Hydroziihello everyone01:52
HydroziiI just finished installing Xubuntu!01:54
Hydroziiat first i wasn't sure if i liked xfce as much as gnome01:56
Hydroziibut now that i've customized it a little bit i think i will stay with it01:56
charlie-tcaIt takes a little getting used to. I think a lot of that is what you are used to.01:57
Hydroziibut is it okay if i ask so noob questions while i'm trying to get used to it?01:57
charlie-tcasure. If anyone here knows the answer, they will give one.01:58
Hydroziiokay, so when i am adding a launcher to the panel for a particular application... how do i know what the command to launch it is?01:58
Hydroziifor chromium it was chromium-browser... but what would it be for xchat?01:59
Hydroziiin ubuntu i would have probably gone to main menu and looked at the properties of the application01:59
Venimi'm trying to patch the fglrx driver as shown here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/64251802:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642518 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu Karmic) "[MASTER] package fglrx 2:8.723.1-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: Kernel fix for CVE-2010-3081 breaks fglrx" [High,Fix released]02:01
Venimbut apt-get source fglrx doesn't come back with anything02:01
Hydroziiyah i figured it out02:07
Hydroziibut seriously how do i figure out what the command is to launch a particular program02:28
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tikiking1how do I setup Ubuntu one?02:47
tikiking1 anyone there02:48
tikiking1'm not a spambot, so stop blocking me02:49
tikiking1how do i setup Ubuntu One?02:49
tikiking1how do i setup ubuntu one?02:51
tikiking1anyone there?02:52
charlie-tcaHydrozii: I look in /usr/share/applications for the menu name, then right-click on it, left-click on Open With... and choose mousepad03:22
charlie-tcaHydrozii: Thanks for being patient. I was taking care of a baby :-)03:24
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ebahadirhi everybody12:48
ebahadircan i ask a question again about my xubuntu installation12:49
sghhi ebahadir, for sure you can12:59
sghI'm not sure if I can answer it but if I can't anyone else will13:00
sghit could just take longer in that case13:00
ebahadirokay. i will format my c drive with a program13:01
ebahadiri will have two partition with name c and d13:01
ebahadiri'll change my file system to ext4, after that i'll open computer with windows13:02
ebahadirin windows, can i setup xubuntu to ext4 partition13:02
ebahadiri have iso file and a flash drive13:02
ebahadirbut i my computer cant boot with flash drive13:03
sghWindows does not support ext4 :/13:05
sghyou'll need to install Windows first and create the partions you want (C and D)13:05
sghthen you need to install Xubuntu13:05
sghyou can either burn the .iso onto a CD or put it onto the flash drive, but I recommend the first methode if you can't the flash drive13:06
sgh*can't boot the flash drive13:06
ebahadirokay. Thanks for support.13:06
ebahadiri'll try now13:07
sghno problem13:07
coolguy4I had xubuntu in a virtualbox... I had to restart X on the host due to running out of memory (Ctrl-Alt-Bksp) during a time in which xubuntu was installing via aptitude.... now when I try to load the xubuntu virtual machine it takes me to the session controller (I forget which one xubuntu uses)... I select my username and type my password. The screen (ie the vbox window) flashes a couple of times, then I'm returned to the session control s13:57
coolguy4creen. If I try to use a non valid account it says ;Authentication Failure'.... so there's something going on here... X is dying before it loads I think.... is there a way I can boot to a terminal in xubuntu? I can't use ctrl-alt-F1 because it runs on the host machine (though maybe I should check to see if I can force it to be sent to the vbox...)13:57
charlie-tcain virtualbox, normally, rt-ctrl+F1 should switch to a tty13:58
coolguy4charlie-tca: well, there you go... now how to figure out how to fix things...14:04
charlie-tcacheck your permissions in /home/USER ; make sure you as the USER own the files14:07
charlie-tca(at least the dot files14:08
sagarchaliseHi My login screen shows the resolution of 800 x 600 while I have my session set up to 1024x768 can anyone tell me how to configure gdm so that it uses the same resolution as my session ?15:57
sagarchalisecan anyone tell me how to setup resolution for gdm ?18:15
charlie-tcasagarchalise: this helps - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:19
sagarchalisecharlie-tca, its not total resolution problem but rather my login screen has low resolution than my sessions18:21
sagarchalisecharlie-tca, my login screen displays in 800x60018:21
charlie-tcanot so much to be done about that. Login is different18:22
vic20gmrall, im trying to figure out why thunar wont let me drag .wad files [for doom] to /usr/share/games/doom20:55
vic20gmrive tried googling, and ubuntu forums, but no luck so far20:55
vic20gmrwill some one help me?20:55
Sysialt+f2: gksudo thunar20:56
Sysicheck first if you have hidden files in home folder (ctrl h)20:56
vic20gmri press alt+f2 after it is started?20:56
Sysiif you could put those files there20:56
vic20gmri gess i have to start from term, thx20:58
vic20gmrthat gkthunar solution worked for me btw, thanks again21:50
chardingI upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and now volume buttons on my laptop do not work or show notifications. Know where I can start to look for fix?22:15
pfifoI am trying to write a script that mounts a file, allows a user to perform some actions, then umounts the file. I have a perfectly working copy of it already that calls nautilus to allow the user to do what they want. I tried simply replacing nautilus with thunar, but thunars behavior is to go into the background and then return back to the script (which then unmounts the directory) Is there a way to use thunar in a script so that it waits un22:40
pfifotil the window is closed before returning control to the script?22:40
Hydroziii recently installed minecraft.jar23:20
Hydroziiand i cant figure out how to mark it as executable in xfce23:20
Hydroziiit was easy in gnome23:20
Hydroziiany idea how i can mark it as executable?23:20
FusionXHydrozi use a launcherr23:21
Hydroziiso the command is just minecraft.jar?23:21
pfifoHydrozii, run 'chmod 0755 minecraft.jar' good luck getting it to run23:21
Hydroziiill try it right now23:21
FusionX"java -jar "location/of/minecraft.jar"23:22
FusionXHydrozii: ^ ^ ^23:22
pfifohow can I keep thunar from return control to the command line until the window is closed23:24
Hydroziii still cant get it to run23:25
pfifook then, that idea is going straight to the recycle bin23:25
FusionX"java -jar "location/of/minecraft.jar"23:26
FusionXHydrozii: ^ ^ ^23:26
Sysiyou have java installed?23:26
SysiFusionX: your quotes don't make sense23:26
pfifowhat other file managers are available besides thunar and nautilus23:26
Sysipfifo: how does your scrip look like? (about)23:27
FusionXjava -jar "location/of/minecraft.jar"23:27
pfifoHydrozii, your entire effort is pretty much futile, Ive spent several hours trying to get minecraft running in linux with no success, I reccomment Windows or virtualbox23:27
Hydroziii had it running perfectly in ubuntu yesterday23:28
Sysii know several guys playing minecraft on linux23:28
FusionXpfifo: its posssible, i am able to run itt.23:28
pfifoSysi, mount -o <stuff>; thunar /dir/to/stuff; umount <stuff;23:28
Sysipfifo: what if you replace ;  with && ?23:29
pfifoSysi, the umount command gets run prematurely cause thunar exits after being called23:29
Hydroziiin ubuntu there was an option to mark as executable under the properties of minecraft.jar23:29
Sysipfifo: it shouldn't23:29
Hydroziiin xubuntu there is no option23:29
pfifoSysi, no, thats just a single line version, there are no ; in my script cause i can use seprate lines23:29
SysiHydrozii: you can't right click and "run"?23:29
SysiHydrozii: try that commandline method23:30
Hydroziino i get an error telling me its not marked as executable23:30
Hydroziiill paste the error23:30
Sysipfifo: i think you should have &&, it couls make that work23:30
Sysii'm not sure23:30
FusionXjust create a launcher with that command Hydrozii23:31
HydroziiThe file '/home/***/Downloads/Minecraft.jar' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.23:31
pfifoill try, but not right now, my mom is playing farmvill and I cant get on23:31
Hydroziiwith the command <java -jer "location/of/minecraft.jar">23:31
Sysipfifo: no, seems not to work23:31
Hydroziii tried that command and it doesn't do anything23:32
Hydroziiyah thats what i meant srry23:32
Sysicheck path23:32
FusionXit does work if u havve java installed.23:33
Sysipropably /home/user/something23:33
Hydroziiit doesnt give me an error or anything23:33
pfifoSysi, I was thinking it wouldn't thunar exits immedatly and runs the unmount, it needs to stay in the foreground23:33
Hydroziiyah im pretty sure i got the path right23:33
Sysipfifo: sleep or something to the script?23:33
HydroziiOpenJDK java 6 Runtime23:33
Sysi(i'm not very familiar with bash actually23:33
Hydroziii have that installed23:33
Sysiif it doesn't say anything it should work23:34
Hydroziino i click on the launcher and nothing at all happens23:34
pfifoNo that wont work, im mounting an SD card here and the length of time that the contents need to be displayed could vary23:34
FusionXHydrozii: cd to tthe directory where u have minecraft.jar and run "java -jar minecraft.jar"23:34
SysiHydrozii: it doesn't print anything on cli either?23:35
Hydroziialright ill cd23:35
Sysichmod a+x maybe worth a try23:35
Hydroziichmod a+x?23:36
Hydroziias the command?23:36
Hydroziicd doesnt work either btw23:36
pfifoFusionX, you should make a minecraft .deb if you got it working23:37
SysiHydrozii: "doesn't work"?23:37
FusionXim on XP currently23:37
FusionXlater maybe23:37
Hydroziiyes i changed the directory to downloads.. where i downloaded it... and then changed the command to java -jar minecraft.jar23:38
Hydroziialso i tried the command java -jar "minecraft.jar"23:38
FusionXrestart ur computer and try and run the command again23:39
Hydroziialright i guess thats always an option23:39
Hydroziino change23:41
FusionXwhen did u install java?23:42
Hydroziilike an hour ago23:44
Sysiwhat java do you exactly have?23:44
Sysifrom default repositories?23:44
FusionXcan u play minecraft online Hydrozii?23:44
Hydroziino i cant23:45
pfifowrong java>23:46
HydroziiOpenJDK Java 6 Runtime23:46
Hydroziithats the one i have now23:46
Sysiyou need sun/oracle one23:46
Hydroziii downloaded from the default repositories i believe23:46
FusionXHydrozii did u use 'install missing plugins' in firefox?23:47
Hydroziii use chromium23:47
Hydroziiso no...?23:48
Sysiyou maybe should remove the other java23:48
FusionXHydrozii how did u install java?23:48
Hydroziiubuntu software center23:48
SysiFusionX: he said from default repo, so it's wrong one23:49
Hydroziiokay so how do i download it from the default repo23:49
Sysicheck url i gave23:49
Sysiand as said you maybe should remove the other java23:49
Hydroziiso after adding the new repository and removeing old java23:52
Hydroziii should just search for the sun java in the ubuntu software center?23:52
FusionXremove the other java and then follow those commands https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes#Sun%20Java%20moved%20to%20the%20Partner%20repository23:53
Sysiafter updating "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre" should work23:53
FusionXminecraft should work after that23:55
FusionXwith the command23:55
Hydroziiugh... well i thought i added the repository23:56
Hydroziiapt-get install isnt working right23:57
Hydroziiis there some way to specify the repository ?23:57
Sysiyou did apt-get update?23:57
Sysidoes it list that partner repository?23:57
Sysii'm not exaxtly sure about package name23:58
Hydrozii what is the partner repository called?23:58
Hydroziino i guess not23:59
Hydroziiill try the apt-add-repository again23:59

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