mgzwhoops, making a hash of bug editing, sorry for the spam nmb00:02
lifelessmkanat: mkanat probably00:06
mkanatlifeless: Okay. Does it need any information from the processes it's proxying, like information on which ones are busy/free?00:07
lifelessmkanat: we tell it a policy about how deep to queue.00:07
lifelessif we're going to deploy with single threaded instances, its easy - we set that to 1 ;)00:07
mkanatlifeless: Okay, that's easy enough.00:07
lifelessfiling an RT for it now00:08
mkanatlifeless: Okay. However, loggerhead isn't completely ready for single-threaded instances.00:08
mkanatI'm not sure why, but it's very very slow in single-threaded mode. I think there's some cache that it's regenerating for each request or something.00:08
lifelessdo you mean00:09
lifeless'if you configure it with one thread and then run it locally its slow'00:09
lifeless'if you configure a cluster of lh's with 10 threads each but a 1-request-at-a-time cluster policy it is slow' ?00:10
mkanatlifeless: The first one.00:10
lifelessok, so lets not do that00:10
lifelesswe can just use haproxy to limit it to one concurrent request00:10
mkanatlifeless: That sounds like it could work, yeah.00:10
mkanatlifeless: I also haven't yet tested to see if there are any concurrency problems with multiple processes.00:11
mkanatlifeless: But if we can set up a sort of edge loggerhead behind haxproxy, that would probably work.00:11
mkanatFor testing purposes, that is.00:11
lifelessthat would be staging00:13
lifelessedge is a production system :)00:14
mkanatlifeless: Okay.00:14
* mwhudson would expect strictly fewer concurrency issues running multiple processes compared to multiple threads00:15
mkanatmwhudson: I would too, but there's the log and the sql caches.00:15
lifelessmwhudson: rt 41762 if you'd like to review what I've asked for.00:15
lifelessok, stacking wood.00:15
mkanatAnd launchpad-loggerhead specifically has code to disable locking the log, although that probably wouldn't matter anyway since I think the locks are mutexes.00:16
mkanatI think that it all being a single fwrite will probably be enough.00:16
mwhudsonmkanat: i don't think sqlite cares at all whether the multiple accesses come from different processes or different threads00:17
mwhudsonsimilar for locking really, i hope...00:17
mkanatmwhudson: I think that you're right, and jam's post to the bzr list pretty much confirms it.00:17
mwhudsonyeah, one line per fwrite00:17
* mwhudson needs lunch00:17
mkanatlifeless: The current production loggerhead isn't using bzr-history-db yet, though, also, BTW.00:23
mkanatlifeless: So putting that into one-request mode would be, basically, a miserable experience.00:24
pooliehm, istr that sqlite requires you to lock yourself if you're going to use the same object from multiple threads00:45
pooliethis might be handled in the python layer though00:45
lifelesspoolie: its not00:45
lifelesswe already have something to do isolation of the sqlite dbs, I think?00:45
pooliehello lifeless00:46
pooliemwhudson, could you find some time to review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/launchpad/lp-service/+merge/37531 ?00:47
maxbHmm, I don't suppose one of you feels like running requeue_package.py deja-dup coreutils freeimage on pkg_import@jubany ?00:48
lifeless./requeue_package.py deja-dup coreutils freeimage00:52
lifelessdeja-dup has not failed00:52
lifelesscoreutils has not failed00:52
lifelessfreeimage has not failed00:52
lifelessmaxb: ^00:52
mkanatmaxb: I think we clearly need to legally change our names, or something. :-)00:52
maxbwell why does the web ui say they have :-(00:53
mwhudsonpoolie: i'll take a look00:53
maxblifeless: Could you try that again with --force ? Because those branches are definitely lagging reality01:00
lifeless./requeue_package.py --force deja-dup coreutils freeimage01:02
lifelessUsage: requeue_package.py [options]01:02
lifelessrequeue_package.py: error: no such option: --force01:02
* mwhudson stabs his launchpad development environment repeatedly with a rusty blade01:03
james_wcd ../new/scripts01:03
mwhudsonjames_w: to be followed by ../../newer/scripts ?01:04
lifelesspkg_import@jubany:/srv/package-import.canonical.com/new/scripts$ ./requeue_package.py deja-dup coreutils freeimage01:04
lifelessTraceback (most recent call last):01:04
lifeless  File "./requeue_package.py", line 8, in <module>01:04
lifeless    import icommon01:04
lifeless  File "/srv/package-import.canonical.com/new/scripts/icommon.py", line 21, in <module>01:04
lifeless    from debian_bundle import changelog01:04
lifelessImportError: No module named debian_bundle01:04
lifelessjames_w: ^01:05
maxb!delegate james_w :-)01:05
ubot5Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:05
lifelessubot5: hush01:05
james_wlifeless: pythonpath=python-debian01:05
lifelessjames_w: this needs a profile or some such01:06
james_wGo ahead01:07
lifelessmaxb: requeued01:07
lifelessjames_w: I have 3.5 m³ to finish stacking01:07
pooliethanks mwhudson01:07
james_wlifeless: I have a hard disk to repair :)01:08
lifelessjames_w: ouch01:08
lifelessjames_w: that sounds ... delicate01:08
pooliemkanat, hi?01:09
mkanatHowdy poolie.01:09
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chxis it possible to change what a branch is stacked on?03:47
jbowtiechx: Yes, see bzr reconfigure04:50
chxjbowtie: thanks!04:53
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pooliehi vila, bialix, gary07:13
bialixhi poolie!07:14
pooliei'm going to turn back on expiry of old incomplete bugs, unless/until someone complains07:14
bialixI was about to ask you about kicking update of explorer site, but it's updated this morning. thanks anyway07:14
poolieit was failing to update because of a minor permissions problem07:15
pooliei fixed it07:15
pooliethanks anyhow07:15
vilahi all !07:24
vilapoolie: +1 for expiring bugs07:24
bialix\o_ _o/07:29
vilabialix: :)07:29
pooliehi there07:38
vilagrr, update requires reboot, bbiab07:43
vilaweird... what is the meaning of 't' in 'drwxrwxr-t' in the chmod bits on '/' ?07:59
vilathat's on OSX if that matters07:59
vilanm, sticky bit for directory08:02
vilaos.listdir('/home') raises OSError: [Errno 5] Input/output error .... wth ? (I know OSX uses /Users, but the directory exists here, is empty and chmod bits are 'dr-x-rxr-x root wheel')08:06
poolieat that point on linux i'd look in the kernel log for an actual io error08:07
vilaI have a parent_location set to a path inherited from branching from another host and bzr expects Errno 2 (ENOENT) and fails in this case08:08
pooliei would say generally we should not swallow eio08:08
poolieit often does indicate a real hardware error08:08
vilathat's what we do, but it occurs during a format probe so we fail to raise NotBranchError08:09
vilaI think we don't have to care about *this* exotic case, but I'd like to understand what is really happening here08:09
vilahehe, trying to scare me this early in my morning ? No, not hardware related ;) I can 'cd' there and issue ls -al08:11
vilanothing in log, I think I will just delete this '/home' directory08:15
vilaha ha ! sudo rmdir /home: Resource busy08:16
vilastill busy after a reboot...08:22
vilahaaaa, automount...08:24
mgzmorning all08:25
vilaand can't be reproduced on 10.6, ok, exotic, Wontfix :)08:26
vilamgz: _o/08:27
pooliehi vila09:26
vilaargh, lp read-only, bug report lost !09:26
pooliedid you see my messages, or were you rebooting?09:26
vilatell me there is some log somewhere I can get it back :(09:26
vilapoolie: nope didn't see them09:26
peitschiehi... does anyone know if there is an easy awy to generate a reasonable-sized repository?09:51
peitschienm... i just used my bzr checkout :D09:53
Glenjaminhe guys, i'm getting Error received from smart server: ('error', 'bytes must be a string') when trying to access a certain branch09:58
Glenjaminany idea's what I should be looking at to diagnose properly?09:58
Glenjaminhttp://pastebin.com/bp8twuQm =/10:00
peitschiethas cool!10:01
peitschiei have no clues sorry (but i dont know much :))10:01
peitschieare there foreign languages in ur branch at all?10:02
Glenjaminit's a very basic rails app, which includes some binary files10:03
bialixGlenjamin: it seems your bytes are actually unicode string, but bzr expects them to be plain string10:06
bialixcheck the input10:06
Glenjaminmy input is bzr push repo-url10:07
Glenjamini'm not really sure what to look at beyond that10:07
GlenjaminI can push the same branch over ssh, but then I can't pull it back down over bzr+http10:07
bialixis it with CLI bzr? or with your own tool?10:08
GlenjaminCLI bzr10:08
bialixthat's bug then, can't say more10:08
bialixpeitschie: your patch landed, thank you10:14
peitschiebialix: a pleasure :).  Thanks for the feedback and guidance... it's quite exciting to get my first commit to bzr & friends accepted :)10:15
zygahi, does anyone around knows how to use tarmac?10:25
txdvCan you give me some google keywoards for this kinda of problem: Branch b1 is 3 commits ahead of b2, I want now to apply all the commits to b2 but instead of 3 commits i want to use only 110:36
peitschietxdv: I think what you want is to do a "merge" from b1 to b210:37
peitschiesee: bzr help merge10:37
peitschietxdv: do you mean you want the 3 commits to appear as one commit in b2?10:38
peitschieor that you want all three commits to appear in b2 with only one command?10:38
txdv1 commit10:39
txdvi want those 3 commits to appear as 1 commit10:39
peitschietxdv: definitely merge then :)10:39
txdvquite different then from git's merge10:41
Glenjaminthere's no direct equivalent of git's fast-forward merge in bazaar10:41
Kinnisongit's ff merge is just "pull" in bzr isn't it?10:41
peitschiethat does sound like pull or push to me definitely10:42
Glenjaminnot quite10:42
Glenjaminpull makes your branch a copy of the other branch (same history ordering)10:42
Glenjamingit pull gets the revisions you're missing10:42
Glenjaminshould bzr be buildable without pyrex?10:46
ddaawell no10:47
ddaabut it should be usable without compilation10:47
ddaaactually, not pyrex, cython10:47
Glenjaminah right, i think i misread that as cpython in the install guide10:48
Glenjaminmy smart server is failing on a type check inside some pyrex code, so i'm trying to do a quick fix by building without pyrex stuff10:48
ddaayou probably have a larger problem10:49
Glenjamini do, but I need something to work by 1pm10:49
txdvand what if i WANT those commit messages to be existent in the other branch?10:49
Glenjamintxdv: they will be, just nested10:49
Glenjaminddaa: http://pastebin.com/bp8twuQm10:49
ddaaI won't be able to help you, but if you have red blinking lights on your dashboard, cutting the wires to the lights is usually not the right way to proceed10:49
ddaaGlenjamin: that look like the sort of thing that very much should not happen, as in "no such bug should exist, because the test suite would catch them"10:51
txdvGlenjamin: bzr log won't show them10:51
ddaaGlenjamin: so I'm inclined to think your build/package is somehow wrong10:51
Glenjamintxdv: --include-merges or -n, see bzr help log10:51
ddaaGlenjamin: what does bzr selftest tell you?10:51
Glenjaminrunning now... the error only appears over http, not ssh10:53
txdvGlenjamin: does it save the subcommits or does it just save the log text with merge?10:54
Glenjamintxdv: it saves the nested history afaik10:54
txdvso only the text10:55
ddaatxdv: merge + commit adds the whole data of the merged revisions10:55
Glenjaminno, all the revisions are stored in the repo10:55
ddaabut bzr has a hierarchical history, and by default "bzr log" only shows the mainline10:56
ddaamainline = revision committed or pulled in this branch, but not revisions merged10:56
ddaacontrast that with the default of git and hg, which show every revision10:56
txdvi understand10:56
txdvso maybe you know how I *compact*merge 3 revisions into 1?10:57
ddaaif you really, really do want to discard the history of merged revisions10:57
ddaa(but you probably do not really want)10:57
ddaathen you can use "bzr revert --forget-merges" between merge and commit.10:58
txdvNo no, lets say i have a topic branch, i do minor one-line changes in it for example 4, but it solves my problem10:58
txdvnow 4 line changes for 4 entire commit entries is a little bit overkill, so i want it to summarize into one revision10:59
ddaawell, no, it's not overkill in any meaningful sense10:59
ddaabut anyway, you can "revert --forget-merges" to do what you want11:00
ddaaor you can "bzr uncommit -r-4" then "bzr commit" on the feature branch before merging11:01
ddaabut, and I can't stress that enough, this needless and potentially troublesome tweaking.11:01
txdvhm ok11:02
txdvWhat about a counterpart of git --amend11:02
ddaano idea what git --amend does11:02
txdvit uses the current revision to add stuff instead of creating x+111:03
ddaathat would be "bzr uncommit" then "bzr commit"11:03
txdvthat will do it11:06
txdvddaa: thanks11:06
* ddaa shrugs11:06
Glenjaminddaa: I managed to turn off one pyrex module, and the python fallback doesn't produce the error11:25
Glenjaminrunning the testsuite gave me 5 fails and 36 errors - seems to be mostly pycurl11:26
ddaamh... maybe try disabling pycurl11:26
ddaaAIUI bzr has a rather byzantine set of http transport layers11:26
ddaahttplib might be less troublesome11:27
Glenjaminyeah, i've done some stuff to switch the order about11:27
Glenjaminbut pycurl can't be turned off on ubuntu11:27
Glenjaminand i'm pretty confident that the WSGI smart server app doesn't touch pycurl11:27
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txdvok i have retought it11:52
txdvwhy bzr uncommit && bzr commit inferior to gits commit --amend is11:52
txdvit doesn't save the commit history, i have to type it again in11:52
hrwwhich bzr tool allows me to select single hunks for commits? kind of 'git gui' does11:52
Glenjaminhrw: bzr shelve --all might do what you want11:58
twbIs there a good reason bzr is consuming all available CPU and memory when running "bzr branch http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/emacs/trunk emacs" ?11:58
txdvGlenjamin: shelf?11:59
txdvor shelve?11:59
twbtwb      21634 64.3 49.9 579588 507536 pts/3   R+   21:34  15:56 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/bzr branch http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/emacs/trunk emacs11:59
hrwGlenjamin: I do not want "git stash" replacement11:59
txdvdunno to who he is talking11:59
hrwGlenjamin: I want something which save me from reverting hunks in file in editor and do commit, revert edit, commit, revert edit, commit way12:00
Glenjamini'm not entirely sure what your workflow is here, but there's no interactive commit12:01
hrwlooks like 'bzr commit -i' is closest which I can get12:01
Glenjaminor maybe there is12:02
Glenjaminyou both seem to be trying to apply git-specific workflows to bazaar here12:02
hrwGlenjamin: I use git for few years and bzr for just few months.12:02
hrwGlenjamin: before used monotone, bitkeeper, subversion, cvs, rcs and my workflow was similar12:03
Glenjamini'm just intruiged as to why you'd only commit part of a file often12:03
hrwGlenjamin: because I did lot of changes unrelated to each other and now I want to commit them12:04
Glenjamini guess that makes sense, but why not commit between fixes?12:04
yann2hello! I am unsure to understand the difference between doing a pull and doing a checkout, could someone enlighten me?12:15
hrwGlenjamin: because lot of work is done in environments where all I have it editor12:16
hrwGlenjamin: and so far I did not found good replacement for 'git rebase' in bzr12:16
hrwso my workflow is: hack until it builds, then commit all changes in set of commits (where one commit may consume few hunks and leave few others for other commits)12:18
maxbyann2: A pull pulls new changes into an existing branch. A checkout creates a new checkout (which is another term for a bound branch) and pulls all history into it.12:21
twbNever mind, the kernel OOM-killed it.12:22
Glenjaminhrw: there's a bzr rebase plugin12:24
maxbtwb: Savannah hasn't deployed a smart (bzr-aware) server, so Bazaar is using its dumb transport support (plain http against the repository files). The dumb transport method was never intended as a good way to host huge projects.12:28
twbAh, I did wonder about that.12:28
twbSo what should I, a poor end user, do?  Look for a lp mirror of emacs?12:28
maxbBasically, it wasa a really bad idea to migrate emacs to bzr without first ensuring there was a decent hosting platform available12:28
maxband yes, use a lp mirror12:29
twbIs it just lp:emacs?12:30
twbAppears to be, per https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/emacs/trunk12:30
twbmaxb: I think it was probably also a bad idea to base a technical decision (which vcs?) on political metrics (bzr has "GNU" in its name)12:32
maxbI'd like to think Bazaar could work well for Emacs if it was deployed the way it's supposed to be, but yes, that's a poor rationale for the choiec12:33
twbDoes lp penalize me for not logging in?  bzr is actually reporting a slower I/O rate from lp:emacs12:34
maxbYes, LP only supports the smart server over ssh12:38
twbYou'd think the emacs people would have written this down somewhere12:39
twbor the sv people12:39
* twb grumbles about having to provide an identity to a private corporation in order to clone Emacs in reasonable time12:41
twbAaaand apparently my launchpad login has expired because I haven't used it for four years12:42
twbFuck this, I'll just keep using the git mirror.12:42
Kinnisonlp: needs to offer smart server for non-logged-in people12:45
yann2maxb > is there a command with which I can deploy a specific version, without any bzr files?13:02
yann2like from bzr server to prod?13:02
awilkinsyann2, bzr-upload plugin, or just the bzr export command13:05
yann2export sounds good :) I ll give it a try13:06
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twbmaxb: by chatting with #launchpad I managed to find a version of a tty browser that launchpad supports, and log in, and find out my launchpad username was actually "twb" not "trentbuck@gmail.com".  Armed with this knowledge, "bzr lp-login twb" and "bzr branch lp:emacs" Just Work.13:39
twbAnd I wrote down the results, so hopefully I won't have this problem again in another three years13:42
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txdvis it possible to undo a specific revision?14:53
txdvthe tutorial talks only about *last commit, last revision, last multiple revisions*14:53
dashyou can make a new commit that undoes the change of a previous one.14:54
awilkinstxdv, What you can do is reverse-cherrypick that revision and commit that as a new revision14:54
txdvdash: what if i changed 100lines?14:55
dashtxdv: OK!14:55
txdvawilkins: your solution was aproved, thank you very much, needed just a keywaord ;)14:55
dashtxdv: 'bzr merge -r Y..X'14:56
dashwhere Y is the revision you want to undo, and X is the one before it14:56
hrwsorry for stupid questions but how to cherry-pick changeset (changes+commit)? "bzr merge -r130..131" picked changes but not commited them15:10
dash'bzr commit' like normal :)15:11
hrwsure, and have to dig for commit message too?15:11
hrwdash: do "bzr log PROPERBRANCH" and copy paste commit message15:12
dashwell if that's what you want, sure15:13
* hrw arghs again15:13
hrwand "bzr merge -r128..130" will squash all changes into one and leave me to commit?15:14
hrwso how to merge 128..130 as set of revisions?15:15
hrwwith their commit logs etc15:16
* hrw -> food15:18
twbOK, now I *really* give up.15:24
twbAfter a couple of hours, "bzr branch lp:emacs" finally caused the kernel to OOM-kill its child process (ssh), and then hang the entire machine.15:24
jammorning all15:24
jamtwb: what version of bzr?15:25
twbPrior to the OOM it (bzr) was consuming a good 58% of the 1GiB of RAM.15:25
twbjam: 2.2.0-1, Debian Squeeze15:25
twbOh, and I have carefully nice'd and ionice -c3'd it.15:26
twbThe git clone of the emacs git mirror, incidentally, completed successfully in around half an hour.15:27
jamkilling ssh because of OOM is very strange15:27
twbjam: it was a child of bzr15:27
twbThe oom killer tries to kill children of hogs before the hogs themselves.15:28
twbWhat's strange is that after killing SSH it didn't then kill bzr and restore my system to working order.15:28
twb(Which is what has happened in the past when the OOM killer killed off things like firefox and polipo.)15:28
twbI also did a "bzr branch http://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/trunk" or so on another host, which had 4GiB of RAM and a quad-core 3GHz CPU, and that eventually finished.  So we can probably say that bzr branch on the emacs repo requires more than 512MB and less than 4GiB of memory at peak consumption.15:31
jamtwb: I'm sure it requires less than 2GB, I think it is less than 1GB, but it could be 800MB or so.15:32
jamalso note that branching over http:// will have a different memory profile to branching via bzr+ssh://15:32
jam(I would think the latter would use less memory, but I won't guarantee it)15:32
twbI tried http first and ran into problems, so I spent a couple of hours getting lp:emacs to work over ssh15:32
twbAccording to free -m, in my fresh boot, I'm using 193M (after ignoring swap/cache).15:34
twbSo if it is 800MiB or so, it could have OOMed for that reason15:34
jamtwb: you could run with -Dmemory or "echo debug_flags = memory >> ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf" and it will show you memory consumption on process exit (peak memory, etc)15:35
jamnot that it helps you a lot here, but if you are interested15:35
twbWell, I'm not going to run it again right now :P15:35
Glenjaminsomeone's accidentally pushed a branch to the repo root, is there any way I can undo this?15:35
jamGlenjamin: rm .bzr/branch -rf15:35
Glenjaminof course, ty!15:36
jamtouch .bzr/branch (if you want to prevent it for sure in the future, though the failure messages won't be perfectly clear)15:36
Glenjaminwill that confuse loggerhead?15:36
twbjam: I was assuming that 800MB was unexpected, so I was dutifully reporting it (read: bitching)15:36
jamGlenjamin: shouldn't. Loggerhead might try to open it, but it should fail as it would with any other directory15:36
Glenjaminthat was the problem i had so far, it didn't list the branches because the parent was a branch15:37
jamGlenjamin: right, touch .bzr/branch doesn't make it a branch, .bzr/branch/format does15:37
jamby creating a *file* there you prevent a directory from being created there15:37
txdvi start not to like bzr15:39
txdvbzr push just wont work :(15:39
txdvthe solution is very inuitive15:41
txdvedit the file in .bzr/branch/branch.conf and change http to bzr+ssh15:41
txdvbzr could do better, i mean even git is more verbose about failures and it's written in C15:41
vilatxdv: what server were you trying to push to ?15:43
txdvvila: launchpad15:45
vilatxdv: didn't you get a warning about http not allowing write operations when you initially branch ?15:46
vilajam, twb: branching emacs from lp completed in ~11 minutes here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/507301/15:48
vilathe peak seemed to occur very late15:49
jamvila: vmpeak = 66515:49
jamprobably building the working tree?15:49
jamI would guess the slowness was swapping15:49
jamthat, and vila has a very big pipe15:49
vilajam: and it looks like we are better at saturating it these days15:50
twbIn case it isn't obvious from the talk of OOM killing, I run without wap15:50
vilajam: but not during the whole transfer though15:50
vilatwb: 1GB without swap ? Unusual, why so ? (Just curious, I realize there are valid reasons to do that)15:51
twbIt's a netbook with a small SSD15:51
vilatwb: I'm pretty sure there have been related fixed in 2.2.1 but may be only in trunk...15:52
twbAnd more to the point, my experience on 2.6 is that, when you have swap, during memory consumption your system becomes unresponsive to the point of being unable to fix it, whereas the OOM killer has maybe a one in two or three chance of recovering15:52
twblinux-2.6, that is15:52
vilatwb: yeah, nightmarish15:53
vilatwb: may be even more with 12GB RAM 24GB swap system :-/15:53
vilaor rather a mis-configured 12GB *without* its 24GB swap15:54
vilajam, twb : wasn't there a recent merge proposal calling meliae for this king of trouble ?15:58
jamvila: yes, I don't think it has landed yet, though, and you have to supply "-Ddump_memory"15:58
twbvila: I dunno, man, I don't track the kernel15:59
vilatwb: not in the kernel, in bzr15:59
twbI don't track bzr either :-)16:00
vilatwb: I realize you may not be able to use it though :-/ (Requires more deps and running from source)16:00
vilatwb: hence the url above :)16:00
twbThe only bzr users I know (apart from Emacs) either migrated from arch and got stuck, or are canonical employees.16:01
vilaSo you came here to extend your horizon ?16:07
twbI came here to bitch about the OOMing :P16:08
vilabug reports and new people are always welcomed :)16:09
twbYeah, well.  I've gotta jump through hoops to use lp16:09
vilayou shouldn't have to, especially if you register an ssh key to launchpad16:11
twbI mean malone, not bzr lp:foo16:11
twbYou *do* use lp/malone for your BTS?16:11
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vilawe use lp yes (I'm not sure a lot of people remember the bug part was named malone ;)16:12
vilaas for people using bzr: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu says there are ~200.000 active branches just for ubuntu16:13
twbIs that counting all the mirrors of upstream projects? ;-)16:13
vilacertainly, but I think it's only a small fraction16:15
senderAll of a sudden my bzr pull from a SVN repo isnt working anymore. This is the error: http://pastebin.com/2vuM2Qk416:18
senderBZR version: Bazaar (bzr) 2.1.1 on Ubuntu 10.0416:18
vilasender: sounds like a known bug in bzr-svn, what does 'bzr plugins' says for it ?16:19
jamsender: -Derror would include a traceback, or you can get it from ~/.bzr.log16:19
jamIt looks to me like a mismatched revno-for-last-revision stuff, but I'm not positive16:19
sendervilla, jam: thanks. bzr plugins: svn 1.0.216:20
vilasender: could be bug #48010216:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 480102 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "assert len(tview) == tview_len (affected: 15, heat: 96)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48010216:21
vilasender: said to be fixed in bzr-svn 1.0.416:22
sendervila: great, i was looking for the fixed version info... going to try this.16:22
sendervila: hmm ubuntu did not update its packages yet. Will see how I can override the version.16:24
vilasender: you can use the bzr ppa which always carry the stable versions of bzr and some plugins (including bzr-vsn)16:25
vilasender: https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa16:26
sendervila: that sounds excellent16:26
vilasender: which OS vesion ?16:26
vilarhaaa, which Ubuntu release I meant16:26
sendervila: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, 10.0416:28
sendervila: with what argument do I run sudo add-apt-repository?16:28
vilasender: right, so given the policy there, the stable ppa is your best bet16:28
vilalol, sry wrong window16:29
sendervila: password for your breadtoaster? ;)16:29
vilasure, try it :)16:29
awilkinssudo make-me-a-toasted-sandwich16:30
vilasender: I think it's ppq:bzr/ppa16:30
vilasender: if the password doesn't work it's because I made yet another typo in it16:31
sendervila: thick fingers? ;)16:31
sendervila: this looks good: bzr-svn/lucid upgradeable from 1.0.2-2 to 1.0.4-1~bazaar1~lucid116:32
vilasender: not really, I've lost 20 pounds in the last year :D16:32
vilasender: I just... make typos, it's... tied to my very first contact with bzr, I don't even try to cure it any more, I just try to minimize the fallouts :)16:33
sendervila: :D16:36
vilasender: hint: HHTPS_PROXY is not how you configure a proxy :D16:37
sendervila: well, actually there should be some typo-forgiving feature to configuring a proxy ;)16:38
sendervila: too bad the update didn't solve this issue. I still have a pending restart in Ubuntu... maybe that's related16:39
vilahehe, sudo cat "hht\t80/tcp" >> /etc/services16:39
vilasender: did you read the bug report ? There may be more steps involved ? (I don't know the details, I've just seen reports that seem similar to yours)16:42
vilasender: so, run with '-Derror' to ensure you get a similar traceback and check with 'bzr plugins' that you got the right version16:42
sendervila: svn 1.0.416:43
vilasender: good, and the traceback ?16:43
sendervila: didnt & should. Cant wrap my head around it being broken all of a sudden.. With -Derror: http://pastebin.com/wQ3DB4xe16:46
vilasender: bingo16:46
vilahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/336467 may help more ?16:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 336467 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin ""AssertionError: base checksum mismatch" with svn-import (dup-of: 480102)" [Low,Triaged]16:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 480102 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "assert len(tview) == tview_len (affected: 15, heat: 96)" [High,Fix released]16:46
vilasender: it's a dupe but it's said there that you may need to clear the ~/.bazaar/svn-cache16:47
vilasender: read it, I'm not a bzr-svn user myself so I don't really know if it applies to your case16:47
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sendervila: ok, thanks. I'll start with a reboot as ubuntu is nagging me for that anyway, and silently I have hope that this will be solved...17:14
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knighthawkI'm working with svn for the rest of my team but I think I want to keep a personal bzr repos on my system. I'm hoping bzr-svn and bzr-rebase can help me with this. But I'm *very* new to bzr and pretty new to version control in general anyone have a resourse that would explain the workflow I'm looking for?17:56
knighthawkalso any suggestions on using bzr inside of Zend Studio?17:57
dashknighthawk: no need for rebase17:57
dashknighthawk: just install bzr and bzr-svn17:57
dashthen 'bzr co http://svn-server/svn/your-repo/trunk' or whatever17:57
knighthawkthanks dash17:58
LeLutinI'm wondering something: commits in Bazaar have a unique identifier (roughly e-mail + hash). is there a way to obtain such a unique id for tags?18:09
fullermdNo, they don't have one.18:09
LeLutinfullermd: oh I see. thanks.18:10
LeLutinI'll have to come up with something a little bit more arbitrary, then for this new bzr-fastimport bug that I found today :\18:10
vilaLeLutin: there is a revid associated with each tag but otherwise a tag is just a name18:12
knighthawkanyone know if you can use bzr-rvn with bzr-eclipse? or am I just buying trouble?18:13
dashi use bzr-svn with eclipse.18:14
dashthe eclipse plugin does very little, i mostly use the command line or emacs18:14
knighthawkthanks again dash18:15
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LeLutinvila: yes, I'm thinking of using something like tag_name:revid.18:23
LeLutinwell, thanks for the info, fullermd and vila18:24
LeLutinvila: do you know if the function in bzrlib that creates unique ids for commits is able to generate an id from an arbitrary string?18:53
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roryybug 202374 has been fixed asof r5455 - should i change it's status from in progress to something else?19:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 202374 in Bazaar "pull and update should accept --show-base (affected: 0, heat: 3)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20237419:55
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* awilkins sends an application for the job in the topic and wets himself with anticipation at receiving an automated response21:48
peitschiemorning everyone22:33
pooliehi there22:36
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