FreedomCowcollosi - thank you very much00:00
FreedomCow_Neytiri_: man ssh00:00
uLinuxjust a question.. resetting panels don't mess with Shortcuts in Applications Places, etc»00:00
rwwuLinux: correct00:00
sjmhello every one00:01
ruffleSon my notebook dell have wisely moved the function keys (F1-F12) down and now i have to hit fn first before the function key i want to use. this works ok on X/GNOME/etc but it won't work on ttyX (consoles). can anybody help me out with this?00:01
uLinuxrww: i thought if i reseted them it would "destroy" all my menu shortcuts :P00:01
collosiFreedomCow:  np00:01
sjmi would like to ask if ther is any dictionary can i use it on ubuntu00:01
z00mif anyone needs to get mp3 suppurt on k3b you need to do a apt-get install libk3b6-extracodecs00:02
ruffleSuLinux, i don't think so00:02
collosisjm:  isn't there already a dictionary installed by default?00:02
uLinuxwell virtual machine is nice to try that stuff00:02
ehcahIf I have configured gnome to autologon and I'm having trouble with that profile. Can I edit the login manager file from terminal?00:02
borkrww: thanks!00:02
collosisjm:  look in Applications --> Office00:03
sjmcollosi: yeah sure there is one but i want one that can i apply it by press shourt key by using my mouse and another key00:04
FredFlinstonehi, i seen this on some page , what exactly does it do? is it recommended? is it like WINDOWS UPDATE? sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade00:04
FredFlinstonei am a noob00:05
sjmi was using babylon so far under windows and was usefull00:05
collosisjm:  you talking about key binding?00:05
ruffleSuLinux, resetting gnome panel settings should only make its layout back into default looks00:05
uLinuxruffleS: yep it does i just tried00:06
sjmi mean if i want to get meaning of any word to need to to go and open the dictionary00:06
xanguaFredFlinstone: it does what it says....00:06
ruffleSFredFlinstone, those commands are not harmful. u can do the same tasks graphically though00:06
sjmwhat i have to do just press right click on mouse and ctrl00:07
FredFlinstoneruffleS, thanks00:07
itmustbejj_how would I go about mounting an sd card from an external card reader?00:07
icerootitmustbejj_: mount /dev/sdX /where/you/want/it00:08
sjmcollosi:  are you got what i am saying?00:08
itmustbejj_iceroot thanks man00:08
mamece2is there anyone here who use music players from an external HD?00:08
iceroot!anyone | mamece200:08
ubottumamece2: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:08
collosisjm:  not really, but I think you want to open a dictionary program using keyboard shortcuts?00:09
dwarderubottu: botsnack00:09
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!00:09
arvutFredFlinstone: sudo gives you the admin rights you need to run aptitude with those arguments. && is a more logical way of saying "and", in other words "do these commands && do these too"00:09
icerootFredFlinstone: && means do that command if the previos command was successfull00:10
arvuticeroot: thk for clarifying that =)00:10
sjmcolllosi:  not just open it, also to get word meaning direct from that shortcuts00:10
collosisjm:  the only thing I know that can do something like that is a program called gnome-do, but it does a lot more than just that.  You might want to give it a try00:12
sjmcolllosi:  so no need to write the words just i will put the mouse on it and i will get the meaning automaticlly00:12
itmustbejj_iceroot I don't have an sdX, shouldn't I be able to see it with fdisk -l?00:12
mamece2i have an issue with rhythmbox, everytime i run the app it tryes to scan my HD and ive got a lot of music files, this turn my pc really slow, how can i avoid this' i just want to listen to my music in the external HD, just scan it ONCE. anyone help?00:12
arvuticeroot: is there a way to make the later command execute anyway even if the previous command was unsuccessful? just curious :P00:12
uLinuxwhen i type "fdisk -l" it shows nothing00:13
gwernanyone run into an error with rdiff-backup where it always exits with the traceback 'AttributeError: RPath instance has no attribute 'inc_compressed''?00:13
sjmcollosi:  thanks for your help00:13
itmustbejj_uLinux same here00:13
collosisjm:  you wan this to be done in a browser or just in general withing your ubuntu environment?00:13
dzup2hello is there a way to let free my dev webcam, i killall cheese but my device still busy00:13
sjmi will try it00:13
arvutmamece: try a different player, vlc is amazingly good, cross-platform too00:14
Dragon64mamece2 try going to edit prefernces -- music --- watch my libraries for new files00:14
Dragon64uncheck it00:14
mamece2dragon64 i did it, it did nothing00:14
uLinuxitmustbejj_: try with sudo00:14
ehcahIs there any way to open Google Chrom from with xbmc?00:14
ehcahfrom within xbmc.00:14
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uLinuxitmustbejj_: sudo fdisk -l workds00:14
sjmcollosi:  in browser or in general withing ubuntu environment00:15
mamece2dragon64 the same happens with banshee00:15
itmustbejj_uLinux I don't even think my sd reader is being detected, I only have sd1,2, and 5 whether or not the reader is plugged in00:15
uLinuxitmustbejj_:  ok dunno00:16
dzup2letme explain my problem, i did ran cheese and let it be for a while, then cheese freeze the video, soo i exit cheese but when i try to use my webcam again the cam said is not found, i think my webman is busy some how, is there a way to fix this, said unmount the webcam or kill some process?00:16
JantireWhere can one find individuals to assist in projects?00:17
formolQCje suis en train d'essayer de poser un "clip heatsink", et bref, à 3:12, le gars parle de "little force" et agit avec un tournevisse pour la clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2gi0GTzfTA  et bref, essayant une solution similaire, je dois forcer anormallement et je n'aime pas ça, ma réaction est-ellle normale ?00:17
collosisjm:  best thing I could find was this, but it's not exactly what you wanted  http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/171440/add_a_desktop_dictionary_to_ubuntu.html00:17
aeon-ltddzup2: why not just reboot?00:17
formolQCoups, bad channel, sorry00:17
Dragon64dzup2 -- did you make sure that cheese is really gone?  ps -A    ?00:17
dzup2aeon-ltd:  i did but still busy00:17
JantireWhere can one find individuals to assist in projects?00:17
Siph0nJantire, code.google.com? github.com ? sourceforge.com ?00:18
Dragon64dzup2 -- there is probly a lok file somwhere00:18
* mamece2 cries a river00:18
xangua!fr > formolQC:00:18
JantireI'm saying, not random people that browse sourceforge00:18
dzup2Dragon64: this did it last time killall istanbul    but i dont found that or either cheese opn ps -A00:19
Dragon64dzup2 -- check hidden directories -- one sec00:19
mamece2i should stay windows..00:20
Dragon64try /home/dzup2/.gconf00:20
Dragon64there is most likely a folder under apps00:20
Dragon64might be a lock file there, delete it00:20
Dragon64just poke around, you will find it00:21
cartes_hi all00:21
Dragon64thats all i do!00:21
DCGstudiosHey everyone, currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im currently trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error". I can pastebin more info if needed.00:21
Claudinuxhi all, is there a way to add customize emoticons in empathy?00:21
gripHello all Any one running the 10.10 rc that has the gforce 218gt 310m working.I don't want to waste time installing the rc to have it not work.I could not get it to work with 10.400:21
dzup2Dragon64: there is a $HOME/.gconf/app/cheese directory ...am going to rm that00:21
Daekdroom!maverick | grip00:21
ubottugrip: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:21
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:22
cartes_I am having problems in getting my MIC work on my Sony Vaio VGN-TXN25N laptop... :(00:22
gripubottu was in there already no luck00:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:22
dzup2Dragon64: no luck00:22
JantireI have a question, are people (namely the open-source community) interested in developing for the education industry00:23
arvutmamece2: patience is a powerful ally ;) so is creative problemsolvingskills. I'm sure you will manage if you have some of each =)00:23
JantireDeveloping the software as open-source and the hardware as closed source?00:23
Dragon64anything about the webcam in dmesg?00:23
DCGstudiosNobody has any experience with apt-get or dkpg errors? It seems to only be a problem with virtualbox, other programs install / unisntall correctly..00:23
mamece2arvut ive tryed in almost every thread in ubuntu, no one get an anwser just like me00:24
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aknagiDoes anyone know how to get one taskbar for all desktops, like in Mint?00:25
mamece2arvut i cant believe i need to have my files locally, my library is very big, is in an external HD. it was so easy in winamp, just one scan of the external HD and that all a library was created, everytime i close and opened again, it was there00:25
dzup2Dragon64: checking00:25
rusivijantire: one could make the argument the FOSS effort is already doing this.00:25
uLinuxCan someone explain me what warning is this on GParted? http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/4948/errordw.png00:25
JantireIs the open-source community interested in a collabrative effort on improving (US Grades) 6-12 education?00:25
rusiviJantire: It already is.00:26
Dragon64Jantire try Moodle00:26
JantireI'm referring to on a different level, not just software but hardware as well00:26
mamece2i always tough u guys has the answer to everything, tonight i found an question who has no answer.. or i guess no one here listen music from an external HD00:26
Jantirean "all over the board" education system00:26
Jantirenamece2: I used to do taht00:26
Jantirenamece2: I had all my storage on an external HDD, what's the issue?00:27
ramonhi all00:27
arvutmamece2: maybe you don't? there surely must be some way around it. carry on, as long as you don't give up then there is a chance you will solve the problem on your own.00:27
mamece2jantire everytime i close and open rhythmbox or banshee it tryes to scan the HDD00:27
JantireThat's because it's configured that all the directories are there, I would suggest having it scan a system link to it00:28
mamece2jantire and my HDD has a LOT of files,i  just want them to be scanned one and then the next time i open the player have them ready to play00:28
JantireThat means its always looking for changes, go in the settings and see if it has anyhting on not updating it's database00:29
rusiviJantire: The question to ask, how are those involved in education moving themselves to FOSS, saving themselves tons of money, allowing them to put those funds to other efforts (better science lab/sport/learning facilities)?00:29
uLinuxhttp://img63.imageshack.us/img63/4948/errordw.png What does this mean?00:29
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ramonis there a way to get ubuntu to automatically mount a partition?00:29
DCGstudiosramon, yes in /etc/fstab00:29
mamece2jantire i uncheck the "always look for changes" box, it keep scanning the external HDD because its an external drive00:30
collosiuLinux:  have you tried mounting the device?00:30
ramonk, DCG, but what do i do?00:30
JantireIt doesn't know its an external drive00:30
Jantirewell it most likely doesnt00:31
uLinuxcollosi: it's a pendrive Ubuntu recognizes and mounts it00:31
JantireI would suggest reinstalling it or at least reseting the settings ofi t00:31
Jantire*of it00:31
uLinuxcollosi: but gparted shows that because it's NTFS00:31
DCGstudiosramon, might wanna google it, lots of pages on it. basiclly you just have to tell it: what partition, what filesystem type, what what permissons.00:31
collosiuLinux:  try unmounting the device then, and trying gparted after you have unmounted it00:31
uLinuxcollosi: :)00:31
DCGstudiosramon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab00:32
mamece2jantire it always autoscan usb devices.. the same happens to banshee...00:32
uLinuxcollosi: well now GParted doesnt dectect it00:32
uLinuxcollosi: what if i eject instead of unmount00:32
DCGstudiosIm currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error" and exiting.00:33
DCGstudiosAny ideas?00:33
collosiuLinux:  let me try it myself, since I have never done it, give me a couple of minutes00:33
nullp0interi generated new rsa keys for ssh and now ubuntu wont login to my server because the fingerprints dont match...how can i rest it?00:34
mamece2is there any irc channel to ask about music player for ubuntu?00:37
nullp0intermamece2: try out amarok00:37
mamece2nullp0inter amarok is hell even to start playing music00:37
mamece2there is again my laptop about to melt coz banshee is scanning (again) all the files in my HD00:38
collosiuLinux:  I don't get any errors, what are you trying to do to the pendrive?00:38
viki_hi All, when i try to connect to any nfs server with my client it gives me the following error: "mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified" Can you please to help me what i missed?00:39
DCGstudiosIm currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error" and exiting.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.00:39
Dragon64viki what mount options did you specify00:39
papertigersanyone have the trackpad working under 10.10 on a macbook pro unibody?00:40
Ryen!10.10 | papertigers00:40
ubottupapertigers: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:40
collosiviki_:  how are you trying to mount?00:40
viki_Dragon64 and collosi: "sudo mount /home/viki/Java/virtualServer"00:41
itmustbejj_if my external card reader is not being detected in lspci is there a way force my computer to detect it?00:41
uLinuxcollosi: i'd like to format it using NTFS but im afraid because once i tried that and then Ubuntu didn't recognize it anymore even i used window$ for NTFS.00:42
pucko-itmustbejj_, you mean lsusb?00:42
itmustbejj_pucko yeah it doesn't show up in lsusb :)00:42
Dragon64viki take a look at this00:43
Dragon64you didnt specift that it was nfs00:43
tom][vHi all :-), I'm finding a bit slow to drag n drop programs to netbook-launcher using gui, where are the text file settings for this kept so that I can directly edit which programs are in which section?00:43
Dragon64try          sudo mount -F nfs /home/viki/Java/virtualServer"00:44
viki_Dragon64: if i use -t nfs or the mount.nfs, the result is the same00:44
viki_i have already tried00:44
mamece2conclusion; ubuntu fails in music00:44
Dragon64not mount.nfs00:45
Dragon64mount nfs blah blah blah00:45
pucko-itmustbejj_, i don't think so :(00:45
collosiuLinux:  have you tried $sudo fdisk /dev/sdb00:45
collosiuLinux:  then just delete the partition and repartition using gparted00:45
holsteineHello I have ubuntu 10.04 and I accidently deleted a .avi file, is there anyway to get it back?00:45
tom][valternatively is there a command line interface for netbook-launcher?00:45
brimestonehey gang... where can i find "/etc/log/secure" in ubuntu server 10.04.1?00:46
Ryenholsteine: Check the trash?00:46
Dragon64holsteine did you look in the lost and found folder?00:46
holsteineRyen: I did shift + delete00:46
rwwlost+found isn't for accidental deletions00:46
uLinuxcollosi: ill try btw.. what the difference between eject and safetely remove?00:46
Dragon64o ok00:46
dev001Immediately after I stop sshd with '/etc/init.d/sshd', it restarts under a new pid.  What could be re-init'ing it?00:46
rwwit's for data found during disk checks that might be a file but for which the filesystem can't find a name and place00:47
viki_Dragon64: it does not work with the -F00:47
collosiuLinux:  As far as I know none, but I could be wrong00:47
viki_Dragon64: but at all....00:47
collosiviki_:  have you tried -o yet?00:48
Alan502Hey, I have a problem with my sound. I can only have sound from one application at a time, for example if I'm using amarok my browser will not play sounds until I close amarok. How can I fix this?00:48
holsteineso there aint a way to get the .avi file back ?00:48
viki_collosi: to specify the port and the protocol (tcp/udp).... yes00:48
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:48
viki_collosi: but with the same result00:48
Kingsycan someone tell me how to find out if a program is in the reops? I am sure I have found this out before. but I forget00:49
SporkWitchhave an access question.  I've done a clean install of 10.04, but i need to specify noapic to get it to boot.  I can boot the livecd, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get permissions to modify the /etc/default/grub on sda1.  Any suggestions?00:49
arvutis there a way to remove files starting with a double hyphen (--filename) with rm?00:49
sebikulKingsy, go to System->Administration->Synaptics00:49
Kingsyah right, I was thinking you could do it via the terminal00:50
pucko-arvut, do 'rm -- --filename' work?00:51
KukuNutKingsy: on a terminal aptitude search <pkg-name>00:51
collosiviki_: has the nfs mount ever worked before?00:51
Kingsyok.. thanks00:51
uLinuxholsteine: if it's in trash..00:51
arvutpucko: will check, one sec (it's on me n900 phone)00:51
Kingsyhmm perhaps I need to read about aptitude and apt-get etc.. I have no idea what the difference is00:52
DCGstudiosIm currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error" and exiting.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.00:52
dborbaSuggestions for an application to "stream" thoughts from my head into a wyswyg editor?00:52
Kingsycos you can install apps using both of those commands00:52
holsteineuLinux: it's not because I did shift+delete00:52
SporkWitchhave an access question.  I've done a clean install of 10.04, but i need to specify noapic to get it to boot.  I can boot the livecd, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get permissions to modify the /etc/default/grub on sda1.  Any suggestions?00:53
SporkWitchdborba: there's a reference in one of the wiki articles about neural interfaces that's quite promising (no joke)00:53
uLinuxholsteine: well the file is still on the disk.. but you would need to use software to recover it00:53
KukuNutKingsy: pkg-name or part of name00:53
pucko-DCGstudios, that is usually a conflict of some kind. usually in the postinst or postrm scripts. but could be anything.00:53
DCGstudiospucko, i can give more detailed information if you have a chance of knowing what it is.00:53
KingsyKuKuNut - how come some poeple use aptitude to install things and others use apt-get?00:53
dborbaSporkWitch, sadly, afaik, those are still dealing with just keystrokes & mouse movement :(00:53
BTCan someone help me with DCC with nix? im trying to get files from my win computer to my laptop running linux.00:53
DCGstudiospucko, seems to be a problem with python from first impressions on the error, but reinstalling python has done nothing.00:53
holsteineuLinux: you know if photorec would do it?00:53
uLinuxholsteine: sry i never used recover software00:54
pucko-DCGstudios, which package made the error?00:54
KukuNutKingsy: they have different dependency treatments..removal, etc.  use them both to make a better decision00:54
uLinuxholsteine: but i know they are useful00:54
SporkWitchdborba: true, but i said "promising," not "in production" or "complete" lol; any suggestions on my issue?  Need to log in to the mounted drive via livecd so i can modify my grub file; booting from HDD doesn't let me specify noapic before it craps itself, and the livecd doesn't have perms to modify the file00:54
DCGstudiospucko-, its virtualbox-ose. want the error?00:54
BTanyone on here good with linux file system msg me please. i cant get DCC to work where i can save file.00:55
arvutpucko: yeah that did the job =) yay thx!00:55
neil_dI am currently logged into a computer remotely... can I get a screen shot of what is currently displayed on the monitory?00:55
pucko-let me see the error00:55
dborbaSporkWitch, oooh - i actually had to deal with something similar. are you getting a read only problem?00:55
KingsyKuKuNut - isnt that a little strange having two methods of insalling an app? for example. .what if someone gave you a pc to fix and you had to uninstall some apps? you couldnt unless you know how the person installed them...00:55
bobstroKingsy:  you may want to read this - http://pthree.org/2007/08/12/aptitude-vs-apt-get/00:55
DCGstudiospucko`, http://pastebin.com/f2mg9e7L00:55
itmustbejj_where do I go to append kernel options for grub?00:55
Kingsythanks will do00:55
DCGstudiospucko-, http://pastebin.com/f2mg9e7L00:55
ZykoticK9DCGstudios, have you tried "sudo apt-get -f install" - if this fails, perhaps pastebining the error might help00:55
SporkWitchdborba: pretty much.  it's an obvious permissions issue.  i can open and edit the file, but the livecd doesn't have write perms.  it's a fresh, clean install of 10.0400:56
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, yes, and purge, and reinstall, and everything else.00:56
uhu01neil_d: have a look at xwd, it might be able to do what you need00:56
bobstroKingsy:  in short, if you use aptitude consistently, it's supposed to do a better job of cleaning up orphans and dependencies when you uninstall.00:56
SporkWitchdborba: due to toshiba's FUBAR'd ACPI system, you have to run noapic to get it to boot, but the install doesn't give me the chance to do so, so i need to use the livecd to make the change in grub lol00:56
dborbaSporkWitch, you gotta remount the drive. gimme a second and i should be able to find how to do it00:56
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, http://pastebin.com/f2mg9e7L     if youd like to take a look00:56
neil_duhu01: ok I will look00:56
SporkWitchdborba: thanks mate, googling while asking, but i'm a fan of simultaneous effort for faster solutions lol00:57
ZykoticK9DCGstudios, i had a look - i have no idea man.  good luck.00:57
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, lol thanks00:57
bobstroKingSeta2:  that said, both work for installing and uninstalling.00:57
uhu01neil_d: you'll have to set the correct display variable, and I'm not sure if it will work on a session that is not yours...00:57
pucko-DCGstudios, pretty sure it's an error in the postrm script for that package. probably easiest to just clean up manually.00:57
DCGstudiospucko-, how would i go about that00:58
LinuxGuy2009I gave Brasero another shot, I'm having issues with Nero not working now, so I decided to test out brasero once again. I tried to burn a disc and it finished fine. Now I'm trying to verify and it says I dont have permissions. I just selected the .checksum.md5 file on the disc. Do I need to copy it to another drive first or something or whats up?00:58
KukuNutKingsy: uninstalling either way is not a problem00:58
KingSeta2HEy there, anybody may has an idea how my Soundcard could get removed from Alsa? Since an new start the Soundcard is away...?!00:58
pucko-DCGstudios, um, try 'locate postrm|grep virtualbox-ose'. should probably be somewhere in /var00:58
viki_collosi: i never tried on this machine00:59
uhu01neil_d: if you need the identity of a windows, you can use xwininfo00:59
uriel_hi i was wondering if there might be a quick way to print multiple documents? i know that windows seven has a right click option to print all selected. i was wondering if there might be an Ubuntu equivalent.00:59
DCGstudiospucko-, /var/lib/dpkg/info/virtualbox-ose.postrm         anything in particular im looking for?00:59
KingSeta2Or how could i say Alsa to renew his config???00:59
pucko-yeah, that's it. if you remove that file I think apt won't complain (but it will leave the package somewhat messy)01:00
KingsyKuKuNut - ah right.. I must have misunderstood01:00
uLinuxcollosi: i deleted some files from the NTFS file system with shift+del dont know if that's the problem01:00
Kingsythanks for the info.. and the link01:00
dborbaSporkWitch, so my issue is that I actually bombed my fstab & had no cd-rom. struggled a bit to find the right way to enable read/write. i think this one didn't work for me, but try: mount -o remount,rw /01:00
uLinuxcollosi: 'cause if just delete it will create hidden files on it01:00
neil_duhu01: this is looking less likely.. As I would like to see if the gdm login screen is being displayed...01:00
pucko-DCGstudios, see what the script does, and either fix or clean up yourself. then remove it.. (i think)01:00
DCGstudiospucko-,  update-rc.d virtualbox-ose remove >/dev/null01:00
DCGstudiospucko-, thats the only main functionality of that script01:01
pucko-DCGstudios, oh01:01
uriel__ hi i was wondering if there might be a quick way to print multiple documents? i know that windows seven has a right click option to print all selected. i was wondering if there might be an Ubuntu equivalent.01:01
Kingsyahhh, there is nothing better than having a beer and messing with a new operating system :D01:01
collosiuLinux:  I don't think that should have anything to do with it.  You are just trying to reformat your drive right?01:01
uhu01neil_d: try xwd -out screenshot.xwd -root -display :0.001:01
DCGstudiospucko-, you think removing that script is a good idea?01:01
KukuNutKingsy: you just have to understand and confirm what it tells you to remove/install before you say yes01:01
dantonicshould I get 32bit or 64bit desktop version of 10.04?  why does it say that 64bit is not recommended for daily desktop usage?01:01
Kingsyright yea01:02
uLinuxcollosi: yes01:02
pucko-DCGstudios, it just removes it from the runlevels. shouldn't be a problem. but do a backup of the file anyway. (but that made me curious if that really was the problem to begin with)01:02
uLinuxcollosi: im gonna just format to fat32 on window$ and try again with gparted01:02
DCGstudiospucko-, yea i was going to back it up and try, ill give it a shot real quick and let you know.01:02
neil_duhu01: error "xwd:  unable to open display ':0.0'"01:03
SporkWitchdborba: can't find it in the fstab lol.  looking up how i can specify all it needs in the command (been a while, i'm rusty)01:03
collosiuLinux:  you can try this in linux if you'd like $sudo umount /dev/sdb101:03
dborbaSporkWitch, you don't need to mess with the fstab - that was specific to my problem just remount your drive on the command line01:03
collosiuLinux: then $sudo fdisk /dev/sdb1   then delete the ntfs partition with the "d" command and create a new one01:04
uLinuxcollosi: it's mounted on /dev/sdb not 101:04
dborbaSporkWitch, where did ubuntu mount the drive to? I'll tailor a command for it01:04
ZykoticK9dantonic, i agree that this is a "bug" with the web site https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/585940 but honestly, only use 64bit if A) you are willing to tweak your system more and/or B) you have more then 4GB of memory - or use 32bit as website suggests01:04
DCGstudiospucko-, yea same problem.. doesn't seem to have effected anything either way..01:04
SporkWitchdborba: /media/[long alphanumeric string]01:04
dev001Ok, I'm stumped.  I _removed_ all *ssh* from /etc/{init.d,rc*.d}/, and rebooted.  sshd is *STILL* starting up on boot. Short of removing sshd from the box, how do I turn start-on-boot OFF?01:04
gui11ehay ayuda en español?01:04
collosiuLinux: oh ok then type that in, your hex code should be "7" for HPFS/NTFS01:04
dborbaSporkWitch, alright  gimme 1 second01:05
undecimHow to install packages as dependencies? (so that i can dpkg -i a package that depends on packages from the repos)01:05
jribdev001: erm, you should put what you removed back and ask for the right way to do it... (hint: *read* /etc/init/ssh.conf )01:05
root_opWhen booting 10.4.1 one of my screens turns purple and the other one just shuts down.01:05
uLinux!es | gui11e01:05
ubottugui11e: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:05
SporkWitchdborba: appreciate it01:05
collosiuLInux:  then you can type "w" to write and "q" to quit.  now type this command $mkntfs /dev/sdb01:05
neil_ddev001: have you tried "update-rc.d"01:05
root_opI know this is because of the radeon drivers, I'm thinking it might be energy saver features or something.01:05
uLinuxcollosi: hm ok01:05
root_opAny ideas on how to disable this?01:05
dev001neil_d  yep. that was the first thing i tried.01:05
gui11ehelp in spanish?01:05
dborbaSporkWitch, alright - just to make sure I'm not completely off on what the problem is tell me what you get for a mount -l01:05
DCGstudiosIm currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error" and exiting.  Pastebin of error.. http://pastebin.com/f2mg9e7L01:06
uhu01neil_d: you'll have to find the correct X display for the session you are trying to make the screenshot of01:06
collosiuLinux:  you are basically doing what gparted does, but in a terminal01:06
uhu01neil_d: otherwise it should work01:06
neil_ddev001: just a guess here.. may inetd is starting it.01:06
uLinuxcollosi: yes01:06
uLinuxcollosi: im just saving a file01:06
SporkWitchdborba: standby for pastebin01:06
gui11ehelp in spanish?01:07
ZykoticK9!sp | gui11e01:07
neil_duhu01: do you know how to a list of all the x displays current open?01:07
SporkWitchdborba: http://pastebin.com/6HBpydcW01:07
jribdev001: ubuntu no longer uses sysv init, it uses upstart01:07
ZykoticK9it's !es not !sp sorry01:08
root_opAlso, dpms options in xorg doesn't work.01:08
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dev001jrib: ok, not sure what that does for me.  i'm on "day 2" of Ubuntu.  How do I prevent sshd from running?  Turning off a service shouldn't be that tough ...01:09
collosiuLinux:  are you dual booting?01:09
dborbaSporkWitch, from that it looks like your hd is not mounted at the moment. can you see inside it right now?01:09
uLinuxdev001: i know it wait01:09
jribdev001: did you read the file I told you about?01:09
liuzhuI'm new here01:09
dev001jrib: Yes, I'm staring at it right now.  It's now clear to me what I'm supposed to do with it ...01:10
dev001delete it?01:10
dev001edit it?01:10
uhu01neil_d: no, sorry...01:10
LinuxGuy2009How do I get Brasero in Lucid to verify a CD? It says I dont have permissions to use the drive.01:10
jribdev001: no....  If you create a file called "/etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run", ssh will not be started01:10
neil_duhu01: oh rats.....01:10
uLinuxdev001: "gksudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config" and change it to "start on never"01:10
SporkWitchdborba: sry lol, updated it now, refresh the page, it's the last line.01:11
SporkWitchdborba: from the looks of that, it IS mounted as rw, but for some reason i can't modify the /etc/default/grub file on it01:11
uLinuxdev001: find the line that says 'start' and change it to 'start on never'01:11
blakkheims/gksudo gedit/sudo vi01:11
collosiLinuxGuy2009:  when you type $cat /etc/group |grep "your username"  do you see yourself in cdrom?01:11
ZykoticK9LinuxGuy2009, (not tested) if it's an md5 sum could you run something like "sudo md5sum /dev/YOURCDROM"?01:12
uLinuxdev001: it's not that file it is /etc/init/ssh.conf01:12
Kingsyanyone in here used rdesktop before?01:12
root_opForcing VESA did the trick.01:12
LinuxGuy2009collosi: Yes I see my name listed on cdrom.01:12
uhu01neil_d: you could try ps aux | grep X01:13
ZykoticK9!anyone | Kingsy01:13
ubottuKingsy: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:13
LoshkiKingsy: I've used rdesktop. Got a problem?01:13
collosiLinuxGuy2009: try out what ZykoticK9 said01:13
KB1JWQI'm using rdesktop now with no problems.01:13
dborbaSporkWitch, the last line I see (17) is a virtual file system. i still don't see your hd01:13
DCGstudiosIm currently having a fairly advanced problem with apt-get, im trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose and dkpg keeps getting a "subprocess error" and exiting.  Pastebin of error.. http://pastebin.com/f2mg9e7L01:13
arcaoshello folks, need some leaders01:14
dborbaSporkWitch, if you try to modify directly /etc/default/grub you're gonna run into problems because that's a virtual file01:14
SporkWitchdborba: last line should be 18.  it reads:01:14
SporkWitch/dev/sda1 on /media/965a5f1e-062e-4c9c-8dd6-a2666cadbbd2 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)01:14
neil_duhu01: "ps -aux | grep X" didn't show anything (except the grep command)01:14
uhu01neil_d: are you sure your X server is running?01:14
jribDCGstudios: and you have no idea why?  You've never installed anything to /usr/local or outside the repositories in any manner?01:14
SporkWitchdborba: end goal is simply to apend "noapic" to the line that normally just reads "quiet splash" for the default boot01:15
arcaosI have developed some before but would like to modify mahjongg program to add some features, what development environment would you suggest I use under ubuntu?01:15
neil_duhu01: no!01:15
dborbaSporkWitch, Ah - couldn't get it from refreshing... But yea - are you trying to modify /media/965a5f1e-062e-4c9c-8dd6-a2666cadbbd2/etc/default/grub?01:15
dborbaSporkWitch, that's the one you want...01:15
uhu01neil_d: I think you just prove that it is not running...01:15
SporkWitchdborba: yup, and it's saying i don't have perms when i try to overwrite it01:15
kholerabbiis someone able to help me? I'm connected via wireless but on this network it again and again stops loading working and I have to reconnect. My computer works fine with other wireless networks and other (windows or mac) computers work fine on /this/ network. :(01:16
DCGstudiosjrib, iv installed a few things from other repo's, any idea how to figure out what would cause the conflict?01:16
jribDCGstudios: well probably python related...01:16
mamece2hey guys ithink my problem got fixed, but i did nothing :(01:16
KingsyLoshki - ahh nm, I think I have it.. I couldnt toggle between full screen and back01:16
SporkWitchdborba: maybe i'm overcomplicating it.  gonna try to copy the file, edit the copy, then paste it over (maybe it's just the CLI editor that doesn't want to do it)01:16
=== connie_ is now known as iceware
LoshkiDCGstudios: interesting. It claims you're missing a python library. Any idea how that happened...?01:16
icewarelike know01:16
dborbaSporkWitch, ummm - that's pretty weird. you are using sudo to modify it right?01:16
icewarenightmare x spell01:16
neil_duhu01: oh... if it wasn't running would I be able to log in via the terminal on <ctrl><atl><f1> etc.01:16
* iceware spell01:16
mghuertashi friends01:17
DCGstudiosjrib, Loshki, well probably from some installation but more a matter of figuring out what. what the default python package for 10.04?01:17
SporkWitchdborba: of course lol.  exactly command was: sudoedit /media/[that long string]/etc/default/grub01:17
jribDCGstudios: if you've somehow been in the habit of installing things from other repositories at random, you should just reinstall and not do that01:18
uhu01neil_d: but then it should show up in the process list01:18
SporkWitchused nano to edit it, but when i try to save and overwrite the old file, it comes up with not being allowed01:18
DCGstudiosjrib, Loshki, Its not random01:18
CountDownAnyone else having trouble connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com?01:18
ZykoticK9neil_d, i really like your quoting keys with the <symbols>, i'm gonna steal that and start using it ;)01:18
dborbaSporkWitch, just making sure :P - sometimes people try silly things. try to sudo touch something in that folder and see if it lets you01:18
jribDCGstudios: ok, so what did you install outside the repositories?01:18
uhu01I'm currently running 2.6.32-24-generic, what it the standard way to get usbfs in the kernel?01:18
neil_dZykoticK9: go ahead01:18
jribDCGstudios: and what repositories?01:18
DCGstudiosjrib, its a live USB, and installing a few tools from the backtrack 4 repos (meant for 8.10).01:19
DCGstudiosjrib, But i have only installed 1 package (aircrack-ng) since the fresh install on this stick.01:19
SporkWitchdborba: nothing happens.  i enter: sudo touch ./grub (cd'd into the right dir, don't worry), and it just gives me another line01:20
DCGstudiosjrib, Which default python package is 10.04 using? Mabey im pulling one from the wrong repo01:21
jribDCGstudios: I don't understand.  You started by saying you installed "a few things from other repo's", then "installing a few tools from backtrack 4 repos" and now you've only installed "1 package (aircrack-ng)"01:21
arvutmamece2: welcome back & well done =) you probably did something even if you don't know what you did, I do that all the time ^^01:21
kholerabbiHi, my wireless connection keeps cutting out when using this particular network, while other computers on this network are having no trouble.. any suggestions?01:21
DCGstudiosjrib, i installed aircrack-ng from BT4 repo's, thats it. '01:21
mamece2arvut i dont like that :( but it worked :p01:21
jribDCGstudios: how did you do so?01:21
mamece2whats the meaning of swap memory?01:21
dborbaSporkWitch, did the m-time change? just seeing if you can write at all to that location.  alternatively "sudo touch test" and see if an empty file test gets made. (just delete right afterwards if it does). if it doesnt you can't write to that folder at all01:22
DCGstudiosjrib, Added the repo to /etc/apt/sources.list, added the GPG key, then ran apt-get update. then ran apt-get install aircrack-ng. No errors.01:22
jribDCGstudios: reinstall and stop adding non-ubuntu repositories to your sources.list01:22
ZykoticK9DCGstudios, mixing repos is crazyness in my opinion...  isn't aircrack-ng available in ubuntu repo, or PPA - if you add a whole repo it takes everything when you update, not just that one package01:22
vachohow do I setup an ftp account to my ubuntu web server that is restricted to a single directory?01:22
Loshkijrib: amen01:22
SporkWitchdborba: maybe i'm going about it the wrong way.  if i create my own grub on the VFS from the livecd, can i load that into the actual grub bootloader on the HDD?01:23
neil_duhu01: I think there is something screwy here "service gdm reload" get me an error "reload: Unknown instance:"01:23
CountDownOr maybe a better question is anyone else having trouble connecting to the US repositories for installations and upgrades?01:23
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SporkWitchdborba: it created test01:23
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, jrib, I dont think its availiable in the ubuntu repo's.01:23
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:23
uLinuxcollosi: btw did you really format it to NTFS?01:23
variableis this channel logged?01:23
mamece2!swap /mamece201:24
jribDCGstudios: whether it is or is not, adding non-ubuntu repositories to your sources.list is a great way to break a system01:24
jrib!logs | variable01:24
ubottuvariable: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/01:24
kholerabbiHi, my wireless connection keeps cutting out when using this particular network, while other computers on this network are having no trouble.. any suggestions?01:24
SporkWitchdborba: got some new info.  i can create files in that folder, but once created, i no longer own them, and cannot write to or remove them01:24
kholerabbiI'm using Maverick RC but had the same problem on the LTS01:24
ZykoticK9!info aircrack-ng | DCGstudios01:24
ubottuDCGstudios: aircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0-1 (lucid), package size 1529 kB, installed size 2748 kB01:25
DCGstudiosjrib, Im aware of the risks, like i said its just a live USB01:25
dborbaSporkWitch, you should definitely be able to modify that file then :\ you can certainly try to replace the file if you think that's easier. id first try to do a "sudo mv grub grub.bak" and see if it lets u move it01:25
arvutmamece2: why not? you solved the problem after all. swap is the virtual memory, mostly a small partition on your hdd01:25
DCGstudiosthanks ZykoticK9, wasnt aware it was in the repo.01:25
collosiuLinux:  I sure did01:25
dborbaSporkWitch, that's awfully weird. i mean, you shouldnt own them because you are creating them with sudo (so they are owned by root) but you should still be able to edit them01:25
SporkWitchdborba: that worked rofl01:25
SporkWitchdborba: you're telling me? lol01:25
neil_dI think there is something screwy here "service gdm reload" get me an error "reload: Unknown instance:".... what can I do about it?01:26
uLinuxcollosi: doest ubuntu still recognize the pendrive?01:26
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, was that in the lucid or PPA repo?01:26
SporkWitchdborba: i should now be able to copy over MY version of grub; let you know if it works01:26
ZykoticK9DCGstudios, lucid default01:26
dlublinkI wrote a profile for apparmor, it works when i apply it to /usr/bin/php5-cgi with my lighttpd. but if i apply it to /usr/bin/php, it does not apply to the scripts run from the command line. What am I doing wrong ?01:26
uhu01neil_d: sorry, not my knowledge is really at the end, I normally use gentoo... But if I had to guess: at the start the script should save PID or display variable to a file, which should match the currently running instance of the X server, did you maybe restart the X server without the apropriate start/stop script?01:26
DCGstudiosZykoticK9, kk thnx01:26
dborbaSporkWitch, seems like you should. extremely retarded though :\01:26
uhu01I'm currently running 2.6.32-24-generic, what it the standard way to get usbfs in the kernel?01:26
bastidrazorneil_d: instead of reload use restart.01:26
collosiuLinux: yes01:26
SporkWitchdborba: nope, can't copy it, but i'm doing it from the GUI, not with sudo, so that might be why. stand by01:27
collosiuLinux:  I even transferred files to it with no problems01:27
variablejrib, thanks01:27
neil_dbastidrazor: same error.01:27
Loshkibastidrazor: what's the difference between reload and restart?01:27
uLinuxcollosi: ok tks :)01:27
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BroXeNneed help with ubuntu 10.04 lts,everytime I press "c" rhytmbox stop playing :(01:27
uLinuxhi jasono01:28
variableLoshki, reload likely sends a SIGHUP; restart likely sends a SIGTERM followed by launching the program again01:28
jasonoHi uLinux01:28
neil_dbastidrazor: a 'stop' then a 'start' seemed to work.01:28
uLinux!ot | jasono01:28
ubottujasono: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:28
dborbaSporkWitch, this is so bizarre...01:28
jasonoubotto sorry didn't know01:28
collosiBroXeN:  you have any keyboard shortcuts setup?01:29
BroXeNnope. this is fresh install :(01:29
BroXeNjust add awn and compiz,01:29
BroXeNdang, it's stop again :(01:29
neil_dI have an error in the syslog "gdm-session-worker[2748]: WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf': No such file or directory" ... what does this mean.01:29
mamece2arvut im a man of science i like to know why things happen, i dont believe in magic :p01:30
SporkWitchdborba: got it.  had to create the file on the VFS, then sudo mv it into the HDD's etc/default folder; freaking insane >_< lol01:30
kholerabbiHi, my wireless connection keeps cutting out when using this particular network, while other computers on this network are having no trouble.. any suggestions?01:30
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
dborbaSporkWitch, im thinking it might be an issue with sudoedit... did you at any point try plain sudo vim ?01:30
subonePLEASE HELP!! I aqccidentally just formatted my external drive using the "Make Startup Disk" dialog! How can i recover from this format?01:31
collosiBroXeN:  that is really odd, it only happens when you press the letter "c"?01:31
BlaDe^Hi guys, I've installed lirc but it can't pickup  my infra-red receiver-- How can I find out what settings to use ?01:31
SporkWitchdborba: no, i'm one of those losers that's never got the hang of emacs or elvis; i'm spoiled on nano lol01:32
BlaDe^I have an acer aspire 7520 -- it's a built in module.. I can't find an technical specs on the acer direct site either.01:32
variableSporkWitch, nothing wrong with that01:32
dzup2how to i install the cpia drtiver for lucid?01:32
U_buntuwhats wrong with nano?01:32
variablesubone, if the format only overwrote the MBR01:32
subonevariable, how01:32
arvutmamece2: I see 'magic' as the things we see happen but can't understand. After all, we are only human ;) hope you will have the patience to learn this great OS, some day you might understand all of it (unlikely tho) :P01:32
variablesubone, then nothing should be erased - just re-add the partition table01:33
Loshkineil_d: I see that msg too, and indeed, there is no /etc/gdm/custom.conf. Doesn't seem to affect anything though. And it is just a warning...01:33
dborbaSporkWitch, haha - my sudoedit pulls up a gimped version of vi. that's the only thing i can think of tho. since everything else you did with sudo worked01:33
variablearvut, what is magical?01:33
subonevariable, how i have no idea how01:33
BlaDe^can anyone help me with lirc, then?01:33
neil_dLoshki: ok I won't worry about it.01:34
arvutvariable: depends on how you define it.01:34
SporkWitchdborba: alright, now the final trick is figuring out how to run update-grub from the livecd and get it to update the HDD lol01:34
collosiBlaDe^:  I can try but I have never used that01:34
mamece2i LOOOOOOOOOVE ubuntu, i get so excited just using it, i wanna learn how to do command line stuff so i will get pro01:34
variablewhile [ 1 ]; do alltray --borderless --skip-taskbar -s xeyes --geometry 1000x100+001:34
variablehave fun people01:34
SporkWitchdborba: tried sudo update-grub and sudo update-grub /dev/sda and both return "cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)01:34
BlaDe^collosi: it has a lot of custom settings etc, and the ability for me to specify a path to my infra-red receiver but I don't know how to do that. When I try get it to automatically detect it, it picks up my power button and stuff instead01:35
variablemamece2, if you want to get used to command line stuff you need to start with the basics. try working on day primarily from the CLI01:35
BroXeNsorry for somebody who reply me, I just disconnected (now I have to copy paste letter "c" to keep my rhythmbox playing)..01:35
BroXeNyes it only happened when I press letter "c". fyi last time I get same strange error when I press "Esc" key and it show "<" instead :(. restart and error dissapear. but not this time..01:35
BlaDe^im trying to get my windows vista media centre remote to work01:35
ZykoticK9BlaDe^, i configure my lirc using the mythbuntu-control-centre which gives you a GUI with options for configuring you controller.  if all else fails, you can try installing it (it might bring down some dependencies you don't want though :( ).  Good luck man.01:35
mamece2variable do u have any link with a command guide?01:35
subonevariable, how do i do that, i dont want to leave this to chance i cant believe i did this im freaking out01:35
variablemamece2, http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/xcu_chap02.html01:36
ariakusi have lost the battery iconn wtf?01:36
BlaDe^ZykoticK9: I have the GUI but in the drop down menu I don't know what to select for my infra-red receiver :(01:36
collosiBlaDe^:  have you tried these http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_setup_Lirc_to_talk_to_XBMC   pay attention to the lirc setup part01:36
variablesubone, I don't know.01:36
seidosmamece2, you might want to try out clicompanion:  http://okiebuntu.homelinux.com/okwiki/clicompanion01:36
variabletry googling01:36
variableI've never dealt with that01:36
arvutmamece: lots of good tutorials out there. just search around =) the 'man01:36
ZykoticK9BlaDe^, is WMCenter not an option of some sort?  mine is a hauppauge that's in the list.01:37
variablemamece2, if you don't care about portability http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ01:37
arvut' command is useful too01:37
kholerabbiHi, my wireless connection keeps cutting out when using this particular network, while other computers on this network are having no trouble.. how do I go about solving this problem?01:37
variablemamece2, http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/xcu_chap02.html if you do care01:37
neil_dariakus: are you using a laptop?  is it currently pluged into power?01:37
uLinuxmamece2: you can add this wallpaper with basic CLI commands  http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/88383-1.png01:37
BlaDe^ZykoticK9: nope :(01:37
arvutdarn enter key >.<01:37
BlaDe^is there a way I can dump all attached hardware to find out where my IR receiver is?01:37
ariakusneil_d: it's on battery now01:37
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro01:37
ZykoticK9BlaDe^, have a look through your "dmesg"01:37
variablethere is no such thing as a Linux terminal01:38
variableor command line interface01:38
ZykoticK9variable, what?01:38
variableyou likely mean the "posix shell" or "the dash implementation of the posix shell"01:38
neil_dariakus: oh... could you have removed it from the panel by mistake.01:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:38
Ken8521i'll admit, i like GUI tools... just no a huge fan of CLI.. I like being able to visualize what is going on.. but I know CLI has a lot of uses.01:38
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:38
ariakusit's part of notification area, I could not01:39
variableI like GUI tools along with a CLI for powerful scripting01:39
Loshkimamece2: try the cli link above for a starting place...01:39
* variable lives on the command line01:39
BroXeNsolved, check my keyboard shortcut setup and found that somebody setup "x86Stop" there.01:39
ariakusthis bastart was there when I was on AC01:39
subonePLEASE HELP!! I aqccidentally just formatted my external drive using the "Make Startup Disk" dialog! How can i recover from this format?01:39
neil_dariakus: it gives me the option of removing it!01:39
dborbaSporkWitch, update-grub takes no arguments & it uses default filesystem locations01:40
BlaDe^ZykoticK9: it picks up stuff like [    0.392829] input: Sleep Button as /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNXSYBUS:00/PNP0C0E:00/input/input101:40
ZykoticK9subone, i have no idea - but testdisk is a partition recover software that's available in default repo01:40
BlaDe^but nothing about IR :(01:40
ariakusOMG I had to put it to 'show always' to appear01:40
ldunngah, I'm pretty confused right now. I just installed apache2 on this PC, but I can't access it on port 80 from any of the other machines on my LAN ._.01:41
ZykoticK9BlaDe^, dmesg is all kernel output, if your IR is detected at all, it should be in there somewhere01:41
Loshkisubone: start with http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk. It might not be recoverable though...01:41
ldunnWorks fine on this machine, all others just time out :?01:41
BlaDe^IR worked on windows so I know it isn't faulty01:41
SporkWitchdborba: yeah, seeing that.  looks like i should just need to chroot into the drive, do some binds, and then do the deed.  googled and found something promising, but will let you know if i run into trouble.  thanks again for all the help01:41
neil_dariakus: you could try adding the 'Indicator applet'01:41
suboneIt created a fat32 partition in its place!!01:41
ariakusand it writes 'the battery is charged' and no time estimation, wahat an idiot made it up, I wonder01:41
apt_problemyello. having a really really weird ubuntu issue on a fresh install. got a few package errors when I tried to install one or two extra packages, so I attempted an uninstall and reinstall of one of those packages. same problems. some of the spew from apt-get here:  http://pastebin.com/Lg7vy9qg01:42
BlaDe^Another issue i'm having is this: http://i55.tinypic.com/3142w3s.png01:42
collosildunn:  you got a firewall setup01:43
BlaDe^my GUI keeps randomly bugging and stuff gets stuck showing up (Like my applications menu in that picture)01:43
psusiariakus, umm... if it is already charged then the time to charge is zero...01:43
ldunncollosi: no01:43
ldunnRunning Maverick, btw01:43
tensorpuddingldunn: is it running?01:43
dborbaSporkWitch, np - if you really need to generate the cfg file using update-grub keep in mind it's just a wrapped for grub-mkconfig.01:43
ldunntensorpudding: apache? yes.01:43
tensorpuddingldunn: is it bound to all interfaces or just localhost?01:43
ldunntensorpudding: errr. I didn't mess with the default settings in any way, so... hm. Where would I check?01:44
collosildunn:  all other nodes can ping the server and no network issues?01:44
ldunncollosi: er, I'm pretty sure. sec >_>01:44
tensorpuddingldunn: pretty sure binding to all interfaces is default behavior01:44
SporkWitchdborba: but isn't the /etc/default/grub just there for reference?  you need to use update-grub to actual load that into the bootloader, don't you?01:45
ZykoticK9apt_problem, the root of the error seems to be "dpkg: error processing gdebi-core (--configure)" saying there is a config problem with one of your packages.  try "sudo apt-get -f install" and see what happens, tries to fix apt installs.01:46
ldunncollosi: yes, I can ping no problem01:46
dborbaSporkWitch, pretty close. more less the grub.cfg is generated/updated from the /etc/default/grub when you run update-grub01:46
reynet-serverhey guys :) Just did an update on 10.10 RC, can anyone tell me how to get Samba back on? I'm using webmin and it won't re-install01:47
apt_problemZykoticK9: trying now. thanks.01:47
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
ZykoticK9reynet-server, reask same question in #ubuntu+101:48
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:48
reynet-serverGot this :   samba : Depends: samba-common (= 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8) but 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu7 is to be installed01:48
reynet-serverE: Broken packages01:48
dborbaSporkWitch, when you run update-grub i believe all it does is "grub-mkconfig --output=/boot/grub/grub.cfg01:48
SporkWitchwell that's annoying; good thing i don't use debian on my VPS lol, i don't know what i'd do without webmin01:48
ZykoticK9reynet-server, 10.10 isn't supported here.  use #ubuntu+1 AND webmin isn't supported either01:48
ariakusreynet-server: sync repositories and try again01:48
tensorpuddingldunn: try netstat -t -l, and see if your computer is listening on port 8001:48
ldunntcp        0      0 *:www                   *:*                     LISTEN01:49
neil_dreynet-server: try doing a "sudo apt-get update" first01:49
apt_problemZykoticK9: result: http://pastebin.com/TuLJ0BcT01:49
reynet-serverk thx guys...i'll head over there01:49
Kingsywhat was the name of the torrent client for ubuntu? I am sure it had "drop" in the title somehow... I have forgotten01:49
theoverseersudo apt-get upgrade01:49
SporkWitchdborba: i see.  *shrugs* i figure i'll go through and do it anyway, as that's what my instructions said.  toshiba laptops are notoriously difficult to make linux behave on, and i've got a step-by-step for getting it working on this one, and it included that, so i figure, may as well lol01:49
bastidrazorKingsy: transmission for ubuntu and ktorrent for kubuntu01:50
ariakustransmission... but it sucks01:50
Kingsyhmm thats not what I was thinkin01:50
collosildunn:  are you just typing in the IP into the th address bar01:50
* Kingsy googles01:50
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
dborbaSporkWitch, are the instructions meant to be done while logged in from a live cd? ever since grub2 came out it's kind of a pain to configure it from a live cd. in the past there were actually some nice guis01:50
ldunncollosi: well, yeah :/01:50
ariakusis there a new dc++ client already?01:50
SporkWitchdborba: no, the instructions were for ubuntu 9-something, he didn't run into the issue i am where i couldn't get it to boot from HDD, thus the workaround for this step, so it'll boot from HDD and i can continue with the instructions01:51
tensorpuddingldunn: that is odd01:51
ZykoticK9apt_problem, it's certainly related to /usr/bin/pycentral but my initial Launchpad search didn't find anything relevant?  i've got nothing man, hope you find a fix.01:51
tensorpuddingldunn: you might try running zenmap from one of the LAN machines01:51
ldunntensorpudding: Isn't it though?01:51
ldunnhm, alright01:51
JantireHow does one begin a large-scale open-source projet over collabrative web-sources01:52
SporkWitchdborba: most of it i recognize, and covers some of the issues i found workarounds for myself when i first tried doing this last fall.  isn't too hard to modify it for the slight changes in 10.0401:52
JantireOr better phrased, How could I attract attention to it?01:52
tensorpuddingldunn: or that might be overkill, netcat might be a bit simpler01:52
dborbaSporkWitch, I see. well if you run into issues booting up let me know. I think the changes might not get updated on the grub.cfg on the hd01:53
areedajantire:  where are you hosting it?01:53
JantireI havent hosted it yet01:53
SporkWitchdborba: will do; brb, grabbing a smoke01:53
* uLinux got owned by Tor relay01:53
areedaPlaces like Kenai or SourceForge seem to have people looking for projects that interest them01:53
=== cdbob__ is now known as cdbob
ddilinge1when i ssh into my desktop 10.04 machine, ~/.bashrc is never read which would imply ssh is considered a non-interactive shell .. anyway to have the ~/.bashrc always included when i ssh in(to an interactive shell), but not for shell scripts, etc?01:55
Chaos2358can anyone tell me how to install yahoo messenger on 10.0401:55
ldunntensorpudding: an nmap scan shows nothing open, and I had to run it with -PN to get it to scan at all01:55
ddilinge1Chaos2358: apt-get install pidgin ?  not exactly your answer but its what I use01:55
xanguaChaos2358: you can use pidgin, empathy, kopete, gyachi, etc01:55
Chaos2358but do they connect to yahoo?01:56
uLinuxKingsy: if you don't like Transmission you can use Deluge01:56
ddilinge1Chaos2358: and google, and aim, and jabber and ....01:56
ZykoticK9dborba, is it you or SporkWitch with this issue?  if you are using a livecd and trying to modify your HDs grub you need to be sure you follow the directions for chrooting (involving the various required mounts) from the !grub2 factoid link.01:56
Chaos2358ok thank you guys01:56
SporkWitchChaos2358: i second the recommendation for pidgin.  i use it in windows and linux and it works wonderfully for every chat protocol i can think of (though subpar for IRC), including myspace, facebook, etc.01:56
areedaJantire: do you know how to get our conversation into a less busy chat area?01:56
KingsyuLinux - thanks..01:56
SporkWitchZykoticK9: it's me, and yeah, this is the link i found: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:56
Chaos2358if it makes any difference at all the reason i want to install is to access the google chatrooms will these programs still do that?01:57
ZykoticK9SporkWitch, that's the "bible" ;)01:57
ddilinge1any ideas on the autoloading of ~/.bashrc when ssh'ing in ?01:57
JantireYes, I private messaged you areeda01:57
crfHi, I'm trying to watch a video on my TV, using Ubuntu and Rygel. I have the computer and tv both wired on a router. My first problem is that the video is very choppy. The second problem is no sound.01:57
dborbaZykoticK9, it's him.01:57
areedalet me figure out how to see it01:57
JantireAre you using XChat?01:57
SporkWitchZykoticK9: i know :) lol.  part of it is just lack of practice, it's been a while since i'd been muddling around in linux, so it's a lot of refresher, and a lot has changed since the last time i used it.  for perspective, last time i was active was when gentoo was still manual-install ONLY, no GUI installer lol; fun with chroot ^^01:58
bobstroddilinge1:  as in not executing?01:58
Kingsyahhh thats what I meant01:58
dborbaSporkWitch, not sure if you saw ZykoticK9's message: " if you are using a livecd and trying to modify your HDs grub you need to be sure you follow the directions for chrooting (involving the various required mounts) from the !grub2 factoid link."01:58
SporkWitchdborba: yup :)01:58
SporkWitchdborba: thanks01:58
KingsyuLinux - cheers.. I meant deluge (the drop reference was the icon) :) thanks01:58
ZykoticK9SporkWitch, Grub2 is still new to MANY people, especially some of the "old guard" types01:59
SporkWitchdborba, ZykoticK9, afk a few, need my cigarette while i wait for the livecd to boot up again01:59
* ldunn is thoroughly confused. :<01:59
tensorpuddingldunn: sounds like you have a firewall between it and your LAN computers01:59
bobstroddilinge1:  what are you trying to do or not do with .bashrc.01:59
Pr070caldoes anyone know how to get the nvidia glx drivers working in maverick01:59
xangua!maverick | Pr070cal02:00
ubottuPr070cal: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:00
ZykoticK9Pr070cal, 254 or whatever - reask in #ubunt+102:00
ldunntensorpudding: it does indeed. `sudo ufw disable` fixed the issue. Roar.02:00
ddilinge1bobstro: when i ssh into my desktop 10.04 machine, ~/.bashrc is never read which would imply ssh is considered a non-interactive shell .. anyway to have the ~/.bashrc always included when i ssh in(to an interactive shell), but not for shell scripts, etc?02:00
ldunnAnnoying defaults are annoying. Oh well02:00
Pr070caldont think many people are having problems with it or maybe not using it02:01
Nach0zhow do I change the owner of a folder in / ?02:01
fixxxermetI'm having problems with screen in multiuser mode.  I posted my problem details at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=992953202:01
tensorpuddingman, the default behavior of ubuntu configuring network daemons to run automatically when installed is annoying02:01
ddilinge1bobstro: ps | grep $$ verifies i am using bash02:01
bobstroddilinge1:  is /etc/bash.bashrc read?02:02
ZykoticK9ddilinge1, IF you don't get an answer here, you might want to try #bash - they might know.  good luck man.02:02
xanguaNach0z: why would you want to do that¿02:02
soreauNach0z: The question should be, why do you think you need to change permissions of a folder in the root system directory02:02
nobarkingso when is 10.10 do?02:02
ZykoticK9nobarking, on 10.10.10 ;)02:03
U_buntuthis month02:03
nobarkingneat date02:03
ddilinge1bobstro: not sure, adjusting it for some debug output and let you know in 1 sec02:03
philsfeverytime I boot, I have to turn the bluetooth off in the indicator applet to conserve power. Is there a way to only turn it on when I want to use it? I'd like it to remember my last choice02:03
Nach0zsoreau: i think that's a bit irrelevant, but because I need to be able to access the files that I just sudo'd in to a folder in the root directory.02:03
ZykoticK9nobarking, which is 42 in binary - answer to life universe and everything ;)02:03
nobarkingdoes anyone have a link?02:03
bobstroddilinge1:  ssh into my 10.04 and both /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc are running02:04
herbayjhiadI am dual-booting my machine with Ubuntu 9.10 and windows vista, re-installed the vista OS and GRUB loader is no longer working can anyone please advice how I can get the GRUB loader working so that I can access the Ubuntu 9.1002:04
ddilinge1bobstro: /etc/bash.bashrc is running, and it gets past the initial [ -z "$PS1" ] && return check, but all my aliases in ~/.bashrc arnt being loaded02:04
soreauNach0z: man chown02:05
bobstroddilinge1:  you tried putting debugs in ~/.bashrc?02:05
herbayjhiadI am dual-booting my machine with Ubuntu 9.10 and windows vista, re-installed the vista OS and GRUB loader is no longer working can anyone please advice how I can get the GRUB loader working so that I can access the Ubuntu 9.1002:05
Nach0zsoreau: aight. thanks.02:05
ddilinge1bobstro: echo FOOOO is the first line, when i open a new console on the machine its says FOOO and loads the aliases but when i ssh over from the laptop no FOOO and no aliases02:06
ddilinge1bobstro: but a similar echo BAR at the top of /etc/bash.bashrc is displayed on both02:06
ZykoticK9!grub | herbayjhiad02:06
ubottuherbayjhiad: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:06
bobstroddilinge1:  you're definitely doing it right. mine executes both.02:06
tensorpuddingherbayjhiad: you need to get a livecd probably02:06
ddilinge1bobstro: hmm, well going to try #bash now didn't know they had a channel :)02:06
bobstroddilinge1:  and just normal ssh config, right?02:06
bobstroddilinge1:  good bet :) good luck.02:07
herbayjhiadtensorpudding: I tried with a live cd, but it says grub not found02:07
tensorpuddingherbayjhiad: follow that guide02:07
uhu01I'm currently running 2.6.32-24-generic, what it the standard way to get usbfs in the kernel? Do I have to recompile the kernel myself, or is there a way to switch to a kernel with usbfs support?02:08
blakkheimuhu01: compile it02:09
uhu01blakkheim: thx02:09
ddilinge1bobstro: i think the ssh config is standard, although not entirely sure02:10
bobstroddilinge1:  if you didn't expressly change it, then it should work. i am puzzled myself.02:10
SporkWitchdborba, ZykoticK9, looks like the update to grub took; rebooting now and will find out02:10
bobstroddilinge1:  you seem to have spent time with the INVOCATION portion of man bash.02:10
uLinuxwhere's collosi02:11
collosiuLinux:  Im here, sorry working on my Lab report02:12
mamece2collosi about?02:13
collosimamece2:  it's for my chemistry class02:13
ddilinge1bobstro: well, i just grepped man bash for bahsrc02:13
SporkWitchdborba, ZykoticK9, no joy; looks like i also need to disable acpi for it to behave >_< really not liking toshiba right now lol02:14
dlublinkI wrote my apparmor.d profile, but I can't figure out how to let me script delete files02:14
dborbaSporkWitch, that is pretty frustrating02:15
uLinuxcollosi: 'sudo fdisk /dev/sdb' shows this message: WARNING: DOS-compatible mode is deprecated. It's strongly recommended to switch off the mode (command 'c') and change display units to sectors (command 'u').02:15
dlublinksyslog says denied_mask="::d". I tried adding 'd' to the profile, but it returns an error. aa-genprof doesn't add the option for deleting files02:16
ddilinge1bobstro: hmm, so it loads profile on login, bashrc on non-login, but to use bashrc on login it has to be explicitly added from ~/.profile.   Doing such fixed my issue :)02:16
SporkWitchdborba: extremely.  hopefully i can figure out how to load the fan and thermal modules automatically at boot, so i can maintain mostly-normal use while having acpi permanently disabled02:16
ddilinge1bobstro: i guess reading more of the man page would have helped earlier :)02:16
uLinuxcollosi: and I 'sudo umount /dev/sdb' does not unmount the pendrive02:17
ariakusWTF ubuntu didn't showed battery status?? why02:17
dborbaSporkWitch, what's the issue with toshiba's acpi that causes issues? The acpi on my lenovo works fine02:18
arvutis there a way to split the join/leave details from the actual chat in irssi? I'd like them in a new shell.02:18
ariakusit was like 'fully charged' until it switched off?!02:18
collosiuLinux:  yea you dont worry about the warning, or if you'd like just switch02:18
enavhi ppl02:18
mamece2collosi i dont like chemistry, i hated it, im more a physics guy :D02:18
uLinuxcollosi: the problem with gparted is that my pendrive mounts on sba not sba102:19
uLinuxoops sdb not sdb102:19
Chaos2358i downloaded and installed a package using terminal to download and synaptic to install. synaptics shows it as installed but i cant find it any ideas?02:19
ariakusuLinux: lol02:19
SporkWitchdborba: honestly don't know specifically, just that disabling ACPI resolves pretty much all problems i've had with the thing, and googling shows that APIC and ACPI are common problems on the satelite series laptops.  this thing's a toshiba satelite l505d (first run of win7-pre-installed systems, bought it on win7 launch day.)02:19
collosiuLinux:  just fdisk into your device and delete the partion, then recreate it using the HPFS/NTFS02:19
ariakusuLinux: it's a volume dammit02:19
SporkWitchdborba: something about toshiba's ACPI being implemented differently / improperly than is normal02:19
uLinuxariakus: w00t02:19
Chaos2358!language | ariakus02:20
ubottuariakus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:20
dborbaSporkWitch, I see. Dumbasses :X I've got to say I've been pretty lucky with ubuntu working out of the box on every laptop I have installed it on for the last 2 or so years :D02:20
SporkWitchdborba: honestly, that's the reason i went with ubuntu in the first place, i'd always heard it's pretty much the most laptop-friendly distro out there02:20
dborbaSporkWitch, exceptions for a couple sound issues & wacom02:20
SporkWitchdborba: i use gentoo on my desktops02:21
Chaos2358i downloaded and installed a package using terminal to download and synaptic to install. synaptics shows it as installed but i cant find it any ideas?02:21
uLinuxcollosi: but can i delete the ntfs partition with pendrive mounted?!02:21
Kingsydo I need to install anything to unrar a .rar file?02:21
SporkWitchdborba: (well, non-gaming desktops; i CBA to bother dual-booting w/e my current gaming machine is)02:21
collosiuLinux:  I just did02:21
jrib!rar | Kingsy02:21
ubottuKingsy: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:21
Chaos2358Kingsy sudo apt-get install rar unrar02:22
collosiuLinux:  delete the partition, then hit the "t" command to change the system id02:22
dborbaSporkWitch, sadly I've for the most part given up computer gaming over the last few years just to be free of windows :P02:22
Chaos2358Kingsy sudo apt-get install rar unrar02:22
=== zopenkeOnUbuntu is now known as zopenkeObuntu
edbianChaos2358, synaptic and apt-get (the term) do the same thing.  So if you installed a package with one, both will show that package as installed.  What was that package named?02:22
Kingsyok thanks02:22
uLinuxcollosi: ok02:22
dborbaSporkWitch, the irony is that when I play it is on a 360 :X02:22
Chaos2358Kingsy sudo apt-get install rar unrar02:22
Chaos2358edbian google earth02:23
SporkWitchdborba: i'm too much of a gamer to give it up, especially with awesome titles like EVE Online (which works in linux, thankfully), FFXI, FFXIV, and of course titles like ArmA2, Crysis, etc.02:23
edbianChaos2358, "google-earth" at the cli02:23
uLinuxcollosi: it asks for a partition number02:23
uLinux1 to 402:23
Chaos2358edbian cli?02:23
collosiuLinux:  make it 102:23
talexbI'm getting an 'Apt Authentication issue' -- choosing 'Run This Action Now' doesn't seem to improve the situation.02:23
SporkWitchdborba: for shame! why aren't you on PS3?  It plays 99% of the good games on 360, has equal or superior performance, free online, more and better exclusives, and, oh yeah, it's not M$? lol02:23
edbianChaos2358, command line interface.  (e.g. In the term)02:23
Chaos2358edbian thats what i assumed but never heard it called that02:24
edbianChaos2358, yep02:24
ariakus!ot discuss weeboo stuff elsewhere. thanks02:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:24
uLinuxcollosi: oops typed s by accident Building a new sun disklabel02:24
collosiuLinux: once you have created your partition you can type "p" to view it02:24
uLinuxd again?02:24
Chaos2358edbian it says command not found02:24
SporkWitchdborba: victory.  so much easier to modify files when i'm not an idiot and i actually chroot properly into the HDD lol02:25
edbianChaos2358, You just have to find it.  cd to /usr/bin/ and look around using ls and grep02:25
dborbaSporkWitch, much better hardware on the PS3 but no1 had how to program it down pat until recently. Since every1 I knew had a 360 it's just where i went. Now with the new stuff coming out for the ps3 im definitely thinking about getting one02:25
uLinuxlol partition number 1-802:25
rusiviSporkWitch: Agreed.02:25
collosiuLinux:  haha yeah delete all the sun disk partitions and do it again02:25
uLinuxlol partition number 1-8!02:25
edbianChaos2358, Whatever that package installed it'll be placed in /usr/bin  (the executable files anyway)02:25
rusiviSporkWitch on the PS3 post02:25
uLinuxcollosi: im deleting but it shows 1-802:25
Chaos2358edbian thanx.02:25
uLinuxit was 1-4 lol02:25
SporkWitchdborba: well shoot rob.klebes@gmail.com when you get one and add SporkWitch on your PS3 lol; you as well rusivi02:26
edbianChaos2358, yep02:26
SporkWitchdborba, rusivi, but there was a (valid, if rude) request that we drop this subject, so let's move on lol02:26
uLinuxcollosi: partition 1 has empty type02:26
rusiviSporkWitch np02:26
collosiuLinux:  well if that bothers you can simply exit out and do it again since you didnt actually write anything to the device02:26
rusivi!offtopic | rusivi02:26
ubotturusivi, please see my private message02:26
collosiuLinux:  once you fdisk back into your device just delete the old partition and begin again with your primary partition02:27
uLinuxnow t02:27
darkkraihow do I edit this menu? http://imgur.com/afpKf.png02:27
talexbOK, I've done a reload in the Package Manager .. maybe that will stop these messages from re-occurring.02:27
collosiuLinux: yes, and the code you want is 702:28
uLinuxPartition 1 does not exist yet!02:28
collosiuLinux:  then hit "p" and verify all is correct.  hit "w" to write and then exit.  type $sudo mkntfs /dev/sdb102:29
collosiuLinux: or use gparted to do the rest02:29
SporkWitchdborba: http://homeport.org/~bcordes/satellite-l500-install.html scroll down to "fixing ACPI"02:30
SporkWitchdborba: that's the install walkthrough i'm using, and it mentions exactly what's causing the acpi issue02:30
tiamotAnyone have experience setting up a local cloud (eucalyptus)02:30
ekulHey Guys. Trying to install Ubuntu 10.4 from the Live CD. Got two hard drives, one IDE (sda) and one SATA (sdb). Both drives mount on the Live CD, but when I use the installer only sda shows up when I come to partition my drives. Any body have any experience of this?02:30
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, can someone give me a little help....I was told in another channel that I may have the wrong version of ALSA installed?02:30
darkkraihow do I edit this menu? http://imgur.com/afpKf.png02:30
SporkWitchekul: if one is IDE, it should be hda, not sda02:30
uLinuxcollosi: i need to add a new partition02:31
SporkWitchekul: sd* are sata and scsi drives normally02:31
uLinuxoh ok i didnt delete02:31
uLinuxcollosi: t and asks for partition number i hit 102:31
dborbaSporkWitch, wow - that's pretty whacky - easy fix though02:32
collosiuLinux: no you type in 702:32
ballsacballsac here02:32
uLinuxcollosi: im already lost02:32
SporkWitchdborba: yup, now i just need to figure out how to update-world in ubuntu lol02:32
ballsacwot a nic02:32
collosiuLinux: oh Im sorry yes you do want to change partition 102:33
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, can someone give me a little help....I was told in another channel that I may have the wrong version of ALSA installed?02:33
ballsacCrankygeek: stop FLOODING02:33
uLinuxcollosi: now i typed n and it's waiting for action how do i get out of it02:33
ekulSporkWitch: In GParted both show as sd*02:33
uLinuxcollosi: it's showing extended and primary02:33
SporkWitchekul: can you give me an fdisk -l ?02:34
z00mhow do i install .deb files from the terminal02:34
ariakuswhy ubuntu doesn't show remaining battery charge?!02:34
z00mor run them atleast02:35
collosiuLinux:  how many partitions are you showing?  How about you just delete the partition and the write to it, then use gparted to creat the ntfs02:35
rusivitiamot: I have not. You may find helpful -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC02:35
uLinuxcollosi: First cylinder (1-1020, default 1) how do i get out02:35
ballsac EARTH HAS 4 CORNER02:35
collosiuLinux: oh, you just hit enter02:35
ballsacSIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY02:35
SporkWitchariakus: toshiba laptop? ACPI issue.  http://homeport.org/~bcordes/satellite-l500-install.html02:35
uLinuxcollosi: omg02:35
ballsacTIME CUBE02:35
uLinuxcollosi: using default volume02:35
ballsacIN ONLY 24 HOUR ROTATION.02:36
collosiuLinux: its asking you where you want the partition to start02:36
enavballsac:  WTF are you tallkinga bout02:36
ballsac4 CORNER DAYS,  CUBES 4 QUAD EARTH- No 1 Day God.02:36
FloodBot4ballsac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:36
=== cdbob__ is now known as cdbob
ariakusfujitsu actually02:36
uLinux!troll | ballsac02:36
ubottuballsac: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:36
ballsac!troll | uLinux02:36
ubottuuLinux: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:36
ariakus!help flood arrack02:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:36
SporkWitchariakus: may be a similar issue, however, a similar solution may work02:36
ballsacariakus: lol fail02:37
ChogyDanz00m: dpkg -i02:37
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, can someone give me a little help....I was told in another channel that I may have the wrong version of ALSA installed?02:37
ballsacFREE SPEECH in AMERICA is02:37
ballsac"BULL SHIT",02:37
ballsacEVIL EDUCATORS02:37
ChogyDan!ops | ballsac02:37
ubottuballsac: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:37
ballsacblock and suppress02:37
ballsac!ops | ChogyDan02:38
ubottuChogyDan: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:38
FloodBot4ballsac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:38
ariakushow to say in English 'autumn aggravation'?02:38
enavtry #English02:39
ariakusehm i need to REBUILD the kernel??02:39
breadcrstYou are educated evil,02:40
enavtime to time some idiot deploy spam bots here02:40
breadcrstand might have to kill02:41
breadcrstthe evil ONE teaching02:41
kermitso i'm logged into someoen's desktop running off the cd, how do i install ubuntu to the drive?02:42
breadcrsteducators before you02:42
genupulasjoin #ubuntu-motu02:42
breadcrstkermit: use the existing installation02:42
breadcrstcan learn that 4 corner02:42
breadcrstyes you can actually do that02:42
kermitbreadcrst: type what?02:42
breadcrstkermit if you have axs to the desktop why cant u start the install too02:43
breadcrstit's right there02:43
breadcrstand you say its funning of the CD right?02:43
breadcrstdays actually exist -but02:43
breadcrstall Cube Truth denied.02:43
kermitbreadcrst: i'm logged in via ssh, not a GUI remote access.. how would i do that?02:43
breadcrstDumb ass educators fear02:43
breadcrstkermit; this would be easier by GUI remote but ssh is OK too02:44
=== aspire is now known as Guest15798
breadcrstme and hide from debate.02:44
breadcrstThey are paid to teach a propaganda book - not02:44
breadcrstCube Truth - for which02:44
CrankygeekI have upgraded my video card to an nVidia 210 with hdmi output, I do not get any audio now, can someone give me a little help....I was told in another channel that I may have the wrong version of ALSA installed?02:44
breadcrstthey would be fired. Evil02:44
breadcrstteachers betray students,02:44
breadcrstas ONE is a Death Value.02:45
Guest15798HALP!  I have set up a shared printer on ubuntu, one windows 7 machine (On a asus g73jh-a1) and one windows XP pro machine (Asus eeePC) can see it when I navigate to \\servername, but my other identical asus eeePC with the same OS can not see it02:45
breadcrstCube 4x4 voids 1 & God.02:45
breadcrstUSA ripe for holocaust.02:45
breadcrstMan evolves from teenager -02:45
breadcrstin cube metamorphosis02:45
CrankygeekLOL...Shut up already02:45
breadcrstbut ignores teenager to worship a male mother,02:45
breadcrstguised in woman's garb,02:46
breadcrstchurchman called father.02:46
seidos!ot | breadcrst02:46
ubottubreadcrst: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:46
Guest15798HALP!  I have set up a shared printer on ubuntu, one windows 7 machine (On a asus g73jh-a1) and one windows XP pro machine (Asus eeePC) can see it when I navigate to \\servername, but my other identical asus eeePC with the same OS can not see it02:46
breadcrstCrankygeek: what was that comment about. who are you telling to shut up?02:46
breadcrstmind your tongue02:46
breadcrstor be minded yourself. you choose. not like you have a choice02:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:47
philsfeverytime I boot, I have to turn the bluetooth off in the indicator applet to conserve power. Is there a way to only turn it on when I want to use it? I'd like it to remember my last choice02:47
breadcrstAdult god is adult crime02:48
breadcrstupon their own children.02:48
breadcrstMore holocaust deserved.02:48
CrankygeekDoes ALSA support HDMI output from nVidia cards?02:48
breadcrstThe 12 hour or 1/2 Day clock is an intended EVIL against humanity -02:48
breadcrstindicting every human on Earth as Dumb, Educated Stupid and Evil -02:48
breadcrstfor imaginary Cubed Earth has 402:49
breadcrstDays within simultaneous rotation.02:49
charlier1977I need help I have recently gotten back into a dual boot system. I had Win7 Ultimate installed on my Compaq cq60-215dx. I decided I was going to install Ubuntu 10.04 on this machine as a dual boot. Now when I try to boot windows, it begins to load makes it past the initial splash screen but then reboots. I have tried to use the windows install disc to repair but it says that it cannot repair the problem.02:49
breadcrst  One God would equal a God Dunce02:49
alienjeff/ignore add breadcrst02:49
charlier1977please pm me on above issue02:49
blakkheim!pm | charlier197702:50
ubottucharlier1977: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:50
ChogyDancharlier1977: if it is booting into windows at all, I think you need windows support02:50
Guest15798Hey guys I have a printer shared, 2 windows machines can see it, but 1 can't02:50
CrankygeekDoes ALSA support HDMI output from nVidia cards?02:50
breadcrsthey charlier02:51
breadcrstas Humans evolve from Children.02:51
breadcrstcant you read english02:51
breadcrstno pm02:51
FloodBot4breadcrst: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:51
mobasheri'm creating separate volumes for boot, kernel, home and swap for ubuntu 64 bit server....what is recomended for each ?02:51
ddilinge1do i need to do anything special to utilize the konsole application on a remote X?  on the local machine i did xhost +, but the problem is konsole reports dbus problems:  KUniqueApplication: Cannot find the D-Bus session server:  "/bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.02:51
arvutis there a channel for irssi help/newbies out there?02:51
blakkheimmobasher: the kernel goes in /boot02:51
breadcrstAmericans are dumb, educated ONE02:51
blakkheimarvut: #irssi02:51
charlier1977I need some help has anyone else had this issue02:51
blakkheim!op | breadcrst02:51
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breadcrststupid and they worship ONEism Evil.02:51
=== breadcrst is now known as aravote
ddilinge1do i have to have KDE on the local X to run konsole from the remote one(for dbus) ?02:52
aravoteIt is not immoral to kill believers, for the stupid bastards EVOLVE from son02:52
aravoteor daughter who precedes them. NOT one damn human adult has ever been02:52
aravotecreated - for ONLY babies are CREATED - and every adult has within them the LIFE given by children who DIE to give-up their lives to their parent02:52
blakkheimthe OPs have forsaken us02:52
UbuntuNoobhi so im downloading windows and i want to install it do i burn just the iso to the dvd or do i burn all files that it downloads02:52
alienjeff/ignore add aravote02:52
aravotejust a goddamn second02:52
aravotewhat is your problem alienjeff02:52
philsfaravote, are you praying in the support channel?02:53
uLinux!troll | aravote02:53
ubottuaravote: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:53
UbuntuNoobalienjeff: dont say add just use ignore <username>02:53
aravotephilsf: no,02:53
=== aravote is now known as filsf
mobasherblakkheim=}} yes boot/kernel swap home...should i use ext3 or ext4 ?02:53
blakkheimmobasher: that's up to you02:53
arvut!ot | aravote02:53
ubottuaravote: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:53
blakkheimfilsf: changing your nick doesn't get around an ignore, sorry02:53
alienjeffUbuntuNoob: depends on your irc client02:53
UbuntuNooboh my bad02:53
filsfblakkheim: thanks for confirming lack of ignore.02:53
filsfalso, do not care02:54
blakkheimfilsf: i never said i ignored you but i just might now02:54
uLinuxsomeone ban filsf02:54
Fitzso does anyone know how to access ext3 partitions from xp?02:54
filsfdo not care02:54
mtx_initFitz: google it02:54
UbuntuNoobso anyways does anyone know when burning an os to a dvd should i burn just the iso or should i burn the program files as well02:54
blakkheimFitz: /join ##windows02:54
Fitzand did everything it said02:54
filsfimage - so their mom or Dad can live. Adults are EVIL to deny they evolved from children - and claim their adult EGO image is a god likeness. Such damn evil AMERICANS should have their tongue cut out for the heinous hoax they are perpetrating upon their own children. I know now why the Jews02:54
subonethanks guys testdisk saved my terabyte of data :))02:54
filsfdeserved their holocaust - worshipping their own adult EGO image as a damn god whil ignoring and betraying the very children who sacrifice their LIFE02:54
mtx_initFitz: first link http://www.fs-driver.org/02:55
uLinux!ban | filsf02:55
Fitzhave that02:55
ubottufilsf: If you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops02:55
filsfso their Moms and Dads could Live. There is nothing godly about stupid02:55
Fitznow i can see the partition but it says it isn't formated and I dont' know why02:55
filsf!ban | uLinux02:55
ubottuuLinux: If you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops02:55
CrankygeekDoes ALSA support HDMI output from nVidia cards?02:55
=== filsf is now known as Crankegeek
CrankegeekDoes ALSA support HDMI output from nVidia cards?02:56
Crankegeekand evil adults who betray their own children who gave them Life. I AM02:56
lolihuntergive it a try02:56
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:57
Crankegeek   HALF AND HALF CO-CREATED02:57
alienjeff/ignore add Crankegeek02:57
ceilfilsuf, would you kindly stop joining random OS channels and trollin' them?02:57
ddilinge1How can i display a X program from one computer on my LAN to another?  On the local machine i did xhost + (disable all ACL), on the remote machine with export DISPLAY="" xterm cant connect02:57
arvutgah, this spamming troll..02:57
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=== Crankegeek is now known as a1ienjeff
ceilget back to your cage in ##politics :)02:57
blakkheimddilinge1: ssh -X02:57
a1ienjeff 02:57
* marienz raises an eyebrow02:57
a1ienjeff 02:57
a1ienjeff 02:58
CrankygeekDoes ALSA support HDMI output from nVidia cards?02:58
ddilinge1blakkheim: that did the trick, thanks02:58
blakkheim!repeat > Crankygeek02:58
ubottuCrankygeek, please see my private message02:58
variable!repeat > variable02:58
ubottuvariable, please see my private message02:58
philsfeverytime I boot, I have to turn the bluetooth off in the indicator applet to conserve power. Is there a way to only turn it on when I want to use it? I'd like it to remember my last choice02:59
Alan502Hey, I have a problem with my sound. I can only have sound from one application at a time, for example if I'm using amarok my browser will not play sounds until I close amarok. How can I fix this?03:00
blakkheimAlan502: get rid of pulseaudio03:00
Alan502blakkheim, sudo apt-get remove pulseadio?03:00
blakkheimAlan502: aptitude purge pulseaudio03:00
Alan502blakkheim, will this have any consequences? (besides fixing my problem)03:00
blakkheimAlan502: you'll be using ALSA instead, which in my opinion is much better and doesn't have these problems03:01
Alan502blakkheim, what about skype? do you know if it works with alsa?03:01
blakkheimAlan502: i don't know offhand since i don't use skype sorry03:01
Alan502hahaha too much questions03:01
Alan502blakkheim, ok, thank you for your help!03:02
philsfAlan502, what ubuntu version are you using?03:02
Alan502philsf, 10.0403:02
philsfAlan502, you shouldn't be having kind of issue this by 2010. it's been fixed ages ago03:03
philsfAlan502, are you using a standard install?03:04
Alan502philsf, really? I don't know why it is happening though... maybe an app03:04
Alan502philsf, yes, well, kubuntu to be specific03:04
charlier1977Has anyone had an issue with booting windows after setting up a dual boot. I had Win7 installed then installed Ubuntu and now when booting to windows I gets past the first splash screen then dies and reboots03:04
Alan502I think it might have been an application I installed03:04
compaqmaybe it is muted, since last ten years, the only audio trouble I have is muted03:04
philsfAlan502, then maybe try #kubuntu?03:04
ariakuswasn'r pulseausio to overcome alsa 1-app limitation?03:04
riesHello! I wrote a program in QT4, and my icons look all nicely in a selected state on WIndows, OSX, Debian, but with Ubuntu the icons looks bronish and there selected state is hardly visable, what can I do about that?03:04
Alan502philsf, perhaps, but nobody is ever there XD and the core is the same so..03:05
ariakusries: and in other qt4apps?03:05
riesariakus: good question... Let me see if I can find one03:05
ibnarrashidcharlier1977: it could be that you have the wrong hdd partition for windows written in grub03:06
Alan502charlier1977, can you please be more specific?03:06
philsfAlan502, not necessarilly. sometimes derivatives use different configurations. try in a diffenrent time, maybe you got the wrong timezone for the ppl that might help03:06
hiexpois there a way to add a folder to the places drop down03:07
Alan502philsf, ok, thanks03:07
ariakuscharlier1977: what did you changed during install?03:07
enavhiexpo: just drag and drop what you need03:07
charlier1977Ok I can load grub choose windows to boot. Windows starts, it makes it past the black background and spinning logo then when its supposed to go to the blue background it reboots and comes back to grub03:08
ariakuscharlier1977: try to hold F8 after grub and choose some appropriate option03:09
charlier1977I shrank and moved one partition that I was using for personal files and expanded my windows partition03:09
enavhiexpo: works?03:09
hiexpoenav, no03:09
enavhiexpo: let me explain you03:10
hiexpoenav, ok03:10
enavhiexpo: open nautilus03:10
Alan502blakkheim, that didn't fix my problem though :/03:10
charlier1977I have done the f8 boot but still get the same thing also have tried using the install disc to repair the system. I am not sure if this is a windows issue or if I inadvertently done something when install Ubuntu03:10
enavhiexpo: now can you see those "places folders" on the left bottom corner?03:11
enavjust drag and drop your stuff there03:12
ariakuscharlier1977: didn't repair disk worked?03:13
ariakuscharlier1977: did it remove grub2?03:13
enavhiexpo: works i gues03:13
MathuinI have two Ubuntu boxes running 10.04 LTS and 10.04 UNE that I am trying to back up via rsync.  I followed the instructions for setting up the rsync daemon at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync and I ran into permissions problems backing up a home directory.  I used the example /etc/rsyncd.conf from that page and changed the uid and gid to match the owner and group of the home directory -- I also changed the path and the03:14
Mathuin auth users as per the instructions.  On the machine running UNE, it worked fine.  On the machine running LTS, all the directories created by rsync are owned by root.  The configurations on both machine are again exactly the same.  What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?03:14
charlier1977It said it could not repair the problem I am hoping that I dont have to reinstall windows, no grub was left alone03:14
mamece2whats the main difference between ubuntu and debian?03:14
ariakusmamece2: vanity03:14
collosimamece2:  the logo03:14
kaos_one big difference is the release cycles03:14
tensorpuddingUbuntu is sponsored by Canonical, updates on an enforced schedule, has its own branding, and is designed for GNOME03:14
mamece2are you sure? i will not find in ubuntu the ubuntu restricted extras03:15
lnclnHey, do you guys know how I set up Ubuntu server to share files with my PS3?03:15
enavmamece2: Ubuntu is based on debian03:15
tensorpuddingtelling is that it is ubuntu.com vs. debian.org03:15
ariakuscharlier1977: windows disk should recover the MBR03:15
hiexpoenav, no sure this is the right places area i want to add pdf folder to my drop down that has home videos etc in it03:15
edbianmamece2, Ubuntu is based on Debian testing.  Debian also has "stable and sid" which are older and newer packages respectively03:15
enavhiexpo: let me take a screen shot of my desk03:16
edbianmamece2, Ubuntu also has some custom changes (programs and themes and such)03:16
charlier1977I cannot find fixmbr on the disc03:16
tensorpuddingUbuntu was forked from Debian testing in 2004 or thereabouts, and has tracked it to some extent since then03:16
mamece2i think ubuntu is more noob user friendly03:16
ariakusedbian: unstable, not testing03:16
edbianariakus, tomato, tomaato03:17
tensorpuddingThey both had similar designs to start, but Ubuntu has rather strongly diverged in some respects.03:17
ariakustesting=squeeze=6, unstable=sid=rolling release03:17
enavhiexpo: dude  are you using 10.04???03:17
mamece2i bet u recommend me to use ubuntu03:18
edbianariakus, , oh thank you  you're right03:18
edbianmamece2, Pretty much.03:18
ariakuscharlier1977: it's no longer fixmbr, it's repair boot option or whatever in english03:18
enavmamece2: lol dude  if you get into a SUse channel they will recomendo you suse i guess03:18
mamece2edbian ok, hey ive got an issue with fullscreen youtube videos, sometimes i see a black flash03:18
tensorpuddingI remember that Dapper Drake was a lot like Debian03:18
hiexpoenav, no 9.1003:19
edbianmamece2, It's just because flash for linux is poorly written.  Everyone has performance problems.03:19
charlier1977Yeah I tried the gui to do that and thats when I get the message that it was not able to fix the problem03:19
mamece2edbian, ok , i though i should reinstall the package03:19
edbianmamece2, worth a shot since it's so simple and easy03:20
ariakuscharlier1977: interesting, is the windows partition intact?03:20
enavhiexpo: I just figured out that 10.04 get rid of a bunch of folders on the drop down list03:20
enavhiexpo: but i remember that i got those folders on 9.0403:21
ChogyDanmamece2: you can try the conservative cpu governer, that helps me in general though...03:21
hiexpoenav, figured it out thanx03:21
charlier1977as far as I can tell I was able to run the repair and was able to boot (even thought it said it was not able to fix the issue) but now its not helping03:22
Chaos2358can anyone tell me how to get medibuntu?03:22
enavhiexpo: how?03:23
enavChaos2358: medi?03:24
Chaos2358its a repo03:24
philsfChaos2358, what do you need in medibuntu?03:24
philsfChaos2358, it's probably in the main repos or the partner repo by now03:25
Chaos2358philsf google earth i've tried three times to install it through terminal and it wont go through03:25
hiexpoenav, http://ubuntuanswers.wordpress.com/2007/12/27/customizing-the-places-menu-in-ubuntu/    kinda like you said03:25
SuperMiguelshould i install chromium or just straight up chrome?03:25
braxton_How would I see the capacity of a blank CD?03:25
charlier1977brb hopefully I am going to change pcs03:25
philsfChaos2358, try the google repo then03:25
enavhiexpo: try to install  file-browser-applet     it looks pro03:26
=== p3nsi0n3r is now known as p3nsi0n3r[away]
Chaos2358philsf ok dumb question but where do i find these repos? im a newb so to speak03:26
=== XDS|Onyx|CM6 is now known as XDS
ChogyDanSuperMiguel: I say chromium, since I think more people use that03:26
Chaos2358philsf software sources?03:26
mamece2how can i make the rhythmbox at the top right of the panel?03:27
philsfChaos2358, no. google this: google ubuntu repository03:27
XDSHow do i enable universe/multiverse from ssh ?03:27
=== v-himanshu is now known as himanshu
ThinWhiteDukedoes anyone know about the program firestarter03:28
riesThinWhiteDuke: I think I used that a long time ago03:29
kermitXDS:  vim /etc/apt/sources.list03:29
collosiXDS:  can't you just add the repos manually03:29
rusiviThinWhiteDuke I checked it out, seemed pretty cool.03:29
XDSkermit thanks thats what i was looking for03:29
XDSkermit from the looks of the sources list they are indeed installed03:30
XDSbut  libopencore-amrnb-dev is not being found03:30
XDScould this be a devel repo im not seeing ?03:31
ariakusThinkWork: it's long abandoned03:31
kermitXDS: multiverse lucid?  i saw sometimse lucid-security but not lucid was available03:31
kermitXDS: ..and i assume you know the # lines are commmented out03:31
ariakusThinkWhiteduke: it's long abandoned03:31
arvutg'night #ubuntu time to hibernate for awhile =.=03:32
XDSkermit this is 9.1003:32
SuperMiguelwhats the difference between chromium and chorme?03:33
charlier1977ok I was on the pc I am having the problem with03:33
ThinWhiteDukei can't get it to work03:33
XDSSuperLag use iron and chromium is the opensource version of chrome03:33
ThinWhiteDukeso i'm not surprised it is abandoned03:33
ThinWhiteDukei am trying to do internet connection sharing with Ubuntu lynx03:33
SuperMiguelXDS, which on is better?03:34
ThinWhiteDukeand only options i find are abandoned programs like Guidedog and Firestarter03:34
=== aaroncampbell is now known as aaroncampbell_
XDSkermit http://nopaste.info/7f645ee9a2_nl.html03:34
XDSSuperLag use SRWare Iron03:34
=== aaroncampbell_ is now known as aarondcampbell
sebikulSuperMiguel, chronium is the open source project, chrome is the proprietary version from google that just adds some features. performance is the same03:34
=== aarondcampbell is now known as AaronCampbell
kermitXDS: can you just list universe and multiverse on the same line like that?03:35
kermitXDS: i didnt know you could..03:35
tensorpuddingSuperMiguel: Chrome supports WebM and H.264 video.03:35
Chaos2358philsf hey buddy i got the repo and the package but im seeing something ive never seen before the terminal went grey with a terms of service agreement but no way to accept it what the hell do i do?03:36
ariakussebikul: you put it as if community has something to do with chromium03:36
sebikulariakus, what do you mean??03:37
riesariakus: took me a while to find a sample, but yes... the qtdemo application (Chip Demo) has  exactly the same problem03:37
SuperLagXDS: what?03:37
XDSSRWare Iron , its a chromium port03:37
XDSkermit i have no idea03:37
XDSim very upset03:37
XDSlibopencore-amrnb-dev is not being found03:38
kermitXDS: i think you need to have seperate lines for universe and multiverse, try that03:38
SuperMiguelXDS, why iron03:38
riesariakus: is this a bug in the theme used in Ubuntu?03:38
=== f23 is now known as wolf23
XDSSuperMiguel read about it i dont have time to explain03:38
XDSill be around next week03:38
XDSright now i need to get this done03:38
ariakusries: have no idea actually... is it just oxygen or all icon sets?03:39
tensorpuddingSuperMiguel: I recommend Chrome.03:39
Chaos2358 i got the repo and the package but im seeing something ive never seen before the terminal went grey with a terms of service agreement but no way to accept it what the hell do i do?03:39
ariakusChaos2358: are you doing it in synaptic?03:39
Chaos2358no terminal03:40
ariakustry synaptic03:40
riesariakus: I don't know what oxygen is, but I got a complain from a user that it's had to see if a icon is selected or not. If oxygen is the brownish theme, then yes03:40
riesariakus: I am making a screenshot03:40
Chaos2358ariakus will that have any effect on the fact that i've already installed it just cant accept the end user agreement?03:40
O_Espalha_Lixoalgum brasileiro?03:41
tensorpudding!br | O_Espalha_Lixo03:41
ubottuO_Espalha_Lixo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:41
mersaultQuick question: How can I determine which logical volumes exist on a given physical volume in LVM?03:41
marco972how are you all03:42
mamece2what is this that comes when i hit ctrl+alt+F3 ? tty303:42
O_Espalha_Lixothanks ;)03:42
marco972I call from Martinique, French West Indies03:42
marco972and you?03:42
=== cdbob__ is now known as cdbob
lincolnHey, what do I do if I don't see my USB drive in /media after I stick it in?03:43
ariakushow to make sound performance more rigid?03:43
researcher123I have configured network settings of synaptic package manager as Im behind firewall.Hence Synaptic connects to Internet.But when I try to install a package using command line I get the message proxy authentication needed Error code 407.03:44
riesariakus: Here is a sample : http://shareimage.org/images/bx44jjr4bsnctx9vk78a.png The button OPenGL is in it's selected state, the button Antialias is in it's un-selected state. You can see thsi because the OPenGL text is slightly lower, but there is no color difference in the buttons visable03:44
XDShere is the error03:44
XDSCouldn't find package libopencore-amrnb-dev03:44
XDSor rather03:44
XDSE.  Couldn't find package libopencore-amrnb-dev03:45
hiexpoenav, ok the way you do it is open the folder you wasnt to add and click bookmarks than add and it places it03:45
hiexpowant ^03:45
ChogyDanXDS: please use pastebin to paste the whole command03:45
enavhiexpo: i recomment you to use the file-browser-applet  cuz  ubuntu 10.04 and later just delete those folders from that menu03:46
Andre_Gondimwhen I insert a cdrom, once I choose Brasero, how may I change this option to appears that option to choose if I want open it with...03:46
hiexpoenav, i am 9.1003:46
ariakusries: and if you change theme to redmond or something?03:46
riesariakus: let me try03:47
gartraltar -txz from term right?03:48
riesariakus: I tried clear looks, and then the difference is clearly visable03:48
Chaos2358ariakus hey man i'm now getting an error when i load synaptics saying "dpkg was interupted you must now manually run "sudo dpkg --configure -a to correct the problem but when i input that to terminal it doesnt do anything03:48
Chaos2358ariakus nevermind i'm sorry i typod the command03:49
ariakusries: then submit a bug in qt theme which mimics gtk, whichever its name is03:50
riesariakus: ok... thanks03:50
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XDSChogyDan http://nopaste.info/3e46e9a860.html03:55
XDSI have the restricted sources list working03:55
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kermitwhere does empathy store its config files?04:01
ThinWhiteDukehi, what do i need to type to edit the UFW file in /etc/default/ufw04:01
ThinWhiteDukei tried 'gksudo gpedit /etc/default/ufw04:01
SuperMiguelhow can i edit the grub time in ubuntu 10.04?04:01
ThinWhiteDukeit does nothing04:01
enavkermit almost all apps store its stuff on your home folder04:01
=== Guest64028 is now known as Smilodonis
kermitenav: yes, thank you, i was looking for something more specifc though04:02
gartral!jp | tidao04:02
ubottutidao: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい04:02
IdleOne!cn | tidao04:02
ubottutidao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:02
enavkermit  press control+H  to show a bunch of hidden files04:02
IdleOnetidao: /join #ubuntu-cn04:03
enavlol maybe this guys is traditional chinesse04:03
=== f23 is now known as wolf23
SuperMiguelhow can i edit the grub time in ubuntu 10.04?04:04
MooshiMuushiAnyone know how to turn on a device after manually turning it off (pressing the button)?04:04
pksadiqDoes the compiz plugin anaglyph works well? I would love to use use it04:04
alexdabosshey my cock hurts04:04
helluplineSuperMiguel, i use startup-manager04:04
prince_jammysSuperMiguel: edit GRUB_TIMEOUT in /etc/default/grub and then ''sudo update-grub''04:04
lUzErOi ont know for why is this program04:05
mobasherubuntu server 64bit..do I have to setup networking before setting up xinit packge ??04:05
pksadiqLUzErO what ?04:05
SuperMiguelhellupline, there is no startup-manager04:06
IdleOne!es | lUzErO04:06
ubottulUzErO: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:06
helluplineSuperMiguel, sudo apt-get install startupmanager04:07
lUzErOi dont know thiis program04:07
ThinWhiteDukehi, what do i need to type to edit the UFW file in /etc/default/ufw04:08
prince_jammysThinWhiteDuke: gksudo gedit /etc/default/ufw04:08
pksadiqDoes the compiz plugin anaglyph works well? I would love to use use it04:09
ThinWhiteDukethat does nothing04:09
ThinWhiteDukeit pauses and goes back to command line04:09
soreaupksadiq: why not try it for yourself?04:09
IdleOneThinWhiteDuke: sudo nano /etc/default/ufw04:10
lUzErOi need help04:10
ThinWhiteDukeoh nevermind04:10
ThinWhiteDukeit's gedit04:10
ThinWhiteDukenot gpedit04:10
ThinWhiteDukeok thanks a lot04:10
FloodBot3ThinWhiteDuke: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
pksadiqsoreau It costs some money :)04:10
lUzErOi dont understand this program04:10
soreaupksadiq: What makes you say that?04:10
prince_jammyslUzErO: which program?04:10
IdleOnelUzErO: what prohram?04:10
infidi can't x11 forward firefox but i can ssh in to the machine normally. is there anyway i can use my local firefox and have access to the same hosts the machine i'm ssh'd into has?, eg it's /etc/hosts entries? they're all internal04:10
lUzErOthis program04:10
prince_jammyslUzErO: looks like you understand it.04:11
prince_jammysyou type, we read, we respond.04:11
gartralinfid: use http through ssh04:11
pksadiqsoreau anglyph plugin makes the screen to be viewed in 3D , wiht the help of glasses, So I just need to know whether it works befor I buy the goggles04:11
prince_jammyslUzErO: there are different channels for different topics. This channel is support for ubuntu in english.04:11
soreaupksadiq: It works but not extremely well IMO04:12
IdleOnepksadiq: ask in #compiz04:12
lUzErOi talk spanish04:12
areedainfid:  The easiest way I know is to log ssh in then run use your system as an X server04:12
lUzErOwhat is the chanel of spanish?04:12
pksadiqIdleOne ok04:12
prince_jammyslUzErO: then type this: /join #ubuntu-es04:12
IdleOnelUzErO: /join #ubuntu-es04:12
lUzErOOh,, tanks a lot prince_jammys04:12
pksadiq!irc | lUzErO04:12
ubottulUzErO: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:12
lUzErOtanks a lot04:12
sam555hello all!04:13
sam555Has anyone tried to configure rsyslog and logrotate together and been successful?04:13
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
prince_jammyssam555: tell us about the specific problem you ran into, and someone might help04:13
pksadiqIdleOne everybody is sleeping @ #compiz04:14
infidgartral: how can i use http through ssh? i tried dynamic port forwarding with ssh infid@host.org -D 8080 and telling firefox to use socks/8080 but that doesnt give me access to the internal lan addresses04:14
lincolnHey, I just set up an ubuntu server behind my router... how can I "permanently" share files on it with Windows?  Specifically, I'm looking to store my entire Itunes library separate from my windows box04:15
lincolnsimilar to how I simply use an external hdd now04:15
Braber01Hi I have to go into my printer settings and tell it to Clean Priinter Heads every once and a while, is this a problem or should I just deal with it?04:15
sam555prince_jammys: we're not sure, but the symptom is that we ended up with many log files with 0 bytes long that are named mail.log  but then they get written to mail.log.104:15
MooshiMuushiAnyone know how to write a command to terminal after pressing a keyboard shortcut?04:16
MooshiMuushiE.g *Presses ALT+8* --> open terminal and types in "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up" --> *Hits enter*?04:17
lincolnHey, I just set up an ubuntu server behind my router... how can I "permanently" share files on it with Windows?  Specifically, I'm looking to store my entire Itunes library separate from my windows box04:18
prince_jammysMooshiMuushi: that doesn't work?04:18
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:18
prince_jammyslincoln: see if the above is of use04:18
MooshiMuushiprince_jammys, I don't know how to write a command for it ;)04:18
MooshiMuushiprince_jammys, For the keyboard shortcut. So that it will do that.04:19
prince_jammysMooshiMuushi: oh, you want to bind a keyboard shortcut so that it opens a terminal.04:19
infidat work i can use 'http://infid.foo.bar' to develope web pages but 'foo.bar' isnt allowed to the public internet. i have ssh access to my computer at work though. how can i use http://infid.foo.bar from home?04:19
researcher123when I give print command the job goes on waiting infinitely n never prints.What can be done04:19
prince_jammysMooshiMuushi: i think there is a "keyboard shortcuts" somewhere in the gnome menus.04:19
prince_jammysbut i'm not sure04:19
prince_jammys!keyboard shortcuts > MooshiMuushi04:20
ubottuMooshiMuushi, please see my private message04:20
mkquistMooshiMuushi: ctrl/alt/t?04:20
MooshiMuushiprince_jammys,  Yeah, there is. It's just that, I don't know how to write a command for it.04:20
mkquistMooshiMuushi: opens a terminal04:20
MooshiMuushiprince_jammys, Thanks ;)04:21
prince_jammysMooshiMuushi: 'gnome-terminal' is the prog you want opened04:21
MooshiMuushimkquist, Ahh, ok, but what it the command script to open up the terminal?04:21
prince_jammysso you can likely just type gnome-terminal as the command to invoke04:21
MooshiMuushiprince_jammys, oh?04:21
prince_jammystry it04:21
mkquistMooshiMuushi: gnome-terminal04:21
mkquistMooshiMuushi: oh, like he said =p04:22
MooshiMuushimkquist, prince_jammys, After that, how do I make it automaticlly run a script?04:22
MooshiMuushimkquist, prince_jammys, automatically04:23
MooshiMuushimkquist, prince_jammys, automatically*04:23
mkquistMooshiMuushi: you mean like click on something and it executes that script?04:23
MooshiMuushimkquist_, gnome-terminal sudo ifconfig wlan0 up04:24
MooshiMuushimkquist_, Something like that. It turn on terminal, and then enters the sudo commands.04:24
MooshiMuushimkquist_, turns*04:24
MooshiMuushimkquist_, the*04:25
prince_jammysgnome-terminal -x sudo ifconfig wlan0 up04:25
areedaIsn't it gnome-terminal --command <a command or script>04:25
phil_in_londonbut why even open the terminal for something like that?04:25
areedayou can also use xterm -e <command>04:25
prince_jammysthat's if you make it all one string, so you'd have to quote the whole thing. i recommend you try the -x version.04:25
mkquistrun a script in a terminal to open a terminal?04:26
prince_jammys(i don't have gnome-terminal, so just read it off the man page online)04:26
MooshiMuushigive me a second ;D D/Cing from internet.04:26
MooshiMuushimkquist, Nono, like what prince_jammys is saying.04:26
=== Te3-BloodyIron is now known as tuvok302{{tablet
prince_jammystry first, without a keyboard shortcut: gnome-terminal -x sudo ifconfig wlan0 up04:27
prince_jammysto test it first.04:27
prince_jammysso yeah, you'd be opening a terminal to open another terminal, as a test.04:27
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=== Zenogias is now known as iConstruct
XDSthis is all fucked up04:31
IdleOne!language | XDS04:31
ubottuXDS: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:31
=== iConstruct is now known as Jubilee
pksadiqXDS keep your words to be good04:32
XDSim following this guide perfectly04:32
enavfamily guy channel04:32
XDSreinstalled the OS 7 times04:33
areedais there a way in empathy to filter out all the joined/left messages?04:33
XDSSTILL cant install ff04:33
MooshiMuushiAhh, well that didn't work ;)04:33
MooshiMuushiTurning on my wireless is impossible...04:33
tensorpuddingXDS: Pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list04:33
pksadiqMooshiMuushi What?04:34
MooshiMuushiAfter I manually turn it off (press the button).04:34
XDStensorpudding i did that already04:34
tensorpuddingXDS: Which version of Ubuntu is this? Do you have the Universe repository enabled?04:34
XDShttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9114176&postcount=967 < this is the guide im using04:34
MooshiMuushipksadiq, I can't turn on my wireless after I hit the wireless button to turn it off ;)04:34
XDStensorpudding yes all the repos are updating and working  AFAIK04:34
XDSopencore-amr awr isnt being picked up04:35
phil_in_londonmooshimuushi, do you have a hotplug folder inside your etc folder?04:35
XDStensorpudding its driving me insane :)04:35
tensorpuddingXDS: Why do you need to install x264 from source?04:36
MooshiMuushiphil_in_london, hotplug folder? Sorry, be right back.04:36
=== tuvok302{{tablet is now known as Pompz0
XDShow can i test ffmpeg to see if its working ?04:37
phil_in_londonmooshimuushi, I'm not even sure thats what its called, until 2.4 kernel there was an /etc/hotplug.d folder, it contained scripts that would be called when you press buttons or plug usb devices in and such. Sounds like you have the script that turns it off running okay, but the one that starts it up is either missing, or not functioning.04:37
pksadiqMooshiMuushi , Sorry I haven't ever used wifi on laptop with Ubuntu, But 24 hours You are in this channel, Why? :D04:37
phil_in_londonanyone know the equivalent folder with 2.6 kernel?04:37
tensorpuddingXDS: presumably if you can play videos using it04:37
nafrihello, I've installed official flash player for ubuntu on linux but somehow my flash content doesn't work smoothly on flash player on linux? any idea?04:38
headacheI'm trying to install ubuntu-server 10.04 on my atom N450 motherboard with no luck.  It doesn't recognize the external USB CD-Rom and it can't find the driver for the onboard Ethernet.04:39
MorbidChimpHi all. Long one: I'm using amd 10.04 on two pc's here, non updated, vanilla ubuntu install and I've noticed a weird problem effecting 3 beige box's I have set up here. When I sudo nano /etc/apt/apt.conf with the intention of editing my proxy configuration I see one entry of the expected 3, the aquire line for http, I dont see ftp and https. However, when I edit the same file via gedit I see all 3 lines, https,http,ftp. This is happening on all 3 ma04:39
phil_in_londonmaybe  /etc/ifplugd/action.d/action.wpa?04:39
MorbidChimpchines, and I can't figure out why or where to start... any idea's anyone?, searched google etc but no idea so far. why is the same file on all 3 machines showing different file contents? nano or gedit problem maybe?04:39
MorbidChimpheadache, what netbook model are you using?04:39
MorbidChimpchances are the driver are not included with that version of ubuntu04:39
headacheMorbidChimp: Not a netbook, it's just an atom baredboard04:40
headacheI hooked up an externa USB CDrom and a 160GB sata drive04:40
phil_in_londonmorbidchimp, what happens if you edit same file with gedit?04:40
XDSdoes this look right ?04:40
MorbidChimpah sorry. assumed otherwise. Had some issues with netbooks earlier, no experience with the bareboards, prob driver prob though04:40
MorbidChimpsame thing phil04:40
phil_in_londonah, so its not an lf/cr translation then.04:41
MorbidChimpi have opened the same file in both gedit and nano at the same time with and without sudo04:41
MorbidChimpit only seems to effect the apt.conf file04:41
tensorpuddingXDS: ffmpeg is installed04:41
phil_in_londonits got to be lf/cr04:41
headacheMorbidChimp: So it is currently not recommended to install Ubuntu Server on an atom board04:41
blakkheimMorbidChimp: nano -wSx /the/file04:41
headacheSo, I should go for Ubuntu Netbook04:41
blakkheimheadache: i have ubuntu on an atom server04:42
MorbidChimpBlackkheim. Same problem04:42
hcookhey guys, is there a quick way to disable all x displays beyond the first? i've got 3 monitors on an ati 5750 working fine, but d3d wine games won't run because the multihead isn't supported. I tried System->Preferences->Monitors and just turning 2 of them off, but wine's still throwing the multihead errors...04:42
blakkheimMorbidChimp: what about vim?04:42
MorbidChimpuck. vi. second, I try it04:42
phil_in_londonmorbidchimp, what does the file look like when you use cat?04:42
MorbidChimpsame thing phil. gedit shows all the lines, nano and vi do not04:42
MorbidChimptrying cat04:43
headacheblakkheim: The first error is "No network interfaces detected" and if I hit Continue, the next error is CD-ROm error.04:43
JoeBob44Does anyone have any idea why my NETBOOK WIRELESS is sluggish (as in it takes forever to connect to a network) on 10.10 Desktop Distro?04:43
JoeBob44I did not have this problem 10.404:43
blakkheimheadache: you said ubuntu is not recommended on atom servers, which is untrue, that's all i was saying04:43
MorbidChimpsame problem, its only showing the 1st line.04:43
phil_in_londonin gedit if you go to save the file, look in the lower right corner of the file save dialog, does Line Ending say Unix/Linux ?04:44
Ryen!10.10 | JoeBob4404:44
ubottuJoeBob44: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:44
headacheblakkheim: No I did not say that.  I was just trying to ask MorbidChimp if Ubuntu-server was a choice for atom boards04:44
blakkheim23:41 < headache> MorbidChimp: So it is currently not recommended to install Ubuntu Server on an atom board04:45
MorbidChimpphil, utf8 unix yes.04:45
gartralheadache: it will work just fine04:45
MorbidChimpsry headach. sec04:45
MorbidChimpit is recommend. i use them myself. great little servers. just a bit fiddely04:45
headacheSorry, I meant a question not statement :-p04:45
johnjohn101what do you serve on an atom?04:46
headacheI think the ethernet onboard is a realtek chipset04:46
MorbidChimpi've written a quick c app here and a python script to view the file. the python script shows the correct contents, my c doesn't. writing one in pascal now just to see result04:46
headachewell, the atom n450 board is "Made in China"04:46
AbhiJitMorbidChimp, #programming04:47
MorbidChimpaye. think so AbhiJit.04:47
AbhiJitMorbidChimp, i mean ask in channel ##programming04:48
MorbidChimpaye. I got it04:48
ElWuilMeREdward_Elric: aquí necesitarias conocerlo un 100% no crees.?04:48
Edward_ElricElWuilMeR, i will learning on road04:49
Edward_Elrici dont know if good writed04:49
XDStensorpudding k04:49
ElWuilMeREdward_Elric: true fine04:49
Edward_Elrici ready for ubuntu maverick yeah!!!04:50
Edward_Elricrest five days04:50
johnjohn101i'm running rc04:50
XDStensorpudding can you help me with the rest ?04:51
maco!10.10 | Edward_Elric04:51
ubottuEdward_Elric: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:51
Edward_Elricmaco, great!04:51
hcookis there no xorg.conf file these days?04:51
AbhiJit!xorg | hcook04:52
ubottuhcook: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:52
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
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prince_jammyshcook: correct, though if you create one it is used.04:52
gilanialiwhats the linux equivalent to .exe or .app04:52
izinucshcook: actually no.. xrandr controls video.. but like prince_jammys says.. you can create one.04:52
enavgilaniali: thanks to god nothing is equivalent to that04:52
prince_jammysgilaniali: nothing; extensions aren't necessary in linux04:52
AbhiJitgilaniali, .deb .rpm04:52
Edward_Elriclinux use magic munbers04:53
Edward_Elricfor identify files or executables04:53
izinucsgilaniali: .bin04:53
gilanialiAbhiJit: how do I convert my .py to .deb or .rpm04:54
izinucsgilaniali: forget .rpm.. that's for redhat.. .deb for debian and derivitives04:54
Edward_Elricgilaniali, .py to .deb?04:54
Edward_Elricthat is imposible04:54
izinucsgilaniali: .py should run natively04:55
prince_jammysgilaniali: find a tutorial about "making a debian package"04:55
confused_penguinIs the desktop environment the only difference between ubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu?04:55
prince_jammysconfused_penguin: yes04:55
AbhiJitgilaniali, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete04:55
gilanialiI have a python script, but i dont want customers to be able to simply open it and view the code in an editor04:55
AbhiJitconfused_penguin, and thus their respective applications too04:56
prince_jammysgilaniali: meh, you can't easily avoid that.04:56
gilanialiso will turning the python script into a debian package help04:56
AbhiJitgilaniali, ask in #python04:56
blakkheimgilaniali: why would you do such a bad thing?04:56
hcookAbhiJit: prince_jammys: izinucs: thanks guys! reading xrandr man page now. i can see the three displays and modes, now i just need to turn two of them off, which should be easy. in fact this is going to be way easier to deal with then editing the file....04:56
prince_jammysgilaniali: if you're looking to obfuscate it or something, ask at #python, though you're unlikely to be lucky with that.04:56
izinucsblakkheim: gilaniali has just come from the windows world and doesn't quite understand yet04:57
sam555has anyone used xwing?04:57
sam555I mean xming04:57
izinucshcook: what are you trying to do?04:57
confused_penguinI have my friends laptop wanted me to downgrade from vista to xp but no drivers.... so i'm upgrading to linux and setting up xp in VMware for desperate measures haha04:57
hcookizinucs: direct3d games in wine (specifically civ5) apparently don't play nice with multiple x displays04:58
izinucshcook: you have more than 1 monitor?04:59
hcookizinucs: so i want to turn 2 of my 3 monitors off04:59
JohnRobe1thow can I enable editable menu keyboard shortcuts on lucid?04:59
hcookizinucs: but just going to System->Preferences->Monitors and setting them "off" didn't do it04:59
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
izinucshcook: xrandr will certainly be able to help you out.. :)05:00
hcookizinucs: so i figured it probably wasn't actually getting rid of the x displays....although my theory on that was based to some degree on the thought that such changes would require rewriting xorg.conf05:01
JohnRobe1tah they removed the tab05:01
elexhello, where can i find the .deb install file for truecrypt. The truecrypt website only has the standard versions. Thanks05:02
XDScan someone help me out here ?05:03
AbhiJit!ask | XDS05:03
ubottuXDS: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:03
XDSyea yea05:03
XDSthis is what im trying to get running05:04
XDSi FINALLY got the ffmpeg service going i THINK05:04
Edward_ElricXDS, solution update android software05:04
XDSEdward_Elric thats not a solution05:05
Edward_Elricjaja of course05:05
XDSThank you Edward_Elric ill take it from here05:05
izinucsXDS: you're referncing hulu and android.. this is ubuntu.. so ?05:05
=== shai_ is now known as shia
headachehow do I load 3rd party driver during ubuntu server installation?05:07
izinucsheadache: what kind of driver?05:07
XDSizinucs its being installed on ubuntu05:07
XDSso whats your point05:07
Mario_elex: google apt-get source05:07
headacheizinucs: Fast Etherent driver by JMicron05:08
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
izinucsheadache: you might attempt that after intsall..05:09
izinucsXDS: as an app or simply running hulu.com?05:09
gartralEdward_Elric: you managed to do one thing alone: be a jackass. (on a side-note, you caused four 5 minute long laughing fits)05:09
Mario_Hi, I want 6to4 in ubuntu with a LAN and ddwrt, I turned off ipv6 and installed teredo but I still can't see or ping in ipv6.05:11
Edward_Elricgardar, silence please jackass05:11
blakkheim!op | Edward_Elric05:11
ubottuEdward_Elric: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!05:11
jimisrvroxhey guys anybody familiar with plpbt-5.0.10 boot loader? Needing some help with getting it to run...tried to edit grub.cfg and on reboot it doesnt come up with the bootloader screen like I think it should05:11
=== Jubilee is now known as iConstruct
IdleOnegartral: and Edward_Elric Please both of you be civil and watch the language05:11
XDSizinucs as an app ?05:12
confused_penguinAm I likely to gain much performance on a low end system with a custom kernel re-compile? I used to play around on a slackware system removing stuff... made the kernel smaller... not sure if the system was noticably faster05:12
izinucsXDS: I had to ask because I didn't really install anything special and hulu.com runs just fine05:12
=== business is now known as bizguy
blakkheimconfused_penguin: custom kernel and optimized binaries will both improve performance05:13
confused_penguinyou mean binaries compiled with the right architecture flags ?05:13
=== ecco is now known as Guest2814
=== iConstruct is now known as Strider
confused_penguintarget triplet or whatever05:13
blakkheimand/or with features of the program you don't need taken otu05:14
=== ecco_ is now known as chicoboia
confused_penguinI tried to build a system following LFS book but i really just dont know enough05:14
=== Strider is now known as Bourne
prince_jammysconfused_penguin: i'd first use a lighter GUI, if you are currently using gnome or kde.05:15
=== mick is now known as Guest33662
=== Max is now known as Guest29152
prince_jammysthis is easier to do, and you'd likely get perceivable results\05:15
johnjohn101 best to stick with ubuntu, rather than build yourself05:16
confused_penguinIts for a friends laptop that runs like crap.... want kde but prolly only runs well with xfce05:16
prince_jammyscheck out fluxbox/enlightenment/lxde, among others.05:16
AbhiJitconfused_penguin, try lubuntu05:16
prince_jammyskde can be a hog on an old system.05:16
blakkheimjohnjohn101: why do you think that?05:17
confused_penguinAbhiJit, is lubuntu stable enough to put on for someone who is migrating from vista and knows little?05:17
johnjohn101blakkheim. I'm lazy05:17
blakkheimoh ok05:17
AbhiJitconfused_penguin, sure. more info in #lubuntu05:17
=== Bourne is now known as Unix
confused_penguinawesome i'll check it out =)05:17
=== Unix is now known as Linux
=== Linux is now known as Linus
=== Linus is now known as Tovalds
AbhiJitjohnjohn101, yoy cant believe this but thats what i was going to say about you!05:18
elexHmm Truecrypt is only available from the truecrypt website. I installed it from the standard 64 bit. I even checked the signature. It installs and even the icon shows up, but it fails to load. Also just tried apt-get install truecrypt but it says it is not available from there.05:18
confused_penguinhehe i'm inquisitive. gotta learn how to break it before you learn how to fix it haha05:18
=== Tovalds is now known as Vaan
=== Vaan is now known as Zenogias
=== Zenogias is now known as Anakin
blakkheimelex: run it from terminal and look for errors05:18
=== Anakin is now known as Systray
IdleOne!nickspam | Systray05:19
ubottuSystray: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »05:19
prince_jammysconfused_penguin: it doesn't make sense to go through the trouble of compiling a custom kernel, and then installing something like kde.05:19
prince_jammyslook into the other DEs, you get more bang for your effort.05:19
johnjohn101abhjit: I tried to compile gentoo one time but gave up after 5 hours...05:19
confused_penguinjohnjohn101, HAHA me too05:20
AbhiJitjohnjohn101, :D05:20
blakkheimi had no problems with gentoo05:20
Mario_confused_penguin: you'll have to rebuild the kernel with every security update, each 6 months more or less.05:20
milothebutcherHi. I have some x86 binaries (no source) that used to run on ubuntu x86. Is it possible to run them on ubuntu x86_64 ? (I get a "no such file or directory") when i type ./nameofthebinary05:20
prince_jammys!info ia32libs05:21
ubottuPackage ia32libs does not exist in lucid05:21
AbhiJitmilothebutcher, u mean install 32 bit ap on 64 bit os?05:21
jimisrvroxhey guys anybody familiar with plpbt-5.0.10 boot loader? Needing some help with getting it to run...tried to edit grub.cfg and on reboot it doesnt come up with the bootloader screen like I think it should05:21
milothebutcherAhadiel, no, i mean get a simple binary that was compiled to run on 32-bit ubuntu and run it on 64-bit05:21
confused_penguinMario_, I didn't think of that =(05:21
AbhiJitmilothebutcher, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit05:21
prince_jammys!info ia32-libs05:21
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in lucid05:21
Systray<ubottu>Sorry i dont know how to use irc chat yet...05:22
izardstreetwhats the path to a mounted volume?05:22
Mario_confused_penguin: do what they say, install XFCE or use lubuntu05:22
elexblakkheim, the error i get when running from command line is "/usr/bin/truecrypt: 1: Syntax error: ")" unexpected"05:22
izinucsizardstreet: /media/<something>05:22
izardstreetim a noob05:22
AbhiJit!guidelines > Systray05:22
ubottuSystray, please see my private message05:22
izardstreetcause i went to the /media folder on my harddrive and nothing was there05:23
AbhiJitizardstreet, /dev may be?05:23
confused_penguinizardstreet, sometimes its in /mnt05:23
prince_jammysizardstreet: in a terminal, type 'mount' to see what's currently mounted, and where.05:23
milothebutcherworking now :D05:23
bizguycan someone tell me why http://it.ucmerced.edu/docs/guides/wireless/ubuntu_810_wireless_config.cfm doesn't work on my Ubuntu netbook? I follow the instructions to the point but it gets stuck in an infinite loop, trying to connect. I have 10.04 of course05:23
milothebutcherthanks guys05:23
izinucsizardstreet: was there anything in there? what's mounted that you're trying to get at?05:23
confused_penguinand lubuntu is downloaded. woop. bbs05:24
izardstreeti mounted a file called UT.iso and its not showing up on the mounted list...hold on05:24
gartralbizguy: i can see yor answer in the link, that's for 8.1005:24
confused_penguinwell.. prolly in the # =Plubuntu05:24
gartral!8.10 | bizguy05:24
ubottubizguy: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.05:24
AbhiJitconfused_penguin, what is your net speed?05:24
bizguygartral: no. the protocols for the network are still the same05:24
izinucsizardstreet: is this Unreal Tournament? 2004?05:25
bizguygartral: i went to the IT department and they cannot figure out what's wrong05:25
izardstreetthe iso is clearly mounted on my sidebar but yet not showing up in /mnt , /media/ or /dev as far as i can see05:25
bizguygartral: in fact the network selection screen is exactly the same in 8.10 as in 10.0405:26
gartralizardstreet: how is the iso "mounted"05:26
=== Systray is now known as iConstruct
izinucsizardstreet: there's lots of ways of mounting.. in different locations.. how you mounted it should tell you where.05:26
izardstreetvia right-click "Archive Mounter"05:26
ravibnHi! I get this update triangle ICON in the sys tray. If I open it goes to update mgr and see that libdrm-nouveau1 pkg needs a partial updgrade I need help with this05:26
gartralizardstreet: AHHAH! that's not a mount!05:27
izardstreetits not!?05:27
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:27
gartralizardstreet: no, that's a zip-like way of mounting05:27
gartral!iso | izardstreet05:27
ubottuizardstreet: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:27
ravibnI need help with the pkg upgrade anyone pl ?05:28
xbonesxAnyone else in here use palm pres?05:28
AbhiJitravibn, maverick?05:28
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:29
ravibnAbhijit : lucid05:29
xbonesxi want to add this but not sure if its compatible with ubuntu 10.04 http://developer.palm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=page&id=1585&Itemid=5505:29
izardstreetis Gmount-Iso ok05:30
ravibn Abhijit :I get this update triangle ICON in the sys tray. If I open it goes to update mgr and I see that libdrm-nouveau1 pkg needs a partial updgrade when I run the upgrade I get a error msg that there is nothing to upgrade05:30
AbhiJitravibn, dunno05:31
ravibnanyone else please05:31
FirefisheI'm running kde 4.4.5 with Kubuntu 10.04 LTS.  Where may I learn of any issues with updating (via Backports) to kde 4.5.2?05:31
xbonesxizardstreet: i use it05:31
gnufunxbonesx: http://developer.palm.com/distribution/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6280&start=005:31
izardstreetill give it a whirl05:31
izardstreetwhat happened to the "open terminal here" option05:32
xbonesxizardstreet: are you using it for mounting, for instance the dvd or cd image of ubuntu? for use in the synaptic package manager?05:32
izardstreetor was that only in other distros05:32
xbonesxgnufun: thanks05:32
izardstreetno i'm using the mounter to install UT 99 :P05:33
rob_pravibn: Do, "sudo apt-get update" and then do, "sudo apt-get upgrade" from the command line.  It will either upgrade whatever needs it, or it will give you some feedback as to why it didn't.05:33
RotundCan someone here help me with packaging?05:33
AbhiJitRotund, #ubuntu-packaging05:33
elexanyone why i get this error? /usr/bin/truecrypt: 1: Syntax error: ")" unexpected05:34
elex*anyone know05:34
izardstreeti'm currently waiting on synaptic to finish the upgrade to 10.10...hoping i get better results off my onboard intel GMA with games and compiz05:34
izinucsrob_p: if that works ok then you might also sudo apt-get dist-upgrade .. it won't take you to the next release but will upgrade packages to the next version if they are available.05:34
Rotundelex: truecrypt is a shell script05:35
RotundIt's got a ')' without an opening '('05:35
VotingNeed to pick up an inexpensive laptop to have as my main computer. Looks like I can buy a Acer Aspire AS5734Z-4512 for $400. Is this machine going to run Ubuntu well? Anyone got a better suggestion?05:35
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
prince_jammyselex: what causes the error?05:35
VotingI can get them for $400 each. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Acer-Aspire-AS5734Z-4512-Laptop-Dual-Core-2-3GHz-/280571278221?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item415359f38d05:35
rob_pizinucs: Yes.  That's true.05:35
AbhiJit!hardware | Voting05:35
ubottuVoting: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:35
elexwell i'm trying to get truecrypt to run, and I get it after i type: sudo truecrypt05:35
AbhiJitVoting, just have a look here http://zareason.com/shop/home.php and http://www.system76.com/ just go thro it05:36
elexif i click the icon on the applications menu it does not launch05:36
Votingubottu: I'm confusd by those pages... can I ask you more questions?05:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:36
AbhiJithow it becomes bold?05:36
rwwAbhiJit: what?05:36
=== nighthawk8282 is now known as Nighthawk82
AbhiJitrww, the text it becomes bold05:37
rwwAbhiJit: which text?05:37
VotingAbhiJit: can I PM w/ you for a sec?05:37
izinucsrob_p: I guess that was ment for ravibn :)05:37
AbhiJitrww, after the word 'and'05:37
rob_pizinucs: No worries!  :-)05:37
AbhiJitVoting, sure05:37
rwwAbhiJit: ah. This channel has mode +c set; whatever you did got filtered out by the IRCd.05:37
AbhiJitrww, oh ok05:37
UbuntuNoobi am trying to open an iso file because i can not burn it to a dvd drive05:38
xbonesxanyone prefer 10.10 over 10.04 because of changes? not because its newer, but because of any good changes?05:38
UbuntuNoobi get the following error message: This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system05:39
UbuntuNoobthat supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification." what can i do?05:39
SporkWitchQuestion, is it normal for Xorg to be running as root? O.o05:39
AbhiJitxbonesx, not me05:39
xbonesxAbhiJit: really any reasoning?05:39
johnjohn101xbonex: I like 10.10 because it looks better with the fonts.. other than that, nothing really05:39
rwwSporkWitch: yes05:39
AbhiJitxbonesx, lucid is lts. so i want to keep it as my main os. and then i am going for distro hopping05:39
SporkWitchrww: and that's not a security issue how? lol05:40
AbhiJitok brb 15 mins05:40
xbonesxAbhiJit: think I'll do the same05:40
rwwSporkWitch: only if Xorg has security vulnerabilities. If it did and Ubuntu knew about them, they'd be patched in a security update. But yes, it's not an ideal situation and there are people working on making it unnecessary to run it as root.05:40
SporkWitchrww: fair enough.  just seemed REALLY wonky.  normally shouldn't be running basically anything as root, as i'm sure you know lol05:41
ravibnAbhiJit : I resolved that libdrm-nouveau1 problem05:42
ilovefairuzUbuntuNoob: right-click on the ISO file, is there an option to "Write to disk" ?05:43
Edward_Elricfailed testing05:43
ilovefairuz!cn | baojingfang05:43
ubottubaojingfang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:43
UbuntuNoobilovefairuz: yes there is, but i dont have a dvd burner large enough for the file05:43
UbuntuNoobactually i dont have a dvd burner at all05:44
ilovefairuzUbuntuNoob: so are you just trying to open it?05:44
dborbaSporkWitch, doing things as root is bad? Are you sure everyone doesnt just sudo passwd?05:44
XDShow do i restart ffmpeg ?05:45
rob_pSporkWitch: That's not necessarily true.  There are *many* system processes that have to run as root.  But yes, it's good practice to run most non-system programs as an unpriv'd user.05:45
UbuntuNoobilovefaiiruz: its an iso for windows 7 im trying to install it05:45
elexUbuntuNoon: have considered requesting a CD from https://shipit.ubuntu.com/05:45
=== Dominus is now known as Guest51576
ilovefairuzUbuntuNoob: you cannot install windows  7 from inside ubuntu05:45
UbuntuNoobilovefairuz: -_- lame05:45
izinucsUbuntuNoob: well.. you can.. but only in virtualbox05:45
dborbaUbuntuNoob, we went over this yesterday. You gotta burn it to a dvd05:45
prince_jammysyou can install in a vm05:46
dborbaizinucs, that doesn't help him - his ubuntu is unstable05:46
SporkWitchrob_p: sure, my personal rule has generally been that if the OS itself didn't need it when it booted into a CLI, then it shouldn't be running as root, heh.  Off-topic, does ubuntu not get on well with windows shares if the windows user name and the workgroup name have spaces in them?05:46
dborbaizinucs, not that u knew that05:46
izinucsdborba: nope.. didn't05:46
SporkWitch(trying to figure out if that's my issue before i change the workgroup name and reboot)05:46
UbuntuNoobdborba: im not here often, but i dont have a dvd burner05:46
baojingfangdo anyone chinese?05:46
ilovefairuzUbuntuNoob: please join ##windows for further questions about windows 705:47
prince_jammysSporkWitch: if you started X "by hand" from the console (without a gui login), i think it wouldn't run as root.05:47
dborbaUbuntuNoob, ahh... now that's a bitch. well as much as we told you it's a real pain - you could try to make a bootable flash drive with 705:47
ilovefairuzbaojingfang: type: /join #ubuntu-cn05:47
=== manny is now known as Guest39946
izinucsSporkWitch: generally speaking yes..05:47
SporkWitchprince_jammys: that's correct05:47
SporkWitchizinucs: hmm?05:47
UbuntuNoobilovefairuz: i just want to open the iso for windows 7 its still about ubuntu05:48
olskolircahhh all better now Edward_Elric thanks05:48
Guest39946where can i get some help with firefox05:48
olskolircim on maverick now and i HATE setting up my irc colors05:48
UbuntuNoobdborba: how could i do that?05:48
SporkWitchUbuntuNoob: you're on linux, just mount it lol05:49
izinucsSporkWitch: you do have samba installed right?05:49
dborbaUbuntuNoob, I can give you the instructions on how people do it when they are already on Windows - since most people don't really do it from linux & you can try to piece it together if you'd like05:49
greezmunkeyI know this is a stupid question, but - Is there a tool I can use to "split" an album of songs that is encoded as one large mp3 into individual songs in mp3 format?05:49
prince_jammysSporkWitch: mm, no the X server still runs as root with 'startx'05:49
ilovefairuzUbuntuNoob: to mount it under ubuntu: mkdir /tmp/diskcontents; sudo mount -o loop -t auto /path/to/filename.iso /tmp/diskcontents .. then open /tmp/diskcontents in a file manager05:50
SporkWitchizinucs: standard ubuntu install from the 10.04 livecd.  it appears to have samba installed, and place -> connect to server offers a windows share option, and the error i get when it "failed to retrieve share list from server" says smb://[computer name]/05:50
dborbaUbuntuNoob, in you might have to install windows on a virtual machine on ubuntu & follow the steps there05:50
Vortexhi guys05:50
Guest39946does anybody know how to fix firefox keep getting server not found or connection reset every time i try to load a page05:50
izinucsSporkWitch: samba isn't installed by default.. that'll be a new adventure ..05:51
izinucs!samba | SporkWitch05:51
ubottuSporkWitch: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:51
dborbaUbuntuNoob, here's how it's done http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-windows-7vista-from-usb-drive-detailed-100-working-guide/05:51
Guest39946or point me in the right direction05:51
ilovefairuzGuest39946: have you tried other browsers?05:51
SporkWitchizinucs: oh i've done it before; please tell me it's been streamlined over the past few years, i remember it being a nightmare05:51
Guest39946yes chorme works all the time05:51
confused_penguinThis laptop has no sensor info in bios... anyone know good app to see realtime clock speeds and reported temps? or can i just automagically see it all from the CLI05:51
Guest39946so i know is not my connection05:51
Vortexi need deb package for rp-pppoe can someone help05:51
izinucsSporkWitch: sorry I can't do that.. I'm still having permission issues with my 10.04 samba setup that worked fine in 9.1005:52
Vortexsomeone help please05:52
SporkWitchizinucs: great; looks like i'm stopping at the class VI on my way home from work tonight before i dive into this battle lol05:52
rob_pGuest39946: Maybe you have a proxy configured in Firefox's settings?  Perhaps a non-functioning ff plugin?05:52
ilovefairuzGuest39946: try starting firefox from command line using safe mode option and see if the problem persists: firefox -safe-mode05:52
prince_jammys!info rp-ppoe05:53
ubottuPackage rp-ppoe does not exist in lucid05:53
izinucsSporkWitch: try just installing samba and smbfs .. then try to connect to the windows machine.. if it doesn't work.. then fiddle :)05:53
Vortexprince_jammys what does it mena?05:54
SporkWitchizinucs: probably easier to just install linux on the box i use as the file server and let the windows machine access that lol (though then i'd have to find a new broadcast software; i normally use SAM Broadcaster running on the remote machine and RDC into it to use it)05:54
greezmunkeyVortex: http://security.debian.org/pool/updates/main/r/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe_3.3-1.2.diff.gz05:54
prince_jammysVortex: i think it means the bot is lying05:54
greezmunkeyVortex: that may not be the entire thing, but it appears that it is supported in debian...05:54
hcookhowdy again05:55
confused_penguinjeand you need to type "/join #ubuntu.fr05:55
Vortexgreezmunkey, file not found05:55
prince_jammysoh, i typo'd05:55
greezmunkeyVortex: try this one: http://packages.debian.org/sid/pppoe05:55
Vortexgreezmunkey, i need for ubuntu05:55
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Vortexis it the same?05:56
greezmunkeyVortex: You specifically said a "deb package" so there you are...05:56
prince_jammysVortex: isn't it available from repositories?05:56
Vortexi need rp to configure my net05:56
Vortexi am on windows now05:56
Guest39946nope no luck on safe mode same problem have to click reload over and over to get to page05:56
rob_pgreezmunkey: Not all debian packages are compatible with Ubuntu.  You have to be careful or you will break things!05:56
prince_jammysVortex: ''sudo apt-get install rp-pppoe''05:57
greezmunkeyrob_p: I get that ;)05:57
PCChrisIs "safely remove drive" any different than eject?05:57
AbhiJitVoting, see my pm05:57
Vortexprince_jammys, i need an offline installer for rp05:57
prince_jammysVortex: ah.05:57
greezmunkeyVortex: check this out: http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/linux_beginner_books/unofficial_ubuntu_starter_guide/index_046.html05:57
rob_pgreezmunkey: Well be careful when you suggest to others to just install standard Debian packages on Ubuntu.05:57
greezmunkeyrob_p: I didn't suggest it, just answered his question...05:58
Vortexor can anyone give me the link to ubuntu repos05:58
Vortexill get it from there05:58
hcookok, so i'm a bit confused about xrandr here. i understand from the bad ol' days (it's been some years since i had to manually poke xorg) that a monitor, screen, and display are three separate things. i can turn 2 of my three monitors off with 'xrandr --output DVI-0 --off; xrandr --output DVI-1 --off' and then screen 0 becomes the size of my remaining monitor. but how do i manipulate the...05:58
hcook...displays? they don't show up in the xrandr output even with verbose05:58
prince_jammysVortex: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rp-pppoe05:59
greezmunkeyVortex: check the ubuntu specific link above ^^05:59
prince_jammysVortex: mm, sorry, wrong. Go to packages.ubuntu.com instead05:59
prince_jammysyou want the package, not source.05:59
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:59
Vortexprince_jammys, thanks :)06:00
prince_jammysVortex: welcome, but don't use my link. search for it a packages.ubuntu.com for your release06:00
[Tyrant]tryin to install ubuntu on a netbook msi wind, i tried try it and install it, and its asking for login/pass but it never prompted or promps me for it when doing its thing06:01
Vortexprince_jammys, i know :)06:01
[Tyrant]is there a default i can use06:01
_BEAST_Biglumber: oR06:02
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »06:02
PCChrisIs "safely remove drive" any different than eject?06:03
Talon_can I have two seperate X sessions running two different window managers? like kde on the left and gnome on the right?06:03
prince_jammysPCChris: it probably syncs and unmounts it, vs just yanking the disk.06:03
[Tyrant]is this a common problem?06:03
[Tyrant]tryin to google it06:04
_BEASTPGPkeys: oR06:04
prince_jammysTalon_: yes06:04
PCChrisprince_jammys: thanks06:04
Talon_prince_jammys, how do I configure it? I have two seperate X sessions now, but both startup in gnome. I have KDE installed.06:05
sunny1Anyway I can get gedit to save my keyboard shortcuts? Every time I reload, it goes away.06:05
Vortexprince_jammys, i cannot find rp-pppoe can you just check whether its available in the repos?06:05
elexhow do i check if i have ubuntu 64 bit or 32 bit?06:06
elexis there a command?06:06
blakkheimelex: uname -a06:06
_BEASTelex: ;)06:06
greppyuname -a06:07
collosi[Tyrant]:  are you sure it didnt ask you for you name and password when you installed?06:07
elexi just found something really fishy, I have a 64 bit system but I installed truecrypt x86 and it loaded...while 64 failed06:07
prince_jammysTalon_: first, find the name of the prog that starts a kde session06:07
collosi[Tyrant]: I just dont see how you can get through the installation without it06:07
[Tyrant]it scrolls in terminal/consol then jumps right to login06:07
_BEASTelex: how did you notice it or mount the drives06:07
[Tyrant]anyway to freeze the screen06:08
Vortexprince_jammys, i cannot find rp-pppoe can you just check whether its available in the repos?06:08
collosi[Tyrant]: what version of ubuntu did you install?06:08
[Tyrant]i cant read it fast enough to see anything related06:08
edmundhello all, my keyboard layout has spontaneously changed so that J=1, K=2, etc.06:08
[Tyrant]10.05 netbook06:08
[Tyrant]err 0406:08
ariakusedmund: LOL numlock06:08
elex_BEAST, I noticed because the 64 bit version of truecrypt kept failing06:09
fuffal0i've got openvpn running and i can see it in ps -ax (running openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf)  - the problem is /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf doesn't exist...is there anyway this file could be hidden from me or something (even if i'm root)?06:09
UbuntuNoobcan someone please help walk me through virtualbox? i didnt understand from their website or the ubuntu help site06:09
edmundasus eeepc, ubuntu 10.04 LTS06:09
Talon_prince_jammys, anything else?06:09
_BEASTelex: try pressing F1 oR reinstalling to Truecrypt706:09
collosi[Tyrant]:  I have never installed the netbook version, but if it's like other installations there is usually a dedicated screen for your user name and password plus some additional options06:09
prince_jammysVortex: what ubuntu release do you have?06:09
Vortex10.04 lts06:09
[Tyrant]yea no it just goes to login06:09
elex_BEAST, I installed 32 bit just now and that is working06:10
prince_jammysTalon_: then, from a console, do:  startx /full/path/to/session/prog -- :106:10
[Tyrant]is there a default a i can try?06:10
[Tyrant]i tried root06:10
[Tyrant]and blank for pass06:10
collosi[Tyrant]:  did you already install it?  or are you just trying boot into the live CD?06:10
[Tyrant]well it went kinda fast for a install06:10
_BEASTelex: I have 64 bit as well when I am mounting I just press F106:10
[Tyrant]in boot options06:10
[Tyrant]i chose both06:10
prince_jammysTalon_: i.e. do ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a console, and start the second X session manually.06:10
[Tyrant]but even live cd asks for pass06:10
edmundthe new keyboard layout only affects 1 user06:10
edmundso i'm hoping there's a config file in ~ that has changed06:11
[Tyrant]I'm using usb too06:11
Talon_oh i meant having them run seperate but together, kde on one monitor and gnome on the other06:11
Vortexprince_jammys, 10.04 LTS06:11
collosi[Tyrant]:  so when you boot from the USB using the netbook version it is prompting you for a username and password?06:11
prince_jammysTalon_: oh, i don't know.06:12
collosi[Tyrant]:  when you boot from the USB, is there not a menu prompting you what you would like to do?06:12
elex_BEAST, i'm a little rusty, what are you referring to when you are saying "mounting"? Because I know you can mount partitions and drives06:12
collosi[Tyrant]:  what do you select?06:12
[Tyrant]first to demo06:12
[Tyrant]asked for login06:12
[Tyrant]then i said screw it and to just install06:12
[Tyrant]did more scrolling, but then asked for login06:13
collosi[Tyrant]: I have never heard of that, I suggest you download another ISO and try it again06:13
_BEASTelex: yes the drives are they separate partitions oR they just one partition ?06:13
prince_jammysVortex: there's this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/lucid/rp-pppoe06:13
[Tyrant]yea figured06:13
[Tyrant]thanks for listening06:14
prince_jammysVortex: you can probably just get 'pppoe'06:14
elex_BEAST, I have separate partitions for win and linux but the linux partition installed automatically with ubuntu06:15
[Tyrant]hmm just a quick note, i clicked shut down, and i saw some console lines saying 'ubuntu' invalid user06:15
[Tyrant]maybe those were logs from when i was trying to login in the gui06:15
collosi[Tyrant]:  I really have no idea what happened to your live CD06:16
Vortexprince_jammys, yeah that i saw but i needed rp. Guess i have to do with the source thanks dude06:16
collosi[Tyrant]:  probably exactly what it is06:16
_BEASTelex: yes I just run virtual ubuntu and true crypt through that06:16
prince_jammysVortex: good luck. still,  get pppoe too.06:16
[Tyrant]so ill download the reg version of ubuntu06:17
[Tyrant]not the netbook06:17
[Tyrant]don't even know whats the difference anyway06:17
collosi[Tyrant]:  why not try both since you are using a USB06:17
Hydroziianybody run fluxbox?06:17
Vortexprince_jammys, yeah thanks bye06:17
prince_jammysHydrozii: i do.06:17
[Tyrant]well i just tried netbook06:17
xbonesxI installed the palm sdk on ubuntu and now when i start virtual box i cant find where the sdk is at to load it??? anyone familiar with this?06:17
prince_jammysHydrozii: it has its own channel, #fluxbox06:17
_BEASTelex: sorry it can get confussing oR you could use gnUpg or PGP06:18
elex_BEAST, oh you mean you're running a virtual box type of thing, I'm running it on it's own parition06:18
Hydroziiyah i know but the questions i have they tell me are offtopic for #fluxbox and i should go here06:18
elex_BEAST, I'm going all the way this time due to big brother06:19
Hydroziii want to be able to get online from fluxbox without loading a de06:19
collosi[Tyrant]:  Netbook version is tailored for netbooks, while the desktop is for desktops06:19
Hydroziibut im having trouble06:19
[Tyrant]yea i figured as much06:19
_BEASTelex: I like your status B-)06:19
collosiHydrozii:  de stand for desktop environment?06:19
Hydroziii downloaded wicd06:20
_BEASTelex: bigBrother hates me for some reason06:20
LeroyHydrozii: just open terminal and type your browser of choice06:20
collosiHydrozii:  sorry, but I haven't used fluxbox in ages, but last I remembered can't you just install firefox06:20
timothyHydrozii: just joined. you want to go online without a de? you can. use command line tools like ifconfig and route06:20
Hydroziiyes but i cant connect to my wifi06:20
elex_BEAST, have you read the news lately about the crypto wars?06:21
prince_jammysHydrozii: install network-manager-gnome and add ''nmapplet &'' to your ~/.fluxbox/startup06:21
collosiHydrozii:  I see what you are saying06:21
_BEASTelex: Sneakers Scrabble Too many secrets06:21
dborbaHydrozii, wca_supplicant06:21
Hydroziii use xfce... is there a better nm for xfce?06:21
_BEASTelex: crypto city ?06:21
prince_jammysHydrozii: sorry, ''nm-applet &''06:21
timothyHydrozii: if u can get "ceni" package from aptosid it will work wonders for u. it is ncurses based06:22
joshua__hey im new to ubuntu and need help can anyone help06:22
Hydroziiaptosid is a repository?>06:22
timothyHydrozii: ceni works with wifi too. straight forward ncurses interface06:22
prince_jammysjoshua__: tell us the problem, with details of what you're doing and what's going wrong, and someone might help.06:22
timothyHydrozii: aptosid is the new sidux linux. but just grub ceni. its a deb package06:23
joshua__well im thinking i installed the wrong ubunto os06:23
Hydroziihow do i do that.....06:23
prince_jammysjoshua__: tell us the whole problem in one line, so it doesn't get broken up.06:23
joshua__is there one with no gui at all06:23
Leroyjoshua__: server version06:24
elex_BEAST, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/27/us/27wiretap.html?_r=106:24
timothyHydrozii: if u can find aptosids repo u can find ceni.06:24
_BEASTelex: thx i like rsa4 md6 w/ my own twist of 3 factor authentication06:24
Hydroziium so there is a command that will add that repo right?06:24
timothyHydrozii: lol. what distro are u using?06:25
joshua__sorry i know i sound stupid06:25
joshua__just made trans.06:25
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:26
timothyHydrozii: just type sudo apt-get install ceni06:26
LeroyHydrozii: you know there is a fluxbuntu distro?06:26
Hydroziii heard of it..06:26
elex_BEAST nice, I'm just getting started but I'm going to lock up everything06:26
Hydroziibut that distro still has a de right?06:26
joshua__ceni said couldnt find package06:26
Planet_ENhow do I get bluetooth to work on my ubuntu?06:27
Hydroziicant find package ceni06:27
Leroynot sure Hydrozii06:27
prince_jammys!bluetooth | Planet_EN06:27
ubottuPlanet_EN: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup06:27
timothyHydrozii: add this ppa ppa:rstrcogburn/ppa06:27
elex_BEAST there might be some new laws soon, so load up on software while you can06:27
AngelsShadowCan some one link me a ppage or a better forum to teach me how to install 10.04 on a Raid 0 that has windows as well???06:27
_BEASTelex: I have had a ISA tap on my networks and had my projects stolen06:27
Planet_ENI did that, but the bluetooth still doesnt seem to be working06:28
Planet_ENI'm using a Toshiba laptop06:28
prince_jammysAngelsShadow: did you try searching the ubuntu forums?06:28
Hydrozii ppa ppa:rstrcogburn/ppa06:28
Planet_ENand it seems the problem is with ubuntu drivers for ubuntu or its installation06:28
Hydroziido i need to add another repo?06:28
timothyHydrozii: sudo add-apt repository ppa:rstrcogburn/ppa06:28
_BEASTPlanet_EN : bluetooth wans are about as safe as condoms with holes in them06:29
AngelsShadowI was googling and got alot about how to make one from scratch but didnt see anything on sharing the same raid with 50gigs free06:29
xbonesxI installed the palm sdk on ubuntu and now when i start virtual box i cant find where the sdk is at to load it??? anyone familiar with this?06:29
collosiHydrozii: type what timothy wrote:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rstrcogburn/ppa06:30
elex_BEAST, it's unfortunate that this sort of thing can happen06:30
timothyHydrozii: apt-add repository. let me confirm if the ppa has ceni first06:30
prince_jammysapparently ''add-apt-repository''06:30
_BEASTelex: THX i guess I am going to be a janitor oR I can make stand for what is right!06:30
Hydroziialright didn't know there was a dash between add and repository06:31
Hydroziiinstall ceni?06:31
timothyHydrozii: sorry, its  sudo add-apt-repository06:31
Hydroziiit still can't find ceni06:31
timothyHydrozii: yea. am looking for an appropriate ppa06:32
_BEASTelex: This is why I control the air and all encryption through it06:32
Planet_ENhow do i fix it?06:32
timothyHydrozii: found this one ppa:inx-devel/ppa06:32
timothyHydrozii: and this one too ppa:repinski23/mwpackages06:32
Hydroziistill can't find ceni...06:33
Hydroziiis that right?.... "ceni"06:33
elex_BEAST, I don't use wifi06:33
_BEASTelex:  why do I know this ;)06:33
_BEASTelex: there is no security in WIFI06:34
_BEASTelex: this is where i come into play , I bet you dont use cell phones either06:34
xbonesxI installed the palm sdk on ubuntu and now when i start virtual box i cant find where the sdk is at to load it??? anyone familiar with this?06:34
elex_BEAST, havent for a year06:34
Hydroziii can't find ceni in any of those repos.....06:34
ActionParsnipHydrozii: what's it do?06:35
timothyHydrozii: let me confirm06:35
elex_BEAST, i would like one though they are convenient06:35
collosiHydrozii:  ppa:repinski23/mwpackages  has the ceni package06:35
Hydroziiand ceni is a network manager?06:35
_BEASTelex: No security in cell phones unless you are getting phones from China without certain chips06:35
ActionParsnipHydrozii: the ppa timothy gave has it for lucid. If you add it you can install ceni06:35
collosiHydrozii:  the repo timothy gave you has ceni06:36
ActionParsnipHydrozii: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:repinski23/mwpackages; sudo apt-get update: sudo apt-get install ceni06:36
Hydroziiive added all the repos everyone has given me... and it still cant find the package ceni06:36
Hydroziiapt-get update06:37
prince_jammys''sudo apt-get update''06:37
Hydroziithats my problem06:37
ActionParsnipHydrozii: that command will install ceni06:37
dborbadamn wireshark :\06:37
ActionParsnipHydrozii: whatswrongwith your apt-getupdate?06:38
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
Hydroziinothing i just forgot about it06:38
prince_jammysdidn't do it.06:38
Hydroziiceni is installing fine now06:38
ActionParsnipHydrozii: cool :)06:38
Hydroziiso i should be able to load ceni from just fluxbox... and connect to my wireless without any problems?06:39
KartagisI do chmod 0644 * but everything is still 0777. how come?06:39
ActionParsnipHydrozii: I recommend before any installing that you run sudo apt-get update.06:39
Hydroziiyup i did.. i forgot about it before06:39
LeroyKartagis: use only 644 with no 006:39
abhinav_singhplease help me with this http://pastebin.com/7qycSbjT06:39
KartagisLeroy the same06:40
ActionParsnipKartagis: why did youuse 777 anyway, its hugely unsecure06:40
Leroyare you trying to do sub-dirs as well?06:40
KartagisActionParsnip they were 777 when I downloaded them06:40
Hydroziialright im gonna log into fluxbox and try ceni hopefully it works fine... brb06:40
timothyHydrozii: ppa:repinski23/mwpackages works06:40
KartagisLeroy no06:40
ActionParsnipKartagis: yowser06:40
Leroyare you the owner?06:41
LeroyKartagis: are you the owner?06:41
KartagisLeroy yes06:41
KartagisActionParsnip ?06:41
LeroyKartagis: hmm06:41
prince_jammysKartagis: are they symlinks?06:41
ActionParsnipKartagis: that's scary. 777 is not a good idea. What is the output of ls -l file06:41
Kartagisprince_jammys no06:42
KartagisActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/qqSh1Ubc06:42
CaelumHi, where is the live DVD?06:43
icarus-cCaelum, ubuntu is small enough to fit in CD06:44
Caelumvery funny06:44
RyenCaelum: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download06:44
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.06:44
Caelumyeah I saw that, but is there a DVD?06:45
ActionParsnipCaelum: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/06:45
Leroyyou can install it on dvd if you want Caelum06:45
icarus-cCaelum, if you insist to burn a <700MB image to a DVD, you can06:45
KartagisActionParsnip well?06:45
CaelumActionParsnip: thank you very much06:45
ActionParsnipKartagis: well what?06:45
ActionParsnipCaelum: all I did was websearch.....06:46
KartagisActionParsnip any thoughts?06:46
Leroyyou try sudo first Kartagis ? shouldn't need to with that setup, but worth a try06:46
icarus-cKartagis, you happen you be on NTFS ?06:46
ActionParsnipKartagis: no, hence me not saying anything. All I can really suggest is chmod and chown06:46
Leroyword icarus-c good call. ;)06:46
ActionParsnipicarus-c: I think you got it :)06:47
icarus-cor vfat06:47
ActionParsnipNtfs does suck in this way :(. So annoying06:47
icarus-cyou could mount the whole thing with the permission you want, but can't alter individual files06:48
KartagisLeroy I tried sudo, icarus-c you had me look again and I realized that I had downloaded those files to my NTFS drive06:48
ActionParsnipKartagis: partition, not drive06:48
KartagisActionParsnip NTFS, sorry for the fuss06:49
ActionParsnipNp bro, you got the gold :)06:49
icarus-cKartagis, if you mount NTFS without specifying mask (like fmask, dmask, umask), all files will be 77706:49
Leroyhehe ActionParsnip06:49
Kartagisabhinav_singh have you been helped yet?06:50
ActionParsnipQuick bus change06:51
Kartagisabhinav_singh rm abhinav/ABC*.txt06:51
abhinav_singhKartagis not yet bro06:51
abhinav_singhKartagis i do not want to delete file...i want like in ABCdef.txt i want only def.txt i want to delete only ABC from each file06:52
dstryrcan anyone recommend a good ssh client for windows to ubuntu (SSH server)06:52
prince_jammysdstryr: putty06:53
icarus-cabhinav_singh, what you want to do?06:53
dstryrprince_jammys, are you familiar with it?06:53
Leroydstryr: i vote with prince_jammys putty or puttytray ftw!06:53
dstryrive been trying to use it but keep getting errors06:53
icarus-cabhinav_singh, you have a bunch of files with named ABC*.txt .  and you want to remove "ABC" from the name or what06:53
prince_jammysdstryr: you may get more informed answers at ##windows, since who's serving doesn't matter. putty is probably the most popular.06:54
dstryri keep getting a network error06:54
dstryrconnection refused06:54
dstryrwhen trying to connect my ubuntu and windows computers over the internet06:54
Leroyare you running the sshd server or is someone else dstryr ?06:54
prince_jammystry ##windows06:54
dstryri am running the sshd server on this computer06:55
dstryrand trying to access with my laptop06:55
dstryrthat is using the internet through the wifi of my droid06:55
dstryrso different connections06:55
collosidstryr:  did you port forward port 22 on your router?06:56
dstryri changed the config file to port 222206:56
dstryrand yes06:56
dstryrforwarded port 2222 to my computer through the router06:56
collosidstryr: did you verify, locally, that you can ssh into the server?06:57
dstryrcollosi, how would i do that?06:57
icarus-cabhinav_singh,  for i in ABC*; do mv "$i" "$(echo "$i" |sed 's/ABC//' )"; done06:58
Leroydstryr: from server console you could ssh localhost06:58
dstryri get the same thing as in windows06:58
dstryrconnection refused06:58
icarus-cabhinav_singh, that will remove "ABC" from the name all files begining with ABC in the  current working directory06:58
nafrihello, i want to change the default runlevel of my ubuntu to command line (on startup)... can anyone please tell me how can i do that?06:59
ibrahim-kasemHi, Can i replace the word sudo with something else please?06:59
collosidstryr:  can you verify the sshd is running06:59
prince_jammysibrahim-kasem: huh?06:59
Leroydstryr: you can nmap localhost or or the ip itself and see if port it open06:59
Jordan_U!boot | nafri06:59
ubottunafri: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto06:59
Ryenibrahim-kasem: 'sudo' is a program that runs programs at an elivated level. You cannot rename type of program.07:00
Jordan_Uibrahim-kasem: Why?07:00
dstryrcollosi, i just did a restart of ssh07:00
dstryrsays ok07:00
dstryrhow else do i check that is running07:00
Ryenibrahim-kasem: *that type07:00
ActionParsnipRyen: could symlink ;)07:00
collosidstryr:  try this $ps -aux | grep sshd07:00
blakkheimibrahim-kasem: actually you can07:00
RyenActionParsnip: But you cannot directly rename sudo :P07:01
prince_jammysalias peanuts=sudo07:01
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, alias king="sudo"07:01
ActionParsnipRyen: that'd cause all sorts of hell07:01
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, and put that in  ~/.bashrc to make it permanent07:01
dstryrcollosi, -aux: command not found07:01
AbhiJitibrahim-kasem, you can use aliasing07:01
icarus-cdstryr, ps -aux07:01
ActionParsnipdstryr: try: ps -ef| grep ssh07:01
Jordan_URyen: You can, it's just a question of whether you should.07:01
Leroysshd he wants tho07:02
* ActionParsnip uses the Linux standard :)07:02
dstryrwhat am i looking for?07:02
dstryri get a bunch of stuff07:02
AbhiJitibrahim-kasem, http://linuxreviews.org/quicktips/alias/07:02
RyenJordan_U: Forgot about Alias. Though it is not my question haha. Bleh, the little things.07:02
Leroyahh, the joys of alias07:02
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: AbhiJit Thank you guys.07:02
dstryricarus-c, what should i be looking for in that file?07:02
dstryri got a bunch of stuff07:02
ActionParsnipdstryr: readthe output, those are running processes fitting the grep (they contain the word 'ssh')07:03
icarus-cdstryr,  ps -aux gives you information about running process07:03
dstryrsshd is there07:03
Leroydstryr: are you familure with nmap?07:03
dstryrLeroy, no07:03
dstryrI'm a noob to linux =/07:03
Leroyk, no worries. you on the right track07:04
ActionParsnipicarus-c: -ef is the same but is the linux standard. -aux is the bsd way andmay notwork on all linux distros07:04
dstryrIm trying to setup ssh so i can get my file server protected on the net07:04
dstryri want to beable to do vnc, ftp, etc over the net07:04
Leroysshd is sick. you'll be stoked. great way to learn more linux07:04
ActionParsnipdstryr: then install. It with: sudo apt-get install openssh-server07:04
dstryri have it installed already07:04
collosidstryr:  yes, like Leroy said use nmap after to verity the port is open, you can also try this: netstat -t -l07:04
icarus-cActionParsnip, that's why i prefer ef07:05
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: I have to put it in bash.bashrc right? at the end of the file is that okay?07:05
ActionParsnipdstryr: you can uses sshfs and sftp with ssh, its a swiss army knife of ability07:05
ActionParsnipdstryr: why would you need vnc?07:06
dstryrwhat do you mean?07:06
Leroydon't forget scp ActionParsnip ;)07:06
dstryrActionParsnip, why would i need vnc?07:06
ActionParsnipdstryr: why do you need it if its a server?07:06
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, ~/.bashrc07:06
dstryrthe server isnt for me07:06
dstryrits for a friend...easier to show him how to use vnc first07:06
dstryrthen ftp07:06
ActionParsnipdstryr: I guess. Vncon servers is fugly imho07:07
dstryrid be happy to just get the ssh to ftp working right now to be honest07:07
dstryrcan you help me with that?07:07
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP07:07
dstryrmy router is port forwarding port 2222 to my computer07:07
dstryrneed ssh working first though07:07
zcat[1]ssh user@host -l 21:localhost:21  ?07:08
ActionParsnipdstryr: then modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config to use port 2222 instead of 22 and restart the service07:08
zcat[1]you wanted to tunnet ftp through ssh?07:08
dstryri did07:08
zcat[1]Err is ftp port 21?07:08
dstryrActionParsnip, my config file is already modified07:08
Leroyyeah zcat[1]07:09
dstryrand i already restarted it07:09
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
zcat[1]it's been forever since I used anything but ssh/scp07:09
Leroyseri zcat[1]07:09
zcat[1]also srsly forget ftp, use scp07:09
collosidstryr:  then try to ssh in to your server07:09
icarus-cwhat about sftp07:09
dstryrhold up07:09
dstryri think i found the problem lol07:10
dstryrwow im dumb07:10
dstryri forgot to save the config file before i closed it i guess07:10
collosiicarus-c: would there be any advantage to using sftp, either than it would be easier to use, maybe?07:10
Leroyit happens07:10
dstryrso it was still port 22 instead of 222207:11
Leroynice dstryr you figured it out. w00t07:11
dstryrhow do you close an ssh connection07:11
dstryrjust close the terminal window?07:11
ActionParsnipdstryr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127778007:11
Leroyor type exit at console. cleaner way imo07:11
icarus-ccollosi, well it is a component of ssh, so...07:11
starnostarshould maverick beta be checking my disks on every boot?07:12
dstryrLeroy, thank you07:12
dstryrnow to try the connection through the internet07:12
comtechhow can i install teaviewer07:12
collosiicarus-c:  ah I didn't know that, thanks07:12
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: I have bash.bashrc , and dot.bashrc are they the same?07:13
olskolircim on maverick and my cdrom is now /dev/sr0 and there is nothing about it in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab where is my mount?  I want it back in /media/cdrom07:13
icarus-ccollosi, and you could mount sftp . making it very convenient to use07:13
ActionParsnipcomtech: deb or source compile are 2 normal ways07:13
ActionParsnip!info teaview07:13
ubottuPackage teaview does not exist in lucid07:13
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, are you refering to /etc/bash.bashrc?  that is for system-wide07:13
collosiicarus-c:  Im going to try this out right now07:13
ActionParsnip!ppa | comtech07:13
ubottucomtech: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.07:13
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, while ~/.bashrc  ($HOME/.bashrc) is user specific only07:13
ActionParsnipcomtech: its not in the standard repo so you may find a ppa with it07:13
dstryri have ssh over the net now07:14
dstryrnow to figure out ftp doh07:14
Leroyyou don't need ftp dstryr07:14
Leroyyou can sftp over ssh07:15
Gneaftp is a broken protocol07:15
Leroyyou can use a windows client if you want like winscp, or filezilla07:15
icarus-cLeroy, eh.... sftp IS a ssh subsystem :-S07:15
ejvlet's not hate on ftp; right tool for the right job mantra.07:15
Leroythanks icarus-c :)07:15
Gneadstryr: scp and sftp just use ssh to transfer files07:15
Gneaejv: there's no hate involved07:16
dstryris that all command line based?07:16
dstryror is it gui?07:16
Gneait can be07:16
Leroyi <3 scp07:16
dstryri need gui07:16
prince_jammysdstryr: no, some clients like filezilla are gui.07:16
dstryrim setting this up for bigger noobs than me ;P07:16
prince_jammysthat's ok.07:16
ejvscary :)07:16
dstryrill check out filezilla right now07:16
Gneadstryr: learn how it works on the commandline, then get it going on the gui, you'll understand it better that way07:16
Leroyyeah dstryr , you can get gui version. just one that supports. i would recommend winscp07:17
Leroyor filezilla07:17
Leroydstryr: those are windows clients btw07:17
dstryrmy next question is how do I setup the pass keys07:17
dstryrso im secure07:17
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)07:17
Leroyit does by default. that is good way to start07:17
prince_jammyssee that ^07:17
dstryri have the link to the tutorial for ssh on ubuntu website already07:18
dstryrim confused on how the keys work07:18
Leroydstryr: just except key and go07:18
dstryrhow do i set it up so that noone else can login?07:18
Gneadstryr: both sides get a key, then ssh uses the key instead of password07:18
dstryri have to use the keys right?07:18
prince_jammysdstryr: that also links to a page on keys.07:19
Leroydon't let them have your password dstryr ;)07:19
starnostarsuold the maverick beta be checking my disk on every boot?07:19
* ejv checks to see if this chan is called #dstryr... nope :)07:19
Leroylol ejv07:19
Leroyhe just wants us on subject dstryr. i think we said the w word 1 to many times. ;)07:20
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: I have added alias king="test" to ~/.bashrc please tell me if I did it right. http://pastebin.com/uCmdQYyi07:20
prince_jammysstarnostar: /join #ubuntu+107:20
comtechpls help me,, how can i install teamviewer07:20
comtechpls pm me07:20
AbhiJitcomtech, download .deb from their web site07:20
ejvdoh! :D07:21
AbhiJitcomtech, http://www.teamviewer.com/download/index.aspx07:21
prince_jammysibrahim-kasem: remove the leading '#'07:21
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, remove the # in front07:21
starnostarthanks prince_jammys07:21
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, things begin with # are comment, they will be ignored07:21
sweetpidstryr: "PasswordAuthentication no" and "PubkeyAuthentication yes" in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config would disable password based logins07:21
gschweppibrahim-kasem: remove the # in front07:21
ejvthat's might lazy, not even googling to see if there's a linux client... heheh07:21
AbhiJitcomtech, ??07:21
MTecknologyAbhiJit: lol.. I hilight the misspelling mtech :P07:22
ActionParsnipcomtech: I found this in 3 seconds on my slow ass connection: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/install-teamviewer-5-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-connect-windows/07:22
AbhiJitMTecknology, :D07:22
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: After deleting the # and saving the file I can use the command "test" instead of "sudo" right away?07:22
ActionParsnipAbhiJit: wish that was a factoid07:22
ibrahim-kasemgschwepp: Thnx. :)07:23
AbhiJitActionParsnip, yah! :)07:23
prince_jammysibrahim-kasem: do not alias it to 'test'07:23
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, no..........  look    "alias   king='test' "  makes  king  = test07:23
comtech<ActionParsnip> tnx much07:23
prince_jammys'test' is already a shell builtin.07:23
comtechil try this 107:23
ejvmy personal favorite is the 145px x 71px big blue and gray button that says "Linux" on it...07:23
prince_jammys... which i recommend not messing with07:23
olskolircnobody called my name :-(07:23
olskolircim on maverick and my cdrom is now /dev/sr0 and there is nothing about it in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab where is my mount?  I want it back in /media/cdrom07:23
ActionParsnipcomtech: seach for: lucid install team viewer ,take you pick. Try websearching a little before asking07:23
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, so if you want king to be "sudo" ,  alias  king="sudo"07:23
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: Who is the king here please?07:23
gschweppibrahim-kasem: use zombiearmy instead :) or ninja or some useless stuff ;)07:23
ActionParsnip!10.10 | olskolirc07:24
ubottuolskolirc: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:24
olskolircsmooches ActionParsnip :-)07:24
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, king is a created command07:24
dstryri got it working07:24
Leroyolskolirc: #ubuntu+107:24
dstryrSSH and SFTP07:24
ibrahim-kasemgschwepp: Anything but test right?07:24
icarus-cibrahim-kasem, you could use "alias  jesus='sudo' "07:24
olskolircnobody is talking in there Leroy ActionParsnip07:24
Leroynice dstryr07:24
gschweppicarus-c: jesus is great too :)07:24
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: aaaah I see.07:24
ActionParsnipolskolirc: doesn't matter, maverick is offtopic here07:24
AbhiJit!patience | olskolirc you selected beta serverion which is not suppoorted. you are supposed to wait more07:24
ubottuolskolirc you selected beta serverion which is not suppoorted. you are supposed to wait more: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com07:24
dstryrLeroy, is ftp any faster than sftp?07:25
dstryrsftp seems slow07:25
dstryrlike the browsing07:25
Leroydstryr: yes faster cause no encrytion07:25
Gnea!religion | gschwepp07:25
Leroydstryr: but you don't want it07:25
ubottugschwepp: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:25
ActionParsnipdstryr: itismarginally, not much.ftp is very basic07:25
dstryrLeroy, is it really unsafe to just use passwords instead of keys?07:25
Leroydstryr: i prob wrong person to ask that07:25
dstryrone of the sites said he got pinged like 4000 times when he didnt have a pass key07:25
ibrahim-kasemicarus-c: It works thank you. :D07:25
dstryrtrying to login07:26
ibrahim-kasemgschwepp: Thnx dude I did it.07:26
ejvdstryr: depends on the ftp server, if the server is using SSL/TLS, and the strength of the cipher being used.07:26
ibrahim-kasem!yay | ibrahim-kasem07:26
ubottuibrahim-kasem, please see my private message07:26
ActionParsnipdstryr: I think its fine. If you have a few clients then you could. If you have a more than 15 or so its going to be a pain07:26
dstryri will only have 3-4 people who need to login07:27
dstryrso maybe ill look into keys07:27
icarus-calias  sudo="fortune"   # i like this07:27
ActionParsnipdstryr: your call. Could even disable passwords and use keys only if you felt so inclined07:27
icarus-cso you will have to use  "\sudo"  for the real sudo07:27
rwwalias please="sudo"07:27
ejvdstryr: I recommend vsftpd if you have a group of users accessing a common area; VERY simple to setup.07:27
ActionParsniprww: cute07:28
gschweppicarus-c: allow me the question why you dont just use sudo?07:28
icarus-cgschwepp, security through obscurity :)07:28
dstryrejv, lol i just figured how to get ssh and sftp working and now you want me to get something else?07:28
prince_jammysit means something horrible in his native language07:28
gschweppicarus-c: do you hide sudo or make it unuseable?07:28
Leroyhow many uses you gonna have loggin in dstryr ?07:28
dstryr3 normally...5 at the most07:28
dstryrconnection will be t1 though07:29
ActionParsnipMmmm t107:29
icarus-cgschwepp, that alias  "sudo" to something else.   so when you just enter   sudo, it will not work,   but \sudo will be the original sudo07:29
Leroylol ActionParsnip07:29
prince_jammys"you" being you, since the alias affects only you07:29
icarus-cyou could make the alias system wide :)07:29
dstryrdoes anyone know what that new wine program was that came out a year or two ago07:29
prince_jammysso you can't sudo if you're too intoxicated to remember that07:30
ejvdstryr: vsftpd isn't as feature filled as other projects in the wild, but it "just works"; http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-vsftpd-ftp-service-server/07:30
dstryrcould run all the windows games and applications07:30
dstryryou had to pay for it?07:30
gschweppicarus-c: in case it is for security why do you tell all here that fortune is good? :D07:30
ActionParsnipdstryr: playonlinux perhaps?07:30
dstryrActionParsnip, something like code.....07:30
ActionParsnipdstryr: cedega? Crossoveroffice?07:30
dstryrDid that get any better?07:30
FloodBot2dstryr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
ActionParsnipdstryr: that came out ages ago dude07:30
dstryryeah, has support gotten better?07:30
icarus-cgschwepp, of course, the ideal way is to hide /usr/bin/sudo  :P07:30
dstryrthat was the last time i used linux....07:31
dstryrwhen cedega first came out07:31
ActionParsnipdstryr: it has an appdb like wine does07:31
dstryri want to get rid of windows but im a machinist so i need a few windows programs07:31
icarus-cmv /usr/bin/sudo  /usr/bin/shutoff  # :D07:31
prince_jammysmy idea is to have a file 'sudoers' that only allows certain users to sudo. maybe it'll catch on.07:31
gschweppicarus-c: that is weird but ok ;)07:31
Leroylol prince_jammys07:32
dstryri need autocad and featurecam ...wonder how well those would work07:32
rwwyou could even make a command `visudo` to edit that file...07:32
dstryri need to do research on cedega07:32
icarus-cdstryr, autocad got no Linux version, and doesn't work with Wine.  so you are out of luck07:32
prince_jammysrww: hey, wanna start this project?07:32
dstryricarus-c, maybe in the future...they just released a mac version i think07:32
dstryror they are releasing soon07:32
ActionParsnipdstryr: wikipedia says june 22nd 2004 when cedega became cedega from wineX07:33
dstryrActionParsnip, thats how long its been since i have used linux :p07:34
dstryrinstalled it again like 2 days07:34
icarus-cdstryr, mac is so different from linux07:34
ActionParsnipdstryr: not last year though, that's the date of the last release ;)07:34
icarus-cbut there are some free cad software07:35
CancamboAlright so, I am very new to Ubuntu (I just installed tonight), and I am very lost.  Specifically, I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing to get my wireless card to work.  I have a USR2216 desktop PCI wireless adapter, and for the life of me I just can't figure out what to do to get it to work.  I am not sure if I am supposed to use ACX or NDISwrapper.07:35
icarus-cbut far from comparable to autocad07:35
ActionParsnipdstryr: search the repos for cad apps, may find something suitable07:35
dstryrif autocad wont work then my programming programs wont work07:35
ejvhi Cancambo, open up a terminal, run the command "lspci -k" and paste the results to: http://paste.ubuntu.com/07:36
gschweppCancambo: pastebin plz you ifconfig output07:36
ejvthat too ;)07:36
CancamboOk 1 sec07:36
=== lazy^_ is now known as lazy^
LeroyCancambo: welcome to #dstryr07:36
gschweppejv: ;) sweet. i like how different people start handeling problems :)07:37
comtechhow to install vypress chat07:37
comtechpls help me how to install vypress chat07:37
ejvi rarely use ubuntu ever, too, aint that a riot gschwepp ;)07:37
=== haytham2003 is now known as qwirc2007
Leroyejv: what is your distro of choice?07:37
=== lucian is now known as bahamas
ejvyou can ask me in #ubuntu-offtopic ;)07:37
Leroyword. i think i should join there anyways. :P07:38
CancamboUmm, I am not sure how to copy/paste out of cmd :/07:38
LeroyCancambo: highlight, then use edit copy07:38
gschweppCancambo: mark it right click copy and paste07:39
ejvyou have a mouse, right Cancambo ? highlight the output, right click, copy, go into your browser, paste. Submit and give us the resulting link.07:39
icarus-ccomtech, apparently there is a linux clone of vypress chat called trix07:39
icarus-ccomtech,  and vyqchat too07:39
debuggerboyhow can I reduce the font size of console screen in ubuntu desktop? Just like ubuntu server?07:40
debuggerboyI tried using sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup07:40
CancamboOk, well everythime I right click the highlight goes away, but I don't think this willg et anywhere sicne typing in IP config is returning my ethernet settings :/07:40
debuggerboybut its not giving the same effect of ubuntu-server07:41
gschweppCancambo: yeah we wanna see if there is a wlan config as well07:41
ejvCancambo: ifconfig -a07:41
CancamboIt returns my IP of,, and
ejvCancambo: and I also asked for lscpi -k :p07:42
gschweppCancambo: please use pastebin it is much better than pasting it here07:42
CancamboEverytime i right click it though the highlight jsut disappears07:42
CancamboSorry :|07:43
ejvCancambo: ok run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"07:43
CancamboIs that a windows or ubuntu command?  I am on Windows atm because I can't acess the internet on Ubuntu07:43
ejvCancambo: doh!07:44
gschweppCancambo: you need to do all this in ubuntu ;)07:44
ejvCancambo: that explains your copy/paste "issue"; you should have told us that.07:44
CancamboOh sorry, I knew what "ipconfig" was for Windows07:45
CancamboI am on my windows atm since I can access the internet here07:45
ejvCancambo: can you work on your ubuntu system and access IRC simultaneously?07:45
CancamboNo, it is on the same computer07:45
gschweppCancambo: ;) i said ifconfig not ipconfi i think07:45
icarus-cCancambo, so you got a line like "inet addr: "  from the output of "ifconfig" on ubuntu ?07:46
CancamboBut, I have a second HDD, so I can get any programs I need on windows07:46
CancamboAnd grab them off the other HDD07:46
gschweppicarus-c: he is in windows :)07:46
Cancamboin ubuntu07:46
icarus-cgschwepp, <Cancambo> It returns my IP of,, and
ejvCancambo: well it's important that we see what the linux kernel "thinks" you have for a wireless adapter.07:46
icarus-cwhen he was told to ifconfig -a07:46
CancamboAlright, I'll makea  text file of the commands I need to run07:46
CancamboAnd then run them in Ubuntu07:46
icarus-cCancambo, um..... but you know what, you got no internet on ubuntu so you can't tell us07:47
gschweppicarus-c: 08:45 < Cancambo> Oh sorry, I knew what "ipconfig" was for Windows07:47
gschwepp08:45 < Cancambo> I am on my windows atm since I can access the internet here07:47
CancamboI can come back on WIndows07:47
CancambotIt will take time, but I can just keep restarting and switching OSes07:47
CancamboSo, run ipconfig, anything else?07:48
ejvCancambo: lspci -k, ifconfig -a, and dmesg07:48
gschweppCancambo: ifconfig07:48
gschweppcopy all to a file and paste bin it with windows!07:48
Cancamboifconfig*, my brain was just filling in "ip"07:48
gschweppipconfig is wrong os ;)07:48
CancamboSince I am used to that term07:48
icarus-cis it possible to get a wired connection? that is so much easier07:48
CancamboSadly, no07:49
icarus-cat least temporarily for seeking help to solve the problem07:49
CancamboI am far away from the modem07:49
CancamboI'd love to have a waried connection, but that isn;t possible07:49
CancambotI am upstairs, across the house frm the modem and my dad placed the modem on top of a dreser07:50
CancamboIt is pretty much hugging the ceiling07:50
gschweppok. Cancambo copy the output of al this lspci -k, ifconfig, dmesg into a file07:50
CancamboOk, will do07:50
gschweppand post it on pastebin and sen dus a link07:50
CancamboGoing to switch to Ubuntu07:50
CancamboSee you again in a few07:50
dstryrleroy, you still around?07:51
dstryrhave a quick question?07:51
Leroydstryr: yeah, i lurkin. what up mang?07:51
dstryri thought that the only way to use the ftp was to have ssh connected?07:51
icarus-cCancambo, basically what you need to do is, check if device is ready with ifconfig.  if not, see if the driver/device is functioning with lspci/dmesg07:51
dstryri closed the ssh but still transfered a file via sftp07:51
Leroyyeah, you don't have 2 keep the ssh shell open dstryr07:52
dstryrif i close putty...doesnt the connection shut down?07:52
dstryror do i not need putty if im doing sftp?07:52
dstryrim confused07:52
Leroyif you use top or htop you can see what is going on on server end. check it out dstryr07:52
=== FireCrotch_ is now known as FireCrotch
Leroyno, you don't need putty to sftp dstryr07:53
dstryrwhats the point of putty then?07:53
Leroyputty is to get shell access for cli07:53
codebreakerhi all07:53
dstryrcan you start a gnome process through putty?07:53
Leroydstryr: so you don't have to type directly into console. remote console07:53
dstryrlike so i can have a gui?07:53
Leroythere are ways to run x over sshd yes. but i'm not familure with them07:54
mr_louHello all. I need some support with Ubuntu Server, and getting Freetype to work with GDLib (for PHP). Can anyone guide me to a channel, or can someone in here help me?07:55
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server07:55
dugger5688mr_lou #ubuntu-server07:55
gschweppim off bye07:55
mr_louAh right, thanks dugger568807:56
ejvdstryr: this is a support channel for Ubuntu, not a general, linux basics channel, move it on over to #ubuntu-offtopic please. :)07:56
dstryrbustin my balls lol07:57
dstryrthanks for the help everyone though07:57
dstryri really appreciate it07:57
Leroynp dstryr you the man. ;)07:58
ejvno foul, just /join #ubuntu-offtopic and continue with any concerns you may have.07:58
icarus-cdstryr, ssh support X11 forwarding. that means you can run GUI apps through ssh08:02
el_seanodoes anybody know of a good tutorial or something for wpa_cli?08:02
icarus-cdstryr, on Unix-like OS,  use  "ssh -X"  on windows you need putty + xming08:02
SlartibartWhen I run pm-hibernate the harddrive runs for a little while and the screen goes black, as it's supposed to. But the computer won't shut down, instead the screen comes back on again, perhaps a minute later. Anyone knows why?08:05
SlartibartBug? Or do I have some auto wakeup setting that I don't know where to check for?08:06
icarus-cSlartibart, have you add a "resume=" option to kernel parameter?08:06
icarus-cSlartibart, oh, and dmesg would tell you what happened during hibernation08:06
=== ytyt is now known as Jarod51
icarus-cSlartibart, but you need a swap (file/partition), and  "resume=" kernel option08:07
CancamboAlright, because I am an idiot, I dodn't get all commands.  I did get ifconfig and another one that I don't remember: http://pastebin.com/TKnwNasf08:07
Slartibarticarus-c: Checking08:08
icarus-cCancambo, have you tried searching for acx  package ?08:09
CancamboI've seen that and NDISwrapper, but I got totally confused as to what to use.08:09
CancamboEspecially since I have to switch between Ubuntu/Windows each time08:10
icarus-cCancambo, try the acx native driver first.  if nothing work, use ndiswrapper/windows driver08:11
icarus-cmake ndiswrapper as a last resort08:11
CancamboAlright, I'll look for isntructions on how to use ACX08:11
ecolitanin ubuntu what groups does a user need to belong to in order to be able to automount a usb stick08:13
sunsoni'd like to run a custom apt repository that contains architecture neutral packages (basically, for our production system, we'd like some platform-independent binary-data 'feeds' that we'd like to use debs for pushing)08:13
sunsonnow, the repo's Release file says only "binary-all" for architecture but when I do apt-get update from a client machine which uses this repo, the client tries to fetch for my client's architecture08:13
sunsonie., tries to fetch http://x.x.x.x/feeds/dists/prod/binary-amd64 instead of .../binary-all. what am I doing wrong?08:13
bhaveshvalasocket: Too many open files (24)  error08:14
bhaveshvalai have tried ulimit -n to increase file open limit still no luck08:14
ernieserious question: i am not sure what´s better for me :Ubuntu or Debian ? I ´m looking for a absolutely stable operating system !08:14
mtx_initernie: centos or debian or pretty darn stable08:14
c3lhow do I encrypt my entire file system? what tools is recommended?08:15
mtx_initc3l: truecrypt or luks08:15
c3lokay, thanks :)08:15
mtx_initjust make sure your swap is also encrypted c31, thats what most people overlook when they get caught with the cp08:16
mtx_initthen they dun goofed08:16
c3lmtx_init: oh, thanks! but why isnt truecrypt in the repos?08:16
erniemtx_init: Isn´t ubuntu that stable than debian!?08:17
CancamboSo, in 10.04, ACX is already in it?  i have to disable NetworkManager to get the driver to work though?08:17
mtx_initernie: Ubuntu is more eccentric, if you will.  More cutting edge08:17
mtx_initc3l: not really sure, but its easy to install from their website08:17
CancamboI am getting really lost08:18
blakkheimc3l: because of the license08:18
mtx_initc3l: likely some form of licensing jive08:18
c3lmtx_init: blakkheim: so its not free software?08:18
blakkheimc3l: depends on who you ask08:18
Samer_khhi all08:18
mtx_initc3l: It is free, but I think its just not under the GNU license.  Who knows though.  Its a quality piece of software.08:19
blakkheimc3l: the source code is available but it has a custom license08:19
c3lblakkheim: still tryecrypt is the recommended software by the community?08:19
mtx_initor luks08:19
mtx_initwhich is a lot harder to use08:19
blakkheimc3l: i like cryptsetup+LUKS for OS encryption and truecrypt for other stuff08:19
erniemtx_init: i know but if i want to  use debian with the same hardware support than ubuntu i have the older kernel in the stable debian release, suppopsed to use the backports... to get everything work fine . what do u think ? better using the stable 10.04 or lenny???08:21
c3lblakkheim: hm I see. what the best way to encrypt my entire system? would it be best to do that at install, I have no problem with reinstalling, will do that in a couple of days when 10.10 goes stable anyways08:21
blakkheimc3l: to encrypt your os, yeah you need a reinstall and i'd use cryptsetup+LUKS for that08:21
pksadiqc3l mcrypt also works, I feel08:21
c3lblakkheim: also, I have loads of external drives too. those are easy to encrypt with truecrypt, and then when plugging them in, you will need to enter the passphrase? what about internal extra harddrives. how should I encrypt those the best way?08:22
mtx_initernie: Most folks use Ubuntu with no difficulty, they use it for years and its perfect.  But even with that being said, Debian is more stable and centos even more so.  Ubuntu is nicer to use, and you likely wont have much trouble08:22
blakkheimc3l: for the externals i use truecrypt, you plug them in and open truecrypt and enter the pass/key08:22
blakkheimc3l: it's really up to you which one you want to use08:23
c3lblakkheim: ok, thanks. could you point me to some guide or similar on how that process is done? im new to encryptions efc.08:23
blakkheimc3l: well you plug the drive in, open truecrypt, select the drive, mount it, it asks for the password and/or keyfile and that's it08:23
haymakerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/642518/+editstatus so this is confusing me, it says fix release but I haven't noticed any difference?  will it be fixed in Maverick?08:24
erniemtx_init: yes i don´t wanna have any trouble so i will take a look at centos...08:24
c3lblakkheim: yeah, thats hopefully not that troublesome, I was thinking more about encrypting the full system08:24
mtx_initernie: centos is basically Red Hat enterprise linux and it meant to be stable for business reasons, lots of testing.08:25
van7huhey,could anyone what does "tar chof - $tardir"command do08:26
van7huhey,could anyone explain me what does "tar chof - $tardir"command do ?08:26
blakkheimvan7hu: man tar08:27
haymakerdoes anyone spend a lot of time on launchpad?08:27
erniemtx_init: i want to install it on my netbook. Is it possible to boot from an usb stick in live mode???08:28
mtx_initernie: http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOSLiveCD5.5  , not exactly sure how to do it via a usb08:29
xxfogHi guys08:31
erniemtx_init: ok i will give it a try!08:31
xxfogmy name is Steffan and I need some help. A friend of me has a Server for his company.08:32
mtx_initernie: centos has its own channel if you are interested.  But since these are all free, feel free to try them and choose which one you like best.08:32
xxfogIt is/was mainly used as a Sambar Server to save files (photoshop, Adobe illustrator, office-files (bills etc.) - the server crashed somehow and it just shows "grub rescue"-promt if I start it08:33
Jordan_Uxxfog: Does it have more than one hard drive?08:34
xxfogI am not sure (because I did not set up the server) but I think it is ubuntu 10.04 installed on it - it has one 750GB Samsung HDD08:34
erniemtx_init: thank u,  i will ask for help in the centos channel ... maybe anyone knows how to get it on a stick, since then google wil be my friend08:34
xxfogIf I use ultimateboot-disk and start PartedMagic (Live-Linux) it shows me several partitions but i am not able to mount it08:35
CancamboI am completely lost on how to install/enable acx on Ubuntu.  :/08:35
xxfogJordan_U: it has just ONE drive :-( - no raid system or something - there is (i feel shame to say) no backup f the data08:36
mtx_initernie: great gl.08:36
numanhello ladies and gentelman i have a big problem with my HP 6735s notebook its using broadcom 4322 wireless ethernet..08:36
numanits working very slow08:36
manfredrastaHi guys, does anybody have information about the latest linux driver for my old laptop's vga? It's an old Trident CyberBlade XP coming integrated in a Toshiba Stellite Pro 4600 with Pentium 3? Actually it works fine both in GNOME and LDE but got a slow response if I navigate through the desktops and while watching movies...08:36
Jordan_Uxxfog: Could you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?08:37
numanis anyone using broadcom 4322 wireless card08:38
cyberbobhi all08:38
cyberbobI have a problem while installing ubuntu 64bit or even 32bit on my machine08:39
numanwhat is your problem cyber bob08:39
numanhow may i help you08:39
numani installed many times08:39
cyberbobmachine is HP Compaq Desktop dc5750 AMD Athlon X2 4200+08:39
cyberbobwhen i select install and press enter08:39
cyberboblog is appeared and hold on for a while than nothing just a black out08:40
cyberbobpress esc. shows error messg something like this08:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
numandid you try with usb installation08:40
el_seanocyberbob: are you installing from CD?  Or USB?08:40
cyberbobno i did'nt08:40
numanand which version08:40
cyberbobI am installing it from DVD(rw)08:41
cyberbobit is SATA SuperMulti LightScribe08:41
pksadiqcyberbob, installing inside wiundows?08:41
cyberbobthe latest one i have downloaded08:42
welkinwhat the different between 'apt-get' and 'apt-cache'command?08:42
Jordan_Uwelkin: apt-get installs / removes packages. apt-cache gives information about installed and available packages.08:43
numancyberbob : make a installation usb disc with unetbooting08:43
numancyberbob : make a installation usb disc with unetbootin08:43
numancyberbob: second case.. if you download a cd from torrent sharing you have to validate with md5 value08:44
manfredrastaHi guys, does anybody have information about the latest linux driver for my old laptop's vga? It's an old Trident CyberBlade XP coming integrated in a Toshiba Stellite Pro 4600 with Pentium 3? Actually it works fine both in LDE but got a slow response if I navigate through the desktops and while watching movies...08:45
cyberbobno i have downloaded it directly08:45
xxfogJordan_U: I try wait please08:45
cyberbobthx a lot numan08:45
numancyberbob please make an installation usb stick.08:45
numanthen try agan.08:46
numanyou are wellcome.08:46
welkinJordan_U: thanks,I know08:47
=== numan is now known as computerium
=== mojito is now known as qe_rico_mojito
* mesees welcomes himself08:49
mickster04hey is it possible to get an entirely automatic update without me needing to interact with the pc08:49
pksadiqmesees V R here 2 Welcome U, :)08:50
crimsonmanefor Ubuntu, does there exist an Appendix detailing every every error msg that can be produced?08:50
mickster04if i set up a friends pc I don't want them to worry about updates and i don't wanna do it myself even remote. so i want it to just do stable updates entirely itself08:50
computeriumhello mickster :08:51
mickster04computerium: hey:)08:51
urnacrimsonmane: you could give cron-apt a try if it still exists08:51
mickster04!tab | computerium:08:51
ubottucomputerium:: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:51
urnamickster04: ^^08:51
mickster04urna: ?08:51
crimsonmaneMickster04, you and your friend are better off through education. my opinion is they should learn at least how to do updates08:51
crimsonmaneUrna: thanks i'm sorry i forgot to specify that i've not successfully installed ubuntu08:51
Jordan_Ucrimsonmane: No, no such appendix exists.08:52
urnamickster04: give cron-apt a try08:52
urnacrimsonmane: I didn't mean to talk to you, sorry08:52
crimsonmanelol np08:52
computerium you can do it with a giving sudo withouth password permission in /etc/sudoers file08:52
mickster04crimsonmane: well when i sayu my friend. I mean a pc that is in an open domain. as in lots of non experienced users. i don't wanna have to keep going back to maintain it.08:52
mickster04urna: ok ta08:52
computeriumand you have to add new job in crond job list08:52
meseesdo you really have to "maintain" an ubuntu install?08:53
computerium you can do it with a giving sudo withouth password permission in /etc/sudoers file for apt-get08:53
ceilmesees: no OS is perfect08:53
Jordan_Ucrimsonmane: You'd have to look at the documentation of whatever program threw the error (or google the error message) and many projects unfortunately don't document the meaning of all their error messages.08:53
crimsonmanethe issue is Ubuntu won't install. it says it cannot write to filesystem.sharefs or something to that effect.08:54
crimsonmanei'm aiming to have it as sole OS08:54
Jordan_Umesees: Not in my experience, no. But I may just be lucky.08:54
meseesJordan_U, i just guess if you are throwing it on someone elses machine they are fairly low maintenance08:54
mickster04mesees: there are often updates08:54
ceilJordan_U: i haven't been near as lucky in my experience with ubuntu :)08:54
ceil(i've been doin' okay with debian, though)08:55
crimsonmanewhat is debian?08:55
ceilcrimsonmane: ubuntu's daddy distro08:55
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!08:55
ceilubuntu is a derivative of debian08:55
mickster04crimsonmane: you troll :P08:55
AbhiJitcrimsonmane, see debian.org08:55
meseesi know i tried to install about 2 years ago and it was the worst experience of my life...tried again 2 weeks ago and things could not have been smoother - im in love08:55
ceilmesees: been a coupla years since i tried ubuntu. i hope it's gotten better since then, cos it was a nightmare back then :p08:56
ceilparticularly dist-upgrade08:56
maedoxI have a weird index.cgi issue. They now all show as plaintext in the browser after I upgraded from Hardy LTS -> Lucid LTS. Everything checks out, +ExecCGI, perl -c = Syntax OK, files are executable, owned by www-data, nothing in the logs. Any ideas?08:56
skumarais there any way i can configure a shortcut key that when pressed it will minimise all windows and show only a desktop?08:57
mickster04ceil: i presonally don't think dist-upgrade ever works:P ut concidering you can try and other os's don't give you the chance...or at least they work quite badly (worse than ubuntu)08:57
meseesman, now im scared to ever update08:57
nearstim stay wit karmic.. its better08:57
ceilmickster04: like i said, i haven't really had a problem with debian, even when i install a barebones system from netinst and apt-get everything including X and sudo :p08:58
ibrahim-kasemskumara: Yes, go to System > preferences > keyboard shortcuts.08:58
ceilmickster04: also, lots of distros have livecds now :)08:58
mickster04ceil: which?08:58
gabrielHello all. Is selinux enabled by default on ubuntu 10.04 ?08:58
meseeswhats the linuz market share of distros? im too lazy to google08:58
ceilmickster04: mint, knoppix, i think fedora's got a livecd. zenwalk. mepis.08:59
computeriumgabriel: you can find in www.distrowatch.com08:59
ceilubuntu's not the first distro with a livecd, and certainly not the only one :p08:59
skumaraibrahim-kasem, tq08:59
pksadiqubottu: hi09:00
zipp0hello everyone09:00
pksadiqzipp0:  Hello09:00
ceildia duit09:00
zipp0now i have a file lightning-1.0b2-tb-linux.xpi (add-on for thunderbird), how can i install it via terminal?09:00
crimsonmanethe naming conventions for the open-source projects look like spaghetti to me... i'm trying to focus on just getting Ubuntu to install ... it's hard for me to tell what is newer, what is older, what supports more variety of hardware, etc.09:00
scottjIs there an easy way to get one of those ridiculously long x11 font strings without using the horrible xfontsel? I just want to pick the fontname and the size and have it give me all that other crap09:01
meseesis it bad when you are awake to see world markets open and you have to be at work for US market open?09:01
pksadiqzipp0:  just right click on the xpi file open with firefox09:01
mickster04ceil: i meant windows/ mac...09:01
ceilcrimsonmane: Ubuntu names have been pretty much alphabetical since Dapper Drake. i think Lucid Lynx is current (version 10.04)09:01
pksadiqzipp0:  may be for you thunderbird09:01
zipp0pksadiq: i'm connecting via ssh09:01
crimsonmane10.10 is available09:01
ceilmickster04: oh. yeah, they suck :p09:01
the_germanzipp0: from within your thunderbird!09:01
mickster04ceil: :D09:01
zipp0pksadiq: so i cannot use GUI09:02
ceilcrimsonmane: it's been released, or is it still beta?09:02
crimsonmaneit's release candidate now09:02
mickster04crimsonmane: yeah not quite ready09:02
mickster04crimsonmane: wait four days:p09:02
crimsonmanewhat's going to change in 4 days?09:02
meseesmay be a dumb question but what changes from 10.04 to 10.1?09:02
ceilofficial release09:02
pksadiqzipp0:  type firfox blabla.xpi in terminal,09:02
pksadiqzipp0:  blabla is your file name :)09:03
ceilmesees: it's 10.10. ubuntu versions are YEAR.MONTH, it's not just incremental like that09:03
=== toruk is now known as dulmandakh
crimsonmaneso its like opening a store for a month before having the official Grand Opening, even though nothing has changed...09:03
zipp0pksadiq: firefox? i need install that addon for thunderbird09:03
mickster04mesees: mostly plain updates. a few changes in default programs09:03
ceilcrimsonmane: there might be last minute bug fixes or something09:03
meseesmickster04, interesting, so much to learn09:03
crimsonmaneyeah that's true. like my little issue09:04
ceilmickster04: they put the close buttons back on the right? :p09:04
pksadiqzipp0:  wait, let me check the exe name of thunderbird09:04
crimsonmanei wonder if the jumper on the HD is on slave... just thought of it and its the last thing i can think of :(09:04
mickster04mesees: yeah there will be loads of changes in drivers/system changes, kernel updates, and new programs added to the ubuntu setup and some removed. also visual changes. like new/different backgrounds 4etd09:04
mickster04ceil: i doubt it09:04
el_seano it's not that hard to change the button orientation09:05
ceilel_seano: i kid09:05
zipp0pksadiq: thanks :D09:05
* el_seano does a little dance.09:05
ceilel_seano: wouldn't effect me even if i did use ubuntu, cos i don't use gnome :p09:05
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.09:05
pksadiqzipp0:  thunderbird that's all09:05
el_seanoheh, ubottu.09:06
ubottufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox09:06
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.09:06
mickster04there is lubuntu, that uses lxde? isn't there also lcfe? what are major differences, acn soimeone point me to a comparison09:06
nearstim run gnome + openboz09:06
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:06
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox09:06
the_germanxmonad...most genius WM IMHO09:06
pksadiqzipp0:  I thoush it was something different because it show no result but later I got, thunderbird is not installed on my system09:06
ceilthe_german: tiling type, ain't it?09:07
el_seanothe_german: isn't xmonad configured with Haskell?09:07
the_germanceil: yeah...1000 lines of haskell :-) ...09:07
crimsonmanethere's a ton to get used to with ubuntu and open source software. is there a side-by-side comparison chart somehwere?09:07
ceilthe_german: if it's all the same to you, i'll stick with e16 :p09:07
zipp0pksadiq: so, if i install that addon for firefox, i just type firefox lightning-1.0b2-tb-linux.xpi ?09:07
el_seanothe_german: boof, I don't have the patience to learn another language right now.09:07
fuffal0i've got a problem where every few weeks i've got to reboot my system because the swap fills up, how do i monitor what's causing this09:07
mickster04zipp0: if you can't get a ui firefox isn't gonna work?09:08
the_germanel_seano: I didnt know haskell when I started with it, but the documentation is really good and will get you started easily09:08
el_seanothe_german: maybe over christmas break.09:08
xxfogJordan_U: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/507081/09:08
abeheyy all ,09:08
mickster04fuffal0: use the system monitor to see what program is using the most ram?09:08
the_germanel_seano: Anyways i just think KDE and Gnome are becoming too bloated09:09
ceilthe_german: becoming? :p09:09
zipp0mickster04: what do you mean?09:09
el_seanoyeah, I couldn't argue that point.09:09
ecolitanfrom the terminal, how can I send messages to users logged in with gnome?09:09
the_germanceil: well it is worse on ubuntu then in other distris cause the change sooo munch especially on gnome09:09
=== zipp0 is now known as zipp0|away
ceilthe_german: true, true09:09
the_germanceil: it is not that bad on fedora e.g.09:09
mickster04zipp0: well running firefox -something- will try to load firefox. if you are in ssh and haven't set up x-forwarding it won't show you anything09:09
ceili don't even like debian's flavour of gnome09:10
el_seanowe should just uninstall our DEs and work from the CLI.09:10
robinatwhello, everybody, i am a newer to come here.09:10
ceilthe_german: been a few years since i've seen ubuntu's version, but i can't imagine it's improved much09:10
mickster04!libnotify | ecolitan09:10
ceilespecially with the addition of compiz and such09:10
xxfogJordan_U: gparted shows me /dev/sda1 (ext2) , /dev/sda3/ (extended with /dev/sda5 (lvm2) inside and /dev/sda2/ (swap)09:10
mickster04ecolitan: i think that will work eitherway09:10
ecolitanmickster04: thanks09:10
mickster04ecolitan: they have to be in the UI tho09:10
the_germanel_seano: AMEN...i use ncmpc as musikplayer, shell-fm for last.fm, bashburn, etc. ... :-)09:10
xxfogJordan_U: but i am not able to mount the sda5 were all the data is on09:11
the_germanceil: no it is getting worse with every release09:11
el_seanohaha, I'm such an ncurses junkie.09:11
icarus-cxxfog, so your sda5 is a LVM?09:11
xxfogJordan_U: yes09:11
=== moo is now known as Guest34618
xxfogicarus-c: yes09:11
icarus-cxxfog, you have to mount the LVM device, not /dev/sda5 itself09:11
the_germanceil: But with Gnome 3 I will drop it alltogether09:11
ceilel_seano: i keep an xterm running screen up at all times :p i chat in irssi and play music and movies with mplayer from bash. i don't even have a gui file manager installed09:11
ecolitanmickster04: i need some kind of popup box, i want to reboot the box and they should close thier work, dont want to have to call with phone09:11
icarus-cxxfog, iirc they are in /dev/mapper09:11
ceilel_seano: but i need google chrome, so no lynx/links/w3m for me :p09:12
the_germanceil: Me too :-) but I use ncmpc as player09:12
mickster04ecolitan: libnotify should work for that09:12
xxfogicarus-c: so how can I mount them ?09:12
meseesanyone use any health/workout/weight tracking software for linux?09:12
j0d0When an external monitor was plugged into my laptop, I could no longer boot into ubuntu. Can someone tell me what file I have to change to get the laptop to boot properly.09:12
mickster04ecolitan: if they are using gnome i think that should work09:12
ceilthe_german: i used to use that. i just got too lazy, so i just play music an album at a time through mplayer :p09:12
icarus-cxxfog, is it something like ?/dev/mapper/VolumeGroup/Logical volume09:12
el_seanoceil: don't get me wrong, i love my chrome, but I really want to learn how to use w3m/elinks/lynx effectively.09:12
crimsonmanelol mesees, i use Excel for that09:12
icarus-cxxfog, or  VolumeGroup-LogicalVolume09:13
el_seanonever know when you have to ssh into a server and look something up online on the fly.09:13
the_germanceil: lol...CLI is just badass ...and a musicplayer which needs 512kb of RAM is incredible09:13
mickster04ecolitan: it might be osd-notify09:13
meseescrimsonmane, ive gone there but looking for something a bit more comprehensive09:13
ceilel_seano: i know enough about lynx to find help forums or something on the rare occasion i break X, so i'm good :p09:13
c3lel_seano: get the vimperator addon for firefox instead09:13
icarus-cxxfog, so you would mount the logical volume.   (the volumeGroup & LogicalVoulme name depends on your setup09:13
XDSany of you guys know  perl  ?09:13
ecolitanmickster04: i'll check it out, thanks09:13
KindOneXDS: try #perl09:14
crimsonmanemesees i guess it depends on the type of results you are looking for09:14
xxfogicarus-c: i am sorry but i normaly don`t administrate linux so I have to try it out09:14
icarus-cxxfog, what is in /dev/mapper09:14
ceilthe_german: yeh, but i got tired of updating the whole db whenever i got new music (which i do frequently)09:14
kk9822can any one tell what is the type of connection we use in ubuntu 10.0409:14
crimsonmaneIPv6 ?09:14
xxfogicarus-c:  there is control and data-samba09:14
el_seanoc3l: I can't bring myself to use firefox anymore.  I'm addicted to sensation of instantaneousness I get from chrome (even though I know the benchmarks don't put them that far apart)09:14
ceilthe_german: mplayer i can just play what i have immediately. i need instant gratification :p09:14
Guest34618Hello ! I've got a big problem, I want to install ubuntu on a sata disc, but it shows my ide disk (with winthing) as "sdb" instead of "sda". How canI invert the sda and sdb drives before I can install (cause I think that winthing will not stand to be on sdb drive...) I'm on a live session (10.04.1 64b), and my motherboard is a rs482-M. I've found nothing in the bios... Help ! Thanks.09:15
kk9822like primary 80 or 4014 or secondary 80 or 4014 or web service09:15
icarus-cxxfog, looks like /dev/mapper/data-samba  is your boy09:15
icarus-cxxfog, try to mount it09:15
the_germanceil: True...I give you that but it is pretty fast anyways so i can live with that...I just like the old UNIX principle...one program for one task that does this task extremely great09:15
kk9822or pdsn 80 4014 or sdsn 80 or 4014 pl help me09:15
crimsonmaneGuest34618, enter the bios and select which drive is the primary, or pull the plug on the drive you dont want as the primary and install that way09:15
c3lel_seano: I was thinking the same until I found vimperator. if you like controlling your browser from the keyboard, and if you like vim, vimperator is a must have :)09:15
xxfogicarus-c: so I have to type "   mount /media/test /dev/mapper/data-samba ?09:15
ceilthe_german: it's not fast enough with my 13.000+ mp3s :p i do agree it's an awesome player tho09:16
the_germanel_seano: vimperator is badass09:16
=== cass is now known as Guest35092
icarus-cxxfog, mount  /dev/mapper/data-samba   /media/test09:16
j0d0Why does plugging an external monitor in cause the system to become unbootable?09:16
seanwVimperator is the only reason I use Firefox and now chromium09:16
icarus-cxxfog, mount <device>   <mount_point>09:16
ceilcrimsonmane: i think it's a firefox addon that lets you control the browser with vim-type commands09:17
crimsonmanebot says it doesnt know anything about vimperator. what is that?09:17
c3lseanw: agree09:17
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code09:17
c3lcrimsonmane: a firefox addon, that makes firefox behave like vim, basically09:17
crimsonmanegot ya'll are awesome09:17
kk9822hi icarus can u throw some light on my prob pl09:17
el_seanogah... but... my sexy streamlined chrome...!09:17
ceili only know the bare basics of vim, m'self09:17
el_seanonow I feel compelled to try vimperator.09:18
ibrahim-kasemGuys can i know what are the used settings on the adsl router? i forgot the password and i have to reset it.09:18
icarus-ckk9822, i don't get what you mean at all :P09:18
kk9822like what is the connection type we use09:18
el_seanodo any of the text-based browsers have vim-like commands?09:18
icarus-ckk9822, all i know is HTTP assumes to be tcp 80 unless you specify09:18
ceilibrahim-kasem: there's not a button on the router to reset it?09:18
xxfogicarus-c: PERFEKT!!!!!! that worked09:18
kk9822primary 80 secondary or web service or pdsn or sdsn09:19
c3lceil: not much vim knowledge is needed. vimperator is easier to learn than vim, but your basically learning both at the same time ;)09:19
kk9822i have some prob in connection application software09:19
c3lel_seano: I wish there was, someone should make one..09:19
ceilibrahim-kasem: if you're asking about the default username/password after resetting the router, i believe http://www.portforward.com can tell you that about your particular unit09:19
c3lel_seano: or maybe its possible to just remap the commands for lynx or what ever textbased browser youre using09:20
ceilc3l: yeh, but i do wish i knew more. i can basically use vim like Notepad, plus i know dd deletes a whole line :p09:20
ibrahim-kasemceil: I can reset it but the settings is what i want. are we talking about the same thing?09:20
ceili can't even remember how to cut/copy/paste within it09:20
el_seanowell, anything you d can be put someplace else with p09:21
c3librahim-kasem: the default user and password should be on the back of your router. usually admin without a password, or 4 zeros09:21
ceilibrahim-kasem: shouldn't resetting it set the settings back to factory default? nobody is going to know your particular setup, if that's what you're on about09:21
c3lceil: I actually learned vimperator before I learned vim. I only knew what vim was.. and I learned it quickly anyways09:22
el_seanoand if you know anything about regular expressions, you can delete or find/replace very specific things with just a line of code.09:22
ceilc3l: i don't think i use text editors enough to retain any knowledge i'd gain from studying it in any case. i did a bit of the vim-tutor program, but i forgot almost all of that from never using it :p09:23
xxfogJordan_U: THANK YOU TOO ;-)09:23
crimsonmaneTTYL g2g09:24
c3lceil: the built in vimperator help is really good to get you started. there is not really many commands you have to know. :h is your friend :)09:25
ceili'll keep that in mind :)09:25
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V-ille2I'm running 10.04 on a thinkpad t510, I have 4GB of ram and even the pae kernel only detects 309:29
V-ille2is this a known problem with i7 t510 laptops?09:29
DASPRiDi7 is a known problem, yes ;)09:30
* sandGorgon uses i709:31
Guest34618Hello again. I want to install ubuntu, but it shows sda and sdb inverted. Can I invert them again, to have sda=IDE (win) and sdb=SATA(ubuntu) ? I found nothing in the bios.09:31
ikoniaDASPRiD: it's not a problem09:32
Edward_Elrichi friends09:32
c3lDASPRiD: what is the issue with i7?09:32
DASPRiDc3l, i was (kidding) that i7 IS an issue ;)09:32
c3lGuest34618: for what purpose?09:32
c3lDASPRiD: oh, lol :)09:32
bullgard4'~$ ls -al' does not print filenames colorful. '~$ env | grep LS_COLORS' does not produce any output. How to correct that?09:33
c3lbullgard4: map ls to ls --color=auto in your .bashrc09:34
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=== ibrahim-kasem is now known as Syria
timothyhey guys, which is the best network monitoring tool? I need to be able to tell what time and for how long i am offline during a network outage/disconnect.09:35
devkhadkaI have a server whose root directory is 100% full can i move /user dir to other partition and put the symbolic link on / folder . Will it work. if not what are the work arounds09:35
devkhadka* /usr09:36
Jordan_Uxxfog: Did you get the server booting?09:36
devkhadkaJordan_U, yeah server is running09:36
c3ltimothy, the slashdot timothy? :) I know wireshark is a popular network monitoring tool, don't know whats best suited for your need though.09:36
devkhadkabut doesnot let me just create a single file.  It says no space left09:37
=== Turgon is now known as Limulf
bullgard4c3l: .bashrc includes the lines »# enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases; if [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then eval "`dircolors -b`"; alias ls='ls --color=auto'; #alias dir='dir --color=auto'; #alias vdir='vdir --color=auto'; #alias grep='grep -color=auto'; #alias fgrep='fgrep --color=auto';  #alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'; fi« yet. Can you comment.09:39
bullgard4c3l: .bashrc includes the lines »# enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases; if [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then eval "`dircolors -b`"; alias ls='ls --color=auto'; #alias dir='dir --color=auto'; #alias vdir='vdir --color=auto'; #alias grep='grep -color=auto'; #alias fgrep='fgrep --color=auto';  #alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'; fi« yet. Can you comment.09:40
xxfogJordan_U: NO - I just can copy the data out of the lvm now. That`s the main hope09:40
xxfogJordan_U: Do you think I can reorganise the filesystem that the server is able to boot again?09:40
Jordan_Uxxfog: Yes.09:41
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
Jordan_Uxxfog: Can you mount /dev/sda1?09:41
timothyc3l: nope. not the slashdot timothy09:41
bullgard4c3l: .bashrc includes the lines »# enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases; if [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then eval "`dircolors -b`"; alias ls='ls --color=auto'; #alias dir='dir --color=auto'; #alias vdir='vdir --color=auto'; ...09:41
c3lbullgard4: the .bashrc is really cluttery. you can just ignore it all for nor and override the settings at the bottom of the file. put the line «alias ls='ls --color=auto'» at the end of your .bashrc09:41
xxfogJordan_U: yes but there is just lost and found inside it :-(09:42
Jordan_Uxxfog: Any idea how that happened? It looks like sda1 used to be your boot partition.09:43
xxfogJordan_U: it is like you said - i have no idea - there was no power lost or something like that.09:44
xxfogJordan_U:  the harddrive looks good and seems to have no bad sectors09:45
Jordan_Uxxfog: Where is your root partition?09:45
xxfogJordan_U: it is in sda109:46
Jordan_Uxxfog: Ouch, then you're worse off than I thought.09:47
bullgard4  c3l: What command should I run in order that the changed .bashrc becomes effective?09:47
eureka_how can i join a python channel09:49
Renderspecanybody know any good screen capture software for creating video tutorials?09:49
=== shahdharmit is now known as [DS]
c3lbullgard4: just start a new terminal, or to re-read the settings for your current terminal session « source .bashrc »09:50
Jordan_Uxxfog: If the data that you care about is all in data-samba then just re-install. I don't think it's worth trying to recover sda1 unless there's valuable data on it.09:50
c3leureka_: /j #python09:50
pksadiqRenderspec: visit showmedo website09:50
sedulouseureka_: You need to register your nickname to join most highly frequented channels like #python. /msg nickserv help register09:50
sedulousc3l: he's not registered09:50
c3lsedulous: oh, that explains it09:50
eureka_how to register09:50
alainghow do i browse the directorys and files as root?09:51
sedulouseureka_: /msg nickserv help register09:51
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:51
zeesteralaing open terminal -> "gksu nautlius" without the quote (this for gnome)09:51
xxfogJordan_U: no i think there is just the ubuntu on it so i will make a new install09:52
zeestertypo nautilus09:52
robinatwhello test09:53
alaingzeester: Thanks thats the command I was after.09:53
zeesteralaing, cool09:53
z11Having never made a backup of  the / and /home partitions, could someone tell me which ubuntu tool is best to use for the purpose and easiest to understand how to create the appropriate command?09:54
lloowenHi all! I'm running Ubuntu minimal install on a virtual machine(virtualbox). When I say minimal, I mean no x-server just the command line only. The problem I'm having is that I cannot change my keyboard layout to Swedish (sv_SE). I've tried to configure this using 'dpkg-reconfigure console-data' and  'dpkg-reconfigure locales' but after restarting I'm getting the same old problem. Using vi really sucks using the wrong keyboard layout :(09:55
zeesterz11, check out Déjà Dup09:56
c3lz11: cp works fine for copying :) if you want something more sophisticadet, take a look at rsync and rsnapshot09:56
fratzbclloowen: what if you do vim instead of vi09:56
lloowenvim is just as bad with the wrong keyboard layout09:57
OsmosisGood morning everybody09:57
eureka_thanx all of you guys09:57
Osmosisi want to do something, that already know that i can do it uncompress modify and compress again a file09:58
c3llloowen: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup  worked for me09:58
Osmosisbut i want to know if exist one way to insert into a compress file a file that modify another one09:58
bullgard4c3l: That works. --  Thank you.09:59
c3lbullgard4: your welcome. remember that aliases can be really useful for long commands that you often use. also aliasing for example 'du' to 'du -h' etc..10:00
bullgard4osmosis: Please re-word your question in order to make it better understandable.10:00
=== ITXpande1 is now known as ITXpander
Osmosisbut i want to know if exist one way to insert into a compress file a file that modify another one10:01
Osmosiswithout to uncompress modify and compress again10:01
Kartagishello. man mencoder says I can use width with lavcopts but it also says Unknown suboption width. any thoughts?10:01
bullgard4c3l: I do know that by principle. But I thought this was already implemented in my .bashrc.10:01
Osmosisi think that is imposible and is something that winrrar can aplication because he do for you internaly10:02
lloowenc3l: Just tried that suggestion 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup' Didn't work :(10:02
c3lbullgard4: ah, yeah the default ubuntu .bashrc is really stange sometimes10:02
Osmosisbullgard4, you know what i mean?10:02
bullgard4osmosis: I  believe so, yes.10:02
=== alin_ is now known as Xaifas
Osmosisany tip how?10:03
c3llloowen: strange, the settings take action after reboot..10:03
pompa_hi everyone10:04
Kartagishello. man mencoder says I can use width with lavcopts but it also says Unknown suboption width. any thoughts?10:05
lloowenc3l: Yes I thought so too. I don't know how to change this. I suspect It's a problem with virtualbox. It works if I use a desktop environment but that just fills up my hard drive. I'm using several instances of Ubuntu, so I need to have it small and lean.10:05
=== denny_ is now known as denny
odb|fidelhi. question regarding dropbox on 10.10 - is there a specific ppa for dropbox on maverick? seems like my old ppa is not working anymore & my dropbox has sync issues.10:05
pompa_I have a problem. I cannot select folders by digiting on the keyboard using nautilus10:06
c3llloowen: why several instances?10:06
pompa_any idea?10:06
Kartagisodb|fidel dropbox says it updates your sources.list once installed10:06
z11Zeester: DejaDup is not installed, and the problem is I have no space remaining in the / partition to install anything and need to backup everything in order to repartition removing WinXP and repartition the drive for Linux only.10:06
c3l!10.10 | odb|fidel10:07
ubottuodb|fidel: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:07
lloowenNetworking exercises, testing that sort of thing... Just need to be able to run Ubuntu in it's minimal form to save on hard disk space.10:07
odb|fidelc3l: thanks10:07
lloowenc3l: Networking exercises, testing that sort of thing... Just need to be able to run Ubuntu in it's minimal form to save on hard disk space.10:08
kartheeHI .. I am on ubuntu and just installed jolicloud .. I want to move all my mails from thunderbird of ubuntu to jolicloud's thunderbird. How do i do that ? How do I export and import it back ??10:08
napsterHow to bulk rename in ubuntu10:09
napsterCan anyone help me on this?10:09
z11c31: I need to make a full backup of both / and /home retaining the file permissions so that after repartitioning the drive everything can be restored exactly with no WinXP and ntfs partitions.10:09
napsterWhats the command to bulk rename a set of files?10:10
c3llloowen: then im not sure ubuntu is your smartest pick of dist. there are alot smaller distributions out there10:10
cromagdoes this help napster http://www.thingy-ma-jig.co.uk/blog/19-04-2008/how-batch-rename-files10:10
pompa_napster: use regexp10:10
AbhiJitnapster, use gprename10:10
napstercromag: pompa_ AbhiJit Let me try :-) Thank you10:11
AbhiJitO K10:11
c3lnapster: rename.ul10:11
napsterc3l: ok :-)10:11
lloowenc3I: I've got it running just fine and it's quite small, just can't get the keyboard layout to work. I also like using apt-get and debian/ubuntu stuff like that...10:12
c3llloowen: I see, your issue seems to be related to ubuntu running in a vm10:13
pompa_anyone knows why I'm not able to browse folders using my keyboard in nautilus?10:13
Benkinoobyi use fluxbox, mostly i am in vim/console (or i try to) and all i miss is a proper audio-mixer. i looked at alsa-mixer but i find kmix far better. i feel a bit strange to install the half/whole k-environment just for my mixer. is there a software you can recommend?10:13
c3lz11: look into rsync and rsnapshot10:14
eureka_i use asus laptop and ubuntu 10.10 lts but when I plug in my headphone i hear nothing10:15
eureka_how can i fix it10:15
Benkinoobyeureka_, do you use gnome?10:15
c3lBenkinooby: the minimal way is alsamixer. I think xfce has some stuff with less dependencies. but if your without any DE I dont know any standalone audio mixer10:15
eureka_Benkinooby: yes10:15
Benkinoobyc3l, thank you..maybe the best thing is to bin hot-keys to alsamixer-kommands.10:16
Benkinoobyeureka_, hmm, i'm from the kde side, but try this: start up a terminal and enter alsamixer10:16
Benkinoobyeureka_, then press F510:16
napstercromag: pompa_ AbhiJit c3l Is there anything like "<rename_command> file1.jpg hello.png xxx.bmp   Image" So that I get Image_1.jpg Image_2.png Image_3.bmp10:17
eureka_what next?10:17
Benkinoobyeureka_, you should see the different mixers do you?10:17
Benkinoobythe second one or so should be called headphon10:17
c3lBenkinooby: if youre mostly working from a terminal, starting alramixer isnt really any trouble. but I guess you could write some script that calls alsamixer with what you want to do, but that feels redundant10:17
pompa_I think it will be done automatically10:17
pompa_napster: just input more than one file10:18
=== Newa2 is now known as NewaWrk
napsterpoma, to regexp?10:18
eureka_Benkinooby : 2nd column is speaker10:18
eureka_not headphone10:18
Benkinoobyc3l, the point is that i usually have to shut down the sound quickly for e.g. conversation... i wil go with hotkeys.... fluxbox is very nice in handling hotkeys. thank you for your advice10:19
Benkinoobyeureka_, hmm10:19
napsterpompa_: I didn't get you!10:19
Benkinoobyeureka_, usually alsamixa in commandline is the most basic thing to work with, and afaik kmix and other gui-sound-mixers are just infterfaces for alsa.10:20
pompa_man mv10:20
Benkinoobyeureka_, if you don't see headphones, it might me a driver problem, but i can be a simpler reason10:20
napsterpompa_: ok10:20
Benkinoobyeureka_, i allready saw some driver problems, but i never heard about problems with headphones10:20
Benkinoobyeureka_, so nothing that reminds of headphones? make the window as big as possible and be sure you pressed the key 'F5' to show all mixers10:21
pompa_napster: but maybe the thing is more difficult that I thinked of10:21
pompa_because of the extensions10:21
Benkinoobyeureka_, use left and right key to navigate between the mixers10:21
napsterpompa_: yes :-(10:21
napsterpompa_: Can I pm you?10:22
Benkinoobyeureka_, is it a fresh install?10:22
Benkinoobyeureka_, did it work before?10:23
eureka_i have just bought this laptop10:23
eureka_some month ago10:23
eureka_and i ever heard any sound from headphone10:23
eureka_no problem with headphone10:23
magnetron!enter | eureka_10:24
ubottueureka_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:24
the_germanI need a mp3-tag-editor for CLI and no I do not want to use ncmpcpp...10:24
johnathanhi guys and gals10:24
johnathanCan anyone tell me how to share a whole HDD over a network in ubuntu?10:25
eureka_ubottu : yup10:25
Benkinoobyeureka_, then you must have changed something10:26
maedoxjohnathan: from ubuntu to what operating system? If windows: use samba, if linux: use nfs.10:26
SultansElephantthis bad boy has decided to stop booting10:26
Benkinoobyeureka_, i know, this is a M$-advice, but anyways: did you restart?10:26
eureka_Benkinooby : i'm not sure10:26
SultansElephantim on a shell10:27
eureka_Benkinooby: but i tried to adjust alsamixer as you told me before10:27
SultansElephanthow do i find logs or some sort of indication10:27
johnathanyes server is running ubuntu and the workstations are running windows10:27
SultansElephantas to what is going on10:27
johnathank I will install samba and try that thx10:27
SultansElephantlooks like an update might do this10:28
allartxHello, does anybody have any experience with prosody jabber server under Ubuntu 10.04?10:29
maedoxjohnathan: install nautilus-share and then you do chmod +r /path/to/share  and right-click it in file browser and select to share it.10:29
maedoxjohnathan: nautilus should ask you to install other needed packages.10:29
johnathannautilus-share is already installed10:29
Benkinoobyeureka_, it can not be a driver problem, because then i the headphones should never have worked then. you also didn't mute them, because the you would see them in alsa mixer. so i don't know anyfurther, sorry. one last thing: try to put all mixers to maximum and test again10:30
johnathanI can share the drive but then the other window workstations can't see the share that way10:30
Benkinoobyeureka_, it happened to me onece, that i was not able to use the mic. i found, that i had to put an extra mixer up to enable mic.10:30
Benkinoobyeureka_, what puzzles me is that you don't see a headphone mixer10:31
maedoxjohnathan: can't see your computer or can't connect to the share? check the logs in /var/logs/samba, or if it can't see the computer try connecting with \\ip-address-of-ubuntu  on the windows machine.10:32
johnathanI see th HDD on my window s workstation but l get the following error:  \\Server name\HDD device not accessible.You might not have permission to use this network resource10:34
eureka_Benkinooby : my laptop has one line in for headphone and mic10:34
Kartagishow can I delete files that are giving IO, Error?10:34
gazolinejoin #la-it10:36
Kartagishow can I delete files that are giving IO Error?10:37
magnetronKartagis: no need to repeat yourself10:37
Kartagisjohnathan are you sure it's shared properly?10:37
Kartagismagnetron sorry10:37
Cojage10.10 final = sunday?10:38
johnathanI used the samba sharing and gave access to the drive for anyone without a account on the server10:38
maedoxjohnathan: then the permission for the share are wrong. there should be o+x on all dirs along /path/to/share and share must have o+r.10:39
BabblaI have two identical machines. One is running ubuntu-server and the other is running ubuntu-desktop.  I am copying files from one location on the server to another on the server.  Likewise I am copying files from one location on the desktop to another location on the desktop.  The desktop is being drastically outperformed.  What might be causing the desktop to copy so much slower?10:40
johnathanwhere do l check that?In the samba.conf?10:41
BenkinoobyBabbla, do you copy to different partitions?10:41
maedoxjohnathan: no, in the filesystem. right-click the folder you share and select properties. make sure than everyone can read and execute that directory.10:42
BabblaBenkinooby, good point... the server is copying form one drive to another whereas the desktop is copying to the same drive10:42
Leroyjohnathan: isn't it suppose to be smb.conf?10:42
napsterHow can I handle lists in shell?10:42
BenkinoobyBabbla, this sound allready like a good explaination. don't you think?10:42
magnetronBabbla: copying within the same file system is always more efficient10:43
maedoxnapster: what are you trying to do?10:43
pksadiqWhen I select open with by right clicking I see alot of Open with " a wine application" , How to remove it?10:43
johnathanI change it but then it changes back to none10:43
napstermaedox: I have the variable $arg which is already a list10:43
greenmang0i have noticed that /tmp doesn't get emptied even after setting TMPTIME=0 in /etc/default/rcS10:44
greenmang0what can be the reason?10:44
magnetronpksadiq: right click and select "properties". there's a tab called "openwith" there which you can use to remove or add actions10:44
napstermaedox: Another list is $new that I need to create10:44
pksadiqmagnetron:  Thanx, let me try10:44
napstermaedox: It should be new= (1,2,3,4,5,6.... length(arg))10:44
napstermaedox: How can I do this?10:44
maedoxnapster: ah, I see. It's called arrays. Look here: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/arrays.html10:45
computeriumhello ladies and gentelmen..10:46
napstermaedox: I meat it shoule work if it is new=('1','2','3',....'length(arg)'), ok??10:47
Babblamagnetron, that is contradictory to what is happing.  The copy from one drive to another is running faster and additionally using less CPU10:47
computeriumis anyone try to use ubuntu with Broadcom BCM4322 wireless ethernet..10:48
computeriumits a big problem with Broadcom BCM 432210:49
computeriumi realy hate this wireless adaptor10:49
thedoghi guys, is there a way to read files from a panasonic rr-us395 recorder ?10:50
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:50
computeriumi tried this driver and ubuntu native driver its a big problem on TX power10:51
maedoxnapster: « arg = ('1','2','3') » the length of it is « ${#arg[@]} » which would return 3. not sure what you want to know.10:51
napstermaedox: Exactly this :-) Thanks a lot10:51
maedoxnapster: the @ means number of elements, set 0, 1, 2 for element one, two or three, and so on.10:52
napstermaedox: I didn't get you! I'm not sure there are two elements!10:52
computeriumhave a nice day10:53
maedoxnapster: what do you mean?10:53
napstermaedox: I just need the no. of elements in that list10:53
maedoxnapster: ah,ok.10:54
napstermaedox: I mean the number of elements in that array10:54
=== AbhiJit_ is now known as AbhiJit
adzyhi  all10:56
napstermaedox: Whats the solution? ${#arg[@]} return 0 always10:57
realslixhi i use kubuntu 8.04 with kde 3.5.10 very nice, my question is: is it possible to install kde 4.5 on hardy?10:59
realslixsteak__ : hi11:00
maedoxnapster: then there is something up with you array. I use it that way myself and it works fine.11:00
steak__hi realslix11:00
napstermaedox: ok11:00
maedoxnapster: pastebin your script?11:01
napstermaedox: sure, But its just a testing script11:02
AbhiJit!pm | Exploiter11:02
ubottuExploiter: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:02
steak__I have an interesting question for the gurus here... I have an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server which exhibits a very strange behavior when accessed through ssh... there is a SVN server on it, accessed by ssh. if I do a sync with my svn client (connecting with public keys), the connections are going to fail 90% of the time, and the sshd would segfault and be unavailable for something like 1 minute, thus blocking *any* ssh connection from *any* host11:03
Appleman1234Hi, how can I get a list of installable packages for a given ubuntu version for a given architecture ?11:04
steak__most likely this server will be dismantled and its running services transfered to a 10.01 LTS in the future, but now I have this not-so-funny behavior...11:04
napstermaedox: http://pastebin.com/9jJTNmgK Please take a look11:04
napstermaedox: Its a nautilus script11:05
Exploiter+!PM Exploiter11:06
Exploiter+!PM | Exploiter11:06
realslixsteak__ : I dont know why you have this behaviour - but a workaround is to use a webserver with ssl + svn11:08
matrickstheonehi people11:08
=== god^_ is now known as god^
matrickstheoneI know ubuntu use gnome as default11:08
kYemHello everybody11:09
matrickstheoneis possible to use kde?11:09
maedoxnapster: are you trying to list files in a dir?11:09
AbhiJitmatrickstheone, yes11:09
kYemCould someone help me a little bit with the init.d folder?11:09
AbhiJitmatrickstheone, sudo apt-get insall kubuntu-desktop and then at login time you can select the gnome or kde11:10
Mikohi guys11:10
realslixmatrickstheone : yes - kubuntu is a possibility ore you install kubuntudesktop11:10
napstermaedox: List files I selected and also the number of files11:10
matrickstheonethank you11:10
steak__realslix: unluckily that is not an option accepted by the developers over here...11:10
matrickstheoneI haven't ubuntu now11:10
dominickanyone know how to install ati drivers for mobility radeon 5730?11:10
matrickstheonebut I wish to try11:10
Mikocould some1 help me with the theory of dump command?11:10
steak__realslix: someone even suggested a windows approach of removing and reinstalling...11:10
matrickstheonebut I am dependent by kde11:11
maedoxnapster: I see. You should probably read up on scripting for nautilus. There is a variable NAUTILUS_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS. Let me see if I can make it work.11:11
kYemHmm I can't create any files in init.d folder, could someone help me with this problem please?11:11
napstermaedox: ok11:11
alainghow do I disable IPv6 on my webserver?11:11
allartxHello, does anybody have any experience with prosody jabber server under Ubuntu 10.04?11:11
der-eremitkYem why do you need to create files in init.d?11:11
the_germanCLI mp3Tag editor??11:12
realslixsteak__: i can't really help you - I use the webserver method11:12
kYemder-eremit I would like to put a script what starts tightvncserver automatically when the computer boots.11:12
root_opAny idea why GRUB2 fails at boot time with "error: hd(0,1) out of disk" ?11:13
steak__realslix, thanks anyways :)11:13
der-eremitthe_german eyed3, id3v211:13
dominickcan anyone help me with installing ati mobility radeon hd 5730?11:14
realslixsteak__: maybe the webserver method is more comfortable and secure - you have no traffic over ssh and no one can sniff your ssh port simply11:14
steak__realslix: are you going to tell this to the 150 developers we have over here? :D11:14
der-eremitkYem did you install from the repo?11:14
steak__realslix: there is a PEBCAK/PICNIC/OSI layer 8 issue :P11:15
kYemder-eremit From the repo? What do you mean with it?11:15
der-eremitkYem via apt-get | aptitude | or whatever11:16
hottiehi guys11:16
hottieim new to linux11:16
dominickso nobody?11:16
ranjanhottie, welcome to linux :)11:16
AbhiJit!manual | hottie11:16
ubottuhottie: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:16
kYemder-eremit Well if you mean the tightvncserver, I installed it via a website. It runs perfect. My point is to get it started when the computer boots.11:17
dominickthis can't be happening11:17
ranjanHi all is there any software that we can use for support ticket maintenance ?11:18
realslixsteak__: so we hope one of this 150 developers can help you :)11:18
steak__realslix: I strongly doubt it, as I have already tried...11:18
steak__but anyways, thanks for the suggestion :)11:18
der-eremitkYem from which website?11:19
hottiei have been using windows vista, with phpadmin and php to create a website. now im new to linux and i dont know what to do.i have tried creating files  in /var/www, and when i run this in my browser : http://localhost/file.php, it returns the FILE NOT FOUND ERROR11:19
kYemder-eremit http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/VNC This one11:20
dominickanybody know anything about ati drivers?11:20
hottieis there someting im doing wrong?or do i need to do anything11:20
e3starhow to install ubuntu from a pen drive11:20
Mikohottie: check your files permissions.11:20
kYemEven on the website is a section about autoboot. But my problem is I can't create or even move from somewhere the files into init.d11:20
AbhiJit!lamp | hottie11:21
ubottuhottie: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:21
AbhiJit!ati | dominick11:21
ubottudominick: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:21
hottiehow do i do that?remember i just started using ubuntu yesterday11:21
der-eremitkYem try: update-rc.d vncserver defaults11:22
hottiebut my phpmyadmin, and apache runs well11:22
AbhiJit!usb | e3star11:22
ubottue3star: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:22
der-eremitkYem of course with a sudo in the beginning11:22
napstermaedox: any hope?11:22
maedoxnapster: yes, almost there.11:22
napstermaedox: :-)11:22
kYemder-eremit "update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/vncserver: file does not exist" That's the point. I can't create the file "vncserver".11:24
kYemder-eremit Thank you, found it out ;)11:26
Mikoany1 to explain me how is dump command dumping the filesystem and why it is not recommended on live systems?11:28
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:31
sresuexcept where files are then passed to windows computers11:33
sresuAny antivirus to scan and heal windows computer from ubuntu?11:33
Exploiterdo i need ans on wine?11:33
Exploitersuppose i executed some worm code in wine..!! by mistake11:33
sresuI found this for it- http://download.bitdefender.com/SMB/Workstation_Security_and_Management/BitDefender_Antivirus_Scanner_for_Unices/Unix/Current/EN_FR_BR_RO/Linux/11:35
oxebExploiter: If you execute malicious code on wine your linux install should be fine, but the code might involve the web and mess with your online accounts if it has access to them.11:36
the_germansresu: just use the "Avira Live CD"11:36
oxebExploiter: Like if you loaded up IE and then used it to do banking in wine, not such a hot idea.11:36
Exploitergot it..11:36
sresuthe_german: Thanks, what about the link? How is that?11:36
GwarHey guys, what's the program Ubuntu uses to look at fonts?11:37
Exploiterlol my CPU temp is now 73*C11:37
GwarI borked something and now TTFs have no program for them xD11:37
TrI__Alguien habla español11:37
oxebSo I have a petulant computer with an arrandale chipset and I am told changes were backported for 10.04 LTS, anybody know which kernel they were backported from11:37
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=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
TrI__como entro en un canal en español?11:38
undertugatienes de te conenctar a una rede espanhola or latina!11:39
sresuthe_german: Does the CD heals the issues as well?11:39
root_opIs grub 0.97 still available in Ubuntu?11:39
the_germansresu: Yap you can choose whether you just want to scan, repair or remove the issues11:39
volkovhi everybody! who knows how to hang up a terminal that controls the daemon process with PID #. I need to get the PID of the terminal via the PID daemon.11:39
Exploiterin terminal11:40
sresuthe_german: Could you please link me to it?11:40
the_germansresu: sure give me a second11:40
=== Liammm|AFK is now known as Liammm
Exploiterdawm i gonna need liquid nitrogen to cool down my cpu lol11:41
root_opExploiter, Or dry ice.11:41
oxebWhat kind of cpu do you have running so hot11:41
tensorpuddingvolkov: ps ax | grep <terminal name>   will list all the PIDs matching terminal processes11:41
Exploiteramd64 4800+ normal one..11:41
=== whatever is now known as Guest81479
Exploiterextracting some bad assfile from last 20 mins11:41
tensorpuddingvolkov: from there, use kill11:41
volkovExploiter, you think that the terminal has PPID = PID daemon process?11:42
Exploiterdon no google it11:42
maedoxnapster: ok, I threw away everything and did it another way: http://pastebin.com/r8r7NVBm11:42
root_opSeriously, no one? I see tons of people having this issue as well but to no solution.11:42
napstermaedox: Let me see11:42
NameLess-jscan someone help with uninstaill wubi?11:43
Exploitersudo apt-get remove wubi11:43
the_germanNameLess-js: sudo apt-get remove wubi11:43
GwarNameLess-js: you should just be able to go to add/remove programs and uninstall it that way11:43
NameLess-jsi mean in windows11:43
oxebroot-op: You want to use 0.97 on purpose?11:43
NameLess-jsstory is:11:43
the_germansresu: you got it?11:43
GwarI doubt he installed wubi in linux guys11:43
NameLess-jsI install ubuntu netbook remix with wubi in win711:44
NameLess-jsi reimaged the netbook11:44
NameLess-jsthe reg entry for wubi is gone11:44
volkovtensorpudding, All right! I think so too. but the problem is that the terminal name is unknown. That is, the script should be relevant for all kinds of daemon.11:44
sresuthe_german: Yeah. Thanks a lot :)11:44
the_germansresu: np11:44
NameLess-jsi am dead :)11:44
napstermaedox: Thanks a lot my friend :-)11:44
napstermaedox: It work11:44
ashfaqHello! Need help with rc 10.10 is this forum appropriate?11:45
napstermaedox: I'll be there anytime to help you...11:45
NameLess-jsso... gwar? the_german? anyone?11:45
skumaraashfaq, yes11:45
maedoxnapster: my pleasure :)11:45
GwarNameLess-js: so what exactly is the problem?11:46
skumaraashfaq, Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu+111:46
GwarYou want to get into ubuntu?11:46
NameLess-jsgimme a se11:46
Gwaryou can just try reinstalling it again11:46
NameLess-jsGwar: i isntall wubi in windows11:46
NameLess-jsi reimaged my netbook11:46
ashfaqwell I installed vlc and acetone iso but now a problem has crept up, when ever I click places for home folder or dowload folder either vlc, or acetone opens up instead of the targeted folder11:46
NameLess-jsreg entry for wubi is gone11:46
NameLess-jsGwar: i die11:46
GwarWhat do you mean you die?11:47
NameLess-jswell my reg would mess up, boot loader everything11:47
ashfaq<skumara> well I installed vlc and acetone iso but now a problem has crept up, when ever I click places for home folder or dowload folder either vlc, or acetone opens up instead of the targeted folder11:47
ExploiterCPU Temperature:   +76.0°C  (high = +60.0°C, crit = +95.0°C)  :|11:48
tensorpuddingvolkov: Wait, you're running this program as a daemon?11:48
Exploiterguys tell me it wont blowup!!11:48
ashfaq<skumara> Why should this be how could this be corrected!11:48
skumaraashfaq, Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu+1 . ask in ubuntu+1 channel. i dont know.11:48
tensorpuddingvolkov: It should be completely disconnected from a terminal11:48
tensorpuddingvolkov: You should try to find the name of the daemon you want to kill instead, you don't want to send the kill to a terminal11:49
volkovexample: have any daemon process that overloads the processor and I need to know if he has any control terminals and try to Hang up11:49
sresuHow to update clamtk GUI version?11:51
tensorpuddingvolkov: try ps ax | grep <daemon name>    instead11:51
=== paco is now known as pacorocks
volkovthis cmd not show process with terminal controll11:56
ubonomy sd card reader stopped working since i updated 8.04 to 10.0411:56
ubonocan you helpme with debug11:56
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
wolf23help please11:58
nearstubono, maybe u need to format it back11:58
nearstyes wolf2311:58
ubononearst: well no doesnt work with any sd card11:59
wolf23nearst,  thanx, but i want to convert wav files to .mp3 ? how11:59
ubonowolf23: lame11:59
tensorpuddingwolf23: Use an MP3 encoder.12:00
nearstubono, look out from dmesg output .. so that u will know that error12:00
tensorpuddingwolf23: LAME is one.12:00
tensorpuddingwolf23: It's available from the software center, surely.12:00
sivakumarwhen ever i want to install any package from synaptic it says that openoffice.org impress has to be removed. wqhy is it so?? any help please12:00
soosfarm_hey, how can I figure out which version of KVM is in Ubuntu 10.04?12:00
sivakumarwhen ever i want to install any package from synaptic it says that openoffice.org impress has to be removed. why is it so?? any help please12:01
wolf23ok let me see , i try thanx12:01
NameLess-jshi, can i unisntall wubi unr by running C:\ubuntu\uninstall-ubuntu.exe?12:01
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM12:01
tensorpuddingsivakumar: Did you perchance force-remove a package that impress depends on?12:01
ubononearst: no dmesg say nothing nor does messages12:01
nearstubono, maybe that devices is broken. then go get new devices12:01
crazycoolhi there12:02
wolf23guys there is no lame program12:02
ubononearst: it worked since i updated to 10.4 and it also worked once with 10.412:02
crazycooli have problem with configuration dns server on my ubuntu 10.412:03
sivakumartensorpudding, even for mplayer is says the same, not only for mplayer , for any package it says that impress has to be removed12:03
volkovSteps:1.get PID of daemon-process that overloads the CPU; 2. have this process terminal control? if yes - get terminal PID - HOW? (terminal process is not child process of daemon); i try kill -HUP "daemonPID"  but not reaction. but kill -HUP "terminalPID" works fine and cpu load to normal (its mean what terminal was hangup)12:03
wolf23ubono,  how can i install lame?12:03
crazycooli have configured dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces files but after reboot my resolv.conf is still doesnt have correct nameserver12:04
ubonowolf23: search it in synaptics12:04
ubonoit works from command line12:04
sivakumartensorpudding, yesterday i installed ganyremote, even it has removed impress12:04
wolf23ubono,  yes i have it installes12:05
tensorpuddingsivakumar: When you tell Synaptic to work with packages, it won't just do what you say, but any uncompleted tasks needed to keep the package database safe.12:05
crazycoolwill very appreciated with any information regarding that12:05
wolf23sorry installed12:05
nearstubono, maybe modules for that devices12:05
tensorpuddingsivakumar: You say "it removed impress", as if it were already finished being removed, in which case it should no longer attempt to remove impress.12:05
ubononearst: i have no idea .......12:05
nearstwolf23, apt-get install lame12:06
crazycoolhave one treak how to make it works but dont know is it good solution12:06
wolf23nearst,  it is installed alright12:06
ubonomy gphoto doesnt work with my canon eos 350d. who can help me?12:07
sivakumartensorpudding, i didnot see it yesterday. It was removed, I reinstalled it today again and now i am trying to install glib-doc again it says impress and 3 more other packages has to be removed. I recognized it now.12:07
crazycoolif I put configuration of nameserver in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base it works well12:07
tensorpuddingsivakumar: it sounds like maybe you need to refresh your package database12:08
ne2k__is there any way to change the number of "recent documents" stored by gedit? five is limiting12:08
sivakumartensorpudding, i didnot see it yesterday. It was removed, I reinstalled impress today again and now i am trying to install glib-doc again it says impress and 3 more other packages has to be removed. I recognized it now.12:08
sivakumarhow to refresh package database??12:08
wolf23ubono,  now what can i do convert wav to mp3?12:08
sivakumartensorpudding, how to refresh package database??12:08
nearstcrazycool, try dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf12:08
brorjonasIs it common to get higher computer temp with the open source ati graphics drivers?12:08
ne2k__wolf23: use lame12:08
ubonowolf23: in terminal man lame and lame --help12:09
ne2k__sivakumar: sudo apt-get update12:09
tensorpuddingsivakumar: 'sudo aptitude update' on the CLI, or start the Update Manager and check for updates, that'll do it.12:09
nearstWojo, if u got problem. maybe u need to install audacity12:09
maedoxwolf23, ne2k__: soundconverter might be easier since it's gui based.12:09
sree_hi all, do you know when the next version of ubuntu will be oout?12:09
wolf23ubono,  i am newbie friend on this can u tell me the code plz! thanx12:09
nearst!audacity, wolf2312:10
AbhiJitsree_, 4 days left12:10
AbhiJit!10.10 | sree_12:10
ubottusree_: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 10, 2010 - Maverick Release Candidate at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010 , discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:10
sivakumartensorpudding, ok i will try. Thank tou12:10
sivakumartensorpudding, ok i will try. Thank you12:10
ne2k__http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1464079 here is the answer to my question in case anyone was wondering12:10
lonixIS there a problem with empathy and getting new friend requests ?12:11
lonixor is it just me ?12:11
dogmatic69hi all12:11
nearstlonix, im prefer pidgin compare to empathy12:11
ubonoah sure audacity uses lame it's good12:11
tensorpuddingwolf23: I think Sound Converter uses a GUI12:12
lonixi got a friend request from my buddys new email12:12
dogmatic69i was just about to dl 10.04 x64 but it says "Not recommended for daily desktop usage"12:12
dogmatic69why is that?12:12
tensorpuddingOh, someone already mentioned it.12:12
tensorpuddingerr, sorry12:12
dogmatic69im running 8gigs ram and intel core 2 quad Q6800 iirc12:13
wolf23tensorpudding,  i want to add the files to a pendrive for my car12:13
tensorpuddingdogmatic69: Flash doesn't work very well in x64, as well as some other pieces of proprietary software12:13
dogmatic69tensorpudding: ill be using it mainly as a server for web dev, + dual boot windows for games12:13
lonixand emp saw the request i answerd yes, but it never appered, tryed to log inn with pid but there was not even a request12:13
iceroottensorpudding: dogmatic69 there is a amd64 version of flash again, its running much better then the 32bit versionwith the 64bit wrapper (default in ubuntu)12:13
dogmatic69so it should be good then?12:13
borkI upgraded to 10.10, and my dual monitor setup has become strangely broken -- I can display things on one monitor or the other, but not both12:14
tensorpuddingdogmatic69: If it's just a server, there is not a huge deal either way.12:14
icerootbork: #ubuntu+112:14
nearstdogmatic69, im just use 128MB of RAM over old processor12:14
dogmatic69tensorpudding: i dont dev flash anyhow :P12:14
borkiceroot: thanks!12:14
tensorpuddingdogmatic69: there used to be a 4GB limit on RAM with 32-bit operating systems, but PAE subverts it12:14
dogmatic69so x84 works with more ram now?12:15
deep_where do i download ubuntu from which is coupled with php and apache?12:16
lonixdeep_, what purpose  ?12:16
deep_to develop a website12:16
tensorpuddingdogmatic69: PAE allows you to use all of it. It's some kind of special memory addressing system, I don't know the specifics, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension would be where to look12:16
lonixdeep_,  if you want a lamp server, download server edition, but if you want gui just install desktop edition, and install php,sql etc after install....12:17
jribdogmatic69: just use 64bit, that message on the website is silly12:17
dogmatic69AbhiJit: x84 was meant to be x86 ie 32bit12:17
Osmosissomebody here how modify a war file withour descmopress12:18
Osmosisit is possible12:18
dogmatic69jrib: i think so, its dl'ing now :)12:18
Osmosisgoogle dont give me any clue12:18
AbhiJitOsmosis, war? or rar?12:18
tensorpuddingdeep_: You can download a full LAMP stack as packages. Apache, MySQL and PHP are all available12:18
AbhiJit!rar | Osmosis12:18
ubottuOsmosis: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free12:18
tensorpuddingWhat is a .war file?12:19
tensorpuddingHmm, Java Web Archive?12:19
Osmosiscompres file format12:19
iceroottensorpudding: yes12:19
gezegencihi , i just installed ubuntu netbook 10.10 RC bu tin UNE there is no programme's file bar... (file,prefences etc.)12:19
iceroottensorpudding: normally for apache tomcat12:19
Osmosisyes exactly12:19
icerootgezegenci: #ubuntu+112:19
Osmosisany idea?12:19
fixxxermetIf anyone feels that their screen-fu is strong, I could really use some help.  http://ubuntu.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158904612:20
dogmatic69another thing i wanted to askis, hows 10.04 x64 with ssd'd12:21
icerootdogmatic69: fine12:21
aiwata55hi. I just upgraded my ubuntu from Karmic to Lucid. Then my NetBeans doesn't run any longer.  I did "apt-get remove netbeans && apt-get install netbeans" but in vain. In this case, what should i do?12:22
lonixaiwata55, did you try to do a dpkg recoonfigure ?12:23
crazycoolnearst have tried but anyway its not working.... guess its a bug12:23
aiwata55lonix: not yet. how should I do? just type in "dpkg reconfigure"?12:24
dogmatic69iceroot: anything particular i should look for when buying one?12:24
nearst!dpkg > aiwata5512:25
ubottuaiwata55, please see my private message12:25
crazycoolnearst ohh yes... its a bug. take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/resolvconf/+bug/55838412:25
lonixnearst, how do i use that bot ?12:25
icerootdogmatic69: just buy what you like and has a cool price, on technical site there are no problems with the ssd12:25
lonix!dpkg > lonix12:25
aiwata55nearst: thanx for the info12:25
ubottulonix, please see my private message12:25
lonixi did not know about that bot :P12:26
nearstlonix, it really help12:27
lettttowhen i remove from menus the archive manager or chrome or the other applications they are going also from "open with" menu of right click any file. why it is deleting from the open with menu ? how to reset all "open with" menus cache as root and all users ?12:27
mepmepI've just installed 10.04 UNR, which doesn't have gcc installed by default and it doesn't support any network cards in my netbook (AR8132 and broadcom wifi). Is there any way to install gcc when doing a fresh install from the netbook 10.04 image?12:27
lonixnearst, nice its so much easyer to ask the bot to tell them12:27
nearstcrazycool, i also using resolvconf, it fine with me since im just with karmic12:28
nearstlonix, yeah.. sure. at least they have an idea bcoz most people dont use !man12:28
kermitwhere does empathy store its config files?12:29
lonixwell man is a great command, but i dont think pepeole knows it exist12:29
dogmatic69iceroot: say for normal hdds you would check rmp / cache / seek times etc to decide if its good or not. so what would be the check for ssd?12:29
icerootdogmatic69: read/write speed, lifetime!!, price12:30
nearstdogmatic69, i think sdparm12:30
icerootdogmatic69: that are the facts important to me12:30
letttto when i remove from menus the archive manager or chrome or the other applications they are going also from "open with" menu of right click any file. why it is deleting from the open with menu ? how to reset all "open with" menus cache as root and all users ?12:30
aiwata55lonix: nearst: OK. i did "sudo dpkg-reconfigure netbeans" and still in vain  :(12:31
lonixaiwata55, is the service runnig ?12:32
lonixaiwata55, if its depending on a service that is12:33
Mouldy_PunkHey guys. I'm trying to install ubuntu NBR 10.10 from a usb stick on my netbook but am running into problems. This (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1533282) thread sums up my original problem, so I removed ui from the syslinux.cfg file but now I get an "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot" error. I haven't managed to find an actual fix on the web, just other people saying they have the same problem. Does anybo12:33
aiwata55lonix: it is just an IDE, and I doubt it relies on a service. although I admit i am a Linux newbie12:33
nearstaiwata55, are u done with default jvm ?12:33
OerHeksfor support 10.10 join #ubuntu+1 Mouldy_Punk12:34
Dr_WillisMouldy_Punk:  i had to edit the syslinux.cfg and i think i removed the menu.c32 or somthing liek that line.. in the past..  that gave no menu. i just hit enter.12:34
aiwata55lonix: btw, in htop, i searched for "netbeans" and didn't get any. if that's you wanted to know12:34
aiwata55nearst: default jvm? don't understand.12:35
nearstaiwata55, try this: update-java-alternatives -s java-1.6.0-sun12:35
Mouldy_PunkOerHeks: Thanks, I didn't realise (:12:35
Mouldy_PunkDr_Willis: I'll give that a go. Thanks12:35
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Dr_WillisI thought this was Ubuntu+1 :) i just auto join both. heh12:35
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mepmepI've installed 10.04 UNR, which doesn't have gcc installed by default and it doesn't support any network cards in my netbook (AR8132 and broadcom wifi) without compiling a driver which needs gcc, and I can't download gcc without the network. Is there any way to install gcc when doing a fresh install from the netbook 10.04 image? aside from mounting the usb disk and using it as an apt source -12:36
mepmepwhich didn't work. Or is there a UNR which includes gcc by default?12:36
nearstmepmep, try apt-get install build-essentials12:37
Dr_WillisBroadcom? which broadcom?  There maybe some pacakge that has the drivers for it in the repos12:37
Dr_Willismepmep:  ive seen none that include it by default.12:37
aiwata55nearst: lonix: thank you so much for your kindness, time and advices.  So far it has not been successful, but i have to leave.  Thanx again!12:37
nearstaiwata55, regards12:38
lonixaiwata55, your welcome... sorry it did not help12:38
aiwata55lonix: don't be sorry, please!12:38
anygivennameI got a webcam....it got a Windows driver with it....how do I install it here on Ubuntu ?12:39
computeriumDr_Willis: broadcom bcm432212:39
Dr_Willisanygivenname:  most likely you dont. Most supported webcams allready have drivers included.12:39
mepmepnot sure which broadcom, lspci -vv output is pretty useless, I've found a working driver which I installed for the wifi under 9.04 UNR and that worked, though not from the repository. Though 9.04 doesn't support my intel GMA 3150, which is why I upgraded since it seemed easier than upgrading the kernel, recompiling as I would etc12:39
mitsuhikohow can i generate an xorg.conf file on 10.10? or, how can i stop gdb and run Xorg -configure12:40
Dr_Williscomputerium:  You did check the forum for that exact chipset? For some of my machines I recall some legacy broadcom package i needed.12:40
ganeshranHi can someone tell me the command to update to 10.10 when it releases12:40
pocatahi spiking bulgerian12:40
Dr_Willis!upgrade | ganeshran12:40
anygivennameDr_Willis: you mean I only get a SW that uses webcam & it will be detected12:40
ubottuganeshran: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:40
mitsuhikoganeshran: server: do-release-upgrade afair, desktop has the update manager12:40
computeriumDr_Willis: normal its working but its stopping after 2mb download12:40
nearstmitsuhiko, try dpkg-reconfigure x11-common12:40
Dr_Willisanygivenname:  if its a supported webcam. it will 'just work'12:40
computeriumDr_Willis: like 3 seconds12:41
ikoniamitsuhiko: it's not that easy ast LTS releases won't offer non-lts release updates12:41
ganeshranmitsuhiko, thanks12:41
ganeshranDr_Willis, thanks12:41
Dr_Willisanygivenname:  theres some 'new' web cams out that are not supported in 10.04 - but get support in 10.10 ive heard also.12:41
nearstanygivenname, try depmod -ae weather the modules is available12:42
anygivennamewhere can i get a sw that uses webcam ?12:42
mitsuhikonearst: thanks, will try12:42
ganeshransudo do-release-upgrade will do right?12:42
bazhanganygivenname, camorama or cheese12:42
Dr_Willisanygivenname:  via the package manager/software center.12:42
lonixbrb reboot12:42
mitsuhikonearst: nope, does not work12:42
Dr_Willisanygivenname:  cheese is normally used to 'test' out a webcam12:42
mitsuhikono config created12:43
mepmepno apt-get update/installs work, there is no network access, no optical drive since it's a netbook12:43
mitsuhikothings i tried was Xorg -configure from a rootshell, but because there is no framebuffer it crashes12:43
Monkey_Dustmepmep: what are you trying to do?12:43
mepmepMonkey_Dust: install gcc somehow to be able to compile drivers12:43
nearstmitsuhiko, sorry... try this dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg12:44
mepmepwithout network access, without optical drives, and I've tried using the USB drive to copy over an ISO, mount it and use it as an apt source to install gcc which didn't work12:44
mitsuhikonearst: that's what i tried originally12:44
Monkey_Dustmepmep: if you have another pc, with network, you can create a dvd or cd with the ubuntu repo's12:44
Dr_WillisYou must have a weird wired NIC thats not supported.. Most Netbooks have very good support.12:44
ikonia!aptoncd | mepmep12:44
ubottumepmep: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline12:44
mitsuhikoit used to work with older versions, but on 10.10 it does nothing12:44
ikoniamitsuhiko: it will do something if you create an xorg.conf file12:45
mepmepthanks ubottu12:45
mepmepDr_Willis: yeah it's a crappy NIC in there which is supported but the included drivers in ubuntu are buggy and don't work12:45
mitsuhikoikonia: nope12:46
mitsuhikoi also straced the process to see what it does, but it does not appear to write anythign of value to the filesystem12:46
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  what is your video chipset anyway?12:47
nearstmitsuhiko, try with X -configure then cp generated xorg.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:47
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: virtual box graphics device12:47
mitsuhikowhich is not automatically detected12:47
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  so why are you needing to do this in virtualbox? it should be automatically detected..12:48
mitsuhikonearst: as mentioned, Xorg -configure segfaults from a root shell after init 1 because of missing framebuffer12:48
mitsuhikoand i can't run it from a running x11 server12:48
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: well, it's not12:48
mitsuhikoso that's not helping12:48
mitsuhikoand for the record, it never was12:48
mitsuhikowhat's the modern equivalent of /etc/init.d/gdm stop?12:49
LjLmitsuhiko: sudo service gdm stop12:49
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  sounds like there may be some deeper issues going on.  Virtualbox has always auto detected for me.  You could boot some other disrto that makes a xorg.conf in virtualbox and copy that somewhere for a 'virtualbox xorg.conf' I guessand copy th12:49
Dr_Willisthat back to this install.12:49
nearst./etc/init.d/gdm stop12:49
mitsuhikonearst: that locks up the computer and does nothing12:49
Dr_Willissudo service gdm stop , should go back to the console.12:50
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: that works, and now "Xorg -configure" segfaults12:50
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  this is 10.10? or 10.04 or what exactly?  whats the Host OS also?12:50
mitsuhiko10.10 is client, host os is os x snow leopard12:50
mitsuhikoinstalling gdb12:51
nearstmitsuhiko, CTRL+ALT+F1 .. do back all the command or it actually bug from the last xorg12:51
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: there are two versions of virtualbox graphic devices. the one that is autodetected and does not properly support Xrandr, and the one i always had to specify :)12:51
mitsuhikonearst: yeah. figured that out now. thanks12:51
nearstmitsuhiko, gudluck12:52
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  theres also a 'text' option to boot ubuntu, that would disable the framebuffer. that may or may not help. Ive never used vbox on a Mac. Just Pc's12:52
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: as mentioned, Xorg -configure segfaults12:52
mitsuhikoand there is no /dev/fb012:52
mitsuhikojust for the record: fails on a windows host box with the same problem12:52
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  and Xorg shouldent be needing a framebuffer device.12:52
mitsuhikoyeah, i'm gdbing it now12:52
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  was this a 10.10 daily build? or RC?12:52
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: not sure what it initially was, right now it's updated to latest packages12:53
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  could be some ongoing bug also.. hard to tell.. You may want to check the forums. ive not used 10.10 in vbox yet.12:53
mitsuhikoas mentioned, vboxdevice never worked for me so far with ubuntu out of the box12:54
mitsuhikoit used to work in the pre upstart days though12:54
Dr_WillisId be curious as to what xorg.conf some of these other live cd's would generate on your setup.12:54
mitsuhikoseems to segfault because it can't find a module vmwgfx12:55
mitsuhikocan't tell though, it's a nullpointer derefence in code without debugging symbols12:55
mitsuhiko0x00000 in ?12:55
wazzupdiffrence between 10.04 and 10.10 ?12:57
wazzupyou mean .06 ?12:57
Dr_Willisits a updated release.... :)12:57
AbhiJitwazzup, lucid is lts and maverick is not12:57
mitsuhikoman, xorg is a mess12:58
wazzuplts ?12:58
AbhiJitwazzup, if you can then download maverick. only 4 days remained12:58
of2vilhello, when i install ubuntu 10.10 RC today and the final release will be published in a few days, can i upgrade my rc candiate problemless or is a reinstallation recommended?12:58
AbhiJit!lts | wazzup12:58
ubottuwazzup: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)12:58
bazhangof2vil, just update12:58
of2vilbazhang: ok thanks12:58
Dr_Willisof2vil:  thats how the package manager system works.12:58
wazzupi see12:58
wazzupty for the info12:59
mitsuhikooh great: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=57991012:59
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: seems like ubuntu forgot to pull a debian fix13:01
Dr_Willisfrom what im reading mitsuhiko  you just need to -->  sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x1113:02
Dr_Willisbut i got vbox downloading now to test with..13:02
Dr_Willisand this is vbox ose on ubuntu 10.10 , running  ubuntu 10.10:)  *(well it will be when i get it going))13:03
mitsuhikoi'm not using the open source edition of virtual box though13:03
mitsuhikoeither way. Xorg -configure is broken *filing bug*13:04
bradleyayers_i create a file in /etc/sudoers.d that has some rules, i run sudo, it crashes, because it can't parse /etc/sudoers.d/README, this seems bad13:04
bradleyayers_i think the file should be called README~13:05
Dr_Willisits 'README' here13:05
Dr_Willisand its all commented stuff.13:05
jetscreamertouch one maybe13:05
Dr_Williswillis@cow:/etc/sudoers.d$ ls -l README13:05
Dr_Willis-r--r----- 1 root root 819 2010-04-13 13:37 README13:06
mitsuhikoDr_Willis: that package actually works. thanks13:06
Dr_Willismitsuhiko:  its aparently had to get 'rebuilt' for 10.10 and  vbox had to be updated..13:07
Dr_Willisor so i read/skimmed.. :) still installing vbox.. wife is lagging my download.. :)13:07
razz1I am tryin to add a rule to the firewall to open a port but when I check with nmap, it says all the ports are closed13:08
mitsuhikothanks a lot in any case. that totally does the trick13:08
Dr_WillisGoogle to the rescue mitsuhiko  :)13:08
mitsuhikohad the wrong keywords :)13:08
kokozedmanhey guys ... this might be a really easy thing, but i haven't done it before13:10
kokozedmanwhat is a way to interconnect 2 networks?13:10
razz1I am tryin to add a rule to the firewall to open a port but when I check with nmap, it says all the ports are closed. Do I need to restart to make the rule active?? Any help?13:10
mitsuhikokokozedman: in what sense and what networks13:10
iversrazz1: restart thefirewall13:11
kokozedmani have a LAN with network and a TUN network like inside a server ... and i want users from to ping users in
razz1ivers: did that. still not open??13:12
iversrazz1: checked if the port is listed byh using iptables -L ?13:12
kokozedmanmitsuhiko: like, for example, i have a KVM running linux on and i'm actually at the other side as ... i'd like to be able to connect to the KVM machine13:13
kokozedmanprobably some kind of ip forwarding ... but i'm not sure13:13
mitsuhikokokozedman: give yourself a second ip? :)13:13
Osmosisvery stupind question there are an option that gzip descompress a file in a folder that i want13:14
kokozedmanmitsuhiko: i'm connected to the server through the network only ... and what address should i add, and to which interface?13:14
Osmosisin the help i dont see the option13:14
Osmosissomething like unzip13:14
Osmosisunzip ride.war -d /tmp/lcds/lcds_final this but with gzip13:14
AbhiJitOsmosis, right click on file ther is option extract here13:14
kokozedmanOsmosis: gunzip?13:14
kokozedmanOsmosis: gunzip gzip.file.gz13:15
djbeeniecan someone please help me with my sound?  Some days it works and some days it will not, its driving me insane13:15
razz1ivers: ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpt:5900 , VNC  port is listed. Is that what you wanted me to look at?13:16
Osmosiskokozedman, how i expecific the folder where i want that unzip the file?13:16
mitsuhikokokozedman: sec, on a phone13:16
Osmosiswith unzip directly he created if not exist13:16
kokozedmanOsmosis: i don't know the command by heart ... but i suggest you check: man gunzip13:16
Osmosisi saw it and dont see nothing that's why i mean13:17
Osmosisi'll check again anyway13:17
bonez2046I am running 10.10.. and have a problem with my 'gateway' setting.. if I run 'route add default gw' my system connects.. but if I reboot, that gateway info is lost and I need to rerun the route command.. this information IS stored in my /etc/network/interfaces file.. why does it drop when rebooting?13:19
ManDayDo you guys know how ubuntu manages to enable me to input unicode by pressing <AltGr>+X    (where X is an ordinary key) - is that a kernel option or some daemon?13:20
AbhiJitbonez2046, ask in #ubuntu+113:20
Dr_WillisI dont even have an AltGr key....13:21
ManDayDr_Willis: that's a german master key13:21
ManDaybut I think you know what I mean - tho it might be set to be a different MOD on your system13:21
Dr_WillisI think its a Xorg/Gnome feature Man. Does it work in the console also? if so - its proberly a kernel feature.13:23
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razz1I have even disabled my firewall, I have  a static ip, no router, why am I not able to open any ports??13:27
morewhat are you want to do13:28
jituylmfos, hello13:28
Osmosisplease reread the gunzip manual second time and no info, somebody know how can i unzip a file specific a new folder that i want that the gunzip create if not exist and there unzip the container of the file13:28
Osmosisnot unzip in te same folder where i invoke the gunzip13:28
ylmfoswhich country13:30
jituylmfos, do u have a problem?13:31
bilalakhtar!chinese | more13:31
ubottumore: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:31
Dr_Willis'uncompress a gzip archive' to a differnt location.   :)  I think is  a little more clear.13:32
kryptykOsmosis: try this command - gzip -cd compressed-file.gz  > /newdirectory/new-file13:33
moreadmin  i  like this here13:33
Dr_WillisI was thinkign there was an option to do that.. but i just cd to the new dir, then gunzip /path/to/whatever.gz13:33
kryptykOsmosis: using gzip with the -d switch tells it to decompress - in this example, it is to stdout and then redirected to where you want it13:33
kryptykDr_Willis: I do the same thing - move the archive where  I want it unzipped and then just do so normally13:34
eniacI'm trying to install sun-java-6 which is far from supported by ubuntu.13:34
kryptykTo each their own I guess13:34
sunWHAT'S UP!13:34
OsmosisKrystyano, no as i test man13:34
BluesKajHello all13:35
kryptykeniac: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html13:35
eniackryptyk: doesn't work!13:35
Osmosisthis is not works13:35
Osmosis sudo gunzip -d ride.war  /home/pablo/ride13:35
eniackryptyk: I already tried that.13:35
Dr_Williseniac:  oh? its in the repos... it seems to work for me fine..13:35
Osmosisans this not as well13:35
Osmosis sudo gunzip ride.war  -d  /home/pablo/ride13:35
kryptykeniac: strange - worked on 2 of my 32bit machines13:35
Dr_Williseniac:  clarify what the main issue is, and whats not working about it.13:35
usr13Osmosis: file ride.war13:36
eniackryptyk: the add-apt-repository returns: error: need a repository as argyment.13:36
=== buff is now known as Buffcns2
LjL!cn | more, ylmfos13:36
eniackryptyk: the command issued is: sudo add-apt-repository “deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner”13:36
ubottumore, ylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:36
Osmosisusr13, yes is war file what do you mean?13:36
moreI KNOW13:37
usr13Osmosis: It does not have the extension of a compressed file, so does not appear to be one.  file ride.war  will tell you what type of file it is.13:37
Osmosisweb aplication file is a zip13:38
Buffcns2what time on Sunday is 10.10 released?13:38
Osmosisso have to work with gzip, case works with zip and unzip13:38
usr13Osmosis: unzip13:38
icerootBuffcns2: #ubuntu+113:38
Osmosisi want use a native unix aplication13:38
morehello everone  are you know YLMFOS13:38
Osmosisdont have to unstall a new one13:38
Dr_Williseniac:  you could just put that “deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner”   at the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list file13:39
choiI want to know how to connect to a windows computer through a wireless network using samba?13:39
moreI AM I13:39
moreI USE TOO13:39
kryptykeniac: you can set that repo manually. System --> administration --> software sources --> other software (tab) select(if already selected then reselect & select) the following sources,http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner" & " http://archive.canonical.com/lucid partner" then close.13:39
Osmosiskryptyk, excuse me can you repeat me why you think that works with the -d parameter13:40
Osmosissome example please13:40
Osmosisis not work at least in my ubuntu distribution13:40
morewhat are you from ylmfos13:40
kryptykOsmosis: -d the parameter of gzip (not gunzip) tells it to decompress the archive13:40
Dr_Willischoi:  set up a share on the windows box.  set linux box to have same 'workgroup' as the windwos box in /etc/samba/smb.conf and if the pc's can ping each other via ip. the gnome file manager should be able to connect to 'smb://windowsmachinename/sharename' or be shown in the network browser.13:40
ylmfosjiangsu china13:40
Osmosisi know \13:40
Osmosisof course but where do you see that you can especific the folder where you want to unzip13:41
morei am in xi an  china13:41
razz1UFW says 51413/tcp                  ALLOW IN    Anywhere, why does transmission say it's closed.  and How do I check all the ports that are open?? I used to use nmap localhost, but it does not work anymore?? Really need help??13:41
ylmfosyou are man13:41
morewhy don't use  QQ13:41
choiDr_Willis: so it should have the same workgroup? I can ping the other computer using ip but smbclient can't find it when I query it for workgroups13:41
usr13Osmosis: kryptyk is trying to tell you that your syntax is wrong.13:41
morei am  gril13:41
usr13Osmosis: man gunzip13:42
ylmfosyou are student13:42
Osmosisi use gzip as well of course13:42
moreat 3 year ago13:42
ylmfoswhat is you qq13:42
FloodBot1baojingfang: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:42
Osmosiskryptyk, could be so nice to write me an example, maybe i'm offuscated but i try all posiblilities13:42
david506does anyone know of an unbiased comparison of SELinux and Apparmor that deals with how secure it is (assuming proper setup ) ?13:43
kryptykOsmosis: The '>' is telling the command to redirect the output. Following that '/newdirectory/new-file' specifies where the command output is redirected to13:43
baojingfang为什么不让 是不是显得不够专业?13:43
morei can't use QQ13:43
kryptykOsmosis: gzip -cd compressed-file.gz > /newdirectory/new-file13:43
more不是 这里是国外的论坛13:43
Osmosisi try the example that you writwe me before and dont works13:43
Osmosislet me write to you13:43
bazhangmore baojingfang #ubuntu-cn13:43
bazhangbaojingfang, no13:44
BluesKaj!cn | baojingfang13:44
ubottubaojingfang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:44
more可以 我们到中国的区域13:44
* LjL sighs13:44
Osmosisgzip -cd ride.war > /home/pablo/ride/lcds13:44
bazhangmore please stop that13:44
Osmosiscereate a lcds empty file13:44
Osmosisbut dont unzip nothing13:44
bazhangmore /join #ubuntu-cn13:44
Osmosisi need that gzip unzip the ride.war contain in a new folder lcds that i want to be created13:45
Osmosiswith unzip it is possible13:45
usr13Osmosis: mkdir lcds13:45
morei am in -cn13:45
baojingfangi am in-cn,too13:46
morejony -cn13:46
baojingfanghow to join cn?13:46
bazhangmore no you're not13:46
choiDr_Willis: should I also use domain logons = yes ?13:46
Osmosisgonna use unzip13:46
bazhang baojingfang /join #ubuntu-cn13:46
Osmosisthanks everybody13:46
crackstorehye all13:46
kryptykOsmosis: Your file is in .WAR format. This is a JAVA web archive. They have to be unpacked using the JAVA Archiving tool13:46
morebut  i ca't found you13:46
crackstorehow to read file .cap?13:46
Osmosiswar is a zip file13:46
bazhangmore stop it. you're not there.13:46
usr13Osmosis: mkdir /home/pablo/ride/lcds ; gzip -cd ride.war > /home/pablo/ride/lcds13:46
Osmosiscan be unzip with unzip13:47
usr13Osmosis: then use unzip13:47
kryptykOsmosis: .WAR is a JAVA Web Archive - there is a specific tool for unzipping them13:47
DevilInsideI am having some problems connecting to my wireless network with a WPA2 password13:47
Osmosisi know qwith jar13:47
DevilInsideas in, it's not workin13:47
kryptykOsmosis: jar -xvf webApplicationfilename.war13:47
Osmosisbut is a zip file as well13:47
Osmosisalready use unzip with file and works13:47
Osmosistrust me13:47
more#-cn  in13:47
bazhangmore no13:48
bazhangmore /join #ubuntu-cn13:48
kryptykOsmosis: Then move the file to the directory that you want to unzip it to and run the unzip on it.13:48
Osmosisand usr13, gzip -cd ride.war > /home/pablo/ride/lcds give that error13:48
BluesKajOsmosis, try unp , universal uncompressor app13:48
Osmosisgzip -cd ride.war > /home/pablo/ride/lcds13:48
morejoin #ubnutu -cn13:48
Osmosisbash: /home/pablo/ride/lcds: Is a directory13:48
Osmosisso is not works you query13:49
kryptykOsmosis: Create the directory that you want it unzipped to. Move the .WAR file to that directory. Unzip it in there. Problem solved13:49
Osmosisyes of course i can do that but i'm crating with ruby script an scale server aplication and i want unzip in only one step13:50
Osmosisdoes not matter13:50
Osmosisi just wanna know if gzip can do it as unzip13:50
crackstoreanyone know how to read file .cap?13:50
Osmosisif not no problem use unzip13:50
nobody_crackstore: try wireshark13:50
pozicEvery single time I don't do apt-get update before apt-get install foo I get that the packages cannot be verified. I know that in Debian this used to be different.13:50
kryptykOsmosis: Then I would be looking for a Ruby support channel to see if there is an elegant way of accomplishing this via script13:50
crackstorenobody_, how?13:50
pozicWhat's the reason for this change?13:51
crackstorenobody_, isntall?13:51
nobody_I had to download the sources and compile them13:51
nobody_let me find the link13:51
Osmosiskryptyk, Ruby for this stuffs use native linux command so i dont think so13:51
Osmosisbut thanks guys13:51
Dawgmatixi am getting this weird behavior where synaptic just blocks because a process has been doing heavy io. the rest of my system is responsive.13:51
mbeierlanyone tried flightgear on 10.04?  It's unusably slow for me and I'm asking if there's a way to make it usable.13:52
nobody_crackstore: http://www.wireshark.org/download/src/wireshark-1.4.0.tar.bz213:52
crackstorei on d way installing13:52
crackstorehow to use? have any command?13:52
kryptykOmsosis: Then have the script simply move the file to the desired location, cd into that directory, and unzip it. A few more lines to script, but would do the job.13:53
crackstoreor that something like kate?13:53
ganeshranAre there any additional mirrors for Ubuntu download? Too many people downloading might choke the servers?13:54
LjLganeshran: there are a lot of mirrors13:54
kryptykganeshran: Grab it from BitTorrent13:54
LjLganeshran: also, there is torrents13:54
LjL!mirrors > ganeshran    (ganeshran, see the private message from ubottu)13:54
ganeshranLjL, oh ok i forgot torrents13:54
ganeshranLjL, thanks13:54
nobody_crackstore: once you unzip it you will need to run configure, make, make install13:55
crackstorei allready install13:55
nobody_ah ok13:55
crackstoreso.. how to use that?13:55
cse26how to find enable ports in a system and lan? please help me?13:55
crackstoreby command or what..13:55
LjLnobody_, crackstore: wait a moment - why get wireshark from source?13:55
crackstorefor open file .cap13:55
LjL!info wireshark | but it's in the repos13:55
odb|fidelcrackstore: wireshark should be available via apt as well13:55
crackstorei need to open file .cap13:56
ubottubut: wireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.7-1 (lucid), package size 717 kB, installed size 1824 kB13:56
nobody_uh...I didn't see a package last time I checked, or maybe I did but the packag ewas quite outdated13:56
nobody_hm ok13:56
nobody_ah ok13:56
odb|fidelcrackstore: how come you are sure this .cap file comes from wirehsrk at all13:56
crackstorei use apt for installing13:56
nobody_ok my bad13:56
crackstorei know from nobody_13:56
nobody_i installed from source13:56
odb|fidelcrackstore: wireshark is a network protocol analyzer13:57
nobody_anyway, crackstore, run wireshark, then just open your .cap file13:57
odb|fidelso if you dont know how to use it - you'll have to start most liekly with the doc - as its a complex topic to be honest13:57
crackstorehow to open file .cap?13:57
crackstoreexample.. test.cap13:57
nobody_run wireshark ... file -> open , and choose your cap :)13:57
nobody_anyway, has anyone been having problems changing resolution13:58
zerwasi'd like to draw a rectangle on the screen and get its coordinates. is there any way to achieve this?13:58
crackstoresaved as "hs/CMOSNET.cap13:58
odb|fidelits just a file dialog as always - but i am still wondering how you know it is a wireshark file at all ;)13:58
nobody_seems like I have 1 screen res change max, then the display locks up13:58
crackstorethe situation like that13:58
crackstoreso how tu open that?13:58
odb|fidelcrackstore: use the file open dialog?13:58
odb|fideli mean its just a damn gui with an open dialog isnt it?13:59
bazhangcrackstore, try #wireshark13:59
crackstorei try use wireshark..13:59
crackstorewait the minute..13:59
bazhang!enter | crackstore13:59
nobody_crackstore: can you not run it?13:59
ubottucrackstore: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:59
odb|fidelcrackstore: my final attempt - are you sure that .cap file is related with wireshark at all?14:00
odb|fidelwireshark isnt the only app using .cap as file extension14:00
nobody_he's not listening to us :(14:00
crackstorei dunno.. nobody_ tell me for try that14:00
* crackstore not sure14:00
odb|fidelok ignore14:00
nobody_I just guessed14:00
nobody_it may not be that14:00
=== david is now known as Guest31133
nobody_but since it's fairly easy to test, just try opening it14:01
Guest31133I have a problem with pamusb14:01
nobody_so, no one else is having problems with changing resolution?14:01
ganeshranI am not sure but does Ubuntu consume more power than windows? I have seen laptop backup go down using ubuntu14:01
Guest31133here is my authentication log : http://pastebin.com/zyyTX8nU14:01
nobody_or switching terminals ?14:01
odb|fidelnobody_: in theory yes - but its most likely not a wireshark thing if the user doenst knows the app at all & has issues opening a file ;)14:01
* crackstore blur..14:02
bazhangcrackstore, stop that14:02
crackstorei stop..14:02
crackstoreso how?14:02
Guest31133the problem is that the pamusb is working correctly, for locking the screen eg, but are not working with gdm.14:02
crackstoreany suggestion?14:02
FloodBot1crackstore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:02
bazhangcrackstore, you're not stopping. read the documentation, /join #wireshark and cease using the enter key after two or three words14:03
nobody_odb: i agree, I didn't understnad whether he tried to open it yet, or tried and wasn't able to