rww(what's the factoid for "if you've been updating the development version, you don't need to reinstall for final?"10:42
xbonesxikonia: what things will i need to do after that to get it running properly again?10:42
arfollxbonesx, partition it and format it10:43
xbonesxikonia: considering it wipes it completely10:43
ikoniaxbonesx: follow the guide you've just linked to10:43
xbonesx"Some antivirus utilities (Nod32) may detect a Boot Sector Virus on the fbinst partitioned USB Drive due to the fact that fbinst.exe installs a hidden sector for storing grldr and fb.cfg menu." <--- this is what i was talking about BTW10:44
ikoniaxbonesx: that's nothing to do with ubuntu10:44
xbonesxikoni: i understand this but that is what i was trying to wipe10:44
ikoniaxbonesx: ok, so I've told you how to wipe it10:45
martez89hi, my internal laptop speaker doesnt work, external speakers do work. how can i fix this?10:45
rwwsector != partition, btw.10:45
ikoniarww: I've given up arguing that10:45
xbonesxikonia: much appreciated :)10:45
martez89im on a acer aspire 5542 btw10:45
glebihanmartez89: have you checked alsa-mixer ?10:46
glaucousHave anyone here tried disabling journaling in ext4 (or ext3)? Does it increase the chance of data-loss a lot?10:46
ikoniaglaucous: not really, but it removes the possability of recovery10:46
icarus-cglaucous, not really. but it makes disk check much slower10:46
martez89glebihan, i have not checked that10:46
glebihanmartez89: run alsamixer in terminal and check if your internal speaker is not muted10:47
glaucousicarus-c, ikonia, okay I'm planning on buying a SSD, where people recommended disabling journaling10:47
icarus-cxbonesx, look...  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb  would fill   sdb with 000000000010:47
icarus-cxbonesx, nothing will left10:47
icarus-cxbonesx, not even the partition table10:47
xbonesxikonia:sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb or sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512k which one then?10:48
martez89glebihan, how do i do that?10:48
glebihanmartez89: no, open a terminal10:48
icarus-cglaucous, i have a feeling disabling journal cost more drawback than it helps reduce that slight disk IO10:48
ikoniaxbonesx: second10:48
glebihanmartez89: well you can open the terminal with Alt+F2, then typing "gnome-terminal"10:49
martez89I got some kind of application when i launched it in terminal via alt=F210:49
xbonesxsometimes non-GUI type stuff spooks me10:50
glaucousicarus-c, how come? A few benchmarks I read did show better performance at least, although I doubt it noticeable10:50
Sprockets2000Hello, how can you tell which device is the one to write the MBR to when trying to fix your windows bootloader10:50
icarus-cglaucous, it helps better do stuff like  mount file system with "noatime",   increase "commit" time a bit,  increase vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs,  lower vm.swappiness ...etc10:50
greppyctrl-alt t will also open a terminal in gnome.10:50
Sprockets2000I was trying to do some things and screwed up grub10:50
Sprockets2000Or can I easily rebuild grub?10:50
xbonesxikonia: when running this for 2gb, should it take very long?10:51
martez89glebihan, i don't think internal speaker is muted10:51
ikoniaxbonesx: yes10:51
icarus-cglaucous, well, if you use data=writeback  option even with journal, it should get similar performance from benchmark10:51
dwarderi've removed login name from top pannel by eccident10:51
dwarderhow can i restore it10:51
icarus-cglaucous, after all, benchmark is way beyond general usage10:51
glaucousicarus-c, read about it yesterday, although I don't remember exactly all of it. What does noatime and data=writeback do?10:52
icarus-cglaucous, you may also put  web browser cache to  /dev/shm  (ram disk)  to reduce disk IO10:52
glaucousicarus-c, yup, did that already10:52
BitTormentI'm getting the exact same problem as described here: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157305410:52
BitTormentcan someone suggest how I recover from a failed kernel update10:52
icarus-cglaucous, without noatime,  ubuntu default to  relatime (if i remember correctly).  atime is access time, which by default get updated (hence a write operation) when you read a file10:53
BitTormentthat is causing ubuntu to freeze at the login screen10:53
ikoniaBitTorment: on the grub menu select the older kernel10:53
icarus-cglaucous, noatime disable writing atime info when you read10:53
Legend_XeonMy ip is listed on www.spamhaus.org. Wat can be the reasons ?10:53
glaucousicarus-c, great, makes sense to turn it off10:53
BitTormentikonia, same thing with the older kernels too10:53
martez89shoulk i use analog stereo duplex?10:53
rww!ot | Legend_Xeon10:53
ubottuLegend_Xeon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:53
ikoniaBitTorment: then you probably have a hardware issue10:54
BitTormentikonia, I've already run a fsck on the drive and fixed any errors there10:54
icarus-cLegend_Xeon,  most often all dynamic ip is on the list. but you could request to remove your IP10:54
glaucousicarus-c, but when do I ever need to know the access time? I might as well turn it off on all drives as far as I see it?10:54
rwwglaucous: some mail clients use it, hence relatime being default instead of noatime.10:54
BitTormentis there any way to rerun the update from a live disc?10:54
rwwthere's not much difference performance-wise between relatime and noatime, so I'd just leave it.10:54
icarus-cglaucous, and read  "man mount" for data={journal|ordered|writeback}10:54
ikoniaBitTorment: if the old kernel is failing to, it's not the update10:55
glaucousrww, okay I see10:55
AdvoWorkicarus-c, you were spot on with the .gvfs.. if i goto that directory i can attach network locations. Any way I can map a drive within there to the desktop?10:55
icarus-cglaucous, well, if you have noatime,  "last access time" information won't be useful anymore :)10:55
icarus-cglaucous, personally i use noatime for / (rootfs) and relatime for /home10:55
BitTormentikonia, it was working 100% before the update though; and the update was interrupted10:55
glaucousicarus-c, sure I understand that, but I don't think I've ever needed that information10:56
icarus-cAdvoWork, simply make a link10:56
glaucousicarus-c, because I'll still have "modified/write time"?10:56
icarus-cglaucous, yes sir :)10:56
xbonesxikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503135/10:56
BitTormentikonia, sorry, got dced10:56
xbonesxikonia: that was the output, all look good?10:57
icarus-cglaucous, but note that a few program that rely on atime doesn't work with noatime . namely  matt email client10:57
ikoniaxbonesx: all done10:57
glaucousicarus-c, alright, I'll keep it only on /10:57
icarus-cglaucous, have you read about data=writeback ?10:57
ikoniaBitTorment: no problem, if the old kernel is not working, it's not the kernel update thats the problem10:57
xbonesxikonia: thanks again, and sorry for the conflict earlier, try to mind my self more next... :)10:57
xbonesxnext time*10:57
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BitTormentwhat do you make of "info: recovery required on readonly filesystem" in the boot logs10:58
ikoniaBitTorment: it means the file system has an error on it, so it got mounted read only10:58
glaucousicarus-c, yes, I did, doesn't say a lot though.10:59
glaucousicarus-c, data ordering, I guess that's to avoid fragmentation?10:59
glaucousicarus-c, at least that's my first guess10:59
Sprockets2000If you deleted your linux partition how can you fix grub to allow you to boot into windows, or alternativley just reinstall the mbr for windows ive tried using ms-sys doesnt seem to be working10:59
icarus-cglaucous, by default  it uses data=ordered. which update journal & write data to disk  when you write something to disk.   with data=writeback,   it only update journal first when you write something,  the actual data will be written later10:59
Sprockets2000Also would it be a big deal if I write the mBR to a partition that isnt where the MBR goes11:00
icarus-cglaucous, (the actual data will be stored in ram temprorarly)11:00
xbonesxikonia: so now im creating a partition table, default is msdos ( i would like to be able to use the device on windows OS as well) should i leave it too default?11:00
jribSprockets2000: ##windows can help you reinstall the windows mbr11:00
icarus-cSprockets2000, that will make that MBR loses the point of ever existing11:00
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
ikoniathe partition type "msdos" only means the msdos partition table style, so it's fine for both, the file system determains what OS's can use it11:01
xbonesxikonia: ok TY11:01
erUSULSprockets2000: use a windows instalation disk. boot into windows recovery mode. run « fixmbr »11:02
glaucousicarus-c, when exactly is "be written later"?11:02
icarus-cglaucous, i forgot which option/setting specify that11:03
glaucousicarus-c, okay, no worries11:03
icarus-cglaucous, besides, with a SSD drive, you may want to use  "noop" or "deadline" IO scheduler instead of "cfq"11:03
glaucousicarus-c, oh right, I read about that too. never heard an explanation why though11:04
icarus-cglaucous, you know ncq?11:04
icarus-cglaucous, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCQ11:04
glaucousicarus-c, yup11:04
icarus-cglaucous, cfq behaves like that, it optimizes IO sequence by its disk location. so to read/write most in a single disk rotation11:05
st__i know in early days you had not to install grub in MBR, can grub 2 be similar?11:05
vasezis there a package that can read .epub a friend emailed me one and said it's like a pdf11:05
glaucousicarus-c, which is pretty much useless on SSD11:05
icarus-cglaucous, but with SSD, that clever hack has no point11:05
pznwhich file can I use to "trigger" an event everytime that wlan0 "goes up"? I need to execute "route add" and "route del" rules based on which access point the card was connected11:05
glaucousicarus-c, so what do you recommend, noop or deadline?11:06
icarus-cglaucous, exactly. it add extra overhead and latency apparently.   so simple scheduler like noop or deadline helps better11:06
st__and is there a way to override files in packed ubuntu image on livecd?11:06
icarus-cglaucous, afaik, noop does no queue merging. while deadline does.11:06
icarus-cglaucous, and i don't know which one is faster for SSD11:06
icarus-cbut they both should be good11:06
erUSULpzn: /etc/network/if-{up,down}.d/  ?11:07
imaginoisvasez type epub in ubuntu software center and the program you need is called e-book reader11:07
icarus-cglaucous, some recommend noop, some say deadline11:07
glaucousicarus-c, okay I see11:07
vasezimaginois: Thank you11:07
icarus-cglaucous, a good article to optimize for SSD   http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSD11:07
glaucousicarus-c, great thansk11:08
glaucousicarus-c, by the way, a somewhat related question. Is it possible to mount drives by ID instead of sda/sdb etc? When changing HDDs that sometimes is annoying11:08
icarus-cglaucous, yes, UUID11:08
glaucousicarus-c, and that's what / is right now I believe11:08
pznerUSUL, where can I find "manpage" about this? I need to know the environment variables that the scripts are called11:08
erUSULglaucous: ubuntu have been using uuid  many years11:08
icarus-cglaucous, use  "UUID=XXXXXXXXXXX"  instead of "/dev/sdXy"  in /etc/fstab and grub11:09
icarus-cglaucous, you could get the UUID of a file system by blkid11:09
glaucousicarus-c, how do I get the UUID of the partition?11:09
glaucousicarus-c, ah okay, looking into it11:09
erUSULpzn: man interfaces11:10
erUSUL!uuid | glaucous11:10
ubottuglaucous: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:10
pznerUSUL, thanks! all ok now11:11
gmalexHow can i use multimedia buttons (play/stop/volume control) on my Hp Pavilion dv2500 laptop with Ubuntu 10.4?11:11
glaucouserUSUL, now that was much easier to read then "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid"11:11
genupulasguys i need help ...i need to findout  the what are the last program's executed in my PC11:13
glebihangmalex: you should be able to configure that in System->Preferences->Keyboard shortcuts11:13
genupulasi mean that what are the vedio's and doc's like that11:13
genupulas guys i need help ...i need to findout  the what are the last program's executed in my PC i mean that what are the vedio's and doc's like that11:16
BlaDe^Hi guys I'm having this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/610440?comments=all ---- It's been problematic since 10.04beta and 10.10 beta11:16
BlaDe^on 9.10 it ran fine though11:17
stoneMcClanehi guys, I need to install libc6-dev-ppc64 on my x86 ubuntu installation, is there a packet repository that I could add or how would I go about this ?11:17
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nogogenupulas: use top, powertop and iotop11:17
icarus-cgenupulas, Desktop main menu -> Places -> Recent Documents11:17
nogogenupulas: and uninstall them when you are finished the tweaks11:17
genupulasicarus-c: its showing limited11:17
genupulasnogo :explain me clearly plz11:18
nogogenupulas: they can explain themselves11:18
icarus-cgmalex, it should work out of the box, if isn't,  go System -> preferences -> Keyboard shortcut11:18
genupulascome again nogo11:18
icarus-cgenupulas, i don't think there is a way to trace recently used program. but you could know recently used program that was run by command line11:19
icarus-cgenupulas, "history" command shows that info11:19
icarus-cgenupulas, but if you launch the program by GNOME (graphically), i don't know of a way :)11:20
genupulasok   i will check them11:20
OculusHi, could anyone explain what could be possibly wrong with apache? The problem is that no matter what kind of requests I try, I only get Forbidden errors :(11:21
AbhiJitOculus, try in #ubuntu-server11:21
llutzOculus: #httpd11:21
genupulasicareus-c: its giving what are the commands executed11:22
genupulas; can u tell me abt "netcat"11:22
=== LXCC-Vinc is now known as LXCC-Vincenzo
icarus-cgenupulas, man netcat  ?11:23
genupulasi did it already11:24
icarus-c"netcat is a simple unix utility which reads and writes data across network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol."11:24
genupulasi carus-c\11:24
BitTormentikonia, fixed the problem by mounting and binding the drive and running dkpg-configure -a in a chroot11:24
icarus-cgenupulas, hence, you could do stuff like send file over network, messaging with netcat11:25
genupulasthank you icarus-c11:25
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icarus-cOculus, apache's user got no access to documentroot ?11:25
dwarderin the top panel there was a thingy to change current user, i removed it, how can i return it back?11:26
AbhiJit!panels | dwarder11:26
icarus-cdwarder, right click at the panel -> Add to panel  -> User switcher11:26
ubottudwarder: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:26
dwarderAbhiJit: icarus-c: thank you11:27
icarus-cAbhiJit, you think that needs a reset to get it back....11:27
icarus-c!hi | zachary11:29
zacharyhows everybody doin tonight?11:29
MM2I updated my server from 8.04 to 10.04.1 and somehow my /boot-directory got empty. How I install necessarily files there?11:30
MM2needless to say that server won11:30
MM2t boot11:30
tensorpuddingMM2: backups are nice11:31
MM2tensorpudding: backups are before upgrading11:31
c3lMM2: personally I always recommend to not do a version upgrade. rather back up and install a clean new system11:31
c3lMM2: youre running a server and you have no backups?11:32
nogoindeed. don't put anything useful on the ubuntu11:32
tensorpuddingif the backups are pre-upgrade but recent, just wipe, reinstall from backups, and try upgrading again11:32
MM2c3l: I didn11:32
MM2c3l: i didnt say so11:32
MM2c3l:  i said that backups are done before upgrading11:33
nogothe 9.10 is about to end-of-life11:33
icarus-cMM2, /boot normally contains  kernel & grub11:33
nogoi can use my lts until 201311:34
c3lMM2: that war quite pointless to say in that case. Im quite sure that tensorpudding understands that. but yes, there are often issues with upgrading to new versions. I recommend you to relinstall with a clean install and then put back your backed up data11:34
Gneathat's disturbing.11:34
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)11:34
Gneathere it is11:34
st__and is there a way to override files in packed ubuntu image on livecd?11:34
nogo3 years, very good! you can buy a new pc then11:34
st__MM2, boot from live-cd and install grub-pc in target11:35
zacharyso whats the best linux for netbooks and stuff? i have the poulsbo chipset and alot of linux's hate it11:35
AbhiJitzachary, see distrowatch.org11:35
st__zachary, not ubuntu by far, too bloated11:35
zacharyjoli cloud works pretty good so far but im stuck in a bind11:35
nogozachary: ubuntu11:35
MM2st__: how? And how to install kernels and initrds?11:35
zacharyubuntu hardly works on an acer11:36
c3lzachary: ubuntu works great on netbooks, you might want the ubuntu netbook remix11:36
zacharyeven the remix11:36
nogozachary: ubuntu is an good alternative for redhat and mandrake in old good days11:36
nogoubuntu = the flagship11:36
c3lzachary: really? thats strange, ubuntu supports a lot of HW. try debian11:36
st__MM2, install linux-image-server, it should trigger initrd creation11:36
Gneast__: remix works just fine on my netbook11:36
zacharyon my other computer ubuntu runs awesome11:36
st__MM2, use some livecd, bind /dev and /proc dirs, and chroot to your hd11:37
zacharybut its just this damn acer aspire one...11:37
zacharyit sucks11:37
plitterHey, could anyone throw me in the right direction if i want to mount my nokia phone in ubuntu 10.04 over bluetooth?11:37
nogofedora is relocating itself to a distro for moile devices, but it's doubtful11:37
Inferusanyone here good with CUPS? I have set up a printer and shared it to windows, now when I try to print to different trays on the printer it ignores my settings and simply prints to the bottom tray all the time11:37
Gneazachary: did you try asking for help from the aspire one ubuntu support?11:37
zacharyyeah, but its the chipset or something in the aspire ones, they dont suppost open os's or something dumb11:38
dwarderdoes gui thingy for managing LAMP exist for ubuntu?11:38
Gneazachary: really?11:38
MM2st__: how I bind /dev and /proc ?11:38
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:38
icarus-cMM2, mount -o bind /dev  /somewhere/else11:39
nogoiirc, ubuntu has a hcl site11:39
zacharyhas anyone else tried joli cloud?11:39
nogowhat's that?11:40
nogoubuntu one is the future11:40
nogocloud 2.011:40
zacharycloud 2.0?!?11:40
Gnealol, cloud computing11:40
nogoha ha11:40
Gneaso lol11:40
zacharythey have a 2.0???11:40
nogothere is web 2.011:40
zacharyi didnt want joli but its the only one that works decent so far11:41
magnetronall the best web sites are cloud 2.011:41
petsoundsi try jolicloud rc, but i don't like it the applications is not up to date11:41
magnetronsome are even cloud 2.111:41
nogoha ha11:41
zacharyanybody from washington?11:42
nogothe cloud 1.0 is somthing like webos or eyeos11:42
reggiHey folks I have a problem with my network interface (eth0)11:42
Steristanyone know where i can get some notice sounds for Xchat notification tones?11:42
glaucousicarus-c, does NTFS on Linux require and optimizations for SSD? NTFS on Windows can disable access time via regedit, but does that exist on Linux as well? Would like to share a few files on the SSD11:43
tarzeauglaucous: noatime exists for several filesystems on linux too11:43
icarus-cglaucous, if you use ntfs-3g,  mount it with noatime option :)11:43
reggiwould someone please help me? When I look at my 'Network Connections - Wired" there is no more eth0. It has dissappeared.11:43
MM2icarus-c: chroot /mnt/root causes cannot run commaand '/bin/bash': Exec format error11:43
tarzeaureggi: gnome?11:43
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:44
reggiyes tarzeau11:44
tarzeaumine also is gone, the whole gnome network manager11:44
glaucoustaroven, icarus-c, didn't know it worked for multiple filesystems, thanks :)11:44
tarzeaureggi: yeah i got that problem too, since one or two weeks11:44
reggiwhen I check my /etc/network/interfaces file it has my eth0 set to dhcp.11:44
icarus-cMM2, sounds like you current OS and the one to chroot are different architecutre11:44
icarus-cMM2, like one  x86, and the other x86_6411:44
dwarderwhat is the best way to add site to apache in ubuntu? why there are this two dirs sites-available  sites-enabled11:45
reggiwhen I do a networking restart i get the following error messages, "postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory11:45
icarus-cglaucous, ntfs-3g support atime too11:45
icarus-cglaucous, man page says it all11:45
reggitarzeau, do you remember how you fixed your problem?11:45
icarus-creggi, "No such file or directory"11:45
glaucousicarus-c, hm, the man page is really thorough indeed11:46
icarus-cglaucous, free software has nothing to hide :P11:46
MM2How to find out architecture?11:46
Steristmm2 app called "sys info"11:46
glaucousicarus-c, very true :P11:46
icarus-cMM2, file /mnt/root/bin/bash # assuming /mnt/root is where your chroot is11:47
reggihey icarus-c let me paste my output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503160/11:47
Steristmm2 get it from the software center11:47
icarus-cMM2, and  uname -m  to see the architecture f your current OS11:47
glaucousby the way, do anyone know when LibreOffice is coming to the ubuntu repos?11:47
nogoMM2, type 'arch' in your console11:47
tarzeaureggi: no, i stilldidn't fix it :)11:47
=== denny_ is now known as denny
tarzeaureggi: using the internet cable :)11:47
icarus-cMM2, note "file" and "uname -m" are commands above11:47
killownhisto, how do I upgrade gnome to 2.32?11:48
icarus-creggi, do you have postfix installed ?11:48
icarus-creggi, likely you are missing /etc/postfix/main.cf11:48
killown*hi, how do I upgrade gnome to 2.32?*11:48
icarus-ckillown, i don't think 2.32 is even released11:48
reggioh icarus-c11:48
reggiicarus-c, what is postfix? do i need it?11:49
killownicarus-c http://blogs.gnome.org/aklapper/2010/09/29/gnome-2-32-is-out/11:49
icarus-creggi, i don't know. that's what your message say11:49
reggithis is also the output of my ifconfig: http://paste.ubuntu.com/503161/11:49
icarus-creggi, you know "postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory"11:49
icarus-cpostfix is a email smtp server/client11:49
killownicarus-c, released today11:49
Steristwhat is a "L2 cache"?11:49
MM2icarus-c: /mnt/root/bin/bash is -64 and live-architecheture is i86811:49
reggiicarus-c, hmm I don't need postfix i think.11:49
MM2icarus-c: so I must redo my bootusb11:49
icarus-ckillown, that is way too new for ubuntu11:49
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox11:50
killownits not new11:50
MM2i686 :D11:50
icarus-cMM2, but yea, you need a x86_64 live usb in that case11:50
reggiicarus-c, i'll remove postfix11:50
oCean!latest | killown11:50
ubottukillown: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are  only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:50
MM2icarus-c: thank you a lot11:50
icarus-creggi, um... but you message suggest you need postfi11:50
reggioh crap11:50
dwarderebox is Zentyal now?11:50
plitterHey, could anyone throw me in the right direction if i want to mount my nokia phone in ubuntu 10.04 over bluetooth?11:51
killownif I wanna to care with security so I should use debian.11:51
icarus-ckillown, yes it is way too new.  it need to be well tweaked and tested before it is shipped by ubuntu11:51
nogokillown: debian stable?11:51
killownicarus-c, I am looking for a ppa11:52
killownI don't care with stable things..11:52
icarus-ckillown, maybe ubuntu 10.10 ships it11:52
c3lkillown: debial stable would be your absolutely best choice it stabiliti is the most important aspect, but you will not have the most up to date software11:52
dwarderanyone uses ebox?11:52
nogodwarder: ebox = eeepc?11:52
killownc3l man, I am just saying I DON't CARE WITH STABLE OR SECURITY I will not use debian.11:53
icarus-ckillown, i have a feeling that  Debian SID is what suit you11:53
viddyI think what he's trying to say, is that he doesnt care about stability or security.11:53
icarus-cor other rolling release distro11:53
viddy*captain obvious*11:53
killownI don't like debian11:53
nogokillown: the ubuntu's security is enough for me11:53
oCeankillown: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=985385811:53
c3lkillown: sorry.. you said that 2 seconds before I pressed enter, I might have a bit lag11:54
icarus-ckillown, lol ubuntu is pretty much debian11:54
c3licarus-c: depends on how you see it. theyre quite different too11:54
icarus-cc3l, well yes, in some aspect11:54
nogokillown: both debian and ubuntu's fonts suck. i don't care. i have my own elite fonts11:55
dwarderwhat is the best way to add site to apache in ubuntu? why there are this two dirs sites-available  sites-enabled11:55
dwardersite = virtual host11:55
_ikke_add it to sites-available11:55
killownI am a experienced user,  I am using linux during 12 years11:55
_ikke_and symlink it to sites-enabled11:55
c3licarus-c: ubuntu is probably more user friendly, and the up to date packages, yet security updates is nice11:55
killownI just wanna know about a ppa for gnome 2.3211:55
oCeandwarder: that makes it easy to disable a site/vhosts w/out removing the actual configuration(files)11:56
icarus-cc3l, right11:56
jribdwarder: sites-available are the sites available, and sites-enabled are the sites enabled (you symlink to the sites-available file or just use a2ensite)11:56
oCeankillown: see my message11:56
nogokillown: who isn't?11:56
dwarderjrib: thanks11:56
dwarderoCean: thanks11:56
killownoCean, thanks11:56
oCeankillown: remember PPA software is not supported here11:57
tom__whats going on out there ??11:59
oCeanhi tom__ this is the ubuntu technical support channel. For social chat join #ubuntu-offtopic11:59
Gnea!ubuntu | tom__11:59
tom__anyone need web hosting ?11:59
ubottutom__: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com11:59
oCeantom__: don't advertise here11:59
Gneatom__: no soliciting here, thanks.12:00
oCeantom__: what did we just say?12:00
tom__hello visof12:00
visofis there anyone here playing ut2004 in linux ?12:00
Gneatom__: are you some kind of illiterate?12:00
AbhiJitvisof, urban terror?12:00
visofAbhiJit, Unreal Tournament 200412:00
oCeanvisof: is your quesion ubuntu related? In that case, ask your *real* question12:01
plitterHey, could anyone throw me in the right direction if i want to mount my nokia phone in ubuntu 10.04 over bluetooth?12:01
AbhiJitvisof, its not for linux12:01
visofAbhiJit, is there any similar game for linux ?12:01
AbhiJitvisof, dunno12:01
AbhiJitvisof, try searchin in getdeb under games section12:02
nogotry tremulous12:02
icarus-cum i heard that unreal tournament 2004 got linux port12:04
=== vega is now known as vega-
icarus-cyes the wiki page say so12:05
visofnogo, did you play it ?12:05
AbhiJitthey decided again not to port to linux12:05
visofAbhiJit, did you mean me ?12:07
nogovisof: i have quited12:07
TSKWolfenstein: Enemy Territory is another good game that runs real nicely on Ubuntu12:07
oCean why not take the games discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic?12:07
visofnogo, why ?12:07
nogovisof: there are too may fat pandas there12:07
AbhiJitvisof, yah12:08
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
TSKEasiest place to find a lot of decent games for Ubuntu is http://www.playdeb.net/12:08
Gneaicarus-c: tremulous or openarena are upkept12:08
tom__whats happening12:09
Gnea!ot | tom__12:09
ubottutom__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:09
asdf1i have a problem with flash 64bit on chromium after the update12:11
asdf1does anyone has the same problem?12:11
fixxxermetI'm using pure-ftpd on ubuntu and I want to use pure-ftp'd own password database, so I need to start it with "-l path/to/file.db".  How do I do that?12:13
MM2icarus-c: ok, now I booted with proper liveUSB and binded /dev and /proc and chrooted succesfully. How I now reinstall kernels and grub?12:13
st__MM2, try apt-get12:16
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
asdf1i have a problem with flash 64bit on chromium after the update, and ia can't see videos on youtube , i just see only a black screen12:18
Thor^^I got a FakeRAID using Intel Matrix Storage and I was wondering if anyone know how to set up Ubuntu 10.04 to be able to see it, I found how to set it up during install, but this is a system that was installed before I had the Raid12:22
DarkStar1Does anyone know if OpenOffice has a language translation plug-in12:23
oCeanDarkStar1: I don't know, but there is the #openoffice.org channel, that might have more help on that12:24
dwarderuser under which apache is iperated is www-data or nobody?12:24
bhaveshvalahow to increase apache number of process12:24
jeroenI need some help with a weird problem involing shellcode someone got time?:)12:25
c3lwww-data iirc, thats at least the permissions needed on folders for apache to be able to read it12:25
oCeandwarder: I'm pretty sure it's www-data, but using <IfModule mpm_itk_module> in the configs, you can assign whatever (specific) userid you want12:26
oCeandwarder: ^ for each vhost for example12:26
DarkStar1oCean: thanks12:26
c3ljeroen: dont ask to ask, if its a lot of text, put it on pastebin and link it12:26
jeroenI switched of kernel randomization sysctl kernel.randomize_va_space = 0 And follwed a tutorial for coding the exit command in shellcode12:27
dwarderoCean: thanks12:27
jeroenbut when I try to execute simple shellcode it gives an segmentation fault and i'm pretty sure the code is correct12:27
jeroenbecause it works on 2 different laptops12:28
chombeeHey, bit of a problem here! Booted up my Ubuntu 10.04 today (after installing updates yesterday) and on logging into the desktop it just freezes, desktop never appears12:28
jeroenProgram: char shellcode[] = "\xbb\x00\x00\x00\x00"12:28
jeroenint main()12:28
FloodBot2jeroen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:28
jeroenint *ret;12:28
c3l!paste | jeroen12:28
ubottujeroen: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:28
st__what is the best signal to close program?12:29
c3lst__: 15 - sigterm. or 9 - sigkill if its non responsive12:30
st__if I use SIGTERM there will be no data loss?12:30
dwarderis it ok to have underscore in my host in /etc/hosts file?12:30
dwarderi guess yes12:31
dwarderis it ok to have underscore like in example.com_12:31
vega-dwarder: no12:31
dwardervega-: even for localhost?12:32
vega- only the ASCII letters 'a' through 'z' (in a case-insensitive manner), the digits '0' through '9', and the hyphen ('-').12:32
dwardervega-: ok thanks12:32
chombeeI'm going to try rebooting and choosing a different desktop environment then12:32
rabbydo You have an idea why the ATI Control Center does not allow me to use 2 monitors with 1680x1050? it looks very strange with 2 different resolutions for twin-view :-(12:33
dwardervega-: and dot12:35
reggiHEY folks I have a strange problem. When I ping (the gateway) i get the following message http://paste.ubuntu.com/503187/  by the way is my linux laptop which i'm performing the ping from.12:36
dwarderis firewall enabled by default12:38
ThelzHello. My ubuntu server installation got corrupted. Is it possible to install ubuntu on a different harddisk and reach the files that were in the original installation from the new installation? (I'm only after the files that were stored remotely using the Samba File Server)12:38
dwarderam i need to open something to use apache 80 port?12:38
reggiHEY folks I have a strange problem. When I ping (the gateway) i get the following message http://paste.ubuntu.com/503187/  by the way is my linux laptop which i'm performing the ping from.12:39
Gneadwarder: I usually use a web browser for that12:39
dwarderGnea: i got problem creating vhosts with apache12:39
oCeanreggi: please don't crosspost12:40
dwarderGnea: well i remember now it worked12:40
dwarderGnea: problem with vhosts then12:40
vega-reggi: and no need to repeat question every 3 minutes, someone will answer if they know..12:40
Gneadwarder: might want to ask in #apache12:40
dwarderGnea: i guess, but i got no error messages12:40
Gneadwarder: #apache can help you with apache issues, we just do general Ubuntu help here12:41
reggiok thanks vega-12:41
oCeanGnea: dwarder that is #httpd12:41
GneaoCean: noted.12:41
SinusPiGreetings. May some of you shed some light on a problem of mine? I need USB-booted Ubuntu 10.10 to not try to initialize one of the hard disks; it has (probably) unreadable partition table (or worse) and ubuntu keeps failing on some DMA reads and won't even go into X mode, stuck in the error loop. Any way I can prevent any attempts to mount it, so that I can do it manually once everything is up..?12:43
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo12:43
OerSinusPi, #ubuntu+1 for 10.1012:44
SinusPiOer: and it's SO much of a difference between 10 and any other version?12:46
tensorpuddingit's big enough that they have another channel for it12:46
OerSinusPi, i think not, but any bug should be discussed there, to avoid your bug gets lost.12:47
SinusPiI don't think it's a bug, rather lack of knowledge on my part. But very well, moving.12:47
ThelzDoes ubuntu or ubuntu server have harddisk check utilities? The file system got corrupted, and I'd prefer to scan for bad sectors before reinstalling from scratch12:50
imaginoisThelz it's called disk utility12:51
imaginoisyou can find it under system->administration12:51
Thelzimaginois> is it available from the shell?12:51
imaginoiswhat do you want to check? the filesystem or the hard drive12:52
Thelzthe harddrive12:52
Thelzthe file system was corrupt12:52
ThelzIt managed to repair most, so I'm moving all the files off the computer12:52
ThelzI want to scan for bad sectors, then reformat12:53
Thelz(unless bad sectors are found of course, then I need to replace the HDD)12:53
imaginoisUbuntu makes a filesystem check every 30 boots or something. If for any case, you want a filesystem check you can do it by issuing the following command:12:53
imaginoisshutdown -rF now12:54
imaginoisthis should do the routine filesystem check at startup12:54
ThelzI've done the file system check... it couldn't solve it all, so I ran fsck12:54
ThelzNow network support and samba are running again12:55
Thelzso I'm pulling all the files off12:55
imaginoisif you want to scan for bad sectors i think you are better off using 3rd party software12:55
imaginoisdownload and burn hiren's boot cd12:55
Thelzok, got any good tips, or should I google?12:55
Thelzhiren's boot cd? never heard of it12:55
imaginoisit has good tools which may help in you particular case12:55
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
imaginoisthere's a tool called hdd regenerator it scans and repairs bad sectors if possibel12:56
wild_oscarhey. did I dream or was the sound indicator applet supposed to show the current volume % on mouse hover?12:56
wild_oscaror doesn't it have any mouse hover action?12:57
imaginoisin windows it does but ubuntu I don12:57
imaginoisdont think so12:57
wild_oscaroh, probably not in lucid: http://buranen.info/?p=39412:58
wild_oscarhmm...so I didn't dream it12:58
wild_oscarit works when you scroll, it simply doesn't give you any visual feedback12:59
imaginoismaybe in maverick you'll see it again12:59
imaginoisthey implemented rhytmbox in the volume control13:00
imaginoisbig question!13:01
imaginoiswhich IRC client r u using13:01
bazhangimaginois, whom are you addressing13:01
imaginoiswhoever is reading13:02
bazhangimaginois, not the right place to poll13:02
tensorpuddingthis place isn't for polling13:02
bazhangtry #ubuntu-offtopic13:02
adeola0405hello, i need help understanding my free disk space, disk analyser says i have 32gb space free, but nautilus says i have 13gb free13:02
Thelzimaginois: HDD Regenerator seems to advertise a lot that it's "free to download". can it actually do anything without paying?13:02
ashtraywhat is ur client ,imaginois?13:02
Thelzahh, the wonders of /ctcp version? :P13:03
bazhangashtray, please stay on topic13:03
c3limaginois: irssi13:03
imaginoisThelz heck out http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd13:03
Thelzthanks imaginois13:03
bazhangimaginois, please dont recommend that here13:03
imaginoiswhy not13:04
bazhang!piracy > imaginois13:04
ubottuimaginois, please see my private message13:04
mbeierlI am annoyed that there is no way to remap super-m (which I used to have mapped in compiz to launch thunderbird).  The notification applet has taken it over.  Does no one know how to change that?13:04
adeola0405please, will someone assist me in my disk space calculation problems, nautilus says i have 13 gb free but all other diskapps say i have 32 gb free13:05
wild_oscaradeola0405: try df -h in a shell13:06
ashtraywine mirc is perfect on Ubuntu9.10,bazhang13:06
adeola0405reads 14gb13:06
adeola0405wild_oscar: reads 14gb13:06
wild_oscarhmm...what other diskapps say more than that then?13:07
adeola0405wild_oscar: the drive is 220gb, totla file size onthe drive is 167gb13:08
Thelzimaginois: Thanks, seems useful13:08
adeola0405wild_oscar: disk analyser and gparted13:08
adeola0405wild_oscar: make that 168.5gb13:09
c3lThelz: remember that some of the tools on that CD is illegaly redistributed13:09
MM2How I reinstall grub to mbr?13:09
Thelzc3l: Ah, wasn't aware, sorry13:09
wild_oscaris "used" different in "df -h" and gparted?13:10
wild_oscarfor a specific /dev, that is13:10
erfolg@MM2 grub-install /dev/sda13:11
wild_oscaradeola0405: don't forget you might have more than one partition (/dev/sda1, sda2...) and you might be comparing one partition (sda1) 's space with the full disk space13:11
cannonballMM2: grub-install '(hd0)'    which assumes that hd0 is your first drive, probably /dev/sda as indicated by wild_oscar13:12
MM2erfolg: grub-install /dev/cciss/c0d0 gives: error /dev/mapper/eduwww-root does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.13:12
sara2010can anyone tell me13:12
wild_oscar (no, I was  talking to adeola0405)13:13
sara2010why freespire web site is not working !13:13
adeola0405wild_oscar: gparted reads 195.6gb total and 172 gb used and 23.3gbfree, df -h reads 190gb and 170gbused with 14 gb free13:13
MM2erfolg: i.e. I have SATA drive with LVM13:13
erfolgMM2: try doing like cannonball said and run sudo grub-install '(hd0)' in terminal. that should work for any kind of setup you have including LVM.13:14
philinuxsara2010: no ubuntu. But site probably down13:14
wild_oscaradeola0405: I actually see a difference in a few Gb too between them13:14
sara2010philinux .. also CNR service is down13:14
ChesterXhello everyone, is there an app that (as windows mediaplayer) catches/recognises the track names of cds?13:14
sara2010is another web like CNR service13:15
sara2010i want install some sfotware13:15
MM2erfolg: same error message. I have booted using liveUSB and chrooted my server, because I can not boot to system othervice13:15
philinuxsara2010: vagaries of the web13:15
wild_oscaranyway, lunch time13:16
sara2010philinux .. vagaries of the web ?13:16
philinuxsara2010: sometimes it not work13:16
adeola0405wild_oscar: what could be causing this difference13:16
sara2010last 2 days i m trying13:17
wild_oscaradeola0405: *shrugs shoulders*13:17
sara2010its not working13:17
erfolgMM2: try this thread if you haven't already. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435113:17
loufoquehi, i've got a problem with the package pdftk, it says the following13:17
loufoqueThe following packages have unmet dependencies.13:17
loufoque  pdftk: Depends: libgcj-bc (< 4.5~) but 4.5.0-1ubuntu2 is to be installed13:17
loufoqueE: Broken packages13:17
philinuxsara which cnr website I'll try it for you from mine.13:17
FloodBot4loufoque: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:17
sara2010philinux .. is there another software installer like CNR ?13:17
wild_oscaradeola0405: check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79506613:18
laserbeamguys... I'm having some trouble here with programs crashing, like most of them: Pidgin, Rhythmbox, Transmission, Thunderbird, Tabs in chrome go like crazy, Firefox, The whole system, you name it... does anyone have a clue where I should look for problems?13:18
philinuxsara2010: yep cnr.com is timing out13:18
tarzeaulaserbeam: hardware? too warm?13:18
st__laserbeam, run them in terminal and observe output13:18
laserbeamaaa... dunno....13:19
laserbeamno they crash randomly... hardware might be the answer though13:19
philinuxsara2010: wont ping either. Must be down.13:19
erfolglaserbeam: how old is your install?13:19
laserbeamI'l google a bit about finding the temperature, I'l be back if that's the answer...13:19
laserbeamfew months tops... but hardware heat might be the answer... brb13:20
telitiHello. Is it possible to mount a NetBSD (ffs) file system=13:21
laserbeamCPU 60, motherboard 53 Celsius... is that much?13:21
erfolglaserbeam: should be fine if it's a laptop.13:22
erfolglaserbeam: pentium 4?13:22
laserbeamok... gonna buy some better coolers : )) no... some 3GHz dual core : ))13:22
erfolglaserbeam: do a physical check to see if your fans are running.13:23
laserbeamok... thanks guys... i can take it from here13:23
ikargood morning13:23
SinusPi+1 seems largely dead... Is there really no simple universal answer to my question..? How to prevent USB-booted Ubuntu from getting stuck on trying to mount a (probably) badly broken HDD, and instead boot and let me mount it manually?13:24
ikaris there a ccleaner for Ubuntu 10.04?13:25
DrPoOhi, How do i add a directory to the path of every user?13:25
serapophisikar, maybe bleachbit13:25
Chellikar, what is that?13:25
ikarserapophis, aha, tnx13:25
erfolgDrPo0: are you trying to link 1 directory to every user's home directory?13:26
=== teliti is now known as legator
DrPoOerflog, no im trying to have a command accessible to every users path13:26
DrPoOerfolg, no im trying to have a command accessible to every users path13:26
erfolgDrPoO: try just symbolic linking it.13:27
DrPoOdon't i have to add the path to /etc/profile?13:27
VCoolio DrPoO put executable in /usr/local/bin or add folder to path in /etc/profile13:27
erfolgyeah that should work.13:28
Evo11Hi there.I seem to be still having trouble trying to access my ubuntu server via my windows workstations.Can anyone assist me?13:29
DrPoOEvo11, what is the problem?13:30
erfolgEvoll: are you trying to get ssh access?13:30
Evo11since yesterday l can't seem to be able to access my shared folders on my ubuntu server via my windows workstations13:30
DrPoOVCoolio, i added a line to /etc/profile, how do i make that change active?13:30
pozicDrPoO: you relogin.13:31
erfolgEvoll: smbd is running?13:31
VCooliolog in again or 'source /etc/profile'13:31
pozicVCoolio: those are not equivalent, right?13:31
squarebracketis there a good graph-making program?13:31
ikaranother question: how do i change back to normal directory-icon?13:31
pozicsquarebracket: define graph.13:31
DrPoOsquarebracket, try dia13:32
pksadiqmaths graph?13:32
squarebracketpozic, simple stuff, like bar graphs, sin wave plots, i don't need anything intense like octave13:32
Evo11far as l know yes13:32
squarebracketpksadiq, yeah, math13:32
pozicsquarebracket: gnuplot can do that.13:32
DrPoOsquarebracket, in my opinion a combination of dia and inkscape does the trick13:32
squarebracketpozic, gnuplot does bar graphs?13:32
DrPoOsquarebracket, or check out graphviz13:33
VCooliopozic: if you relogin, /etc/profile is read again too, but also it does everything else againwhich you don't need know; it's convenient if you don t know how to apply a change13:33
Evo11what do I type again to see if it is running?13:33
erfolgEvoll: if you can, try top | grep smbd13:33
pozicsquarebracket: or use R.13:33
squarebracketDrPoO, graphviz is language?13:33
squarebracketpozic, don't need R. Too complex i'd imagine13:34
DrPoOsquarebracket, kindof http://www.graphviz.org/13:34
erfolgEvoll: actually nvm. just do pidof smbd13:34
pozicsquarebracket: google bar graph gnuplot returns gnuplot screenshots.13:34
erfolgEvoll: if you get a pid it's running if not it's not.13:34
system-setuphi,, just have a customers laptop install with win7 / ubutntu>> have the o.e.m tool installed,, but will need to delete this account/profile etc for OEM to best work.. any advice??13:35
pozicsquarebracket: calc can also do it.13:35
pozicsquarebracket: if you are into Excel like computing.13:35
squarebracketpozic, yeah, i know.13:35
Evo11That is what l get when l run pidof smbd: 1050 102813:35
pozicsquarebracket: my professional opinion is that calc is a piece of crap.13:35
squarebracketpozic, yeah13:35
pozicsquarebracket: Excel is pretty solid in my experience.13:35
EricInBNEoh man...my ubuntu system was running great...but a recent update now my mouse periodically slows down massively, and then speeds back up13:36
ikarwhere do i find the default icon for directories in Ubuntu 10.04?13:36
EricInBNEhow do I backtrack to an earlier kernel?13:36
pozic(which is why I think it is silly that people say it is a real replacement)13:36
erfolgEvoll: ok so it's running. now edit your smb.conf file and check to see if your server is still defined in it.13:36
Evo11I can edit that file but l can't do any changes as it is read only13:37
st__what's wrong with calc?13:37
squarebracketlast time i was looking into this i found GLE.... maybe i'; check out graphviz13:37
erfolgEvoll: sudo nano or vi whichever you use will let you edit it.13:37
st__EricInBNE, several last ones should be in grub menu13:37
st__and is there a way to override files in packed ubuntu image on livecd?13:39
EricInBNEst__, yeah good idea will try that.13:39
dwarderdoes phpmyadmin from software center works out of the box?13:41
Monotokowhats with the reg check?13:41
erfolgdwarder: yes13:41
st__Monotoko, ?13:41
Monotokost__, if you try to join under an unregged username you get put in #ubuntu-unregged13:42
st__Monotoko, it's to fend off niggers13:42
dwardererfolg: no need to setup apache host myself?13:43
hizhi is there a gnome shell ppa with the current release for lynx?13:43
dwarderwhat is ppa?13:43
hizdwarder: a repo13:43
erfolgdwarder: no. it sets it up for you. just install it and it asks you if you want it to configure apache or lighttpd13:43
dwardererfolg: cool, thanks13:44
zayrhow i can create new boot partition from current running ubuntu ?13:45
zayrand which size ?13:45
st__zayr, use livecd and gparted13:46
llutzzayr: use cfdisk, ~100MB should be more than sufficient13:46
zayrwell /boot can be unmouted only through live cd ?13:46
erfolgzayr: 50 mb has problems so make it around 100 mb13:46
zayrand what FS ? for speed ?13:47
erfolgzayr: ext213:47
EricInBNEst__, i booted using an old kernel but it wont load my nvidia graphics modules, and then dies13:47
EricInBNEh8 nvidia13:47
jappiecr I installed Italc in chroot environment, but have trouble getting it to work. How do I uninstall it completly? I want to reinstall on the server side only...13:48
zayrand why everything looks so blured ?13:48
Squeeze_meif i download and install the beta, would it be able to upgrade to the good version... or would i have to reinstall ?13:49
erfolgSqueeze_me: it automatically upgrades13:49
zayris it only me or it looks very blurish ?13:50
st__zayr, nonnative resolution on LCD?13:51
zayrst__: native13:51
glaucousI'm going to copy my / partition using gparted to another HDD. I suppose I'll need to install grub to that other HDD?13:51
lestathi all13:51
HdthreeWhat is a good proxy to use at school?13:51
lestatany idea how to disable gnome-terminal tab detaching ?13:51
st__Hdthree, we used squid13:51
Evo11its still there13:52
HdthreeI'm just looking for a webbased proxy atm13:52
st__zayr, what is blured?13:52
erfolgEvoll: what is now?13:52
zayrst__: fonts13:52
dwardererfolg: and how do you access it?13:52
dwardererfolg: localhost/phpmyadmin?13:52
st__zayr, it's called "antaliasing"13:52
lestatHdthree: webbased proxy you mean http proxy ?13:53
zayrdoesnt feel right13:53
Evo11this server is starting to piss me off now13:53
st__zayr, because ubuntu fonts are badly hinted and look terribly when not AA'd13:53
erfolgdwarder: yeah. or yourip/phpmyadmin it'll ask you for the root pw you set in the setup.13:53
Hdthreeyes i mean http proxy13:53
jappiecrIs there away to undo an installation? If my server was running great at 10 am and I installed something at 10.15am, can I get ti to the state of 10am again?13:53
zayrst__: where i cant enable aa ?13:53
erfolgdwarder: login as root13:53
ajhaverymy apache server doesn't detect the directory copied in my /var/www/ directory13:54
st__zayr, gnome: appearance settings13:54
ajhaveryi have to manually create directories & files in /var/www/ to get it detected by the apache server13:54
dwardererfolg: it didn't ask me for password during setup13:54
pksadiqhow to see my own IP in terminal?13:55
ajhaveryso i can't sync with my fellows work13:55
phisher1pksadiq: ifconfig13:55
tensorpuddingpksadiq: ifconfig lists all interfaces, with all the addresses associated with them13:55
st__how to disable iptables?13:55
zayrst__: remove it :P13:56
pksadiqlet me try13:56
htorquehello everyone! does anyone here know a mp3 analyzing tool (eg. info on bitrate & co., if they are valid, etc.)13:56
erfolgdwarder: it should have. try just logging in as root with your normal password first. if that doesn't work just dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin and it should ask you to set a root pw.13:56
Evo11I feel like taking this server and throwing it out the window13:57
jiohdianyone know why some program icons will not stay in the launch bar on unity?13:57
erfolgEvo11: what's going on now?13:57
bazhangjiohdi, on maverick?13:57
jiohdibazhang: it works on 10.4 too13:57
bazhangjiohdi, are you running maverick?13:58
Braber01I just had a thought: is it possible to get a virus: via irssi/irc?13:58
bazhangBraber01, no13:58
jiohdibazhang: I am running a beta upgrade from10.413:58
zayrBraber01: yes13:58
bazhangjiohdi, then #ubuntu+113:58
bazhangzayr, on ubuntu? no its not13:58
jiohdibazhang: unity is not 10.10 dependant, same answer should work for 10.413:58
zayrbazhang: you think getting virus is impossible on linux ?13:59
erfolgbazhang: he's on windows. :p13:59
glaucousWhat partition table should I use when formating a HDD on Linux using GParted?13:59
erfolgglaucous: mbr13:59
st__glaucous, msdos is safest o[ption13:59
bazhangjiohdi, thats the channel nonetheless, and its offtopic here, so please dont bring maverick issues here, thanks13:59
st__*mbr it is13:59
glaucouserfolg, st__ , okay, thanks13:59
Evo11from what l see everything should be working fine. I shouldn't be having trouble accessing my files on the server from my windows workstation13:59
andrewacltI installed some avahi updates this morning, and now everytime I watch a movie in vcl, it logs me out o.O14:00
st__Evo11, had you enabled NTLMv2 on server?14:00
erfolgEvo11: try turning your firewall off if you can afford to and see if you can access it then.14:00
glaucouserfolg, st__ , there's no 'mbr' only 'msdos' when using gparted as far as I see14:00
zayrbazhang: as we know there was plenty remote linux exploits and example there was one with remote selinux root :P14:00
Evo11what is NTLMv2 st?14:00
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
st__Evo11, it's an authentication protocol for Vista and 7.14:01
dwarderEvo11: record video of it14:01
Evo11the firewall shouldn't be a problem as it was working fine up until yesterday14:01
erfolgglaucous: i usually use the standard disk utility which lets you choose mbr, guid. msdos=mbr though.14:01
Evo11Im using windows XP on my workstations14:01
dwarderEvo11: about throwing server out of the window14:01
st__Evo11, checked logs?14:02
glaucouserfolg, okay, yeah I just noticed that all my drives use msdos14:02
erfolgEvo11: go to run on xp and type \\serveraddress14:02
Evo11no that l haven't done yet.14:02
Evo11I can ping the server from my xp machine14:02
pksadiqzayr , linux is under linux hackers which is very strong and very high in population, but windows is mostly in the hands of crackers,but they call themselves as Hackers :)14:03
erfolgEvo11: if you run it it'll show up or say it can't connect.14:03
tgywaHi all !14:03
tgywahow can I encode my username and pass in base6414:03
tgywahow can I encode my username and pass in base64 ?14:03
pozicecho hi | base6414:04
tgywapozic, but ... that of a test username and pass14:04
zayrpksadiq: that doesnt matter if there is one byte remote kernel vuln :P14:04
pksadiqzayr, what?14:04
maedoxXChat keeps trying to join #ubuntu before it has done the /msg NickServ identify stuff. Anyone know of a solution or some sleep command? It drives me insane.14:04
pozictgywa: echo testuserpassword| base64 ?14:04
matthiasbHi, I've a delicate problem rescuing data from a broken hard disk. Is there an appropriate channel for such problems?14:05
Evo11when l type my servers address like you said it tells me windows cannot find "server address"14:05
st__tgywa, tell us protocol require,ents14:05
tgywapozic, that worked14:06
erfolgEvo11: something is wrong in either your firewall or smb.conf configuration then.14:06