rlameironive tutorial by autostatic01:20
ronjthis -lowlatency kernel is grrrrrrrreat :)05:52
holsteinronj: :)05:52
ronjholstein, 4ms!05:53
ronjjust like the -realtime05:53
ronjcorrect me if I'm wrong: there is work in progress to include -lowlatency in Maverick as the default ubustu kernel05:55
holsteini think it is05:56
ronjoÔ, well not in the iso I installed last sunday05:57
ronjdid it change since?05:57
persiaronj, I believe it's the default Ubuntu Studio kernel, but not the default Ubuntu kernel.05:58
holsteinnot sure05:58
persia(one of the differences depending on which flavour you install first)05:58
holsteinyeah, -generic will be the default in plain old ubuntu05:59
ronjhmm yeah for ubuntu, but I installed with a ubuntustudio iso, and got -generic05:59
* holstein not sure06:00
holsteinbut the goal is -lowlatency by default06:00
persiaHrm.  Needs investigation.  Might be a bug there somewhere.06:00
* ronj rsyncing his isos and peeking inside the iso to see what's in now06:00
TheMusoI don't see any low latency kernel in maverick...06:06
holsteintheres still time :)06:08
ronjTheMuso, hmmm, but I think I read ScottL mentioning there is work under way to set it as default in ubustu maverick06:08
ronjsome days ago on the mailing list06:08
TheMusoWell its in a PPA.06:09
TheMusoI just did a search for linux kernels in maverick on amd64, and nothing there shows anything to do with preempt or low latency.06:09
TheMusoEven then I am not sure what PPA.06:09
ronjthat's the email I refer to: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-users/2010-September/006561.html06:12
ronjTheMuso, yes -lowlatency is currently in Alessio's PPA06:12
ronjI'm running it06:12
ronjOfftopic: I just came back from a Menomena live, pretty good, but the first part was called Suckers and they were f*ckin excellent. Haven't heard their album yet but if they tour near you, you MUST be there; http://suckersmusic.com06:13
nevynsomeone was having trouble with a fast track ultra?06:31
holsteinronj: was that you?06:33
holsteinwith the fast track?06:33
* holstein cant remember06:33
holsteini dont think nick is around right now nevyn06:34
holsteinnevyn: i'll bookmark that link about it06:37
holsteinwhen i see him again06:37
holsteinand credit you :)06:37
nevynthe forum is a tad messy.. it's more like development chatter with the odd howto sprinkled throughout.06:37
ronjgood night/day everybody06:42
holsteinronj: GN06:42
terrenceHi All10:25
terrenceMy TV Card sound was fine five minutes ago, but now its not plying10:29
terrenceI clicked on HDSP Config under sound production and nothing came up, but I suspect that this caused the problem. Any ideas10:30
astraljavaterrence: I have no idea, but have you checked with the mythbuntu guys, who know more about TV card setups and applications? Maybe they've stumbled into this before.10:39
ScottLronj, sorry if i misled anyone but i don't expect to get -lowlatency into the archives (and therefore on the ISO) until natty12:24
ScottLto be honest, even that is not guaranteed12:25
ronjScottL, ok, now that I reread your email you're right you didn't even mention maverick in your email, but I assumed this because it was in the "Maverick and RT" thread12:25
ronjthanks for the clarification12:26
ScottLronj, i realized that i had probably posted that comment in a maverick thread and i should have clarified it better, sorry for the confusion12:26
ronjScottL, I'm writing an email to sum this up12:27
ronjand remind of the kernel differences12:27

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