zkriesseg'day Laudanum00:47
bdI have Pinguy OS installed, but when I boot into it, my monitor goes to standby. Help?02:40
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duanedesignhello AbhiJit04:48
AbhiJitgood morning duanedesign :)04:49
geekosophergood morning everyone06:14
zkriesseG'day geekosopher06:15
zkriesserobbmunson: !!!!!06:15
Rahisudo nautilus is not working10:07
IAmNotThatGuyHey Rahi10:07
ubot2Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:07
IAmNotThatGuyHola AbhiJit10:08
RahiIAmNotThatGuy: yes... "sudo nautilus" is not working10:08
AbhiJitala IAmNotThatGuy10:08
IAmNotThatGuyRahi: what is the error you get?10:08
RahiIAmNotThatGuy:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/507108/10:10
IAmNotThatGuystrange error. Lemme surf10:11
RahiIAmNotThatGuy: ok10:11
IAmNotThatGuyRahi: I think it is a bug https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-burning/2009-February/007473.html10:11
IAmNotThatGuyRahi: I think it is a bug https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-burning/2009-February/007473.html10:12
RahiIAmNotThatGuy: hmm10:13
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shahanIAmNotThatGuy: what can I do now?10:15
shahanIAmNotThatGuy: Its working now :)10:15
IAmNotThatGuyyou can create a password fro root and login as root10:16
shahanIAmNotThatGuy:  I did nothing10:16
shahanstrange problem10:16
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IAmNotThatGuyI think it got to know that I am dealing thiis issue :D10:16
coolbhavishahan, whats the problem?10:26
shahancoolbhavi: problem solved10:27
shahancoolbhavi: few moments ago  I faced with this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/507108/10:27
coolbhavishadeslayer, great mate did you try gksu nautilius?10:28
coolbhavias an alternate?10:28
shahancoolbhavi: ya... same issue10:28
shahancoolbhavi: where r u from?10:30
coolbhavishahan, login to #ubuntu-beginners-team channel10:30
coolbhaviwe can have a chat there10:30
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ravibnHello! I need help installing Ubuntu on my Laptop12:57
AbhiJit!details | ravibn12:57
ubot2ravibn: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:57
ravibnI have a Dell Latitude e651012:58
ravibnthe hardware config is Core i7 720QM CPU with 4GB RAM 802.11 n wireless and track pad12:59
AbhiJitwhat is the actual problem?12:59
ravibnso I tried ubuntu 64 and 32 bit desktop  10.04 lucid and maveric but was not successful13:00
AbhiJit!error | ravibn13:00
ubot2ravibn: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:00
ravibnwhen I boot with the live CD it does not show up anything at all13:00
IAmNotThatGuyravibn: You installed 10.04 version?13:02
IAmNotThatGuyI think it might be the Video driver issue13:02
IAmNotThatGuyLet me surf about more details13:02
ravibnwith the same live CD I hv installed on another desk top and it works fine13:03
ravibnI have Nvidia grpx card on my laptop13:03
ravibnit is NVS 310013:03
IAmNotThatGuyravibn: <ravibn> with the same live CD I hv installed on another desk top and it works fine13:05
IAmNotThatGuyThat says that the kernel version must be 2.6.33 or the next. Kindly check it (:13:06
ravibnIAmNotThatGuy : what do you intent to advice ?13:07
ravibnAnyone here can help me with this problem ?13:09
IAmNotThatGuyravibn: check the kernel version of the Live CD you use13:10
IAmNotThatGuyif it is not after 2.6.33, then get another CD with later kernel versions13:11
ravibnI downloaded ISO from ubuntu website and burnt it to CD13:12
ravibnHow do I check the kernel version on the CD ?13:12
AbhiJitravibn, are you inside live cd right now?13:13
ravibnno I willl put that cd on drive13:13
AbhiJitravibn, you can check kernel version by 'uname -r'13:13
ravibnAbhijit : I am back and I have the live cd on my DVD drive13:17
ravibnAbhiJit : which directory will show the kernel version on this live cd13:17
AbhiJitravibn, go to terminal and to uname -r13:19
ravibnAbhiJit : it does not show the kernel version when we download the ISO image from ubuntu website13:25
AbhiJitit shoud13:25
AbhiJitravibn, you just go to application>accessoreis>terminal and to 'uname -r'13:25
ravibnok! when I cannot boot the laptop how can I go to application > accessories > terminal13:26
philinuxIf his livecd wont boot how is he going to do this?13:27
philinuxravibn: do you see anything at all when booting the cd13:27
ravibnI just see the blank screen13:28
philinuxravibn: but you've used it to install to other machine13:29
ravibnyes! it works really good on other machines13:29
AbhiJitravibn, why not take this cd in to a computer when it boots? and then check kernel? then insatll latest kernel13:30
philinuxThe LUCID kernel is 2.6.32 I would get the 10.10 livecd or usb for this machine13:31
ravibnAbhijit : after installation on other machines the kernel has been updated13:31
ravibn10.10 is only bera13:32
AbhiJitravibn, get the new ubuntu tthen13:32
ravibnsorry beta13:32
AbhiJit4 days remains13:32
duanedesignif it is the 10.10 release candidate it is 2.6.3513:32
ravibnOk! will wait for another 4 days13:32
duanedesignyeah  wont be much difference between what you get now and what you get in 4 days13:33
ravibnOk! will try and see if it works13:33
philinuxravibn: It's at Release candidate stage13:33
philinuxravibn: you could create a live usb13:34
ravibnthats right ! I think on Oct 10 it will be a offical release13:34
ravibnthanks anyway13:34
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Bodsdaevening team19:09
IAmNotThatGuyBodsda: Hola :)19:10
BodsdaHi IAmNotThatGuy - dont think weve met before19:10
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Bodsdahey mohi119:11
mohi1Bodsda: what do you think now? :P19:11
mohi1sup Bodsda ?19:11
Bodsdamohi1: working on my website, I am going to attempt to rebuild it by hand using html, css and php19:12
Bodsdamohi1: you?19:13
mohi1its 23:45 here. reading books (:19:13
Bodsdamohi1: nice, programming books I hope?19:15
mohi1nope. :P North and south :D felt too tired (:19:16
Bodsdamohi1: tut tut :)19:16
* mohi1 closes the screen and continues reading :P JK19:16
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phillwBodsda: building a site by hand is the best way. I built http://mgjuddltd.co.uk/ by coding everything19:59
Bodsdaphillw: that looks pretty cool - nice work20:00
Mjiigif i set a cron job to run say at midday, and my computer is not on at midday, will the job run the next time i turn my computer on, or will it be forgotten about until midday tomorrow? thanks20:01
aveilleuxMjiig, it will be ignored until midday the next day20:01
aveilleuxMjiig, something you might want to look into is anacron.20:03
phillwBodsda: http://mgjuddltd.co.uk/info.php details the fact I learned about accessibilty coding. I was not expecting an 'AAA' rating, but got it, further details at http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3220:03
Mjiigaveilleux: i'm afraid that isn't appropriate, because i would need the command to run on a sunday, and always a sunday. my reading of anacron docs is that if my computer isn't turned on for a sunday the job will start occuring on mondays20:07
Mjiigthe other question i was going to ask is whether the same limitations that apply to cron apply to at?20:08
aveilleuxMjiig, what is "at"?20:08
aveilleuxMjiig, Oh, nevermind, I found it20:09
aveilleuxMjiig, I wasn't aware of any restrictions on cron, which ones do you mean? Escaped characters and the like, or something else?20:09
Mjiigsorry, the ones that you just mentioned, that the machine must be up at the time of execution20:10
aveilleuxMjiig, I believe so, yes. I mean, you could run anacron, and have the command you need to execute inside of an if-statement that checks the day of week to make sure it's sunday20:12
Mjiigokay, i'll think about it. I don't think that solution will be ideal, but i'm sure i'll be able to hack something together20:13
aveilleuxMjiig, Something like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507471/20:14
Mjiigyeah i know what you mean, but that still has some draw back. I don't think i'm explaining myself clearly... don't worry about it. It's not to important anyway20:16
aveilleuxThat's more correct20:17
Mjiiglike i say, don't worry about it20:18
aveilleuxMjiig, what kind of drawback do you mean? You set anacron to run that task on Sunday, and if it's not Sunday then when anacron automatically runs the task, nothing happens20:18
Mjiigbut thanks a lot anyway20:18
aveilleuxNo problem, Mjiig20:18
aveilleux*sighs* No one appreciates BASH anymore20:18
Bodsdaphillw: can I ask you a quick css question?20:27
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Kentrelhey does this mean the drive is read only22:01
Kentrel/dev/sda2                                  /media/Data   ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,ro,group=conor,umask=000  0  022:01
pedro3005can anyone read this?23:48

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