CrankygeekHi, I am in the middle of configuring a mythbuntu box, with a Hauppauge HD PVR. I am at the point where it has just populated the mythtvdatabase, does anyone here have some time to help me with the rest of the setup from this point forward? I am stuck at trying to figure out what channel changing scripts I may need.....any help would be greatly appreciated.....00:40
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, any ideas what I can do to get that fixed up?02:26
joatjust getting in...02:26
joatarg!!  sorry!02:27
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, any ideas what I can do to get that fixed up?02:28
Shadow__XCrankygeek: you have to select it as your audio source02:57
Shadow__Xand stop being cranky that doesn't help anyone02:57
Crankygeekok, I was told in another channel, that nVidia HDMI is not supported in ALSA yet, but It was reccomended that I buy this card because it works fine with Mythtv03:00
CrankygeekI tried selecting ALSA:HDMI03:01
CrankygeekNo sound03:01
CrankygeekI also ran aplay -l and it only sees my Intel onboard sound card, not the nVidia03:02
Shadow__Xdid you install the drivers?03:05
Shadow__Xand reboot? and check in the sound preferences if the card is listed03:05
Shadow__Xother than checking in mythtv03:05
CrankygeekI am using the nVidia recommended drivers in mythbuntu03:05
rhpot1991Crankygeek: does that card have its own sound on board, or is it a spdif jumper from the mobo?03:07
Crankygeekyes, it has it's own sound03:07
CrankygeekI tried it in a Windows machine and it worked fine  :(03:08
rhpot1991Crankygeek: I believe that is not supported by alsa in the current mythbuntu/ubuntu03:08
rhpot1991but will be in the next release03:08
Crankygeekis there anything I can do to get it working now though?03:08
rhpot1991you could download the RC and try it03:08
rhpot1991or see if anyone has an upgraded alsa on a ppa03:08
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: really? i have heard of other people using nvidia hdmi quite often03:09
rhpot1991Shadow__X: sound without a spdif jumper?03:09
rhpot1991mine has a spdif jumper that I use, so you are really just using the onboard sound03:09
CrankygeekI was told it was a good card to get because it worked well with mythbuntu03:09
Shadow__Xyeah without the spdif jumper unless, i was mistaken03:09
rhpot1991from what I've heard from dan fry his card isn't supported but will be in the next release03:09
rhpot1991might want to google for more specifics, but that is the way I understood the current state03:10
rhpot1991I could be wrong03:10
rhpot1991Crankygeek: might want to ask whoever told you to get that card how they have their audio on it working03:10
rhpot1991a forum post may point you in some better directions too03:10
ZinnSorry I don't know about forum03:10
ZinnThe Mythbuntu forums are located at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=301.  If you aren't getting a timely response here, there are lots of very active individuals there that may be able to help.03:10
CrankygeekThat's funny, I bought a bunch of equipment that they said I needed, and now I can't get an answer out of them as I try setting it all up03:12
rhpot1991who is they?03:12
CrankygeekA person in another channel03:13
rhpot1991Crankygeek: well the sound issue isn't the end of the world03:13
Crankygeektrue  :)03:13
rhpot1991if it doesn't work with the current alsa (verify I'm correct please, I may not be), then you can simply work around it for a few days by just using the onboard sound03:14
rhpot1991Crankygeek: you can download the 10.10 RC and try that see if it helps03:14
rhpot1991also 10.10 is out in 4 days03:14
rhpot1991so thats not a bad move to start with that now anyways03:15
rhpot1991maybe 5 depending on where you live03:15
rhpot1991gotta walk the dogs, dig some and I'll check back in a few03:16
CrankygeekSHould I stay away from Mythbuntu and go wirh a reg ubuntu install and add myth from the repositories?03:17
Shadow__XCrankygeek: it all depends on objective, level of comfort, and experience03:17
Crankygeeklol...I have none of any of those listed  :)03:18
Shadow__Xmight want to stick with mythbuntu then but also rtm that is going to really help with mythtv03:18
CrankygeekI am a Windows guy, Ubuntu is a new hobby for me, so I am still learning03:18
CrankygeekI have looked over forums for the past 4 days, and it's tuff there is no definitive guides, you need to peice things together from a bunch of different ones and hope you have your terminology correct....03:19
Crankygeekbut I shall keep on reading03:20
CrankygeekThis seems like just the start for me, I still have to figure out how channel changing works and what my best option for that is seeing I have a Directv setup at the house here03:21
Shadow__XCrankygeek: yeah i have heard some not so good things about directv setups03:22
Shadow__Xafaik your best bet is lirc03:23
CrankygeekI was thinking the samething just try and get the ir blaster working with lirc seeing there are already scripts built for that03:23
Shadow__Xyeah there should be03:24
Crankygeekbut then I hear that serial to usb works better, but it's difficult to get working03:24
Shadow__Xalso depending on if its hd or not you might want to get an hdpvr so you can record hd03:24
CrankygeekI am using an HD PVR03:25
Shadow__Xoh ok cool thats one step in the right direction that has ir blasters built in although, i am unsure if linux has support for them yet03:26
Shadow__Xlast time i check it did not03:26
CrankygeekMyth doesn't have it on their list of supported remotes, but I guess there are ways to get it working03:27
Shadow__XCrankygeek: you are checking here right http://www.mythtv.org/?03:28
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] MythTV, Open Source DVR03:28
ZinnMythTV is a free Unix application which turns a computer with the necessary hardware into a network streaming digital video recorder, a digital multimedia home entertainment system, or Home Theater Personal Computer. It can be considered as a free and open source alternative to Tivo or Windows Media Center.03:28
Shadow__Xcheck the wiki for currently supported things03:29
CrankygeekI am sure I looked at stuff there as well as google the hell out of mythtv and Directv03:30
ZinnCrankygeek: Please watch your language.03:30
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Hauppauge HD-PVR - MythTV03:32
Shadow__Xso i guess it finally does03:32
Crankygeekis that for a different version that is preinstalled in mythbuntu?03:40
Crankygeekor is that for Mythdora?03:41
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CrankygeekI am having some issues with setting up an HD PVR with lirc. I have been using a webpage that was pointed out to me last night by Shadow_X, but I am running into some problems at step 9. here is the link    http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/HDPVR#Compile_Drivers_for_IR_Transmitter_Support15:36
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Hauppauge HD-PVR - MythTV15:36
CrankygeekThat is what I have been following, but I am having a problem15:37
CrankygeekThis is where  I am stuck:  Find and back up your existing LIRC modules lirc_dev.ko and lirc_zilog.ko.15:38
CrankygeekI don't seem to have a lirc_zilog.ko file, so the one that I compliled I put into the same location as the lirc_dev.ko file.15:40
Crankygeekso when I get onto step 12, I try to load the lirc_zilog using: sudo modprobe lirc_zilog, and I get a FATAL error stating that lirc_zilog can't be found15:41
rhpot1991Crankygeek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lirc/+bug/50006715:44
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #500067 in lirc (Ubuntu): “lirc_zilog not built”15:44
rhpot1991I would just install the 10.10 RC since it fixes a few of the issues you have15:44
Crankygeekis that a complete re-install, or is there a way to upgrade from mythbuntu 10.04?15:45
rhpot1991should be able to do sudo update-manager -d15:46
CrankygeekOff hand, do you know if 10.10 will support HDMI audio through the nVidia gt210 graphics cards?15:49
rhpot1991Crankygeek: I believe so, I was the one telling you yesterday that I thought so but you should check to be sure15:50

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