cjohnstonits already marked invalid00:00
zkriessenewz2000: Ping00:24
cjohnstonzkriesse: he kinda works 9-5.. what do you need02:14
zkriessecjohnston: not important02:16
AlanBellmorning newz2000, doing some light-wiki-theme stuff today?08:52
newz2000AlanBell: yes indeed. I think it'll be afternoon my time (it's 8:30am now)14:34
AlanBell14:35 here14:35
newz2000Hi, if anyone sees any bugs about the wiki theme not marked as high or medium priority that they think should be addressed before going out to the general public, bring them to my attention soon21:13
AlanBellI am pretty keen on bug 63503522:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 635035 in ubuntu-website "light-moin-theme is not on Launchpad (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63503522:08
newz2000AlanBell: there is going to be a new theme in a month, I'll probably just start fresh with that one22:11
AlanBellhmm, not so good22:14
AlanBellso at the moment there are a bunch of bugs that are not sufficiently high priority for you to address22:14
AlanBellwhich is totally fair enough22:14
AlanBellif bug 635035 is addressed then other people, such as myself can also make a time/priority judgement against the rest of the bugs22:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 635035 in ubuntu-website "light-moin-theme is not on Launchpad (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63503522:15
AlanBelland I can start chucking merge requests at you instead of bug reports22:15
AlanBellat the moment everyone apart from you is a spectator and a critic22:16
newz2000AlanBell: it's tempting. Let me see how much work is involved in splitting it out.22:17
AlanBellI don't care about any other bug apart from that one, because if that one gets fixed all the others can follow22:17
newz2000Total agreement22:18
newz2000my only fear is that, since this is a very short-term solution it will be wasted effort.22:18
AlanBellcopy the theme files to a fresh folder, bzr init, bzr push22:18
newz2000I hate wasting other people's effort :-/22:18
AlanBellyes, but it isn't *your* wasted effort so it doesn't matter :)22:18
AlanBelleven if it is short term there are things like the Ubuntu Weekly news which gets published on the wiki and the team reports22:19
AlanBellboth of which don't look great under the light theme at the moment22:19
newz2000I see22:19
AlanBellboth of those things are important enough to round up resources to make this stuff work22:20
AlanBellplus Ubuntu Open Week https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek which starts on 11th october and runs to the 15th22:21
AlanBellif the theme is made default on the 13th then the schedule page gets totally reformatted mid-event22:22
AlanBellakgraner: meet newz200022:24
akgranerhey newz2000!!!22:24
AlanBellakgraner is the editor of the Ubuntu Weekly News22:24
newz2000hey amber!22:24
akgranerAlanBell, yep we've talked :-)22:24
akgranerI didn't know I had to talk to newz2000 about the wiki pages too :-)22:25
AlanBellgood stuff22:25
AlanBellakgraner: are you also involved in Open Week?22:25
AlanBellso the shedule page would get the new theme halfway through the event22:25
akgraneroh wow - that is right22:25
akgranerso newz2000 look at UWN with the new theme22:27
* newz2000 looks22:27
akgranerit's hard to see the headers and tell the different sections  - they all run together22:27
newz2000looks messy22:27
akgranerI was playing with issue 21222:27
akgranerso you'll see a line there22:27
akgranerThis weeks hasn't gone out yet - I've been playing around with some different ways to make it look better - any ideas?22:28
newz2000The line is because moin is creating a list22:29
newz2000with one bullet22:29
newz2000I'm not sure why it does that22:29
AlanBellI don't think you would want to change the underlying markup much, I guess some people view it through the kubuntu theme or the edubuntu theme and it won't change for them22:29
newz2000yeah, but still22:29
* newz2000 smacks moin for hideous markup22:30
akgranerSo I am not sure how to make it look better22:30
AlanBellor even https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21222:31
akgranerCan we make the headers orange like theirs is blue :-)22:31
newz2000I'm sorry, I'm going to have to step out of this conversation. I've got a short time frame to get my stuff done. :-(22:31
newz2000I agree, these are problems.22:32
newz2000Iwill look into getting the code into lp for help22:32
akgranernewz2000, no worries  - thanks22:32
newz2000I will see if I can weasel some time in tomorrow morning (US time)22:32
AlanBellyay, get it in a bzr branch and we will throw merge requests at you22:32
akgranerthanks a million22:33

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