likemindeadAnyone done a 10.04 to 10.10 upgrade in Xubuntu yet?01:36
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Hydroziianybody run fluxbox?06:16
Leroyi have06:17
Leroynot on xubuntu tho. on debian and gentoo, slack and some other distros06:18
Leroyto many ands there but you get the idea. ;)06:18
homebrewciderhelp, my desktop background photo has disappeared form the desktop, it's still there in the settings manager06:24
homebrewciderbut not on display on the desktop06:24
Hydroziileroy can you help me get a Internet connection in fluxbox without running a de06:26
Leroyhey Hydrozii i see you over in #ubuntu. those guys have you on the right track.06:26
homebrewcidermy desktop icons have gone as well06:32
homebrewciderwhere would the applicable desktop menu be located please06:32
Sysilog out and back in?06:32
homebrewciderrestarted already06:32
Sysido you have nautilus installed?06:33
Leroyyou can't just right click and get menu? what version of xubuntu are you running homebrewcider ?06:34
Leroyno right click?06:34
Sysikillall xfdesktop06:34
homebrewciderwent to applications>settings>settings manager>desktop06:35
homebrewciderphoto still shows up there06:35
homebrewciderbut exiting that does nothing06:35
Sysiit's crashed06:35
Sysitry: killall xfdesktop06:35
homebrewciderso my options are?06:35
homebrewciderok then?06:36
Sysiidk what happens then06:36
Sysiit works or not06:36
Leroyand is single image button checked?06:36
homebrewciderto restart it06:36
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homebrewciderhey I managed to get my desktop background and icons back, but the panel I have to start with a terminal command, when I close th eterminal the panel shuts down, how can I get it to stay please?07:17
ubottuDid you panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/07:18
homebrewciderthank you07:19
psycho_oreosno worries07:20
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nikolamok, why i see gnome desktop from time to time, instead of xfdesktop13:59
nikolamwhen I kill xfdesktop , it gets back then13:59
nikolami don't know why it is started, eather14:00
nikolamand now, when I kill nautilus it gets back on the screen etc14:00
Sysibecause you have it installed14:00
nikolamso I had it installed in 9.10 and it was not always active then14:01
nikolamthere are gnome secvices turned on in xfce settings, btw14:01
nikolamI guess it is there to be able to start gnome dependent applications a bit faster14:02
elfoniahow can i change my desktop wallpaper with openbox? thanks.14:19
mark76Isn't that more a question for the openbox irc channel?14:29
mark76Which is at irc.oftc.net14:29
mark76I'd use Feh or Nitrogen14:30
bazhangyep feh14:30
mark76Nitrogen's less complicated14:30
bazhang!info feh14:30
ubottufeh (source: feh): imlib2 based image viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.4.dfsg.1-3 (lucid), package size 217 kB, installed size 480 kB14:30
mark76!info nitrogen14:30
ubottunitrogen (source: nitrogen): wallpaper browser and changing utility for X. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.1-1 (lucid), package size 167 kB, installed size 500 kB14:30
bazhangnice, never heard of it14:30
mark76And only 20 kBs more installed14:31
mark76Nitrogen has a nice GUI14:33
bazhangelfonia, ^^14:33
elfoniathanks, i'll try14:34
mark76Or you could use PCMAnFM or Rox-Filer to set the background14:35
mark76!info ROX-Filer14:36
ubottuPackage ROX-Filer does not exist in lucid14:36
mark76!info rox-filer14:36
ubotturox-filer (source: rox): A simple graphical file manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5-1build1 (lucid), package size 1436 kB, installed size 3992 kB14:36
mark76!info pcmanfm14:37
ubottupcmanfm (source: pcmanfm): an extremely fast and lightweight file manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2+svn20091029-1ubuntu3.1 (lucid), package size 553 kB, installed size 2272 kB14:37
mark76Take your pick14:37
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Sysimaveric has some really interesting bugs15:54
Sysiaptitude don't work, xfce terminal has weir issues15:54
charlie-tcaaptitude is not installed15:56
Sysii installed it15:56
charlie-tcaSince the TERM variable is getting lost, all you need is to set the variable and it works fine again15:57
Sysiit can't still start ssh-command from panel15:57
charlie-tcaI don't how to make aptitude work, I think I used it three times now in 5 years15:58
Sysii think i'll go back to lucid in this "productive machine"15:59
Sysiinstaller was nice16:06
Guest9926hi people i have just freshley installed xubuntu on my pc and wanted to use the official driver from nvidia but i cannot stop gdm16:10
charlie-tcastop gdm?16:10
Guest9926when entering "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" i get the following message:16:10
Guest9926 failed to acquire org.gnome.displaymanager16:10
charlie-tcaWhy do you need to stop gdm?16:10
Sysiwhy don't you install it from repositories?16:11
Guest9926well i have downloaded the driver from nvidia16:11
Sysisystem → hardware drivers16:11
charlie-tcaand it won't work anymore, AFAIR16:11
Guest9926i tried before but i cannot reach a resolution of 1280x1024 after installing the driver from the repository16:12
Sysiwhat nvidia card?16:12
Guest9926and i have manually added the 1208x1024 mode without an affect16:12
Guest9926it is an nvidia ion card16:18
Guest9926is the small zotac board16:18
Guest9926Sysi: you there?16:20
Guest9926so what is there to do?16:22
Sysiservice gdm stop16:23
Guest9926that doesnt work16:23
Sysitelinit 316:24
Guest9926one sec16:25
Guest9926no error messages16:26
Guest9926but ctrl+alt+f7 still gives me a screen to work with16:27
Guest9926runlevel gives me: "2 3"16:27
Sysii can only tell that's extremely weird16:32
Guest9926... ok16:32
adam_I installed xubuntu and I want to access my windows shares, what's the best method?19:30
adam_but for some reason it's failing19:34
adam_it finds the shares but I get an error19:35
charlie-tcamaybe got to add something yet?19:35
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.19:35
adam_one of the shared folders work19:35
adam_it's asking for a username and password19:38
adam_even though "Everyone" is permitted19:38
charlie-tcaThat should be the windows username and password, I thing19:39
adam_yeah I tried that but it's not working still19:39
adam_oh well19:48
adam_at least one of my shares work19:48
Adriasilhi there.20:29
AdriasilI'm trying to install Xubuntu 10.04, but I am getting an error message...20:30
Adriasilit reads:20:30
Adriasil"unable to find a medium containing a live file system"20:30
AdriasilI'm just wondering what this means and how I can fix it....20:31
charlie-tcait's not seeing the cd20:31
Sysihow are you trying to install?20:31
Adriasilfrom the cd.20:31
Adriasilit won't even go into live mode20:31
Sysidid you check the cd?20:32
Adriasilwhat do you mean?20:32
Adriasildid I verify after I burnt it?20:32
Adriasilif so, yes.20:32
Sysithere's option in meny when you boot20:33
Sysibut that can be the same20:33
AdriasilI shall try that.20:33
Adriasilnow, when I tried doing a live boot all I got was slightly corrupted text saying Xubuntu....20:34
Adriasilcould this be a sign that the disc is corrupted/20:34
AdriasilI'm going to start re-downloading then.20:36
charlie-tcaIt might be just a bad burn, too20:36
Adriasilcould be, but I'm using Toast Titanium, so it really shouldn't be20:38
* Adriasil goes to get his stack of blank CDs.20:38
Adriasilah, how I love the white cursor of doom.20:39
* charlie-tca has one system will burn bad cd's everytime it is used.20:39
Adriasiloooooooooooh... that's rough.20:39
Sysiis usb boot possible?20:39
Adriasilhold on one moment.20:40
* Adriasil found a memory stick!20:42
Adriasilso how do I usb boot?20:43
Sysiput image to fat32 formatted usb-stick with usb-creator or unetbootin20:45
Adriasilare ther any programs that will do that for mac?20:52
Adriasilokay I've re-DLed it and re-burnt it.21:25
Adriasilsomething is starting to happen now.21:25
AdriasilI"ve got the white cursor of doom again.21:25
charlie-tcaI don't know what that is21:25
Adriasillet's see if it can get past this.21:25
Adriasilbasically my whole screen is black, nope.21:26
AdriasilI've just got the weird looking corrupted-ish image.21:26
charlie-tcacan you switch to a tty with ctrl+alt+F2?21:26
charlie-tcaa different terminal21:27
Adriasilpressed it anyways.21:27
Adriasilback to the terminal.21:27
Adriasilsame message again.21:27
Adriasilwow. this is getting old quick.21:28
Adriasil"unable to find a medium containing a live file system"21:28
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Adriasilis it possible to turn error reporting on?21:45
charlie-tcaHave you tried hitting F4 at the menu, and choosing Safe Graphics?21:46
charlie-tcaYou can hit F6 at the menu, then ESCape. then add debug-ubiquity at the end of the line21:47
charlie-tcahit enter, hit enter again to start the install21:47
AdriasilI shall try that.21:47
charlie-tcaYou can also use F6 to show the line, remove "quiet splash" from it to see what is happening21:47
AdriasilI odn't have any of those options.21:50
AdriasilF4 only brings up:21:51
AdriasilUse driver update disc and OEM install (for manufacturers)21:51
Adriasiloh, I see where quiet splash is now.21:52
AdriasilI'll try that.21:54
AdriasilI'm getting a lot of "ata#: link is slow to respond"21:56
Adriasilline 7" can't open /dev/sr0: No medium founf.21:57
Adriasil*line 7:21:58
Adriasil /init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found21:58
Adriasiland that's where it's going wrong.21:58
Sysiare you sure cd-drive is working?21:59
AdriasilI think so.21:59
Adriasilbecause it's detected by my BIOS now.21:59
Adriasilmy slave drives are still mysteriously MIA.22:00
charlie-tcaThose errors are a hardware malfunction22:01
Adriasilhmmmmm.... okay.22:01
AdriasilI'll try switching drives,22:01
Adriasilhow do you wipe a Hard Drive?22:12
phil42dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/whichdrive bs=1M22:12
charlie-tcaI just tell it to erase the hard drive and install new on it during the installation22:13
phil42where 'whichdrive' = the drive that you want to wipe22:13
Adriasilbecause it seems like there is a very broken version of windows on one of these HDs.22:13
phil42it would be safer to wipe the appropriate partition, rather than the entire drive22:14
Adriasilcould that be messing with the installation at all?22:14
Adriasilthis seems faster.22:16
phil42if you specifed something other than a drive for 'whichdrive' you will fill your disk with a file made of all zeroes22:17
Adriasilthat seemed really fast for some reason....22:17
AdriasilI have hope after all.22:17
phil42oops,  not true on that last comment,  /dev/ is now a ramdisk22:17
phil42sort of22:18
AdriasilI don't think I'm even close to being able to do this.22:18
AdriasilI'm just trying to get the damn thing to run live.22:18
phil42running live is easy22:19
Adriasilthese are different messages from what I got last time....22:19
Adriasilpsh. says you.22:19
phil42as in 'live cd' , right?22:20
AdriasilI've been tring to get it to work for 5hrs so far.22:20
phil42can you boot from the cd?22:20
Adriasilthat's what I've been tring to do.22:20
phil42do you get asked for the appropriate language when it boots?22:21
AdriasilI get the selection screen, but can't get past anything after that.22:21
phil42then do you get a list of about 5 choices, the top on being, try xubutu ?22:21
phil42do you select the first option?22:22
phil42what happens then?22:22
Adriasilbut when I select try or install, I'm greeted by a corrupted image and then a terminal cursor.22:22
Adriasilafter about 5-10mins.22:22
phil42how much memory do you have?22:22
AdriasilI've just changed CD drives.22:22
Adriasilso, I have enough.22:23
Adriasilnot a lot, but enough.22:23
phil42it is a little slim for running live22:23
phil42do you have an operating system installed that you want to preserve?22:24
Adriasilif this doesn't work maybe I'll just try selecting install next, and seeing what happens.22:24
AdriasilI'm trying to set up a server.22:24
Adriasiland so far it's not going great.22:24
phil42what kind of processor do you have?22:24
AdriasilIntel ummmm.... pentium, maybe.22:24
Adriasilit's 1.45GHz22:24
phil42why not try knoppix first, just to check22:25
Adriasilit's either pentium or celeron.22:25
phil42it is specifically a live cd distro and made to be super compatible22:25
Adriasilmy install has stalled on "Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs"22:26
Adriasilwhich is at least different from last time.....22:27
phil42^^^^^^   /me points to where it says 'kernel.org'22:28
AdriasilDLing now.22:28
Adriasilon a slightly related subject you wouldn't happen to know why my slave drives aren't being detected, would you?22:31
phil42detected by???  the bios?22:31
phil42i read that your system is kind of old,  they might be too big or something.  knoppix or xubuntu might find them22:32
Adriasilokay, we'll see what happens.22:32
phil42do you have them jumpered correctly ?22:32
Adriasilthe BIOS is from the late 90s.22:32
charlie-tcaAre they connected with the 80 pin cables?22:33
Adriasilnope, 40.22:33
charlie-tcaYou need the new cables, then. If you have the old IDE cables instead of the new ones, that can make them disappear now. Old cable has black connectors on both ends, and heavy wires.22:34
charlie-tcaNew one usually has a blue end, and really thin wires22:34
Adriasilokay, I'll have a look into that.22:35
charlie-tcaNew ones are called ata-100 cables or something like that22:36
Adriasilare they reverse compatible?22:38
phil42you can use the new cable instead of the old one22:39
phil42using the old cable when you need the new one can cause probles22:39
Adriasillooks like they're pretty cheap anyways.22:40
phil42your bios might be old enough that it does not use the drives fast enough to need the new cables22:40
charlie-tcaYou need the new cables for the OS to work, even if you don't have ata100+ drives22:41
phil42when you try xubuntu again press escape instead of selecting from the short list.  when you get to the boot prompt enter 'live'22:44
phil42you will get more information that way22:44
phil42np  :)22:46
charlie-tcaAdriasil: I guess the pins are the same in both cables, but one has twice as many wires in the cable itself.22:46
Adriasilfor now though, I think I shall get some sleep and resume in the morning.22:46
phil42and the extra wires are all grounds22:46
charlie-tcaAre they?22:46
charlie-tcaKind of frustrating, when it work because of the stupid cable22:47
Adriasilyou're telling me.... :D22:47
Adriasilokay, bye all.22:48
phil42let us know how it works out22:48
AdriasilI shall.22:48
AdriasilI'll probably be back to pester you tomorrow :D22:48
phil42i was kind of hoping to find out what his problem actually is22:52
charlie-tcahardware is failing, the cd boots and then gets lost22:53
basti_hey, great work on 10.0423:23
basti_running just fine now...23:23

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