damascenoHow much should i charge for the LTSP Server that i'll make for a client?20:08
Linden940as much as you want20:15
Linden940its a free software...your not selling the software...your selling the time it TOOK you to set it up and ect20:16
damascenoLinden940, i know that.20:16
Linden940most programmers charge around 30 to 40 an hr give or take20:16
Linden940so take that X amount of time and you'll get your price20:16
Linden940you need a program to be modded for what ever reason your company needs it for20:17
damascenoOh, i was thinking in charge $ 1.50020:17
Linden940i have seen prices from $25 as much as $300 an hour20:17
Linden940but there is something called "beating a dead horse"20:18
Linden940so dont beat someone to death and rob them of all there money...20:18
Linden940you do them right...they will more than come back to you over an over :)20:18
* Linden940 talking from exp20:18
damascenoLinden940,  hum...20:19
damascenoIn this case, i'm the company called Oficina Livre.20:20
damascenoAnd We will take this service.20:20
Linden940i own a company called Easy Recycle20:20
damascenoIf i was doing the service, i charge 50 per hour.20:21
Linden940as noted before...dont kill them for all there money20:21
Linden940$50 is very low price per that is out there20:21
Linden940low price = more work20:21
damascenoBut, in this case, is the company, so, i think the better price, will be $ 200 per hour.20:21
damascenoLinden940, understood.20:21
damascenoThank you man. :D20:21
coz_damasceno,  all set now? :)20:22
damascenocoz_, Yep, thank you too.20:26
coz_very cool20:26
damascenoI will see that now, cause i'll install a red5 server.20:28
damascenoThe client is from E.U.A20:28
damascenoI'm from Brazil. :)20:28
damascenoI hope you don't notice that... my english is very bad.20:28
Linden940its not that bad20:29
Linden940i have seen worse 20:29
Linden940lol your very understandable 20:29
damascenoBut, english is easy if you study...20:30
damascenoPortuguese no :/20:30
Linden940well english is pretty easy...or so i think20:31
damascenoPor exemplo, em português eu falo dessa maneira.20:31
Linden940but its all so pretty much the ONLY lag used with computers/programming 20:31
damascenoTranslate: For example, in portuguese i talk that way.20:31
damascenolol = funny, right?20:32
Linden940would of had it (got the translator out an ready)20:32
damascenoIn portuguese, we laugh like this:20:32
damascenohehehe, kkkkkkkkkkkk...20:32
Linden940lol i c20:33
damascenoLinden940, where you from?20:33
Linden940hmm most times...very hot20:34
Linden940but yea it is starting to get very cool here20:34
damascenoI wanna know the Silicon valley.20:35
Linden940have not been there as of yet20:36
damascenoIs right name of the "City of technology"?20:36
damascenoI saw the city on the poster...20:37
Linden940yea it is20:37
damascenoGoogle, Dell, everything is in there20:37
Linden940youtube is there as well20:37
Linden940well me afk20:38
damascenoBut, i'm still young, i wanna go to there with 25 years...20:38
damascenoLinden940, ok, thank you again.20:39
damascenoi'll work, cya.20:39

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