pooliehi jam00:15
jamhi poolie, I tried calling earlier00:29
pooliehi there00:31
pooliewant to talk now?00:31
jamespec if we can make it quick00:36
pooliegive me a call?00:38
* maxb uploads the fourth try at 2.3b2 to beta ppa :-)01:16
lifelesscould be a confusing version number01:20
loolslangasek: pong01:44
slangaseklool: hi - sorted now, no worries :)01:44
loolslangasek: Ok; sftp to what branch?01:45
loolslangasek: Ok  :)01:45
maxbugh, failed test again01:50
maxbHere goes 2.3.0~beta2-1~bazaar1~maverick5, may it have better luck than the last 401:59
pooliehi spiv?02:39
spivpoolie: hi poolie02:39
spivI'm nearly done with split-NEWS02:39
spivJust writing up docs on how to start a new release with it, which of course reveals improvements I should make to that process :)02:39
spivOr rather, how to start a new series.02:40
maxbyay successful build02:43
* spiv -> lunch02:45
maxbSo, fixes to make the testsuite work on the buildds.... should I target those at 2.2? 2.1?02:51
pooliei'd say 2.2, or maybe even only trunk02:51
pooliehow likely is it to have adverse consequences?02:51
maxbVery little, given I only touch setup.py and test code02:56
maxbAnd actually, having touched the test code, I don't technically need to touch setup.py02:56
poolie2.2 sounds good then02:57
pooliecould you nag or whatever the sru team?02:57
maxbDo we actually have test results in the bug yet?02:58
maxbAlso, perhaps I should target my test fixing into 2.1, in case we want to SRU lucid again02:58
peitschiespiv: are you around?04:39
spivpeitschie: I am, yes04:49
peitschiespiv: was just wanting to quickly check if you'd heard anything regarding the data we were playing with yesterday?04:49
spivI think jelmer & jam have basically identified the cause04:50
spivWhat remains is to figure out what to do about it :)04:50
peitschieoh!  that was quick!04:50
peitschieis it likely to be a difficult thing to fix?  I ask as i'm being pushed to decide if we do branching in svn... or whether we can continue with bazaar04:51
peitschietho i'd love to stay with bzr for the project... this bug in particular is causing mega hassles trying to get changes committed back to svn, or merge changes in from svn :S04:51
spivI'm not sure, I don't think I've seen the full discussion between jam and jelmer.  It's related to what happens after a ghost is filled in.04:54
peitschieah k :)... sounds like it might be safest to let the project do the branching in svn... then i'm not under time pressures (or emotional pressures!) for this to get fixed immediately04:55
spivIt sounds like there needs to be some clarification/decision about precisely what bzr's expectations are there (so that bzr-svn can meet them), but also how to do that in a way that is as useful as possible.04:55
peitschieyes... thats understandable.  bzr-svn does seem to be the cutting edge of ghost handling in bzr world04:55
spivYes, it seems so!04:56
spivIt seems likely that there is a corebzr issue here, but bzr itself doesn't tend to make it easy to create ghosts.04:57
spivThey in practice tend to come from imports/conversions from foreign systems.04:57
peitschieyes... i had noticed that a lot of core bzr seemed to struggle with ghosting in various ways... though the most recent version definitely has been a huge improvement04:57
peitschieeither way... i'm very gratified to hear the probable cause was found!05:00
spivMe too:)05:03
pooliehi spiv,05:40
pooliewhen you're done with news could you look at james's bug 653307?05:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 653307 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Import fails with missing referenced chk root keys (affected: 1, heat: 7)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65330705:40
spivSure.  Another one :/05:42
chx never know whether  diff -r 17210..17200  include 17200 and 17210 or not05:58
chxdoes it or not...?05:58
pooliechx: it names two trees05:58
pooliethe one committed by 17210 and the one committed by 1720005:58
poolieand it gives the diff between them05:58
chxthat does not help me :)05:58
chxdoes it include the differences introduced in 17200?05:58
poolieso it excludes the first and includes the right05:58
pooliestewart: want to be  a bzr-stats maintainer?05:59
stewartpoolie, sure.05:59
stewartpoolie, next thing i was going to add was some extra mapping of email addresses to the same people... the mysql tree is rather chaotic with what people committed as.06:00
poolieby all means still ask for reviews06:00
pooliebut now you can merge them yourself06:00
chxpoolie: so it exclude 17200 and includes 17210?06:02
chxpoolie: that sort of "includes the first" sitll does not help me :(06:03
chxpoolie: yes. it does. i see. i do not understand at all.06:05
chxpoolie: but i see.06:05
stewartpoolie, great.06:05
chxpoolie: thanks06:07
pooliechx it's easier if you remember that the numbers are assigned when you commit, after you finish changing the tree06:09
chxpoolie: i still do not understand a word. what tree?06:09
chxanyways, back in ten.06:09
vilahi all !07:25
peitschiehi villa07:33
peitschiethats the cutest wave eva lol07:40
vila\o_ \o/ _o/ _o_ hop hope morning exercise07:41
vilas/hope/hop/ typo07:41
pooliehi there vila07:42
pooliei'm trying to work out if we actually agreed on not having rcs07:42
vilaSeen  my last comment on the review ? I misremember ?07:43
vilaIt seem I fail to reach agreement for even the tiniest details these days :(07:43
poolieah, it's ok07:44
poolieisn't my graph nice? :)07:44
vilaI believe the agreed plan is that we will do an API freeze in the last07:44
vilabeta, then make a 2.3 branch, then release 2.3.0 directly off that07:44
vilabranch, then possibly a 2.3.1 etc into Natty.  rcs are unnecessary07:44
vilaoverhead since the final source is normally good.07:44
vilastraight from your mail07:45
vilaMessage-ID: <AANLkTim4JhUYhHkWhMFr6bqPo5KhjtCFZmrUJw_iZQX7@mail.gmail.com>07:45
vilaand indeed part of the [RFC] Releases planning thread07:45
vilagraph.. which graph ? :)07:46
poolie"less open bugs"07:46
vilawow fix vs confirmed... amazing07:50
poolieand it's really pulled ahead the last few months07:51
vilaWow in progress decreasing, excellent. I still need to purge my queue...07:51
vilathe 1700 figure is also interesting to compare with the one reported by fixed-in (~1142 or something)07:52
vilaI'm not sure I de-dupe in fixed-in  for that matter07:52
spivA loosely related graph I find interesting: http://webnumbr.com/active-bzr-branches-on-lp07:58
spivWhich is climbing, but perhaps indicates more that LP's classification of "active" is incorrect than anything else.07:59
vilahttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu is still surprising to me08:00
vilabut indicates a strong activity nevertheless08:01
ddaaare those all native lp hosted bzr branches?08:03
ddaaor some kind of automated churn?08:03
spivvila: ta, created http://webnumbr.com/bzr-branches-for-ubuntu ;)08:09
spiv(although sadly the point-and-click thingy failed and I had to go read some xpath docs)08:09
vilaspiv: great thanks !08:10
viladdaa: who knows...08:12
CcxCZso when is next stable release planned? (whether I should bother publishing ebuild w/ py2.7 fix)08:13
vilaCcxCZ: are you subscribed to the bazaar ML ?08:15
CcxCZis it on gmane?08:16
vilaI think so08:17
spivhttp://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.bazaar-ng.general I think08:17
vilaThe topic is under discussion, and two points are relevant for you if you're involved in gentoo packaging08:17
CcxCZI'm not an official packager, I just try to fix bugs when I bum pinto them08:18
vilaCcxCZ: One is that it would be very nice to know which bzr/plugins versions are carried (any gentoo command to get that updated will be awesome)08:18
vilathe other is that https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+series is supposed to be the most up-to-date source for release dates08:19
vilaas far as 2.3 is concerned, we expect to release it next February08:20
vilafor 2.2 we say 2.2.2 should be released 2010-11-18 but I think that would be later (we will release it *iff* we encounter critical bugs)08:20
vilaCcxCZ: what fix are you referring to ?08:21
vilado you have the bug number ?08:23
CcxCZwait, I'll get it08:23
* vila cries lp in maintenance mode08:25
* ddaa hands vila a tissue08:26
ddaacareful with the faux-amis :-)08:26
vilaCcxCZ: let's try again later, but what I'm trying to understand is whether the fix has landed in the 2.2 branch or not and whether you are backporting it to 2.2.1 in gentoo only or use the lp:bzr/2.2 branch08:27
viladdaa: cries is not about crying ?08:27
vilawith tears of blood ?08:27
ddaaah okay, I assumed you merely meant "shouts" :-)08:28
viladdaa: nah, I use ALLCAPS when shouting but I alsmot never shout for work related problems, I keep that for private stuff and even there...08:28
CcxCZno, I had to apply the patch to 2.2.something08:28
vilaCcxCZ: err, so you mean you backported it to gentoo only right ?08:29
CcxCZbackported it to my personal gentoo overlay, yes08:29
CcxCZ2.2.1 it was I think08:31
vilaCcxCZ: ok, so excuse my poor gentoo knowledge here, but will this patch find its way to the 'official' gentoo distro ?08:33
vilaCcxCZ: I'm trying to understand how we could reduce the overall work here and whether we should apply your patch to the lp:bzr/2.2 branch or not08:34
vilaha, lp is back, so the fix has landed in 2.3b2 already08:35
CcxCZnope, unless I convince the dev he should add it, so I came here to check whether I should bother to do so, or should I just wait for next release08:36
vilaCcxCZ: ok, hmm, right, I see the patch now, definitely not critical so unlikely to get backported to 2.2,08:38
vilaCcxCZ: I think that answers your question: it will be available in 2.3 only08:39
vilaCcxCZ: now, do you know a way in gentoo to get which bzr/plugins versions are installed ?08:39
CcxCZgtg now, back in few minutes, kay?08:40
vilaCcxCZ: Sure !08:40
spivvila: I don't think 'critical' is precisely the criteria for a backport to a stable branch08:40
spivIt's more 'is the benefit worth the risk (and effort)?'08:40
spivSo a medium importance bug that has an utterly safe fix would be a good candidate for a backport, for instance.08:41
vilaspiv: that doesn't really fly with the SRU policy, but it seems I can't summarize this sort of thing so feel free to amend our doc on the subject08:41
spivvila: I believe it does fit the SRU policy08:42
spiv"# Bugs which do not fit under above categories, but (1) have an obviously safe patch and (2) affect an application rather than critical infrastructure packages (like X.org or the kernel)."08:43
spivEspecially as part (1) is bolstered by our large automated test suite.08:43
spivIt also fits with what I recall poolie saying in the past.08:43
vilaspiv: I'm not the one that needs to be convinced... my understanding of the current situation is that 2.2.1 is still not in maverick-updates08:44
spivThat's more to do with a smooth, effort-free path for getting our stable micro releases into -updates than anything else though, isn't it?08:45
vilaspiv: and for this particular case, unconditionally overriding the python implementation is a risk to miss more 2.7 fixes08:45
spiv(And making our test suite pass in the package build environment helps create that smooth path)08:46
spivvila: haha 2.7 fixes08:46
spiv2.7 is already being handled more conservatively by upstream than previous 2.x releases for updates, because they don't plan any more 2.x at all.08:47
vilaright, more conservatively in this case still means they broke 2.6 compatibility...08:48
spivRight, but this fix is fine on 2.6 too08:49
vila... which I won't remember in 6 months08:49
spivWell, to be less abstract: I think the risk that this specific workaround for 2.7 might cause problems later is pretty low.08:50
spivAnd if a future 2.7 does break it, and passes the SRU process for maverick-updates, then I'm sure a corresponding fix for bzr would be accepted for maverick-updates too :)08:51
spivWe should get the python package build to pass bzr's test suite too, not just the bzr package ;)08:52
CcxCZvila: I'm back but I'm not sure I understand the question. Plugins (except for launchpad) are packaged as normal gentoo packages: dev-vcs/bzrtools, dev-vcs/bzr-svn, ...09:01
vilaCcxCZ: I only have a basic knowledge of gentoo, so this may be obvious to you, I'd like to know what command or series of commands I should use to get the plugin list and their associated versions09:03
CcxCZbzr version / bzr plugins seems best to me :-) but I just used `equery list -f 'bzr'` to get all packages with 'bzr' in name09:05
CcxCZnote that equery is in gentoolkit package and not installed by default09:06
CcxCZvila: what do you need it for?09:06
vilaCcxCZ: doh, good point on  bzr version / bzr plugins :-D09:09
vilaCcxCZ: I need it to get a distro point of view about what is packaged09:10
vilaCcxCZ: but bzr version/plugins may do it, I need to make sure my setups don't interfer here09:10
vilawhich BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=+site:+core should do09:11
vilaCcxCZ: sounds like a very good plan, portable, easy to explain, usable by anybody, excellent09:12
CcxCZequery belongs -f '/usr/lib(64)?/python.*/site-packages/bzrlib/.*'09:13
CcxCZshould search for packages that installed files matching regex09:13
CcxCZsince gentoo ebuilds are usually written in version-agnostic way, the version numbers should match09:14
vilaCcxCZ: ok, so both commands (and bzr version/plugins too for that matter) tells me about *installed* packages (and my VM only has bzr itself installed)09:21
vilaCcxCZ: is there a variant that can tell me about plugins that *can* be installed ?09:21
CcxCZnot really, because ebuilds don't have any identificator marking it as 'bzr plugin', but equery list -pf 'bzr' should give you an idea (or -pof if you want to search overlays)09:24
CcxCZor you can use online tool http://gpo.zugaina.org/Search?search=bzr09:25
vilaCcxCZ: some result: only bzr-2.2.009:26
vilaha, let me try that09:26
vilaCcxCZ: hmm, from http://gpo.zugaina.org/dev-vcs/bzr-git, 'gentoo' is the official and 'funtoo' an overlay ? What is bzr-git-9999 ?09:28
CcxCZ9999 means current head is pulled from developers' vcs09:29
* spiv wonders what happens if the branch has more than 9999 revisions...09:29
vilaha, and the Overlay: bazaar (layman) just has no icon right ?09:30
CcxCZuse gentoo-portage.com to see only normal portage09:30
CcxCZspiv: it's bumped with some nines :-)09:30
CcxCZthere are packages like that09:30
CcxCZ(they use date as version number iirc)09:31
spivCcxCZ: heh :)09:31
vilaCcxCZ: excellent, I think gentoo-portage.com is a good starting point for me now09:33
vilafor me for now ?09:33
vilaCcxCZ: so http://gentoo-portage.com/dev-vcs/bzr says that 2.0.1, 2.0.4, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 are available right ? (As in the user can decide which one is installed)09:34
CcxCZnote the keywords: 'arch' means stable, '~arch' means testing (for now)09:36
vilaCcxCZ: I was about to ask :)09:37
vilaCcxCZ: weird, http://gentoo-portage.com/Search?search=dev-vcs%2Fbzr doesn't mention qbzr even if http://gentoo-portage.com/Search?search=qbzr says it's part of dev-vcs...09:38
vilaCcxCZ: anyway, food for thought, thanks for the juicy pointers ;)09:39
CcxCZalso you may want to read this: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=309:39
CcxCZmaybe http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=2 before that09:40
vilaCcxCZ: thanks09:41
CcxCZvila: the uri you posted searches for dev-vcs/bzr* but qbzr is dev-vcs/qbzr09:41
vilaha, implicit globs...09:42
vilawe should lobby the qbzr devs to switch to bzrq :) I'm sure they will love the idea :D09:43
CcxCZsubstring search raher than glob, but whatever :-)09:45
vilaCcxCZ: indeed: http://gentoo-portage.com/Search?search=bzr is the best fit09:48
vilanet-libs/libzrtpcpp  is irrelevant but fun anyway :)09:48
vilahttp://packages.gentoo.org/category/dev-vcs?full_cat is a good summary too, even if I don't understand everything there :)09:52
jelmeryeah, libzrtpcpp always comes up in searches for bzr in debian/ubuntu as well :-)09:53
CcxCZvila: just msg me if you need anything gentoo-specific10:13
vilaCcxCZ: ok, thanks !10:14
senderjelmer: hi, are you available? :)14:19
jelmersender, hey14:22
jelmersender, I'm at work at the moment, I can help later tonight though14:22
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
mgzlaunchpad seems slow today. making lots of nutty packages?15:45
vilanaughty ?15:47
mgzwonder if I can find a big enough chunk of time today to look at hooks...15:51
viladon't tell me :-/15:52
rubbsI created a repo and one of my devs can not add a .bzrignore file. He's in the group that owns .bzr dir and it's mod'd to 775 at this point. am I missing something? bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock /home/httpd/smackemyackem.com/dev/.bzr/checkout/dirstate: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/home/httpd/smackemyackem.com/dev/.bzr/checkout/dirstate'15:55
Glenjaminsounds like something inside .bzr isn't owned by him15:56
vilarubbs: mod'd -R ?15:57
jammorning vila15:58
vilajam: morning !15:58
rubbsyeah. I'm bombing the whole thing and running again. It's possible I missed something, and this is more for instructional purposes.15:58
rubbsIt's possible I have an odd sticky bit set up or something15:59
vila/home/httpd implies this is also served via http ? As such it's owned by the web user ?15:59
vilanah, www user or whatever is used for your install16:00
rubbsalso I had one other quick question. My devs like to connect to the dev server with this: http://www.expandrive.com/windows It's basically sshfs for windows. Would this cause problems if their working tree is on the sshdrive, but they are working in windows? with a windows version of bzr?16:00
rubbsvila: /home/httpd in this case is misleading. it's not a web directory at this point.16:00
rubbsmostly being used as an "example" to teach bzr16:01
vilathere have been problems with sshfs in the past about renames and locks (not sure about locks)16:01
rubbsah, and originally we had a lock problem. I think I manually fixed that.16:02
vilaI *used* to work with sshfs, I still use nfs a bit, but as a rule... mounted file systems are more trouble than benefits IME16:02
rubbsso maybe I should have them pull things locally and bind to the dev machine.16:02
vilathat being said, we support it AFAIK16:02
vilarubbs: yup16:02
rubbsthanks for all your help/advice. I'll have to check into a few things16:03
vilamaxb: yeehaa for the beta-ppa !16:03
vilamaxb: does this mean the tests are running there ? For bzr only or did you try for some plugins too ?16:05
vilamaxb: did you remove the install-related failing one ?16:05
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vilamgz: was your lanchpad remark about 'updating diff' ? Because I see that right now for two mps of mine16:08
vilamgz: and it's more than slower than normal...16:08
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
mgzyeah, and slowness of sending out email too.16:08
mgzha, funny indentation error, wonder who the blame is on16:10
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
mgzwow, that's ancient. vila from rev 2900?16:12
vilame ? Can't be. blame emacs :)16:12
vilawhere is that ?16:12
mgzwell it's you or jam from rev 118516:13
mgzbzrlib\config.py line 96516:13
mgzcauses this:16:13
vilawow indenting the first mkdir address that ?16:15
vilaand it never failed before on windows ???16:15
jamvila: I would imagine that the first time we have to mkdir 2.0 we have to mkdir the parent dir16:16
jamand we never have a case where one-but-not-both needs to be created16:16
vilawhich reminds me that I never really grok that code, what if we need to create more than 2 parents ?16:17
vilamgz: revno 2900... was only fixing a module.symbol :)16:18
mgzit was 2900.something, does qblame have a mainline revs only option somewhere?16:18
vilamgz: dunno, but in the file graph window you have a contextual menu including show file differences16:19
mgzanyway, it's an easy fix to get us down to 4 failures on windows babune +- random sftp failures16:19
vilashoot !16:20
mgzand I think I've got bugs on the remaining ones too.16:20
vilarandom as in ?16:20
mgzoh, maybe not the test_unicode_bzr_home one, the error on that changed recentlyish16:21
mgzas in, sometimes they fail, sometimes they don't16:21
vilabut *how* do they fail :)16:21
jamvila: well, the changes that AppData don't exist are pretty much NIL...16:22
vilaI see so many different spurious failures that I kind of lost track sometimes16:22
jambut yes, it could be turned into an os.makedirs()16:22
jamit is pretty old code16:22
mgzwith PermissionError but if we're lucky fixing your transport cleanup with fix those too16:22
vilajam: not throwing stones (or I should throw them at myself) as I was never able to run these specific tests when I was looking at the code16:23
mgzhttp://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-windows/196/ <- see two new sftp failures hiding the fact I just fixed two tests16:23
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
mgz^I think that config code is fine bar the missing indent16:23
mgz...is it worth adding a test just for this... hmmm... nah.16:24
vilamgz: no ! We already have a failing test !16:24
vilahttp://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-windows/189/testReport/bzrlib.tests.test_bundle/TestReadMergeableFromUrl/test_smart_server_connection_reset/ is surprising, we don't translate the exception correctly ?16:26
mgzthat's bug...16:27
vilaerr, sry for the url in an old build, I just check it has been failing consistently for a while16:27
mgzbug 58131116:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 581311 in Bazaar "bt.test_bundle.TestReadMergeableFromUrl.test_smart_server_connection_reset fails on windows (affected: 1, heat: 5)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58131116:27
mgzsee comment #1 for my thinking.16:27
mgzI'm not completely certain just wrapping the error is right.16:28
vilajust reading16:28
vilaI don't remember if we reconnect automatically on CONNRESET, but if we do, then I see no reason to not do it too for CONNABORTED16:29
=== zyga_ is now known as zyga
viladoes CONNABORTED exist on *nix ?16:30
mgzerrno.ECONNABORTED on nix.16:32
mgznow gmail has decided to be pants as well as launchpad. will someone please unbreak the internet?16:34
vilasudo repair internet16:34
KinnisonThis incident has been reported to your systems administrator.16:35
GlenjaminDoes anyone else run bzr smart over HTTP+WSGI?16:42
Glenjamini've been getting some weird errors lately, which have mostly been fixed by disabling the pyrex-built C extensions. I reported one, but haven't really had time to sit down and make reproducible test cases16:43
Glenjamin(as i need to make my server work :))16:43
vilamgz: the only explanations I can find about ECONNABORTED only mentions the *server* side and it occurs if the client close the socket between the listen() and the accept()...16:43
mgzGlenjamin: I have done, but found it's pretty much always worse than just http16:43
mgzunless you really need push, and then I don't really trust it to be correct16:43
Glenjaminmgz: writeable with access controller by ldap (through apache)16:44
mgz^right, I don't think we expect to be hitting it under unix semantics, but winsock is slightly different16:44
vilamgz: all in all, I think we shouldn't care and just process it as a CONNRESET16:45
vilamgz: the specific error code is raised only on windows anyway16:46
mgzokay, but then do we only catch the windows varient?16:46
mgzcan bzr use ldap directly?16:46
vilamgz: your call, if you can write the associated tests with sufficient precision :-P i.e. just *add* the windows specific one on windows, who knows if/when someone will ever unify them...16:47
Glenjaminmgz: it could actually, but there's not really a clean place to slot in smart-server authentication16:53
Glenjaminand/or access control16:53
GlenjaminAside from "just use ssh", which in most cases is a good solution16:54
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Glenjaminwith a short nickname on a remote master branch, and then doing "bzr nick" on a local bound branch, I'm getting part of the progress bar left over17:08
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Glenjaminand can't reproduce on loggerhead :<17:13
Glenjamin*launchpad even17:13
vilaGlenjamin: with which bzr version ?17:14
vilaGlenjamin: whatever, file a bug, poolie has fixed quite a few in this area and is definitely the one to talk to about it17:15
Glenjamin2.1.1 on ubuntu17:15
Glenjamini'll try an upgrade first17:15
vilawow, yes, try an upgrade17:16
vilaGlenjamin: still on lucid ? Try maverick :-D17:16
GlenjaminLTS :)17:16
vilaGlenjamin: use the stable ppa !17:16
Glenjamindon't upgrade servers that aren't broken!17:16
Glenjaminwe do, but we don't update packages very often17:17
vilaGlenjamin: you just said it was broken ! (Ok, I stop :)17:17
Glenjamindunno why I didn't try that first, it's fixed17:17
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dev001@ a 'bzr  multi-pull' in my system_wide_plugins dir, i'm, today, getting a bunch of " ... minimum exported version ..." errors: http://pastebin.com/6YN3sGxw.  Some, not all, of my pulls are failing.  What to do here?19:40
jelmerdev001, is that repeatable? I mean, after you've done that multi-pull don't most errors go away?19:44
dev001jelmer: hm.  took three iterations, but, yes ... the errors are all gone now.  anything to worry about ?19:46
jelmerdev001: no19:47
dev001jelmer: that's what i like to hear :-) thx.19:47
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metaperlhello... it seems that bzr has the concept of revision (http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/MatthewFuller/SpotDocs/PiecesInBrief)  by default which means it's fairly easy to track back in history ... that seems to be missing from git unless you manually do some sort of tagging of each commit?22:21
maxbmetaperl: revision == commit, more or less. I don't understand what difference you are seeing22:28
metaperlmaxb:  it may just be my inability to use github, but I have problems moving back in time to find a file that is no longer in my repository. that being said, I just browsed around on launchpad and tried to move through various revisions of the bzr source and did not find that straightforward either. I might be better off with the old school svn22:30
maxbI don't think it's any easier there22:31
pooliehi maxb, jam22:39
mgzwhat's the easiest way of creating a working tree with bzr over sftp?22:41
pooliefix wts to work over transports? :)22:42
pooliei've been meaning to do that for years :/22:42
mgzheh. I read the note in the push docs, and thought someone might have already done it.22:42
peitschiemorning everybody22:43
mgzis that bug 606249 or is there also an earlier one poolie?22:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 606249 in Bazaar "WorkingTree should use transport (affected: 1, heat: 3)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60624922:45
pooliei don't see why it would actually be all that hard22:47
poolieit is that one, but i wouldn't be surprised if there's an equivalent old bug22:47
mgzbug 44663 also talks about the restriction but isn't about lifting it22:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 44663 in Bazaar "When push can't create a working tree, some basic info should be made available (affected: 0, heat: 0)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4466322:48
pooliemgz i think basically we just need to audit for the places it uses local directory access22:51
thumperabentley: bzrtools is bitching about versions22:51
thumperabentley: just a FYI22:51
pooliecheck all those capabilities are supported by transports, or update them if not22:51
pooliemake sure that it doesn't get substantially slower using a localtransport22:51
poolie(which is basically an aspect of the previous point)22:52
mgzall sounds doable.22:55
jbowtieJust pinging for feedback on my new sphinx theme ( http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2010q4/070526.html )22:55
mgzI like it bar the orange.22:55
mgzI'm not convinced by the ubuntu font for paragraph content, but it's nice for headlines.22:56
jbowtieI'm kind of punting on the color selection until I see the proposed overhaul of the main site - I know someone has been working on it.23:00
jbowtieBut I think we really need to bring the main site, wiki, and documentation together visually.23:00
jbowtiemgz: I could dial back on the ubuntu font for para content, but it actually looks great in print. I'll take a fresh look in a couple of weeks when I'm less besotted with it.23:02
mgzyeah, that's worth doing. twas, emmajane? that did a rehaul of the main site last yearish, I'm not really sure more big changes there are a good plan, but tightening everything up would really help.23:03
jelmer'morning poolie, mgz, jbowtie23:03
mgzhey jelmer.23:04
mgz...just about to ask you about a bug, but launchpad is going down so I'll leave it for next time I remember.23:04
pooliehi there jelmer23:07
peitschiemornin jelmer23:07
jbowtieHi jelmer - it seems to me bzr-svn never has to deal with branch divergence; do you have some magic code that prevents that?23:08
jbowtieEvery time I commit from bzr-tfs subsequent pulls complain about branch divergence for some reason, trying to track that down.23:09
jelmermgz: Ah, yep - I guess it's time for our new release. :-)23:10
jelmerhi peitschie23:10
jelmerjbowtie: bzr-svn sets the branch tip manually when pulling, it has its own code to notice branch divergence23:11
jelmerjbowtie: Which methods are you overriding exactly?23:11
jbowtiejelmer: For branches, just pull and is_compatible23:16
jbowtieMost of the stuff I'm doing is in the repository classes.23:17
jelmerjbowtie: Branch.pull() or InterBranch.pull() ?23:17
jbowtiejelmer: GenericInterBranch.pull() - don't really have a TFS-native representation due to silliness in TFS workings.23:18
pooliehi jbowtie23:19
jbowtiehi poolie, thanks for the feedback on the binary diff/merge stuff.23:20
poolieyou're welcome, thanks for tackling it23:20
pooliei can see the point about just handling big files well but it's not really either/or23:21
jbowtieI agree, but fixing big file support is likely a harder problem - need to rethink repository format for that one.23:23
jbowtieI've also got plans for .xcf files as well - my real driver - but I think tackling archives first will cover a much wider array of use cases.23:25
jbowtiejelmer: Do you know where the branch tip is being set in bzr-svn?  I'm not seeing anything obvious in branch.py23:30
jelmerjbowtie: It should be in InterBranch.update_revisions(), look for a call to self.target.generate_revision_history()23:31
jbowtiejelmer: Found it, thanks. Looks like it is exactly the chunk of logic I need to implement to fix my bug.23:36
jelmerjbowtie: Great. :-)23:37
jelmerjbowtie: Btw, I was wondering whether it was possible to use bzr-tfs against codeplex.com, apparently it runs a Team Foundation Server. Have you tried that?23:38
jbowtiejelmer: I have not tried that yet, I suspect they're running TFS 2010 which bzr-tfs doesn't support yet (though someone submitted a patch I need to review)23:40
jelmerjbowtie: They have a broken (what I assume is a) tfs-to-svn bridge, which is causing strange errors when bzr-svn is used against it.23:40
jelmerjbowtie: Ah, ok.23:40
jbowtiejelmer: I'll have a look at supporting that once I've fixed the disappearing revision bug (revisions make it to the repository but not the branch)23:42
GungaDinwhen cherry picking, will there ever be a way to track history of these revisions in the future? or is it now just like a regular merge of the deltas?23:42
GungaDinor the text?23:42
jbowtieWhich is, you know, kind of an issue...23:42
jbowtieGungaDin: Tracking cherry picks is something on the roadmap for the future. See http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/CherryPick23:45
GungaDinbut when it's done in the future, will it possible for cherry picked revision in the past?23:46
dashbzr, the global causality violating VCS23:46
fullermdCausality?  Bah.  What did it ever do for me?23:47
jbowtieGungaDin: I assume not, but that depends on how it is ultimately implemented. With a cherry-pick we currently preserve the revid but not the ancestry.23:49
jbowtieIn theory you could reconstruct the ancestry via repository forensics.23:49
jbowtieI think I just coined a new job description.23:49
dashjbowtie: please, we prefer to be called "programmer-archaeologists"23:50
jbowtiedash: Depends on whether you consider it a reconstruction of ancient history or solving a case of patricide.23:52
fullermdI think it's more matricide, 'cuz when you find out it happened the first word out of your mouth will be "mother-".23:52
jbowtiefullermd: Actually depends on whether it's the left -hand or right-hand parent that's lost.23:55
jbowtieBesides if it's repository forensics, I can put "Private Eye" on my business cards.  P23:56
fullermdAh, a whole new field of ancestral chirality is opening up.23:56
jbowtieGungaDin: Did that answer your question?23:57

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