rsalvetiGrueMaster: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/maverick/boot/es21/u-boot-4430sdp.bin00:38
devilhornsogra_ac, around ?01:23
IIIhey all... got a quick ??? --> if I create a custom xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ will it be used as the default? or do I need to create a new one in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d?01:38
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devilhornsGrueMaster, ping ?02:12
devilhornsogra_ac, ping ?02:13
tmzt_III: the new directories are basically for devices configureation02:47
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IIIthanks tmzt_03:06
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robclarkogra_ac, rsalveti: I just logged in to my board over ssh... still going strong w/ latest x-loader04:16
rsalvetirobclark: awesome04:17
ogra_acrsalveti, did you set your board up already ?04:17
rsalvetiogra_ac: doing atm04:17
* ogra_ac is looking for a /var/log/udev output04:18
rsalvetihold some minutes and I can help you04:18
ogra_acyeah, i thought so :)04:18
robclarkogra_ac: I can send you my /var/log/udev if you want04:18
ogra_acthat would be great so i cant figure out a udev rule for the sound stuff04:19
robclarkok, hang on04:19
rsalvetiogra_ac: should it depend on the kernel you're running?04:19
rsalvetibecause I believe robclark is running his own kernel version04:19
ogra_acas long as its a devtmpfs enabled kernel all is fine04:20
ogra_ac*and as long as it has the SDP4430 stuff compiled in04:20
robclarkmy own kernel, but no audio related changes (other than what is already on d.oz.o kernel-ubuntu tree04:20
robclarkogra_ac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/506977/04:21
GrueMasterdevilhorns: Sup?04:21
ogra_acrobclark, merci >(04:21
devilhornsGrueMaster, hey ! :)04:22
devilhornsgot something exciting for ya04:22
devilhornsand for ogra_ac04:22
GrueMasterDove is fail for poweron.  Boss doesn't know the diff between AT & atx PS.04:22
rsalvetidevilhorns: cool04:23
ogra_acdevilhorns, awesome, the video will have to wait until tomorrow though ... will trash the hotel network04:23
GrueMasterdevilhorns: The info looks good, video d/l is a bit slow on the hotel network.  Will watchin ~14 minutes.04:24
devilhornsogra_ac, no worries :) just wanted to show ya some progress04:24
rsalvetiyeah, huge04:24
devilhornsyea, is a rather big video :( but needed to be04:24
GrueMaster(suggestion, not a question).04:25
ogra_acGrueMaster, bah04:25
devilhornsdon't think it would work. had to make it with 'recordmydesktop' instead of xvidcap (cause xvidcap was giving me garbage output), and recordmydesktop records in .ogv04:25
ogra_acthat would lock me out with my arm netbook :P04:25
devilhornsdon't think youtube can display ogv files04:25
* ogra_ac likes ogv ... there are compression methods though04:26
GrueMasterogra_ac: There is a flash app for android.  :P04:26
rsalvetiogra_ac: booting my board, still need the output?04:26
ogra_acGrueMaster, that would mean i would have to run android !04:27
ogra_acrsalveti, nope, got it from robclark already04:27
rsalvetiogra_ac: ok, if you need I'm running latest kernel with latest audio patches04:27
ogra_acrsalveti, nope, i'm fine now04:27
rsalvetiogra_ac: cool, less work for me then :-)04:27
ogra_acrsalveti, i dont think any of the udev initialization changed04:28
rsalvetiogra_ac: name of the board?04:28
ogra_acwell, paste it i'll compare04:28
devilhornsrsalveti, thanks :)04:29
devilhornsmaking progress :)04:29
GrueMasterogra_ac: I won't be able to test dove at all, unless chris hasa spare powersupply, or I make a trip to acomp store tomorrow.04:33
rsalvetiGrueMaster: doesn't work with davidm one?04:34
rsalvetiogra_ac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/506982/04:34
rsalvetipastebinit rocks :-)04:34
rsalvetirobclark: ^04:34
ogra_acGrueMaster, well, i suppose chris can get you one04:37
GrueMasterHe may not have one.04:38
GrueMasterrsalveti: no.  AT, not ATX.  No way to easily power on.04:38
rsalvetiGrueMaster: oh, AT04:39
rsalvetiold stuff04:39
ogra_acGrueMaster, well, then buy one, but first ask chris04:42
GrueMasteralready handled.  See my previous post.04:43
GrueMasterI sent chris a SMS earlier.  He will look for one.04:44
rsalvetirobclark: the last email you sent, with the link to the latest patch, did you reply the on-going thread?04:52
rsalvetibecause I didn't get any new email from you :-)04:52
robclarkrsalveti: I thought I did..04:54
rsalvetirobclark: or someone just replied the email before you included me04:56
robclarkrsalveti: oh, could be04:56
rsalvetinp, just wanted to make sure the email was sent, so we can have comments on it tomorrow04:56
robclarkyeah, email was sent..04:56
rsalvetirobclark: so we're fine :-)04:57
robclarkoh, it was a new email thread started04:57
rsalvetiwe everything works and we don't get any reply saying we shouldn't do that, we're more than fine :-)04:57
robclarkvp8 neon stress test still running04:58
rsalvetiand the kernel build just started05:00
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lagMorning sebjan08:46
sebjanmorning lag08:57
lagsebjan: Hey08:58
lagsebjan: I've just started taking a look at Natty08:58
lagsebjan: Are you going to have a separate tree for 2.6.36?08:58
sebjanlag: yes we will have a separate tree, but it's not available yet08:59
lagsebjan: That's no problem at all09:00
lagsebjan: Do you have a rough time-frame?09:00
sebjanlag: hum, nothing official. I would guess at best in early November, but it could be later as well09:02
lagsebjan: Okay, cheers :)09:03
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loolndec: Poke!  are you in your office or travelling?13:25
rsalvetirobclark: ogra_ac: nice, board still up and running13:37
robclarkrsalveti: yup, mine too13:37
rsalvetiand we got patches from sebjan to help fixing the underflow issue13:38
robclarkoh cool13:38
cal-broadcomhey guys, how long does rootstock usually take? I'm on a 15Mbps internet connection13:39
bercopersia: are you here?13:46
ndeclool: in office13:47
bercoAnyone familiar enough with alsa to tell me what the (-22) failure in that log means: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507222/13:48
bercoogra_ac: just saw your comment on alsactl in bug #63794713:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 26)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794713:53
bercoogra_ac: can we run alsactl command manually for testing?13:53
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ukleinekericm|ubuntu: did you see the patch series "ARM: Dynamic IRQ demux support" by Magnus Damm?13:58
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, nope13:58
ukleineki didn't check yet, but the description suggests that it allows different irq demuxer in a single kernel13:59
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, I'll take a look13:59
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, I had a patch for that month ago, didn't go into last cycle13:59
ukleinekMessage-id: 20101006071731.28048.89938.sendpatchset@t400s13:59
davidmrsalveti, ogra_ac how is progress on board?14:20
mpoiriercooloney: good morning14:37
rsalvetidavidm: we just saw that it seems we got a stable panda again, with latest x-loader patches we did yesterday14:37
rsalvetiwe still need to push a new version, we'll do it soon14:37
cpearsonrsalveti: I'm on my way in. how did the tests go last night?14:38
rsalveticpearson: all fine :-)14:38
cooloneympoirier, morning man14:39
mpoiriercooloney: are you on site or still at the hotel ?14:39
ogra_acberco, sure, you can test it14:39
cpearsonrsalveti: great news. This calls for beer! wait it's not even 9am yet... Bloody Marys instead.14:39
cpearsonpersia:I found your next phone --  http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/05/fujitsu-dual-touchscreen-concept-phone-hands-on/14:39
ogra_acberco, it works just fine here on our test boxes, the only thing thats missing is the selection for hdmi in the pulse UI14:40
bercoogra_ac: so you hack alsa init files14:42
bercoogra_ac: I have one setup here that works with SDP4430.conf but don't what triggered the fact that this file is used14:42
bercoogra_ac: whenever I change a value in SDP4430.conf, restart PA, I can read back the correct value with amixer...14:43
ogra_acberco, well, see the comment on the bug14:43
ogra_acit seems that alsactl init was called until a week ago by default14:44
bercoogra_ac: I reverted alsa and PA back to same version that is working on my other file system and still no audio14:44
ogra_acsee if you get it working by calling alsactl init14:45
bercoI tried it14:45
cooloneympoirier, i am onsite now. heh14:45
ogra_acapparently its expected that pulse doe the initialization now14:45
ogra_acberco, alsactl init with only your .conf file ?14:45
ogra_acor with my init file ?14:45
mpoiriercooloney: what's on your agenda today ?  What do you want to tackle ?14:46
ogra_acwith my init file it definitely works if i put alsactl init into rc.loacl14:46
bercoogra_ac: see my log here, I don't know who can help figure out (-22) failure in that log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507222/14:46
bercoogra_ac: alsactl init with only my .conf14:46
rsalveticpearson: oh yeah :-)14:47
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cooloneympoirier, oh, i got another urgent patch from sebjan for a displayfixing. will built kernel and test it.14:48
ogra_accpearson, while its great news, we just got another patch for x-loader from Nice .... will require additional testing14:48
cooloneympoirier, rsalveti will help to build a x-loader for that testing14:48
rsalvetidoing right now14:48
mpoiriercooloney: call me in if you'd like me to test images or investigate something14:49
cooloneympoirier, np, man, you're quite helpful these days14:49
mpoiriercooloney: on my side, sguiric is supposed to get back to me with info on the ABE-BE-FE path, I'm eager to see it.14:50
mpoiriercooloney: won't help us at this very moment but will surely come handy (I suspect) soon.14:51
cooloneympoirier, great, actually the ABE-BE-FE thing is quite new and only omap4 is using it.14:51
mpoiriercooloney: yes, and were bound to stumble on it again in the future.14:52
cooloneympoirier, yeah, it's good for us working on14:52
cooloneysebjan, for the display patch, could you please help me to file a bug on launchpad?14:53
cooloneysebjan, since we are in SRU, I need to send out this patch with a bug associated.14:53
sebjancooloney: yes sure, I'll do that right now14:55
cooloneysebjan, thanks a lot. man. I guess there is no more critical patch for kernel today, right?14:57
cooloneysebjan, we are going to upload once before our 10.10 release.14:57
ogra_acndec, hey14:57
sebjancooloney: :) I just got a link to 2 display patches, for better edid handling from our dev team (mythripk). You may want to look at them directly rather than waiting for me to integrate / test and pass to you?14:59
cooloneysebjan, is that critical, or does it also need change of x-loader?15:01
cooloneyotherwise, we can do SRU after 10.10 release15:01
sebjancooloney: no x-loader impact expected, but I did not test it yet15:01
cooloneysebjan, since the patch you just sent out needs change of x-loader, we have to make sure x-loader right before release15:03
cooloneyso i think the kernel patch associated with x-loader is critical15:04
rsalvetisebjan: but I believe the 2 other patches are not critical for release15:04
rsalvetijust the ones you sent us already by email15:04
rsalvetifor x-loader and kernel15:04
cooloneyfor other kernel patches, we can go through SRU15:04
davidmogra_ac, cooloney rsalveti when will we know that x-loader is stable for upload?15:04
rsalvetiwith that we plan to have a *final* x-loader and kernel15:04
cooloneyrsalveti, yeah, man15:04
rsalvetidavidm: in a couple of minutes, after testing the latest change15:05
davidmrsalveti, OK thanks15:05
rsalvetiI'm just building it now and cooloney is building the kernel15:05
cooloneydavidm, we are working on that.15:07
* cooloney cross compiling the kernel on his old macbook pro15:07
rsalvetivincent-laptop: robclark: cooloney: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/maverick/boot/es21/MLO-fix-underflow15:13
rsalvetiwith latest patch from sebjan15:13
rsalvetiincluding the changes we did yesterday15:13
rsalvetibut seems we need also a new kernel15:13
rsalvetisebjan: cool, we just built kernel and mlo and tested on 2 boards, seems to be running fine15:32
rsalvetiat least we got a working environment, and display15:32
sebjanrsalveti: ok, cool. I am preparing the launchpad bug atm15:33
sebjanrsalveti: you also want a bug on the x-loader package?15:35
rsalvetisebjan: nops, don't need it, thanks15:35
sebjanrsalveti, cooloney: here is the kernel bug 65574615:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 655746 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "SYNC_LOST_DIGIT errors are reported with some screens (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65574615:35
rsalvetisebjan: we'll upload a new version anyway15:35
rsalvetiwill push your patch to my x-loader repo15:36
cooloneysebjan, awesome, i will send out patch soon15:37
ogra_acberco, so talking to our audion kernel guy, he proposes to use my fix, what we would have to come up with later in an SRU is an SDP4430.conf that additional links the hdmi interface15:39
ogra_ac*audio kernel guy15:39
lagcooloney: Do you want me to deal with bug 655746?15:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 655746 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "SYNC_LOST_DIGIT errors are reported with some screens (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65574615:41
rsalvetilag: we got the fix already, and we're just testing it15:43
rsalvetilag: then we need to push it together with the other fixes cooloney send yesterday15:43
rsalvetimostly audio fixes15:44
lagEnjoy :)15:44
rsalvetiif we can get a new update today, we're more than fine15:44
bercoogra_ac: I agree, proper fix should come with this SDP4430.conf file15:45
lagI'll keep my fingers crossed15:45
cooloneylag, i am just going to send out the patch, thanks man15:45
lagGood stuff15:45
ogra_acberco, right, most important for me is to find a way for the release, we can fix every remaining piece in an update15:46
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mpoiriersebjan: is bug 655746 the same as bug 653002 ?15:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 655746 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "SYNC_LOST_DIGIT errors are reported with some screens (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65574615:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 653002 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW, disabling GFX (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65300215:50
sebjanmpoirier: no, they are 2 different problems15:51
mpoiriersebjan: ok good.15:51
lagmpoirier: You need to speak with robclark regarding the second bug15:53
mpoirierlag: I saw your comment in the bug - thanks.15:54
mpoirierlag: I would have closed mine had it been a duplication.15:54
lagmpoirier: Unlucky ;)15:55
mpoirierlag: my hopes got crushed...15:56
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rsalveticooloney: http://gitorious.org/~rsalveti/pandaboard/rsalveti-x-loader/commit/71d0d1faf3c40a2c394c73869fc6030ca56b3d1216:28
rsalvetiogra: ogra_ac: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ubuntu/maverick/x-loader-omap4/es21-fix-voltage/16:31
ajayhi all, i have installed ubuntu in Arm board how to compile a deb package for arm enviornment in x86 based system16:40
ajayi mean normally if we run dpkg-buildpackage it gets compile and build for x86 so how to do cross compilation and building of package16:41
hrwajay: "xdeb -a armel --apt-source PKGNAME" usually16:43
hrwajay: or "xdeb -a armel --apt-source --only-explicit PKGNAME" even as this builds less components on a way16:43
mpoirierlag: have you ever organised a pull request with the linaro tree ?16:45
lagI haven't16:46
rsalvetidavidm: ok, seems we have a good x-loader an kernel now, ogra just uploaded the x-loader and the kernel is on it's way16:46
lagI haven't16:46
lagBut why would it be any different from pulling from any other tree?16:46
davidmrsalveti, the kernel patch does not effect user space does it?16:46
rsalvetidavidm: no, and it should fix the sync lost issue16:47
mpoirierlag: it should indeed be simple - but there is no entry on zinc for the linaro tree under /srv/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/16:48
rsalvetithe only "problem" is that we lost 6 layers support16:48
rsalvetibut the good thing is that we just don't care :-)16:48
ajayhrw thanks , will it take source from local system or repository?16:49
lagrsalveti: I care :(16:49
lagrsalveti: I have one of those16:49
rsalvetilag: well, you'll probably get a new one soon ;-)16:50
davidmrsalveti, OK, how many lines in the kernel patch ?16:50
hrwajay: one which you have in apt sources16:50
davidmI need to understand what the size of the change is16:50
rsalvetidavidm: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commitdiff;h=b5485d193f8a422901fe7e401542950970121860;hp=c51a91176a94d1035bc8b8891ee0167b9816002316:50
rsalvetidavidm: some, but the important one is just on-line16:51
ajayhrw, no but i am looking something a source what i customized locally want to recompile for arm environment16:51
hrwajay: first xdeb - this will install all deps. then dpkg-buildpackage -b -aarmel16:52
ajayhrw, thanks but apt-cache search xdeb doesnot show any package16:55
ajaywhich package needs to be install for getting xdeb command16:55
hrwajay: xdeb is maverick/universe16:58
ogra_acdavidm, the size is enough to get us releasable on 10.10.10 and its accepted by kernel and release teams17:09
ogra_acdavidm, i'm close to get the sound issue solved too17:09
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rsalvetivincent-laptop: robclark: sebjan: ouch, got a sync lost :-(18:05
sebjanrsalveti: according to mythripk, the patch reduces the occurence of these errors, but we probably still have some issues to fix.18:07
robclarksebjan: I wonder about DISPC_GLOBAL_BUFFER... to assign WB pipe buffers to gfx18:11
ian_brasil_wow..jorge took an axe to the UDS track names19:15
rsalvetiGrueMaster: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/maverick/boot/es21/MLO-fix-underflow19:22
rsalvetivincent-laptop: https://edge.launchpad.net/~asac/+archive/armel120:37
* asac happy to see unity spreading ;)20:39
ogra_acasac, you should see it working here :)20:47
ogra_aclooks awesome (the few times it renders fonts instead of blocks at least)20:47
mpoirierrsalveti: I ask sebjan this morning about bug 655746.20:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 655746 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "SYNC_LOST_DIGIT errors are reported with some screens (dup-of: 653002)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65574620:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 653002 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW, disabling GFX (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65300220:54
mpoiriermpoirier: here is under the opinion that it is not the same as bug 653002.20:54
mpoirierrsalveti: you may have information I haven't seen though...20:55
rsalvetimpoirier: well, at least I always get both errors at the same time21:01
rsalvetiand should be related21:01
rsalvetias the problem should be more related with the underflow21:02
rsalvetifor me it's the same bug21:02
mpoirierrsalveti: I saw that your comment on the MLO and xloader.  does an update of both fixes the problem ?21:03
rsalvetimpoirier: doesn't fix it, but reduces it21:03
rsalvetiI'm still getting it while running with sgx21:03
rsalvetibut normally you should not face it as before21:03
mpoirierrsalveti: if you don't run sgx, do you get the condition ?21:04
rsalvetimpoirier: well, at least we didn't in our current tests21:04
rsalvetieven with video playback21:04
mpoirierrsalveti: that's good news21:05
rsalvetivincent-laptop: you should install clutk, clutter-1.0 and mutter from the ppa21:05
asacogra_ac: haha21:08
asacrsalveti: the es20 clutter i hope21:10
rsalvetiasac: yup21:20
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ogra_accpearson, hey22:57
ogra_accpearson, could you come over a sec ?22:57
cpearsonogra_ac: gimme 5, on the phone22:57
cpearsongood news, bad news, or beer time ?23:00
ogra_accpearson, more of some questions23:03
ogra_accpearson, i got the tablet at the user creation screen though, but the guys vanished and i dont know where to find them23:03
cpearsonmuwha wha wha23:04
ogra_acand nobody around me does either23:04
* rsalveti out23:53

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