Splashmanhi all00:38
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[Damaskinos]salve ubuntu studio non รจ anche in versione live per provarla?15:20
dludldinhello everybody!18:54
holsteindludldin: hello :)18:55
dludldinright know tuxguitar is working fine with me but i had problems to get it ok18:56
holsteindo share18:57
dludldinat this moment im making an update perhaps this could solve the problem but anyway if don't i guess that tuxguitar 1.1 and 1.2 have problems with java synth19:00
holsteini remember tuxguitar now19:01
holsteini dont need tablature19:01
holsteinSO i just kinda opened it up19:01
dludldinwhen java synth is enabled tuxguitar takes its time to run apox 1minute maybe less19:01
holsteinmaybe in karmic?19:01
holsteinis that for monitoring?19:01
holsteini would probably just route tuxguitar to whatever synth i want to use19:02
holsteinin JACK19:02
holsteinassuming it has proper JACK support19:02
holsteini did not try that19:02
dludldinjack is another one that gave me issues too19:02
holsteinhow so?19:03
holsteinthat is kinda the 'heart' of the linux audio system19:03
dludldinfor what i can remember first time i installed jack was in a fluydsynt plugin to tuxguitar that consequently had to install jack19:04
holsteinsounds right19:04
dludldindont know if jack works i havent tested yet19:05
holsteinagain, thats really the center of it all19:06
holsteinlearning JACK19:06
holsteinand getting it running properly is key19:06
dludldinafter solving jack's non starting problem i havent tested at least it runs know19:07
holsteinyou dont have to, but its SO handy19:07
holsteinand like your situation19:07
holsteinwhen you need to route a synth from something like tuxguitar19:07
holsteinyou just make the connection in JACK19:07
dludldinis it 0.4% at jack o.k.?19:09
holsteinwell, what are your settings?19:09
holsteindid you start from 'jack control'?19:09
holsteinso, click on setup19:11
holsteinthe 'settings' tab19:12
holsteinyou using the alsa driver with an internal sound card?19:12
holsteinin the lower right19:12
holsteinwhat is the latency?19:12
holsteinin msec ?19:13
dludldin46.4 msec19:13
holsteinthats decent for an internal card19:13
holsteinyou see in the middle there?19:14
holsteinsample rate?19:14
holsteini set that, and suggest that be set to 4100019:14
holsteinabove and below that19:14
holsteinand period/buffers19:14
holsteinthose are the 2 settings we 'tweak'19:14
holsteinto effect the latency19:14
holsteinyou might not need the latency to be lower19:15
dludldin1024 219:15
holsteinwhen you run programs19:15
holsteinyou get xruns19:15
holsteinyou can come here and change those settings19:15
holsteinraise them19:15
holsteinmaybe to19:15
holstein1024 319:15
holsteinthat kind of tweak will increase your latency19:15
holsteinpotentially fixing that xrun issue19:16
holsteinIF you have the issue19:16
holsteinthe only reason to need super low latency19:16
holsteinis if you are doing live effects processing19:16
holsteinSAY, you got your guitar plugged in to your sound card19:16
holsteinyou route that in JACK to rakarrack19:16
holsteinand out to your sound card19:17
holsteinyou play your guitar19:17
holsteinand 46ms later19:17
holsteinyou hear the effected signal19:17
holsteinthats not too good19:17
dludldini have to test it if it sounds good19:17
holsteinif you have a midi synth plugged in19:17
holsteinyou'll play a note19:17
holsteinand 46ms later19:18
holsteinyou hear the sound you have selected19:18
holsteinagain, probably unwanted19:18
holsteinIF you dont have these 'realtime' requirements19:18
holsteinthen, dont sweat it19:18
dludldindo you know if these three messages are bad   sh: artsshell: not found ,JACK: unable to mlock() port buffers: Cannot allocate memory,cannot lock down memory for RT thread19:19
holsteinJACK is not running then19:20
holsteinis this lucid?19:20
holsteinin 'setup'19:20
holsteinsee the checkbox for realtime?19:21
holsteinuncheck that if its checked19:21
holsteinthen say 'ok'19:21
holsteinand close jack control19:21
holsteinopen a terminal19:21
holsteinand type19:21
holsteinsudo adduser dludldin audio19:21
holstein^^ assuming dludldin is the username on your box19:22
holsteini would type19:22
holsteinsudo adduser holstein audio19:22
dludldinright know only get a possible bad message    sh: artsshell: not found19:25
holsteinclose jackcontrol19:27
holsteinopen a terminal19:27
holsteinand typr19:27
holsteinsudo qjackctl19:27
holsteinand see if JACK starts19:28
holsteinthen we'll talk about trouble shooting further19:28
dludldinin terminal i get suspending pulse audio and in jack messages 19:28:45.722 Patchbay deactivated.19:30
dludldin19:28:45.832 Statistics reset.19:30
dludldin19:28:45.871 ALSA connection graph change.19:30
dludldin19:28:46.125 ALSA connection change.19:30
holsteinis JACK running though?19:30
holsteinsays 'stopped'19:30
holsteinin the main window?19:30
holsteininternal card makes sound otherwise?19:31
dludldingive me three or four minutes holstein19:31
dludldinhi again19:37
dludldinwell i can hear mp3 when jack is not running19:38
holsteinthats good19:39
holsteinopen in terminal19:39
holsteinsudo qjackctl19:40
holsteinand lets look at your settings again19:40
holsteinin 'setup'19:40
holsteinon the right column19:40
holsteinwhat is under 'interface' ?19:40
holsteintry hitting start again19:42
holsteinas root19:42
holsteinand see what it says19:42
dludldinas root says starting then goes black and white and im not able to close it19:46
dludldini had jack running ok in ubuntu 8.0419:46
holsteinwell, this is what needs to be sorted out19:46
holsteinand i got a meeting here in a minute19:46
holsteinlet me give you some suggestions19:47
holsteinof course #jack19:47
holsteinand #opensourcemusicians19:47
holsteinand the ubuntustudio mailing list19:47
dludldinok im gratefull for your time19:47
holsteinim in here alot though19:47
holsteinand i'll try again later with you if you dont get it sorted :)19:47
dludldinok see you later then, thanks19:48
dludldinanyone make music?21:03
holsteinhello again dludldin :)21:13
holsteinheres a little 30 second thing i did not too long ago21:13
holsteinand heres a friends music all made with ubuntu21:14
plotinohi everybody22:12
plotinoim trying to connect my MIDI keyboard to PC22:12
aputamkonany 1 know what system is best to dual boot with ubuntu? emachines dell hp?22:12
plotinothis keyb is an old portatone22:13
plotinoit has synthesizer capability22:13
plotinoim trying to get it play from hydrogen + jack22:13
plotinoanybody knows hoe to do that?22:13
aputamkonno idead my self sorry22:15
dludldinholstein : are you there23:15
holsteindludldin: hey23:15
holsteindid you see my posts earlier?23:16
holstein16:14 < holstein> heres a little 30 second thing i did not too long ago23:16
holstein16:14 < holstein> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/groove.ogg23:16
holstein16:14 < holstein> and heres a friends music all made with ubuntu23:16
holstein16:14 < holstein> http://wootangent.net/music/23:16
holsteinanyways.. did you get sorted?23:16
dludldinjack is ok23:18
dludldinjust a minute23:18
dludldinwould you help to connect tuxguitar to qsynth via jack? this would be a good learning experience23:20
holsteinin theory23:21
dludldintrying to listen to your 30 second thing but not being able to23:21
holsteinyou get JACK running23:21
holsteinopen 'connect'23:21
holsteinand thats where all the JACK friendly apps will show up23:22
holsteinand im not quite sure what tuxguitar looks like23:22
holsteinbut, see if it just shows up there23:22
dludldinwhy can t listen to groove.ogg?23:25
holstein.ogg ?23:25
dludldinyour 30 second thing23:25
holsteintry downloading it23:26
holsteinopen a terminal23:26
holsteinwget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/groove.ogg23:26
holsteinyou can navigate to your Music directory first if you want23:27
holsteincd /home/you/Music23:27
holsteinwget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/groove.ogg23:27
holsteinits not that big a deal though ;)23:27
dludldini downloaded it but media player dont read it23:27
holsteinwhich media player?23:28
holsteinit should just play in the browser23:28
dludldinubuntu default23:28
dludldinmovie player i guess23:28
holsteinyou got JACK going23:28
holsteinyou would have to route it23:28
holsteinyou can do that later ;)23:28
dludldinthat s it :)23:29
dludldinhow have you done this?23:29
holsteinthe track?23:30
holsteini just did acoustic instruments23:31
holsteinwith ardour23:31
holsteinrouted in JACK23:31
holsteinusing a presonus firepod interface23:31
holsteinmixed with ardour, and routed through JAMin23:31
dludldini guess it sounds brazilian23:32
holsteincool :)23:33
dludldinflute , some small string instrument , acoustic bass , percussion?23:34
holsteinnylon string parlor guitar23:34
holsteinlike a little classical guitar23:34
holsteinopen holed bamboo flute23:34
holsteinacoustic bass23:35
holsteini think that was just a floor tom or something23:35
holsteinbanging on it and the rim23:35
holsteinand i got http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/osmp30.ogg23:36
holsteinmore rockin ;)23:36
dludldinvery nice mix. pro quality sound23:36
holsteini need to re-do some of the parts though23:36
holsteini got distracted before i got a good final mix on it23:36
holsteindludldin: thanks :)23:36
dludldinwell i prefer the acoustic one23:42
holsteinme too23:42
holsteintrying to do some commercial stuff though23:42
dludldinhow do you record electric guitar?23:43
holsteini went right into a preamp23:43
holsteini have a presonus eureka23:43
holsteinthen into the firepod23:43
holsteinthe effects are all rakarrack23:44
holsteinacoustic drums23:44
holsteinsynth everything else23:44
holsteinbut i dont really do much MIDI23:44
holsteini tend to just route in JACK and play the synth stuff live23:45
holsteinlike an anolog rig23:45
holstein^^ they call the firepod the FP-10 now23:45
dludldinholstein : thanks for helping with jack23:49
holsteindludldin: anytime :)23:50
dludldinhey holstein do you like satriani?23:51
holsteini used to listen some23:52
holsteini dont remember any of the tunes or albums though23:52
holsteinyears ago really23:52
holsteingood stuff23:53
dludldinin deed he really is a good guitar player ; )23:54

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