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rypervencheI was apparently banned from #ubuntu for asking a question that was off-topic. I have just read the terms of service and the IRC guidelines and see my mistake. Will I be banned forever or is it a temporary ban/kick?18:22
erUSULrypervenche: ban issues in #ubuntu are discussed in #ubuntu-ops18:24
rypervencheerUSUL: Ok, thank you.18:24
erUSULrypervenche: with the op that banned you if you can find him/her18:24
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erUSULwhat's up with floodbots and foreing charsets? when ru or cn speak they trigger floodbot. is becouse multibyte utf-8 chars ?20:09
PicierUSUL: Likely.20:11
PiciTheres a scoring method that I don't exactly know that tries to figure out how likely a message is spam.20:12
erUSULok; i see20:13
IdleOnelength of message is a factor also I believe but !cn is fairly short message so has to be something else20:13
IdleOnemight be an idea for floodbot to have ubottu exempted20:14
erUSULIdleOne: the bit those not trigger it but people using cyrillic or chineses in the channel20:14
erUSULthe bot*20:14
erUSUL21:08 < xpro> надо добавить20:15
erUSUL21:08 <@FloodBot4> xpro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:15
IdleOnehmm yeah, not optimum20:15
erUSULfairly short message to trigger anything20:15
IdleOneerUSUL: mention it to LjL20:15
erUSULok; would try20:16
erUSULLjL-Temp: did you noticed this problem with floodbots?23:26
erUSUL21:08 < xpro> надо добавить23:26
erUSUL21:08 <@FloodBot4> xpro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as  punctuation.23:26
erUSULmultibyte utf8 chars seem to make it trigger with a very short text ... ( happened with cn chars too )23:27

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