Matissei'm working on some audio problems, but no I read in a guide ( HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support):00:05
MatisseNote 4: Kubuntu users: Don't follow this guide - PulseAudio isn't used in your distribution.00:05
Matissedoes that mean i did install pulseAudio on my own?00:05
James147Matisse: kubuntu 10.10 siwtched to using pulseaudio i beleave00:06
Matissei still have 10.04 :)00:07
James147Matisse: I think it was installed on 10.04, but i dont know much much it was used00:07
Matisseok, so i just ignore that note00:07
smoophHi ... does anybody know if there is some improvment of the audio in the making ... I would like to see something like in windows where I control the sound of single apps00:08
James147I cannot really say, dont know enough about audio in 10.0400:08
Matissesmooph, i think thats already possible, but how easy... dunno00:09
James147smooph: on 10.10 here i get a seperate volumecontrol under "Plaback streams" tab in kmix for each app that uses audio00:11
messerups, sorry00:14
Matisse"The latest release of Skype has native PulseAudio support, and does not require special configuration." that helps a lot :)00:15
* kyubutsu checks it out00:15
Matissealready got this version...00:17
Imants-LVi found wats wrong with my hdd00:19
Imants-LVhow to fxthis error in terminal Disk /dev/sda doesn't contain a valid partition table00:20
Imants-LVhellp please00:23
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DarthFrogImants-LV: If the drive doesn't have a partition table, you'll have to create one before you can use it.00:25
Imants-LVhow to do that?00:25
DarthFrogImants-LV:  You can use partitionmanager to create partitions.00:26
DarthFrogIs it a new drive?00:26
Imants-LVim on live cd and without any os in system00:27
Imants-LVno, its used00:27
DarthFrogImants-LV: Well, when you install Kubuntu, it'll partition the drive then.00:27
Imants-LVbuti dont se this hdd in kubuntuinstaler00:28
DarthFrogBut you can see it from the live cd?00:29
Imants-LVi see it only in terminal00:31
smoophJames147: really ...00:32
smoophmaybe I have to update00:32
Imants-LVhow to upload screenshot?00:32
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DarthFrogImants-LV: Can you run partitionmanager and see the drive there?00:32
Imants-LVim new on linux so i dont know where to find partitionmanager00:33
DarthFrogImants-LV: From the terminal, type "sudo partitionmanager".00:34
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obsoletemanhi, how can I automount fat32 partition on kde startup ?00:35
Imants-LVi got this (sudo: partitionmanager: command not found)00:35
DarthFrogImants-LV: From the terminal, type "sudo apt-get install partitionmanager" and try again.00:36
Imants-LVonly errors ocure :D00:38
Imants-LVImportError: /usr/lib/libgdbm.so.3: cannot read file data: Input/output error00:38
DarthFrogImants-LV: You have odd problems.   Lovely to hear, I know.00:40
DarthFrogImants-LV: If it were me, at this point, I'd power down, pull the plug and then check that all cards are seated properly, that all cables are seated properly, that the CPU fan is making good contact.00:41
Imants-LVok will be back in 10 min :)00:43
obsoletemanI think systemsettings ->removable devices module do not use utf8 to mount vfat partition, is it true?00:45
styles2304Why is access to sama shares only allowed to one user when multiple users are specificed in smb.conf?00:48
styles2304All users also have usernames in linux and samba passwords assigned00:50
Imans-LVhello, im back00:53
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orbitalcommandanyone have a link with tutorial for taking an external harddrive, copying the linux iso to it, and making it ready for boot to install that linux package, all on one page?01:24
Imants-LVhello gaen, im back and i fixed my hdd buti still cant see it in kubuntu instaler01:25
Imants-LVneed help01:25
orbitalcommandif i use software to turn a drive into a linux boot drive, then copy the contents of the iso over unpackaged, can i install linux that way?01:25
orbitalcommandif i install GRML then copy the iso contents over will i be able to install the iso contents (linux)01:27
Imants-LVcan somewan give me terminal comandsto get to patrition manager? pleas01:36
DragnslcrImants-LV- if you don't have a GUI at all, you probably want parted01:46
Imants-LVi can see hdd in file browser now. parted?01:47
Imants-LVi want to try format it trought patrition manager but dont know how to get there01:49
nerdy_kidImants-LV you want to try gparted -- type sudo apt-get install gparted in a terminal01:49
Imants-LVinstaling now01:50
Imants-LVdone. what to do next?01:51
Imants-LVwhere can i find patrition manager?01:53
nerdy_kidLmants-LV either somewhere in your menu or by typing gksu gparted in a terminal01:53
nerdy_kidLmants-LV note that the partition you want to resize/format has to be unmounted -- you can not resize/format the root partition while the system is up.01:54
nerdy_kidif you just want to format a flash disk or something like that then just make sure it is not mounted -- click the eject icon in plasma device manager before started gparted01:55
Imants-LVim on live cd now, i want to instal kubuntu but dont see my hdd in instaler.01:57
Imants-LVwas thinking to format hdd drive with linux partition manage and se wats hapend then01:58
Imants-LVgksu its asking a pasword01:59
nerdy_kidLmants-LV if you click "install kubuntu" then you will get a partition manager as part of the install process01:59
nerdy_kidit is asking for a password and you are on a livecd?02:00
nerdy_kidtry leaving it blank....02:00
Imants-LVnot working02:00
nerdy_kidbut once again if you are going to install kubuntu you dont need a partition manager -- one is built into the installer02:00
nerdy_kidit is a full featured manager too02:01
gr8m8if the live cd asks for a password it indicates a bad burn02:01
Imants-LVin instaler i dont see nothing, its blank window :)02:01
nerdy_kidyeah that shouldnt happen either.  your cd is probably bad02:03
nerdy_kidmake sure you download the newest one from kubuntu.com02:03
Imants-LVi downloaded today and burned on new cd with lowest speed02:04
Imants-LVits must be good inaf02:04
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:05
nerdy_kidLmants-LV you can also write the it to a flash drive, but it is a little more complicated.02:06
Imants-LVfrom flash drive is the same story. can see hdd in terminal and file browser but cant in instaler02:09
Morbiushi, I figured I'd try again today...  I'm attempting to use the control key under konsole.  There aren't any binding for control-enter or control-funtion keys.  I'd add them under "settings - edit profile - input - edit" but I don't know what the output values should be.02:11
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gr8m8Morbius: does   xev   in konsole get you what you want?02:28
MorbiusI switched f12 to xev to test...  xev just outputs xev; \xev automatically updates to \x0ev when I test/apply it which doesn't seem to work (and seems to just type v and make a notify beep)02:32
mbehanHello :)02:41
Morbiushi mbehan02:51
gr8m8Morbius: xev should open a window for you to click into to get the codes for the key you hit02:51
gr8m8I said that wrog02:51
gr8m8Morbius: xev should open a window - then you hit a key - and the terminal shows the codes for the key you hit02:52
Morbiusgr8m8 - forgot about that one... yes, it does open... but it gives the hex codes and not the output value/string02:53
gr8m8Morbius: look for the line - xlookupstring02:54
MorbiusKeyRelease event, serial 34, synthetic NO, window 0x3800001,02:56
Morbius    root 0x1a7, subw 0x0, time 727991917, (204,-98), root:(900,477),02:56
Morbius    state 0x14, keycode 37 (keysym 0xffe3, Control_L), same_screen YES,02:56
Morbius    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:02:56
FloodBotK2Morbius: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
gr8m8Morbius: what key did you hit?02:57
MorbiusI've gotten that for a number of them L_Control, and arrows and such02:58
Morbiusletters give  XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (62) "b"02:59
Morbius(for example)02:59
gr8m8the line that starts state says you hit the left control key02:59
gr8m8kysym hex human readable is how that lists 'em03:00
Morbiusis there a way to translate?03:00
gr8m8to what?03:01
Morbiuskonsole output?03:04
Morbiushow do I take the hex and get konsole to take it as a command?03:04
gr8m8I've never tried that - echo -e hex maybe - you'd have to google for that info if noone here knows03:05
Morbiusecho -e just echo's "-e" for me03:08
Morbiusok, fixed that part, but still just echos the hex as hex03:09
MorbiusI haven't been having a lot of luck with google... but I'll probably try again tmw, thanks03:11
gr8m8here's how to do it in c - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2984307/c-key-pressed-in-linux-console03:12
gr8m8I think that's what you want Morbius ...03:13
jjman6_I have partition that claims its full (i did a du -h ) but  there should be nearly 15Gb free.  Trash is empty.  i can't figure out why its full reporting its full but its not.   It is also being shared via NFS & i was deleting/copying files remotely i think it has to do with this...03:50
msljjman6, Sometimes there is space that is reserved for superuser.  Do you remember the options used to format the partition?04:06
mslOr maybe you have space, but are out of inodes...04:07
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msltune2fs will have more info04:22
gr8m8it's prob the nfs daemon taking its' time to update - happens here too04:23
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oskoolhow do i get the sound to work in10.105:13
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:14
kyubutsukubuntu 10.10 :: what does the plus sign do on folder view05:21
jahy amm quetal los problemas familiares ja mm...05:32
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Guest16455i am a new user05:41
jjman6_msl: its just a default ext4 (non system) partition05:42
Guest16455gotta go05:43
Guest16455bye y'all u dont seem to be talkin05:43
msljjman6, What does   tune2fs -l /dev/sdb2 | grep "Reserved block"   show?05:46
mslOf course, substitute your own partition05:46
mslIf it is greater than 0, you have reserved blocks for (probably) root05:47
jjman6_couldn't find valid filesystem superblock05:48
mslHmmm, you sure you are using the right partition?05:49
jjman6_i used the map partition name05:49
jjman6_not the dev path05:49
msluse the /dev path05:49
jjman6_ah i needed to sudo it.05:50
jjman6_count: 1293934   UID: 0   GID:  005:50
mslSo you have 1293934 blocks reserved for root (UID 0)05:52
mslDoes the df output look different as root?05:52
mslDoesn't look different on my machine.05:53
mslMaybe it won't05:53
jjman6_no.  same05:53
jjman6_thing is it says size: 98gb  Used 93Gb,  Avail: 4k  so even it thinks there ~5gb's free05:54
jjman6_du tells me differently tho.  it says there should be nearly 15Gb free05:54
jjman6_i don't know why root would be reserving any this is just an extra data partiition  /media05:55
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jjman6_i even tried remounting it and it won't let me.  says its busy    (i unmounted the nfs link to it from other computer)05:58
msljjman6, It is just a default when formatting partitions.  I am not sure the design decision behind it.06:13
jjman6_well either way it doesn't account for the 15gb's of missing space06:15
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gr8m8what does   du -hs --apparent-size /path/to/dir   return for it06:46
Shaan7Anyone tried building latest KDE trunk on Kubuntu maverick? For me, if I start any program (e.g. dolphin) from trunk, next time I login, the stable version breaks. kded (stable) fails to start (.xsession-errors http://pastebin.ca/1960681 ). No use even if I delete+recreate my home dir and /tmp, have to reinstall. Anyone else having the problem?07:07
BttocScottBQuestion: If I add kubuntu to my current default Gnome setup, will it work fine still?07:35
BttocScottBI guess I should say, if I add the KDE desktop to Gnome...07:35
bazhangBttocScottB, yes07:35
bazhanginstall kubuntu-desktop package07:35
BttocScottBWhat about sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:36
BttocScottBIf I then boot into KDE, would that REALLY be the same as installing Kubuntu from scratch?07:37
BttocScottB(I mean, except I'll see the apps I have via Gnome).07:38
bazhangwell some menus will be crowded with gnome stuff, but you can adjust that07:38
BttocScottBOk. I think I'll try it.07:38
bazhangwell worth it07:38
BttocScottBWell, let me ask a few more things I guess...07:39
bazhangany of the -desktop packages, as a matter of fact07:39
bazhangedubuntu lubuntu xubuntu ubuntustudio07:39
BttocScottBSince I updated to 10.10, now I see the terminal messages all over the screen briefly when shutting down.07:39
BttocScottBDoes that happen to anyone else?07:39
BttocScottBThey're like, all big, and messy everywhere. Not in a nice list like before.07:40
BttocScottBThis is with Gnome, of course.07:40
BttocScottBbazhang, what do you mean you can adjust the menus? Whatever you do on the menus in KDE will also affect Gnome, won't it?07:45
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HedronHi all, I have a problem with the latest version of Kubuntu in combination with cisco VPN client08:27
Hedroncan anybody help me with this?08:27
Hedronor point me to somewhere I can get help?08:28
HedronI have installed Cisco VPN client and everyting seems OK, I manage to connect to the remote site08:29
Hedronhowever when I try to tunnel X11 over the VPN connection, the whole system freezes with no hope of recovery other than pressing the power button08:30
HedronI cannot use vpnc due to it's limitation about using IPSec TCP08:30
Hedronthe vpn is not under my control and I cannot change it's settings08:31
Hedrononly the settings of the client08:31
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el_since I updates on 10.10. my spellchecker doesn't work09:50
gr8m8it prob missed the dictionary09:51
el_but which one09:51
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gr8m8depends on the app and your language I guess09:51
el_I installed ispell aspell aspell-de hunspell-de-de kde-..-de09:52
el_an so on09:52
gr8m8!find spell09:52
ubottuFound: aspell, aspell-doc, aspell-en, aspell-tl, hspell, hunspell, hunspell-ar, hunspell-da, hunspell-de-at, hunspell-de-ch (and 205 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=spell&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all09:52
el_juhu, many thanks09:56
el_apt-get install spell # and it works09:56
rwwG'day. I have konqueror and kpart-webkit installed on Kubuntu 10.10. How do I make Konqueror default to using the Webkit kpart for web browsing instead of the KHTML kpart? I know how to set it (View -> View Mode), but not how to make it default.10:39
Peace-rww: one moment10:40
Peace-rww: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/12/31/set-webkit-like-default-engine-on-konqueror/10:40
rwwPeace-: that works. Thank you :)10:42
Peace-:) rww10:43
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jjman6_gr8m8: Sry just got back home,  it returns 011:08
koni_hi, when upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 the upgrade-manager simply changed the release names from karmic to lucid in sources.list11:16
koni_why is this changed from 10.04 to 10.10? I run an internal mirror which I would like to use11:17
elimentalNoob user new to Kubuntu, been using Ubuntu for some time. I have a small problem dont know if its a bug11:28
elimentalI have a laptop with 4.1 sound and when I plug in headphones only the front 2 mutes11:29
krakekoni_: lucid is 10.04, not 10.10, so the change seems to beappropriate11:29
elimentalQuestion is there a place in kde where I change the setting?11:30
koni_krake: yes, I mean from lucid (10.04) to 10.10 (maverick)11:30
koni_krake: Normally you would ge this message: Do you want to rewrite your 'sources.list' file anyway? If you choose 'Yes' here it will update all ...11:31
krakekoni_: ah, no idea11:31
koni_krake: thanks anyway11:31
freinhardgot 10.10 here and kopete running. the tray icon disappeared after updating so i checked the config. i then activated the trayicon in "behaviour" again but it doesn't show up. is that related to that messageindicator thingie?11:50
jussifreinhard: yes it is11:55
jussiyoull find kopete in the message indicator - the little envelope11:55
greenmang0yesterday i upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04 since them my "skim" stopped working...it just refuses to start11:59
greenmang0what can be the problem?11:59
greenmang0when i try to start it throught command line it says "kbuildsycoca running...11:59
greenmang0KCrash: Application 'skim' crashing...11:59
greenmang0Could not find 'drkonqi' executable.11:59
greenmang0KCrash cannot reach kdeinit, launching directly.11:59
FloodBotK2greenmang0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
freinhardjussi: yeah, funny thing: without knowing about it you're stuck since the message indicator is disabled in case you do a upgrade and not a fresh install/new profile12:00
jussifreinhard: yeah, good thing we are here to help eh ;)12:00
freinhardso what happens if i close kopete now? like using the X on kopetes main window. last time kopete shut down, which is not what i wanted and how it behaved before.12:02
toonacidDoes anyone by any chance know what packages are related to the login themes? I need to reinstall them because I accidentally deleted /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/12:05
greenmang0toonacid: dpkg -S /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/12:07
greenmang0this gives me "kdm"12:07
greenmang0toonacid: you might try reinstalling kdm12:07
toonacidgreenmang0: I'll see if that works, thanks. I didn't know about that command, guess even people that know a bit are still always learning. :)12:08
greenmang0toonacid: learning is a continuous process :)12:09
toonacidgreenmang0: Did the trick, thanks.12:09
toonacidgreenmang0: Argg, I was pretty sure I had more themes than this. There must be some extra theme package I had installed, hmm..12:14
greenmang0toonacid: kde-kdm-themes ? kdmtheme ?12:15
toonacidgreenmang0: Hmm, those packages aren't coming up in the search. Apt-get says they're referred to by another package, but missing , obsolete, or available elsewhere.12:17
greenmang0toonacid: yeah.. i am using maverick repos.. i don't find that package either12:19
toonacidTracked it down.12:20
toonacidThanks for the help. :)12:20
greenmang0toonacid: thanks for the package name... let me try that ;)12:24
anirudh24sevenupgraded to maverick today. loving it !!12:24
greenmang0can anyboday help me with skim12:26
greenmang0it just refuses to start12:26
greenmang0since i upgraded to maverick12:26
smoophHi I am thinking about trying out 10.10 ... but I hear there are some problems is that correct ?12:27
greenmang0smooph: what problems?12:28
smoophnvidia graphics12:28
elimentalWell I am about to install Nvidia FX drivers12:29
elimentalso if I dont come back it will be confirmed12:29
ayush1how do I integrate the mail notification in the system tray with kmail?12:29
smoophyesterday somebody said that with 10.10 u can finally change the volume per program and not system wide is that correct12:30
toonacidUsed to use NVidia, now I'm on awful onboard, but hey, if there are NVidia problems, I just got saved.12:30
smoophpeople I am asking if there are problems12:31
elimentalNvidia 280 here12:31
smoophnobody confirmed it yet12:31
elimentaldefault install still running smooth I think the problem is with dual monitors12:31
smoophmhh I have dual monitors12:32
elimentalk wish me luck .....12:32
lucidfox<ayush1> how do I integrate the mail notification in the system tray with kmail? <-- What mail notification? The "envelope" messaging menu?12:32
smoophayush1: its a widget called message indicator12:33
ayush1lucidfox and smooph : yes. it doesn't go green when I get a new mail in kmail12:33
lucidfoxDoes KMail appear there at all?12:34
elimentalQuestion awnsered12:35
smoophhow did you update ... manager or repository edit12:37
lucidfoxayush1, in KMail, verify that Settings -> Accounts -> New Mail Notification -> Use message indicator is checked12:37
elimentalNvidia driver from there site12:38
toonacidThe message indicator notifies me everytime someone is typign a mail with Kopete. Notifies me about 3 or 4 times, sorta annoying. :/12:38
toonacidtyping a message with Kopete.*12:38
smooph10.10 is offically out ? isnt it ? why does "do-release-upgrade" give me no new release found?12:39
toonacidsmooph: No idea. But if you apt-get dist-upgrade it'll probably find what you want.12:40
lucidfoxsmooph> might be your settings, since they only display LTS releases by default - follow the official upgrade instructions on kubuntu.org12:40
lucidfoxno, dist-upgrade doesn't update sources.list12:41
toonacidlucidfox: Ah.12:41
smoophI know12:41
smoophthats why I did ... do-release-upgrade12:41
elimentalstill have in problem to solve... dam headphone sencing not working12:41
smoophI will check kubuntu.org12:41
lucidfoxsmooph> See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades/Kubuntu12:43
lucidfoxfor upgrade instructions12:43
ayush1lucidfox: there is no "account" in settings. there is  a "configure notification" in which I have already checked the "notify when new mail arrives" box.12:43
lucidfoxayush1> Accounts is an icon on the left sidebar - maybe it's called differently in the English version, the icon is a folder12:44
lucidfoxin Settings12:44
ayush1lucidfox: in settings, there is no icon folder12:46
lucidfoxayush1> Could you post a screenshot of the settings window?12:46
ayush1lucidfox: you mean the settings menu?12:47
lucidfoxin my KMail, it's the second icon from the top on the left12:47
lucidfoxthe settings *dialog*, in KMail12:47
lucidfoxSettings -> Configure KMail12:47
lucidfoxsorry about the ambiguity12:47
lucidfoxSettings -> Configure KMail -> Accounts -> New Mail Notification -> Use message indicator is checked12:47
ayush1lucidfox: thanks a lot. it works now.12:50
ayush1do I have to check mail manually in kmail or is there a way I can set it to check it automatically every 5 mins?12:54
lucidfoxayush1> There's a setting for that12:54
lucidfoxayush1> In Accounts, select your account and click Modify, then check "Enable interval mail checking"12:55
ayush1alright thanks a lot lucidfox12:56
smooph1I am nervous ... upgrade is almost done13:22
weld3are there any known memory leaks related to Xorg or nvidia drivers in 10.10? when i run KDE the memory usage keeps growing and uses all 3GB RAM, right now the output of top looks something like this:http://pastebin.com/g1B26S8G (sorted by memory usage)13:37
elimentalLol my kde sound problem fixed by installing gnome mixer....13:42
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* vortex|away is away: Gone away for now13:45
v3nd3tta``shining_ can you talk in english please? i don't think anyone can understand your language here :/13:55
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v3nd3tta``no problem :)13:56
=== Guest73350 is now known as seba_
shining_Kubuntu is really quite easily used,nice.....13:58
elb0wI am trying to get my ubuntu install to work however the screen turns off once it goes past boot. After research we found that we made need to make the setting "usedisplaydevice 'DFP'" may enable it as I use DVI. However I do not have a Xorg.conf, how can I make this work?14:13
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jaybomb#kubuntu 10.10 no longer has krfb (desktop sharing) installed by default? Or has it been replaced by something else?14:48
BluesKajjaybomb, , it's still listed in my kmenu /application/internet14:52
jaybombInteresting. I had to install it manually.14:53
jaybombAnd it seems unstable.14:53
pr0xyI'm having issues installing 10.10 via CD. It installs, but it won't boot up from the drive.14:54
pr0xyanyone here?14:56
jaybombWhen I run krfb, there is also no icon in the system tray.  It's just blank space. Anyone seeing this issue?14:56
pr0xyI'm having issues installing 10.10 via CD. It installs, but it won't boot up from the drive.14:56
jaybombPr0xy what happens when it tries to boot?14:57
pr0xyhangs at bios.14:57
pr0xyman, this channel is quiet.14:57
jaybombIs it a dual boot system or just kubuntu?14:59
JeroenDeDauwJust installed 10.10 - what's the normal approach to getting my second monitor to show an extended desktop?14:59
JeroenDeDauwI managed to do this on my previous install, but it took me a while, and apparently it could be done easier with the newer versions...14:59
pr0xyno idea.15:00
alvinjaybomb: krfb is an optional package. Maybe it wasn't in earlier releases. You can check that with $ aptitude show krfb (aptitude is also optional now, in order to make room on the CD)15:00
ToxinPoweJeroenDeDauw: if you use NVIDIA propietary, nvidia-settings15:00
JeroenDeDauwToxinPowe: Right, thanks :)15:01
alvinjaybomb: xrandr15:01
alvinHmm, no. That message was for JeroenDeDauw. You can choose between twinview and xrandr15:02
JeroenDeDauwToxinPowe: Do I need TwinView or "Seperate X screen" for extended desktop?15:02
BluesKajpr0xy, how old is your pc ?15:02
pr0xyless than 5 years.15:03
BluesKajbut more than 4 ?15:03
pr0xyI don't remember. never had problems with 10.0415:03
pr0xyWhy are you asking?15:05
BluesKajpr0xy, my desktop is 5 yrs old and on 10.04 I used the alternate-install , which is text based . like the older debians , but recognizes older hardware better than the live cd15:05
pr0xywhat hardware stuff? gpu?15:05
BluesKajI had the the same symptoms as you ...yes the graphics card is an ati x200m15:06
pr0xymy gpu is a gt 240. got it in august15:07
BluesKajthen it might be too new15:08
ToxinPoweJeroenDeDauw: it works?15:08
pr0xyworks in 10.0415:08
BluesKajnvidia has some issues with 10.10 , pr0xy15:08
pr0xyand XP.15:08
pr0xywhat do i do, then? my old card was a GeForce 4 MX400015:09
Renovatiohi, i recently brought a DVI monitor (my video card supports it) and linked monitor-card with a dvi-d (SL) cable but now i cannot set resolution upper to 1280x1024_60 neither throught kubuntu settings nor through nvigia-settings...can someone help me?15:09
pr0xyso what can I do to use 10.10 from CD?15:11
BluesKajpr0xy, do a search on google-linux for the proper driver , but I would try the alternate-install . It still has a broader range of options15:11
pr0xywhere do I get it? does it work for nvidia cards?15:12
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal15:13
cg_hello, i installed kubuntu10.10, and i got a widget called microblogger on the desktop, any introduction on it ?15:14
pr0xyMy BIOS says my processor is EM64T. Can I use the 64 bit install?15:16
Picipr0xy: Yes.15:16
pr0xywould you recommend using 64 bit?15:17
abadr_cg_, I don't use that widget but it's a client for twitter and identi,ca. Do you use any of those services?15:18
pr0xyalways use 64 bit?15:19
jjman6i always do.  there's no reason to use 32bit.15:20
jjman664bit has been around for over 10yrs15:20
SH0xis there any advanted of installing nvidia driver from nvidia website comparing to default ones that came with kubuntu?15:20
cg_abadr_, not so far. i get a little trouble to visit twitter, cause im behind the gfw, the damm thing. thank you15:20
ubottuTo change the default application for a filetype, go to Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure and then hit "File Associations" (KDE 3), or System Settings -> Advanced -> File Associations (KDE 4). To change your default file manager, change the "inode/directory" and "inode/system_directory" filetypes.15:20
jaybombIs there an alternative desktop sharing client to krfb? Krfb crashe's on start very often.15:21
alvinpr0xy: I think a lot of people still have that video card around. It was a very popular model. I use the Matrox G450 (was also very popular), but that one can't even boot the livecd.15:21
JeroenDeDauwToxinPowe: I had to manually copy the stuff to the file, as the control panel apparently fails at that, but apart from that it went smoothly :)15:21
pr0xywhich card? the GT240?15:22
ToxinPoweJeroenDeDauw: maybe you have to can write the file (sudo) previously, but ok ;)15:22
pr0xyalvin, which card of mine are you referring to? the GT240 or the MX4000?15:23
alvinThe MX :-)15:23
BluesKajSH0x, nvidia has pretty good support in linux , what's your issue ?15:23
JeroenDeDauwToxinPowe: I did kdesu the control panel, and also chmod'ded the file to 777, neither of which made the thing un-fail.15:24
ToxinPoweJeroenDeDauw: okey15:24
pr0xyoh, I don't like it. It can't run portal or any of my games under XP. :(15:24
SH0xBluesKaj: just wandering which driver will work better for hd video on mplayer (ex. with vdpau)15:25
BluesKajSH0x, which nvidia card?15:25
SH0x8600 GT15:25
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BluesKajthe nvidia-current driver works fine with 8 series , SH0x ..I'm using with 7600gt with HD on our plasma tv without problems15:27
SH0xBluesKaj: current-driver - you mean deafult which came with kubuntu?15:28
SH0xok thanks15:29
BluesKajmplayer isn't my fav player anymore , I've been using the dragon player it's simpler to use for my family , SH0x15:30
JeroenDeDauwMeh! I named my machine "O.o" during Kubuntu install, but it's showing up as just "O" :(15:32
SH0xBluesKaj: ok but im quite doubt that dragon will handle 1080p15:33
SH0xi gues ill need do some benchamrks15:34
bulldog98Hi guys15:35
bulldog98I have an problem with my keyboard it’s not working anymore (tryed an otherone and the same result) with an other kubuntu computer it works15:36
BluesKajSH0x, dragonplayer can run 1080p without problems15:38
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SH0xbulldog98: i had just an issue with logging in, couldnt input name/pass, but i past it by clicking OK with mouse, then got WRONG PASS and then got the chance to type name pass15:39
smoophUpgrade successful15:39
smoophnice ;)15:39
SH0xBluesKaj: how many ram u have on machine?15:40
bulldog98SH0x: I’ve got autologin enabled, so it won’t work15:40
cg_the new kde is awesome , i love it !15:43
smoophI love the audio-mixer ... sound per app is a must and we finally have it :)15:44
BluesKajSH0x, 3G RAM15:50
elimentalIs there a facebook chat add-on for Kopete?15:54
pr0xyhow do I tell which Hard drive is which in the install?15:55
elimentalIts should tell you before and after what partitions in on the drive15:56
BluesKajpr0xy, in the terminal sudo fdisk -l15:56
pr0xyIt doesn't tell me which one has XP on it!15:57
BluesKajntfs is xp15:57
pr0xyThere are 2 ntfs drives?15:57
elimentalpr0xy: I take it you have live disk?15:58
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BluesKajpr0xy, pastebin the output from fdisk -l pls15:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:59
pr0xyI'm trying the alternalte install right now!15:59
BluesKajpr0 use the the largest partition marked ext4, one will be a swap16:01
elb0wJust installed Kubuntu and im getting "Geom Error" now16:01
elimentalI take it he has 2 x ntfs drives one with Windoze and one that is empty and he want to install Kubuntu on?16:01
elimentalbest selution boot windows and delete the partition that you want16:02
elimentaland then come to kubuntu install and select the drive with no partition16:02
pr0xyone's got XP, One's a backup, and there's a third that I want to install to. It doesn't show up, though.16:04
pr0xyso, how do I install from the alternate disk or live cd? the alternate won't even display the hard drive I want Kubuntu on.16:06
Scunizipr0xy: should.. are you in the live environment and looking for the drive you want to install on?16:08
pr0xynot anymore.16:08
Scunizipr0xy: ok.. were you?16:08
pr0xyno, i was in the alternate install disk.16:09
kyubutsurekonq | clear browsing history fail16:09
pr0xyi'll switch to live?16:09
Scunizipr0xy: and during the partitioning section did it show sda / sdb etc?16:09
Scunizipr0xy: no need to switch to live16:10
Scunizipr0xy: ok.. sda is one drive.. sdb is another drive sdc would be a third.. sda1 is the first partition on drive 1 etc.16:10
pr0xyshould I go back to alternate disk install? i'm in 10.04 on a usb now.16:10
Scunizipr0xy: the usb is a live cd environment.. you can stay there if you want16:11
pr0xyno it's a full install on an external drive.16:11
Scunizipr0xy: ah.. well. did I answer your question about the drives?16:12
BluesKajpr0xy, you should have mentioned that before .. :(16:12
* BluesKaj takes a break16:13
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pr0xynot really, I need to find which internal drive is called backup hd. and I don't see backup hd. it's maxtor with a bunch of digits or wd and a bunch of random digits.16:13
kyubutsui like rekonq but just like konq it doenst do everything .. so, back to chromium until the kde team learns more tips from google  :(16:14
pr0xyso, what do I need to do to get the drive's name?16:15
Scunizipr0xy: is the drive currently formatted and if so with what filesystem?16:16
kyubutsujust browse drive content until find the info you need then look at name16:16
pr0xyhow do I find out? i don't see a disk utility of any sort16:17
kyubutsuhow do you know the drive isnt mounted16:17
jmichaelxcan anyone tell me how to change which browser is used when a link is clicked in thunderbird? i have FF set in default applications in system settings... also, it used FF just fine before upgrading to maverick16:17
viviahi... if i leave the dist-upgrade window running and lock the screen to go home, will i find it safe when i'm back or will i be locked out of my session?16:18
kyubutsujmichaelx: it is sensical to assume whatever is your default browser is what will be opening web links16:18
pr0xyI don't know if it is mounted or not. I think it is. i can browse drive contents in dolphin.16:18
jmichaelxkyubutsu: yes, it is sensical, but it is not working that way16:19
pr0xyhow do I tell if it's mounted?16:19
jmichaelxkyubutsu: i failed to mention that it is using konqueror.... i want it to use FF, sorry about that16:19
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pr0xyhow do I tell if it's mounted?16:21
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kyubutsujmichaelx: am currently on 10.10 but there should be a settings option inside thunderbid for that..16:21
jmichaelxkyubutsu: if there is, i have not been able to locate it. as i said, i am also currently in maverick16:22
kyubutsukontact uses kmail . not thunderbird16:23
BluesKajpr0xy, the best thing for you to do is download and burn gparted live cd and use it to find and format the partitions you need to install to .16:23
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php16:23
pr0xywell, I can install from the CD it doesn't work, though.16:24
jmichaelxkyubutsu: yes, but i do not use kontact16:24
pr0xywhen I boot it up from the hard drive.16:24
kyubutsujmichaelx: i guess my point is i cannot help with thunderbird 'cause i dont have it16:24
jmichaelxBluesKaj: did you order that video card?16:24
BluesKajpr0xy, it seems to me that you don't know how to read a partition table , i suggest you go on google/wiki and read about partition tables.16:25
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i just happened to see a sale on geforce 210 cards, will message you in offtopic, if you are there16:26
pr0xyI don't know how to read it without a disk utility, and the live CD doesn't install.16:26
pr0xyI'm using a gt240 card.16:27
BluesKajjmichaelx, not yet , I'm still debating :)16:27
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pr0xyok. I read up on partition tables, but that isn't helping.16:34
pr0xydang it.16:35
Scunizi!manual | pr0xy Perhaps this will help16:41
ubottupr0xy Perhaps this will help: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:41
pr0xynot helpful :(16:44
kyubutsuask in #linux .. lots of keyboard cowboys there16:46
kyubutsuerr, ##linux16:47
kyubutsurekonq fails to playback some embedded video even after installing kubuntu-restricted -extras!17:02
kyubutsuwish it didnt and i wouldnt have to go back to chromium .. also, importing bookmarks from chromium was a fail17:03
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Cato37hello room.17:17
Cato37oops. sorry. old habits die hard.17:17
Cato37i have upgraded to 10.10. is there a page that shows how to change rekonq so that it seperates the url from the search fields?17:19
Galvatron_2Sorry in advace, but main Ubuntu channel is lie a midst of a tornado. My issue is not related to any particular desktop enviroment, or at least so I guess. My Ubuntu 9.10 freezes during desktop loading almost every single time I turn on the machine and sometimes also after reboot/reset). The cause seem to be my USB Modems (tested both Sagem F@st 8000 and Thomson SpeedTouch 330): http://pastebin.com/hQ1Mdd69 - unfortunately theres almost 17:19
Galvatron_2Google about this.17:19
dillzz_DPMS help anyone???? http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=7afc8840a87d78140db6b8007cce0bcf&t=15602617:23
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gomateshwari am having  problem with NIC. its not getting detected. lspci shows 02:02.0 Ethernet controller: Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Device ffff (rev 01)17:33
whysoseriousHow d'ya17:38
whysoseriousDid your IP appear too into your login?17:39
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ironsightis there a way to make rekonq show the install plugins screen again, the first time it did, I had apt installing some stuff?17:44
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jschallMy volume control in meerkat is really laggy18:11
jschallI'll change the volume and it'll take effect 5-10 seconds later18:11
jschalland it makes it really annoying, i've turned it up too far and had to yank the speaker cable a few times now18:11
jschallanyone else with this problem?18:12
Machtinjschall: i recall havin that..18:12
jschallMachtin: i recall having it a long time ago too18:12
jschallMachtin: but now it's back18:12
jschallit's probably pulseaudio's fault18:13
Machtini agree on blaming pulseaudio ;) no clue whether removing works.18:13
Machtinhowever, i don't have it anymore.. so it was fixed by some update.18:13
Machtinor something i did, which i didn't know i did.. which i doubt18:13
jschallMachtin: this was in meerkat?18:14
Machtinyup, but alpha18:14
jschallMachtin: mmm.18:14
Machtinhowever.. anyone got a hint on how to change my brightness on my notebook? (lenovo z360)18:14
jschallwhat's the ppa for the kde 4.5.2?18:14
Machtinit's not quite perfect to have it run on full brightness when i need some battery charge left for 2 hours of university :)18:15
Machtinuhm, no clue to be honest18:15
Machtinhave you tried removing pulseaudio jschall?18:16
JeroenDeDauwI'm having troubles finding the linux driver for a canon mp250 - can anybody with superior Google skills help me out here? :)18:19
Peace-JeroenDeDauw: ?18:22
Peace-JeroenDeDauw: canon printer?18:22
JeroenDeDauwPeace-: Yeah18:22
Peace-ok there is a database18:22
Peace-just a moment18:22
Peace-JeroenDeDauw: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/buy-linux-compatible-stuff/ there is printer database18:23
Peace-JeroenDeDauw: you need to download a ppd file18:23
Peace-then ...18:23
Peace-just go with the browser  http://localhost:631/18:24
Peace-and you can install a printer with cup's web interface18:24
Peace-there is an option where you can set your ppd file18:24
Peace-if  you are not able to find it in the printer databse...18:25
Peace-there is a BIG problem18:25
JeroenDeDauwPeace-: Can you direct link to the database?18:32
Peace-JeroenDeDauw: omg .. i have written that page just because i don't want write and search the samething 1000times18:35
jschallpresent windows freezes my netbook every time. amarok is still playing though18:36
JeroenDeDauwPeace-: I can't find the driver I need via the links on the page you linked18:37
JeroenDeDauwI found over 9000 others, but that doesn't help me18:37
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tom___I used lucid and the knetworkmanager in system tray. By installation of Maverick it disappeared. Network is working, even wireless. But I have no icon for that anymore. I read that a plasma-widget replaced the knetworkmanager. But I cannot see it and also cannot add this widget (even it seems to be installed "lates version ..."). Has anyone of you an idea on that?18:56
bloodsmithAnyone know of a good .cbr reader? GTK didnt work with the files I had.18:59
bowserhi all, is it possible to glabally change, whether Kubuntu will show me MiB or MB?19:06
glaucehi folks. I've just installed kubuntu 10.10. I am now trying to install kdegames from kubuntu dvd. I could do it when in live-cd, but I can't do it through kpackagekit. can you gimme a clue?19:11
glauceI get a (!) fail on network...19:12
glauceI thought it was simple as starting kpackakit and inserting the dvd, but it seems I was wrong...19:17
bowserglauce, is your networking enabled? check the network widget/plasmoid in the panel19:19
glaucebowser: I think so.19:20
glaucethere's a icon saying for updates...19:20
bowserglauce: click on the network icon, you can disable wifi and networking in general19:21
glaucebowser: I really can't see network icon... but I'm here... weird...19:22
glauceglauce: okay, found it. A little cell phone... what may I do?19:23
glauceglauce: disable it?19:23
glauceglauce: but kpackagekit doesn't get software right from the dvd?19:23
glaucethe error: E: Error cdrom://Kubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Release i386 (20101008)/ maverick/main bomber i386 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu219:25
glauceFile not found19:25
glauceAnd I could install it when in live-dvd... weird, ins't it?19:25
seank_Hi, where can I set a socks proxy in Kubuntu 10.10?  Kopete won't work.  There is no socks proxy field in network proxy settings.19:26
seank_Ubuntu, however, has a socks proxy field for its network proxy settings19:26
m_tadeuhi...what do I have to do in order to have file tags for nepomuk?19:37
dolioYou need to turn nepomuk on. It's "Desktop Search" under the system settings.19:38
m_tadeuIt's on...but the input for tagging doesn't show up in the pannel19:39
dolioIn dolphin, you mean?19:39
dolioI'm afraid I don't know, then.19:40
m_tadeuthanks :) anyone else have any advice?19:40
seank_Anyone know how to set a socks proxy in kubuntu?19:43
timd_hey people I never used this.  How is everybody?19:50
James147!hi | timd_19:50
timd_I'm just wasting a little time at the gig.19:51
glaucehi folks. After installing, how can I install software fro kubuntu dvd? is there a tutorial about it? I simply can't do it using kpackagekit...19:55
bowserglauce: sorry, I've never installed anything from the dvd19:58
glaucebowser: what I found too weird is that I can install software easily from it when in dvd-live mode... can't do the same when the system is installed... nonsense...19:59
James147glauce: you should be able to enable the repo on the dvd from in kpackagekit20:00
glauceJames147: And how am I supposed to do that? I've already tried it...20:01
James147glauce: what version of kubuntu are you suiong?20:03
James147using ^^20:03
glauceJames147: 10.1020:03
Machtini want to adjust my screen brightness on kubuntu.. applet's there but doesn't have any effect. it's on my notebook (leonovo z360)20:03
glauceJames147: I've just installed it.20:03
Machtinany suggestions?20:03
James147kpackagekit > settings (tab on the left) > edit origins > other software > check the entry for the cd/dvd20:05
ubuntumHello, need some help with AD on Linux. I have AD authentication working, but login is very slow, cached login isn't working, and I can't login to local accounts when disconnected from the network. Thanks!20:06
slooksterpsvthis is the freenode.net irc right?20:07
rwwslooksterpsv: yes20:08
slooksterpsvok KDE is awesome, it was just the upgrade that fubar'ed my system, this is working really well, I'm so surprised20:09
tom___has anyone an idea because of a disappered knetwork icon in the system tray after update to Maverick?20:11
glauceJames147: I've installing rekonq extras, kpackagekit locked. Next, I'll try it. thanks.20:11
tom___network is working, but there is no icon and i have no control over it20:12
James147tom___: the widget should have been installed, which uninstalls knetworkmanager, add it back by right clicking the panel/desktop > add widgets > search for "Network Managment" and drag it back (or right click the systray > sstray settings and add it through that)20:13
maxhi all20:14
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tom___James147: Thank you very much!!20:16
tom___it worked.20:16
trichardhey, after upgrading my KDE packages to 4.5.2 on 10.10 plasma doesn't seem to start anymore20:16
tom___I thought that I had already tried that20:16
tom___but have not found the right one20:16
tom___Anyway: Thanks!!20:17
Guest30845whats problem trichard20:17
James147trichard: can you start it in a terminal? (run "plasma-desktop")20:17
slooksterpsvI may be a KDE Fan lol, Gnome is amazing I love Gnome, but KDE 4.5 they've really done well on, it's all so fluid, everything just works so well! I'm going to hang in here in case I run into issues.20:17
trichardJames147: no20:17
trichardError message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown" : " "The name org.kde.plasma-desktop was not provided by any .service files" "20:18
James147trichard: then does it give an error?20:18
Guest30845slooksterpsv yes20:18
trichardJames147: That's all it gives20:18
Guest30845gnome is amazing20:18
James147trichard: hmm, I dont think they are fatial errors20:18
James147glauce: then go to #ubuntu20:19
James147Guest30845: ^^ sorry20:19
trichardJames147: plasma-desktop: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/kde4/ion_wunderground.so: undefined symbol: _ZN12IonInterface14resetCompletedEPS_b20:19
trichard<unknown program name>(5310)/: Communication problem with  "plasma-desktop" , it probably crashed.20:19
trichardthat might be the problem20:19
glauceJames147: ?20:19
James147trichard: create a new user and see if it starts for them20:19
trichardprobably has something to do with yawp's dataengines20:19
Guest30845oky thnx20:19
James147glauce: tab completed the wrong name sorry :)20:20
glauceJames147: okay. :)20:20
slooksterpsvWhen I move windows around in KDE it seems jittery20:20
trichardJames147: Removing yawp helped, i think yawp needs an update :)20:20
slooksterpsvthat's better =D20:23
glauceJames147: dvd is installed as cdrom...20:26
j_triphello kubuntu20:27
j_tripthree cheers for a great kubuntu release :)20:32
BajKdoes anybody know an imaging program that can print out files in a specific printout size, like the image is 2800x900 pixels and i want it printed out as 140x450mm20:34
BajK(gimp is broken so far)20:34
BluesKajBajK, not sure , but check out imagemagick20:35
crunch2Hi, i have installed kubuntu 10.10 on my netbook, every time i reboot he keeps changing between the netbook interface and the regular desktop. How can i set by default to start with the "regular" desktop?20:42
BluesKajcrunch2, netbook interface ?20:43
BajKIs it normal that since 4.5 screensaver stops when the password dialog appears on a locked workstation?20:45
crunch2BluesKaj: yes20:45
j_tripcruch2, i think there is a setting in the 'system settings' under workspace that specifies if kde is configured for netbook versus desktop20:47
j_tripotherwise are you referring to the search and launch activity?20:48
crunch2j_trip: i checked and it there, but it would be ok, if it would assume that value by default :)20:51
slooksterpsvQuestion, how do I make it to where pidgin contact sign ins don't show in the notification try, I'd only like it to show them in there when someone ims me20:52
j_tripcrunch2: yeah I guess that it's odd that it seems to be alternating, have you done a significant update, whereas maybe you could be flipping between two different versions of the system pre and post update?20:53
slooksterpsvnvm got it, found the area in pidgin where I can change that20:54
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BluesKajcrunch2, maybe the login page menu has a choice20:57
crunch2j_trip: nop, i installed it from scratch and then updated20:58
crunch2BluesKaj:  i have searched but haven't found. thks21:00
cragdorHi all, i'm having a little trouble, booting a fresh install of kubuntu 10.10, with nvidia software raid. I don't thing grub is finding the kernel/partition21:03
BluesKajcrunch2, what are the choices in the menu on the login page ?21:03
BluesKajcragdor, nvidia software raid ?21:04
cragdorBlueKaj, Yeah nvidia fake raid21:04
James147cragdor: Fake raid dosent work very well in linux21:05
cragdorI got it working very well with 10.04, but i just did a fresh install to get rid of some components i installed form src, and i can't remember what i did with 10.0421:06
BluesKajgawd , I havent used a raid controller for over 10 yrs , forgot about it21:10
crunch2BluesKaj:  under system administration tab21:10
cragdorFound this going to give it a go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:10
crunch2BluesKaj: i cant find nothing related to the default interface21:10
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BluesKajcrunch2, I just do a plain dual boot but I'm running just one hdd21:11
BluesKajoops sorry wrong  guy21:11
BluesKajcragdor, are you running multiple hdds ?21:12
cragdorYes, two HD's Raid0, pationed four times as Root, Home, Swap, WindowsXP(Games)21:13
slooksterpsvKubuntu seems jittery, on like flash, moving windows, etc. do I need to reinstall my graphics card driver? it was installed in Gnome, but I've since added KDE via apt-get install kubuntu-desktop - so should I reinstall the graphics driver?21:14
glauceIs it possible to install kdegames from maverick dvd to hdd?21:14
cragdorBluesKaj, Yes, two HD's Raid0, pationed four times as Root, Home, Swap, WindowsXP(Games)21:14
cragdorBluesKaj, I don't think grub is loading dmraid, so it can't find the fakeraid21:16
BluesKajslooksterpsv, no the same driver should work for gnome and kde21:16
slooksterpsvhmmm seems sluggish is all for doing things that run fast in gnome21:16
BluesKajcragdor, maybe a Hardware raid controller is worth looking at21:17
cragdorBlueKaj, Possibly but i know it works, as it use to work with 10.04 before the wipe, and it has a lot of work on it21:18
BluesKajslooksterpsv, you could try installing kubuntu-restricted-extras for flash etc21:18
cragdorBlueKaj, If the installer picks it up fine, and installs onto the disks then it should work surely. Perhaps when i get it working i will document21:19
slooksterpsvI've installed the restricted extras already hmm21:19
BluesKajJames147, are you able to help cragdor , I'm not familiar with raid / fake raid setups21:19
James147BluesKaj: all I know is fake raid is a pain in linux :)21:20
BluesKajJames147, right :)21:20
cragdorBluesKaj, James147 - Lol, yeah it was last time. But at least this time it installed grub correctly onto the partition, I get grub, just not Kubuntu21:21
BluesKajyeah slooksterpsv , but I'm not sure if the ubuntu and kubuntu-restricted-extras cover graphics etc on differnt DEs21:22
BluesKajslooksterpsv, they don't I run both gnome and kde , and ubuntu-restricted-extras just upgrade whereas , kubuntu-restricted-extras didn't21:25
BluesKajerr upgraded21:25
kalibHi people. How can I install kivio on Kubuntu? Didn't find it on aptitude.21:32
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.21:33
kalibBluesKaj, I already have KDE. I need kivio. :/21:35
BluesKajsorry kalib , that was for my benefit , I'm exploring the differences in media on kde and gnome21:36
kalibAnyone knows how can I install kivio on Kubuntu?21:37
BluesKajkalib, http://linuxappfinder.com/package/kivio21:38
j_tripin the Device Viewer in KInfocenter my netbook's wlan1 is listed and it displays the mac address however the network connection widget lists the wlan interface as unavailable, is it still probably a driver issue?21:38
BluesKajnp, kalib ,google-linux is your friend21:39
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klaxiank3b seems to stop burning disks after the first layer has been burned.  any ideas?22:09
thechrisI need help finding my network printer22:14
thechriskde4 doens't seem to make this easy like previous versions22:14
BluesKajklaxian, make sure layer jumps is an option in k3b / settings/configure/devices22:14
akR4hi here.22:16
klaxianBluesKaj: checking22:18
j_tripjust in case anyone else has an hp 210, yes you need to run updates and then look for restricted drivers the STAs worked great for me22:18
klaxianBluesKaj: i don't see that in Devices.  it just shows my writer drive and its automatically detected capabilities22:19
klaxianBluesKaj: i have k3b 2.0.122:20
BluesKajklaxian, yeah , the default cdrom shows up in devices , but I can't think of why the double layer doesn't burn , maybe you could try a different burn app , check kpackagekit22:21
klaxianBluesKaj: it burns the first layer then stops with I/O error.  it used to work in Kubuntu 10.04, though I'm not sure if this is specifically related to the upgrade or not22:22
BluesKajklaxian, could be , sorry but I seldom burn dvd.cds anymore , having put a lot of our media on a server22:28
klaxianok thanks22:28
BluesKajand usb22:28
komandergreetings...I'm new to this...can someone help22:34
bulldog98!ask | komander22:34
ubottukomander: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:34
cragdorHi all, Anyone else getting issues with NVIDIA prop driver and Kubuntu 10.1022:37
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pibarnasis kubuntu dvd install software installable after kubuntu installon a hdd? How? I can't figure it out.22:42
slooksterpsvok figured out why it was so slow, I reinitialized my xorg.conf file as it wasn't taking full use of my ati graphics card, so I did the following: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.back && sudo aticonfig --initial   everything is running so much better, faster, etc.22:46
bulldog98pibarnas: go to kpackagekit22:46
bulldog98pibarnas: settings22:47
pibarnasbulldog98: ?22:47
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bulldog98pibarnas: I discribe you how to add your DVD as a Software Source, so you can install software from it22:48
pibarnasbulldog98: okay.22:48
pibarnasbulldog98: that's exactly what I need.22:48
pibarnasbulldog98: I can't use it.22:48
bulldog98pibarnas: kpackagekit-> settings-> ... sources22:49
pibarnasbulldog98: okay...22:49
bulldog98pibarnas: other software22:50
bulldog98add cd22:50
bulldog98then reload your software sources and it should use your dvd22:54
bulldog98DVD has to be in your DVD-Reader22:54
pibarnasbulldog98: nevertheless the dvd is mounted on volumes, kpackagekit shows an error mounting cdrom...22:54
pibarnasbulldog98: do I have to edit a file, such as fstab? dvd is being mounted correctly despite this fact.22:54
pibarnasbulldog98: it is on dvd-reader.22:55
m_tadeuhi...I copyed a folder full of documents to another foler, but the metadata from nepomuk is not copied...is there a way to sync this data?23:40
styles2304I have smb.conf setup to allow multiple users to connect. Each user in smb.conf is an actual linux user, has a samba password, and belongs to the group that the share is owned by. However, I can't connect with any but the linux admin account. What is preventing me from connecting with multiple users?23:56

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