csgeekis there a devel channel or is this the appropriate venue for questions?04:11
JanCcsgeek: asking devel questions here is okay, not sure if anybody is around to answer at the moment though04:43
duanedesigncsgeek: you mean questions about hacking on Ubuntu One ?04:48
csgeekI mean .. compiling from source and it not working..06:38
csgeekbut anyways.. atm.. I'm too sleepy to be coherent.06:38
dholbachhow can I add computers to ubuntu one?08:40
dholbachI had a very long list with dozens of entries of my two computers and I removed them all and wanted to re-add them :)08:41
dholbachhey aquarius08:42
dholbachhey rye08:48
duanedesignhello dholbach08:48
dholbachhow are you doing?08:48
dholbachhola duanedesign08:48
ryedholbach, hello08:48
duanedesigndholbach: just opening the Ubuntu One preferences isnt prompting the add computer?08:49
dholbachrye, I think I did some overexcessive local Ubuntu One cleaning (I got a list of dozens of devices - I actually have 2 computers, so I removed them all, hoping to re-add them just once and be done with it)08:49
dholbachduanedesign, unfortunately not08:49
duanedesigncheck system > preferences > password and encryption keys08:50
duanedesignand see if you have an ubuntu one token08:50
dholbachduanedesign, yes, on both machines08:52
duanedesigndholbach: hmm. I thought it did a better job of removing those (it == mav)08:53
ryeduanedesign, lp:~rye/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-indicator08:53
duanedesigndholbach: if you r-click and delete them, then when you open the Ubunt One > Me Menu it should prompyt you to add08:53
ryeduanedesign, checking whether it is able to remove the token...08:53
ryeok, it asks ubuntu_sso to remove the token...08:54
dholbachduanedesign, much better08:55
dholbachmuchas gracias08:56
ryehm, anybody able to check whether their syncdaemon is connected?08:57
dholbachmine says "auth failed"08:57
* duanedesign looking08:57
duanedesignrye: looks like mine is08:58
dholbachone is connected now and processing queues, the other one is "waiting before try connecting again"09:02
duanedesignrye: hmm. i disconnected and cant seem to get reconnected09:18
ryeduanedesign, poking the team about that, me too09:19
=== mandel_ is now known as mandel
duanedesignrye: quick coupleof questions :)09:21
ryeduanedesign, sure09:22
duanedesignrye: what happens if you connect a pre UDF U1 to a newer versionwith UDFs09:22
ryedholbach, could you please re-check whether syncdaemon works now for you?09:23
duanedesignsay someone has 9.10 and a machine with 10.04. Those UDFs will just not show up?09:23
ryeduanedesign, 9.10 client knows only about root volume so it will not do anything about other volumes09:24
dholbach    description: waiting before try connecting again09:24
dholbach    is_connected: False09:24
ryeduanedesign, and root volume is '~/Ubuntu One'09:24
dholbachI'll -q -c it09:24
ryedholbach, ok, it should be reconnecting regularly09:24
duanedesignrye: and there is a thread on the forums about running Ubuntu One on PPC09:25
ryere: indicator - http://ubuntuone.com/p/InG/09:25
ryelooks like i found an UDF-related bug :(09:26
duanedesignindicator looks nice09:27
dholbachrye, it's still in the same state09:27
dholbachI wonder why it's not connecting09:27
dholbachor not succeeding in connecting or whatever09:28
ryeif a user has 2 machines connected and removes the udf from the first one, then upon the reconnect of the second computer the UDFs will get back to life :-/09:28
dholbachwhat's UDF?09:28
duanedesignaha, minelooks like it is wanting to connect now09:28
duanedesignUser Designated Folder09:28
duanedesigna folder other then ~/Ubuntu\ One that is set to sync09:29
duanedesignrye: http://people.ubuntu.com/~duanedesign/U1.SS.indicator.png09:33
ryeduanedesign, yeah, disabled entries look awful, need to re-enable them09:34
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=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
mahenHi ! :)15:23
ryepopey, hi!16:04
popeyI keep getting scary things happen with tomboy..16:04
ryepopey, hello, i have good news for you16:04
popeyi had 1.2.1 for windows installed, had an issue so synced to u116:04
ryepopey, we have replication opened16:04
popeyyou have what now?16:04
ryewell, proper is "we have opened the replication" for CouchDB16:05
popeyis that good?16:05
popeyi feel I should be more excited than I am16:05
ryepopey, yes, because it is much more manageable now. Could you please continue asking your question ? :)16:05
popeyheh, thanks16:05
popeyi upgraded to the (almost released) 1.4.1 for windows16:05
popeyi synced before I removed 1.2, and then again after i installed 1.4.116:06
popeywhen I synced I got a bunch of conflicts and then a load of notes got "updated"16:06
popeyI am at a complete loss as to how notes I haven't touched whilst tomboy was _not_ installed can have been updated16:06
popeyI now have a bunch of (old) (old) notes.16:06
popeyi am now anticipating going home and getting the same "sync and a bunch of old notes arrive" magic on my home computer(s)16:08
popeywhich will then replicate back to work16:09
popeyand I'l have double the (old) (old) notes again :(16:09
ryerodrigo_, were there any changes for notes handling that might have caused this ^ ?16:11
rodrigo_rye, not that I know16:11
popeyI guess the main problem I have is why do I get note conflicts at all, when only one machine is currently editing notes.16:16
rodrigo_popey, you have only changed them in one machine?16:17
rodrigo_and are all ma,chines in sync?16:17
popeyi change them on lots of machines but on only one at a time16:17
popeysome machines are off, not logged in, and therefore not in sync16:17
popeybut the first thing I do when I open them is sync16:17
rodrigo_right, but you sync them before editing on the other machines?16:18
popeye.g. sync, leave work, arrive home, start pc, sync, edit notes, sync, shutdown pc16:18
rodrigo_hmm, maybe some sync failed?16:18
popeyunlikely, i tend to spot that16:19
rodrigo_so, the conflicts are because the revision #'s are not in sync, that's the thing tomboy checks16:19
popeybut on this machine I just upgraded tomboy and lots of conflicts happened and notes got updated immediately after the notes update16:28
popeys/notes update/tomboy update/16:28
popeyit just feels like pot luck sometimes whether I'm going to get a successful sync, and whether notes are going to get conflicted, despite me doing the right thing, by only editing in one place16:29
popeyit just _feels_ unstable, which makes me lose confidence that my stuff is safe.16:29
popeymaybe I should set all my tomboy shortcuts to run in debug mode and store the debug logs somewhere, so when this happens I can go back and try to figure out whats going on16:30
popeyas it is, there's pretty much nothing anyone can do16:30
csgeekokay.. so.. I was trying to get UbuntuOne packaged on ArchLinux..and I was wondering what's a good place to ask for help on the topic.  Is the ubuntuone-users list a good place.. or is there a better place I should tag with questions17:03
beunocsgeek, yes, the list is a good place to ask17:05
postfuturistI have a 50 Gb plan which I downgraded to 2 Gb plan with the idea of adding a single 20 Gb pack, but I can't seem to be able to do that, yet. I currently have more than 2 gigs of files, will I lose some of them at the end of the billing cycle?18:04
beunopostfuturist, hi18:05
beunoyou will not loose any files18:05
beunolets fix this for you, though18:05
postfuturistbueno: thanks.18:06
beunopostfuturist, so, you canceled your 50gb, and when you go to get more storage18:06
beunoit doesn't let you add 20-packs?18:07
postfuturistThe only option is to reactivate subscription, which just turns the $10 a month 50Gb plan back on.18:07
beunopostfuturist, the same when going to: https://one.ubuntu.com/plans ?18:08
postfuturistIt says "You're subscribed to the 50 GB plan. In order to use 20-Packs, you'll need to cancel your current plan, and resubscribe in 20 GB increments." I've already cancelled the plan, but there is nowhere to add 20 Gb packs.18:09
mahenbeuno : I have the very same issue. It's an acknowledged  problem :)18:09
beunopostfuturist, mahen, ah, gotcha18:09
beunoso, we can fix this18:09
beunomahen, who have you talked to?18:09
mahen(BTW, before this story, I downgraded & re-upgraded my account and although it was said to be a 50 GB account, the quota was only 2 GB :)18:10
mahenbeuno : joshua is aware of this, he kindly helped me before18:10
beunojoshuahoover, hi18:11
beunomahen, postfuturist, can you send me your email addresses in private?18:11
ryeTomboy [ERROR 20:11:39.123] Caught exception. Message: The remote server returned an error: (500) INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. - now in my local development environment!18:12
joshuahooverbeuno: yes, mahen and i have spoken, jdo looked into the original problem of the 50 GB plan18:15
beunomahen, postfuturist, give it a try now18:15
rodrigo_rye, look at the logs in tmp/ in your branch18:15
mahenbeuno : it's fixed :) (BTW, I had paid 2 months in advance, are they lost ? It's OK if it's the case, I would have donated anyway when the new ubuntu is out)18:17
beunomahen, they are not lost, I'll make sure you have them as credit18:17
mahenbeuno : thanks :)18:18
beunomahen, credits applied. Not sure if they are exposed on the UI anywhere, but it will use up the credits from now on before debiting from your credit card18:20
ryerodrigo_, hm, did that against production :-/, re-trying in dev18:21
beunopostfuturist, let me know if it got solved for you as well18:24
=== teknico_ is now known as teknico
ryerodrigo_, ha! - The proxy server received an invalid\\r\\nresponse from an upstream server.<br />\\r\\nThe proxy server could not handle the request <em><a href="/u/c4c/a42/1/notes/500669cc-ba8e-41df-972b-e0785710b762 Conflicted copy" - i tried testing the "uuid" that Dropbox gave to popey's note18:26
postfuturistbeuno: Yeah, it got fixed. I had to resubscribe, but it let me add a single 20 Gb pack.18:30
beunopostfuturist, great, let me know if I can do anything else to help18:38
postfuturistbeuno: thanks, I'm happy now18:38
beunoI'm happy you're happy18:39
rye rodrigo_ok, got first ResourceConflict - happens when a note is resurrected from Backup folder19:00
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
wunderbarCan someone please help. Ive tried to use U1 since its inception, but my U1 folder is never synced up between work and home. Should I delete all computers listed and start over?19:15
kklimondafunny, the new paying scheme isn't as good as the old one. sure it's much more elastic but you get 8GB less for $10 if you also choose music streaming and contacts syncing.. well, I guess it's still a good thing if you don't use whole 50GB19:18
AJenbokklimonda, well i guess that is why you can stay on the 50GB plan if you liked that best19:20
AJenboBut now you also have an option if you need more then 50GB19:20
beunoor less  :)19:21
AJenboYeah I'm at 21,6GB right now :D19:21
AJenboWhat happens if i cancle my 50GB plan, will you just delete 19,6GB and sync the delet to all my machines before i can have time to pay for a 20GB-pack?19:23
beunoAJenbo, no, we won't delete19:23
kklimondaI was actually looking for the smaller plan but the separation of "extras" surprised me19:23
kklimondaor rather "looking forward to the new, smaller*"19:24
AJenbobeuno, how long will i have to buy the 20pack?19:24
ryewunderbar, hi19:24
wunderbarhi rye19:25
wunderbarCan someone please help. Ive tried to use U1 since its inception, but my U1 folder is never synced up between work and home. Should I delete all computers listed and start over?19:25
kklimondaAJenbo: data isn't deletet but you can't sync anymore until you get it under the new quota19:25
AJenbokklimonda, thanks19:25
kklimondaI'm not sure if there is any timelimit after which its removed from server.19:25
wunderbarrye - im thining of deleting my computers and re-adding them again via the FAQ instructions19:25
wunderbarim using maverick19:25
ryewunderbar, ok, in maverick it is simpler and not involves browser - but if you have updated from lucid then you will have an old token that may or may not be working19:26
wunderbaryes, it was updated :|19:26
wunderbarshould i emove the token19:27
ryewunderbar, please open seahorse (System / Preferences / Passwords & Encryption keys) - and remove the tokens that have the names 'UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com' and 'Ubuntu One'19:27
ryewunderbar, after that we need to make sure that ubuntu-sso-login process does not cache any data so we will kill it - killall ubuntu-sso-login19:27
wunderbar"ubuntu-sso-login: no process found"19:31
ryewunderbar, ok, now you can run ubuntuone-preferences from MeMenu or System / Preferences / Ubuntu One19:32
ryewunderbar, after preferences window is opened you will be able to log in to your existing account - this button is located at the bottom of the window19:33
wunderbari logged in and it said "congrats"19:34
wunderbarshould i remove my other computer listed and do these same steps at home?19:34
ryewunderbar, ok, now click 'Close' in that window and check what does ubuntuone-preference show now?19:34
wunderbarshows my info, how much space im using etc. i see three computers listed now19:35
ryewunderbar, yes, if it is running maverick as well then you might need to get new tokens19:35
wunderbarmy old one for this comp, my home info and todays new computer info19:35
ryewell, you can remove other computers and then clean up tokens on them19:36
wunderbarok, thanks!19:38
ryewunderbar, you are welcome!19:39
wunderbar+100 for rye!!!!19:42
ryewunderbar, could you please check whether your files started uploading /downloading ?19:42
wunderbarit said "synchronizing" and then it said it was complete. i didnt delete any files.19:48
wunderbari'll stick some new files in my U1 folder and see if it syncs up at home19:49
wunderbaris there any way we can use UbuntuOne to sync our evolution files?20:16
karniU1 is down?20:19
karniThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later20:19
beunokarni, seems fine. Where do you see that?20:19
karnihi beuno, published a file http://ubuntuone.com/p/IuP/20:20
beunokarni, yeap, alerting the sysadmins20:20
karniand it has the green tick (my bad, so it's syncing, but looks like not published)20:20
karnibeuno: thanks.20:20
=== karni is now known as mkarnicki
mkarnickibeuno: looks like already working!20:22
mkarnickithat was fast20:23
beunomkarnicki, I think they where already being restart20:23
mkarnickibeuno: I see20:23
beunomkarnicki, btw, we rolled out a mobile-friendly version of SSO20:24
mkarnickibeuno: anyway, thank you for propmt response20:24
mkarnickibeuno: already? you guys are fast o_O!20:24
mkarnickibeuno: can I have a look?20:24
beunomkarnicki, we had been working on making that web ui nicer20:24
beunomkarnicki, sure, just logout from SSO on your phone20:24
beunoand try to use your app  ;)20:24
mkarnickibeuno: oh, you mean the web version20:24
mkarnickibeuno: I thought you already meant the captcha way and I was like20:25
mkarnickiwhat?! they already implemented that? :D20:25
* mkarnicki is on it20:25
beunoheh, no, not yet20:25
mkarnickibeuno: sorry I was away for quite a while. had to set my academic plan right, and settle when I came back20:26
mkarnickibeuno: I'm already working on UDF support20:26
beunomkarnicki, it's great to see you back!20:26
mkarnickiI'm happy to be back!20:26
mkarnickibeuno: it does look much better :)20:29
mkarnickiI think to myself if the upper user menu on the web could be 'verticalized' just like the options on the bottom20:30
mkarnickibeuno: ↑ because on a phone you still have to scrool left to navigate using the menu (unless you zoom out and are still able to read it :D )20:30
mkarnickibeuno: I *love* on all the stuff U1 team has been working on20:31
mkarnickibeuno: dashboard, music streaming, new pricing plans20:32
mkarnickibeuno: many changes for much better!20:32
beunomkarnicki, I'm excited as well!20:32
mahenHey guys, is it normal U1 takes several hours before actually beginning to send datas, when synchronizing a new large amount of data ? (u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l gave me something >10 000 are is decreasing slowly)21:23
jonasfathe support contact form is not working22:52
jonasfait says "something has gone wrong"22:53
jonasfaall the time22:53
beunojonasfa, are you logged in?22:53
ryejonasfa, there is a bug about that, it does not work for not logged-in users even though it has 'Signup' form question22:53
ryebug #62352422:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 623524 in ubuntuone-servers "Anonymous Users cannot use /support/contact/ (affects: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62352422:54
jonasfabeuno, rye: after signing in i've got a 403 forbidden error22:54
ryejonasfa, 403 on what URL?22:55
jonasfabeuno, rye: only for the first time... second it worked fine22:55
ryejonasfa, hmm22:55
jonasfarye: just after submitting the support contact form22:56
jonasfawell, the reason why i'm trying to contact the support team is that all my files have gone :(22:57
jonasfathey're just not there anymore22:57
ryejonasfa, coudl you please provide the email you are using with ubuntuone?22:59
jonasfarye: jonasfa at gmail dot com22:59
mahenjonasfa: did it occur when you try to downgrade / upgrade the account with 20 GB increments ?22:59
ryejonasfa, how many clients do you keep synchronized and what is the version of the clients?22:59
jonasfamahen: i received an email october 1st saying i've got 50GB capacity, but i didn't purchase that. also, my account have the basic 2gb now23:00
beunojonasfa, right, so that email was because you signed up to the music streaming beta23:01
beunoignore it  :)23:01
jonasfarye: till last week, 3 up-to-date lucid. starting this week: 2 RC maverick23:01
jonasfabeuno: ok, ty :)23:01
jonasfarye: i don't know the exact ubuntuone version. only know it was the most up-to-date till then23:01
ryejonasfa, could you please send us the archived logs of all your clients archived from ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log ? to ubuntuone-support@canonical.com?23:03
jonasfarye: sure23:03
jonasfarye: is it be possible to restore my files? :/23:04
ryejonasfa, how many megabytes have you used?23:04
ryejonasfa, roughly23:04
jonasfarye: hmm.  less than 20MB23:04
ryejonasfa, i've ran the recovery and your quota is now at 6.6 Mb23:05
jonasfarye: thank you!! :D23:05
jonasfarye: thank you very much23:05
ryejonasfa, you should see the files in Recovery folder23:05
ryejonasfa, *Recovered23:06
jonasfarye: i can see them, they're all there.. thank you very much23:06
jonasfarye: man, you saved my day23:08
ryejonasfa, i keep looking forward to the day when users will be able to recover their files... This is actually in the plan but not yet implemented. Still, we are very interested in the reason why the files were deleted?23:10
ryejonasfa, how did you notice that and what folder was removed? Have you moved Ubuntu One folder anywhere? or it was done w/o your interaction (which we will be more than interested in)23:11
jonasfarye: i'm collecting those logs right now :)23:11
ryejonasfa, thanks!23:12
jonasfarye: today i nedded a file thath was stored in Ubuntu One. when i gone to the ~/Ubuntu\ One folder, it was empty...23:12
ryejonasfa, the folder was empty or the file was empty23:12
jonasfarye: the folder... there were only that "shared with me" link23:12
ryejonasfa, that's interesting23:13
jonasfarye: if I move the "Ubuntu One" folder, all files gets deleted from server?23:13
jonasfarye: before installing maverick RC in my laptop, i started to delete all folders i didn't need from my home folder.. and I deleted the "Ubuntu One" folder too..23:15
jonasfarye: may be that the reason of this occurence?23:15
ryejonasfa, you removed the files, not moved the folder to some other place, right?23:17
jonasfarye: i've deleted the "~/Ubuntu One" folder through Nautilus23:18
jonasfarye: i'm not sure if I used delete(move to trash) or shift+delete(delete forever)23:19
ryejonasfa, yes, then it will delete the files within Ubuntu One folder, since that operates on the assumption that if you remove file locally then you will need to remove the file from the server23:20
jonasfarye: shame on me23:20
kklimondathat's why dropbox has such an extensive revert system23:21
ryejonasfa, i guess you can stop collecting the logs, the reason is known now23:21
jonasfarye: anyways... thank you very much for helping me out23:21
ryekklimonda, true, enabling user to recover their files is an extremely required feature, it is going to be introduced but it is not yet there, unfortunately23:24
kklimondarye: and how is delta syncing shaping up?23:25
mkarnickikklimonda: verterok told me it's already rolled out on PC client23:29
ryemkarnicki, kklimonda i believe we are talking about different deltas23:30
mkarnickioh.. if that's the case sorry for interrupting.23:30
mkarnickiI was talking about partial file sync when file's modified23:31
ryemkarnicki, kklimonda, initially the client used to query the server about each and every file on startup causing SERVER_RESCAN being a significant part of the handshake. Now the client asks the server about the changes since the latest connection.23:31
ryemkarnicki, the file delta is not yet there since the server does not analyze the incoming content. For now.23:32
mkarnickirye: right, the generations23:33
mkarnickirye: the client tells the last generation they know, and receive the delta, right?23:33
ryemkarnicki, yes23:33
mahenrye : are there some checksum verifications ?23:34
ryemahen, could you please clarify your question?23:36
mahenrye : well, is the MD5sum (for instance) computed on the local and distant file to check if the transfer integrity is OK ?23:36
ryemahen, the client and server maintains the checksum of the data uploaded23:36
mkarnickimahen: there's virtually no other way than checksums to verify success of sync23:38
mahenmkarnicki, rye : OK, thanks :)23:39
mkarnickimahen: you're welcome23:39
ryemkarnicki, mahen, just checked - yes, there is a checksum on upload, client supplies its' view, server verifies that it sees the same23:39
mkarnickirye: great :)23:40
mahengood then :)23:40
ryeok, now something that is not part of ubuntuone but i made it to be able to do publishing faster. Earlier I created a dbus listener to publish the file once it is uploaded. Now i have an Indicator to accompany it. - http://ubuntuone.com/p/Ivh/ . As I was told, UX team will hate me :)23:42
mkarnickirye: hehehehh :)23:43
kklimondarye: you have a indicator applet? /me wants one23:43
ryekklimonda, well, it is really a very early version, made quickly just to be there, consists of one script and lives in lp:~rye/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-indicator23:44
kklimondarye: why would they hate you for that? some sort of indication that data is syncing is a no-brainer to me23:44
kklimondano more having U1 disabled for weeks at a time :/23:44
mkarnickikklimonda: because they have decided 'no indicator' long time ago23:45
mkarnickikklimonda: which doesn't mean I agree. I disagree23:45
ajmitchit's the sort of thing that people do want to see activity on though23:45
mkarnickirye: I seem to have problems downloading that published file :<23:45
mkarnickiajmitch: true23:46
beunoI think we will change "our" minds soon23:46
kklimondamkarnicki: well, there are other options like I've told you at LwB - making me menu a sync indicator may be a good idea, I should probably poke some UX guys about it23:46
mkarnickirye: aa works with firefox. not so well with chrome23:46
ryekklimonda, well, I hope i can make something decent out of it and provide it as a PPA because I just NEED to see whether u1 is up or down, what's the state of syncdaemon w/o u1sdtool --status...23:46
mkarnickibeuno: :)23:46
ajmitchbeuno: what bribes will it take?23:46
kklimondarye: right, using u1sdtool to check the progress is just retarded.. no other word for it.23:47
duffydack+1 for indicator23:47
beunoajmitch, I sense a more pragmatic approach to certain problems in the near future23:47
ajmitchbeuno: that's good :)23:47
kklimondabeuno: good to hear that :)23:47
mkarnickirye: that's freakin awesome! I love it :)23:47
mkarnickirye: (I've seen the clip)23:47
ryeNo ogv video in chrome... hmm23:47
mkarnickirye: no, there was some player, but it looked like having problems loading it23:48
ryemkarnicki, only Disconnect and Published Files work there, well and connect23:48
mkarnickirye: i'm on 10.0423:48
ryemkarnicki, yup, chromium here does not want to play it23:48
duffydackAny idea if published files will look different in nautilus?23:48
duffydacklike, everything has a green tick.. how about having it as a blue tick23:49
kklimondaok, time for me to get some sleep - g'night :)23:49
mkarnickiduffydack: you can check by right clicking ;D hehheeh. no better idea23:49
mkarnickinight kklimonda23:49
ryeduffydack, they are now, they have 'people' emblem attached to them23:49
duffydackmkarnicki, yeah, but maybe I forgot the file I published 6 months ago out of 200, and I just wanna see, without finding it in the dashboard.23:49
mkarnickiduffydack: blue tick sounds nice ;)23:49
mkarnickiduffydack: yea, I'm aware of the 'problem' (missing feature) :)23:50
mahenI'm very sorry if it was asked before, but is it normal it takes several hours to "parse files metadata" before beginning the actual transfers ? (i.e., about 6 hours estimated for 20 GB of pictures)23:50
ryeor is it my patched version23:50
mkarnickirye: oh, nice23:50
duffydackrye, is this in lucid or maverick or both.  I never noticed it23:50
duffydackrye, damnit23:50
rye/usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/emblems/emblem-ubuntuone-public.png -> /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/emblems/emblem-web.png23:51
ryeduffydack, should be in lucid23:51
ryemahen, the rate is about 1 second per one metadata entry23:51
duffydackI dont use emblems :(23:51
mahenrye : indeed23:52
duffydacksomething simple like, all I see are green ticks, so make it a blue one, as per dashboard23:52
mahenis that on purpose ?23:52
ryemy indicator estimates when metadata queue will be processed23:53
ryeanother thing we are TOTALLY missing23:53
ryeand btw23:53
ryefacundobatista, could you please tell whether UploadFileProgress signals are emitted now?23:53
ryemahen, currently there is a rather long roundtrip between server and client. Having a request for every uploaded file becomes an overkill, I was told that performance issues will be resolved during next cycle (Natty)23:55
mahenrye : okay, that's good enough. I guess the focus is on reliability now then speed.23:57

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