aboganiWho is the -devel list manager?09:43
* abogani waves all09:43
aboganijussi: Three lines above ^^^^09:46
jussiabogani: I am, as well as ScottL09:47
aboganijussi: Could you un-block my last email in -devel, please?09:47
aboganijussi: Thanks!09:48
ScottLabogani, if no one volunteers to make the one-page kernel wiki page, then i will do it for you :)11:59
aboganiScottL: You are already too much involved into too much things ;)12:39
scott-workabogani: oh, i see you already made the wiki page...sorry i wasn't fast enough12:46
* scott-work has just read his email12:46
scott-worki signed up for open week to have an open Q&A about ubuntu studio13:18
* scott-work wonders how many people will show up to ask questions13:19
scott-workpersia: at some point in the relative near future we should begin to talk about updating the seeds, meta-packages, and adding tasks14:22
scott-workpersia: do you have any links to anything i can start reading about tasks within the metapackages, my initial google searches have been pretty fruitless15:30
scott-workTheMuso: you might also know of some available documentation or information about creating tasks within the metapackages15:33
paultagmorning all :)16:18
aboganipaultag: morning to you16:20
paultagabogani, How are you today?16:20
aboganipaultag: fine and you?16:22
paultagabogani, not too bad. A bit busy, but not bad at all. :)16:22
scott-workhi paultag and abogani 16:46
paultagscott-work, morning(?) :)16:46
scott-workpaultag:  almost noon16:47
paultagscott-work, ah, you're EST as well :)16:47
scott-workpaultag: well, cst actually, so it's almost 11:00 ;)16:48
paultagOh, well shucks16:48
paultagIt's 15 minutes to noon here :)16:48
scott-worki didn't want to differeniate that much usually because many are eurporean or asia :)16:48
scott-worki usually take lunch around 11:30 though, or whenever i find a convenient stopping point, or i'm just hungry ;)16:49
paultagscott-work, mmm, for sure -- I'm over in Cleveland right now ( Boston by birth ;) )16:49
* scott-work usually eats lunch at his desk to get ubuntu studio stuff done16:49
paultagscott-work, what line of work are you in?16:49
scott-workpaultag: i am the detailing supervisor for an aluminum cover company - http://www.conservatek.com/16:54
paultagscott-work, kickass16:54
scott-workalthough i for a period of time i was acting engineering suerpvisor as well, coordinating with the rest of the company but not making any structural decisions16:55
scott-workthere may be a time in the future where i may have that position thrust back upon me though :P16:55
* holstein is a jazz musician abogani 17:14
holsteinyou too?17:14
holsteinabogani: i will also try and have a look at the kernel wiki you put together soon17:14
holsteinand help out17:14
scott-workpersia, TheMuso: i found a README in the tasksel package that i believe explains the task definition format - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/tasksel/maverick/annotate/head%3A/README18:33
scott-workfrom what i have seen, i am also presuming that if we define the tasks in the metapackage (e.g. ubuntustudio-audio) then this will aggregate into the ubuntu-tasks.desc file installed by tasksel18:34
scott-workplease correct me if my understanding is incorrect18:35
scott-worki suppose another way to say it, if we define the desired tasks in our metapackage, the rest is handled automagickly ;)18:35
scott-workoh, and i understand the magic carrot (^) i believe19:12
scott-workpersia: now i understand your previous concern about too many tasks and using tasksel21:45
scott-workit would appear that if we defined numerous tasks within the metapackage (e.g. ubuntustudio-audio-editsong, ubuntustudio-audio-recordinstruments, ubuntustudio-audio-playmusic) each one of these tasks would be presented in the tasksel menu during installation21:47
TheMusoscott-work: In Ubuntu's case, for the disks anyway, tasks are generated from seeds.21:49
TheMusoSO you need to put a special few fields at the top of seed files to do this. Just look at the desktop file or the audio file in the bzr branch.21:50
scott-workTheMuso: i have them in front of me21:50
scott-workeach defines one task in the file21:50
TheMusoBut then if we add tasks, we need to patch the disk build process to add the new tasks to the list.21:50
TheMusoscott-work: RIght21:50
TheMusoatm the tasks we see are limited to only what we want, so every new task requires touching things at two places.21:51
scott-worki saw that we would need to add a .desc file under /share/blah/tasksel to be included21:51
scott-worki worried that the README was wrong about this (think it was probably for debian)21:51
TheMusoYes, its for Debian.21:52
scott-workokay, i also saw that we should file a bug report to add the task21:52
scott-workthis is for ubuntu?21:52
TheMusoWe don't  need to file a bug to add tasks to the disks.21:54
scott-workwhere are the two places that are touched for every new tasks?21:54
TheMusoWe just need to contact Colin to ask him to add new tasks to the limit lists.21:54
TheMuso1. We create a new seed file in the bzr branch, with appropriate fields at the top, as well as a list of packages we want that task/package to depend on.21:55
TheMuso2. We add the new task to the limit list for Ubuntu Studio in the disk build code.21:55
scott-workright, that makes sense21:55
scott-workwe define it in the meta and colin adds it to the list21:55
scott-worki understand that if we are installing the package the task must be listed elsewhere for tasksel to install it21:56
TheMusoOnce the above 2 steps are done, the disk build process takes care of the rest.21:56
scott-workso, we _could_ define numerous tasks within the metapackage, but only include the necessary ones for installing the appropriate metapackages21:57
scott-workin the limit list21:57
scott-workTheMuso: how would you recommend updating the audio metapackage for separating into -recording, -generating, -common (and maybe -performance)?  just make tasks within the -audio package and remove the ubuntustudio-audio task from the list and add the former?21:59
TheMusoI don't know, haven't thought about it.22:00
scott-worki originally thought we would make new metapackages, one per "task" (in this case ubuntustudio-audio-recording, -generating, etc)22:01
TheMusoRight, wouldn't that be overwhelming?22:02
scott-workbut after learning about tasks today i would think keeping the metas as they are and arranging tasks within them would be a better way :)22:04
scott-work(sorry was talking to coworker) yes, quite overwhelming22:04
TheMusoIn our situation, you would have to create more metapackages if you want more tasks.22:05
scott-workoh :( so we cannot incorporate more than one task per metapackage ?22:06
* scott-work apologizes if he's being dense22:07
TheMusoNo we can't.22:07
scott-workokay, then we are back to creating more metapackages (one per tasks) if we want to seperate the audio packages22:08
scott-workwhich would be -base, -recording, -generating (maybe -performance) as we are expecting  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/PackageSelectionDevelopment22:09
scott-workhow difficult will it be to get new metapackages accepted into the archives?22:15
TheMusoNot very difficult at all.22:17
TheMusoJust a matter of creating files in the bzr branch, adding definitions to the ubuntustudio-meta package, and if tasks are wanted, going through the above.22:17
scott-workgood :)22:18
scott-workthe proccess now doesn't seem to complicated and i am excited to begin it :P22:24
scott-workTheMuso: although i had trouble last time trying to update the metapackage with persia :(  (not trying to imply that it was persia's fault mind you)22:31
scott-workit gave me an error where it said it couldn't find the debootstrap22:45
TheMusoRight, you need to install the debootstrap and germinate packages.22:56
scott-workah, thanks22:57

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