kklimondahey, what's happening with recipes? I have "No suitable builders" and last build has been done 2 weeks ago.00:02
wgrantkklimonda: Which build?00:02
kklimondahttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kklimonda/+recipe/transmission-daily/+build/4256 and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kklimonda/+recipe/transmission-daily/+build/425700:03
wgrantHmmm, that is interesting.00:04
wgrantkklimonda: I'm investigating. For some reason the queue record for those builds has gone missing.00:16
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kklimondawgrant: ok, thanks00:18
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kmiksii need help!02:13
wgrantWhat's the trouble?02:14
kmiksiI have 2 accounts in launchpad and I try to merge02:14
kmiksibut.... one account is broken (server is down..) and I can not confirm the email to merge, and I can't login in this account02:16
wgrantkmiksi: Are you likely to regain access to that email address in the near future?02:17
kmiksino, I think that I lost my account. but I have a second email in this "broken" launchpad, and it works02:20
kmiksibut it is not enough, it seems02:21
kmiksiI only want to merge them02:22
wgrantspm: ^^02:23
wgrantSo you have access to an email address on both accounts?02:32
wgrantkmiksi: And what happens when you enter the email address that you have access to on https://edge.launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge?02:33
kmiksibut I can't login on my first launchpad account (for some reason), here I have one broken mail and one working mail02:35
kmiksito merge, I have to confirm both email02:35
kmiksiI can't login at ~kmiksi account02:38
kmiksiI login on my ~kmiksi2 account, and try to merge02:38
kmiksi  -> here I must to confirm the merge on all mails from ~kmiksi, but i can't02:38
wgrantWell, a LOSA should be able to help you out if you have access to one of the email addresses.02:39
kmiksihow should I proceed to contact?02:42
wgrantspm may be lunching at the moment, I suspect.02:43
spmfetching wife from shops, but near enough02:45
kmiksispm: can you help me?03:04
spmkmiksi: yes, but doing about 4 things at once atm. I will get to, just busy. :-)03:05
kmiksierror when trying to login:03:26
kmiksiSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.03:26
kmiksiWe’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.03:26
kmiksi(Error ID: OOPS-1747L170)03:26
kmiksi    * Return to the Launchpad front page03:26
spmkmiksi: so first part. you kmiksi account is ... really odd.03:26
spmoh yes! :-) it's displaying as being disabled, yet is showing as an active account in the admin pages. which is ... um... broken.03:27
spmkmiksi: what's the end goal you're trying to achieve here? have the '~kmiksi' accuont be your launchpad account?03:28
spmI thinking that renaming the existing ~kmiksi to ~kmiksi-please-help-broken; and kmiski2 to kmiksi. But given the state of the original... I'm really not game. It looks like we've got shannanigans in the data.03:30
spmmy 2c at this stage - I'll log a bug for you/on your behalf for this. and leave the state as is for now. I think we need to get someone to wtf this.03:30
spmI could maybe force a merge, but again; given the existing weirdness? all bets are off.03:31
kmiksiok, if you rename the ~kmiski2 to ~kmiksi I will thank you03:33
spmheh, oki.03:34
kmiksithank you :D03:34
kmiksireally, thanks03:34
spmkmiksi: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kmiksi && https://edge.launchpad.net/~kmiksi-broken03:36
kmiksigood job :D03:37
kmiksinice day for all03:40
jtvfta: the chromium translations went into the branch this time.  They look OK to me, but do let me know if there are any problems I can help with.08:46
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persiaHello.  ndec is reporting that uploads into a private PPA aren't dispatching builds.  Is anyone available to investigate that?09:26
wgrantpersia: Private archive builds are only dispatched once the source is published.09:26
wgrantHow long has it been?09:26
persiandec, ?09:27
ndec45 min09:27
ndecit's an ARMel PPA09:27
wgrantI see one job in the armel queue.09:27
ndecin this specific case, I have not modified the source, I am using the orig.tar.gz from main archive, and only making changes in the debian/ stuff09:28
wgrantIs there just the one build?09:28
persiaThat oughtn't affect it.09:28
ndecbuild number for my job is 199592009:28
ftajtv, ack. i'll have a look later today. at least the filenames look ok (except that pot are not exported, but it's not a problem for me)09:28
wgrantbigjools: ^^09:29
bigjoolsnoted, will look in a bit09:30
persiawgrant, bigjools Thanks.09:30
bigjoolsit's building09:32
wgrantMaybe the publisher was just really slow.09:32
wgrantIt has been today.09:32
ndecwgrant: persia: bigjools: the build just started. in fact I was not really suspecting a bug, but I would like at least to understand how this works? what can prevent a build from starting if at least 1 builder is idle?09:32
bigjoolsprobably :/09:33
bigjoolsndec: what wgrant said 5 minutes ago09:33
ndecbigjools: but I did not upload sources, since I patched an existing package reusing the orig tarball from main archive09:34
wgrantndec: Before a private build can be dispatched, its source must be published. The publisher is meant to run every 5 minutes, but is sometimes rather slower than that.09:34
wgrantndec: The source package still has to be published, even if it reuses an Ubuntu orig.tar.gz.09:34
ndecwgrant: ok! thanks for the quick answers! i am new to this, so it helps09:34
kaihow the heck do I tell dput to also put the orig.tar.gz on the server?09:40
wgrantkai: How are you building your source package?09:41
kaidebuild -S -sd to get the source package09:42
wgrant-sd means include only the diff..09:42
wgrantYou want -sa09:42
kaimy bad09:42
kaicopy&paste error from the howto page09:42
kaiI clearly need more coffee09:43
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* bigjools is help contact today09:43
amitkanybody know where LP is getting this information from: https://edge.launchpad.net/9p-linux/+topcontributors ?10:15
amitkA colleague (vishwanath-bs) is said to be most active in this project, but he swears he's never even touched it10:16
wgrantamitk: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/9p-linux/trunk10:20
wgrantamitk: vishwanath-bs has three revs in that import.10:20
amitkwgrant: aah, it is an import of the entire kernel tree (and vishwanath-bs has contributed to the kernel), though he didn't have an LP id until recently.10:27
wgrantamitk: It looks like it.10:28
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zygahi, I'm using tarmac to merge my branches11:29
zygafor the past few days it's been working flawlessly11:29
zygabut just not I started getting crashes on final stage11:29
zygait seems tarmac is no longer authorized to do changes in my place11:29
zygaso I removed all of the ~/.cache/tarmac/* authentication tokens and authenticated again11:29
zygalet me pastebin the error message11:30
zygarockstar, ^^11:31
ftacould someone please remove the unfair "down scoring" that this ppa has been penalized with for months? https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/dev13:27
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bigjoolsfta: done13:33
bigjoolsit was entirely fair though13:33
ftabigjools, why? it's a low volume ppa, similar to -beta13:34
ftabigjools, if it's not welcome to build the chromium channels in ppas, let me know, i'll drop them. that'd be less work for me13:35
bigjoolsfta: you try this martyr thing every time we talk about it13:36
maks_so why does launchpad disregard debian.org email adresses?13:36
maks_i tried over the last month several times to register13:36
maks_but got zero confirmation mail.13:37
maks_debian.org admins say zero mail is beeing sent.13:37
ftabigjools, no. last time, i thought it was just a 1 time downscore. obviously it was a permanent one. and i never been informed, hence the unfair.13:37
bigjoolsmaks_: I doubt it's something as inflammatory as that, can you PM your email to me and I will help13:37
maks_bigjools: maks@debian.org13:37
bigjoolsmaks_: did you follow the page here?  https://edge.launchpad.net/~maks-debian13:39
ftabigjools, but if you feel i complain too much, that's probably because i'm an heavy user of launchpad features. i can also stop and spend my time working on something else13:39
maks_no, i followed https://login.launchpad.net/KLSW92THbRlD0lhq/+new_account13:39
bigjoolsfta: we've had this same discussion many, many times13:39
bigjoolsand you resort to saying the same thing about spending time elsewhere13:40
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bigjoolsI can't work out if it's a threat or something else13:40
maks_bigjools: thanks.13:41
bigjoolsmaks_: I've activated that account, can you use the "lost password" to get it back13:41
maks_bigjools: (Error ID: OOPS-1747ED532)13:43
bigjoolsmaks_: leave it with me, I'll try and fix it13:43
maks_got confirmation mail and put a new pwd in to get that.13:44
maks_thanks bigjools13:44
ftabigjools, i didn't mean any threat. i just explained that if it creates troubles (as i assume it does given the downscore) i can easily stop. period.13:47
bigjoolsfta: it was downscored in the past for reasons that I don't recall, but most likely because it was swamping the build farm at the time.  Now that we've put a load of fixes in to make better use of the builders, I have no problem resetting the score back to normal.13:50
bigjoolsmaks_: what time did you last try and register?13:52
maks_well i never successfully registered13:54
maks_guess my account got automaticaly created due to debian packages.13:55
maks_apparently i can sign in now bigjools13:55
bigjoolsmaks_: yes, that's a "person" not an "account" though.  I'm trying to track down what time you tried to register so I know when to look in email logs13:55
bigjoolsmaks_: oh!  I wasn't expecting that, so great.13:56
maks_wanted to add gpg key as apprently one can change bug status from cli.13:56
maks_once there is an account on launchpad.13:57
bigjoolsyep, you can email changes too13:57
maks_thanks bigjools for the help out.14:00
bigjoolsmaks_: not a problem, enjoy14:00
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rockstarzyga, looks like there's something wrong in the authentication token.15:37
zygarockstar, hi15:50
rockstarzyga, hi15:50
zygarockstar, I managed to fix that, there is an extra auth token stored in ~/.config15:50
rockstarzyga, in ~/.config/tarmac/ ?15:53
zygarockstar, correct15:56
zygarockstar, I tried using tarmac on branches created with bzr-pipeline15:57
zygarockstar, I pushed a branch that manages to improve the general usability there - only branches with merged prerequisites are considered for merging15:57
rockstarzyga, an similar change landed last night in trunk.15:58
zygarockstar, great, I'll check it out15:59
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bdrungdoctormo: ping16:39
bdrungdoctormo: can i use the picture from http://doctormo.org/2010/04/19/deb-package-contents/? do you have a scalable version of that?16:41
joshuahooverbigjools: ping16:46
bigjoolshey joshuahoover16:46
joshuahooverbigjools: i'm getting a 503 when trying to subscribe someone to a bug16:46
bigjoolsjoshuahoover: which bug and user?  I'll try.16:47
joshuahooverbigjools: it's a private bug...let me try a different one :)16:47
bigjoolsok :)16:47
joshuahooverbigjools: try bug #650963 and try to look me up (joshuahoover)16:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 650963 in desktopcouch "Report changes of a database still fails to reconnect (affected: 1, heat: 83)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65096316:48
bigjoolsjoshuahoover: ah this is a general problem with person picker since we went to postgres 8.4.  :(16:49
bigjoolssinzui, do you know if someone is working on that?16:49
joshuahooverbigjools: ah, ok...i checked the status page to see if it was listed there and did a search on bugs but didn't see anything jump out at me, so i came here16:49
bigjoolsyeah that's fine16:49
sinzuibigjools, It is our #1 timeout and We will start working on it in a few days16:50
bigjoolsjoshuahoover: go here and use the non-js form: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/desktopcouch/+bug/650963/+addsubscriber16:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 650963 in desktopcouch "Report changes of a database still fails to reconnect (affected: 1, heat: 83)" [High,Fix committed]16:50
joshuahooverbigjools: ah, ok, thanks!16:50
bigjoolssinzui: copy, thanks16:51
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joshuahooverbigjools: not sure if this is the right place for it, but might be handy to list this issue somewhere like at http://identi.ca/launchpadstatus16:53
bigjoolssinzui, did someone do that already that you know ?16:54
bigjoolsor mrevell?16:54
chxhi. how can i delete a branch from launchpad via command line? I presume i need to use the launchpad api?16:54
sinzuiI have no idea16:54
bigjoolschx, I don't know but I bet abentley does16:54
chxabentley: hi :)16:55
kklimondawgrant: hey, did you have any luck with figuring out why are my recipes stuck at "No suitable builders" ?16:55
abentleychx: it depends what you mean by delete.16:55
abentleychx: you want to destroy all record of that branch on launchpad, or just delete the files?16:55
chxdelete the files so i cna rerun the bzr branch command16:55
abentleychx: it's highly unusual to use the branch command to create a branch on Launchpad.16:56
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chxI thought bzr branch --stacked is the normal approach to that?16:56
falktxhi there, am I in the right place for questions about ubuntu ppas?16:56
bigjoolsfalktx: yes16:57
mrevellbigjools: what's the actually problem? The person picker doesn't work?16:57
bigjoolsmrevell: pretty much - it times out 100% for me and most people.16:57
abentleychx: "bzr push" is normally used, and the stacking source is automatically defaulted to your development focus.16:57
abentleychx: so you don't normally want to supply --stacked.16:57
bigjoolsmrevell: you can get round it by going to the non-js page but that's pretty awkward :(16:57
falktxok, when i'm building an debian source, does the build environment allows internet connection? (to download a header file needed to compile)16:57
bigjoolsfalktx: no, that is explicitly disallowed16:58
falktxtoo bad16:58
bigjoolsyou need to put all the source in the package16:58
bigjoolsthis is so that binaries can be matched to source :)16:58
mrevellbigjools: Do you know of a bug report for it?16:58
bigjoolsmrevell: I don't, sinzui might16:58
chxabentley: so. we currnetly do bzr branch --stacked lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/trunk  lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/ticket-whatever ; bzr co lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/ticket-whatever ; hack , commit etc.16:59
mrevellpeople picker wfm, guess I'm just lucky :)16:59
sinzuimrevell, there is a bug16:59
sinzuimrevell, bug 65580217:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 655802 in Launchpad Registry "Branch:+huge-vocabulary timeout (Person and team AJAX picker fails) (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65580217:00
abentleychx, I would do bzr branch lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/trunk; hack; commit; bzr push lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/ticket-whatever17:00
mrevellthanks sinzui17:00
falktxbigjools: anyway, thanks17:00
chxabentley: rather interesting17:00
bigjoolsfalktx: np17:00
mrevellbigjools, sinzui: How does one find the non-js version of the people/team picker?17:01
abentleychx: Anyhow, launchpad supports sftp, so you can use a commandline sftp client to delete the .bzr directory recursively.17:01
chxabentley: only the .bzr ..?17:01
chxabentley: the reason i have asked for deletion is -- sometimes i need to branch off from a given revision and if i accidentally branch from the wrong revision then i will want to delete the branch and re-create17:02
bigjoolsmrevell: it depends on the page :/17:02
abentleychx: yes, that's contents of the branch.17:02
abentleychx: You don't need to delete it.  Just push --overwrite it.17:02
bigjoolsmrevell: for adding subscribers, go to +addsubscriber, for editing bug assignee I go to /+editstatus17:02
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mrevelloh right, got you17:02
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mrevellthanks bigjools17:03
chxabentley: ohhhhh17:03
chxabentley: that's purdy17:03
chxabentley: thanks so much. i learned a lot today.17:03
bigjoolsmrevell: or, if you load the page and hit STOP as soon as it renders, you can prevent the JS from loading and get the non-js links still in place :)17:03
abentleychx: No problem.  Happy hacking.17:03
bigjoolsthanks for helping abentley17:03
sinzuimrevell, there is no one answer. it depends on the form. The most common form is bugs and the user can expand the task and type the user id in the field17:04
abentleybigjools, no problem.17:04
abentleychx: one more thing-- if you do delete the .bzr, you need to use "push --use-existing-dir" or else bzr will complain that the directory already exists.17:06
abentley(or branch --use-existing-dir, I suppose).17:06
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CarlFKhttps://launchpad.net/matplotlib/trunk  how do I get it?  hoping for a ppa.  apt-get build-dep wants to get 550mb17:44
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doctormobdrung: Yes you can use it so long as you abide the license CC-BY-SA, and I have the svgs.17:47
bdrungdoctormo: great thanks17:47
doctormobdrung: send me an email.17:49
bdrungdoctormo: already sent17:49
doctormobdrung: I've sent you the latest svg, it's a little different from the one you've seen, but should still be good.17:51
bdrungdoctormo: thanks17:54
bercohello, I'm wondering what's wrong with the arm build machines. I'm waiting for more than 2 hours for my source package to start building in TI 3PA (published state at the moment)... :( Any issue on Launchpad?18:00
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blindvthi there. I'm waiting for review of my "Translation import queue" since 3 weeks now. Whom can i poke to get my file reviewed? Is there anything i can do to help speed up the review process?18:02
bigjoolsberco: can you PM me the PPA/package details and I'll investigate18:03
blindvtjtv, ping18:05
jtvblindvt: ?18:05
blindvtjtv, i'm desparately waiting for review of this i18n import queue entry: https://translations.launchpad.net/~open-phd-guiding/+imports18:05
blindvtjtv, anything i can do to help in reviewing this? I can rename the file to open-phd-guiding.po{,t} if PHD.po{,t} clashes with somebody else18:06
jtvblindvt: no worries, it all looks fine.  I approved the template.18:07
blindvtjtv, plan is to use as much translations from other projects as possible and to add more languages later on, obviously18:08
jtvBut why not import from a branch?18:08
blindvtjtv, that project is maintained elsewhere, i.e. it doesn't have the repo hosted at yours18:08
jtvblindvt: that doesn't matter!  You can have it mirrored in Launchpad, and then get the templates (and translations, if you want) automatically from there.18:08
jtvThe only complication is if the templates are not in the branch.18:09
blindvtjtv, perhaps this will change, but hosting the translations at lp is the first step in the right direction :)18:09
jtvblindvt: hope you'll enjoy your experience with launchpad.  Just saying: you don't need to host your repository in LP—you can just let it keep a copy of it, with full history etc.18:10
jtvThat way, you make a change in the branch in your own repository (bzr, svn, git, whatever), and it automatically shows up in the LP translations UI.18:10
blindvtjtv, does the de.po also need your review (or am i looking at cached/stale data)?18:10
jtvblindvt: no, as long as they're correctly named, the translations don't need review.  And if you use a branch, there's no human review at all.18:11
blindvtjtv, interresting. I didn't know that having a mirror on lp was possible. I should read the corresponding docs about that18:11
jtvIt sure is!  Makes it easy to create experimental branches, and you get backups, browsable history etc.18:12
blindvtjtv, thing is that i'm currently tricking upstream into accepting the translations, so that hunks are in no publically available branch right now18:13
jtvblindvt: you could import just the templates from elsewhere.  Not trying to tell you what to do, of course, but importing from a branch does make it all easier.18:14
blindvtjtv, please forgive my ignorance but i still don't see any translations in that projects Translation overview?18:14
blindvtjtv, yea, but i don't want to piss off these folks by establishing a separate repo :)18:16
jtvblindvt: it wouldn't be a separate repo.  If you tell Launchpad to mirror the branch, you just get a "living" but read-only copy of the branch.18:16
blindvtjtv, i'll get that stuff merged, it just takes time since we're all busy with real work, i guess18:17
jtvblindvt: btw the template was imported earlier, and I even see the German translations in there.18:17
jtvDid you enable translation for the project?18:18
blindvtjtv, i still don't get it. There is a public repo but that repo does not contain anything to translate right now, neither gettext infrastructure nor a single call into gettext. How would mirroring that repo help in any way?18:18
jtvblindvt: ahhh, if there's nothing translatable in it, then that won't help here of course.  I missed that bit.18:18
blindvtjtv, cool. It's imported now. Many, thanks for your support!18:19
jtvno worries18:19
blindvts/, thanks/, many thanks/18:19
jtvnah :)18:19
* blindvt &18:19
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mtaylorhey all - is there any way to merge a project into another project?18:23
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LcawteUgh.. I think I shutdown the email account my Launchpad password reset was sent to :/19:07
DavieyHi... These two merge proposals have been stuck in "Updating diff" for the last 25 mins... anybody know what is up?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/fixes-660016/+merge/38344 && https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/fixes-660019/+merge/3834719:10
Lcawteor not..19:10
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maks_hmm launchpad sends very long urls20:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 660087 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "package initramfs-tools 0.92bubuntu78 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]20:05
maks_why couldn't that be tid less and fit 80 chars? :)20:05
maks_also why are those attachments not attached? :)20:05
deryckmaks_, what do you mean "not attached" ?20:09
maks_well you get notice of that report but the mail has not the attachments20:11
maks_i have to look them up each separetely20:11
maks_and painfully due to the overlong urls ;)20:12
deryckmaks_, this is bug 392620:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 3926 in Launchpad Bugs "Attachments should be included in the bug notification (affected: 0, heat: 3)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/392620:12
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ivokshi; i looks like automatic import of mercurial tree into bzr is failing21:20
ivoksthis is what i get: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/57544140/ubuntu-ha-maintainers-server-daily-builds-pcmk11.log21:21
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maxblosa: Hi, would you be able to check if the PPA upload processor has fallen over?22:45
lifelessmaxb: we're starting an upgrade22:45
lifelessspm: have we started disabling things?22:46
mthaddonwe have22:46
wgrantHm, the announcement is at the end of the #launchpad topic. It's a bit odd to have the most useful information in weeks at the end.22:46
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Meths(or ~21:45UTC if you've already started disabling stuff...)22:48
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