MuscovyHow do you like the new font, Omega?00:33
OmegaI haven't tried the RC yet00:55
MuscovyI quite like it. :D01:04
OmegaIt is nice01:19
UndiFineDgood morning06:00
SilasleWas there something about launchpad translations in the meeting?06:34
UndiFineDhi Silasle well, we want to ofcourse, but we need to promote the tour at UDS, before we can get it into the install cd, so english is first priority, deadline 23rd of oct06:57
MichealHUndiFineD: I can set up the Launchpad Translations07:47
UndiFineDMichealH, you'r not assigned as one of the team administrators, so that would be hard to do07:49
MichealHThats the issue07:50
UndiFineDnot sure if someone else here is07:50
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Moiso  /me21:17
* MichealH /me?21:17
Moisohm i'm trying a new irc app in my symbianphone sorry21:19
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MuscovyHello all. :D23:54

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