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duanedesign'lo all06:12
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AureuszAre there proxy configurations already possible within ubuntuone in current Maverick state ?10:03
duanedesignAureusz: hello10:08
duanedesignAureusz: for maverick only Tomboy notes and ubuntuone-preferences will be able to support proxy, all other components are not ready10:12
Aureuszduanedesign: hello10:12
duanedesignthat was last I hears10:13
AureuszThanks i'll look into this :)10:43
duanedesignmorning all11:40
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ryeduanedesign, morning!12:15
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kenvandineCardinalFang, ping15:27
CardinalFangkenvandine, hi!15:28
kenvandinehey... desktopcouch question15:28
kenvandinewondering if something changed in the api15:28
kenvandineself._database = CouchDatabase(self._db_name, create=True)15:28
kenvandineresults = self._database.get_records(record_type=self._record_type, create_view=True)15:28
kenvandineresults.rows doesn't exist...15:28
kenvandinebut i can get at it with results.obj.rows15:29
CardinalFangHrm.  That's bad.15:29
CardinalFangvds, you here?15:29
vdsCardinalFang: yes15:29
CardinalFangkenvandine, this reconnector wrapper we have misses "rows" attribute.15:30
kenvandineCardinalFang, vds: just confirmed... that changed between 0.6.8 and 0.6.915:30
CardinalFangEr, vds ^15:30
vdsyes I did it last week15:31
vdskenvandine: is it giving any problem?15:31
kenvandinetons of things depend on that15:32
vdsah wait15:32
vdsnope that's not mine15:32
CardinalFangvds, it's probably mine.15:32
* kenvandine smells a brown paper bag in the corner :)15:32
kenvandineCardinalFang, ok, i just told the release team to reject that upload that is pending15:34
kenvandinedamn... ok they already accepted it, so we need that fix faster now15:35
CardinalFangI'm on it.15:35
vdsCardinalFang: I'm here in case you need a reviewer15:40
kenvandineCardinalFang, bug 65209515:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 652095 in desktopcouch (Ubuntu) "ReconnectingViewWrapper missing methods (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65209515:41
CardinalFangkenvandine, do you have an example of .rows attribute usage?15:53
kenvandine        results = self._database.get_records(record_type=self._record_type, create_view=True)15:54
kenvandine        if len(results.rows) == 0:15:54
kenvandineprefs = results.rows[0].value15:54
kenvandinethat is from lernid15:54
kenvandineyou can test it with lernid if you like15:54
CardinalFangGot it.15:55
vdskenvandine: where that code is used?16:01
vdsI mean results = self._database.get_records(record_type=self._record_type, create_view=True)16:01
kenvandinein the lernid project16:02
kenvandineCardinalFang, so the tests never actually tests for the structure of the result... it does a "for row in"16:02
kenvandineand a len16:02
CardinalFangI'm making it future-proof.16:03
kenvandinethx :)16:03
CardinalFangkenvandine, vds,  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/abstract-wrappers/+merge/3714216:27
vdsCardinalFang: on it16:28
* kenvandine looks16:28
CardinalFangvds, the wrapper doesn't actually wrap these in that revision.  That returns the functionality.16:30
CardinalFangThis commit, comming in 45 sec, does wrap.16:30
vdsCardinalFang: please, ping me when it's ready16:39
CardinalFangvds, will do.  Tests just finished.16:39
CardinalFangvds, uploaded.16:40
CardinalFangvds, what do you think?16:54
vdsCardinalFang: running the tests, the code is very good16:54
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CardinalFangvds, any news?18:13
CardinalFangkenvandine, you're quiet too.18:14
kenvandineCardinalFang, ?18:14
kenvandinesorry... worked here :)18:14
CardinalFangkenvandine, what phone do you carry?18:14
kenvandinegalaxy S18:16
kenvandinevibrant specifically18:16
kenvandinei love it, if that is what you are after :)18:17
CardinalFangI want you to try an app.  ...18:17
CardinalFanghttp://sandbox.chad.org/u1m-1.0-1-encore3.apk    # or go to base dir; browse18:18
kenvandineworks... :)18:24
kenvandinealthough it says unknown album and unknown artist18:24
kenvandinefor all the songs18:24
kenvandinenot sure if that is expected18:24
CardinalFangI think it is.  It takes a moment to scan the metadata.18:24
CardinalFangIf you have it tagged, by now it should show up on refresh.18:26
kenvandineit's not18:26
kenvandinei have songs and it is playing well18:26
kenvandinejust no meta data besides title18:27
kenvandineCardinalFang, it's downloading to the subsonic/null/ directory, i assume that "null" should be the album name?18:34
CardinalFangHrm.  Yes, if it knows it.18:35
kenvandineoh... do i need to "scan my files for music" in the web UI?18:38
kenvandineCardinalFang, ^^18:38
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kenvandineah... that did it :)18:39
CardinalFangkenvandine, hrm.  Maybe.  Perhaps for music you already have in there?  I think we have a scanning daemon running over all files, but it will take a while to go over everyone's.18:40
CardinalFangNew files seem to be scanned immediately.18:41
CardinalFang...at least, mine were.18:41
kenvandineworking well... would be nice if it could just queue the songs to play in the default player, so i get the nice controls on the lock screen18:45
CardinalFangI think we can hook there too.18:46
kenvandinethat would rock... i love the default player18:46
kenvandinemostly because i can control it complete from the notification area and lock screen18:46
CardinalFangkenvandine, I found out your music is scanned automatically only if you have the Mobile Plan.18:46
kenvandinehehe... the "Try Ubuntu One Mobile free for 30 days" link doesn't go anywhere18:47
kenvandinereloads the same page18:47
CardinalFangkenvandine, where is that?18:48
kenvandinesame on the non-edge page18:49
CardinalFangkenvandine, I think you and I are in a special account group so we see the pages that are not finished yet.18:52
kenvandineoh... ok18:52
kenvandineCardinalFang, got a dc release coming?18:56
CardinalFangkenvandine, yes.  Tarmac isn't playing nice, it seems.18:58
kenvandineok... that is getting me stressed :)18:59
CardinalFangkenvandine, okay.  Packaged:  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/ubuntu/maverick/desktopcouch/0.6.9b/+merge/3718020:04
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beunomusic streaming beta is public!23:28
beunoduanedesign, do you have an android device?23:31
duanedesignbeuno: no i am currently using an iphone23:32
beunoduanedesign, ok, so, I can tell you how to test with an iphone23:33
beunothe only apps that support this are paid23:33
beunoit's $4 or $523:33
duanedesignnot too bad23:34
beunoduanedesign, that app is called iSub23:35
kklimondais syncing only delta of files done and ready?23:36
kklimondaburn: how is the app for android called?23:36
kklimondaok, I've found links23:36
kklimondabeuno: paid service as in available only for paying U1 subscribers?23:37
beunokklimonda, yes, it will be paid, but there may or may not be changed to the plans23:38
beunokklimonda, yes, it will be paid, but there may or may not be changed to the plans23:39
kklimondabeuno: any chance you could accept my application for beta testing? Or have I wait in the line? :)23:40
beunokklimonda, doing so now!23:40
sevenseekerhowdy, where can I get an authoritative and up to date list of supported devices to sync with and work with say, rhythm box's ubuntu one?23:40
duanedesignsevenseeker: you can see which phones are supported at https://one.ubuntu.com/phones/23:45
sevenseekersweet, thanks a ton... I am not sure how I missed such an obvious link :)23:46
duanedesignquite allright :)23:46
beunoduanedesign, let me know if you do buy the app23:48
beunoand I'll tell you how to get set up  :)23:48
beunokklimonda, instructions sent privately!23:48
duanedesignsweet thanks.23:48
duanedesignTrying to write a solution to handle old config files in one of my projects.23:49
sevenseekerawww, Evo not supported but I have a question23:50
sevenseekerthere is a generic android solution, but I just installed a funambol client for my evo23:50
sevenseekerwhich should I use, or just try both and pick the most robust one?23:50
duanedesignbeuno: ^23:52
beunosevenseeker, use our app, it will work on almost any android23:52
sevenseekerok, downloading now :) thanks beuno23:53

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