bdmurrayokay, so creating a new permission name and adding it to permissions.zcml works00:00
sinzuibdmurray, we do not want to invent permission names00:01
bdmurraysinzui: that makes sense but where does that leave us?00:01
deryckLater on everyone.  until tomorrow00:01
sinzuibdmurray, I do not have a clear path. It took us more than a year to sort the mess out with IProduct, and CommercialAdmin still does not belong the the flacoste cannon.00:02
sinzuior canon00:02
sinzuieither works for me00:03
sinzuibdmurray, I am strongly in favor of a Permission like BugEdit that grants supervisors permission to change bugtags and configure bug-trackers00:06
sinzuibdmurray, I believe the project owner is delegating responsibility to the supervisor to manage the bugs domain. I would expect this person to have the power to do his job.00:07
bdmurraysinzui: so a new permission that was used in multiple places would be agreeable then?00:07
sinzuiI think we need more than me to agree on this.00:08
sinzuibdmurray, we have a launchpad.Driver permission00:08
bdmurraysinzui: from a social standpoint or a technical standpoint?00:09
sinzuisocial. The driver is a delegated role, and there is a launchpad.Driver. For the sake of symmetry, I expect launchpad.BugSupervisor00:10
bdmurrayokay, fwiw I've spoken to deryck and the Ubuntu Tech Board about this00:11
sinzuibdmurray, when we talk about roles, responsibility, and permission, the bug supervisor and driver roles are not very clear, and in 6 months, they could be indistinguishable because of changes to access and notifications...00:12
sinzuibut if there was a permission like BugSupervisor, there were be a clear way to discuss what that role does00:12
bdmurrayyes, I think using a BugSupervisor permission makes sense too00:13
sinzuiand I think if we updated Lp to use launchpad.BugSupervisor, we will discover that driver and supervisor will never converge after the privacy changes are mae00:13
sinzuibdmurray, lets assume launchpad.BugSupervisor will happen. update your checker and the zcml00:15
sinzuiI now know why I am being inundated by requests to close projects. I have seen these projects listed in deryck's script. We have inadvertently reminded people they have dead projects.00:19
bdmurrayyes, not notifying inactive projects might have been a good constraint00:19
sinzuihow do we know they are inactive? if I knew that, I could write a process to deactivate them after 6 months or a year00:20
bdmurrayI don't know but I went to one's page and it said it was inactive ...00:21
sinzuibdmurray, I search for those every 3 months00:22
sinzuiI also deactivate about 2k of projects this year that had no license or artefacts00:22
sinzuikarma cannot be used because milestones and releases to not generate karma00:23
sinzuiand I know if the project is linked to another community like ubuntu, it cannot ever be deactivated,00:23
* sinzui has 9 months to solve this before his goals are up for review00:23
bdmurraysinzui: if I made a merge proposal for my branch is that something you'd be willing to review?00:28
wallyworldlifeless: or someone? 2 days ago i landed a branch via pqm, got a success email, but the bug tag is still not updated to qa-needstesting and it's not merged into devel yet. is this expected or have i missed something?00:51
lifelesswallyworld: what branch did you merge it into ?00:53
wallyworldlifeless: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/00:53
wallyworldthat was the submit target00:53
lifelesswhats your branch?00:53
lifelesswallyworld: no idea; send it again ?00:56
lifelessforward me the success message, I might be able to get some idea from pqm logs (they are on sodium, if you're interested in looking yourself)00:57
wallyworldlifeless: ok, i'll give it a go. that one from yesterday (sql logging) also needs to be resubmitted because of translation test failures on ec2. are these fixed now?00:58
lifeless2010-10-05 20:14:45 INFO    Database replication lagged 11:06:29.567146. Sleeping up to 10 minutes.00:58
wallyworldlifeless: i'll look at the logs on sodium as well.00:58
lifelesswallyworld: dunno about test failures00:58
lifelesswallyworld: I assume its all working all the time ;)00:58
wallyworldlifeless: yeah, should be but, AssertionError: Failed doctest test for 10-distro-translation-group.txt00:59
wallyworld  File "lib/lp/translations/tests/../stories/translationgroups/10-distro-translation-group.txt", line 000:59
wallyworldcan't see how it's at all related to a sql logging change that isn't even activated if the env variable is not set01:00
lifelessthe failure details are later ;)01:01
wallyworldlifeless: canonical.testing.layers.LayerIsolationError: Librarian has been killed or has hung.Tests should use LibrarianLayer.hide() and LibrarianLayer.reveal() where possible, and ensure the Librarian is restarted if it absolutely must be shutdown: [Errno socket error] [Errno 111] Conne01:01
wallyworldlooks like librarian layer has hung or something?01:02
wallyworldi knew the failure was later, just didn't want to cut n paste too much :-)01:02
lifelessthat was discussed on the list01:03
lifelessits fixed01:03
wallyworldoh ok. thanks. i'm a bit behind in my email reading :-(01:03
lifelessde nada01:04
lvhUnder Alternatively01:11
lvhWhy does the vm need to be built as root01:11
lifelessI don't know! poolie came up with that recipe.01:12
lifelesshe might know01:12
poolielvh, i think that's just an implementation limitation of vm-builder01:12
pooliei think because it creates the image using debootstrap, and that creates a chroot, and that can only be done as root01:13
wgrantIt needs to chroot, right.01:13
lvhOooh. Okay, thanks.01:13
wgrantvm-builder doesn't use a VM.01:14
lvhwgrant: Before this recipe I used Virtualbox, hence the confusion.01:14
wgrantvm-builder doesn't install from an ISO, so it needs to be able to chroot in and install packages.01:15
pooliewgrant, well, it creates a chroot and then it moves it into a vm01:15
wgrantpoolie: Right. But other VM solutions don't need root because they run the installer in a VM.01:15
pooliein theory vm-builder could support the same external interface and work by booting a network image within the vm01:16
poolieif you don't have root on the machine you want to use as the vm host i would suggest following the first set of instructions01:17
pooliethey're similar, just a bit more manual01:17
lvhIt's not really a big deal, I was just wondering :-)01:23
lvhIt's still super-awesome that you people open-sourced lp.01:23
wgrantWhy are you running it in a VM? To avoid destroying your system, or because you don't run Ubuntu?01:24
lvhwgrant: Former01:25
lvhwgrant: I virtualize pretty much everything all the time01:26
wgrantSounds like a good policy,.01:26
lvhWell, I'm a Python guy01:26
lvhSetuptools is a hard and cruel teacher.01:26
lifelesswallyworld: replied to your perf tuesday mail; backt o stacking wood for me.01:26
wallyworldlifeless:  thanks. i'll have a look01:26
lvhwgrant: Oh by the way, I noticed you guys are starting to do CD01:27
lvhThat's really awesome, I used to do CD at my job and am now blogging about doing it in a reusable fashion.01:27
* wgrant isn't actually quite one of those guys.01:27
lvhHas whoever it is responsble considered documenting this CD process?01:27
lvhwgrant: Whoops. Yeah, that "you" was plural01:27
lvhBy which I mean whoever it is now doing CD on lp.01:27
wgrantlifeless knows a lot about that effort.01:28
wgrantBut he's just run away.01:28
wgrantMost of it should be documented on dev.launchpad.net.01:29
wgranthttps://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/ReleaseFeaturesWhenTheyAreDone is the LEP.01:29
wgranthttps://dev.launchpad.net/MergeWorkflow, https://dev.launchpad.net/QAProcessContinuousRollouts are relevant.01:30
poolielifeless, nice public blog post btw01:30
* poolie works out which of the 20 meanings of "CD" this is :)01:31
poolielvh, i'm really pleased we're doing https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/FeatureFlags now too01:31
pooliewhich is subsidiary to CD01:31
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lvhpoolie: I meant continuous deployment.01:44
lvhpoolie: Not sure what the other ones are01:45
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
lifelesslvh: hi, yes, we are documenting it02:06
lifelessthe LEP documents some specific changes, and links to the MergeWorkflow which links to the qa process and related automation02:07
lifelesswe'll be open sourcing the qa toolchain soon02:07
lifelesswgrant: yes, rosetta stuff is failing02:10
lifelesswgrant: did you want the error report?02:10
lvhlifeless: Awesome!02:12
lvhlifeless: The only real problem I had implementing this myself was push notification02:13
wgrantlifeless: No, just wondering about the ec2 failure I had overnight.02:13
poolielifeless, it would be nice to document the terminology around tasks, events, etc into the arch guide if it ever settles03:03
rockstarlifeless, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/merge-queues-db/+merge/3768603:57
rockstarlifeless, (please)03:59
* rockstar should learn some manners03:59
lifelessrockstar: it has a *huge* diff in it.04:00
lifelessmwhudson: hey04:09
lifelessmwhudson: do you think a third line by line review is needed of lp-service?04:09
lifelessmwhudson: spiv went at it hammer and tongs04:09
rockstarlifeless, the diff is huge because of sampledata.04:10
rockstarlifeless, the sampledata files are the bane of my existence.04:11
lifelessright, you need to use pg 8.4 nowadays04:11
lifelessrockstar: I hates them too.04:11
mwhudsonlifeless: well, maybe not of the code, but i spotted a few little things that could do with fixing in comments & such04:12
mwhudsonlifeless: i'll try to find some time to root them all out04:12
lifelessmwhudson: needs or nices04:13
lifelessmwhudson: if its nices, perhaps we can land and iterate?04:14
mwhudsonone need04:14
rockstarlifeless, I used pg 8.4.  The diff would be a lot bigger otherwise.04:45
rockstarOh crap.  Is it SERIOUSLY that big of a difference between 8.4.3 and 8.4.4?04:47
lifelessstub: hey05:02
lifelessstub: I was wondering if its 8.4.3 vs 8.4.4 (the bug portlet query thing)05:02
stubShouldn't be with a patch release, and we are running 8.4.4 everywhere anyway.05:04
rockstarstub, I put a review in for you.  Apparently there's something wrong with the sampledata that I'm trying to fix now, but the patch is ready for your eyes.05:06
stubrockstar: Sampledata isn't that bad - only one spurious table moving position. The other changes are for tables your patch touches.05:10
rockstarstub, yeah, I usually see changes like that in sampledata, but lifeless said in Needs Fixing, so I'm trying to Fixing.05:11
stubrockstar: The json configuration is a bit of a worry. Soyuz did the same thing several years ago with 'lucille_config' and have been bitching about it ever since.05:11
stubrockstar: You are running 8.4.3, latest is 8.4.4. That is the likely cause.05:12
rockstarstub, yeah, this json config thing will not be available to users on the frontend.  It's specifically for Tarmac.05:12
rockstarstub, basically, it's a way for Tarmac to get configs from Launchpad instead of having to configure it locally.05:12
stubrockstar: So should it be tarmac_configuration? Or is tarmac going to be mushed into Launchpad and lose its identity as a separate product?05:13
rockstarstub, well, I don't want to shut out something better from coming along (if something better CAN come along)05:14
stubrockstar: Is the name column for use in URLs, or is it the displayname?05:14
rockstarstub, ah, yeah, we _might_ need it in the urls (I'm still only doing the data model right now).  I guess that means that it needs an index.05:15
stubI'm thinking about a valid_name() CHECK constraint05:15
stubShouldn't need an index, as we will be looking it up in conjunction with the owner and there is already an index for that05:16
rockstarstub, hm, I've never seen a valid_name CHECK constraint, but I'm happy to add it if you can give me an example.05:16
stubSure. I'll add it with the needed indexes.05:17
stubrockstar: So there is no comment on Branch.merge_queue_config. I'm wondering if that is redundant, or why it is different from BranchMergeQueue.configuration05:18
rockstarstub, so the branch and the queue can both have config values.05:18
stubAnd tarmac munges them together into a single config?05:18
rockstarstub, yeah, kinda.05:18
rockstarCurrently, it actually un-munges them apart for certain contexts.05:19
rockstarHuh, launchpad-developer-dependencies is broken in the PPA for maverick...05:26
rockstarstub, there's a comment for Branch.merge_queue_config but wasn't one for Branch.merge_queue - I'm remedied this.05:28
rockstarstub, does this look right? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507002/05:32
stubI've just put in the review05:35
stubrockstar: Mostly fine. Its missing a comma on the preceding line.05:36
rockstarstub, yeah, I just found that the hard way.05:36
lifelesswallyworld: so that test failure looks like the ff *package* rather than ff *product* is showing up05:36
stubPossibly an ordering problem05:37
rockstarstub, why do you need an index on BranchMergeQueue.registrant?05:38
wgrantrockstar: Missing python-codespeak-lib?05:38
stubrockstar: Because we need an index on every reference to the Person table or the person merge code becomes glacial.05:38
lifelessstub: as opposed to ? :P05:38
rockstarstub, ah, okay.05:38
stubrockstar: Similar with references to LibraryFileAlias and the librarian garbage collector.05:39
wallyworldlifeless: if the doc test is actually incorrect, how did it get so that it was included in my test run? wouldn't the landing of that other branch have been rejected?05:39
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lifelesswallyworld: my experience has been that usually my change managed to break something nonobvious05:39
stubwallyworld: There are some tests that rely on ordering returned by PostgreSQL rather than. These can explode at any time.05:40
rockstarwgrant, it looks related to python-pocket-lint05:40
wgrantrockstar: There is a known issue with python-codespeak-lib having been renamed to python-py.05:40
wgrantlaunchpad-developer-dependencies depends on that.05:40
rockstarwgrant, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507006/05:40
wallyworldlifeless: ok, i'll recheck. but the my branch is for the sql logging enhancement and the code isn't even activated unless an env var is set. still, i may have missed something05:41
rockstarwgrant, apparently python-pocket-lint has no installation candidate.05:41
lifelesswallyworld: bzr diff -r ancestor:../devel | less05:41
lifelesswallyworld: is a useful way to see whats really different in your branch05:41
rockstarwgrant, this is on a fresh maverick chroot and rocketfuel-setup05:41
wgrantrockstar: sinzui uploaded a new pocket-lint yesterday, and the bug ate maverick's copy.05:42
wgrantWe can probably just copy the new one up from lucid.05:42
rockstarwgrant, okay, is there a fix planned?05:42
* rockstar should probably go read the list...05:42
wgrantsinzui: Is there a reason that pocket-lint 0.5.5 is only in lucid?05:43
mwhudsonsurely launchpad-developer-dependencies doesn't need to depend on py.test any more?05:43
wgrantHow is production-devel looking?05:43
wgrantHas buildbot blessed it since my fix landed?05:43
lifelesswgrant: unchanged05:43
lifelesswgrant: your fix?05:43
wgrantlifeless: The fix to unfuck Soyuz.05:44
wgrant_getOtherPublications blah blah.05:44
lifelessthe last I heard was this ProcessAlreadyExited thing05:44
lifelessis that what you're talking about?05:44
rockstarwgrant, Soyuz can be unfucked?05:45
wallyworldlifeless: just checked - the diff is the same as shown on the original mp. ie some extra coding code inside an if block. nothing else. sigh.05:45
lifelesswgrant: this is what rev 11595 or whatever was meant to fix, but thats in prod-devel and it still fails.05:45
lifelesswallyworld: throw it at ec2 again :(05:45
lifelesswallyworld: if the test passes locally.05:45
wallyworldlifeless: will do 4th time lucky hopefully05:45
lifeless(the failing test I mean)05:45
wallyworldyeah, i knew what you meant :-)05:46
lifelesstry merging devel into your branch and running the failing test.05:46
wallyworldjust did that before i ran the diff :-)05:46
wgrantrockstar: Hopefully, yes.05:47
wgrantlifeless: bigjools CP'd something last night for me. That's all I know.05:47
rockstarwgrant, does it involve a Delorian?05:47
wgrantrockstar: That would be nice, but I think we can work around the lack of one.05:47
rockstarwgrant, reminds me of this tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/rockstar_/status/2640837895505:48
wgrantSometimes it would be nice to go back and fix the data model, but we're a few years too late :(05:48
wallyworldlifeless: test passes locally. will try ec2 again. wish me luck :-)05:49
rockstarwgrant, yeah. I find myself saying that about a lot of things, so much so that I'm afraid to make NEW data models, for fear that I'll be cursing the person who created the data model in a year.05:50
wgrantEh, Code's is trivial in comparion. And it's fixable.05:50
rockstarwgrant, yeah, but source package recipes isn't really "code."  It's kinda the fence between the US and Mexico.05:51
rockstarIn the "kinda broken, probably full of holes, but politicians sure love talkin' about it"05:51
wgrantWe'll get there eventually.05:52
wgrantlifeless: So production-devel is still broken, so we probably won't be rolling out any fixes from it tonight?05:53
mwhudsonlifeless: i just did a line by line review of lp-service06:02
lifelesswgrant: until someone figures out whats wrong, no.06:11
lifelesswgrant: hang a sec06:11
lifelessmwhudson: thank you!06:13
lifelesswgrant: lp:~lifeless/launchpad/cp06:14
wgrantThe rev I'm interested in isn't in that lot.06:16
lifelessI just pushed r 978506:16
lifelessand forwarded you mail06:16
wgrantAh, 9784.06:17
wgrantHm, I see.06:17
wgrantThat is odd.06:17
wgrantWhich was the last blessed rev?06:17
lifelesshit launchpad.net06:20
lifelesspress ctrl-U06:20
wgrant.... what.06:21
wgrantSo it hasn't broken since then. It already was. Great.06:21
lifeless    r978306:21
lifelessis blessed and deployed06:21
wgrantAnd neither 9784 nor 9785 could have caused that failure.06:22
lifelessI can press 'build again' for kicks.06:22
wgrantHm, U1 is actually getting somewhere.07:02
wgrantThe website no longer sucks and they are offering new features.07:03
wgrantAnd contact syncing is turned on again.07:03
wgrantAnd I haven't found any critical security flaws in a while.07:03
lifelesswgrant: glad to see you looking on the bright side07:09
bachi danilos07:10
wgrantlifeless: Well, there *is* a bright side now :)07:11
pooliehi bac07:11
wgrantFor example, I can no longer erase your filesystem by getting you to click a link.07:11
pooliethere's alwaysa  bright side07:11
bachi poolie07:11
bacbye poolie07:11
pooliehowever, C-w in xchat being bound to 'close tab' is not a bright side :)07:12
wgrantThat always hits me when filing bugs.07:12
poolieargh, i just remembered that when i used emacs and firefox, meta-q was fatal07:13
pooliesoooo awful07:13
pooliei think they eventually removed it07:13
lifelessI think I'll use this evening...07:16
lifelessto ...07:16
lifelesswrite some code!07:16
wgrantHow is the tokenised staging librarian going?07:17
lifelesswgrant: you know what happens when you've got more items to service than servicers?07:17
lifelesswgrant: thrashing... thats what.07:17
lifelesswgrant: [its up there with the other highest-priority-we-have LP tickets]07:17
lifelesswgrant: my first couple of weeks in the job could be paraphrased as 'saturate the losa queue till christmas. Thanks.'07:18
lifelessspm: am I wrong?07:18
spmwhich year, for christmas, has been left undefined.07:18
wgrantWe don't have that new LOSA yet? :(07:18
lifelessspm: lol07:19
pooliethe last thing we need is more code :)07:19
spmwgrant: not yet, we had 3 interviews "today" tho07:20
lifelesswgrant: I've got >10 tickets at or above pri 8007:20
lifelesswgrant: nearly all are RFWTAD items07:20
lifelesswgrant: rt 41202 is the tokenised librarian, its top equal with 3 others, in the LP queue.07:21
lifelessspm: can I get profiling on staging pretty please?07:23
spmyah, give us a sec tho. just kick off the slow bit on this update07:24
lifelesswgrant: can you reproduce the failure?07:38
lifelesswgrant: it might be a python 2.5 thing.07:38
wgrantlifeless: I don't know where the failure is.07:39
wgrantbuildbot emails don't detail the failure.07:39
lifelessPerson:+branding 65 1845.67 411.4207:40
wgrantWhich is pretty awesome.07:40
lifelesswgrant: huh, sure it did07:40
wgrantI know that some test failed with that error, but only because Julian said so.07:41
StevenKThey don't, you need access to buildbot to see it07:41
StevenKFWIW, I can't reproduce it locally07:41
lifelessStevenK: using production-devel?07:42
lifelesswgrant: privmsged you07:43
wgrantI don't see any actual errors in that.07:45
wgrantJust a lot of noise...07:45
lifelesswgrant: StevenK: I suspect a python 2.5 issue07:50
lifelesslike the one stub found with filenotfound errors raising different exceptions07:50
wgrantSo, it's unrelated to the one fixed in r1159407:50
wgrantThis error happens when the slave breaks horribly.07:50
StevenKBleh, you say after I purged python2.5 yesterday07:50
wgrantlifeless: It's not showing up in lp or db_lp, though?07:51
lifelessbecause they are fucked07:52
lifelessand don't work at all07:52
wgrantWell, that's encouraging.07:53
lifelesswe're || close to having wildcherry migrated07:53
wgrantWildcherry's happening tonight, yeah?07:53
lifelessdowntime in 7 minutes or so and then tomorrow to switch back07:53
lifelessspm: tell me when ;P07:54
StevenKlifeless:   File "/home/steven/launchpad/lp-branches/production-devel/parts/scripts/site.py", line 14307:57
StevenK    with f:07:57
wgrantStevenK: You probably need to rebuild your tree for 2.5.07:59
StevenKFixing that gives: TypeError: bzrlib._static_tuple_c.StaticTuple is not a type object07:59
wgrantsite.py isn't under version control.07:59
* StevenK does so07:59
spmlifeless: gah. sorry. is restarting now08:00
wgrant2010-10-06 12:32:14+0530 [HTTPChannel,1,] - - [06/Oct/2010:07:02:14 +0000] "POST /rpc/rpc HTTP/1.0" 200 148 "-" "xmlrpclib.py/1.0.1 (by www.pythonware.com)"08:02
wgrantWhen I run the test locally, that ends up in /var/tmp/buildd/build-slave.08:02
wgrantEr, /var/tmp/build-slave.log.08:03
wgrantThat's a very odd timezone.08:03
pooliethat control to turn on expiry is kind of hard to find08:03
pooliebeing under "Bugs are tracked where"08:03
lifelesspoolie: file a bug :)08:03
StevenKwgrant: +0530 is a twisted's default timezone, I think08:04
StevenKwgrant: I came across it during sftp hacking, and jml told me why, I just can't recall08:04
wgrantTo try to break everything that exists, probably...08:04
pooliesomewhere in india?08:04
StevenKI think so08:05
lifeless+1230 would be better08:05
StevenK+0530 is Indian Standard Time08:06
StevenK+1230 doesn't exist, +1245 is the closest08:08
lifelessspm: still here?08:08
spmyup; sorta. doing the incident report for forster/mailman08:09
lifelessdo the profile files rsync on cron08:09
lifelessor is it totally manual-when-asked?08:09
lifelessspm: ^08:12
StevenKlifeless: Can't reproduce with python 2.5 either08:13
wgrantStevenK: What does your slave log say?08:17
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507065/08:18
wgrantRight, same here.08:18
wgrantThe one in the failure finishes INIT and starts on UNPACK.08:18
stubWe set the timezone in the test runner to India to catch bugs.08:18
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
wgrantIt's possible that the production-devel buildbot sucks at timing.08:23
wgrantThe test is probably racy.08:23
lifelessit was run twice in a row08:24
lifelessis it the new test?08:24
StevenKBleh! This branch is cursed08:25
wgrantAdding a time.sleep(1) makes it explode. Not the same way, though.08:25
wgrantSo the test is racy.08:26
wgrantI think the buildbot might just manage to run the buildd further than my laptop can, so it dies before the test can abort it.08:26
wgrantThat error is well-known by anyone who runs the buildd locally, so it's been around forever.08:28
lifelessso you can fix?08:28
wgrantIs the test new, do you know?08:28
wgrantI suspect it is.08:28
wgrantIt is.08:29
lifelessits new in 978008:29
lifelesswhich is passed and deployed08:29
wgrantThat only means it needed to succeed once, though.08:30
lifeless4 times08:30
lifelessI'll force a build08:30
wgrantIf this doesn't work, I'd disable it. It's not testing anything new, and the whole slave testing framework is broken anyway.08:31
StevenKwgrant: Isn't Julian fixing that with his new branch08:32
wgrantHe's not fixing the slave, but he's probably replacing that bit of the master.08:32
wgrantBasically, the slave test config works OK for the first couple of hundred milliseconds of a build.08:32
wgrantAfter that it explodes spectacularly.08:32
StevenKAnd most of the tests are probably touched/re-written08:32
wgrantWe could probably fix it by replacing the test config's unpack command with a sleep.08:33
wgrantAnd probably cleanup too.08:33
lifelessspm: ping08:36
spmlifeless: sorry, the logs should sync every so often; but iof not there; I'll prod08:37
lifelessplease do; if you can tell me the frequency and phase I'll bother you less08:37
spmnormally every 3 or 6 minutes08:38
lifelesswell, I left it 20 minutes08:38
adeuringgood morning08:39
danilosbac, hey-hey (sorry, I start late on Wednesdays :)09:04
wgrantbigjools: Morning.09:04
bacnp, danilos09:04
danilosbac, how's it going?09:05
bacdanilos: i was wondering if you could look at a patch for me?09:05
danilosbac, sure09:05
bacdanilos: i'm trying to insert the robots "noindex" conditionally.  for some reason, even when context/translatables returns products, the noindex is inserted.09:07
bacdanilos: so the last test at line 66 fails09:07
bachi bigjools.09:07
bigjoolshey bac, how's the orient?09:08
bacbigjools: having a good time,thanks09:08
lifelesswow 1 second in 'currentseries'09:09
danilosbac, right, give me a minute, otp09:10
bacdanilos: ok09:10
bigjoolsbac: cool - have you been before?09:11
bacbigjools: yeah.  this is my fifth trip since 2000.09:11
bacbigjools: the smog is about to choke me to death, though.  :(09:12
bigjoolsbac: urgh :(09:12
bigjoolsjml: around yet?09:13
bacit's breezy and temperate out but i've had to seal up the apartment and turn on the AC.09:13
=== lifeless changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 3 of 10.10 | PQM is open for business | firefighting: - | https:/​/​dev.launchpad.net/​ | Get the code: https:/​/​dev.launchpad.net/​Getting
wgrantShould I be concerned that my first thought upon seeing "breezy" was "must... kill... sampledata"?09:13
lifelesslosa: can disable staging profiling - thanks.09:15
bigjoolswgrant: it must die but approx 1 million tests will need fixing09:15
wgrantbigjools: Speaking of tests, have you seen the wonderful probably-race in production buildbot?09:15
bigjoolswgrant: yes09:16
bigjoolscurrently trying to work out wtf is going on09:16
wgrantI'm pretty sure it's a race. Try adding a time.sleep(1) in that test.09:16
wgrantDifferent, but very similar, failure.09:16
wgrantThe test slave setup is known to be crap.09:17
bigjoolsproblem is, why is it happening now?09:17
bigjoolsnothing's landed there for ages09:17
wgrantThe test has only been around for a couple of weeks.09:17
wgrantIt last passed the production buildbot two revisions ago. And it's clear that neither of them broke it.09:17
bacwgrant: which test are you discussing?09:17
* bigjools stabs layers09:18
bigjoolsah that is one of the new tests indeed09:19
wgrantIt was added only two weeks ago.09:19
bigjoolsI know what the problem is then09:19
bigjoolsrace condition09:20
bigjoolssame sort of thing that I fixed recently in the buildd-manager09:20
wgrantSort of.09:20
wgrantThere are two issues.09:20
wgrantThe ProcessExitedAlready thing is not the main one.09:20
wgrantIt will still break if you fix that.09:20
wgrantThe test slave will pretty quickly fail and end up no longer BUILDING.09:21
wgrantSo the abort will fail.09:21
wgrantThat's what happens if you add the sleep into the test.09:22
wgrantThe ProcessExitedAlready probably happens when the test aborts it at the wrong time. When I run the unmodified test locally, it never makes it out of the INIT stage.09:23
wgrantThe buildbot log I've seen showed it get into and fail UNPACK, then get into CLEANUP, start to fail that, then get aborted.09:23
bigjoolsI don't understand why you think catching that exception won;t work09:25
wgrantThe root cause is that the test slave config is only good if you abort it before the build gets anywhere.09:25
* bigjools files bug and disables test09:26
* bac should pay more attenting to those LP downtime messages...09:26
wgrantWe've overrun the window by a long time.09:26
wgrantSo that wouldn't have helped.09:26
lifelessstub: ping09:27
stublifeless: pong09:27
wgrantbigjools: exceptions.ValueError: Slave is not BUILDING when asked to abort09:28
lifelesswhat do you think of the idea of caching 'distro.currentseries' rather than calculating it every time?09:28
bigjoolshmm didn't see that09:29
wgrantbug #23692509:29
_mup_Bug #236925: Make Distribution.currentseries an explicit DB column <tech-debt> <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/236925>09:29
wgrantlifeless: ^^09:29
wgrantbigjools: That's what remains of the race if the buildbot exception doesn't occur.09:29
lifelesswgrant: hah09:29
bigjoolswgrant: ok09:29
lifelesswgrant: well, see my mail just sent.09:29
lifelesswgrant: 1 second of bug one is in figuring that out and returning the series object.09:29
lifelesswgrant: for 6 distros09:30
danilosbac, you seem to be setting usage on product, whereas a view is on project group, could that be related?09:30
bacdanilos: the usage for a project group is determined by its products09:30
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
bacdanilos: i'm really stumped, b/c the test at line 49 passes, showing the PG has translatables and that is the condition in the TAL expression09:31
wgrantlifeless: How is that query so awful?09:32
danilosbac, I don't think we are doing anything special in there for project groups in translations09:33
lifelesswgrant: 200ms on avg09:34
wgrantlifeless: That sounds like a bug.09:34
lifeless(1sec/6 actually)09:35
danilosbac, have you seen an XXX by jcsackett on projectgroup.translatables though (though, I don't expect that'll help much)09:35
wgrantSomething is fairly broken.09:35
lifelessit load all the series09:35
wgrantWe seem to be out of read-only, but sessions aren't working.09:35
bacdanilos: i did.  i've checked that the two states are in sync.09:35
wgrantAh, there we go.09:35
danilosbac, so I'd say something is wrong with usage determination for project groups (I don't know how's that done)09:36
bacdanilos: ok, thanks for looking.  i thought there might've been something translation-specific i was overlooking, such as earlier when i didn't create a POTemplate for the product09:37
gmbAnyone else getting "bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist." when trying to push to LP?09:38
gmbHmm. SSH key failure. That's weird...09:38
gmbnever mind.09:38
wgrantWe just came out of readonly a few minutes ago.09:38
wgrantDoesn't quite explain it, though.09:38
gmbwgrant: Yeah, I know what hte problem is.09:38
gmbBasically, bits of my disk have gone away. This happens.09:38
bacwgrant: web is back but code hosting isn't09:39
* gmb reboots; bbiafm.09:39
gmbSo, separate problem.09:39
danilosbac, sorry, but I don't know how you decide if robots meta tag needs to be added or not, and I think that's what's important here; in general, a requirement for a template in a product is still there, but that depends on what condition exactly are you using when generating robots stuff09:41
wgrantbac: "Permission denied" doesn't seem like an excellent failure mode for that.09:41
bacwgrant: nope09:41
bacwgrant: you said bazaar.lp.net takes longer to come back.  why and how much?09:42
bacdanilos: the test is just condition="context/translatables" but i assume you see that in the patch.  are you asking something else?09:42
wgrantbac: I'm not sure why. It may be because the LOSAs just take a while to start it back up...09:43
bacit is back09:43
gmb\0/ login dance09:44
wgrantYes, the sessions seem to have evaporated.09:44
danilosbac, right, I am not sure what's going on and it looks very, very weird09:44
wgrantAnd authentication didn't work for a while.09:44
bacdanilos: yeah, thanks for looking.09:45
jmlbigjools: yeah, around now, sort of.09:45
bigjoolsjml: can you look at the prod_lp buildbot output, the test_abort that we added is failing.  I'm going to disable it as I don't think there's a quick fix but you might see differently.09:46
jmlbigjools: at a first glance it looks like a race: a bug in the slave maybe09:48
bigjoolsjml: we're not waiting for the build to start before trying to kill it09:48
wgrantThe issue is more that you're waiting too long, so the test config crashes.09:49
jmlin either case, bug in the slave09:49
jmlit's a server, it should handle people asking it to do things09:49
bigjoolsas I discussed with wgrant above, we need to catch that ProcessAlreadyExcepted and also deal with trying to abort something that's not started09:50
jmlyeah, that sounds about right09:51
wgrantOr just fix the test config to sleep a lot.09:51
bigjoolsno :)09:51
wgrantThe problem is that it gets too far. Not that it doesn't get far enough.09:52
wgrantAdding sleeps won't delay the test suite.09:52
bigjoolsI filed a bug 655559 about it09:52
jmlwgrant: even so, the slave should catch the ProcessAlreadyExited exception09:52
_mup_Bug #655559: test_builder.py / test_abort is failing on buildbot, but not locally <tech-debt> <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/655559>09:52
wgrantjml: Indeed. It happens a bit locally.09:54
wgrantBut blah twisted blah confusing.09:54
jmlnot at all.09:55
jmltry: kill_process(); except ProcessAlreadyExited: pass # yay less work for me09:55
bigjoolsI wonder if in this case it should not be raising exceptions here, the vast majority of use cases don't care if it's already exited.09:56
lifelessgmb: so talk to me09:56
bigjoolsa return value would be sufficient if you need to know09:57
jmlbigjools: I don't know the use case here, but lots of similar code just swallows the exception09:57
jmlbigjools: it's not so much "kill the process" as "ensure that it's dead"09:57
bigjoolsjml: yes - that points to a flaw in the API IMO09:58
jmlbigjools: file a ticket on Twisted if you'd like09:58
wgrantjml: OK then, "but blah twisted blah confusing blah slave blah untested."09:58
jmlwgrant: the slave is not going to get any better thinking that way09:59
jmlnoodles775: I can't see the ec2 test details you mentioned in your email10:01
noodles775jml: in the attached file on the message to launchpad-dev? (652838-select-diffs-for-syncing-r9844.subunit.gz)10:02
jmlnoodles775: subject?10:08
noodles775jml: '"ec2 land" and "ec2 test" results should be truthful once more' sent 18 minutes ago.10:09
jmlnoodles775: nope, not there.10:10
wgrantThere were ML issues a few hours ago.10:11
wgrantMay still be broken.10:11
noodles775Seems so, I'll forward it directly.10:11
jmlnoodles775: thanks.10:21
gmblifeless: So, have you looked at the diff attached to that merge proposal (I'm assuming that that's what you want me to talk to you about)?10:23
lifelessgmb: yes, and replied.10:23
lifelessgmb: I suspect your best bet is10:23
gmbAh, just saw your reply.10:23
lifelessI suspect your best bet is not splitting the code up10:25
jmlnoodles775: which windmill test failed?10:25
lifelesschange the contract for getSFP to not return a resultset10:25
lifelessand then store the result in a cachedpropery10:25
lifelessdef _subscribers_for_persons(self): return {}10:26
noodles775jml: sorry, I should have included that in the email: test_diff_extra_details_blacklisting10:26
jmlnoodles775: interesting10:26
jmlnoodles775: something is really borked here. there's way more failures than just that in this test run10:28
lifelessgmb: and then assign results into that if person is not in self._subscribers_for_persons, or roughly that.10:28
gmblifeless: Hmm. Well, we *need* to split the code up for the sake of finishing the better-bug-subscriptions story, so I guess changing the way getSFP works would have to be the way to go.10:28
lifelessgmb: alternatively, making sure that you don't use *any* subscribers etc other than in the new view's template.10:29
noodles775jml: what's an example I can search for?10:29
lifelessthe problem is that multiple views is a sure fire way to get potato programming10:29
gmblifeless: I don't think that leaving the loop / list() in there will slow the old view down though (that's where the XXX is, btw) because the loop is already there; I've just removed the contents.10:29
jmlnoodles775: well, just search for 'failure:' or 'error:'10:29
lifelessgmb: it will10:29
jmlnoodles775: or 10-distro-translation-group_txt10:29
jmlumm, the regex ^error: will work better10:30
lifelessgmb: well, I'm assuming you're calling into the new template ?10:30
noodles775jml: I did searcth for failure... (lots of tests have that in their name). I'll take a look soon (just otp)10:30
gmblifeless: Let's back up a second...10:30
lifelessgmb: if you're not, then just list() the getSFP and you're done10:30
gmblifeless: Right.10:30
lifeless(but it would be a good idea to stop generating subscribers *at all* for the non-javascript version.10:31
lifelessthat or get rid of the separate javascript version.10:31
jmlnoodles775: the colon is important.10:31
lifelessbecause we're doing the work twice at the moment.10:31
gmblifeless: That's what splitting the code will allow us to do.10:31
jmllifeless: subunit is buggy.10:31
lifelessjml: all code is.10:31
lifelessjml: I'd love to talk more about this right now, but if I don't halt(), I'll have had way too little sleep at 6am for the tl meeting.10:32
jmllifeless: understood.10:32
jmllifeless: sleep well.10:32
lifelessgmb: may the force be with you. Or something.10:32
gmblifeless: Thanks. Enjoy your evening and may LP not be too broken when you awake.10:32
jmlnoodles775: I think I've figured it out.10:33
wgrantbigjools: Have all the sparc/ia64 pubs been fixed for good? The archive freezes rather soon.10:33
jmlnoodles775: let me know when you're off the phone. I'd like to talk it through.10:34
noodles775jml: back... did you want to mumble, or chat here?10:45
jmlnoodles775: chat here is good.10:45
jmlnoodles775: if you grep for the LayerIsolationError, you'll see that there are no actual errors before then, and any errors after them were not reported10:46
jmlnoodles775: something about it is messing up subunit's parsing10:46
jmlnoodles775: if you look in lib/devscripts/ec2test/remote.py, in the  test() method (line 274) you'll see the guts of ec2 test10:46
jmlnoodles775: there's some code there like:10:47
jml            # The process could have an error not indicated by an actual test10:47
jml            # result nor by a raised exception10:47
jml            if result.wasSuccessful() and retcode:10:47
jml                raise NonZeroExitCode(retcode)10:47
noodles775I'm hoping the windmill failure that I had (which was reproducible locally with FF, but not Chromium) was the only real error (ie. not related to the librarian failure)10:48
* noodles775 checks buildbot waterfall.10:48
jmlI guess I'd like to know how bin/test managed to have a failed test result but still returned a zero exit code10:48
jmlor if remote.py is buggy in this regard.10:49
bigjoolswgrant: no it's still screwed10:49
bigjoolsI've no idea why at the moment10:49
bigjoolsa-f keeps publishing the Packages file after it's deleted10:49
noodles775OK, so it seems the windmill test was the only real failure - great (as this branch obviously landed).10:49
wgrantbigjools: I guess I'll try to fix it locally. The key bit is getting it out of Release.10:50
jmlnoodles775: in any case, I'm going to try to write a fix for this in subunit10:50
wgrantEverything else is just a bonus, since we can delete Packages and Sources later.10:50
bigjoolswgrant: cheers10:50
jmlnoodles775: unfortunately I have no idea how to deploy that fix to our ec2 instances.10:50
* bigjools sighs at PQM taking *so freaking long* to land a branch10:51
wgrantbigjools: Disabling that test?10:51
bigjoolsthere was a branch in front of mine10:51
bigjoolsand mine's still getting processed10:52
bigjoolsthis is ridiculous10:52
jmlbigjools: I've filed an RT about it.10:52
bigjoolsto land something in PQM is now taking longer than the entire test suite when I first started on LP10:52
bigjoolsjml: yay - but do you know what can be done?10:52
wgrantWhat takes all the time?10:53
jmlbigjools: well, the RT is mostly asking to give me & other developers access to the config so we can even begin to debug the problem.10:53
wgrantsn't it just... a merge and grep?10:53
bigjoolsI think it runs a make before merging10:53
jmlwho knows!10:53
jmlthat's the point10:53
jmlsilly to talk about what it might do when there's a file on a computer somewhere that could end all speculation10:53
wgrantBut even that won't take very long, unless prasé's a 386...10:54
noodles775jml: From memory henninge wrote up some instructions after he updated some package versions for ec2, or did you mean something else?10:54
jmlnoodles775: oh, mostly I just mean that it's another complex step that I guess I'll figure out when the time comes ):10:54
jmlthat was meant to be a smile10:54
wgrantbigjools: Is there a bug?10:57
bigjoolswgrant: bug 648715 might fit10:58
_mup_Bug #648715: Binary publications should not be created for disabled architectures <qa-ok> <soyuz-publish> <Soyuz:Fix Committed by julian-edwards> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/648715>10:58
bigjoolsI verified that new Packages entries are not written10:58
wgrantI don't think so. I'll file a new.10:58
bigjoolsbut the Packages file itself is renewed, for some reason10:59
wgrantWell, it's fairly clear why. It'll be a simple fix.10:59
bigjoolsI haven't looked into it yet because I'm busy cleaning up your bug ;)11:04
wgrantEr, yeah.11:04
jmljelmer: is there a PPA w/ latest releases of testtools, subunit etc?11:05
jmlactually, let me try to use Launchpad to find out11:05
jmlthat was only a little hard.11:07
maxbjml: Yes, and as a Launchpad developer, you already should have it enabled by rocketfuel-setup :-)11:08
jmlmaxb: no, the release of testtools in that PPA is 0.9.2, latest is 0.9611:08
jml0.9.6, rather.11:08
maxbHowever, see the ~bzr PPA11:09
jmlI wonder why https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-testtools doesn't list that11:10
jmlhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=python-testtools times out11:10
wgrantbigjools: The a-f tests are... special.11:16
bigjoolswgrant: yes.  and one of them fails on maverick11:16
wgrantWhat is all this FakeSelectResult crap...11:16
wgrantOh, it lives in that module.11:17
wgrantEven more special :(11:17
bigjoolswow my branch finally landed 1.5 hours after I submitted it11:22
jmlRT #41739, fwiw11:24
_mup_Bug #41739: Increase number of Retry attempts <Launchpad Foundations:Fix Released by stub> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/41739>11:24
wgrantbigjools: So we might be able to fix things eventually. Yay.11:24
bigjoolswgrant: I hope so11:25
bigjoolswgrant: I'll assign that bug to you I guess11:27
wgrantEr, yes, please do.11:27
wgrantIt'd be nice if it let me do that while filing.11:28
bigjoolsI thought you could?11:28
wgrantOnly if you're a bug supervisor.11:29
bigjoolssigh - the person picker is timing out11:29
bigjoolsI'm not sure if I'm just angry today or if LP is getting on my tits, but this is incredibly frustrating11:30
bigjoolsnon-js FTW11:31
wgrantWe are no longer on wildcherry.11:32
wgrantSo it's not unthinkable that it might be slow.11:32
bigjoolsI see jml filed a bug too11:32
bigjoolsjml: bug 655620 made me laugh11:34
_mup_Bug #655620: "Other versions" list doesn't include interesting other versions <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/655620>11:35
bigjoolsI had other people asking "why doesn't it show X"11:35
bigjoolsthe answer is because LP is not a mind-reader :)11:35
wgrantTree builds take too long.11:36
jmlbigjools: well, sure, Launchpad can't be expected to read minds. However there are two obvious improvements here11:36
bigjoolsjml: it sorts by karma.11:37
jmlbigjools: one is that it could act less like a mind reader and explain why it picked those, perhaps having a link to "more" rather than a search...11:37
jmlbigjools: the second is that PPAs w/ newer versions of the package are probably more interesting to people11:37
bigjoolsyour bug might be a dupe.11:38
allenapgmb: Do you have any time today or tomorrow to start work on some basic UI for subscribe to search?11:49
gmballenap: Define "start work"11:49
jmlnoodles775: this subunit test reproduces the bug minimally: http://paste.ubuntu.com/507163/11:49
jmlit looks like it's actually two bugs :(11:50
* noodles775 looks11:50
jml1. zope.testrunner's subunit formatter should format KaboomError as a genuine subunit error11:50
jml2. subunit's parser should be more robust in the face of stupid input11:51
allenapgmb: I think there's enough subscription filter API under the hood now, and in db-devel, to write something to subscribe to an advanced search, albeit if that advanced search only filters on statuses, importances and the presence or absence of tags.11:51
allenapgmb: So it would be cool to have a button on the advanced search page saying "Subscribe to this mofo" that does something.11:52
gmballenap: Okay. At the moment my focus is on getting the Wizard integrated with devel (good luck with that) and making it possible to filter individual subscriptions by notification level.11:52
deryckMorning, all.11:52
gmbWhich seems simpler for Weds wk3, though with continuous deployment being more and more practical maybe that's an unnecessary concern.11:52
gmballenap: Are you asking me to take the work on or are you saying you want to talk about how best to do it?11:53
gmbMorning deryck.11:53
allenapgmb: Take the work. I might have time to do it if I get a move on. But no worries, just wondering. Ping me if you find you have some time and you're interested.11:53
gmballenap: Okay, will do. At this point though I'd be surprised if I have time before next week,11:54
wgrantbigjools: The a-f test failure in maverick seems to be caused by it becoming a bit more pedantic.12:03
wgrantbigjools: The test uses a binary named 'foo.deb', which a-f just ignores. Renaming it to 'foo_1.0_i386.deb' fixes it.12:03
bigjoolswgrant: ha12:03
wgrantHeh. I was just going to file a bug about the failure, and entered the summary "test_ftparchive failing on Maverick". The first result the dupefinder found was "test_ftparchive failing on Lucid". So it isn't completely useless.12:14
wgrantThis code is the stuff of nightmares...12:43
bigjoolsenjoy :)12:48
wgrantbigjools: Parts of the a-f code look at DS.architectures, while others look at archtags in lucilleconfig.12:49
bigjoolslucilleconfig needs to die in a furnace12:49
bigjoolsit's absolutely hideous12:49
wgrantbigjools: Should I fix it for PPAs too? They aren't so critical, and they're a completely different part of the code.12:51
wgrantNMAF is also used for partner, but partner's release pocket isn't frozen, so that should be fine.12:51
bigjoolswgrant: fix what for PPAs?12:51
wgrantbigjools: Not publishing disabled archs.12:52
wgrantPPAs have sparc/ia64 indices.12:52
bigjoolswgrant: I think so12:52
wgrantAs does partner.12:52
bigjoolsyeah that's always been wrong, it ignores supported_arches12:53
wgrantThere's no critical need to get it fixed in the next 48 hours, so I'm tempted not to throw more into this CP.12:53
wgrantSo they'll drop out of Release (because that code is shared), but the indices will still exist.12:53
jmlanyone able to help twb on #launchpad?12:54
bigjoolsI hate test_translationtemplatesbuildbehavior.py13:00
wgrantIt's interfering with your async stuff?13:01
wgrantBecause Translations actually tests stuff? :P13:01
bigjoolsno, because the way it tests is crap13:05
bigjoolsmillions of fake/stub13:05
wgrantThe native publisher still goes through FTPArchiveHandler13:06
jmlhow do I get the return code of something I run in bash?13:07
wgrantjml: $?13:07
jmlwgrant: thanks.13:10
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cr3deryck: hi there, I received a few messages from you about re-enabling auto expiring bugs. usability might've been better sending one message per person listing all their projects, instead of one message per person per project :)13:42
deryckcr3, yes, I agree.  It was a mistake on my part.  My apologies for the noise.13:43
cr3deryck: no problem, it was mostly a suggestion for next time rather than whining :)13:43
deryckcr3, I understand.  Thanks for the suggestion. :-)13:43
cr3deryck: my concern about next time is that these emails are sent on an adhoc basis, I suspect, so perhaps there should be a system in place to help the next person do the right thing, because it might not necessarily be you13:44
deryckcr3, yeah, that's my feeling, too.  That we shouldn't have to write ad hoc scripts to email people, which a small mistake has huge ramifications.13:45
cr3deryck: learning from ones experience is good, learning from other's experience is divine :)13:45
deryckcr3, or else, we really shouldn't send email at all.13:45
allenapjml: Are we inextricably tied to zope.test*?14:15
jmlallenap: as long as we use layers, yes.14:15
jmlallenap: but that's the only tie.14:16
allenapjml: Do you know what it would take to move those to testresources or something like that? I ask because I'm interested in doing it.14:17
allenapIf it's worthwhile.14:17
jmlallenap: roughly speaking, yes. there's been some discussion about this on the mailing list, and I've filed a bug on launchpad-foundations somewhere14:17
jmlallenap: the discussion is quite recent, iirc. Sep maybe.14:18
allenapjml: I'll try and find it. It rings a bell so I probably read it ;)14:18
wgrantbigjools: Can we ensure that ia64 and sparc have 0 active publications in the primary archive upon release?14:19
wgrantbigjools: If we can't, I need DB changes or a set of hacks to prevent indices.14:19
jmlthank you surveymonkey for losing my carefully constructed thoughs.14:20
wgrantBecause ftparchive loves its views.14:20
wgrantI guess I'll go with the extra layer of hacks.14:21
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=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
bigjoolswgrant: it's possible to run a query to delete all the publications, yeah14:33
wgrantbigjools: The problem is this: ftparchive dumps BinaryPackageFilePublishing for the relevant (series, pocket), and marks everything it sees as needing a release file.14:35
wgrantThe distroarchseries is hidden behind the view, so I can't filter out disabled stuff.14:35
wgrantSo I can't remove the release file requests -- I have to go through and filter them later.14:36
wgrantAnd they are at that point thoroughly stringified.14:36
stuballenap: There is no longer anything tying us to layers. Teardowns need to be added to the layers that claim they can't be torn down (this is no longer correct). The layers would need to be broken apart into resources. All the tests need to declare their combination of resources rather than their layer, or some sort of compatibility layer added so layer declarations work in the new world order.14:39
allenapstub: There's hope then! I assume I'm not the only one who thinks that zope.testing is byzantine.14:41
stuballenap: sure. It never was a particularly good fit for us, but the only option available at the time.14:42
bigjoolswgrant: so we need to unpublish all the BPPHes14:43
wgrantbigjools: And then really hope that none come back, or we're screwed.14:43
allenapstub: Interesting. (Also, I wasn't around when it was chosen, and I certainly don't mean to knock the choices that were made.)14:43
bigjoolswgrant: well I'm preventing them in every place they get created now14:43
wgrantI guess if we do a final check that everything's OK before we freeze the pocket.14:44
bigjoolswgrant: so to summarise: a) stop a-f publishing disabled DASes, b) unpublish them14:45
wgrantbigjools: It's easy to stop it from publishing empty disabled DASes. Non-empty disabled DASes require a hack which I'm testing now.14:46
wgrantI think it will work.14:46
wgrantStill, the hack is mostly stolen from another rather hackish piece of work in the Release generator.14:46
wgrantWhich parses string pockets and does things like architecture[7:]14:47
wgrant(that's to strip 'binary-' of the front)14:47
bigjoolswe should not do that kind of hack14:47
bigjoolsI'd much rather run SQL to delete the publications14:47
wgrantBut that needs refactoring of lots of code and the a-f views.14:47
wgrantWe don't need to actually DELETE the publications. Just Delete them.14:48
wgrantBut I'm worried that some might spring up while we're not looking.14:48
bigjoolsyou mean status=deleted14:48
wgrantThey need to not be Published.14:49
bigjoolsand I'm not too worried about them re-appearing14:49
bigjoolsas long as we prevent builds getting created14:49
wgrantYou did fix copies as well, right?14:50
=== gary_poster is now known as gary-dentist
wgrantbigjools: I just pushed up the various changes to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-655614-disabled-arch-indices... see what you think.14:56
wgrantI need to rewrite the tests properly, since they don't catch many a-f cases.14:56
wgrantOf which there are far too many.14:57
bigjoolswgrant: can you do a WIP MP please14:57
bigjoolsgets me a diff :)14:57
benjihey guys, how I can run a script with the full LP configuration loaded? (adapters registered, etc.)14:57
bacabentley, adeuring, allenap , bac, danilo, sinzui, deryck, EdwinGrubbs, flacoste, gary, gmb, henninge, jelmer, jtv, bigjools, leonard, mars, noodles775: Reviewer Meeting in 2 minutes14:57
wgrantbigjools: The four revs are deliberately pretty independent. Viewing them in isolation is probably better.14:57
wgrantWe may only want one of them.14:58
bigjoolsbenji: execute_zcml_for_scripts()14:58
wgrantAnd they're tiny.14:58
bacwgrant: ^^14:58
bigjoolswgrant: ok14:58
benjibigjools: ah ha!14:58
wgrantI *think* that branch completely fixes a-f.14:58
wgrantBut the code is so convoluted that it's really hard to tell.14:59
bigjoolsbenji: yeah, in soyuz world it's a bit ubiquitous :/14:59
deryckbac, apologies, but I'll miss today.14:59
bacderyck: thanks15:00
Ursinhabigjools, hi, could you tell me why did you remove the tag and milestone from bug 566339?15:14
_mup_Bug #566339: Cannot accept package which would notify private email addresses <boobytrap> <Soyuz:Triaged by julian-edwards> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/566339>15:14
bigjoolsUrsinha: because its not fixed15:20
Ursinhabigjools, did you consider using --incremental?15:20
Ursinharemoving tags will break the script15:21
bigjoolsUrsinha: I attached the bug to the branch incorrectly, so I'm just reversing the change15:21
Ursinhaah, ok15:21
bigjoolsI removed the branch ages ago15:21
bigjoolsI just noticed it was still in the milestone15:21
Ursinhain this case removing the branch should work15:21
Ursinhathanks bigjools :)15:21
bigjoolsUrsinha: np!15:25
jmlallenap: did you find those discussions?16:12
allenapjml: No, I didn't unfortunately. stub replied here with some interesting information.16:12
jmlallenap: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/41969116:13
_mup_Bug #419691: Many tests use unnecessarily expensive layers <build-infrastructure> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/419691>16:13
tyarussoHi, I'm having some trouble installing canonical-identity-provider, at the syncdb step.  Any ideas on this error?  http://pastebin.ca/195564316:14
jmlallenap: "stories for external test helpers (librarian, memcache, etc)" on launchpad-dev@ (Sep 26)16:15
allenapjml: Yep. Okay, the priority of that bug is now low, so maybe I should walk away.16:18
bigjoolsthe person picker on bug pages is constantly timing out today16:19
jmlallenap: the priority doesn't mean very much16:19
jmlallenap: I gave it a priority for the sake of giving it a priority.16:20
allenapbigjools: Wfm. Any particular names?16:20
wgranttyarusso: It used to always default to False. Add 'READ_ONLY_MODE = False' to settings.py.16:20
bigjoolsallenap: see if you can assign https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/55774 to "jelmer"16:20
_mup_Bug #55774: Soyuz tests explore "Building from Accepted" when the production doesn't <tech-debt> <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/55774>16:20
wgrantbigjools: That bug is wrong, isn't it?16:21
wgrantOh, no, it's right.16:21
bigjoolswgrant: :)16:21
tyarussowgrant: Thanks.16:21
bigjoolsancestry from the queue is bong16:21
wgrantI had that stupid difference between source and binary publications.16:21
wgrantCustom uploads break everything :(16:22
allenapbigjools: A bit slow, but it worked.16:22
bigjoolsallenap: hmmm ok.  must be borderline then, thanks16:22
allenapbigjools: It is slow though. That kind of thing should be near instant.16:22
bigjoolsallenap: it's sometimes very quick, sometimes crawls for me16:23
tyarussowgrant: So I got past that step, was prompted to create a superuser, selected yes, gave my info, and after that got this:  Failed to install custom SQL for identityprovider.Account model: must be superuser to create procedural language "plpythonu"  - should I have said no?16:23
wgranttyarusso: It's expecting your postgres account to be a superuser.16:24
wgrantYou'll need that either way.16:24
wgrantI'd "sudo dropuser $USER" and "sudo createuser -a $USER"16:25
wgrantThen it should work.16:25
wgrantOr I suppose you can alter the existing user, but I don't know how to do that offhand.16:26
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tyarussodropuser: removal of role "tyarusso" failed: ERROR:  role "tyarusso" does not exist16:27
tyarussoI'm guessing you don't actually mean my shell $USER, but the username defined in settings.py then.16:28
wgrantWell, in a lot of cases that probably is $USER.16:28
wgrantBut if you've configured it differently, then indeed not.16:28
tyarussodropuser: removal of role "launchpad" failed: ERROR:  role "launchpad" cannot be dropped because some objects depend on it - argh16:29
wgrantYou don't want to play with the 'launchpad' user if you want to run Launchpad.16:29
tyarussoThere's an actual launchpad user?  Well frick.16:29
wgrantA PostgreSQL user, yes.16:30
tyarussosigh - that's what I called mine :S16:30
wgrantLaunchpad handles its DB users itself, by making your shell account a postgres superuser.16:31
tyarussoSo I should be putting tyarusso in the two DATABASE_USER fields of settings.py then?16:32
wgrantUnless you have a pressing need to use another user.16:32
* tyarusso notes that documentation is lacking16:34
wgrantSetting up a database depends a lot on the given environment, so any specifics16:34
wgrantare left out, and what is here presented should only serve as a guideline.16:34
tyarussoYeah.....not helpful.16:35
tyarussoOnly one of many things though - I had to manually finagle a bunch of the python modules too.16:36
wgrantThere's unfortunately no public ISD dev channel, so the relevant team is not accessible.16:37
wgrantAnd I haven't run it for a while.16:37
wgrant(c-i-p isn't developed by the Launchpad team)16:38
tyarussoI *think* I might have identity-provider running now.  Maybe.  Running through the actual LP install again to see what happens.16:39
tyarussobtw, is there a way to get db-stable directly, or do I have to get devel first and add it?16:39
wgrantYou could probably hack rocketfuel-setup to grab it directly.16:39
wgrantBut that's fairly pointless.16:39
flacosteam i the only one for whom the person or team ajax selector doesn't work?16:42
flacosteit always fails with 'Failed to load results'16:42
wgrantThat's the third report of it, and I've seen it too.16:42
sinzuileonardr, please retarget questions before you answer them. The question will be reopened by the user 50% of the time and getting a different person answers each question is very confusing16:45
leonardrsinzui: ok, what is the proper target for a 'delete my project' question?16:45
sinzuiI a doing them now16:46
sinzuileonardr, you only need to retarget. the teams get to do the work16:46
leonardroh, has that changed recently? i thought that was only for bugs16:46
leonardr(sending out those reminder emails really brought people in to disable their projects)16:48
bigjoolsflacoste: yes me too, although when someone else tried it it worked, albeit slowly16:48
tyarussoOnce I get this up, am I going to have to do anything special to get LP to talk to canonical-identity-provider?16:49
tyarussoAlso, is the python virtualenv stuff necessary if I actually want a system install, not just a development environment?16:50
bigjoolswgrant: still up?16:50
marssinzui, small annoyance - a recent maverick upgrade has Launchpad thinking that I am logged out, but the original LP login service says I am logged in.  Might come up with other Maverick users.16:52
marssinzui, hitting the Login link a second time made the site do the right thing16:53
sinzuimars, if Lp thinks you are logged in, I think you are, gary or benji could confirm that16:53
marsmaybe it was browser caching16:54
tyarussoWhy do I have to have my SSH key registered with LP just to do a checkout of rocketfuel stuff?16:54
marstyarusso, that is so rocketfuel-get can use the bzr+ssh protocol.  IIRC it is not a requirement to fetch the source code16:55
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marsjml, you must keep an +activereviews window open :)17:59
jmlmars: email. I basically live in my mail client.18:03
jmlhow is it at all possible that these tests are failing in stable?18:05
* mars shrugs18:05
marsjml, I first noticed the failure in production-devel18:06
marsI have no idea how it got that far18:06
marsbefore failing18:06
jmlfailing tests in stable is pretty serious.18:09
jmlunfortunately I have to go.18:09
jmlgood bye.18:09
marsgood night18:09
jcsackettdanilos: you around?18:13
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lifelessderyck: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/60795818:34
_mup_Bug #607958: timeouts on Distribution:+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats <timeout> <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/607958>18:34
lifelessderyck: its now failing much more often18:35
lifeless1509 /    0  Product:+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats18:35
derycklifeless, ok.  I'll add it to our backlog and have the next person free take a look.18:35
lifelessthats > 1 / minute :(18:36
deryckyeah, that's pretty ridiculous.18:36
lifelesssinzui: / bigjools: 794 /   98  Distribution:+ppas may be a similar fallout18:36
lifelessderyck: also 432 /  323  Distribution:+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats18:37
lifelessWe could raise the timeout, but it won't help - its been taking multiple minutes.18:37
lifelessflacoste: hi18:39
lifelessflacoste: downtime window - I think we should move to a budget based approach now :)18:40
flacostelifeless: i agree18:40
lifeless5 hours as an estimate scared me18:40
lifelessbigjools: see canonical-launchpad18:43
bigjoolsirc fail, ignore that18:43
flacostelifeless: i had the same reaction18:44
Ursinhahi abentley, is bug 613958 already QAed?18:57
_mup_Bug #613958: upload failure emails should include the upload log <qa-needstesting> <recipe> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Fix Committed by abentley> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/613958>18:57
abentleyUrsinha, no, but it's not for lack of trying.18:58
abentleyUrsinha, I am waiting on jelmer to fix the staging build farm.18:58
Ursinhaabentley, oh, I see.19:03
Ursinhaabentley, I made a note on the bug. Thanks for the info19:04
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lifelesselmo: hi19:57
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jmlcan someone do me a favor & run "./bin/test -cvv devscripts.ec2test.tests.test_remote" in stable? (r11681 ideally)20:54
jmlit won't take very long20:56
lifelessgary_poster: hi21:07
lifelessuhm bugs21:07
gary_posterhi :-)21:08
lifelesspageid + hard_timeout feature flags needs qa21:08
lifelessneeds a losa though, to set the flag on staging21:08
lifelesse.g. pick a page thats timeing out, ask for a feature-rule with that pageid and (say) 40 second timeout21:08
lifeless40000 would be the figure (its ms)21:09
gary_postersince you are giving instructions, does that mean you are asking for us to do QA? :-)21:09
gary_poster(which is fine, just being clear)21:09
gary_posteroh ok21:09
lifelessI've been trying to line up the stars with a losa to do it21:09
gary_posteroh ok cool21:09
lifelessbug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/39596021:10
_mup_Bug #395960: proxying user supplied libarian files via the launchpad appserver domain has security and performance issues <librarian> <qa-ok> <Launchpad Foundations:Fix Committed by lifeless> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/395960>21:10
lifelesswe have the code we haven't qa'd21:10
lifelesswe can't till rt 41202 or something moves forward21:10
gary_posterso...it sounds like we should remove the qa tag entirely21:11
lifelessso it will stay fix committed till we've qa'd and flipped the feature flag to enable it.21:11
lifelessgary_poster: I doubt that that will make the qataggerhappy ;)21:11
lifelessthis raises another subtle workflow change21:11
gary_postermaybe not...qa-untestable then perhaps21:11
lifeless'deploying code' is no longer 'releasing a fix'21:11
lifelessso the thing that checks 'is merged to prod-stable' is now only right most of the time ;)21:12
lifeless(because with feature flags we may deploy, but not enable - e.g. due to external constraints, doing a shock n awe thing, etc)21:12
lifelessdunno if we need to change anything, but certainly should be aware of this difference.21:13
gary_posterqa-flagged?  qa-deployable?21:13
lifelessqa does seem all about deployment21:14
lifelessperhaps we should revamp all the tags21:14
gary_postersinzui, leonardr, is there a way around stuartm's concerns?  is this a registry thing, more than a foundations thing? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/65556521:15
_mup_Bug #655565: Immutable reference to users in API <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/655565>21:15
lifelesshowever I don't think we need to move rapidly here - the failure mode is that whoever is driving the thing toggles it back to fix-committed.21:15
lifelessand most things will be usable immediately, its a rare corner case.21:16
sinzuigary_poster, There is not and it this issue is much bigger than api21:16
gary_posterlifeless, ack.  I'll file a bug about the general issue and ask for discussion particularly from matsubara and Ursinha .  For now, for the release, do you agree on qa-needstesting?  Or is there some other gesture better?21:16
lifelessI set it to qa-ok21:16
gary_postercool, lifeless, thanks21:16
bdmurrayHow does one set the bug_tracker_link for a project / distro to launchpad for a test?21:17
lvhI'm running rocketfuel-setup and I've gotten this error message twice in a row now:21:17
lvh./rocketfuel-setup: line 308:  2072 Killed                  bzr branch lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel $LP_TRUNK_NAME21:17
lvhERROR: Unable to create local copy of Rocketfuel trunk21:17
lvhWhat gives?21:17
gary_postersinzui, ack.  so...does that mean this is registry, or...keep it in foundations because it is just a big honking pervasive problem in a way that I don't understand yet but that you don't have to explain to me now? :-)21:18
sinzuigary_poster: leonardr. users can change their launchpad id while there are emails with links to the old id. team admin see this in pending members requests. Users also complain when someone removes a PPA so to allow a name change21:18
lifelesslvh: check dmesg, you may be getting OOM killed21:18
lvhlifeless: Indeed I am! Thanks.21:19
lvhlifeless: I was running this on a very limited VM21:19
lvhhow much memory do I need?21:19
sinzuigary_poster, we decided not to expose user db ids, and we are not about to expose this person as long as our engineers reports bugs about the items that wrongly expose ids21:19
lifelesslvh: a couple of GB is ideal21:19
leonardrbdmurray: can you find a project that already uses launchpad and use its value for .bug_tracker to set .bug_tracker on the object you're testing?21:19
sinzuigary_poster, There is a small piece of irony in this bug. Version one of SSO had immutable openid identifiers. Users hated it.21:20
bdmurrayleonardr: that'd be smart but the couple of projects I've checked have null values for it21:21
sinzuigary_poster, do you have a few minutes to talk about identity on mumble? I think we can come to common understanding that may help us find a sane path through this21:22
gary_postersinzui, I'm happy to give it a try, sure.21:22
gary_poster(lvh, I use 2 MB.  I think I've had success with 1.5 and maybe even 1 in the past.)21:22
leonardrbdmurray: judging from the apidoc, "null" might actually mean "launchpad"21:24
leonardrsince there's no option for a bug_tracker with a bug_tracker_type of "launchpad"21:24
bdmurrayleonardr: hmm, okay.  maybe I just want to enable bug tracking for the item then21:24
marslifeless, fyi, I found out what was wrong with the tests in my feature flags helper branch: LaunchpadBrowserRequest has not .features attribute yet21:30
marsLaunchpadFunctionalLayer doctests don't use LaunchpadTestRequest, which does have the attribute21:31
lifelesspopping out to the hospital, back in a few hours21:33
lifelessmars: its set by a request started hook21:33
lifelessI think.21:33
marslifeless, thanks, I'll take a look for it21:33
jammwhudson: hi michael. Thanks for the review. I think I've done the changes you requested, and I responded to your email.21:42
mwhudsonjam: ok, cool21:42
jamIs there anything else I can do for you in the next hr or so before the end of my day?21:42
mwhudsonjam: hope i didn't come across as too picky21:43
jammwhudson: it was nice to get actual feedback vs silence21:43
mwhudsonyes, i can see that :)21:43
jamthere are lots of decisions I had to just sort of come up with21:43
jamso having someone go over it closely is nice21:43
jammwhudson: do you know how "lp-production-configs" is set up?21:44
mwhudsonjam: um in what way?21:44
jamI'm supposed to propose a patch to start rolling this out on staging, but I'd like to set the flag in the right file21:44
jamI can set "staging-lazr.conf" staging/* lpnet* or ?21:44
jamAll I can surmise is that it is somehow overlay configurations21:45
jambut I don't really know which ones are active on which servers.21:45
mwhudsonjam: you appear to be subscribed to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/lp-production-configs/trunk21:45
mwhudsonah right21:45
mwhudsonyeah, just edit staging-lazr.conf21:46
mwhudsonjam: if you look in staging/launchpad-lazr.conf, you'll see that the first line is "extends: ../staging-lazr.conf"21:46
* mwhudson hopes; going on memory here21:46
jamsure, but why would one edit "staging-lazr.conf" vs "staging/launchpad-lazr.conf"21:47
jamI assume one is not always active, etc.21:48
jamstaging-lazr.conf has a clear [codehosting] section already21:48
jamso I'll put it in there.21:48
mwhudsonjam: certainly at some point there was more than one staging config21:48
mwhudsonthere was staging and bazaar-staging and ... that all extending staging-lazr.conf21:48
mwhudsonthis might not be true any more21:48
jammwhudson: before I push my patch back to lp, I assume that any branches named "*/lp-production-configs/*" is still private?21:49
jamI don't want to accidentally publish the secrets in trying to get a merge proposal put up21:49
mwhudsonjam: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/lp-production-configs says "21:50
mwhudsonNew branches you create for Launchpad Production Configs are private initially." for me21:50
jamsays "public" for me :(21:50
jamI'm glad I asked21:51
jamany idea how to change that?21:51
mwhudsonjam: by saying "losa ping" i guess21:52
mwhudsoni can't see privacy policies21:52
jammy dearest losa, it seems I have finally been given access to the all-important lp:lp-production-configs and want to submit a merge proposal against it, however it would seem that by default my submission would be public, and would leak all of the secretive goodness out into the world21:53
jamcould you help me prevent that?21:53
jamSorry I have to go for now, it seems my son fell in the playground and isn't feeling well.21:59
jamI'll try to respond to request later on tonight.21:59
mwhudsonjam: sure, i'll reply to your reply in the next couple of hours22:01
mbarnettjam: if you need a private branch, feel free to create it and an i privatize it for you.22:02
mwhudsonjam: hope your son is ok22:03
wallyworldabentley: skype?22:10
jmlcan someone do me a favor & run "./bin/test -cvv devscripts.ec2test.tests.test_remote" in stable? (r11681 ideally)22:13
mwhudsonjml: ok22:14
mwhudsonjml: i expect i'll have to run 'make' in stable so it'll be a while :-)22:15
jmlmwhudson: 'make compile'22:15
mwhudsonyeah true22:15
jmlwhich still takes too long22:15
mwhudsonjml:   Ran 68 tests with 7 failures and 0 errors in 21.151 seconds.22:19
abentleywallyworld: https://pqm.launchpad.net/22:19
pooliejam, gl22:20
pooliehello jml, abentley, mwhudson, wallyworld22:20
abentleypoolie: hi22:20
wallyworldpoolie: guten morgen22:21
jmlmwhudson: thanks.22:23
mwhudsonjml: btw zope.testing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa22:23
jmlmwhudson: that's sad news. it means that test failures have made their way into stable :(22:23
* mwhudson just got to that thread in his email22:23
jmllet me know if you have the motivation to actually fix it. :)22:24
marsmwhudson, 7 failures?22:24
mwhudsonjml: heck no22:24
marsjml, did you try my patch for the issue?22:25
jmlmars: sorry, I thought you ran the whole suite22:25
marsno, just the test that prod_lp said was failing22:25
marsthat is why this is even weirder now22:26
jmlwell, I've just hit the big red button.22:28
jmllifeless: ^^22:29
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jmlmwhudson: I'd patch upstream if it weren't for the z.testrunner move22:29
jmlmwhudson: as it is I'd have to upgrade Launchpad to use z.testrunner, which is simply more hacking than I have time for right now.22:30
jmlanyway, I have to sleep. Sorry to raise havoc and run.22:31
mwhudsonjml: we can just put a patch in the zope.testing we use?22:31
jmlmwhudson: yeah, that's probably the simplest thing. we then have to chose whether to do it right or not.22:31
lvhHm. Is it normal that make schema occasionally takes pretty long?22:32
jmlmwhudson: in any case, I'm pretty sure I've left enough info in the email that anyone on the Launchpad team could do it.22:32
mwhudsonjml: thank heavens i'm no longer on the launchpad team!22:32
marslvh, a few minutes at least, and it takes even longer if you stare at the console :)22:32
jmlmwhudson: bah.22:33
jmlmwhudson: you'll be back.22:33
lvhmars: Ah, okay22:33
lvhmars: it's in a VM so I'm going to inflate that number by a factor of ten22:33
EdwinGrubbsjml:  which seven tests are failing in stable?22:34
jammwhudson, poolie: my son seems ok, just a little stunned and unusually quiet (aka, not running around at full speed :). Anyway, thanks for your help in getting this pushed forward, I'll try to be on later tonight to keep some momentum up22:34
jmlEdwinGrubbs: the ones mentioned in my email22:35
marsEdwinGrubbs, ./bin/test -cvv devscripts.ec2test.tests.test_remote22:35
pooliei'll file the rt for you22:35
jmlEdwinGrubbs: but maybe there's more22:35
jmlEdwinGrubbs: I mean, who knows?22:35
marsjml, you may have to wait for AsiaPac or morning EU for this to get resolved - we are all close to EOD here22:36
marsjml, but thank you for raising the alarm22:37
jmlmars: sure.22:37
jmlmars: it's well and truly time for me to go to bed22:38
marswell, then good night jml!22:38
jmlmars: but one thing I'm keen on chasing up later is this: why didn't alarm bells go off when I mentioned this four or five hours ago?22:38
jmlgood night all.22:39
jmland good luck!22:39
marsseven failures in devel as well22:40
marsmy patch fixes four of those: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mars/launchpad/fix-ec2test-utf-in-devel/+merge/3776022:41
marsEdwinGrubbs, I'm working on a patch for that problem now22:47
EdwinGrubbsok, cool22:47
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marsEdwinGrubbs, could you please review  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mars/launchpad/fix-ec2test-utf-in-devel/+merge/37799 ?23:10
marsmwhudson, ^ would you be able to help?23:13
* mars really really has to leave23:14
mwhudsonmars: reviewed23:15
marsmwhudson, thanks!23:15
mwhudsonmars: you haven't set a commit message btw23:16
mwhudson(in case you were about to ec2 land)23:16
marsmwhudson, I was going to run it through lp-land23:16
* mars runs23:19
wgrantHow is prod_lp looking?23:26
wgrantDid my CP finally make it out last night?23:26
wgranttyarusso: Did you have any luck with c-i-p?23:37

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