lucentsmb: thanks for "breaking it down" to me I find that helpful, those messages are confusing to me without the explanation01:21
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lucentcould use advice about getting more detailed debug info03:36
MTecknologyThought you guys might enjoy that one a little.06:24
ikepanhcwell, this story tells us that installing openssh-server on my desktop is very important06:37
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tseliotcking_: is there a reason why you didn't include this patch in Maverick's kernel? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/507154/11:37
cking_tseliot, 'cos it's only just been accepted upstream, and I was waiting to see if it was the best solution11:59
cking_it cycled a few changes and is expected to land mid october12:00
tseliotcking_: ok, is the patch fine as it is on pastebin? 12:01
tseliotfor 2.6.35, that is12:02
cking_nope, I will submit it as a SRU once I'm sure it's landed in acpica 12:02
tseliotcking_: I'm asking only because I'd like to include it in my kernel (not in maverick). Can you point me to a more updated version of the patch, please?12:04
cking_tseliot, I'll mail you the patch12:05
tseliotcking_: thanks a lot12:05
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JFogoing to be out a bit this morning... serious insomnia issues last night. medication finally deciding to kick in it seems14:06
JFoonly 8 hours late14:06
smbpmatulis, Re: LVM, tried a few things with the current lucid kernel and lvm and did not see any issues. There has been someone mentioning an error message which would be fixed by a patch currently also missing in lucid. But I was not able to reproduce it.14:23
ogra_acogasawara, tgardner, hey14:35
tgardnerogra_ac, dude14:36
ogra_actgardner, dod cooloney already contact you ?14:36
tgardnerogra_ac, about what?14:37
ogra_acwe have an x-loader change for omap4 that requires an in-sync kernel upload14:37
ogra_acwiht a small patch14:37
cooloneytgardner, yeah, just wanna talk with you14:37
cooloneyogra_ac, we need to make sure the audio patch will upload 14:37
ogra_acrelease team is fine with omap4 changes at this time (we made that clear in advance)14:37
lagJFo: Where is the most recent top50?14:37
tgardnercooloney, I was just about to upload your ASOC changes.14:37
ogra_acthe audio patch can go in worst case as sru its not as critical as the booting14:38
cooloneytgardner, yeah, i was also just got another important patch fixing the display issue today14:38
cooloneywill post it out soon14:38
ogra_actgardner, hold on then, we just got another (way smaller) patch from TI Nice14:38
tgardnercooloney, ogra_ac: I've pushed to the git repo, but haven't uploaded. I'll just wait until I see your next patch set?14:39
cooloneytgardner, thanks a lot. please wait for a while for my post14:40
tgardnercooloney, will do14:40
cooloneytgardner, thanks a lot, man14:40
* ogra_ac hugs tgardner 14:40
tgardnerogra_ac, no hugging in the kernel team. 14:40
tgardnerwe let dholbach take care of all our hugging duties :)14:41
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lagI think we should have a prettier 'hugger'14:48
lagtgardner: Where is the latest and greatest Top50?14:48
* cooloney think kissing is more popular than hugging in kernel team. lol14:50
pmatulissmb: ok.  fyi, henninge is the warthog that was bitten14:50
lagcooloney: Remind me not to share a room with you at sprint14:53
lagapw: Top50?14:53
lagSomeone, anyone?14:54
lagI have this one: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/kernel-buglist-top50.html14:54
lagBut it appears to be out of date: May 26 2010 0:18 UTC14:54
bjflag: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/jfo/kernel-Top50.html14:55
lagThat's better14:56
lagThanks Brad14:56
bjflag: look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Tagging14:56
bjflag, from there is the link to what needs to be reviewed as well as the top 5014:56
lagLovely, thanks!14:57
ogra_acdiwic, so what would you propose wrt sound on omap4/panda ?15:10
ogra_acdo you think calling alsactl init is to hackish ?15:11
* ogra_ac thinks its the least ugly workaround15:12
diwicogra_ac, are you running pulseaudio at all?15:13
ogra_acdiwic, all i do is put the file into /usr/share/alsa/init, apply the one line patch to 00main and put alsactl init into rc.local (so it gets executed on boot)15:14
ogra_acthe whole rest of the system is completely unmodified15:14
ogra_acso yes, pule works fine15:14
ogra_acnote that all sound is compiled in in this kernel15:15
ogra_acno modules here15:15
diwicogra_ac, so pulse saves and restores volumes, enabling users to change it on the fly. But then it can't handle all the crazy control names this chip has15:15
ogra_acand device 0 isnt linked up to a codec by default15:16
ogra_acpules only uses device 0 by default15:16
diwicogra_ac, so are there any volume controls that pulse actually control?15:16
diwicogra_ac, have you written a custom PA mixer profile?15:17
ogra_acit controls hw 0,0 once alsa is active15:17
ogra_aci didnt touch pulse15:17
ogra_aci only initialize alsa 15:17
diwicogra_ac, I'm just trying to figure out what pulseaudio should do and what alsactl init should do here, to make sure they don't collide15:17
ogra_acone of these controls lins hw 0,0 to a codec it seems15:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 26)" [High,Confirmed]15:18
ogra_ac(dont ask me which though, i just took TIs .conf file and adapted it to an init file)15:19
ogra_acthe way TI does it currently is to hack up default.pa15:19
ogra_acand to use an amixer shellscript 15:20
diwicogra_ac, so yes, try alsactl init, that would probably be best15:20
ogra_acusing the "init way" i dont need to touch pulse at all15:20
diwicogra_ac, after that, test if you can modify volume in pulse, that it actually affects playback volume, and that the new volume is remembered across reboots15:21
* ogra_ac tries to find a way to call it from a udev rule though15:21
diwicum, that should be easy I think15:21
ogra_acdiwic, it definitely controls it, i'm not sure its persistent over reboots15:21
diwicRUN+="alsactl init"15:22
ogra_acdiwic, well, there is not much info the soundcard exposes, i want thet rule to only affect this card indeed15:22
ogra_acyeah, i know what to do to exec it 15:22
ogra_acbut if i want the rule in libasound2 it needs to be specific enough to not call it for all sound devices15:22
ogra_acand there are not many things exposed to udev it seems 15:23
diwicaha, but it should be something in sysfs you could use?15:23
ogra_acthat would allow me to distinguish the parent device 15:23
ogra_acprob is that the sysfs tree just uses soc-audio as parent15:24
diwicI think you usually trigger on /dev/snd/controlC0 15:24
ogra_acbut thats to general for my taste 15:24
ogra_aci dont want to call the rule for intel hda :)15:24
* ogra_ac goes digging15:24
ogra_acwould you mention at the bug that the alsactl init way looks ok from a sound guy's perspective ?15:25
ogra_ac(so i can get an sru)15:25
diwic80-alsa.rules calls alsa-utils15:26
diwiclook at /sbin/alsa-utils , function preinit_levels_on_card - seems to be a place where you can put in hacks? ;-)15:28
ogra_acheh, thanks 15:28
* ogra_ac tests reboot persistence now15:29
ogra_acyay, works fine :)15:32
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ogratgardner, so if cooloneys patch hits the git tree, feel free to upload, i just pushed the x-loader patch 16:40
tgardnerogra: in progress16:42
ogra_actgardner, err, bryan just says its not in the git tree yet16:44
tgardnerogra: like I said, its in progress. I'll get it pushed soon, then upload thereafter.16:45
ogra_acah, it just only hit the ML16:45
ogra_acok, thanks16:45
* ogra_ac clams down a bit :)16:45
ogra_ac(calms too)16:45
rsalvetitgardner: thanks :-)16:45
tgardnerogra, rsalveti: pushed (you'll need to rebase). I'll upload in a bit.16:47
rsalvetitgardner: cool, thanks a lot16:49
rsalvetitgardner: we own you a beer for sure16:49
tgardnerrsalveti, :) I'm having one as we speak.16:50
rsalvetitgardner: oh, I wish I could haha16:51
rsalvetibut we're at TI16:51
rsalvetiwe're all dressed and behaving well16:51
tgardnerrsalveti, I guess thats the advantage of working at home.16:52
tgardnerI'm neither dressed, nor do I behave well.16:52
rsalvetitgardner: for sure16:52
manjotgardner, any thoughts on the mail I sent you regarding the 2 slots ?16:59
* cooloney just crashed his macbookpro, since it is lucid.17:00
* cooloney is upgrading it to maverick, shame17:00
tgardnermanjo, patience lad. I referred it to pgraner.17:02
pgranermanjo, schedule is not set yet I've got it on the list17:03
manjopgraner, thanks17:03
cking_ah, better do some blueprints myself17:11
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* cking_ tries to figure out how much H/W he needs to take to the office tomorrow17:20
cking_eek, too much17:21
lagWhen bisecting, is there any way to make the builds faster?17:21
tgardnercking_, bring it in a roller bag17:21
cking_roller bag(s)17:21
tgardnerlag, nap while building17:21
cking_heh, no multi tasking then?17:22
bjflag, aren't you using the "--build-faster" flag?17:22
penguin42lag: -j n on make or DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=n  for parallel builds17:22
lagA user has mentioned creating a script which configures the .config for current HW17:22
lagThus only building necessary functionality 17:22
lagFeasible? 17:23
cooloneylag: maybe create some STAMP file in debian build directory17:24
lagTo do what?17:24
cooloneyi was just told before, never tried that17:24
lagBut what would it achieve?17:25
cooloneytgardner, cking_ or bjf might know that 17:25
cooloneylag: do you wanna to just build some specific driver files after your whole building?17:26
tgardnerlag, you can rebuild fairly quickly by removing the stamp file17:26
cooloneytgardner: yeah, i mixed them17:26
lagtgardner: I have done that in the past, but it won't work for large diff bisecs for ~1yr17:27
cooloneylag: oh, that large change won't help build faster.17:27
lagWhich is my point17:28
cooloneylag: that's painful. maybe building on our build machine?17:28
lagtgardner: Can you install the latest kernel-package on our build machine please?17:45
tgardnerlag, wtf are you talking about?17:45
lagtgardner: I don't know how to say it any clearer :)17:45
tgardnerlag, in a schroot?17:46
lagapt-get install kernel-package 17:46
lagI am currently in an i386 chroot yes17:46
tgardnerlag, which schroot? maverick? lucid? 17:46
lagMaverick please17:47
tgardnerlag, installed.17:51
tgardnerlag, why are you using this? I'm not particularly interested in supporting make-kpkg17:52
lagtgardner: I'm building a Linus kernel17:53
cooloneytgardner: in the cross compiling patch you just pushed into our tree, there is a typo in the comment17:55
cooloneydpk- should be dpkg-17:55
tgardnercooloney, um, what?17:55
tgardnercooloney, I'll get apw to fix it.17:56
cooloneytgardner: np, :)17:56
tgardnercooloney, I really want him to add it the debian commonization17:56
* manjo sees trouble ahead with Maverick on Toshiba NB305... 17:57
cking_manjo, most toshiba machines are problematic17:58
manjothis one especially coz we are hung on splash screen17:59
tgardnercking_, dude, you coming to Millbank tomorrow?17:59
apwcooloney, you need some apple juice18:01
ogra_acapw, do i need to take care (we're about to leave for lunch)18:02
apwogra_ac, the error is in a comment ... nothing to worry about18:02
ogra_acapw, i meant about the apple juice 18:03
apwogra_ac, heh no ... 18:04
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* cooloney likes apple juice,18:04
manjocooloney, try it with titos 18:04
cking_tgardner, yep, I'm packing my bags right now18:05
cking_had a hospital appointment today, so that threw the spanner in the works 18:05
cooloneymanjo: what's titos?18:06
manjocooloney, fine vodka made in Austin 18:06
cking_rats, not enough room for lego auto-finger18:06
manjocking_, is it the same spanner apw keeps referring to ? 18:07
cooloneyapw: for cross compiling my ti-omap4, i just need to run dpkg-buildpackage -B -aarmel?18:07
cking_manjo, possibly18:07
cooloneymanjo: great, man. let's drink tonight.18:07
cking_hrm, my 10Kg transformer is too big to pack. 18:08
apwcooloney, maybe :)18:10
tgardnercooloney, echo "dpkg-buildpackage -B -aarmel"|schroot -c maverick-amd6418:11
jcastrokernel guys submitting blueprints: stop for a minute please!18:11
tgardnercooloney, turn off tools building18:11
jcastrowe need to fix your naming convention18:11
tgardnerjcastro, whick kernel guys? smb?18:11
jcastroandy, bader so far.18:12
smbI am not doing anything anymore18:12
tgardnerjcastro, his name is spelled 'smb'18:12
jcastrobut if you're working on them I am sending a mail to -devel in a minute so we don't waste your time18:12
jcastrowoo, I'll fix them for you18:12
* cking_ postpones to tomorrow then18:12
cooloneytgardner and apw, got it, building on server now18:13
bjfvanhoof, around?18:27
jcastrook, sorry for the confusion, I've fixed the blueprints, mail sent to -devel explaining it18:32
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JanCbah, my gigabit ethernet NIC only works at 100 Mbit/s, seems like that's a common & recurring issue with the e1000e driver?  :-(19:24
jcrigbybjf: ping?19:29
bjfjcastro, hi19:29
bjfjcrigby, sorry, hi19:29
bjfjcastro, just ignore me, nothing to see here19:30
jcrigbybjf, in your kernel team notes it says something about queuing patches for Maverick SRU19:30
bjfjcrigby, which notes are you referring to? and yes we are19:31
jcrigbymeeting notes from kernel team list19:31
jcrigbyAs mentioned last week, we've been queuing patches for Maverick SRU which includes the latest,, and stable updates.19:31
bjfah yes,19:32
jcrigbybut I don't see those in git19:32
bjfjcrigby, ogasawara, probably has them queued in her personal repo19:32
jcrigbyis there a different tree for this?19:32
jcrigbyoh she is here19:33
ogasawarajcrigby: yep, not pushed the official Maverick repo in case some last minute patches need to get applied and uploaded I didn't want to have to deal with the hundreds of stable patches19:33
jcrigbyI was looking for wrong nick19:33
bjfjcrigby, git:/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ogasawara/ubuntu-maverick.git19:34
jcrigbyogasawara, bfj: ok I see now19:34
jcrigbyso if I wanted to work ahead I could do a new linaro tree based on that, but of course it might change19:35
ogasawarajcrigby: Am actually getting ready to re-base my tree to be against the latest official Maverick tree (had some last minute patches come in this morning that need to go in the day-0 upload)19:35
jcrigbyso what is target day for day-019:35
cooloneyogasawara: is the stable rebasing necessary for ti-omap4, do you think? 19:35
jcrigbywe want to do one last linaro based on your day-019:35
ogasawarajcrigby: hopefully Oct 10 is the target day for day-0.  ie they'll officially release Maverick and then approve the day-0 upload right after.19:36
jcrigbyok, thanks19:37
ogasawarajcrigby: I'm finishing up some test builds for the day-0 patch set and then will re-push to the official Maverick linux master19:38
ogasawarajcrigby: I can ping you when it's ready so you can get a head start19:38
jcrigbyogasawara, thanks!19:39
ogasawaracooloney: I haven't been touching the ti-omap4 branch unless requested by yourself or others (ie I've not been automatically applying the stable patch sets to the ti-omap4 branch)19:40
ogasawaracooloney: and for the most part, I've been letting tgardner maintain the ti-omap4 branch19:41
cooloneyogasawara: yeah, i understand. i will try to rebase stable things after your work. 19:41
ogasawaracooloney: ack19:41
ogasawaracooloney: thanks19:41
cooloneyogasawara: since there are some important arm related fixing in stable releasee19:42
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mpoirierbjf: do you know if you absolutely have to be part of the kernel team to pull something from zinc ?21:06
bjfmpoirier, depends how you are trying to pull something, but anyone should be able to access git://kernel.ubuntu.com21:07
mpoirierwill someone from linaro be able to get a pull request hosted on kernel.ubuntu.com ?21:08
bjfmpoirier, i don't know what the rules are for that but I think so21:09
mpoirierbjf: on zinc, under /srv/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/, we only have references for ubuntu trees.21:10
mpoirierhow hard/feasible is it to add the linaro tree ?21:11
bjfmpoirier, the linaro tree is a topic branch in the maverick tree21:14
mpoirierbjf: ti-omap4 is also a topic branch in maverick21:16
bjfmpoirier, you are correct21:16
mpoirierbjf: and they have to go through the SRU process if they want to add something in there.21:16
bjfmpoirier, still don't get your point21:16
mpoirierbjf: when tim and I talked about the ftrace feature, we agreed to put it in the linaro tree.21:17
mpoirierbjf: that is all I want to do.21:18
mpoirierbjf: I was under the impressin that having a pull request for the linaro topic branch in ubuntu would subject me to the SRU process.21:19
mpoirierbjf: and if I used their tree, I wouldn't.  I could be mistaking.21:19
bjfmpoirier, what about using git://git.linaro.org/kernel/linux-linaro-2.6.35.git?21:22
bjfmpoirier, cloning it in your public area on zinc, apply your patches there and submit a pull request from it?21:23
mpoirierbjf: hold on a sec, checking something...21:25
mpoirierbjf: this morning i tried multiple time to get git://git.linaro.org/ubuntu/linux-linaro.git21:26
mpoirierit failed pathetically.21:26
mpoirierbut it think it was a connectivity issue 'cause now it works.21:26
mpoirierI was trying to find other ways to do just that.21:27
mpoirierbjf: you can void the last 10 minutes from your memory.21:27
bjfmpoirier, heh21:28
* ogasawara lunch21:41
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mpoirierbjf: now I remember what the problem was...22:05
mpoirierbjf: you can't git clone  git://git.linaro.org/ubuntu/linux-linaro.git from zinc22:05
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mpoirierbjf: would you have a suggestion ?22:07
bjfmpoirier, do you want to end up with a pull request against the official linaro kernel or the linaro topic branch in maverick (and I don't know what the diff between the two is)22:07
mpoirierofficial linaro kernel.22:08
bjfmpoirier, then I'd probably make a local clone and then rsync that git tree to my public area on zinc and then I can clone from that22:08
bjfmpoirier, it's kind of round-about but it would work22:09
mpoiriercan you rsync from tangerine ?22:09
bjfmpoirier, i think you can but you would have to give it a try to know for sure22:09
mpoirierbjf: ya, I was about to write... ok I'll give it a shot.  I wasn't sure is there wasn't another way.22:10
mpoirierbfj: rsync it is then.22:10
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cndapw, good news!22:19
cndsomeone posted a patch to a utouch bug that enables multitouch support on synaptics trackpads22:19
cndreal multitouch22:19
cndand I think I can fix up the patch so that we can make things work properly AND allow use of the entire touchpad surface!22:20
Sarvattcnd: do you lose tapping? that's kind of the deal breaker, can't imagine using any of my laptop touchpads with the buttons22:21
cndSarvatt, no loss of tapping22:21
cndit's all in my head right now, how to make this work though22:22
cooloneycnd, cool man.22:22
cndso I need to sit down and try it out22:22
cooloneycnd, so we can use it in macbook pro 22:22
cndcooloney, unibody macs have their own MT capable driver already22:22
cndso unless you're thinking of a rather old macbook pro, this isn't relevant22:23
cndmy idea is that with MT support you do two things:22:23
cnd1. you have single touch emulation where the first touch on the touchpad controls the cursor22:23
cooloneycnd, ok, i just upgrade my mbp to maverick22:23
* Sarvatt hopes the person that posted the patch agrees to copyright assignment22:24
cnd2. if the first touch is in the button area as a button goes down, then the touch disappears22:24
cndSarvatt, this is kernel code, no assignment needed :)22:24
cndif you implement both of those, I think you can get all the functionality of the touchpad back22:25
cndand add in support for two finger scrolling and the like22:25
cooloneycnd, most of this work are in which part of our user space?22:26
cndcooloney, what I'm talking about right now is in psmouse in the kernel22:26
cndwe don't have to touch userspace22:26
cndone might make the argument that code for part 2 shouldn't be in the kernel22:27
cndbut I'm not convinced quite yet22:27
cooloneycnd, got it.22:28
cooloneyyou said unibody macs have the MT version psmouse driver in kernel?22:29
cndthey have bcm598422:29
cndwhich has MT support since lucid22:30
cooloneyok, so can we enable MT on my unibody mbp in Maverick, how?22:30
cndit's already there, but the only app we have enabled out of the box on maverick is unity22:31
cooloneycnd, got it. man22:32
cndI can confirm with my own eyes that we can do MT with the synaptics driver23:05
cndbut it needs to be fixed up23:05
cndI patched my psmouse module and tested it out, but it only emitted MT events instead of emitting both MT and ST (single touch) events23:05
cndso X didn't know what to do23:05
cndand the touchpad became useless :)23:05
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