Francois___I'm OK to debate with people, but only if they are polite. I tried to answer politely to an aggressive message, see the answer now...00:00
Francois___another question on Answers : https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/12806700:00
deryckFrancois___, file a question on launchpad reporting the issue.  Someone will look into it.00:00
Francois___where should I report that? I tried to find a contact page, but I'm not so sure who I should contact00:00
deryckFrancois___, report the issue at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad00:01
* deryck is out for the day00:01
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pecosplease seee this question  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/128067  and please delete this user00:28
pecossorry the question is https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/12806800:31
pecosthe user is https://launchpad.net/~robbinss1700:32
micahgpecos: yeah, that looks like it's a valid problem, you should file a request: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad00:33
jonrafkindmaybe you should just ignore him, whats to prevent him from creating another username?00:34
pecosok the user have other active questions so we can wait... usually is better to ignore them00:35
pecosi will reject the other questions  if i see something wrong... thank you00:36
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pooliejam, if you don't sign your mail, you should at least be able to comment on mps by mail00:50
poolieis bug expiry all ok except for the excessive mails?01:07
lifelesspoolie: i guess. I got 26 mails from deryck01:10
pooliehi there01:10
lifeless#launchpad-dev for this question :)01:10
lvhOh, oops sorry.01:11
lifelessno problem, just want the widest audience possible that have the knowledge you seek (or are interested in what you have to share)01:12
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exarkunDear Launchpad, please don't spam me. :(02:31
lifelessbug tracker behaviour change mails ?02:32
lbieberare there any known issues with email right now?  It appears that our emails are not coming through02:50
lifelessto or from launchpad?02:50
lifelessI'm not aware of any issues02:50
lbieberfrom launchpad, our hudson jobs send email after different benchmark runs, the emails appear to be sent but we are not receiving them02:52
lbieberlet me double check the archive02:52
lbieberwe haven't seen any emails since 16:0002:53
lifelesswhat TZ is that ?02:54
lbieberWhat TZ does the archive show?? We are in Pacific time zone02:54
lifelesslaunchpad doesn't host hudson instances, I think there is some confusion about what you mean.02:54
lifelesswhat archive?02:54
lifelessok, well that mail is Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 15:59:03 -070002:55
lifelessso probably pacific02:55
lifelessare you saying that the mailing list isn't getting mails from your hudson instances?02:55
lbieberCorrect, the hudson job sends email to the launchpad mailing list after each completion of our benchmarks02:56
lbieberwe are not seeing those emails02:57
lifelessok, so mail *to* launchpad02:57
lbiebersorry,  yes02:57
lifelessor are the mails getting to the list archive, but you're not receiving the forwarded mail via the list?02:57
lifelessanyhow, I haven't seen anything posted about mail. Let me ask.02:58
lifelesslosa ping02:58
lbieberthe mails are not getting to the list archive, there should be many more after that last one at 15:5902:59
chxhi. after running something like  bzr branch --stacked lp:examiner ... i get Created new stacked branch referring to /%2Bbranch/examiner/. and then launchpad says Invalid stacked on location: /%2Bbranch/examiner/03:50
lifelesslosa ping04:55
spmlifeless: heya04:55
lifelessspm: see 2 hours back :)04:55
spmlifeless: yeah, been chasing it for about 35 mins. think I'm finally wtfing04:56
lbieberso there is an email issue?04:57
spmhmm. so to speak. the server these live on hard crashed earlier. the queues are banked up, and not processing for some, as yet; unknown reason. we suspect a stray lock somewhere.05:02
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lifelessspm: is there an incident report ?05:06
lifelessspm: I'll tweet that there is an issue05:06
spmlifeless: no05:06
spmwhat's vexing is that this all looked like it was working shortly after the crash.05:06
nigelbI now have 10 mails from deryck :p05:19
nigelbSigh.  I'm in too many projects :D05:20
lifelessnigelb: I'm sorry L(05:21
nigelblifeless: heh, but compared to when we enabled upstream tracker updates, well, this is nothing.05:22
txdvdoes the site got service troubles for now?09:12
wgranttxdv: It was down for a few minutes for database server upgrades.09:19
wgrantIt's back now.09:19
txdvthe revisions don't work though09:25
ftadanilos, hi, wrt to my problem with duplicated translator notes in launchpad, is it enough if i re-upload .po files with fake strings once? i mean, what about the .pots? there's nothing i can fake per string in there09:26
knielsenany problems with ssh on Launchpad currently? I get "Permissin denied (publickey)" for this: bzr log -r-1 bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.109:34
backnielsen: LP is currently in read-only mode for maintenance09:34
knielsenThis works though: bzr log -r-1 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.109:34
knielsenbac: ok, thanks for info09:35
backnielsen: though it may have just come back09:35
knielsen(still doesn't work from here ...)09:35
wgrantbazaar.lp.net may take a while longer to come back.09:36
danilosfta, yeah, once should be good enough09:36
danilosfta, no need to re-upload pots though09:37
ftadanilos, i changed the "#" into "#." in the pots too, it doesn't matter?09:37
danilosfta, that needs to be changed in the .pots: that's where it's taken from; regular "# " comments should probably be removed from the .po files09:38
danilosfta, but I thought you already did for .pots that since it's showing up in the right place in the UI09:38
ftadanilos, let me sum-up: i had "#" everywhere, now i just have "#." everywhere, but launchpad now shows both. i can re-upload fake .po translations once (with keys untouched), but i'm asking if that's enough to fix the problem as there's nothing i can do for the .pots (there are only keys in there, no fakable values)09:42
danilosfta, that's right: just uploading them once should be enough, afaik (it will go through our optimizations where we discard unchanged translations when just a comment changes)09:43
ftadanilos, ok, so i will re-upload all my .po with each string prepended with "FAKE" (or something unexpected), wait for the queue to clear-up and re-up without that prepend09:45
danilosfta, right, you can just wait until files are 'imported' and then reupload correct files09:46
ftadanilos, good. thanks, will do that shortly09:46
zygarockstar, ping10:02
nigelblifeless: I suppose I am the 'one upstream'10:12
nigelblifeless: It wasn't 'distressing' per se :)10:13
lifelessnigelb: no, you're not.10:14
nigelblifeless: ok, glad to know.  The number 10 is what I said here too :)10:17
zygais there anyone around here who knows how to use tarmac?10:22
* thekorn got 31, a good way to let me know that's I'm responsible for way too many projects10:22
zygaI tried the trunk, the ppa and nothing really works (the docs don't match reality)10:23
nigelbthekorn: haha, exactly my feeling10:23
txdvIs it possible to web reference a particular file of a particular revision in launchpad?10:24
nigelbloggerhead will let you see it10:24
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txdvnigelb: is logerhead integrated in the launchpad official site?11:11
nigelbtxdv: yup.  when you click view branch, that's what you see11:12
nigelbtxdv: which project are you loking at?11:13
txdvi want to link to some file in the current *head* reision11:15
txdvbut i want to stay it at that revision if some new stuff is commited11:16
txdvtrunk is the newest revision?11:16
nigelbif you click on files at the side there, you get to see the status of the files at that particular revision11:16
txdvi want the link to point for ever at 479711:16
txdvor some number11:17
nigelbhrm, I'm not sure that's possible11:17
txdvSO, there is no way of _directly_ referencing to particular file from a particular revision11:17
txdv /to /to a/11:18
wgrantYou can.11:18
wgranteg. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hipl-core/hipl/trunk/annotate/4976/.vimrc11:18
nigelbJust the person I was looking for.11:19
txdvawesomeness wgrant11:19
txdvthank you both11:19
txdvwgrant: is this some hidden way? i couldn't find a direct link to this kind of functionality on launchpad11:21
txdvor am i too stupid to clickidy click11:22
nigelbArg, I did get it right first time => "if you click on files at the side there, you get to see the status of the files at that particular revision"11:22
wgranttxdv: Click on "Changes", then find and click on the revision, then click "browse files at revision XXXX", then find the file.11:22
txdvbut it annotates the "head" if the revision is the *head*11:26
txdvi guess ill have to put the number myself in11:26
wgrantAh, yes, I suppose so.11:26
nigelbIts being smart, a bit too smart, yes.11:31
twbTrying to use "bzr lp-login" in order to "bzr branch" against the smart server (which isn't available anonymously), I'm told "trentbuck@gmail.com" isn't an account, and "trentbuck" has no SSH keys associated with it.12:48
twbSo I go to the +me URL it gives, which only contains a [Continue] button.  I clicked that, and I got to this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/507188/12:49
twbThe "Continue" button isn't rendered as a button in w3m.12:49
twbIt would be nice if I could click it.12:49
twbOh, I forgot to mention: I haven't used my launchpad account for several years.  I set it up long enough to register a GPG key with malone (becaue it was the only way I could report bugs against Ubuntu, short of starting a GUI browser.)12:51
twbI suspect that w3m is at fault here (http://bugs.debian.org/136810), but it would be nice if lp worked around it until upstream gets a clue.12:51
wgrantThere's a bug for that.12:55
* wgrant finds.12:55
wgrantBug 55692712:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 556927 in Launchpad Foundations "apport-collect: login to launchpad impossible in text mode using w3m (elinks works) (affected: 7, heat: 42)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55692712:55
wgranttwb: ^^12:55
twbIt was probably even my bug, from last time I tried to use lp :-P12:56
twbI have lp-tools stuff installed, if I can authenticate and register an SSH public key that way...12:58
wgrantCan you use elinks?12:58
twbI don't really want to.  That'd be giving in12:59
twbw3m is, after all, the default browser in debian and ubuntu-serevr.12:59
twbLooks like elinks fails, too.  It goes back to the login page without any error message.13:03
twbThat's with elinks
twbAnd lynx 2.8.5dev.16 fails to recognize the BUTTON tag as clickable, just like w3m.13:04
twbIf I hit "(Submit)" in lynx, it (eventually) goes back to the login page, as elinks did.13:05
twbI suspect lp is trying to return an error like "that account has expired", but lynx/elinks don't render the error properly.13:06
twb"env -u http_proxy elinks launchpad.net" returns gibberish, as if the server returned a gzipped page and elinks didn't know to inflate it.13:08
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chmouelhi guys, I wonder if anyone knows if there tools  for launchpad to report bug from the CLI ?13:15
chmouelgoogling launchpad-cli does not give much hints13:15
twbchmouel: you can report bugs to malone (the BTS component) using GPG-signed emails13:15
chmoueltwb: tks, any pointers for doc ?13:15
twbchmouel: also, apport can fire up a tty browser, though AFAICT it doesn't really work thereafter13:15
twbchmouel: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface, I think13:16
chmoueldo you know if  apport would work on debian testing ?13:16
twbapport is like reportbug.  If you don't run it on the host that's having the problem, it won't collect any useful information.13:16
chmoueltwb: ah ok, it's not really what I am looking for then, cheers i'll dig into the Email Interfaces13:17
twbUnfortunately, unlike reportbug, I can't see how to use apport to generate the useful information, then manually copy that information to a machine that is allowed on the internet.13:17
twbIIRC it tries to submit the dump before doing any prompting, which obviously doesn't work for secure hosts.13:17
twbchmouel: note that you'll need to create an account, log into it, and register your GPG key before using the email UI -- and those setup steps probably require you to use firefox or similar.13:18
wgrantSome console browsers do work.13:18
chmoueltwb: sweet yeah i got all of that already13:18
twbwgrant: not the old versions I have, anyway.13:19
twbmy lynx doesn't even think login.launchpad.net matches the SSL cert's *.launchpad.net13:19
twbThe sol8 box's lynx doesn't support SSL13:21
wgrant... that's impressive.13:21
twbOK, THAT was fucking scary13:23
twbI ran elinks on a different host (but with a shared /home), and it was already logged in13:24
twbSo clearly one of the older boxes maanged to get the TGT (cookie?), but failed to use it.13:24
twbCurrent versions of lynx and links *DON'T* work for me, FWIW.13:25
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twbAnd I successfully logged in AND I have an ssh key registered with lp, so why does "bzr lp-login trentbuck@gmail.com" claim that I'm not a valid user?13:28
wgrantYour username isn't trentbuck@gmail.com13:29
wgrantThat's an email address.13:29
wgrantYour username is the bit in https://launchpad.net/people/USERNAME13:29
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/~USERNAME, it is nowadays.13:29
wgrantThere's a link in the top right, if you have a top right.13:30
twbStupid openid crap13:30
twbwgrant: bzr is a CLI13:30
wgrantIt is, yes.13:30
wgrantYou need to find your Launchpad username.13:30
twbi.e. it doesn't have a "top" or "right"13:30
wgrantI was speaking of the Launchpad web UI.13:30
wgrantAlternatively, navigate to https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit in an authenticated browser, and see what it says your username is.13:31
wgrantIt's the second field on that form.13:31
twbOh, "twb".13:32
twbAnd that succeeded without any output, so I presume it worked13:32
twbAnd bzr is using ssh now.13:33
chmouelhey guys another question is there some kind of text format for reporting bugs (ie: textile or others tag based syntax)13:35
twbwgrant: thanks for your help, I have managed to get "bzr branch lp:emacs" working without OOM-killing my screen session.13:38
wgranttwb: I'm glad you finally got it working.13:39
twbWell, I got bzr working.  The web part still requires a recent version of elinks (not w3m, lynx or links, nor an old version of elinks).13:40
twbI was joking the other day that OpenID was retarded and Kerberos was the Right Thing, but webdev wankers wouldn't adopt it because it's too complicated for their end users13:41
twbI'm no longer convinced OpenID is less complicated :P13:41
wgrantKerberos is probably the right thing, but yeah, probably not going to happen.13:42
twbNeWS was the right thing, too, but AJAX won13:42
twbStupid humans...13:42
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nigelbderyck got mails himself and 100s of them.   Now thta's really satisfying :)16:45
derycknigelb, glad you feel vindicated. :-)16:46
ftadanilos, it didn't work, i still have the dupes :(17:07
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danilosfta, that sucks, but we can probably just remove the templates and you can re-import them all: do you think there's no work of translators that could be lost if we do that?17:10
dpmdanilos, I don't think so, we haven't announced this at all, it is on the testing phase. I for one have submitted translations, but just for that: testing17:11
ftadanilos, well, maybe i'm wrong, i'm confused by the status field. i see the po confirmed, not merged17:14
danilosfta, do you mean 'approved' vs 'imported'?17:14
ftai meant approved17:14
danilosfta, right, those are not yet imported then17:16
ftadanilos, why is it so slow? i uploaded the revision 2h+ ago, it's just a bunch of strings to parse17:16
ftatakes half a day to complete17:16
ftai hooked that to chromium trunk, meaning daily updates.. maybe not daily strings, but yet, 1/2d17:17
danilosfta, import is usually fast, approval process is slow (I know it sounds weird, but there are a lot of heuristics to check all of the 50k files that live in the queue: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/+imports/+index?field.filter_status=NEEDS_REVIEW)17:17
ftatakes me 1sec to convert them from weird xslt files ;)17:18
danilosfta, we should improve this, but as you've noticed, there's always a bunch of annoyances around that need fixing (and once you actually get this set up properly, it's not that bad to wait 2h, so nobody was annoyed enough to really nag us about fixing it)17:19
ftadanilos, i agree, once it's in place, i guess i won't mind either17:19
danilosfta, this is all very ancient code that's overly complex; ideally, we'd revisit it and make it much faster, but we just don't have the time17:19
danilosfta, fwiw, once you get to a reasonable state, it might be interesting to explore integrating it into LP so that you don't have to manually run it or maintain a separate translations series/branch17:20
ftadanilos, integrate what? the upstream files?17:21
danilosfta, no, your code to generate PO files17:21
ftadanilos, oh, sure. it's in a branch. not sure you'll like my python coding style though. i'm more a c/perl/sh/js guy ;)17:22
danilosfta, heh, well, it'd have to be adapted to LP coding style, but I am just mentioning it as an option if you are interested - I'd still ask you to do it :P17:24
ftadanilos, and i guess the pre-requisite would be to have the upstream source code in bzr.. which is far from trivial17:25
danilosfta, is it? can't we just have an import into LP? (we can import git, hg, svn and cvs branches, afaik)17:27
ftadanilos, the full chromium tree is a collection of zillions of svn/git trees: http://src.chromium.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=chromium.git/.git;a=blob;f=DEPS;h=ef3e9e47bc46dcc920b9adbff9a2c94f119d394e;hb=HEAD17:28
danilosfta, ah, it could be that those "subtrees" are not supported yet, but I know bzr team is working on that about these days as well :)17:28
ftaanother idea could be to just just unpack my daily tarballs in bzr. we'll loose the upstream revisions though.17:30
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danilosfta, right, I don't think it's a big worry, and I am certain we'll soon be able to import complex git trees like the one from chromium17:31
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ftadanilos, not sure. chromium is a regular svn/git tree, plus a py script called gclient (with tons of arguments), reading the DEPS files scattered in the tree, fetching more sub-trees and even triggering some actions, it's pretty specific17:37
danilosfta, right, but with svn/git you can also "natively" reference other branches which need to be included on checkout (at least with svn and cvs, not sure about git :), and that's something bzr doesn't support yet; if it's not such "nested trees" and is really specific, then you are probably right :(17:41
danilosfta, oh, btw, I've removed all the templates/translations so you can easily re-upload the correct stuff now17:54
danilosfta, if you want me to bring them back, just let me know17:54
danilosfta, or maybe not, we seem to have gotten into read-only mode17:55
ftadanilos, ??17:55
danilosfta, I thought you wanted me to move them away so you can fix the duplicate comments17:55
ftadanilos, yes, but should i do now? commit an empty revision?17:57
danilosfta, no, you should be able to request a one-time import as well17:58
ftamicahg, grrr, I stopped all the dailies for jaunty last week, and i keep receiving requests from jaunty users :P17:58
micahgfta: idk what to say about that, I'm sure the LP Admins are happier :)17:59
micahgfta: jaunty has 17 days of life left, I wouldn't worry17:59
danilosfta, sorry, got a meeting now (please don't reimport them before I remove the final template)17:59
ftamicahg, i always make the same answer: close to EoS + short of build resources => out, plz upgrade18:00
ftadanilos, ok, not touching anything until i hear from you18:08
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asabilhi all18:31
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lfaraoneIs there a way to register a github bug tracker in launchpad?18:49
macohow do i change the owner of a team? there's no pencil icon next to owner anymore18:59
derycklfaraone, not currently.  You could open a bug against malone requesting support for github as an external tracker.19:02
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trijntjeHi all, it looks like something went wrong with my launchpad account, is this the right place to ask?20:03
maxbtrijntje: Possibly, if not, we can probably figure out where to direct you20:07
trijntjeWell, I logged into LP, but somehow instead of logging into my normal account a new account was created from my email adres minus @gmail.com. Now I cant acces my usual account20:12
trijntjehttps://launchpad.net/~redmar <- my real account should be there20:13
leonardrmaco: if you go to launchpad.net/~[team-name]/+reassign you can change the team owner20:15
leonardrtrijntje, walk me through this20:18
leonardrare you logged into lp now? if so, as which user?20:19
macoleonardr: thanks20:19
trijntjeI'm not logged in at the moment20:19
leonardrok, tell me what happens when you log into launchpad. what page do you see, and what do you type in?20:20
maxbleonardr: launchpad.net/~redmar OOPSes, edge.launchpad.net/~redmar does not. This is the fingerprint of the "SSO reassigns account id incorrectly" problem20:21
maxbwgrant: Around? You know more than me about this20:21
leonardrsalgado also might know20:21
trijntjeWhen I click on login on any LP page I go to the "Launchpad Login Service", where firefox automatically fills in my password and email20:22
maxbtrijntje: Basically this is a problem where stupid things happen when Launchpad and Ubuntu SSO disagree about which email addresses relate to which accounts20:22
maxbtrijntje: What is the LP id of the other account (other than ~redmar) ?20:22
micahgI had to log in also today, I was on edge, there was an announcement that edge would be disappearing, I figured this was part of it20:22
trijntjemaxb: https://launchpad.net/~redmar-vdberg20:23
maxbDo you have multiple email addresses associated with your account on https://login.launchpad.net/ ?20:25
maxbI'm not entirely sure if this will work or not, but you might try setting redmar at ubuntu-nl dot org as your preferred address in login.launchpad.net, and then logging out and back in to Launchpad itself20:27
trijntjemaxb, Do you mean try to login with my ubuntu-nl adres?20:28
maxbFirst, set that address to be the preferred address in login.launchpad.net20:28
maxbThen, log out and log back in to launchpad.net itself (or edge)20:29
trijntjemaxb, cool, that worked :D20:30
maxbtrijntje: In order to clean up the duplicate account, you probably want to go to https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge20:31
trijntjemaxb, thanks for that link, I've merged the two accounts20:38
maxbthat should prevent a recurrence of the problem, even if you change your preferred address20:38
trijntjeI'm glad I got my account back, you're my hero maxb ;)20:39
ari-tczewcould any LP admin take a look, whether I set up import from cvs correctly? https://code.launchpad.net/~ari-tczew/dbhub/stable20:51
maxbYou don't need an admin for that, just a vcs-imports operator20:52
ftawhen a bug is filed using apport, some sections appear as text in the initial report, some as attachments. what's the rule?20:53
maxbFortunately, I am one.20:53
maxbUnfortunately, that import is not OK.20:53
maxbari-tczew: You've specified a web viewer path, not an actual CVS repository20:53
ari-tczewmaxb: lp wanted from me http link20:54
maxbum. really?20:54
maxbari-tczew: You actually needed to specify :pserver:anonymous@dbhub.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dbhub20:55
maxbari-tczew: Fixed and approved.20:55
ari-tczewmaxb: many thanks!20:55
ari-tczewmaxb: which branch will be taken? stable or trunk?20:56
maxbthe HEAD / trunk20:57
MrKeunerhello, I have subscribed to a bug and related bugs are also sent to me, where can I adjust those settings. Some of them are really unrelated to me20:57
JanCI'm trying to file a bug report, but every time LP times out a short time after pressing submit...  is something wrong with the servers?  :-(21:26
micahganyone know why a branch scan would take an hour?21:26
james_wlosas: is the branch-scanner stuck? I believe I've heard that it has been stuck a few times recently21:30
maxbjames_w: hi, so I've been looking at UDD NoSuchTag failures, and I'm wondering how best to report my findings for you to fix them. I *could* produce a long list of "bzr tag -d lp:ubuntu/maverick/foobar -r revid:fjwefjiweofowe upstream-x.y.z" commands, and ask you to just run them - but perhaps it would be better for me to write a bzr-merge-tags plugin? i.e. "bzr merge-tags lp:debian/sid/foobar lp:ubuntu/maverick/foobar", which just calls sourc22:04
james_wmaxb, that could work, but I would worry about doing too much?22:05
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james_wthe tag -d ... was what I was doing, so I wouldn't mind running those on your behalf, if it's not too difficult for you to produce them22:05
maxbThat works too, but it requires that you trust the revids and tags I state, or have lots of pain verifying them22:06
maxbIf that's ok, I'll save myself the effort of writing the bzr plugin, and produce some commands22:06
james_wif that's what you would prefer then I am happy to do it22:07
james_win my mind it's easier to eyeball the effects of those commands, rather than work out the ways merging all the tags could go wrong22:07
maxbok, good. So I'll start trickling in some bugs over the next week, as I eyeball each package's branches22:08
james_wmaxb, great, thanks22:12
james_wmaxb, to me it seemed like they fell in to two camps, the one where merge-upstream wasn't used, and those where tags apparently weren't merged22:13
james_wI assume it is the latter you are looking at? If so, then letting me know of any where the merge was done in the last month would be great, as it would indicate that there are still bugs there22:14
micahgany idea about the branch scanner?22:14
maxbI found one rather perplexing one which seemed to suggest that merge-upstream had been used, but the tag had then gotten lost22:14
maxbanyway, to bugs :-)22:14
ari-tczewcould we count on branch scanner soon, or it's a higher issue?22:15
poolieari, what do you mean?22:16
micahgpoolie: a branch has said it's waiting to be scanned for about 3 hrs now22:19
mwhudsonmicahg: got a link?22:24
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micahgmwhudson: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/libfxscintilla/maverick22:24
mwhudsonmicahg: hmm22:25
mwhudsonlosa ping22:25
mbarnettheya mwhudson22:25
mwhudsonmbarnett: aware of any issues with the branch scanner today?22:25
mbarnettmwhudson: not that i am aware of.  we don't have any alerts on it.  It could be running a bunch slower due to the hardware updates we are doing with the primary database though...22:26
mbarnettand by hardware updates i mean software of course22:27
mbarnettand by software i mean os22:27
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mbarnettbasically, i like to tell lies.22:27
mwhudsonah bum22:27
mwhudsonmbarnett: heh heh22:27
mwhudsonmicahg: thats the problem ^22:28
mwhudsonmbarnett: ah, so is the master a different db currently?22:28
micahgmwhudson: k, what's the solution?22:28
mwhudsonmicahg: sysadminnery22:28
ari-tczewwe have no time22:28
micahgmwhudson: heh, will this job finish before the package importer would import an uploaded version?22:29
mwhudsonari-tczew, micahg: what is the actual issue that the branch scanner not updating is causing you?22:29
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micahgmwhudson: I didn't want to lose my bzr commits for the branch22:29
micahgthe importer will import the uploaded version usually and then my commits will be lost and it'll be one huge commmit22:30
mwhudsonmbarnett: my hypothesis is that you've changed which machine is running the master db recently and there's a GRANT or two missing on the new machine that were done by hand on the old one22:30
mwhudsonmbarnett: is that plausible?22:30
mbarnettmwhudson: that is quite possible22:31
mwhudsonmbarnett: ok22:31
mbarnettmwhudson: if so, we would want to make sure we get them into a standard schema update and apply them asap22:31
mwhudsonmicahg: ah ok, no this is basically a "cosmetic" problem22:31
mwhudsonmicahg: your revisions are safe22:31
micahgmwhudson: cool, thanks22:31
mwhudsonit's just the data in the launchpad database that's lagging22:31
mwhudsonmicahg, ari-tczew: i take it http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/libfxscintilla/maverick/changes shows the revision you care about?22:32
mwhudsonmbarnett: yeah, that all sounds sane22:32
mwhudsonmbarnett: thumper would know what the grant we need is probably, but he's not around :/22:33
mbarnettmwhudson: oof22:34
micahgmwhudson: yes, but hmmm, the tag doesn't show at the top level, I wonder if the importer will see it22:34
mbarnettmwhudson: what makes him think that he is allowed to not be around?22:34
mwhudsonmicahg: i don't know what that's about, i doubt it's related to the scanner though22:34
micahgjames_w: will a tag on a merged branch be enough for the importer not to overwrite?22:35
mwhudsonmbarnett: looks like branchscanner should have "SELECT, UPDATE" on distributionsourcepackage, can you check if that's the case?22:36
mbarnettmwhudson: it is kind of convoluted since everything is managed using roles22:38
mbarnettmwhudson: but i am trying to upack access now22:38
chxhi. i am here to report a bug. Not sure how to do that officially22:38
mwhudsonmbarnett: :/22:38
mwhudsonmbarnett: my guess is that the issue has been fixed in devel/ so that the next rollout will fix this issue22:39
chxso it says "The diff has been truncated for viewing." but there is nowhere to look for the rest.22:39
mwhudsonchx: you can download it22:39
* chx facepalms22:39
mwhudson"* Download diff    *  Show line numbers"22:40
mwhudsonchx: that should probably be repeated where the truncation message is, i guess22:40
chxmwhudson: maaaaaaaybe! :)22:40
mwhudsonchx: a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchapd-code/+filebug saying that would be appropriate22:41
chxmwhudson: just in case somone does not to chase a single link across 5000 lines of code.22:41
chx*want to22:41
chxmwhudson: i am filing at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+filebug rather :)22:42
mbarnettmwhudson: so, if i am  reading this correctly, none of the roles that have been granted to branchscanner have ANY access to the distribtionsourcepackage table.22:44
mwhudsonmbarnett: ok22:45
chxmwhudson:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/656005 thanks.22:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 656005 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "The download diff should be repeated on the bottom (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]22:46
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mwhudsondid anyone else get mail/spam from jscrambler?23:07
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