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AlanBellkwwii: hi, will you be going to UDS?10:10
AlanBellkwwii: the #gally project is looking for a photographer for a photoshoot at UDS of images for a sign language tutorial application10:11
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kwwiiAlanBell: no, I will not be at UDS this time12:45
AlanBellok, neither will I :(12:56
AlanBellI will be sat at home playing http://ubingo.libertus.co.uk :)13:04
markbenI'm a web developer running Ubuntu that wants to start using Inkscape/GIMP to do my website mockups.  Anyone have advise on getting started and what a good workflow is?16:34
thorwilmarkben: hi! hmmm ...16:48
thorwilmarkben: working in inkscape allows you much better control over shapes and gradients. things can remain flexible16:49
thorwilmarkben: this is about ui mockups, but might contain something useful to you: http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/creating-ui-mockups-in-inkscape-video-tutorial/16:50
markbenthorwil: Thanks!  That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! :)16:51
thorwilmarkben: set the grid to 1px spacing. # key toggles grid visibility. also make use of coordinates and width/height in the toolbar to keep things on the pixel grid for sharp results16:52
markbenthorwil: Good tip.  I'd read that some of the exported images can be a bit fuzzy sometimes.  That sounds like a good solution.16:53
thorwilmarkben: the Export dialog has a batch feature. say you want to slice your page into parts: use a layer where you place rectangles in the right places and sizes. then when you want to export, lock other layers, select all in that layer and use the batch export option. best to do a dry-run to get it16:55
thorwilmarkben: do you code PHP and/or Python, Ruby ... ?16:56
markbenthorwil: Ruby with a little Python on the side.  I run our local Ruby usergroup and need to give our site a facelift. :)16:57
markbenthorwill: http://yegrb.com16:57
thorwili see :)17:04
markbenIs there a simple quick17:05
markbenway to share screenshots on Ubuntu?17:05
markbenI've seen an app which takes an image on your computer and returns a short-url to it with one click on Mac but I can't remember what it was called.17:05
markbenI'm looking for an Ubuntu alternative but google is failing me without a name for the app.17:06
thorwilperhaps http://shutter-project.org ?17:08
thorwilthough it looks like it does a lot more and has no such one-click feature17:08
markbenthorwil: Thanks.  That looks like it will do what I need.  I'm just looking a for an easy way to share screenshots with some other members.17:10
thorwilmarkben: well, try ubuntu-one?17:10
markbenthorwil: I tried ubuntu-one last year and didn't find it synced very well for me.  I also need something with clients for Mac and Windows.  I'm willing to try it again though and see if it's improved as I'd rather use UbuntuOne than Dropbox.17:12
markbenAnything I can do to support Ubuntu development is a priority in my books. :)17:13
markbenthorwill: Do you have an example of using the Export dialog as you described.  I'm just trying that now.17:13
thorwili admit that i was disappointed by ubuntu one and use dropbox17:14
thorwilbut the support/availability would be an argument in favor of it, if all involved use ubuntu17:14
markbenthorwil: Unfortunately at this point I'm the vangaurd of Ubuntu at the meetup, though I've been getting a lot of questions about it.17:15
markbenthorwil: Most of my members have begun using Ubuntu server in a VM for Ruby development.17:16
thorwilmarkben: regarding support, i guess spreadubuntu or the ubuntu manual project could use a helping hand ;)  though not ruby in either case17:18
markbenthorwil: I've been contributing translations to the Canadian english local.  I'm looking at contributing to Shotwell or Kazam.17:20
markbenthorwil: I like the idea of working on things that share the progress Ubuntu has made in the look-and-feel department.17:21
markbenthorwil: FYI, I think I just got the batch export option working in Inkscape with the selected rectangles you described.17:22
markbenthorwil: That tip will save a tonne of time! Thx!17:22
thorwilmarkben: np :)17:22
markbenthorwil: My lunch break is over now though.  Got to get back to some *real* work.  TTYL!17:23
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popeyI'm guessing most of you are on the list already, but if not https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2010-October/012357.html22:09

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