gilirphillw, good news, I think I fixed the "Check CD for defects" in the iso :)00:10
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manfredrastaHi guys, does anybody have information about the latest linux driver for my old laptop's vga? It's an old Trident CyberBlade XP coming integrated in a Toshiba Stellite Pro 4600 with Pentium 3? Actually it works fine both in LDE but got a slow response if I navigate through the desktops and while watching movies...08:37
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Tir_Eoghangreetings lads, and lasses16:05
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mark76Hey nothingspecial , is this Gnome with hidden panels or Xfce with hidden panels? http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=170945&d=128592316818:29
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nothingspecialmark76: That`s gnome with no panels ;)20:45
cyclist_2Hello, there! I am trying to install Lubuntu on a Windows XP machine but something is happening...; I downloaded the 'iso.torrent' and it works great on my VBox machine [Windows XP guest/Ubuntu Lucid host]; but now I am trying to do the same on a 'real' Windows machine and it just does not work [yes, I burned the iso file right; the problem is that somehow the [BOOT] directory goes missing in the Windows XP machine]; any i21:33
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cyclist_2furthermore: I only knew I had to extract [to check] the files in the iso file after trying [and failing] to boot the LiveCD; I compared that on the Wndows XP machine to the iso file I already have on my Ubuntu machine and the only difference is that the directory [BOOT] is missing on the iso file downloaded directly with the Windows XP one; I downloaded the iso.torrent twice now without any problem, but no joy...; how is 21:44
lubun2how can I add to the 2 desktops I have right now?22:24
szczurlubun2, virtual desktop numbers?22:25
szczurLXDE Menu -> Preferences -> Openbox Configuration Manager22:26
szczur"Desktops" tab22:26
lubun2szczur, ok thnks. let me install that bec I don't see it in my menu22:27
szczursudo apt-get install obconf22:27
lubun2szczur, got it.  thanks a lot.22:29
lubun2while we are at it iirc I used to be able to drag windows from one destop to other on the pager.  seems that is no longer the case?22:30
szczurhmm, i'm not able to do it22:34
szczurso i think it is not possible22:34
szczurbut i'm not sure :)22:34
lubun2ok thnks.  no biggie22:36

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