jadariteI have tried to use a USB to install ubuntu and edubuntu, but when it boots up, it just lists "Syslinux 3.86.......Peter Anvin et al"  and stalls.  I used the universal USB program as instructed.  Can someone help me try to find the solution to getting this installed?  I have been working on this for 2 days.04:17
jadariteCan you use "UNetbootin" for edubuntu?  I don't see it listed, so it doesn't look like it04:36
jadariteFound the problem.  I have been using an out of date version of the Universal USB Installer program.  Universal-USB-Installer- works06:02
jadarite.3 doesn't06:02
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clintonHi, can anybody tell me if there is anybody in the durban or PMB area, who has a copy of the EDUBunut DVD.  Ive been trying to download it for 4 days now and it keeps on dropping after I have downloaded about 700mbs09:53
highvoltage● Edubuntu Meeting in about 30 minutes19:25
alkisg● ⓞⓚ19:28
highvoltagepity there's no real Edubuntu logo in unicode :)19:29
highvoltage◉ Canonical19:30
highvoltagethat one is easier :)19:30
alkisgI've seen ubuntu written with some pretty unicode characters, maybe mathematical symbols, but I can't find it...19:34
mhall119oh wait, in 30 minutes...20:35
* mhall119 is busy subscribing to the edubuntu uds-n blueprints20:39
mhall119heh, in 30 minutes over an hour ago, i fail20:39
* mhall119 reads the meeting long instead20:48
epaphushello all. Does edubuntu still ship with LTSP preconfigured and ready to be used?  10.04 ?21:17
mhall119doesn't really matter, because you didn't stick around for an answer21:22
mhall119epaphus: I'm pretty sure it still ships with LTSP21:46
highvoltageepaphus: yep, it still ships with ltsp. not automatically configured though, you still have to make at least one extra click during the installation process...22:05
highvoltageepaphus: http://edubuntu.org/documentation/10.10/installation-guide has more details22:06

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