dev001Hi.  I'm doing a 1st ppa-based update to a Kubuntu/Maverick rc install.  Trying to grab the 'new' KDE 4.5.2 pkgs @ "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu maverick  main", after 'apt-get update', I'd expect to see *lots* of offered pkg updates by 'apt-get upgrade'.  Atm, I only see a couple ~ 30MB worth ...  Is there additional prioritization, or some such, required?  Still newish to [K]ubuntu00:15
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alexsarmientohi, please help00:39
alexsarmientoim using kubuntu 10.1000:39
alexsarmientothe package manager updated the nvidia drivers to 260.19.0600:39
alexsarmientonow i dont have video aoutput00:40
alexsarmientothe package manager updated the nvidia drivers to 260.19.0600:48
alexsarmientonow i dont have video output. what can i do?00:48
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RadSurferHELP! this stupid "notification" for pidgin messages IN ADDITION to actually having pidgin chat is rediculous! How do I TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS of every incoming message!00:52
RadSurfersomeone know how to TURN THIS GARBAGE OFF00:53
DarthFrogWhat is pidgin?00:53
RadSurferinstant messenger of course00:53
DarthFrogOf course?  Hmm.  anyway, there will undoubtedly be a setting to twiddle in the Preferences settings.00:54
alexsarmientosystem settings- applications and system notifications?00:54
alexsarmientothe package manager updated the nvidia drivers to 260.19.0600:55
alexsarmientonow i dont have video output. what can i do?00:55
RadSurferyou can't just turn off these stupid things?00:57
RadSurfer'pidgin' is not listed under 'Sys Not - sys settings' !!00:58
RadSurferANYONE know how to DISABLE NOTIFICATIONS from Pidgin?01:01
RiddellRadSurfer: Pidgin is a gnome app, you'll have better luck asking in #ubuntu01:01
Riddellor using Kopete01:01
RadSurferthis is RETARTED01:01
RadSurferRETARDED even!01:01
RadSurferPiging provides its own interface for messages; an ADDITIONAL one is NOT required!01:01
RadSurferthis is being SYSTEM GENERATED01:02
Riddellbest to avoid capitals and potentially offensive insults on IRC01:02
RadSurferAnyone at all know how to turn __off__ these additional notifications for pidgin?  anyone?01:04
RiddellRadSurfer: as I say, you're asking in the wrong channel01:05
RadSurferrunning in kubuntu. valid enuff.01:06
KukuNutRadSurfer: to disable it.. replace with kopete01:06
RadSurferwhy did I lose the system tray?01:07
RadSurferI have no system tray now? where did it go? and why?01:07
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RadSurferhas to be with _focus_ apparently.01:09
alexsarmientothe package manager updated the nvidia drivers to 260.19.0601:09
alexsarmientonow i dont have video output. what can i do?01:09
RadSurferwhen Pidgin does not have focus, thats when these annoying popups appear01:09
RadSurferdoes _anyone_ know how to _permanently_ turn _off_ popup notifications from pidgin?01:13
RadSurfersurely someone else in here also uses pidgin?01:16
alexsarmientothe package manager updated the nvidia drivers to 260.19.0601:16
alexsarmientonow i dont have video output. what can i do?01:16
jtduncanwhere can i find the new kubuntu logos?01:16
RadSurferNo one answered me yet: Why did I lose System Tray icons?01:18
frogonwheelsRadSurfer: just add a system tray to your toolbar again (click on the palette icon)01:27
frogonwheelsRadSurfer: (Add widgets - find system tray)01:27
frogonwheelsalexsarmiento: if you can press ctrl+alt+f1  and get a console - do that, login and use aptitude to downgrade your drivers.01:28
frogonwheelsalexsarmiento: otherwsie, select rescue mode from the grub boot01:28
bucketheadHi guys. I've got a printing problem. Anytime I try to print from any KDE app I get "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstopdf failed" - yet printing works from firefox?01:30
RadSurfersilly Q: how best to get to 'add widget'01:32
frogonwheelsRadSurfer: did you click on the palette icon?01:32
bucketheadDo you see a 'cashew' looking thing in the upper right hand corner of desktop?01:32
frogonwheelsRadSurfer: actually it should be at the end of the toolbar01:32
bucketheadErm, System Tray.. Haha. Came in halfway, sorry.01:33
RadSurferok. I found that. trying to sort out how to select it01:33
RadSurferwell that aspect of kubuntu hasn't changed.01:34
RadSurferI need to sort out a few things here.01:34
RadSurferand again, thanks for helping.01:35
frogonwheelsRadSurfer: np.01:35
RadSurferwould you believe I used sidux for awhile. Sidux never had its sys-tray desintegrate01:35
RadSurferand sidux didn't annoy me with these notifications.01:36
RadSurferI suppose, I'll have to weigh how well other tasks are performed in kubuntu :)01:37
RadSurferI found out what was causing my "notifications"01:43
RadSurferFor you pidgin users out there:01:43
RadSurferThere is a plugin which is turned on by default; to disable those popups when chat-window is covered, just turn of "libnotify" plugin!01:43
dev001still struggling with my 'magnum opus' upgrade to KDE 4.5.2 ppa ...  Any hints from anyone as to how to get it done, without constant "packages have been kept back" messages/conflicts?02:15
apolo444you speak spanish?02:48
apolo444i speak spanish02:48
lolihunterI am a Chinese02:48
apolo444sorry, i speak spanish02:57
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olskolircok guys i just upgraded to Maverick so now where does /media/cdrom cdrom0 live?06:02
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bullgard4I am using predominantly GNOME but using a KDE program also. An email requested that I "change style of my KDE widgets to something other than Oxygen (in Personal Settings->Appearance->Style)." Where to find Personal Settings->Appearance->Style?06:31
DarthFrogbullgard4: It's actually the program "systemsettings".  And it'll be "Application Appearance/Style", not Personal Settings.  But why would  an email care what widgets you use?  I would be *extremely* suspicious.06:45
illunaticanyone know where wallpaper settings are in 10.4?06:56
lolihunterthe same to windows06:57
lolihunterjust click your right button on the desk06:58
illunaticoh yeah now i remember06:59
olskolircim on maverick and my cdrom is now /dev/sr0 and there is nothing about it in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab where is my mount?  I want it back in /media/cdrom07:12
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bullgard4DarthFrog: It is the developer of this KDE application program who suggested that in an email answer.07:45
DarthFrogbullgard4: OK, that's probably safe then. :-)07:46
bullgard4So far I did not install the DEB program package »systemsettings«. Installing it would further blow up storage usage just for one program.07:50
DarthFrogYou don't have to install it.  It's there already.07:51
DarthFrogIn the menu,  It should already be in "Favourites".07:52
bullgard4I do not understand. A file exists although the associated package is not installed?07:52
DarthFrogOr press ALT-F2 and type "systemsettings".07:52
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DarthFrogIt's the main utility of your system. :-)07:53
DarthFrogIt's basic to Kubuntu.07:55
bullgard4ALT-F2 > "systemsettings" throws an error "location »file:///home/detlef/systemsettings« could not be displayed."07:56
DarthFrogDo you have the kubuntu-desktop package installed?  Or just a KDE app?07:58
bullgard4DarthFrog: The DEB program package »kubuntu-desktop« is not installed.07:59
DarthFrogOK, you're in the wrong channel.  This is for Kubuntu support.  I take it you're running GNOME in Ubuntu.  You should be asking for help in #Ubuntu.08:00
DarthFrogOr install "kubuntu-desktop" which will allow you to run KDE as well.08:01
bullgard4I will not. I will not waste 1 GB HDD storage in ordert to just use one KDE application. In Lucid this was not necessary either.08:03
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sresuI'm using KDE 4.5 now. If I upgrade Kubuntu from Lucid to Meerkat, will it affect the upgrade?09:10
howlymowlyhi poeple...   short question:  is it somehow possible to use the KDE message indicator to automtically start kmail?  message ckeing works on my system but when I click on the message in the message indicator it just won't start kmail.10:12
greenmang0hello friends, i am running kubuntu 10.04.1 with kde 4.5.1... what i have noticed that /tmp doesn't get emptied on reboot10:41
greenmang0what can be the reason?10:41
greenmang0/etc/default/rcS has TMPTIME=010:43
thedoghi guys, is there a way to read files from a panasonic rr-us395 recorder ?10:49
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JohnInChesterGood morning11:06
zaizaimay i ask11:06
crackstorehye all11:20
crackstoreanyone here?11:21
crackstoremy kubuntu annot update and upgrade11:21
jussicrackstore: what happens?11:23
crackstorei dunno11:23
crackstoreafter i replace my dvdrom11:23
crackstorei cannot update or upgrade11:23
crackstoreW: Failed to fetch http://archive.mmu.edu.my/ubuntu/dists/lucid-security/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  Unable to connect to archive.mmu.edu.my:http:11:24
crackstoreE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.11:24
crackstorebefore this ok..11:24
crackstorecool and smooth..11:24
jussicrackstore: try changing your mirror in the sources section of kpackagekit11:24
crackstorechanging to where?11:24
BajKIs there a way of preventing quassel from starting more than once?11:26
jussicrackstore: choose a country/mirror close to you...11:27
crackstorejussi, oke.. i try..11:27
jussior use the main mirror11:27
BajKso, if I enter quassel again in krunner that it just opens the current window and does not start another instance11:27
crackstorejussi, that mean.. the download from i put main server?11:28
jussicrackstore: there should be a list, choose main server11:28
crackstorejussi, yup.. have a list..11:29
Peace-hi channel11:29
crackstorehi Peace-11:29
jussicrackstore: so yeah, select main and click apply or ok11:30
crackstorejussi, oke.. now .. package install..11:31
franyI have upgraded to maverick yesterday and the sound stopped working -- any suggestions?11:35
crackstorejussi, 99% it stuck.. :(11:37
crackstoreso long..11:37
Walzmynfrany: is maverick the new one? 10.10?11:38
Walzmyntry this channel...11:39
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:39
franyokay, thanks11:39
crackstorewhy istalling package so long? that is normal?.. anyone have idea?11:42
crackstoreafter changing the download server.. installing will be stuck 99%..11:43
dickbonjour tous le monde !!!12:13
Mamarok!fr | dick12:13
ubottudick: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:13
sebersoleis there a way to recieve an event when a laptop lid is opened or closed?  udev does not seem to handle lid events.12:19
sebersolethere is '/proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state' so obviously ubuntu hooks into that correctly12:20
tasslehoffhey. back in KDE today after a time in Gnome, and I really enjoy myself :), but: is there a way to make sd-cards mount without having to visit the mount points in dolphin first?12:20
tasslehoffI just want to work with it in Konsole12:20
rorktasslehoff: you can set them to automount in System Settings > Advanced > Removable Devices13:03
tasslehoffrork: ah, thanks13:04
Walzmynfrany: tasslehoffssssssssssssssssdfffffre21`zssxcvbnm,./"?""?13:13
franyWalzmyn, what are you saying?13:16
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BluesKajHello all13:34
crackstorehye al13:45
crackstorehow to read file .cap?13:46
bigbossis someone online?14:06
Unksihi bigboss14:07
bigbosshow are u?14:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:07
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Unksijust got on actually :p14:08
bigbossdo someone knows a free download site for kubuntu apps?14:08
BluesKajquiet in here this morning14:08
bazhangbigboss, ubuntu repos14:09
BluesKajbigboss, look in your package manager14:09
bazhang!repos > bigboss14:09
ubottubigboss, please see my private message14:09
methril_workhi kubuntu devs14:09
BluesKajmethril_work, try #ubuntu+114:11
methril_workBluesKaj, i'm trying :)14:12
BluesKajmethril_work, if it's kde specific then #kde might be the place14:13
bigbossis it possible to install vlc on kubuntu?14:19
moetunes!info vlc14:19
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-1ubuntu1.2 (lucid), package size 1598 kB, installed size 3792 kB14:19
bigbosscan i have the deb package of vlc?14:20
xevioxI've installed the kubuntu-desktop meta package in my ubuntu setup, everything worked well, but now when I use kde and setup width / heights and position of activities on the desktop they get resetted a few seconds later, any ideas what happens?14:20
bigbossnot at all14:21
sebersoleis there a way to recieve an event when a laptop lid is opened or closed?  udev does not seem to handle lid events.14:25
sebersolethere is '/proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state' so obviously ubuntu hooks into that correctly14:25
sebersolei've been warned lid.sh is "deprecated"14:25
BluesKajbigbrovar, is there a specific version of vlc that someone recomended to you or is the default version in the repos/package manager not suiting your needs ?14:29
sebersolexeviox: i saw that too, just to confirm14:30
sebersolethe widgets would not stay where i placed them14:31
BluesKajoops , wrong guy and the bigboss left anyway14:31
xevioxsebersole: were you able to fix it?14:37
sebersoledunno yet14:38
sebersolei reinstalled and am working on getting other things working14:38
xevioxsebersole: so the problem disappeared after reinstall?14:43
xevioxcan someone help me to import accounts / history from pidgin into kopete?14:44
sebersoledunno yet14:44
sebersolei reinstalled and am working on getting other things working14:44
xevioxoh god, seems the install of kubuntu-desktop killed my pidgin setup :(14:47
xevioxargh that's hard *grr14:48
phoenix_how to configure the windows key to open the kmenu15:07
baxeicohi guys. will maverick have kde sc 4.5.2 by default?15:10
BluesKajbaxeico, ask in #ubuntu+115:11
baxeicoBluesKaj: kubuntu maverick is due in 4 days :)15:12
sebersolebefore i attempt this again...  the package i should be installing for vpnc is network-manager-vpnc-kde ??15:12
sebersoleis maverik 10.10?15:13
sebersoletoo good15:14
BluesKajbaxeico, yeah, but I'm not real excited about it ...they haven't fixed lucid yet . Sure hope maverick doesn't inherit all the graphics driver and intel driver probs15:14
phoenix_BluesKaj: i think lucid is a stop-gap15:15
BluesKajlucid is LTS15:15
phoenix_luicd is a huge step in ui and also in certain things, you have to wait15:16
BluesKajcould be why it's taking so long to fix things15:16
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:16
phoenix_BluesKaj: for me the driver problems with nvidia cards got solved in 10.04. i have no issue of drivers15:17
phoenix_after the last update for 10.04 the performace and very good15:17
phoenix_BluesKaj: what is your kde version15:18
BluesKajphoenix_, consider yourself lucky .. alot of ppl are still suffering from poor support for their nVidia cards15:18
phoenix_BluesKaj: do you know that kubuntu droped support for some old hardwares15:18
sebersoleugh it bombs again15:19
sebersoledoes anyone use NM in KDE with vpnc?15:19
sebersolefor the life of me i cannot get it to work15:19
phoenix_BluesKaj: before 10.04 , i had to reinstall by nvidia driver dor every kernel upgrade15:20
sebersoleattempting to initiate the vpn just craches the kde applet15:20
BluesKajphoenix_,I have a 5yr old pc with ati graphics which barely runs without freezing , even with desktop effects turned off.15:20
phoenix_BluesKaj: thats great. unfortunately in my friends laptop kdm crashes when i install ati drivers15:21
phoenix_BluesKaj: sorry misunderstood, thats bad15:22
phoenix_BluesKaj: linux support for ati cards is poor15:23
cmaginaI am having an issue with maverick and the headphone jack on a lenovo t410s. Its a dual purpose jack, acts as a headphone and mic port. Audio works fine through the speakers, but plugging in a pair of headphones doesn't change the audio to them.15:26
cmaginaAnd there is no audio coming out of them. Forum searching didn't show anyone having a similar issue with the t410s15:27
sebersolevpn in kubuntu, what it the recommended way?  afaict the tray thingy simply does not work.  so that leaves kvpnc and the plasma widget15:27
BluesKajphoenix_, back in kubuntu 9.04 I had great ati support ..I could run all kinds of fancy GUI settings without probs using the fglrx driver including compiz-fusion and emerald ...it was great , I should revert :)15:28
sebersolei had good luck getting connected via kvpnc, but had dns issues15:28
sebersoleand i never got the widget to work15:28
phoenix_BluesKaj: was it stable with kdm?15:29
BluesKajphoenix_, yes ..very15:29
phoenix_BluesKaj: my friend's kdm crashes when i use fglrx15:29
phoenix_BluesKaj: but i didnt try compiz-fusion15:30
BluesKajcmagina, check alsamixer , make sure your ctrls are unmuted and turned up15:30
BluesKajphoenix_, which kubuntu ?15:30
phoenix_BluesKaj: i think 9.1015:31
BluesKajsebersole, what are you trying to do , maybe a different vnc client/server?15:34
sebersoleconnect to a vpn15:36
sebersoleactually not able to get kvpnc working now either15:36
BluesKajsebersole, maybe you should portmap the IPs in /etc/hosts.allow  , for example under portmap list the IPs you want to have access on your network like this , ALL:192.168.x.x15:36
sebersoleBluesKaj: dont follow15:37
sebersolei work remote and am trying to connect to my companies vpn15:38
sebersolewhich is vpnc based15:38
sebersoleit works fine under gnome15:38
sebersolebut i am never able to get it to work in kde15:38
sebersolein gnome it works using the nm-applet15:39
sebersolei set up the vpn/vpnc connection in nm-applet and then seelct it via the tray app to connect15:39
sebersolethe same fails on kde15:40
sebersoleusing the kde network manager tray app thing15:40
sebersolein fedora kde they recommend users totally uninstall all kde network manager stuff15:41
BluesKajsebersole, remove the network-manager-kde and install the gnome-network-manager ..see if that works for you15:41
sebersoleand use the gnome nm-applet15:41
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BluesKajsebersole, there' no point in using apps that don't work whether they're kde or gtk ..I still prefer synaptic for app references ..I even use it sometimes15:46
BluesKajIm using kde cuz i prefer the "look" and layout , but I'm not afraid to muse gnome apps if need be.15:48
BluesKajerr muse=use15:48
volodyasebersole: what vpn exactly? Openvpn works fine via network management applet (but I'm on maverick)15:53
volodyaoh, that might be trickier that openvpn, so no further comments15:55
sobczykhi, how to connect to manually created ad hoc net? I created it in defult network manager, but it's not visible in possible connections16:04
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moetunes!ics | sobczyk this might give a clue16:05
ubottusobczyk this might give a clue: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php16:05
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sobczykmoetunes: I know how to share, I don't know how to connect to adhoc if it's not used before16:13
moetunessobczyk:  I've tried to do that - I just know the link :]16:14
nasrullahmy kmail cannot receive e-mails only sending ..why?16:15
nasrullahany help ??16:20
phoenix_nasrullah: hi16:20
phoenix_nasrullah: yahoo?16:20
nasrullahphoenix hi16:20
phoenix_nasrullah: does sending and receiving of mails works with anyother mail client?16:21
phoenix_nasrullah: check to see if ssl is need for your email server16:22
nasrullahi did try but no way16:22
phoenix_nasrullah: who is the email service provider16:22
phoenix_nasrullah: what is the email server url?16:25
phoenix_nasrullah: where did you get this url?16:29
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tech_anyone available to help a total linux noob?17:06
fornitanisure. what do you need?17:06
tech_i just installed kubuntu on a workstation in order to test it17:07
tech_and i wanted to install thunderbird as my email client17:07
tech_so i downloaded it17:07
tech_and then selected extract17:07
tech_but don't know how to install it!17:07
fornitaniapplications in linux are usually installed as "packages"17:08
tech_i've spent more time than i care to discuss looking through forums for an answer17:08
fornitaniyou need to go that little blue "K" in the left bottom17:08
tech_they are talking way over my heqad17:08
tech_mention of "synaptics" and other things i  apparently don't have...17:08
tech_sorry...just frustrated...17:09
tech_ok the little blue k...17:09
fornitaniWell, in Kubuntu it is the "KPackagekit"17:09
fornitaniAfter clicking the little K, type "kpack" in the search box in the upper part17:09
fornitaniCan you see it?17:10
tech_ahhh ok i found the kpackagekit17:10
tech_and selected updates17:10
tech_which is currently running17:10
tech_it says updating packages..17:10
fornitaniHm...I guess you'll have to wait the update17:10
tech_ok just finished...now it wants a restart but that can wait17:11
fornitaniSo, in Kpackagekit, just search for "thunderbird", without quotes17:11
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tech_oh wow...pages of thunderbird icons17:11
fornitanihave you found it?17:12
tech_i've found pages of thunderbird icons by searching for thunderbird17:12
fornitaniYou need the one whose name is only "thunderbird"17:13
fornitaniThere's an icon, a description and underneath that a name17:14
fornitanimaybe "thunderbird-de", etc17:14
tech_there isn't one17:14
fornitaniYou need the one named only "thunderbird"17:14
tech_ohhhhh ok i was looking at description i guess17:14
fornitaniIf you want a quicker, but not so quick understandable way, you can open the application "konsole" and paste this: "sudo aptitude install thunderbird17:15
fornitani" without quotes17:15
tech_ok i have 2 that say only thunderbird17:15
fornitanihm...there's a number after it, right?17:16
tech_the descriptions on both say "mail/news client with rss and integrated spam filter support"17:16
fornitaniyes, that one17:16
tech_they look identical...no number17:16
fornitanihover the mouse over them17:16
fornitanimine shows "thunderbird 3.0.4...." and also "thunderbird 3.0.8..."17:17
fornitaniinstall the 3.0.817:17
tech_and amd64 at the end17:17
tech_ok i selected it...it turned blue17:18
fornitaniright, now click "apply"17:18
tech_apply is grayed out17:18
tech_wow and suddenly it "ungrayed"17:19
fornitaniah, first you need to select the arrow at the right side of the package17:19
tech_ok i clicked apply17:19
tech_it's loading17:19
fornitanithat's it17:19
fornitaniare you using kubuntu version 10.04?17:19
tech_10.04.1 yes17:20
fornitanihm, I suggest you to install the package "software-center"17:21
fornitaniit is easier to understand than the Kpackage version that ships with kubuntu 10.0417:21
tech_i love the idea of linux in general & i would like to migrate away from windows eventually but i run a network here & cannot migrate until i fully understand this OS17:21
tech_software-center? what does it do?17:22
fornitaniit is also a way to install those "packages" (applications), but is easier to understand, many say17:22
fornitaniSo it will free you time to discover important things, other than waste time finding out how to install something =)17:23
tech_thank you!17:24
fornitaniYou're welcome! =)17:24
tech_btw it currently says "simulating the install...loading cache"17:24
fornitaniI'm glad I could help, this is my very first time here at kubuntu irc17:24
tech_wow really? me too17:25
fornitaniHm, I'm afraid I can't help at this message, I've never seen it17:25
fornitaniThere's not some kind of time counter, etc?17:25
fornitaniMaybe if you wait a bit it will disappear17:26
tech_i was getting frustrated...i didn't have time to read through the forums for hours17:26
tech_yes it seems to be progressing17:27
fornitaniYes, at first it was a little frustrating for me too. But now I use Ubuntu/Kubuntu for more than 2 years and can use it with (almost) no problems17:28
tech_i know it just takes awhile to learn a new system17:29
tech_it took me awhile to learn windows years ago too17:29
fornitaniHm, maybe all systems are easier nowadays, even Windows17:30
fornitaniBut I think Linux (especially Ubuntu and similars) has become easier than others OSes17:31
tech_i installed regular ubuntu on my laptop at home but i have not had any time to explore it so i installed kubuntu on this workstation here at work so i'll have more time to learn it17:31
tech_once i become familiar w it i want to install the server version & test that as well17:31
fornitaniYes, the learning curve is minimal. You just need to adapt to where to find menus and such things17:31
fornitaniInstallation of programs, etc is a lot easier than windows17:32
fornitaniNo viruses and such trouble, also =)17:32
tech_i am searching for software center now17:34
tech_wow really?17:35
tech_i was wondering about that17:35
tech_i wondered which AV software to run on this machine17:35
fornitanithere's no need to run those because of the security system (you need to allow the program to do something, typing your password. Also, the programs are usually downloaded from oficial sources - like the one you've just downloaded)17:38
tech_that's good news17:47
NeurotrophinWhere does Quassel store its IRC chat logs?17:47
NeurotrophinKonversation let you get them from a menu option..17:47
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:47
NeurotrophinBluesKaj: thanks.. that's really useful17:51
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BluesKajNeurotrophin, I've used them to find a command from a previous visit which I forgot to copy to my cli text file17:52
NeurotrophinBluesKaj: sure.. actually, I am working on a chatbot script for kubuntu trouble resolution and need example problems w/ conversations..17:53
Neurotrophinat http://thinkmosaic.com  -- I have different little test script in there every day..  so it's a different personality every day.. almost blank, at present.17:54
Neurotrophinwhen done, it will be wiki-like, you can chat a bit.. if you don't like it's responses then you can click on Edit to edit its logic..17:54
Neurotrophinlike wikipedia, ony conversation topics instead of articles17:55
BluesKajwell, be prepared to do some editing then because some of the advice isn't accurate :)17:56
yhtomithey everyone... anyone know what happened to kdevelop?18:01
yhtomitis it just me or is it no longer in the repos?18:01
jbrouhardhey folks.. where is the Update manager in kubuntu 8.04 ?  I totally forgot where it was as I haven't used Kubuntu in a while..18:03
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altrortlaneed help ... trying kubuntu 10.04 on a thinkcentre 8183-cto after a while black screen appears and nothing is possible to do... after few attempt (using F6 option ... i have disabled all option) live CD starts, but when it finish to charge the services restart to charge service again ... i don't know what it is18:13
altrortlano tips?18:15
fornitaniYou can disable apic, using the boot option "noapic"18:19
fornitaniI don't remember well, but I think the first screen of the live CD offers the "other boot options"18:19
fornitaniThere's start Kubuntu, install, etc18:20
altrortlayes there's18:20
altrortlai've just try to install18:20
fornitaniTry booting with those other options18:20
fornitaniIF everything works, you cand run in liveCD mode and then install18:21
=== jhutchins_lt2 is now known as jhutchins_lt
altrortlayes ... it goes in liveCD but 1) black screen 2) and reboot service and then 1) and then 2) continuosly18:22
fornitanimaybe a burning problem at the CD...if you have the .iso, you can make a liveUSB18:25
dasKreechCan.. curses. Gone18:25
haxd4xawfully quite..18:27
AltrortlAI have set noapci but the result is the same18:29
* dasKreech sets up somebody the bomb18:29
fornitaniWeird..is there more than one HD or something similar?18:31
fornitaniOnce I had problems installing because of the router. Then I disconnected its cables and tried again and everything went smoothly =)18:32
AltrortlAfornitani: no, a single HD but a read somewhere that there's some setting for IBM and Thinkcentre18:32
AltrortlAfornitani: and then PC is stand alone18:33
AltrortlAfornitani: this also contains kubuntu 7.10, but now is time to adjourn18:34
fornitaniHm, I'm searching something about it. Let's see if I can find some useful tip...just a sec =)18:35
johannes_hi, is there a list of services I can announce with avahi?18:38
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dasKreechjohannes_: Hmm?18:49
neha__Is it possible to play two songs, where one songs sound is directed to head phones and another's to speaker.18:50
johannes_daap or .local .smb .afp seem to be possible but what else?18:50
fornitaniAltrortlA: sorry, but untill now, I haven't found anything useful :(18:51
dasKreechneha__: with Pulseaudio (in theory) yes18:51
fornitanineha__: try setting pavucontrol up18:53
neha__fornitani: where to find thee control18:54
neha__dasKreech: thanks, in case if you already have any links on how to do it, please post it here.18:57
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fornitani_neha__: sudo aptitude install pavucontrol   , and then run pavucontrol on konsole18:58
fornitani_neha__: you need also to have phonon-backend-gstreamer / pulseaudio, if I am right18:58
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neha__fornitani_: done, but where to do the configuration19:02
fornitani_<neha__> in the tab "output devices", then try changing devices, etc. Be careful, though =)19:03
sciencei <3 Ubuntu19:04
fornitani_<neha__> you may use two separate players, then order each to use different outputs19:04
neha__fornitani_: thanks, i all do it when i go home.19:15
fornitani_neha__: hope it works =)19:17
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effie_jayxhello all19:56
effie_jayxjust upgrade to kubuntu 10.10 netbook edition19:56
effie_jayxI have an issue with knetworkmanager not showing up in the system tray19:57
effie_jayxis this the right channel for that kind of support?19:57
effie_jayxor is there a #kubuntu+1?19:57
drbobbhello, is there something broken about kde's network manager applet?20:00
drbobbI have both gnome & kde installed (Lucid), and my wifi comes up fine under gnome, but not with kde20:00
effie_jayxanyone else having the same issue in maverick20:01
Picieffie_jayx: #ubuntu+1 is the proper channel for all Maverick issues.20:02
effie_jayxPici: eventhough it is a kde issue?20:04
Picieffie_jayx: Yes.20:04
GladeHi, this is maybe not the best place to ask, but if anyone can help, that would be great... I upgraded to kubuntu 10.10 rc just now, and now when I tried wine, all my previously working windows games stopped working20:11
GladeAll say "insert game cd" or something20:11
Gladepreviously I had arranged them all so I could play them straight off the hard drive, worked fine in 10.0420:11
GladeIs this more of a wine thing? A changed setting somewhere? Or something that let cd checks work in previous versions but now changed?20:11
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Renovatiohi there, does anybody know why k3b doesn't find 'normalize-audio' altought it is correctly installed?20:40
rork_Glade: questions about 10.10 can be asked in #ubuntu+1, you may also try at the wine channel ofcourse21:03
drbobbwhat do I need to install in order to activate support for Java applets in rekonq?21:19
drbobbwill kubuntu-restricted-extras do the trick?21:22
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BluesKajdrbobb, yes it should21:25
drbobbBluesKaj: thx, I'll find out in a moment - when the install is done :)21:26
BluesKajdrbobb, altho I haven't tried rekonq in a while21:26
drbobbit looks pretty slick21:27
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drbobbbut no, applets seem not to work21:28
drbobbjava support is checked in settings of course21:28
drbobband no obvious way in sight to find out what went wrong21:30
drbobbyeah and that's one thing I hate about a lot of modern software:21:32
drbobbthere's a tendency to make stuff fail silently, and provide no diagnostics21:33
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=== evilMichealH is now known as MichealH
dasKreechdrbobb: Actually jump in #rekonq and poke them about java21:40
drbobbah there's a #rekonq - good news21:41
FlameTai1Can someone help me? I'm trying to install Kubuntu-desktop but it's saying it needs certain repositories to be added and enabled?21:41
dasKreechFlameTai1: can you pastebin that?21:42
FlameTai1dasKreech: http://pastebin.org/6486921:43
dasKreechFlameTai1: :-) Wrong!!!21:44
dasKreechFlameTai1: http://pastebin.org/6489321:44
FlameTai1dasKreech: You are so confusing me!!!! lol.21:45
dasKreechFlameTai1: What's the error you are getting can you pastebin that error?21:46
FlameTai1Yeah one sec21:47
FlameTai1Give me a few it's on my friends laptop and he's installing ubuntu-netbook right now21:47
FlameTai1dasKreech: Nvm there were a few package files we were missing21:51
dasKreechUh huh :)21:52
FlameTai1Shush xD21:52
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drbobbis there a metapackage I need to install in order to try out the kubuntu netbook interface?21:59
drbobbalong the lines of kubuntu-desktop etc.21:59
markithi, any hope that 10.04 will have 4.5.2 pakages and future 4.5.x upgrades? I don't want to upgrade to 10.10 in my ltsp server just to upgrade KDE22:04
markitbut I would love to have fixes22:04
=== MuzerAway is now known as muzer
dasKreechmarkit: I think officially currently it's no. But they don't have any restrictions of someone bringin them to 10.0422:09
dasKreechSomeone does have working KDE3 packages on 10.04 for example22:10
markitdasKreech: I know, but I'm not able to do, and would love to be "ufficially" supported for sercurity reasons22:10
markit(trusted source)22:10
dasKreechIn theory the 4.5.2 would be "unofficial" in any case22:10
markitsure,but more official than "mr. unknown" ones :)22:11
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dasKreechThe "mr Unknown" ones are quite likely to be the same guys doing it22:12
dasKreechIf you would like to see if you can help at least jump in to #kubuntu-devel and see if anyone is interested in having it happen22:13
markitdasKreech: I'm going to sleep now, I feel bad (cold), but I will try tomorrow, thanks for the tip22:14
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dasKreechMamarok: ok22:20
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iNfRaC00LWhat could be wrong with my KMix? It's only volume-bar there while I know there were more; for pcm, line-in, mic....23:21
iNfRaC00LNow it says that device is Internal Audio Analog Stereo but it should be Intel HDA Audio23:22
iNfRaC00LI have sound (system, movies, flash) but I need other controls as well.  Is there a way I could make KMix to reconfigure itself, or should I purge- reinstall it?23:23
Se7eniNfRaC00L: are you using ALSA ?23:24
dasKreechiNfRaC00L: I have two machines one won't work with internal Audio Analog the other only supports the real sound card23:25
dasKreech kinda strange :)23:25
iNfRaC00Lit says Pulse  Audio Sound  System23:25
iNfRaC00Lbut i have some alsa stuff installed23:25
iNfRaC00LI don't know how it happened ... maybe wine23:26
iNfRaC00Lrestarting is no cure23:27
Se7eniNfRaC00L: try ALSA instead23:27
Se7enI didnt mean installing ALSA I meant using ALSA as your sound plugin instead os PulseAudio23:28
iNfRaC00Lbut I cannot choose23:28
iNfRaC00Lit's  only Pulse there23:29
Se7enopen up the Terminal and enter alsamixer23:29
iNfRaC00Lthat seems to be ok23:29
iNfRaC00Lthere is  PCM, MIC ,LINE23:30
Se7enis that what you need to see ?23:30
Se7enalright then23:30
iNfRaC00Lwell thanx23:30
iNfRaC00Lso i guess KMix is history for now23:31
Se7enyou actually CAN restore the controls to it by choosing ALSA as your plugin (I think )23:32
Se7ennot sure how to do that in Kubuntu though23:33
Se7enSystem:    Host ViperousVirus Kernel 2.6.31-14-generic i686 (32 bit) Distro Linux Mint 8 Helena - Main Edition23:33
djusticeif the kcm doesnt list alsa, and only pulse, i think that might be a missing phonon-alsa or sth.23:33
* Se7en shrugs23:33
iNfRaC00Lcouldn't find phonon-alsa or similar. phonon is installed. do you think dpkg --reconfigure alsa might help?23:43
=== Drachenblut is now known as Lord_Drachenblut
iNfRaC00Lno, that doesn't exist :D23:47
Se7eniNfRaC00L: checking my Mint KDE box for you23:47
=== XuMuK_ is now known as XuMuK
iNfRaC00Li appreciate23:52
Se7eniNfRaC00L: this may sound a bit obvious but .. have you check the : Sound notification icon > Mixer >Settings > Configure Channels ?23:59
* Se7en has to get more familiar wth KDE23:59

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