aragood morning!07:37
alouriegood morning everybody!08:29
aramorning alourie08:32
alouriehi ara08:33
alourieara: I've read your report. It's great08:33
araalourie, thanks :)08:33
alourieara: I've been thinking about helping new people, and I think that the new website should play major role in that08:34
araalourie, yes, I agree, I am collecting experiences, so I can work on that next cycle08:35
araalourie, it would be great if you would help with that08:35
alourieara: I'll gladly help with anything needed. I really think we should get QA to a new level08:38
alourieara: so just let me know how I can help :-)09:22
aramorning davmor2ª10:56
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zulis the iso ready?15:24
hggdhis it?15:30
charlie-tcahmm, could be a long week of trying to test. Blew up the cd-rw, today I lost a motherboard... Another good week.15:38
davmor2charlie-tca: do you go out of your way to harm your machines?15:39
charlie-tcaNot really harming them. Breaking them real good, instead.15:39
charlie-tcaMaybe they are getting old? (That motherboard was a 866MHz PIII)15:40
charlie-tcaI think I will have to buy some newer than 2001 hardware15:41
hggdhcharlie-tca: there is, I agree, a non-zero chance they are sort of, er, ancient ;-)15:41
* hggdh looks behind self, and also sees some rather old machines15:42
* charlie-tca still has a PII tester working15:43
hggdhI gave up on mine many years ago... my old machines are P4's15:44
charlie-tcaMy new machines are a P4 and an athlon 64 single-core15:45
hggdhuh, perhaps not-so-old, just ~7/8 years...15:48
charlie-tcahuh? You mean my "new" P4 is more than a year old already?15:52
marcavishello folks, how would I be able to limit the bandwidth usage for updating to Maverick RC?16:00
marcavisI've got trickle installed, but it looks like "trickle -d 45 do-release-upgrade -d" doesn't work as do-release-upgrade must be calling something else16:01
mvomarcavis: there is acquire::http::dl-limit "45"; that you can set in /etc/apt/apt.conf16:07
mvomarcavis: that applies to all things that uses apt as the downloader (like update-manager, synaptic, apt itself etc)16:08
marcavishmm, there is no single apt.conf file, I'll check those in apt.conf.d/ then16:08
marcavismvo: hmm, unless I just create that file?16:10
mvomarcavis: apt.conf.d will work just fine too16:12
marcavismvo: okay, thanks! :)16:13
highvoltageI'm having a bizarre issue with today's Edubuntu daily build under KVM. When I double click on "Install Edubuntu 10.10" for the first time it /sometimes/ opens the Trash folder (this happens on i386 and amd64), but after the first time it always opens Ubiquity fine16:28
highvoltageanyone seen this on other releases today?16:28
arafirst images are starting to appear in the tracker16:49
bladernrara:  yep... server images are up.  Game on16:58
bladernrhighvoltage:  are you sure that's the right ISO?  they're just now starting to show up on the iso tracker, so the images may not be as fresh as you think.16:59
bladernreither way, I'd suggest holding off until the edubuntu images show up on the iso tracker then sync them to be sure17:00
charlie-tcaI have been attempting to sync mine for 5 1/2 hours already. You want me wait now?17:11
arahey guys! ubuntu desktop ready to rock!17:23
kamusinara, wohooo!17:25
arayes, let the fun begin17:26
highvoltagebladernr: oops, whatever the last daily build was, I meant :)17:28
bladernrhighvoltage:  yeah, no worries.  Theres plenty of fun now and more coming soon17:28
highvoltagebladernr: but I guess it could be kvm related, because I had the same happen in a Lucid VM too this morning17:28
bladernrhonestly, I don't use kvm because I never could get them to be stable.  VirtualBox works all the time for me while KVM was mostly fail17:29
* ara syncs desktop i38617:31
ara(and hopes that cdimage is not overloaded)17:31
highvoltagebladernr: kvm works great, depending on how you use it and on what17:32
* bladernr really really wishes the dl-ubuntu-test-iso script worked for him :(17:35
skaetubuntu alternate has been put up now too...17:39
skaetara, bladenr, highvoltage,   looks like the images put down so far, are going to need to be refreshed.17:43
bladernrskaet:  groan....17:43
skaetnew images should be available in about 1/2 hour..17:44
* bladernr starts: while true; do syncisos.sh; done17:44
bladernrskaet:  ack17:44
skaetsorry... :(17:44
bladernrheh.. no worries.  I was wondering if you're enjoying the madness that is release time :-D17:45
charlie-tcaA helpful reminder: QA meeting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-quality17:45
* bladernr thinks this is the most fun... heh... I can almost hear the dramatic theme music playing in the background... oh, wait... that's my ipod ;-)17:46
highvoltageskaet: ok17:46
bladernrskaet:  the no worries was for you, btw...17:46
charlie-tcaOh, goody. I thought this was going to be an easy day :-)17:46
highvoltagedespite it being a short cycle it felt quite long, can't wait for maverick to finally be out there :)17:46
bladernrskaet:  does the respin apply to the server ISOs as well? I've already done two test cases for server17:54
skaetwe need to rebuild the images to get them labeled correctly,  no functional changes expected.17:55
skaetbladenr: ^^17:55
bladernrskaet:  roger that :)17:56
skaetbladernr, cjwatson has the new images built for server, and they'll be up soon.17:56
skaetbladenr,  they're up now.17:57
bladernrskaet:  cool. Thanks!17:57
bladernranyone remember an issue with encrypted LVM where the text line "Unlocking the disk /dev/disk/by-uuid/FOO" would be repeated for every character typed as you entered the passphrase to decrypt the LVM?18:08
arabladernr, yes, let me find it for you18:10
bladernrcool... I thought I had a duplicate of that one but can't find it now18:10
arabladernr, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/56681818:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 566818 in plymouth (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[Lucid] cryptsetup passphrase prompt during boot: every character typed repeats the prompt (affects: 12) (dups: 3) (heat: 80)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:10
bladernrara:  thanks! you're awesome18:11
arabladernr, the awesomeness comes from firefox's awesome bar :)18:12
bladernrara:  that's only a factor in the awesomeness equation ;-) a fair bit of that is natural talent18:13
fader_Awesomebar is the one thing I miss when I use chrome :/18:16
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* charlie-tca grabs the ubuntu alternate images19:13
bladernrpedro_:  are you doing the 32bit OEM install?20:26
pedro_bladernr, yes doing it now20:39
bladernrpedro_:  let me know how that works for you :-) it fails on my 64bit attempt due to a bug fader found with RC20:40
bladernrI'm just curious if that's only on 64bit or if it's across the board20:40
pedro_bladernr, what's failing ?20:40
fader_bladernr: Eh?  What are you testing and which bug?20:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 650703 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "OEM config appears to work but user setup is not run after reboot (affects: 2) (heat: 500)" [Undecided,New]20:40
* fader_ is syncing images and will start testing soon.20:40
pedro_ah ok let me try that since it just finished to install20:40
fader_I was having some weird issues that nobody else could reproduce, and I thought that was one of them20:41
fader_Maybe not though20:41
bladernrit just hit me, so ... you are not alone... or at the very least, you and I fail the same way :-)20:41
fader_It must be the kilts.20:44
charlie-tcaquadrapassel still fails silently in VBox20:44
pedro_bladernr, fader_ works fine on the 32bit image20:55
charlie-tcaanyone see a blurry logo on the ubuntu images?20:58
fader_charlie-tca: At which point?20:58
charlie-tcastarting the installation20:58
charlie-tcathe  splash screen20:58
fader_Ah, I don't get the nice graphics in vbox20:59
* charlie-tca needs to know if it is the image or the eyes20:59
charlie-tcaheh, I don't seem to get nice graphics on hardware!20:59
jibelbladernr, can you comment the lines "loopback loop0 /ubuntu/disks/root.disk" in grub.cfg and try to boot.21:24
jibelre your comment in the wubi bug ^^21:25
bladernrjibel:  maybe later... I'll have to recreate again. I've already wiped it so I can do wubi cases from iso.qa21:25
jibelbladernr, okay, no problem.21:26
bladernrI saved the grub.cfg file to look at for some reason (not sure why) but after I get the current wubi cases out of the way tonight or tomorrow I'll circle back to that one21:27
jibelbladernr, Are you able to run wubi.exe from a usb key ? I get the error: Internal error: Cannot copy ù''.exe21:43
bladernryeah, I'm just finishing up an install now that was run from usb key21:54
bladernr64bit Ubuntu21:54
jibelAnyone with Windows 7 ?21:57
jibeland you can run wubi ?22:00
bladernryep... just did it22:04
bladernrWin7 64bit ran wubi from the Ubuntu Desktop 64bit ISO put on usb key via usb-creator22:04
jibelhmm, wubi sucks.22:06
jibelI'll try on another system.22:06
bladernrhahaha... it does indeed :-D22:07
bladernrFWIW, Ive never gotten wubi to work on my netbook (but that's w/ 32bit WinXP)22:07
jibelthe previous version was working on the same hardware.22:08
bladernrbad usb key or ISO transfer?22:11
jibel2 different keys and md5 is correct. This looks like a problem with uninstalling the previous installation.22:13
jibelhaha, restart windows and wubi is happy again.  Windows sucks :D22:24
arahey! how's everything going?22:29
bladernrara:  it'22:31
bladernrit's all broken!22:31
bladernrRESPIN RESPIN RESPIN!!!!22:31
araclassic :P22:33
araI had an I/O error: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/65599922:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 655999 in ubuntu "Error input/output when installing in a KVM (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]22:34
araprobably a HW issue, but I prefer to report it and have cjwatson, or ev to have a look22:34
bladernryeah... I've had no problems with virtualbox... I gave up on KVM because I had too many errors that weren't reproducible in VBox22:35
bladernreverything mostly is working... I'm failing the OEM cases because oem-config is still broken.22:35
bladernrjibel is having wubi troubles (or windows troubles) but I'm not (wubi working fine so far)22:36
jibelara, that's the same hw which takes 6 hours to upgrade ?22:37
arajibel, no, different one22:37
araOK, anyway, I am going to bed, I will keep on testing tomorrow morning22:39
arahave a nice evening all22:40
aragood nigh22:40
jibelgood night ara22:40
bladernrjust opened a security bug... ;-)22:40
bladernrsigh... and it'll probably get shot down22:40
bladernrwheeee! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/65600422:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 656004 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity allows for rediculously easy passwords (tried in Kubuntu installer) (affects: 1) (heat: 258)" [Undecided,New]22:42
bladernrcharlie-tca:  yeah...22:48
bladernrmy new password is 'a'22:48
bladernrshhh... don't tell anyone.22:48
charlie-tcaWow! Easier to remember that way22:48
fader_bladernr: Hey, were you seeing the oem-config-prepare error on ubuntu or kubuntu?22:51
bladernrHowever, the default policy AFTER installing is still at least somewhat strict.  I tried in shell and gui and was forced to use a minimum of 6 chars22:51
bladernrfader_:  both22:51
fader_bladernr: Okay, re-confirmed on kubuntu :(22:52
bladernrhey fader... ^^^ I found out how I'm going to force a respin this time22:52
fader_bladernr: Heh, haven't you done enough of that? :P22:52
bladernrwell, yeah...22:53
fader_I'm going to try it on 32-bit, pedro_ to the contrary ;)22:54
fader_Hmm, same thing in 32-bit for me :/23:12
bladernrfader_:  oem?23:18
fader_bladernr: Yep :/23:18
jibelwubi i386 finally passed. Enough for today, good night all!23:22
bladernrjibel:  congrats!23:25
charlie-tcajibel: thanks23:26
bladernrwow... so d-i allows me to set a single character passphrase for encrypted lvm as well...23:32
charlie-tcaheh, my kind of password to remember23:33
fader_Well, nobody would guess it right off ;)23:34
fader_"Hmm, pet's name?  No.  Significant Other's Birthday?  No.  Middle name?  No."23:35
fader_It has that Spaceballs appeal that way.23:35
bladernrtrue...  the combination is 123:35
charlie-tcaThat's what I'm thinking too. Does it fail if the first letter entered is right but they type 2 letters?23:35
mdeslaur"Favorite programming language? AHA!"23:35
charlie-tcaSo, that OEM bug is limited to Desktop images?23:42
charlie-tcamy alternate 64 OEM worked23:42
fader_I was using alternates23:43
fader_charlie-tca: Were you testing on real hardware or VMs?23:44
charlie-tcaI have a hardware 386 running now23:44
fader_Bah... I've angered the Technology Gods or something23:45
* fader_ kicks his computer.23:45
fader_Ow, that hurt :(23:45
charlie-tcaHm, maybe the changed motherboard made mine behave?23:45
charlie-tcaI can not do the ltsp tests23:47
fader_charlie-tca: Out of curiosity, is your host system on maverick?23:48
fader_There goes that theory then :)23:48
charlie-tcaHost = Xubuntu maverick 64bit; test = Ubuntu Alternate 64 in VBox23:49
fader_So weird... no idea why it's hitting bladernr and me but not you23:50
charlie-tcaI'm good?23:53
charlie-tcaMaybe it is the kilts?23:53
fader_Heheh a little from column A, a little from column B...23:54
fader_bladernr: d-i on xubuntu prompts me for weak passwords on encrypted LVM23:54
* charlie-tca makes note to self; borrow a skirt for UDS - no, that should be "kilt"23:55
charlie-tcafader_: my 386 hardware oem is rebooting the first time23:57
fader_charlie-tca: I don't know whether to root for it working or against it :P23:57
charlie-tcaheh :-)23:58
charlie-tcaIf 64bit worked, this one should ;-)23:58

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