penguin42ledbettj: What graphics hardware?00:02
ledbettj@penguin: it's an radeon with KMS00:05
penguin42which one? Open or closed drivers (I assume open from the KMS?)00:06
ledbettjyeah, the open source radeon driver00:06
penguin42ledbettj: Hmm I've not tried Unity on mine; you could try running the xorg-edgers bleeding edge X packages and see if it helps at all00:08
dev001Hi.  I'm doing a 1st ppa-based update to a Kubuntu/Maverick rc install.  Trying to grab the 'new' KDE 4.5.2 pkgs @ "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu maverick  main", after 'apt-get update', I'd expect to see *lots* of offered pkg updates by 'apt-get upgrade'.  Atm, I only see a couple ~ 30MB worth ...  Is there additional prioritization, or some such, required?  Still newish to [K]ubuntu00:09
olskolircwhere can i get the maverick download please?00:13
drbobbok so I overcame all the hurdles in installing a working copy of maverick rc. unfortunately, my wifi interface no longer works under maverick :(00:13
penguin42olskolirc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview#Get Ubuntu 10.1000:13
penguin42drbobb: What were the problems, what did you have to do to fix it, and what wireless is it?00:14
olskolircactually, i wanted the kubuntu version a link for that please?00:14
gripHello all00:15
KukuNutdev001: there should be at least 14800:15
drbobbpenguin42: BCM431800:15
drbobband I was not able to fix it00:15
penguin42olskolirc: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MaverickMeerkat/RC/Kubuntu00:15
olskolircty penguin4200:15
drbobbI tried replacing the default driver, b4300:15
drbobband using ndiswrapper instead00:16
penguin42drbobb: Have you installed the firmware-b43-installer package?00:16
drbobbthis worked in lucid, but not anymore00:16
dev001KukuNut: hm.  I'm just seeing this ... http://pastebin.com/sm5n1BgJ00:16
penguin42drbobb: Tried these? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:16
drbobbpenguin42: actually I pulled in a copy of the firmware from my lucid install00:17
gripHow is the xorg working with the gforce 218gt 310m.I could not get this to work in 10.400:17
drbobbnot much else I can do since I don't have a working network interface00:17
drbobbdmesg shows that the firmware is loaded successfully00:17
drbobbbut the link never comes up00:18
KukuNutdev001: not sure why00:18
KukuNutdev001: it doesn't look like from the konsole?00:19
drbobbpenguin42: the STA driver suggested in the doc you pointed to does not support my chi[00:20
drbobband b43 + fwcutter did not work for me in lucid, either00:20
dev001KukuNut: sorry, not sure what you're asking ...00:21
drbobbi need a new laptop :( support for my h/w has been regressing in ubuntu with each version00:21
KukuNutdev001: your paste doesn't tell me much00:22
drbobbi know how to activate ndiswrapper, have done it lots of times before. this time it loads with no errors, it just doesn't work.00:23
dev001KukuNut: doesn't tell me much either.  that's all that konsole produced.  here are my repos, fwiw00:23
dev001do these look right to you? --> http://pastebin.com/4TZCGGcD00:23
KukuNutdev001: seems ok00:25
dev001KukuNut: thx.  no clue why i'm not getting more ... still digging00:26
drbobbwell guess I'll just have to stick with lucid until i get a new laptop. bugger00:29
Dragon64anyone in here having iussues with Radeon  card and installing 10.1000:32
krabadorwhere i can look at changes between daily live cds?00:35
papertigersanyone using a macbook pro unibody for 10.1000:41
Pr070calim having big problems with the nvidia gl driver00:48
penguin42Dragon64 (if you are still here) what card?00:52
BUGabundothis big boy, is going to shave at 1am and then bed... or maybe the hospital for taking an ear off . nite01:02
myk_robinsonanyone else having issue with Brasero burning REAL slow in Maverick?01:43
BlaDe^Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my GUI: http://i55.tinypic.com/3142w3s.png  -- some things randomly get bugged and stay there (Like the applications menu in that picture)01:44
rusivimyk_robinson I purposely burn CDs on the slowest speed to minimize error possibilities.01:44
BlaDe^the only way i've found to get rid of it is to logout/in or a restart01:45
Pr070calback again cant get round this nvidia glx problem01:45
myk_robinsonrusivi: Understand that, but I sure would like to burn my dvd's at 8 speed instead of 1.0 and lower :(01:45
Pr070caledited xorg.conf after a nvidia-xconfig and added in the resolution 800x600 but it didnt boot to login no error on dmesg01:46
myk_robinsoncd's are acceptable, burning at about 16x01:46
myk_robinsonbut dvds creep01:46
BlaDe^anyone have any ideas about my problem?01:48
reynet-serverhey guys :) Just did an update on 10.10 RC, can anyone tell me how to get Samba back on? I'm using webmin and it won't re-install01:49
reynet-servercan't get samba to re-install on it's own either01:50
reynet-serverGot this :   samba : Depends: samba-common (= 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8) but 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu7 is to be installed E: Broken packages01:50
reynet-serverwill there be an update of samba to fix it?01:50
reynet-servernever mind, package update fixed it01:52
Pr070calcant get nvidia glx drivers working just hangs now01:58
Pr070calchanged xorg.conf to 800x60001:58
Pr070calplz help :)01:58
philsfeverytime I boot, I have to turn the bluetooth off in the indicator applet to conserve power. Is there a way to only turn it on when I want to use it? I'd like it to remember my last choice02:00
Daekdroomphilsf, System > Preferences > Bluetooth > Show Bluetooth tray icon (or something like that), unmark it.02:04
DaekdroomBut that itself is unlikely to conserve power because it doesn't turn off bluetooth, actually02:04
philsfDaekdroom, I don't want to hide the applet, I want to turn the device off02:04
philsfDaekdroom, the applet menu has an entry to turn it off, it just doesn't honor the choice after a boot02:05
kusanagihi, my computer wont boot up...02:42
kusanagiive read the forums without luck :S02:42
kusanagican anybody help me troobleshooting_02:42
Ken8521kusanagi, well "won't boot up" is very descriptive..02:42
Ken8521let me google "Won't boot up" problems02:42
Volkodavdoes it POST ?02:43
kusanagiKen8521, for maverick you will get plenty of results :)02:43
kusanagiyep Volkodav02:43
Ken8521do you get grub?02:43
kusanagilet me paste syslog somewhere02:43
Ken8521ok, so the problem is after grub.02:43
Ken8521youd on't et an error message, it just freezes up and doesn't boot02:44
kusanagimonitor goes power save in vty 702:44
Ken8521u have ATI?02:45
Volkodavtried recovery mode ?02:45
kusanagiin vty 1 it get stuck with lots of lines like this Oct  5 17:47:21 tachikoma kernel: [   13.653830] hda-intel: spurious response 0x400101:0x0, last cmd=0x1f050002:45
kusanagino Ken8521, ive got geforce 8400 GS... thats why those "wont bootup" dont seem like mine02:46
Volkodavdoes it boot from live CD ?02:46
Ken8521kusanagi, did you use envy to install the nvidia driver?02:46
kusanagiyeah, ive tried to start all the kernles availables (.35 both recovery and normal and .32) same results02:46
kusanagiKen8521, i upgrades from 10.0402:47
kusanagiVolkodav, im in a live cd right now02:47
Ken8521kusanagi, ok.. did you use envy to install the nvidia graphics under 10.0402:47
kusanagimmm dont know what envy is... i had the propietary driver installed tho02:48
kusanagiand this is the syslog02:48
Ken8521doesn't Ubuntu suggest, when you use the proprietary driver, that you uninstall it, before upgrading?02:49
kusanagii read that today Ken8521 :S02:49
kusanagii didnt uninstall it :(02:49
Ken8521i'd be willing to bet that's the issue.02:50
Ken8521i'd backup and clean install 10.10(which is what iwould have done in the first place to be truthful)02:50
Volkodavcan you chroot in the install ?02:50
kusanagii havent try Volkodav, but i guess i can02:50
kusanagiwhat to do after that?02:51
VolkodavI would do fsck first , then chroot and try to upgrade the system and see what happens02:51
kusanagiVolkodav, i already fsck02:52
kusanagitry to upgrade you mean apt-get update and aptitude safe-upgrade?02:52
Volkodavthen chroot and run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade?02:53
kusanagishiz... i had /var/cache/apt/archives/ mounted on another hd02:56
kusanagithis is gonna take a while...02:56
Ken8521hopefully it works02:57
kusanagiyep :D02:57
kusanagijust to understand why this could work let me ask u a question02:58
kusanagionce ubuntu releases the rc, the iso wont change till the final release?02:59
kusanagithe rc i downloaded yesterday is the same iso that they first released?02:59
philsfkusanagi, probably not, because they have to remove the strings "devel" from grub conf, and /etc/issue03:00
philsfand update the lsb info03:00
philsfbut other than cosmetic changes, they should be the same, AFAICT03:01
kusanagiso maybe the problem is solved in the repositories and not in the rc?03:01
philsfkusanagi, what repositorues?03:02
=== dto1 is now known as dto
philsfthe rc  is *in* the repositories03:03
kusanagiwhen i say rc i mean rc iso03:03
trismkusanagi: the iso has already been updated since the rc03:04
kusanagii am going to try that03:06
kusanagiok, upgrading :)03:09
kusanagiwhen it finish, do i try to bootup again or do i do anything else first?03:10
kusanagiwrong shortcut :S03:11
kusanagithe installation says all the time "error in Version string '3.1.4-57640_Ubuntu_karmic': invalid character in revision number"03:12
Volkodavkusanagi: reboot after upgrade03:12
kusanagiyeah its werid03:13
kusanagiit also say jaunty in some errors03:13
Ken8521oh ok.03:13
Ken8521was just about to ask if you were trying to go 9.10 - 10.1003:14
kusanaginop :S03:14
kusanagibut i did had all those in here03:14
kusanagii know, this need a clean install03:14
Ken8521yeah.. sure sounds it.03:14
kusanagibut i cant do it now03:14
Ken8521somethin got wonked up03:14
kusanagiok, done03:15
Ken8521you at the very least(if you have an external hard drive or maybe even a large thumb drive) could probably back up your home on that drive.03:15
kusanagiwish me luck :D03:15
Ken8521good luck :)03:15
kusanagiu have /home in another partition03:15
kusanagii could fresh install and forget about it03:16
kusanagibut i dont have the time now03:16
kusanagi(do i have the time for this you may ask, the answer is no... i updated out of foolness)03:17
kusanagisame problem03:24
kusanagithis is the syslog03:24
kusanagisince its probably the graphics card... is there a way to use the nv driver?03:25
ChogyDankusanagi: that link didn't work for me03:27
kusanagisorry ChogyDan, i missed the last w03:27
ChogyDangot it  :)03:28
ChogyDankusanagi: so you aren't able to boot at all?03:28
kusanagithanks for watching ChogyDan :)03:28
kusanagii dont know what else could i paste to get the problem03:29
ChogyDankusanagi: sorry, I missed what the problem was originally03:29
Ken8521borked upgrade03:29
kusanagii upgraded from 10.04 to 10.1003:30
kusanaginow it wont boot up03:30
ChogyDankusanagi: how far does it boot?03:30
kusanagiscreen in vty7 goes energy saving mode03:30
kusanagiafter grub03:31
ChogyDankusanagi: can you get to any of the other ttys?03:31
kusanagithat syslog i pasted is all from the last boot03:31
kusanagivty1 is stuck03:31
kusanagii googled the errors without luck03:31
kusanagifrozen at sec 13 or so03:32
ChogyDanI don't see the nvidia error, I just see the audio errors03:33
kusanagiyeah, me203:33
kusanagi:( thats why i dont know what to do03:33
kusanagiany other log that could be of any help?03:33
ChogyDankusanagi: can you boot with recovery mode?03:33
kusanagiit does the same thing03:33
kusanagiin recovery mode03:33
ChogyDanhave you tried different kernels?03:34
kusanagii have 203:35
kusanagi.35 and .3203:35
kusanagii tried to boot both modes in both kernels03:35
kusanagisame errors03:35
kusanagiis there a way to disable the propietary driver and try nv?03:36
ChogyDanwow, so the terminal will freeze, even in recovery mode?  and even on an old kernel?03:36
kusanagijust for the sake of trying03:36
ChogyDankusanagi: recovery mode should disable the graphics in the first place I think03:36
kusanagioh :S03:36
kusanagilast thing i tried was chroot and apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade03:37
ChogyDankusanagi: how did that go?03:37
kusanagiit upgraded some packages (none really related at first sight)03:37
kusanagiand same thing03:38
ChogyDanhmmm, but a livecd works?03:38
ChogyDankusanagi: outside of my knowledge.  I would just make a new partition, and install to that, see how that goes03:40
kusanagii guess i could try a fresh installation on /03:41
ChogyDankusanagi: maybe a package got corrupted or something03:41
kusanagii checked md503:41
kusanagii made a live cd with unetbootin and 10.10 and wont live usb from there03:42
kusanagidont know why03:42
kusanagishould i try fresh install with 10.10 or 10.04?03:42
ChogyDankusanagi: you could try debsums, to check for corrupted files03:44
kusanagidont know how to do that ChogyDan :(03:46
kusanagii am just going to fres install 10.0403:46
kusanagito /03:46
ChogyDankusanagi: ok, fyi, I think the command is `debsums -s -a`03:46
kusanagiand what does that do?03:46
ChogyDankusanagi: it checks the checksums of all the files from your packages03:47
kusanagichroot and do that?03:47
kusanagii can do that03:47
ChogyDankusanagi: yeah, it will take awhile though03:47
ChogyDankusanagi: http://arthurdejong.org/recovery.html03:47
kusanagiyeah, im readin that page03:47
Ken8521any luck?03:47
kusanagibut i dont know if im tired or what, but i dont understand03:48
kusanaginot really Ken8521 :S03:48
ChogyDankusanagi: well, I think each package has like an md5sum for each of the files that it installs, so debsums compares the md5 listed in the package with the actual md5 of the file03:49
ChogyDanthus, if a file is changed, debsums will detect the change03:49
kusanagiill try that03:49
kusanagibut i guess apt-get already do that when install, doesnt it?03:49
kusanagimmm, maybe not03:50
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|ns|nR8lucent, latest update fixed the bug where it wouldnt remember refresh rate04:12
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
|ns|nR8just had to tell someone04:14
|ns|nR8just need /dev/dsp to appear now and im happy04:14
lucent|ns|nR8: glad to hear that04:18
|ns|nR8i use darkice to stream police radio to friends04:20
|ns|nR8it needs /dev/dsp tho04:20
lucent|ns|nR8: nothing provides /dev/dsp, you know04:27
dev001I'm upgrading 10.10/powerpc's KDE -> 4.5.2 @ http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main.04:27
dev001But, there's a very significant difference in what's in the powerpc vs. 'officially supported' arch Package lists: .../binary-amd64/Packages 05-Oct-2010 15:42 --> 418K,    versus, .../binary-powerpc/Packages 05-Oct-2010 15:42 --> 89K.04:27
dev001 Is that likely just a propagation issue?  or a repo build problem?04:27
lucent|ns|nR8: there's aoss and then use LD_PRELOAD to intercept calls to use /dev/dsp04:27
|ns|nR8hmm...well /dev/dsp was present in 10.0404:28
|ns|nR8now it isnt04:28
|ns|nR8and darkice isnt working04:28
lucent/dev/dsp is fail04:28
lucentuse JACK or ALSA04:28
|ns|nR8so what should i change this to04:28
|ns|nR8device          = /dev/dsp  # OSS DSP soundcard device for the audio input04:28
|ns|nR8it captures the microphone input on soundcard04:31
|ns|nR8unless i get a different icecast client04:32
|ns|nR8is it only my install that doesnt have dsp lucent ?04:32
|ns|nR8does your install have it ?04:33
|ns|nR8or is it every 10.1004:33
|ns|nR8ls /dev/dsp04:34
|ns|nR8ls: cannot access /dev/dsp: No such file or directory04:34
lucent|ns|nR8: nothing I have uses /dev/dsp04:35
lucentfind an icecast client that works with jack04:36
lucentsetup jack04:36
|ns|nR8back later, gotta go for minor surgery04:37
JoeBob44Does anyone have any idea why my NETBOOK WIRELESS is sluggish (as in it takes forever to connect to a network) on 10.10 Desktop Distro?04:44
wolterhi, after I updated my ubuntu, my apache server is no longer reachable from the computers in my network :S05:00
wolterany ideas?05:00
Edward_Elricwolter, read the logs first05:00
wolteralso, my samba server is not working05:00
wolterwhich logs?05:00
Edward_Elricthe apache logs05:01
Edward_Elricor the configuration files of respective package05:01
wolterwell, during the update i was asked if i wanted to replace my configuration with a new one, and i did but i fixed the new one05:02
wolteri can access my server from the host computer05:02
wolterbut the others can't, like if there was some local dns problem05:03
bullgard4In https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=247183 I find: "Status: RESOLVED; Resolution: WAITINGFORINFO." How can one wait for an info if the status of a bug is "RESOLVED"?05:05
ubottuKDE bug 247183 in Forms "Crash when adding a line edit to a form" [Crash,Resolved: waitingforinfo]05:05
ChrisBuchholzIs it possible to get the Unity Application Menu from the netbook edition on desktop edition?06:56
olskolircim on maverick and my cdrom is now /dev/sr0 and there is nothing about it in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab where is my mount?  I want it back in /media/cdrom07:08
starnostaryes prince jammys07:21
starnostarshould the maverick beta be checking my disk on every boot07:21
starnostarvanilla fstab, ext3 filesystem07:21
starnostaris this a property of the beta? I have never used a beta ubuntu before07:22
olskolircanyone on maverick?  i need to know what to put in /etc/fstab so that I can get /dev/sr0 to mount in /media/(no cdrom)07:45
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HukkaAfter a reboot, my second screen started to flicker. Based on xrandr, the frequency is 50Hz, based on the monitor OSD, it's 60Hz08:36
HukkaHaven't had flicker before, no idea what refresh rate it's been using08:36
sresuWill Kubuntu come with KDE 4.5 in Meerkat?09:11
SaRysresu, Yup.09:12
sresuSaRy, I'm using KDE 4.5 in Lucid already. Will that affect the upgrade?09:12
SaRyin maverick beta it's 4.5.1 ..09:13
SaRy4 days for the final release .. so it may go to 4.5.2 .. maybe !09:14
sresuSaRy: Agreed, but as I'm already using KDE 4.5.1 as the platform version then will upgrade process be affected? Should I untick the backport link from the package manager?09:14
SaRyoh , that am not sure about.09:15
sresuSaRy: Umm.. thanks anyways09:16
bullgard4'~$ ls -al' does not print filenames colorful. '~$ env | grep LS_COLORS' does not produce any output. How to correct that?09:23
sandGorgonbulldog98, ls --color=auto -F -al09:29
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alvinIs there a change to vote against the new ubuntu font as default for Kubuntu? The reception of the font at the company where I work is very bad.09:41
odb|fidelhi. question regarding dropbox on 10.10 - is there a specific ppa for dropbox on maverick? seems like my old ppa is not working anymore & my dropbox has sync issues.10:08
diverse_izzuei cannot add annotations using evince 2.32 on maverick, even though that's supposed to be supported now.10:15
BajK___stupid decision not releasing kde 4.5.2 for 10.04 -.-10:28
alvinIt' a pity, but being careful is not stupid. The trouble is that Kubuntu releases appear at the same time as Ubuntu, and KDE has another release schedule.10:46
alvinOn the other hand, it's a bug fix release, and there *are* bugs fixed10:46
ChrisBuchholzHow can i get the Unity Appmenu in desktop edition? I thought it was meant to be an option for desktop, but I cant find anything about it other than how to install the debugging versions where the appmenu and the menu inside windows both show10:53
nicolaskhi, anybody having problems of nautilus not working(not responding) after upgrade to rc Ubuntu 10.10?11:04
bullgard4How to determine the default font of the GNOME terminal?11:13
bullgard4sandGorgon: I believe gthat you made two mistakes.11:17
sandGorgonbullgard4, me ? ummm... was I talking to u ?11:18
bullgard4sandGorgon: You better check that yourself and behave accordingly.11:18
sandGorgonbullgard4, huh? I have no clue what u mean.. really. unless my system is spamming IRC or something. could you PM me please ?11:20
ilvezhe's bot i guesss11:21
bullgard4sandGorgon: I don't see any reason to PM to you.11:21
ilvezi couldn't resist and began upgrading to rc11:22
BajK___Oh I am so very much looking forward to Sunday :)11:25
Cass10.10 install disk leaves me with blank screen when trying to install .. anything i can do to get around ?  or do i need to use alt install cd ?11:32
Unksianyone else having jumpy playback with amarok?11:36
tensorpuddinghuh, i didn't notice that maverick comes with a new font11:37
odb|fideltensorpudding: its "the ubuntu font" ;)11:41
alvinIt's also the first thing to remove on upgrade11:41
alvinNo, ugly11:41
alvinWell, not ugly, but it doesn't look good either11:42
ilvezmaybe needs some time11:42
tensorpuddingI am trying it out. I think it looks okay.11:42
alvinSomething feels wrong about it. Switch back to the default Sans Serif font and compare them.11:42
tensorpuddingIt's not as bland as Sans11:42
ilvezdunno, have seen screenshots but that doesnt count11:42
alvinThe Kubuntu website also uses it on the front page, and it's not as readable as a few days ago11:43
ilvezcan't see it yet -- upgrade in process (1:45 ... counting)11:43
tensorpuddingUpgrading from Lucid kept the old fonts.11:44
alvintensorpudding: Not here11:44
tensorpuddingYou can always switch them back.11:44
ilvezat first i thought that what the heck with ubuntu one, why do i need it, but in 10.10 they added tomboy note sync... that turned me11:45
tensorpuddingThe main stylistic problem I have with the upgrade was that they tweaked Ambiance to return it to orange highlights.11:45
tensorpuddingI liked how Ambiance had eschewed a lot of the orange tones that made Human such an eyesore11:47
ashfaq well I installed vlc and acetone iso but now a problem has crept up, when ever I click places for home folder or dowload folder either vlc, or acetone opens up instead of the targeted folder11:50
ashfaq Why should this be how could this be corrected! Can someone help?11:50
skumarathis channel is dying.11:53
penguin42it has 4 days left of its life and then it will later be rebourn a fresh11:53
ilvezi'll keep the logs for necromancy needs11:54
NameLess-jscan some one help win unr wubi?12:02
ilvezNameLess-js: easiest is to write your problem not to ask questions that raise automatic question12:03
NameLess-jsso, i install wubi unr in win712:03
NameLess-jsi re-imaged my netbook due to problems on win712:04
NameLess-jsthe reg entry  and all the other information about the existance of unr is gone12:04
NameLess-jswubi doesn't detect anything, but C:\ubuntu still exists12:04
NameLess-jscan i a) run c:\ubuntu\uninstall-ubuntu.exe b)something else12:05
NameLess-jsthat is the problem12:06
ilvezdon't know, i think it's a wubi related issue/bug, not maverick12:07
NameLess-jswell since wubi is installed this can i ermove ubuntu?12:07
skumarai found this in the release notes Upgrading Wubi systems from 10.04 LTS is known to fail, and is not recommended at this time12:08
NameLess-jsi used the wubi in the ubuntu 10.10 unr iso12:08
borkI upgraded to 10.10, and my dual monitor setup has become strangely broken -- I can display things on one monitor or the other, but not both12:15
ilvezpossibly separate xorg servers on separate screens12:16
LogicalDashWhenever I try to run an ncurses app in a terminal it mysteriously fails, showing "can't open terminal (unknown)".12:17
penguin42LogicalDash: can you do echo $TERM12:18
LogicalDashpenguin42, "dumb"12:18
penguin42LogicalDash: Which terminal - I think there is a bug with a few of them at the moment that doesn't set TERM12:18
penguin42bork: i945GM chipset, two monitors side by side?12:18
LogicalDashso do I just export TERM=xfterm4?12:19
borkpenguin42: laptop + external monitor, actually12:19
penguin42bork: what does lspci | grep -i vga   say?12:19
LogicalDashwell, that didn't work12:19
penguin42LogicalDash: just exprot TERM=xterm12:20
borkpenguin42: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller12:20
LogicalDashpenguin42, that worked, thanks12:20
gezegencihi , i just installed ubuntu netbook 10.10 RC bu tin UNE there is no programme's file bar... (file,prefences etc.)12:20
gezegenciand i cant edit left bar :(12:20
penguin42bork: OK, can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log for me?12:20
penguin42LogicalDash: I think you have bug 62192712:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 621927 in vte (Ubuntu) "Embedded Terminal Emulator isn't giving a TERM variable" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62192712:21
LogicalDashpenguin42, looks about right12:21
gezegenciany body ?12:22
LogicalDashgezegenci, as I recall, the file bar is replaced by a panel applet in the netbook remix...12:23
LogicalDashso it might just be working as intended12:23
gezegenciLOgicalDash ,12:23
gezegenciall programmes have this but konversation...12:24
LogicalDashgezegenci, using a KDE app in that environ might cause weird behavior, I suggest XChat instead12:24
gezegencihmm , so you are saying , "you shouldn't use kde apps" ?12:25
gezegenciLogicalDash , thanks for information :)12:26
* penguin42 goes to get breakfast, if bork comes back can someone tell him to look at bug 61966312:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 619663 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[maverick] Non-mirrored dual-screen gives narrow display on secondary monitor" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61966312:29
Mouldy_PunkHey guys. I'm trying to install ubuntu NBR 10.10 from a usb stick on my netbook but am running into problems. This (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1533282) thread sums up my original problem, so I removed ui from the syslinux.cfg file but now I get an "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot" error. I haven't managed to find an actual fix on the web, just other people saying they have the same problem. Does any12:36
Mouldy_PunkI also tried commenting out the vesamenu.c32 line as per somebody's recommendation in #ubuntu, but it made no difference12:37
ilvezMouldy_Punk: your message was too long, ". Does any" was last characters12:37
Mouldy_PunkDoes anybody know of a fix?12:37
Mouldy_Punknever mind, it hadn't noticed it actually worked because it took a little while from displaying the error to actually doing something so I turned my back :D Commenting out vesamenu.c32 seemed to be the fix12:41
Dr_WillisI just deletes the vesamenu line, and all i had to do was hit enter when it booted.12:45
penguin42Mouldy_Punk: I think if you add lucid_updates to your lucid box that you created the thumb drive on, it should get a new thumb creator that does better12:55
bonez2046I am running 10.10.. and have a problem with my 'gateway' setting.. if I run 'route add default gw' my system connects.. but if I reboot, that gateway info is lost and I need to rerun the route command.. this information IS stored in my /etc/network/interfaces file.. why does it drop when rebooting?13:20
ilvezi like the new font :P13:22
gezegencihi , how can i edit left-bar in "ubuntu netbook 10.10 RC"13:27
Pr070calcan someone help me get nvidia glx working plz, when i enable nvidia in xorg.conf i get no signal. i input resolution in xorg reboot and hangs before login13:28
Pr070caldmesg doesnt output any error13:28
Buffcns2 what time on Sunday is 10.10 released?13:39
ilvezBuffcns2: exactly at gtfo :P13:40
odb|fideli guess 10:10 ;)13:40
ilvezthis is ideal, but actual time is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158865813:41
odb|fidelpersonaly i would just get the current version now to avoid the overload at official release date ;)13:44
ilvezi will at home on release date or later, to get official experience(tm) too13:46
odb|fidelworks on all 3 boxes pretty silent & without relevant issues13:49
gezegencihi , how can i add an applet to panel (ubuntu netbook RC)13:54
bjsniderPr070cal, are you using a vaio?13:56
Buffcns2odb|fidel, think I will take your advice and upgrade now14:02
odb|fidelBuffcns2: thats not an advice - its just one of many ways ;)14:02
odb|fideland 10.10 works pretty good here at my desk, my netbook and a vm in fusion14:03
Dr_Willisi did notice some large updates this morning.14:03
Dr_Willis4 days to go.. i hope they get all the fix's in place..14:03
odb|fidelDr_Willis: only this morning?14:03
Dr_Willisodb|fidel:  dident notice many yesterday. I tend to update at 8:00 AM my time every day14:04
Dr_Willisday befor that. there was a bunch also.14:04
Dr_Willissaw some web site that had a 'graph'/timelike of how the last beta happened also.14:04
odb|fidelits nice to see the changes in software-center now14:04
odb|fideli like the apt-history idea14:05
Dr_Willisit seems that many of my 'terminals' still get TERM set to 'dumb'14:05
Dr_WillisSoftware center has the fonts messed up for me.. let me check again.14:05
Dr_Willisyep - still messed up14:05
odb|fidelwell - not using it usually - as cli/apt does the job well enough. But the history-idea is nice14:05
Dr_WillisThe bottom 20% or so of  the description is cut off.14:05
odb|fidelhehe - its broken on my netbook too - clicks inside software-center dont act as clicks14:06
odb|fidelor arent interpreted as clicks14:06
Dr_Willisone of the many little thingsd that need worked on.14:06
methril_workwhy is kde-fulll blocking? i see kde-minimal and kdebase block the upgrade14:06
Dr_Willisbut since its not a LTS release.. i bet they will sort of rush it..14:06
methril_workit's safe to upgrade removing this packages?14:07
odb|fidelmethril_work: as long as you dont use KDE it *should* be safe to remove any kde-related paket14:07
methril_workwell, i use kde apps14:08
methril_worki only want to know what is the proper upgrade steps (i some problems in the past forcing the upgrade)14:08
Dr_Willistry a dist-upgrade? or a normal upgrade?14:09
methril_worknormal upgrade dos not upgrade14:10
methril_workdist-upgrade does the magic14:10
Dr_WillisI always do a dist-upgrade while betatesting. :)  seems to slap things into shape better.14:11
Pr070calis nvidia glx working ???14:11
Dr_WillisPr070cal:  nvidia works fine on my 2 nvidia machines.14:11
Dr_Willis360M and 8800tgsxxx14:11
Pr070calnot sure why mine isnt working14:11
Dr_Willisyoru video card is?14:11
Pr070cali got 8400 gs14:11
Pr070calare you using nvidia-glx-185 ?14:12
Dr_WillisTheres been some issues with the older driver versions ive heard.. but not seen any specifics14:12
methril_workwell, then i'll wait to get RC :)14:12
Dr_WillisDriver Version friom Nvidia-settings --> 260.19.0614:12
Pr070cali get no signal after reboot but if i edit xorg.conf and enter 800x600 it hangs before login screen14:13
Pr070caldmesg outputs no error14:13
Dr_WillisYou tried it with no xorg.conf at all>14:13
bjsniderPr070cal, are you using a vaio?14:13
Pr070calno desktop14:14
Dr_Willisalso theres a 'text' option that disables plymouth and other things that cause issues with the nvidia drivers14:14
Dr_WillisHmm.. what was that factoid14:14
Pr070cali removed nouvo drivers14:14
bjsniderPr070cal, does your xorg.conf have the customedid option?14:14
Pr070calno dpms14:14
Pr070caloh i remeber something about that way back14:15
Dr_WillisPr070cal:  move xorg.conf to some other fillename try it with NO xorg.conf at all.14:15
bjsniderno, don't do that14:15
bjsniderpastebin your xorg.conf14:16
Dr_WillisThe nvidia drivers here dont need a xorg.conf. Unless im enabling twinview.14:16
bjsnideryes they do14:16
Dr_Willisill look on my laptop.. but im rpetty sure it dosent.14:16
Dr_Willisthis box is dual head.. so its got one.14:16
Dr_Williseven with twinview enabled on nvidia . My xorg.conf is rather minimal - let me pastebin them. perhaps theres some examples/differances you can tell Pr070cal14:18
Dr_WillisSingle monitor - xorg.conf for my 8800tgxsss desktop machine --> http://pastebin.com/tvqC31s514:18
ashfaqWill someone help me with a problem in 10.10 pl14:23
sam12345explain the problem14:23
Dr_Willisand the problem is.....14:23
ashfaq well I installed vlc and acetone iso but now a problem has crept up, when ever I click places for home folder or dowload folder either vlc, or acetone opens up instead of the targeted folder14:24
ashfaq Why should this be how could this be corrected! Can someone help?14:24
ashfaq<sam12345> you got it?14:25
Dr_WillisYour folders 'default' program  is some how set to be vlc, or acetone.14:25
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> How to correct this? Pl help14:25
Dr_Willisright click on a folder, open with other application.....   select 'open folder'14:26
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> Just' open folder'14:26
Dr_Willis'open folder' is the programs name in the list of programs14:27
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> I tried, when I right clicked "acetone is starting14:27
Dr_WillisRight clickiong on a folder icon . should be pulling up a menu item...14:28
ashfaqNothing! the process of starting is initiated for acetone, even on ntfs win7 folders14:28
Dr_WillisNo idea then.. you got somthing really goofed if right clicking on a folder is the same as double clicking on it.14:29
Dr_Willislets see if i can replicate the  bug.14:29
ashfaqyeah that is what is happening!14:29
ashfaqCheck out pl. I am waiting14:30
Dr_Willisinstalled acetoneiso tool. had no issues, I see no problems14:30
ashfaqTry opening an ISO file with acetone, I did that, after that it started14:31
Dr_WillisI did, it worked..14:32
ashfaqMay be their is some command line for making the default file opening management live again!14:32
Dr_WillisI notice that acetoneiso has NOT been added to the default 'open with' list for an iso file. i have to tell it to do so manually14:32
ashfaqIn my case it got it done and now is unable to change in any option visible to newbee like me14:33
Dr_Willisthen afer that - it is aded to the 'open with' submenu14:33
Dr_Willissounds to me like you right clicked on a folder, selected open with.... selected acetone and left the 'make this the default' check marked.14:33
Dr_Willisa RIGHT click on a folder should be pulling up a menu of several dozen items. Not launching a program14:34
Dr_WillisYou can also set the default 'program' for folders to be 'open folder' with the Ubuntu-tweak tool.14:34
ashfaqI tried another way too, I removed acetone, than it started with vlc, I removed that too, than for a brief time it worked normally, I thought the problem got resolved so installed these two programs back and it started again14:35
Dr_WillisYou need to tell it to use 'open folder' as the default application.14:35
Dr_WillisOtherwise it just goes down the list of 'apps' it has saved as ones you have used to open a folder with, in the past.14:36
ashfaqso the solution is the web site you mentioned above?14:37
ashfaqI am installing ubuntu tweak now, tell me how to do it14:37
Dr_WillisUbuntu-tweak has a section to change default apps.. that has nothing to do with why your RIGHT mouse button is launching  a program.14:37
Dr_Willisso ive no idea on why you cant just right clcik on a folder, and fix it that way.14:38
ashfaqI will check it and come back, now that the tweak has been installed, lets see, by the way thanks for the idea, let me try14:38
Dr_WillisUbuntu-tweak --> File Type manager --> select (ALL catatory)14:38
Dr_WillisFile Type of 'folder' is set to be 'Open Folder'14:39
ashfaqokay, Thanks let me check14:40
Dr_WillisThe Context menus are getting WAY too cluttereed these days...14:41
Dr_Williswoohoo.. ui found a 'hide the ribbon' setting :) perhaps that removes that silly info ribon at the top of some folders..14:42
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> Was that for me14:44
Dr_Willisever notice in the Ubuntu One Folder the ribon at the top?14:44
ashfaqI had never opened this folder buntu 1 until now intentionally, but we can check it you want me to click that one14:45
Dr_WillisHmm.. UbuntuOmne seems totally broken for me now.. Joys.14:45
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> Whats happening?14:46
Dr_WillisPlaying with settings here.. :)   and trying to figure out how to trim out this RIght Click Menu. thats taking up 98% of my Monitors height.14:46
Dr_WillisOn  a netbook i bet it would be 2 screens tall.14:46
ashfaqI see, you using 10.1014:47
knittlwhy is bzr held back?14:47
Dr_Willisashfaq: yes. this is the 10.10 channel.. unless i got confused and changed channels again...14:48
* Dr_Willis looks14:48
Dr_Willisknittl:  i dident see it held back here today14:48
knittlDr_Willis: conflits with bzr-svn and bzrtools somehow14:48
ashfaq<Dr_Willis> yeah I forgot? I cant find what you asked me check in tweaks?14:49
Dr_WillisUbuntu-tweak --> File Type manager --> select (ALL catatory)14:49
Dr_WillisFile Type of 'folder' is set to be 'Open Folder'14:49
knittlbzr-gtk bzr-svn and bzrtools will be removed14:49
knittlbzr will be upgraded14:49
phoenix_anyone tried btrfs14:51
patdk-wkya, been running btrfs for almost 5 months14:52
phoenix_patdk-wk: how do you feel about thge performance. is compression enabled?14:52
Piciknittl: Is this a new upgrade to 10.10?14:53
patdk-wkyes, I have compression enabled14:53
knittlPici: no14:53
knittli upgraded shortly after 10.0414:53
patdk-wkI can't tell any performance difference14:53
Piciknittl: I ask because the bzr package in Maverick was last updated 9 weeks ago.14:53
knittlit's held back for quite some time now, though it hasn'- been 9 weeks14:54
phoenix_patdk-wk: i thin the new version is not optimised yet14:54
knittl2 maybe14:54
Piciknittl: Weeks?14:54
knittlPici: yeah14:55
patdk-wkphoenix_, what are you talking about?14:55
knittlor maybe only one. i cannot really remember14:55
phoenix_patdk-wk: btrfs14:55
knittlbut now i want to upgrade :D14:55
patdk-wk"i thin the new version is not optimised yet", I have no idea what you are talking about14:55
Piciknittl: Can you pastebin the output of   apt-cache policy bzr bzr-gtk bzrtools14:56
patdk-wkyou just said that out of the blue14:56
knittlPici: http://paste2.org/p/102203414:57
Piciknittl: Well there you go.  You're using a ppa for your bzr package.14:57
* patdk-wk thinks it is optimized ok, if I don't notice a performance hit for compression, and random i/o14:57
phoenix_patdk-wk: is the option to use btrfs available in ubiquity ?14:57
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as Mohan_chml
patdk-wkwhat is ubiquity?14:58
knittlPici: um. yeah, now that you're saying …14:58
patdk-wkI converted my setup before ubuntu supported it14:58
bazhangphoenix_, debian-installer only iirc14:59
phoenix_bazhang: what do you mean by only iirc15:00
bazhangphoenix_, alternate cd , If I Recall Correctly15:00
bazhangie Not the live cd (ubiquity)15:01
patdk-wkoh heh, livecd, I never use that15:01
bazhangubiquity is that15:01
patdk-wkI just pxeboot and use a local mirror15:01
phoenix_will it be availabe in ubiquity in the full release15:02
phoenix_bazhang: will it be availabe in ubiquity in the full release15:02
bazhangphoenix_, no idea, doubt it.15:02
patdk-wkby full release you mean, 12.04?15:02
phoenix_patdk-wk: 10.1015:02
patdk-wkwon't be in 10.10 :)15:02
phoenix_patdk-wk: :(15:02
patdk-wkyou can easily do it yourself using the livecd though15:03
phoenix_after forking of the open office project , i feel bad about oracle. i am afraid id the same may happen to the btrfs project15:04
spine55has anyone had to fix issues with pulseaudio pulseaudio[1545]: ratelimit.c: 3 events suppressed15:06
volodyaspine55: I get those sometimes, does not seem to cause any actual problems15:09
spine55volodya: well I don't have sound anymore :(15:17
volodyaspine55: I'd imagine that's unrelated15:17
spine55volodya: ok15:18
SaRyspine55, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log15:26
SaRyspine55, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html15:28
Ken8521the isntaller on 10.10... it's not quite as good as 10.04, but it's not to bad15:33
bazhangdebian-installer worked great here15:34
Ken8521but if you've installed Linux before, you'll probably have no problem15:34
Ken8521bazhang, only thing i don't like about it(and it dind't bother me, but I've gotten quite a few messages from friends installing it)..15:34
Ken8521is whe you come to the partition stage15:34
Ken8521you get two options.. take over the whole drive, or "advanced"..15:35
bazhangwell I installed early beta, so always a risk15:35
Ken8521there is no "guided" option anymore... that i can see15:35
bazhangie the alternate cd15:35
bazhangyou seem to be referring the live cd15:35
Ken8521yeah, i was talking about the GUI installer... liek i said, didn't bother me, cuz i always used advanced anyway..15:35
Ken8521yup i am15:35
moonunitim gonna explain my whole problem15:37
* patdk-wk blames btrfs compression for why I can only get a 11.9s boot time, and nothing faster :(15:37
moonunitim pretty new to linux15:38
patdk-wkcpu sits at 100% usage from 3s to 12s15:38
patdk-wkusing an E860015:38
moonuniti need to install unbuntu, you recomend 10.4?  but i want to dual boot it.15:38
Ken8521moonunit, dual booting is not the issue.15:38
Ken8521it's not hard to set up.15:39
moonunitwhen i tired that with crunch i somehow corrupted windows files15:39
Ken8521ok... is windows owrking now?15:39
moonunitnand can nolonger go to windows15:39
bazhangmoonunit, this has nothing to with crunchbang15:39
Ken8521what's happening, grub error?15:39
moonuniti know15:39
moonunitbut i want to know how to correctly set up a partion15:39
bazhangso why mention it15:39
moonunitor install in a certin area15:39
moonunitbefore i go download 10.515:39
bazhang!install > moonunit15:39
Ken8521moonunit, join me in /join #ken852115:39
ubottumoonunit, please see my private message15:39
bazhang!dualboot > moonunit15:40
bazhangmoonunit, you just said you were going for 10.1015:41
raymondjtoth2hi can i use Mesa 3D GL driver for my intel if so how i get them15:45
raymondjtoth2im on alpha15:45
bazhangraymondjtoth2, alpha?15:45
bazhangits four days from final release15:45
raymondjtoth2bazhang yes 10 10 the new one in beta i think called now15:45
raymondjtoth2bazhang havnt been here long time15:45
raymondjtoth2can i use bazhang the Mesa 3D GL driver for my intel graphic15:46
raymondjtoth2if so how i install them15:46
raymondjtoth2bazhang can yiu help me out15:47
bazhangraymondjtoth2, no idea, I have nvidia15:47
raymondjtoth2sary whats that15:48
raymondjtoth2any one good with intel cards?15:56
raymondjtoth2can help me a sec15:57
=== Whitorr is now known as Whitor
patdk-wkhmm, intel cards, what would that be?16:02
patdk-wknetwork? wifi? memory? flash? ......16:02
Ken85211 in a gazillion16:02
patdk-wkI guess you could technically call a motherboard a card, just a large one :)16:03
patdk-wkbut the blade ones are small :)16:03
patdk-wkand technically cards :)16:03
raymondjtoth2ken how i get the newer Mesa 3D GL driver for intel grphic cards in 10 10 is there easy way to do it16:03
raymondjtoth2like auto installer16:03
Ken8521raymondjtoth2, i really don't know.. i just use the default driver on my intel system, it works fine16:04
raymondjtoth2ken im loking for 3d one16:04
raymondjtoth2what 3d intel graphoc driver are there for 1010 ubuntu16:05
raymondjtoth2any one know how to install new Mesa 3D GL driver for intel grphic card?16:15
raymondjtoth2the easy way16:15
raymondjtoth2i dont know conpiling yet16:16
raymondjtoth2want to get new one out by them16:16
phil_hey guys. I'd like to add a wine application to the launcher bar in netbook remix 10.10 - is this doable? I can't seem to figure out a way to create custom launchers16:16
raymondjtoth2any one?16:18
Pr070calanyone know how to fix nvidia glx16:20
bjsniderPr070cal, if you're not going to provide me with the information i ask for, then no16:22
Pr070calbjsnider: what info do you need ?16:23
Pr070cali dont use custom edid but think i may need to use it to detect resolutions16:24
bjsniderPr070cal, i need your xorg.conf, your exact hardware and what driver you're trying to use16:24
Pr070calbjsnider: http://pastebin.ca/195565616:26
raymondjtoth2guess dead room16:27
Pr070cal8400 gs, nvidia-glx-18516:27
bjsniderPr070cal, did that card work with the previous nvidia driver, until a cuple of days ago?16:29
Pr070calit worked with 10.0416:29
sunshinepantsdigging the maverick16:30
Pr070calbut not since clean 64-bit 10.1016:30
bjsniderwhen did you install maverick?16:30
Pr070cal32-bit 10.04 previous16:30
Pr070cal2days ago16:30
bjsnideralright run these commands: dkms status16:30
sunshinepantsi've got it on a dell latitude d830, alienware m11x, and a white box with a new(ish) gigabyte mb16:31
Pr070calnvidia-current, 260.19.06, 2.6.35-22-generic, x86_64: installed16:31
bjsnidernow uname -r16:31
bjsnideri'll bbl to continue16:32
Pr070calbjsnider: bbl ?16:32
Pr070calbjsnider: oh be back later16:33
raymondjtoth2any one know how to install Mesa 3D GL driver for intel graphic16:35
raymondjtoth2in 1010 ubuntu16:35
raymondjtoth2any one16:37
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: i've got it with libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-dri, and libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental16:37
raymondjtoth2subshinepants how i install it16:37
raymondjtoth2i ne er did conpiling befor16:37
raymondjtoth2sunshinepants i never did conpiling how i install it16:38
raymondjtoth2and run it16:38
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: sorry i can't get into that much depth here16:38
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: you should be able to apt-get install all of those16:38
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: or synaptic16:38
raymondjtoth2ok once do how i run it16:39
raymondjtoth2will install it16:39
sunshinepantsopen a terminal, type "sudo apt-get install <package>"16:39
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: you should probably be using 10.4..16:39
raymondjtoth2i love 1010 just doont know conpiling well16:40
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: no compilation is required, so problem solved there..16:40
raymondjtoth2sunshine i didnt have this libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental16:41
raymondjtoth2sunshine how i switch to mesa driver and tell linux to use it now16:42
raymondjtoth2what i do16:42
sunshinepantsraymondjtoth2: nothing as far as i know.  you should be able to restart gdm or your client and it should work16:43
raymondjtoth2how i restart gdm16:44
raymondjtoth2never did that one befor16:44
philsfraymondjtoth2, just logout and login again16:45
=== Mohan_chml is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
Pr070calbjsnider: seems as though xorg.conf doesnt affect the resolution somthing is overiding, i changed xorg.conf back to use nv driver from nvidia and left the only resolution 1024x768 but machince booted to 1366x768 same resolution when i fist installed16:52
raymondjtoth2sunshine made it faster17:01
sunshinepantsyep, you're good to go raymondjtoth217:08
Pr070cal[ 14174.983] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your17:15
Pr070cal[ 14174.984] (EE) NVIDIA:     system's kernel log for additional error messages.17:15
dajhornPr070cal: Use xrand to verify that the resolution is actually 1366x768.   The driver is more likely to choose 1360x768 or 1368x768.17:27
IdleOneWhat happened to the Software Sources in the menu? seems like it was removed17:35
Ken8521IdleOne, you can add it back.. right click menu, edit menu, go down to admin17:35
IdleOneKen8521: thanks. I should of checked that first :)17:36
Ken8521:).. it got me to17:36
penguin42IdleOne: It's also on Ubuntu Software Centre->Edit menu17:36
IdleOnepenguin42: yeah, can get to it from Update manager > Settings also17:37
IdleOnejust used to seeing it there17:37
penguin42It probably didn't deserve a slot of it's own17:38
IdleOnemy normal mirror is 404 :/17:41
Prez00so what's the word, this thing looking good?17:47
Prez00I've been very happy with 10.0417:47
Dr_WillisSeems the printer driver for my Canon ip6600D is not printing 'black'  Just the colors..17:50
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
philinuxWho likes the new Font18:24
donriI do!18:24
penguin42philinux: Mostly yes; not too sure about bold18:25
sam12345hi everybody.18:26
donriOr the lack of a monospace. But Liberation Mono goes well with it.18:26
Dr_WillisI used it for my Rummage Sale Signs.. :P18:29
sam12345Good evening penguin42, i've tried to send a mail to AsRock for bug #605686. Maybe they answer me.18:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "nointremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60568618:30
penguin42sam12345: Oh I'd be interested in your reply18:30
sam12345i've linked in the email the launchpad page of the bug and this link: http://lkml.org/lkml/2009/10/24/2418:31
sam12345aka the patch for the kernel to add the paramenter intremap=nosid18:32
sam12345maybe you can send you too to asrock the problem, if you want18:33
izardstreeti upgraded to 10.10 and now my gnome-volume-control-applet won't autostart18:34
sam12345izardstreet: give an error?18:34
izardstreethow do i check for error18:35
sunshinepantsizardstreet: i think you're missing gnome-media package.. i had something similar18:35
izardstreetit will start when i enter gnome-volume-control-applet in the terminal18:35
sunshinepantsoh nm18:35
penguin42sam12345: That patch is in 2.6.36; did you see my nasty patch in the bug that turns off remapping later?18:35
penguin42izardstreet: These days it tends to use indicator-sound-service18:36
izardstreetsudo apt-get install indicator-sound-service18:36
sam12345yeah. only a look. for now my hardisk with linux it's TFU (Totally Fuc**d Up)18:37
penguin42izardstreet: Should already have it; /usr/lib/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service18:37
izardstreetpenguin42: sorry i'm a noob. what do i do with indicator-sound-service18:38
penguin42izardstreet: it should already be running, but if not try running /usr/lib/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service and you should have a volume control18:39
trismizardstreet: gnome-volume-control-applet hasn't been default since karmic, if you want it instead of indicator-sound, you need to add it back to System/Preferences/Startup Applications (where it was in karmic)18:40
sam12345penguin42: but the patch that i've linked is it only present in 2.6.36, so i must upgrade manually the kernel in ubuntu 10.10 right?18:41
trismizardstreet: otherwise make sure indicator-sound is installed, and add the indicator applet to your panel if it isn't there18:41
penguin42sam12345: Yeh18:41
penguin42sam12345: You could use the mainline kernel-ppa - havign said that I'm not sure that gains that much over the nointremap18:42
izardstreetindicator sound is installed18:42
izardstreethow do i add the applet18:42
trismizardstreet: right click the panel, add to panel, scroll down to the indicator applet18:42
izardstreeti did that and all it added was an applet with my username and accounts18:43
sam12345but this user write: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/605686/comments/13 it say that nointremap is more dangerous than a nosid18:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "nointremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure" [Undecided,New]18:43
trismizardstreet: there are two, not indicator applet session, just indicator applet18:43
trismizardstreet: they are awkwardly named, I agree18:44
izardstreetagreed trism.18:44
izardstreetthank you guys, that did it. appreciated.18:44
tmzt_anyone having issues with empathy freezing?18:44
penguin42sam12345: Yeh I'm not sure that it is less dangerous, it just removes less features - he was saying my patch was dangerous (but it worked!)18:44
sam12345i hope to find a new harddisk, until now i can't try. now i'm on Windows 718:46
izardstreeti hope i'm not annoying anyone but could someone also help me restore the Rhythmbox systray applet that disappeared when i upgraded18:46
izardstreetoh in 10.10 was the rhythmbox applet combined with the indicator applet18:49
Ken8521sam12345, why do you nee da new hard drive?18:49
Ken8521izardstreet, i think so18:49
sam12345metallic sound and then puff18:49
sam12345maybe i could set up a virtual machine, too18:50
Ken8521sam12345, if the hard drive is bad, how are you on 7?18:50
sam12345another drive. 2 hard drives.18:51
Ken8521sam12345, so just partition it and use ubuntu w/ it18:51
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ShackJackHey all - just wondering what kind of feedback there was regarding the new Unity interface on the Netbook Edition? I'm not really loving it myself so far (but trying to give it a chance!) - didn't know if I was in the minority on that position :-)19:22
rusiviseemawn: yeah I am running Maverick native on my laptop. Minimal issues.19:24
seemawnrusivi: what are these issues?19:24
rusiviWell I briefly had a Ubuntu Software Center install issue that was fixed with updating it.19:24
BluesKajany upgrades to onboard graphics ati drivers like the x200m , which I have on this older pc ?19:25
rusiviseemawn: No deal breaker problems.19:25
rusiviseemawn: If I was in a production environment I would be more cautious and stick with Lucid of course.19:25
seemawnrusivi: do you have by accident newer hardware?19:25
rusiviseemawn: I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S593419:25
seemawnwhich processor?\19:26
BluesKajor should I even bother trying to run 10.10 on this machine ?19:26
seemawnrusivi: i check the laptop specs in google.19:26
rusiviI got it via Toshiba Direct19:29
rusiviI liked it better b/c it has Atheros WLAN chipset (I want to avoid Broadcom at all costs for now).19:31
bullgard4I have made a OO.o form. Using »Record Search« > Where to Search > Single field allows me to select one of all created fields but one. Instead, another field name doubles. How to fix that?19:34
rusivi!ooo | bullgard419:35
ubottubullgard4: a free and open source office suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components. To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". For (unofficial) repositories containing OpenOffice.org 3, see https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive/ppa. User help available in #openoffice.org.19:35
bullgard4rusivi: I have put here a specific question. Why do you respond with generalities?19:36
rusivibullgard4: Your question is better served in channel #openoffice.org19:37
bullgard4rusivi: No sir. It is not served there at all. I have put this question there before, and there has been no response to it.19:38
bullgard4rusivi: Yes, I am using Base.19:40
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effie_jayxhello all20:02
effie_jayxJust upgraded to maverick I had Netbook Remix20:02
effie_jayxKNetworkManager is not around20:03
effie_jayxand I can't manage my connections20:03
effie_jayxin kubuntu20:03
effie_jayxI tried to enable the icons to be shown in the system tray20:05
effie_jayxbut they are all disabled and I click on a button to enable editing and nothng happens20:05
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michaelsaI just upgraded to maverick via update-manager, and the keyboard indicator is just an icon of a keyboard, with no indication whatsoever of the current layout. any way to fix this?20:10
effie_jayxmichaelsa: I lost knetworkmanager20:12
effie_jayxmichaelsa: let me check keyboard20:13
yofeleffie_jayx: first unlock the widgets on the desktop and then try to add them again, the unlock button in the menu is somewhat odd20:14
effie_jayxyofel: I see it, but it does nothing20:14
effie_jayxor so it seems like20:14
yofelhm, I used the network plasmoid in the tray which works fine here20:14
yofel!info plasma-widget-networkmanagement20:15
ubottuplasma-widget-networkmanagement (source: plasma-widget-networkmanagement): Network Management widget for KDE4 Plasma. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9~svn1176084-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 63 kB, installed size 284 kB20:15
effie_jayxyofel: just added it20:17
effie_jayxit is not in the notification area though20:17
effie_jayxI wonder if this is a bug20:17
effie_jayxno it is not20:18
effie_jayxjust unlocked it like you said20:18
effie_jayxand I was able to add it20:18
effie_jayxmichaelsa: I add it, and It only says ES20:20
effie_jayxright click bring Spanish20:20
effie_jayxthough I have three languages20:20
michaelsaeffie_jayx: just now I removed the indicator applet and re-added it and it works fine again20:20
michaelsabut it sounded like you're on kde? I'm on gnome. might be a totally different thing.20:21
effie_jayxmichaelsa: ahh sorry, I had issues with plasmoids20:25
michaelsaeffie_jayx: good luck then :)20:26
michaelsai'm off20:26
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jukcan anyone pastebin his default /usr/share/evolution/signature.py script?21:15
IdleOnejuk: you are running 10.10?21:15
LowweI have no internet connnection in 10.10, are the drivers supposed to be installed auto?21:16
IdleOnelet me just crosspost all over freenode and sooner or later someone will answer me21:16
* BluesKaj installs kubuntu maverick as we speak ...waits for the install to finish with nothing broken21:16
IdleOneLowwe: what card?21:16
IdleOneLowwe: normally they are installed yes21:17
LowweIt's onboard on an HP21:17
BluesKajLowwe, what kind of connection , ethernet or wifi?21:17
bekkssomeone please can clue me to a guide on how to configure/use the EC2 cloud install of Maverick?21:18
LowweI'm in the network connections window, can't apply anything either. It asks for authentication. I enter my password I made in the OS setup and it doesn't work, Also changed password to root and tried the root pass, no work.21:18
BluesKajLowwe, rather than use Network manager in gnome or kde , I recomend this for wired ethernet, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/21:19
LowweAlright, I'll give it a looksy21:20
swex_bekks, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBajLxeKqoY21:21
bekksswex_: thank you :)21:22
bekksswex_: i still havent got the "idea" behind the "cloud" - is there some good short explanation on what it actually is, and how to use it - without marketing buzzwords? :)21:23
swex_bekks, have no time just read wikipedia cloud computing article21:24
BluesKajbekks, it's just using data/apps on internet servers ,running them in a broswer or other internet app21:25
bekksBluesKaj: so, lets say having three servers, each for one app, like webserver, database server and storage server - i would create a cloud with this three servers, and then just could switch one app to another server in the cloud?21:27
BluesKajwell, bekks I suppose if you want to serve as a cloud source , yes21:28
LowweBlueskaj: I changed my interfaces to static and restarted. Still no connection - The internet connection symbol at the top disapeared as well21:28
bekksBluesKaj: What exactly does "to serve as a cloud source" mean?21:29
BluesKajLowwe, remove network manager , whichever one you use in gnome or kde21:29
bekksBluesKaj: I dont want to publish all that to some Amazon servers which i do not know :)21:29
LowweHow? Sorry don't know a ton about linux, just a little bit21:29
BluesKajto serve data and apps and a webpage to the internet , bekks21:30
bekksBluesKaj: I just want it to serve in a closed infrastructure.21:31
BluesKajLowwe, ok open a terminal , type , sudo dhclient21:31
LowweTrying to send packets, says network is down21:32
BluesKajbekks, on a LAN , then you're just setting up a server...the so called cloud is a fancy ethereal name for internet computing.21:33
LowweNo DHCPOFFERS received. No working leases in persisten database - sleeping.21:34
bekksBluesKaj: Well, what is this then? http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/private21:34
rusivibekks: Cloud is a somewhat, loosely used marketing term for redundant clustering, anytime internet availability, multi-platform accessible, etc.21:35
BluesKajLowwe, in the terminal , sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart21:35
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bekksrusivi: but it does not mean i have to connect to the amazon cloud whatever stuff?21:36
rusivibekks: No. If you want to setup a personal, non-Amazon cloud your free to do so.21:36
BluesKajbekks, if you want to discuss defintions then go to cloud computing or whatever the chat is called ., this ubuntu support21:37
LowweDid it. Another thing... the router doesn't recognize that it's connected. Lights aren't on for it21:37
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bekksBluesKaj: I just want to learn on how to use the Cloud installation option of Maverick - I'm sory for firing up a discussion about the terms at all.21:37
bekksrusivi: thank you :)21:38
rusivibekks: Nothing to be sorry about, we are all just working it out together. Eucalyptus may offer what your looking for.21:38
BluesKajbekks, don't know about that option , I just installed maverick an hr ago21:38
bekksBluesKaj: it is the second option on the server cd :)21:39
rusivibekks: More information on Eucalyptus may be found at -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Eucalyptus21:39
BluesKajbekks, I did a net install21:39
bekksrusivi: that is pretty "old" i guess? It is pointing to 9.04/9.10?21:40
rusivibekks: It does need to be updated, yet may provided valuable information for a more current release.21:40
BluesKajLowwe, check the ethernet connection on the pc, it should be active , then try route in the terminal21:40
bekksrusivi: ah ok21:40
LowweI just did - the light flashes green in the back of the PC for a second, but the router still doesn't recognize it. It's weird because it was JUST downloading all the packages for ubuntu in the install... But doesn't work when it's done21:41
BluesKajLowwe, did you remove network manager?21:44
LowweNot yet, I asked how - Not very experienced with linux21:45
bekksrusivi: using a private cloud, i basically do not want a walrus, i guess? all i want is a "storage node" like in a SAN (i dont know whether this comparison is valid at all)21:45
BluesKajLowwe, which desktop, gnome or kde21:45
LBoAnyone else having problems with vino-server on 10.10? It doesn't start21:46
LowweI figured it out, it's in the software center - it's removed21:46
BluesKajLowwe, pastebin the output in the terminal from ifconfig21:48
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:48
BluesKajLowwe, sorry, type ifconfig in the terminal , copy and paste the output if any in pastebin21:49
LBoWhen I start vino-server manually I get a: received signal 11, exiting21:51
bekksrusivi: any hints?21:55
rusivibekks: It depends on your application. If you just want to backup info for personal use, your best bet is to buy a economy external HDD and plug-n-play.21:57
BluesKajLowwe, sudo dhclient eth021:57
bekksrusivi: well, i wanted to try to run a virtual machine on a cloud, providing a simple webpage and some space for storage.21:58
rusivibekks: If your looking to perform cloud services for others, Citrix tends to be the vendor dejoure for this.22:00
clarezoehi, I cannot extend my desktop to my external monitor after upgrated to 10.10. I don't know where to start troubleshooting, anyone can give me a hand?22:00
BluesKajLowwe, pls use pastebin , photobucket isn't really great for text22:01
bekksrusivi: i just want a UEC for learning purposes wether it provides capabilities which could be useful for company needs or customer needs.22:02
LBoDoes anyone know what's the status of GDM multiseat in 10.10?22:29
Mouldy_PunkHey guys. I've just installed netbook remix 10.10 on my acer aspire one and so far so good except one little thing. The battery notification icon didn't appear at all until I set it to always show. Now it thinks my netbook's always plugged in, even when it's not. The screen dims when it's unplugged, so it would seem the OS knows when it's being unplugged.22:38
Mouldy_PunkThis (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1400322) thread sums up my problem exactly but unfortunately has no posted solution22:38
phil42hello fellow maverick users  (maverick x86_64 diskless)22:51
luftikussLBo Me too.23:02
bekksGeez, i have my first cloud running :)23:10
phil42how many nodes?23:10
bekksfirst cloud - one node at all. currently installing a second one :)23:11
bekksI'm just SO proud :D23:11
* phil42 smiles :)23:11
bekksthe next step is to have both nodes in one cloud - small steps, one by one :)23:12
BUGabundonow I've lost my mic support23:19
phil42the mixer comes up with all the devices hidden23:20
penguin42phil42: Running diskless? With NFS?23:20
BUGabundoguud evening everyone23:21
penguin42Hi there Bugs23:21
phil42live toram23:21
penguin42phil42: Ah OK; that's more normal :-)23:21
anon33_is there a solution to the laptop's screen being unavailable (when connected to an external display) when resumed from hibernate/suspend?23:25
bekksjust to get the idea of the cloud - i have cluster controller, storage controller, node controller on one box. all i need on the other nodes is the node controller to provision space for something and everything else to "my cloud"?23:25
anon33_current laptop is macbook pro23:25
kpomanhi all !23:26
kpomanguys do someone know how to get ati prop drivers working on 10.10 ?23:26
kpomanis there any howto or work going on ?23:26
JanCanybody else experienced problems with an intel gigabit nic (e1000e driver) only associating at 100 Mbit/s with a gigabit switch?  (judging from what google returns, this driver seems to have a history of similar problems for years now :-/ )23:27
JanCkpoman: is your GPU supported?23:27
JanCmany older GPUs are supported by the open source drivers now, and not anymore by the closed source one23:28
BUGabundoa few days ago, I run a tool that showed me the RPM speed of my disk23:29
BUGabundoand now I can't recall which it was :(23:29
kpomanJanC: yes, Ati FireGL 525023:29
kpomanJanC: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M56GL [Mobility FireGL V5250]23:29
penguin42BUGabundo: hdparm --something?23:31
BUGabundosyre, but what?23:31
BUGabundonot i or I or t or T23:32
penguin42BUGabundo: -I does it for me23:32
bekkshdparm -i and google the exact disc :)23:32
penguin42'Nominal Media Rotation Rate: 7200'23:33
penguin42wow, it has a WWN - I didn't know that23:33
BUGabundomaybe it doesn't work oever e-sata23:33
BUGabundo$ sudo hdparm  -iI /dev/sdb | grep Nominal23:34
BUGabundo returns nothing23:34
JackNocturnehelp with http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=993304923:35
JanCkpoman: I'm pretty sure that card isn't supported in the closed source drivers anymore, is anything wrong with the open source ones?23:36
kpomanJanC: it was until catalyst 8.3 as I am seeing right now23:38
kpomancan I just install catalyst 8.3 on 10.10 ?23:38
JanCprobably not, unless you also install an older Xorg and an older kernel  ;)23:39
JanCkpoman: the open source drivers work fine in general23:40
kpomanJanC: they work fine, however I want to game a bt23:40
kpomannexuiz etc..23:40
JanCyeah, maybe still slower23:40
duffydackif you like a high powered fan23:45
kpomanJanC: you think the opensource driver could handle an fps game ?23:46
JanCkpoman: try it?23:47
kpoman520MB ;)23:47
JanCprobably depends on settings & such23:48
kpomancan I check on Xorg logs if it will run ? like grepping dri or whatever ?23:48
JanCkpoman: it probably supports OpenGL 2.1 (or at least 1.4)23:49
kpomanok I will download then23:49
BUGabundoNominal Media Rotation Rate: 590023:50
BUGabundofunny only one of my 3 disks says the speed23:50
kpomananother simple question23:55
kpomansuppose I install a service under wine23:55
kpomanhow do I know the name of the service (for the net start command) ?23:56
rjhallhi.  I have a ppt that when i open in openoffice causes X to die (on maverick)23:56
rjhallall apps close - x restarts and i'm back at the login prompt.  Not good :(23:57
rjhallwhere do i go for diagnosis/troubleshooting/bug reports?23:57

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