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rrrachelwhat i can't figure out... is how to get the titlebar stuff (ie: close/minimize/maximize if window maximized; a word of the window title if not maximized - the bit between the go-home button and the application menu in full netbook interface) to work in an otherwise *desktop* environment13:25
rrrachelit doesn't seem to come from any applet or indicator that i can find; is it actually a part of mutter or unity?13:26
rrrachel(the specific package unity, with the launcher-on-left etc.)13:26
rrrachel(yes, my other computer is a mac; and with application menu getting good enough to use most of the time, and awn at the bottom, the desktop's almost getting civilised... :-D13:27
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rrracheli tried instead to just run the netbook/unity interface but with maximus set to not automatically maximize everything (although it still did some things); but had various problems with that, not least i actualy didn't want the launcher bar on the left13:28
rrracheland there was no way to remove it13:29
Cimirrrachel: sorry, which kind of desktop you would kike to have?13:47
rrrachelasking seriously or a bit pissed because i'm trying to use *part* of unity rather than all of it? :-) I want (already have) close to a standard gnome desktop with desktop effects (ie: compiz), awn, but i want application menu in the top-left, which i can already have, and the titlebar stuff described above (sorry don't know if it has a proper name) in that setting, rather than having to get the whole of unity/netbook13:50
rrrachelenvironment just for that13:50
rrrachelas i said, my other computer is (computers are) a mac and while i'm not trying to make it look so much like a mac as to fool anyone, it would be nice to have my muscle-memory habits catered for :-)13:51
rrrachelas i said: the bit on the maverick netbook screen between the go-home button and the appmenu - just that bit - on my full desktop panel please :-) but it doesn't seem to actually come from an applet or indicator as far as i can tell13:54
Cimiit may be part of unity and not detachable13:55
rrrachelthat's what i was trying to confirm (or hoping vagualy to de-confirm :-)13:56
rrrachelvaguely even13:56
rrracheli'm not sure it is though, as when i tried to just run unity itself in the gnome desktop iirc i got the left hand launcher bar thing, but not that thing in the titlebar13:58
vishrrrachelĀ¦ its appmenu, and you can use it in regular desktop13:58
rrrachelvish, appmenu as far as i could see just provides the actual application/active-window menu in an applet in the panel, which is fine (better when it's finished, but on its way there) but not the other thing13:59
rrrachelthe close/minimize/maximize when window maximized, and app name when not13:59
vishrrrachelĀ¦ ah, thats unity.. ;)13:59
rrrachelunless there's some sooper sekrit way of enabling it :-)13:59
rrracheland unity (which i've just started now to check) in standard desktop just gives the left-hand launcher, which i *dont* want (prefer awn in this setting)14:00
rrrachelnot the titlebar stuff. (does it actually have a name btw? the gui element i'm talking about?)14:00
rrracheloh wait! got it! if unity *and* appmenu enabled; but they keep crashing out with "The panel encountered a problem" errors14:04
rrrachelie: if i have unity running *and* appmenu, the other top-left panel stuff appears - but seems unstable and crashes almost immediately14:05
rrrachelso closest yet, but still stuck with the launcher down the side i don't want...14:06
rrrachelappmenu itself seems stable if unity isn't running14:06
rrrachelunity doesn't like compiz?14:06
vishrrrachelĀ¦ unity runs on mutter.14:07
visherr, unity is mutter14:08
rrracheli thought mutter was a window manager; unity a thing that runs in it - and it would appear only in it... hmm14:08
rrrachelactually there may be two panels going on here... that would be confusing14:08
rrrachelunity seems to be providing its own top panel, and oddly the appmenu in there isn't working as well as the one i added to the gnome panel14:11
rrrachel(damn, have to do some salaried work for a bit; better make my desktop sane again... :-}14:11
rrrachelupshot seems to be the little applet  i want is inseparable from the whole strip down the side and a window manager i don't want14:13
rrracheli guess it's frustrating because it's *nearly* there, it's just this one little thing14:17
rrrachelit's never been so nearly there before :-)14:17
rrrachelneed to log out...14:37
rrrachelgnome-globalmenu does it, after logout/login :-)14:39
rrracheli think last time i looked at that it needed you to patch gtk and didn't work anyway...14:39
jcastroklattimer: how you looking over there, all set?15:44
klattimerjcastro: yeah15:44
jcastroeverything set for UDS? (Don't forget to register in launchpad: https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-n )15:44
jcastrodo you know how blueprints work and all that?15:45
klattimerstill working out flight stuff, been very busy today trying to fix a cpu hogging bug15:45
klattimerjcastro: have a good document handy?15:45
jcastrook, find me like, mid next week and I'll show you how to do it15:45
jcastrobasically watch these15:46
jcastroand subscribe to the ones you care about.15:46
jcastroand then it will spam you and you'll be good15:46
jcastrolikely ted, dbarth and others will also subscribe you to ones they think you should monitor15:46
klattimerok, looks pretty straight forward15:46
jcastroand from those we generate the session schedule15:46
klattimerwell, I've got some stuff to discuss with dbarth later this week, and we'll be able to generate a blueprint from what i have15:47
jcastroI made a bunch of videos on how to schedule sessions, they're on ubuntudevelopers.blip.tv15:47
jcastrojust go in there and search for "UDS" and you'll be good15:47
klattimerjcastro: Error 503 Service Unavailable15:48
klattimeroh, and it's back15:49
klattimertemporary gremlin error15:49
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