warlyHello, what is the equivalent of doing sh -x /etc/init.d/<script> with upstart?08:12
ionwarly: Add to the beginning of the script section of interest:14:46
ionexec >/path/to/log 2>&114:46
ionset -x14:46
warlyion: thanks14:47
ionellyjones: The environment variables listed in stopped(7) should be available in the post-stop script.14:48
ionellyjones: RESULT is probably what you’re after.14:48
ellyjonesion: thanks :)14:48
Steveehello, is anything known about the development process or a possible release date of the next upstart version ?14:49
ionIt’s Being Developed™ and the release date is When It’s Done™. :-P14:50
Steveewow, that are really great news ....14:51
ionellyjones: Scratch that, they in fact aren’t. Let’s see...14:52
Steveeupstart is a great tool a great project, but i hate this kind of closed development process ...14:53
ellyjones(I ended up wrapping the job in a script instead)14:53
ionellyjones: What will definitely work is another job that has ‘task’, ‘start on stopped foo’, ‘script … (do something with "$RESULT") … end script’. Perhaps Keybuk knows how to do that without an auxiliary job.14:56
ellyjonesI phrased it as: if ! $CMD; then $CLEANUP; fi and just made it a script14:58
ionstevee: Many of us agree. Keybuk is the one to talk about that.14:59
Steveenever mind, thanks ion15:27
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