alouriegood morning08:29
akgranergood morning12:33
alouriehi Amber12:36
akgraneralourie, how are you12:40
akgranerpopey, how is migrating those files coming?12:41
popeynot touched recently, thanks for the poke, will take a look asap13:03
akgranerpopey, thanks - newz wanted to try and go live on the 10th - which means I need to finish my stuff as well14:04
akgranerpopey, let me know if you need a hand - nick said he would help if we absolutely needed him too14:05
akgranerNick is also going to provide Canonical with the nightly backups for the site and the ability for them to SSH into the machine if needed- it will be a standalone machine in there data center dedicated to only the Fridge14:20
akgranerthat should be a win for the team and our ability to have access to do stuff and for Canonical to make sure they can get to stuff as needed as well without locking us out14:37
akgranerwell not locking us out - that's the wrong term  - without limiting the areas we can make changes to on an as needed basis14:38
akgranerHey who all from the news team will be at UDS?16:42
akgranerDaviey, you around? if so got a few mins22:01
nhandlerakgraner: I won't be there, but please go ahead and give me any actions you feel are appropriate22:39
akgranernhandler, ok thank you!23:49

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