=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://bit.ly/coZgIY || Things to work on (in order): OpenWeek (Go voluntell people!), Release Parties, UDS Prep
=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://bit.ly/coZgIY || Things to work on (in order): OpenWeek Marketing, Release Parties, UDS Prep (blueprints) || JFo's short acting career: http://goo.gl/YVUO
nigelbJFo: haha!03:27
duanedesignhello nigelb03:41
nigelbevening duanedesign :)03:42
nigelblooking up unit testing now, seems intersting, also harder03:42
duanedesignnigelb: yeah03:44
doctormonigelb: in python?04:04
nigelbdoctormo: php04:21
duanedesignnigelb: ping07:04
nigelbduanedesign: pong07:24
duanedesignhello nigelb07:26
nigelbduanedesign: hi07:26
duanedesignnigelb: i don't know if it matters, but i noticed your name was still on the wiki for uds-n07:28
nigelbduanedesign: yep, because (a) tickets are still good. (b) marianna is still trying to get me there :)07:29
duanedesignnigelb: ok, i will mind my own business then :)07:29
* nigelb hugs duanedesign :)07:29
duanedesignmy cli companion code has gotten so sloppy. I am trying to clean it up.07:30
duanedesigni need to redo it in Quickly07:31
nigelbmorning ara :)07:34
aramorning nigelb07:36
doctormonigelb: What happened with your visa?07:42
doctormoduanedesign: many a programmer has said the same.07:49
nigelbdoctormo: DENIED.07:52
duanedesigndoctormo: its been nice collaborating with a few people on the project but it has lead to some not so pretty code07:52
duanedesignbut thats my fault as the reviewer. I should of been more stricyt on the commits07:57
dpmgood morning everyone!08:13
nigelbmorning dpm :)08:13
dpmmorning nigelb :)08:13
duanedesignmorning dpm08:18
nigelbwoo, 4 days to go!08:18
dholbachgood morning08:22
dholbachhey duanedesign08:23
nigelbmorning dholbach :)08:23
dholbachhi nigelb08:24
dpm_good morning again everyone08:32
dholbachheya dpm_08:33
dholbachara, "We are not testing at the moment" - when are we testing again? :)09:02
aradholbach, as soon as the candidate ISOs to be 10.10 start to build09:03
dholbachara, when when when? I want ubuntu-de to have a headstart :-P09:03
dholbachhey czajkowski09:04
aradholbach, hehehe09:04
aradholbach, I will let you know, no worries09:04
dholbachrock and roll09:04
vishanyone notice a familiar name here »  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Sintel-13%3A27.png  ? ;)09:33
czajkowskivish: what is that image from ?09:34
vishczajkowski¦ from sintel short movie..09:34
vishczajkowski¦ http://www.sintel.org/09:35
nigelbvish: besides Ubuntu?09:38
vishnigelb¦ yea.. "Ubuntu" ..  nice that it was credited there :)09:38
vishthey used UBUNTU!!!09:39
nigelbvish: did you see the video they had out before the release?09:39
nigelbabout the making and stuff09:39
nigelbvish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMJXiOF9MGM09:40
vishnigelb¦ nope.. i just watched this now09:40
nigelbRender farm tour.  Its beautiful.  All systems running Ubuntu lucid :)09:40
nigelbthis was before the release, so they masked out stuff that they think would be spoilers :/09:43
dholbachhola randa09:44
duanedesignnigelb: neat link10:13
nigelbduanedesign: heh, somone in my loco linked me to it :)10:13
nigelb(that's how I heard of sintel in the first place)10:13
nhandlerdholbach: I told jussi this, but please do not hesistate to give me a couple of tasks at UDS (especially for that latest blueprint you subscribed the packaging training team to)12:45
nigelbnhandler: aren't tasks added during uds?12:47
nhandlernigelb: Yes ("to give me a couple of tasks at UDS")12:48
nigelbsigh, time for more coffee.12:49
nigelbjono: bad connection?13:20
dholbachnhandler, you rock!13:29
akgranerI had sheep buttons made  - that say "Please take a sheep" and "Don't take all the sheep" and "Share the Sheep"14:06
akgranerI'll be giving them to people at UDS :-)14:07
akgranerPendulum, I thought you would get a kick out of them14:07
akgranerwell you and jcastro14:07
Pendulumakgraner: hah14:09
akgranerJust trying to keep it real :-)14:09
jcastroI dreamt of spiders14:10
akgranerYUCK - spiders...  that would be a nightmare not a dream14:11
duanedesigni have had a massive garden  spider right outside my front door for most the summer. *shivers* Catching all the bugs attracted to the porch light.14:12
duanedesignhttp://tiny.cc/r8qwv <--here is a good picture of the type of spider14:17
Picino way am I clicking that.14:17
akgranerme either14:17
akgranerjust thinking about spiders freaks me out14:17
PiciSpiders give me the heebie jeebies14:17
duanedesignyeah i do not blame you14:18
jcastroakgraner: did you see the pic of JFo in the topic?14:19
akgranerI am afraid to look14:20
cjohnstonI think I just read that we can assign nhandler tasks that we dont want.. hehe14:23
nigelbjcastro: that pic is awesome14:26
nigelbduanedesign: I'm a bit scared of spiders but the pic you put up is actually beautiful14:27
nigelbakgraner: what's with the sheep reference?14:27
akgranernigelb, my slides14:27
akgranerin my burnout talk14:27
akgraneryou saw them :-P14:28
duanedesignnigelb: it is very colorful14:31
nigelbakgraner: aaaaah, yes!14:31
jussihow many CC members do we currently have?14:46
nigelbjussi: 814:54
nigelbBut I think nixternel is on the way out and persia is set to replace him.14:55
nigelbNot sure when that will happen.14:55
jussinigelb: umm, really?15:19
jussipopey: was that announced anywhere? (if it was I missed it)15:35
popeyno, not yet15:35
popeynot confimed yet, as can be seen by the lp group15:35
jussiright, was it voted on?15:35
* jussi is all confuzzled...15:35
popeywas what voted on?16:09
* jcastro votes for popey16:10
jcastrowhat are we voting on?16:10
popeyI have literally _no_ idea16:10
sensegood afternoon16:18
nigelbbtw, the worst traffic jam that you can possible get stuck on is one on a flyover/bridge16:40
nigelbThere is an intense temptation to just jump of bridge :/16:40
dpmor to use that "hovercraft" button in the car you've always wanted to use16:47
nigelbRight.  I was on a bike.16:47
dpmthen you should push the E.T. button16:48
senseA bike traffic jam? :S16:48
nigelbbike = motorbike16:48
=== dinda is now known as dinda-afk
nigelbjcastro: oh WOW17:15
jcastromt, FOR THE WIN17:15
dpmsee you all tomorrow!17:25
dpmbye everyone17:25
dpmbye :)17:27
dholbachI'm calling it a day17:50
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:50
* dholbach hugs you all17:50
jussiby dholbach!17:52
dholbachbye jussi17:53
czajkowskidholbach: nnn17:53
dholbachbye czajkowski17:53
czajkowskijcastro: thanks for the mail on naming18:33
czajkowskitis confusing18:33
akgraneroh paultag there were several people at Grace Hopper I gave the Ohio LoCo team cards too18:35
paultagakgraner, you rule :)18:36
jcastroczajkowski: it's been confusing me all morning18:36
jcastroso I just went and renamed everything18:36
akgranerand I told them to check (and gave then the link to) the LD to see about release parties - just wanted you to know how they got your name18:36
czajkowskijcastro: dholbach did try adn explain it to me, but writing it out that is definately good18:36
akgranerpaultag, sorry I meant to tell you sooner, I'm just going through the cards and emails now about that...18:37
* jcastro preferred the original "governance" to "ubuntu the project"18:37
jcastrobut whatevs18:37
paultagakgraner, quite alright! :)18:37
jcastromany of ours can fit under devprocess I think18:37
czajkowskijcastro: aye I did too, Ubuntu the project sounds a bit ....18:37
jcastrolike "star wars the musical!"18:39
akgranerI'm glad I wasn't the only confused person about the track names18:39
czajkowskiso this change all came from mdz and the follow up post UDS18:40
czajkowskiI'd have bene interested to hear what the thoughts were to be honest before the change so we know the reasonsing18:40
jcastroyou and me both18:41
czajkowskiI had hoped mdz would blog about it18:42
czajkowskiI do like his blogging, it's clear and makes sense18:42
macojcastro: spaceballs the project, silly!19:47
macoand spaceballs the flamethrower, of course19:47
jcastro(not for kids)19:48
nigelbyay for more confusing naming for blueprints :p20:30
nigelbjcastro: heh, I'm waiting for a video.  Perhaps when you're more frustrated :p20:30
* nigelb over and out.20:31
jcastropopey: do you have the creds to the ubuntu dev channel on youtube?20:40
jcastroI didn't know we had so many teams doing ubuntu hours21:22
czajkowskijcastro: aye tis pretty frigging great isn't it21:34
czajkowskithe Ubuntu hours have really taken off21:34
czajkowskiand they are a great informal way to meet up with new people21:35
* highvoltage hangs head in shame for never having attended one21:36
pleia2we're attaching the SF one to a Debian meetup in November (ubuntu hour, then debian meeting, crossover where applicable)21:36
jcastro^^^ I hang with highvoltage21:36
pleia2since I skillfully (coincidentally) stuck the ubuntu hour about 500 ft from the typical debian meetup spot21:36
jcastropleia2: nice nice21:36
czajkowskiwhen I move to UK I'm gonna have one locally if it kills me21:38
czajkowskijcastro: you should go to a local cafe and mail the list saying you're going to be there on such a date and time21:38
highvoltageczajkowski: please don't do it if it will kill you!21:38
czajkowskiand if someon turns up tis great21:38
jcastroczajkowski: yeah, but we kind of already do that with a coffeehouse coders thing21:39
jcastrowhich I never have time to do anyway21:39
* highvoltage considered doing that but find random people too scary21:39
czajkowskiI knew nobody when I moved to Dublin so having to turn up to random events to meet random people was rather entertaining21:41
popeyjcastro: yes22:03
jcastropopey: hey can you find vish or some other art-like person and see if we can find someone to just recolor the thing to be not so hideous?22:04
popeythat is pretty hideos22:05
jcastrolet thorsten go nuts with it or something22:05
popeyshall i ask on the art list?22:05
jcastrothat would be amazing22:06
popeyblunt enough? :)22:08
czajkowskipopey: can really argue with that now can we22:09
jcastropopey: perfect!22:17
AlanBellakgraner: want to pop into #ubuntu-website to discuss the new wiki theme and impact on UWN?22:23
akgraneron it22:23
nhandlercjohnston: You can assign me stuff that you think is appropriate (and that I am capable of doing). i.e. don't give me all of your summit bugs ;)22:35
AlanBellthanks akgraner I think that helped a lot :)22:41
akgranerAlanBell, I hope so :-)23:51

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