ScottLTheMuso, i have not, i doubt anyone else but quadrispro or persia would do such a thing00:11
ScottLanyone interested: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Sandbox00:12
ScottLignore the beginners graphic box at first, look at the ubuntu studio one below it :)00:12
ScottLi'd like to make a header like this for thw w.u.c. for ubuntu studio00:12
ScottLi'm using the first graphic (beginners team) as a template00:13
ScottLhuh, i thought somebody would like the header graphic at the sandbox page :(00:50
persiaYou don't even know if anyone looked at the page yet :p00:58
* persia thinks the header is a bit busy00:58
persiaCompare https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Header (yeah, I should do something with that team)00:59
persiaOr https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Menu (and yeah, that team too.  One of these days I'll be caught up with my TODOs again)01:01
persiaContent still needs cleanup (nice to stick logs on other pages for reference, but not being main content; needs general review/cleanup so a Table of Contents reads sensibly; etc.)01:03
persiaScottL, Als, Riddell was asking about publication in -release for other flavours: you may want to pipe up there.01:04
ScottLpersia, what am i contacting riddell about in -release?01:18
persiapublication of RCs (if we're ready)01:18
ScottLah, will do01:18
persiaHe'll explain in more detail than I understand if you ask.01:18
ScottLpersia, the header is rather busy, i agree...i'm just using it to get started, using the code :)01:20
ScottLi'm still knocking it up mind you01:20
persiaHeh, OK.01:21
ScottLpersia, crisis averted ;) lol01:39
ScottLso what happened during lucid?  who signed off then01:40
persiaOr maybe Luke did, I may misremember.01:40
ScottLpersia, i spoke with doctormo about his wizardpen package, it hasn't been promoted into the archives and he hasn't filed a bug to do so either02:04
ScottLi thought that i would speak with quadrispro first to see if it can get into debian, but if not, i'll file a bug for it and see about getting it into REVU02:05
persiaOK.  There's also some guide to "make Wacom work" that points at his PPA.02:05
ScottLi did tell him that we would really like it in ubuntu studio, and it would therefore need to be in the archives before we could do that02:06
persiaI'll be seeing him in ~3 weeks, and will push on that idea some more.02:06
ScottLdo you know how well the wacom-tools package works?02:06
ScottLwhat's happening in ~3 weeks?02:06
persiaNope.  I haven't yet gotten enough desire to find out to get a Wacom :)02:07
ScottLi'll try to keep reinforcing to him about getting it into the archives as well02:07
ScottLoh yeah, duh :s02:07
* holstein has a wacom tablet02:10
holsteinan older one02:10
holsteinim not even sure if i would know if it was working properly though02:11
* abogani waves07:51
aboganiWho is Ralf Mardorf?07:53
aboganiIs he already know person inside Studio project or Ubuntu?07:54
astraljavaNo idea, but saw his post just a while back.07:54
astraljavaLP doesn't really know him.07:55
astraljavaSeems to be pretty vocal on audio-related projects all over the 'net.07:56
aboganiPerhaps I misunderstood his email but he seems a troll to me.07:58
astraljavaI didn't get that impression. He just seems to be pretty serious about the latency, and knows what can affect that on a system.07:59
persiaTrick is balance of latency and featureset, which gets extra-complicated quickly.08:00
astraljavaAll amd64 tests completed successfully.15:49
scott-work*sigh* hopefully soon, people will understand why we understand the -rt kernel is valuable, why we can't offer it in the ISO, andthat we are trying to provide the best solution for users as we can19:29
astraljavaNormally, people have limited understanding for middle-ground. It's one way or the other.19:30
scott-workand i also appreciate ronj and rlameiro for jumping in the discussion on the mailing list19:30
scott-workastraljava: true19:30
scott-workastraljava: i think you were involved in one of the other kernel threads, thank you as well19:30
scott-workit's frustrating at times, i got the sense that Ralf expected we just chose to remove the -rt kernels by choice, without warrant19:31
astraljavascott-work: No need to thank, I just offered my limited resources for the process of providing a lower-latency kernel, whichever is to be decided on.19:31
astraljavascott-work: Seemed that way at one point, yeah.19:31
scott-workas if  we made such a gross change without intellectual consideration19:32
scott-worki hope this email helps that19:32
scott-workthis would be a good topic for the help.u.c. FAQ19:38
astraljavaSure would.19:39
holsteini think abogani said it best19:39
holsteinwhen he called for assistance maintaining the PPA19:39
holsteinyou can find just as many folk upset about the devices that didnt work with the RT kernel i bet19:40
holsteinor something RT related in a negative19:40
scott-worki'm very happy that people are stepping up and offering to help19:54
scott-workhow that translates into how many people that actually help is to be seen, i guess19:55
scott-worki know i would like to learn a little (or more) about how a -lowlatency kernel is compiled from the -generic19:56
scott-workmaybe abogani can write something up to help that19:56
holsteinand i think that should be mentioned as well20:00
holsteinthe pro user might just want to make their own kernel anyways20:00
holsteinbut nothing is really any different than before20:01
holsteinif the PPA keeps going20:01
holsteinand it thats well documented20:01
holsteini think it will eventually be seen as a win-win20:01
scott-worki hope that Ralf's influenze is clouding his thinking20:11
scott-workhe seems to not understand that it simply may not be possible to ship the -rt kernel20:14
scott-workand seems rather fixated on it being available, to the exclusion that ubuntu studio is worthless without it20:15
holsteindrop the hammer20:21
holsteinstart a new thread20:21
holstein'the RT gospel'20:21
holsteinit is *gone*20:22
holsteinBUT available here 20:22
scott-workmaybe he just needs validation before he moves forward :)20:29
dholbachdid we hear any general problems about alsa xruns?21:01
scott-workhi dholbach 21:58
scott-workxruns with jackd?21:58
scott-worki haven't heard anything specific...just the usual general rumblings about kernels, performance and hardware21:59
scott-workthat certainly isn't proof that people have not been experiencing it21:59
dholbachno, no jack problem22:00
dholbachok, I'm having problems with xwax and alsa xruns22:07
holsteinhey rlameiro :)22:26
dholbachalright, I'm heading out - see you22:27
holsteindholbach: laterz22:27
rlameiroholstein: :D22:28
rlameirohow are you?22:28
* holstein experimenting with jacktrip and netjack a bit today22:28
holsteingiving up for now22:29
rlameiroscott-work: hey :D22:29
rlameiromailing list is on fire :D22:29
holsteinRT warz ;22:29
rlameirofinally people care about something22:29
rlameirothats a good sign22:29
holsteinyeah, im glad to see the activiyty22:29
holsteinSO rlameiro , this VO22:30
holsteinill totally do an english one22:30
holsteinbut i think you should do one as well22:30
rlameirowill you record over, o make a new one?22:31
holsteini think i'll just say 'choose your language'22:31
holsteinsomething like that22:31
holsteinthe installer is in english anyways22:31
rlameirothe idea is to explain more how the install works22:31
rlameirosaying, that you can use the tab key to change to the buttons22:31
holsteini think it would be nice to have this video with as many languages as possible over it22:32
rlameiroexplain the partition stuff etc22:32
holsteinwe can get somebody to do 'austrailian' ;)22:32
rlameiroyeah, i can dub it in portuguese, its not a problem22:32
holsteinwe should be able to find a spanish speaker easy enough22:32
rlameiroyeah, i think so22:33
rlameiroand also french22:33
holsteintheres a couple regular germans in OSMP22:33
rlameirocan be canadian too22:33
holsteinrlameiro: whats the time frame for you?22:34
holsteinyou want this before maverick is final right?22:34
rlameiroyeap :D22:34
holsteini'll try and get a version to you before next week22:34
holsteinwhat was the video syncing jack app you mentioned?22:35
holsteini lost my scroll back :/22:35
rlameiroyou have it in ubuntu studio menu22:35
rlameirobut you should use cli :D22:35
holsteini'll see what i can do :)22:36

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