Arthur_DI have successfully used DSL liveCD00:00
Arthur_Dbut unfortunately DSL project is dead00:00
phillwDSL and puppy are the only ones I can think of for that RAM00:00
Arthur_Dokay, thanks anyway :)00:00
phillwif you search for "puppy linux" I think that project is still going00:01
Arthur_Dyeah, looking through their pages. Trying to find minimum sys requirements00:03
Arthur_Dproblem is, I need to use a boot floppy in order to access the CDrom00:04
Arthur_DDSL had that, but their partition manager wouldn't let me resize the Windows 95 partition00:04
Arthur_DI realize I might have to give dual-booting up though. It's hard to find projects where I can use floppies nowadays00:08
* phillw sorry was away, but I 'think' that http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ covers floppy disks.00:28
Arthur_Dthanks, will look at that (their site is really unprofessional, not a good sign)00:30
phillwArthur_D: that site is an excellent resource, their instructions can be trusted.00:31
Arthur_Dokay, I just hate the ads everywhere, thanks for the affirmation00:32
phillwArthur_D: have a look at the resulst at http://www.pendrivelinux.com/search/floppy  That may help you out.00:33
Arthur_Dthanks a lot phillw for your kind help :)00:34
phillwall I can say is everyone I've asked to use that site has respsonded that it worked. Please let me know how you get on with a floppy install.00:34
Arthur_Dproblem is, all the instructions seems to be aimed at using floppy to boot from USB. I need to use floppy to boot from CD00:37
szczurArthur_D, http://cutecomputer.wordpress.com/2006/10/10/boot-cdrom-through-grub/ < you can try this00:47
szczurit seems that this is the case :)00:47
szczurahh, not exactly00:48
szczurforget about it :)00:48
Arthur_Dokay, thanks for trying anyway :)00:48
Arthur_DI got a tip from a guy over at #puppylinux that seems to be worth trying00:48
Arthur_Dwill need to try it later though, as I need to sleep soon ;)00:50
szczuryou can try this > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy00:51
szczurand then add cdrom entry from previous site i linked in :)00:52
Arthur_Dhm, unfortunately my main computer doesn't have a floppy drive00:53
Arthur_Dmaybe I can get hold of one though00:53
Arthur_Dgood night folks, and thanks for all the help :)01:05
dan__I have installed fresh 10.10 and when update manager tries to update packages it fails. First time on python-something, this time on "run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/nvidia-common 2.6.35-22-generic /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic"01:11
dan__nvidia-common? there no nvidia components in this laptop.... intel onboard video01:12
dan__is it trying to install the wrong kernel package?01:13
dan__and the python-something failed last time01:13
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ubot5Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:00
=== phillw changed the topic of #lubuntu to: 10.10 for Lubuntu has been released, please use the torrent at http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.10.iso.torrent. Documentation can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu
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zebastianortislet me put it this way, i recently upgrouded to 10.10 from 10.04 and now when i plug in the logitech 8 jack into the headphone thingy there's no sound, the laptop keeps playing it from its own internal mic, how do i fix this03:42
zebastianortishow do i make nautilus my default file manager on lubuntu?05:10
kiethsAnybody familiar with Lubuntu run on a Pendrive with persistence enabled?  I've lost sudo, and need to enter a nn-existant 'Recovery Mode' to repair it...07:06
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sulumarGood Morning08:48
Mossyfunkhello sulumar08:55
Mossyfunkhello bioterror08:55
MossyfunkDoes anyone know how to make an inserted medium show up as an icon on the desktop?08:58
bioterrordoes it show in pcmanfm?08:59
bioterrorin file manager08:59
Mossyfunkjust trying to make things as easy as possible for the laptop owner09:00
bioterroryou're doing some pre-installations?-)09:01
Mossyfunkjust one09:01
bioterrorI hope it's a hot chick with nice body ;)09:01
Mossyfunkhehe nah just a good mate09:01
Mossyfunkjust setting rythmbox for his ipod, and XP in a VM in case he needs it. just want the plug and play to show on desktop and i'm happy09:04
Mossyfunkcome back phill =(09:05
bioterrorwhy I dont have a usb stick in my shoulder bag09:07
bioterrorI could boot something usefull instead of this windows xp :-)09:07
Mossyfunkyou need XP?09:08
bioterrorcustomers laptop09:09
bioterrorI can access AD and stuff like that09:09
Mossyfunkyou work in pc repair?09:09
Mossyfunkwhats AD?09:10
bioterroractive directory09:10
bioterrorMossyfunk, I used to repair sun microsystems x86 based servers, but after oracle purchased Sun, I havent had any jobs regarding that ;)09:17
Mossyfunkoh wow09:17
bioterroreven tho, I have done some Dell certificates and I'm qualified to service dell's, but havent serviced any dell servers09:18
bioterrornow days I'm more like a local it support guy ;)09:18
bioterrorbut I enjoyd that Sun Microsystems service09:18
bioterrorit was fun and challenging as long as it lasted, and the guys at finlands office were awesome09:19
Mossyfunksounds it09:19
Mossyfunki should really get some certs under my belt09:22
Mossyfunki'm good with computers09:22
Mossyfunkstarted a course in IT years ago but had to leave before too much brain leaked out my ears09:25
Mossyfunk<<<<knows a little more than the level he started at lol09:25
Mossyfunkbut right now i owe the tech college like $1400 lol09:26
Mossyfunkwhich i'm not paying09:26
Mossyfunkbloody job network was supposed to pay for the course, i did everything i was supposed to do and they didn't pay09:27
bioterrorin my country education is free09:27
Mossyfunkeven short courses?09:27
bioterrorit depends, but yeah09:28
Mossyfunkwhere are you from?09:28
Mossyfunkahh cool09:28
Mossyfunkwe get university on a loan scheme... you start paying it off in tax when you earn a certain amount09:29
Mossyfunkif you never earn enough, you never pay09:29
Mossyfunkhow do i make shortcuts to programs on the desktop?09:32
bioterrorit's a drag n drop thing09:33
bioterroryou can do in terminal "find / |grep .desktop09:33
bioterrorand you'll find the files you can drop to desktop09:33
bioterrorhard to remember where those files are located09:34
bioterroror you can just cp those to ~/Desktop09:34
Mossyfunkso cp /usr/share/whatever .desktop ~/Desktop?09:39
MossyfunkI thought lubuntu was supposed to be user friendly09:39
sulumarit is09:39
sulumarlook it even allows you to be used if you compleetly crash your graphical interface09:40
Mossyfunklol sulumar09:41
Mossyfunkok idiot friendly then09:42
sulumaryour lauthing but try that with Windows09:42
Mossyfunki am not THAT new to linux09:42
bioterrornothing beats console with framebuffer ;)09:42
Mossyfunkbut i'm setting this up for a low knowledge average windows user09:43
sulumarnever got that working bioterror09:43
sulumarthan use a dock, its easyer09:43
Mossyfunkthats true09:45
Mossyfunkhow do I find out what version of GCC?09:45
MossyfunkVMWare player is whining about not finding GCC 4.4.509:46
sulumartrying to install vmware tools09:46
Mossyfunkno just trying to run it in the frst place09:47
bioterrordpkg -l gcc09:47
MossyfunkNo packages found matching gcc.09:47
sulumarnot really09:48
bioterrorapt-cache show gcc09:48
bioterroryou dont need developement software by default ;)09:48
sulumargcc being te C compiler its not needed09:48
bioterrordebian lenny has gcc 4.3.209:49
Mossyfunkwell it was working fine on 10.0409:49
Mossyfunkso lubuntu 10.04 must have had it09:49
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sulumardont know, never used 10.04 in lubuntu09:53
Mossyfunkwell the application says it wants gcc 4.4.5 and i can install 4.4 or 4.509:57
Mossyfunkwhich one should I go for?09:58
Mossyfunk4.4 or 4.5?09:58
bioterrorI would go for the 4.509:59
Mossyfunkok =)\10:00
MossyfunkIf i install a package, and it installs dependencies.... how do I getb synaptic to remove those dependencies along with the package? I tried marking the package for complete removal but only that one was selected10:04
bioterrorif those packages arent needed anymore, sudo apt-get autoremove10:04
bioterrorshould get rid of them10:04
Mossyfunkwell that would do the trick..... but assume i'm the owner of this laptop and i do things in the gui10:05
ubot5The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:06
bioterrorVERY POWERFUL!10:06
Mossyfunkfrom the wiki Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC users running on low-spec hardware. Such users may not know how to use command line tools, and in most cases they just don't have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the "full-featured" mainstream distributions."10:06
Mossyfunkyes "I" know how to use the CLI10:07
bioterrorsomehow I dont see lubuntu as a noobie distro :-)10:07
Mossyfunkthen the wiki is BS10:07
bioterrorwell, the tools are still new, you know10:08
Mossyfunkbeause EVERY piece of literature on this distro and there aint much says lightweight and user friendly10:08
Mossyfunkgah maybe XFCE would be better10:08
Mossyfunkbut I do like LXDE10:09
Mossyfunkvery clean and fast10:09
bioterrorlubuntu looks so sleek10:09
Mossyfunkbut thats the damn issue..., its not for me lol10:09
Mossyfunkok well fuck it i'll pun on gnome and be done with it10:11
Mossyfunkbut thats really lame10:11
bioterrorshould I use less terminal and more GUI tools?-)10:14
dairaHello all, i have a problem with x settings. the resolution shown is 1600x1200 although the max and native res of my monitor is 1200x800. xrandr shows all resolutions up to 1600x1200 where only 1200x800 has 60hz beside, others have 0hz. i also cant find xorg.conf in /etc/X1110:14
bioterrorby default there's no xorg.conf10:15
dairaalso the bottom and the right of my screen is missing, because of bigger resolution10:15
bioterroryou have to make one by running Xorg -configure10:15
bioterrorand then copy that file to /etc/X11/10:15
dairai tried that, but with sudo X -configure /home/daira/xorg.conf.new and i got blank screen10:17
dairaafter i did sudo Xorg -configure10:17
dairait seems that unichrome driver doesnt work10:17
dairacan i change to vesa somehow_10:17
dairajust to check10:18
bioterrorit's Xorg -config /path/to/your/config10:19
bioterror-configure makes you a config -file10:19
dairayes I used -config10:20
dairai just checked in tty10:20
dairaseems like my monitor cant be automatically set up10:21
dairahow can i do it manually10:21
bioterrorwith xorg.conf :-)10:23
dairathis is display from lshw10:24
dairawhat is text program in lubuntu?10:25
dairato open xorg.conf.new from terminal10:26
sulumartry nano$10:26
dairawhat is one with gui10:26
dairaso that i can copy my new xorg10:26
dairaas i cant see my bottom toolbar10:27
dairaso i dont know what i have :)10:27
bioterrorthen you can trype: gksudo leafpad10:28
bioterrorand you have opened leafpad with root permissions10:28
dairai found allready thx :)10:28
dairahere is my newly created xorg, can you please check on that as i have low understanding of X?10:29
dairahere is my x log10:31
dairaaround 125 line there is something fishy10:31
sulumarthats what you created with configure10:32
dairai know, but it doesnt work10:34
bioterroryou have a laptop or desktop?10:34
dairaso the question is how can i manually configure it to use either vesa driver or to put correct parameters to work with my monitor10:34
bioterrorwhat kind of laptop?10:35
dairafujitsu siemens, dont know much about it because it is not mine10:35
dairai can paste you the lshw if it will help10:35
bioterroryou can look below it and see a model10:35
bioterrorthat's what I'm interested10:35
dairaamilo pro v205510:35
dairai can see your point now, i googled the model and it turned out with the same problem on forums10:37
* phillw yawns and stretches... hiyas bioterror :)10:39
bioterrordaira, I'm reading something, just a moment10:40
* phillw sends bioterror to make his home wiki page.10:40
bioterrorthere's a xorg.conf for you and you should also install xserver-xorg-video-openchrom10:43
dairaok thank you10:43
dairai will try this10:43
phillwkansasn00b is quite safe to follow the instructions from, one of the good guys on the forums.10:44
bioterrorI hate when things go dirty with the Xorg ;)10:44
* phillw sends a cookie to bioterror, well dug out :D10:44
bioterrortomorrow I will take my Windows 7 training exam-book with me to work and maybe a usb stick10:47
bioterrordaira, did it do the trick?-)10:49
* bioterror is excited10:49
dairabioterror, sry i had a phonecall. i will do it right now10:49
bioterrorI have to say that the ace of penguins game package in lubuntu reminds me of the 90's10:50
phillwbioterror: we needed something low on resource usage :)10:50
bioterrorphillw, do you like mahjong?-)10:50
* phillw doesn't play games.10:51
bioterrorsure :-)10:51
bioterrorI play only when it's dark and no one sees10:51
phillw(never has the time, with being on 10  channels)10:51
phillwSo, bioterror, would you make a wiki page up? (Or I can make you a template so you can edit it).10:52
phillwpokes |friTTe|10:53
bioterrorxmahjongg and with a xmahjongg --tileset name --layout name --background name etc etc10:53
bioterrorit looks good10:53
bioterrorwiki, me :o10:53
bioterrorI did once in my work maintenance a wike page, it was okay until one guy got editing rights and he ruined it :D10:53
phillwyeah, a bit about you, such as |friTTe| has set up.10:54
* phillw is a wiki admin, I can reverse changes :D10:54
dairaHello, it didnt work10:54
dairai will paste the log now10:54
bioterroris that file named xorg.conf and not xorg.conf.new?-)10:54
bioterrorgotta ask10:54
dairai did x -config to a xorg file from the net10:55
dairafrom tty10:55
dairabefore that i did service lxdm stop10:55
bioterrorcorrect o mundo10:56
dairaand unichrome was allready installed10:57
bioterroras I have some back ground with real unixes, I sometimes use runlevels. in linux you can use runlevel 3 (init 3) to shutdown X, and get it back on with run level 5 (init 5)10:57
bioterrordaira, I expected that10:57
daira: )10:58
bioterrordaira, can you please copy that xorg.conf file to /etc/X1110:58
bioterrorand reboot?10:58
bioterrorif it could help10:58
dairabut one question10:58
bioterroryou can always delete it or something like10:58
bioterrorif you have one which is working you can always do /etc/X11/$ cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak10:59
dairai have no xorg that is working : )10:59
bioterrorit's a good thing that we have a fresh intallation, right?10:59
bioterrorif everyting goes wrong, we can always go to back square #1 and reinstall :D11:00
dairai can also connect to irc from terminal11:00
dairawhat whas that irc client11:00
daira: )11:00
bioterrorit was fast11:02
dairaIt almost works :D11:02
dairai have few pixels at the bottom of the screen scrambled11:02
dairai will upload screenshot now11:02
dairahow to printscreen11:03
dairahere :)11:03
bioterrorand you can type "scrot screenshot.png"11:03
bioterrorwithout ""11:04
bioterrorand it will makde a screenshot.png in your ~/11:04
bioterrorif you dont find one, you have to apt-get install scrot11:04
dairait didnt catch the scrambled bottom11:05
phillwYou can hold the Fn key down and press the PrtSc key, that will take a screen shot and put it in your ~home directory.11:05
dairaalso i cant go down with my mouse11:05
bioterrorlooks fine to me :D11:05
dairato scrambled area11:05
dairait is around 1.5 siye of toolbar11:06
bioterrorbut hey, we're almost there!11:06
dairasure : )11:06
dairai could take photo but i have no camera : )11:06
bioterrornot even in your phone?-)11:06
dairai had no phone until yesterday11:07
dairai got one from friend11:07
dairajust to have it11:07
daira: )11:07
dairasome old junk11:07
dairaall margins seems ok, mouse cannot go beyond11:07
dairaexcept the bottom one11:07
bioterrorI just read that samsung is make a new galaxy model with full qwerty and it's hitting stores for the x-mas11:07
bioterroris making11:08
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:08
dairai will hardly spend any $$ ever on any phone : )11:08
dairasry phillw, not used to irc : )11:09
phillwdaira: it's okay, just be aware that the bot may get upset ;)11:10
phillwif you want to chat and chill out, please use #lubuntu-offtopic11:10
dairabioterror, some ideas how to solve this?11:11
bioterrordaira, I'm thinking11:11
bioterrorbut you're not alone with your problem11:12
dairasomethimes this bottom area shows this top (what is it called) area of a window but doubled11:13
dairalike XChat: daira @ Ubuntu Servers ... of Xchat11:13
dairaalso i have a problem with audio, it hears well from notebook speakers but when i connect the external amp trough lineout port i hear nothing11:34
dairaactually i cannot  say it hears well because the sound is really bad, but i think that it is because of speakers11:35
bioterrorI just got a new mug of coffee11:36
bioterrordoping my brains out and continuing with your problem11:36
daira: )11:36
dairai found the problem11:37
dairathe resoultion is set to 1280x76811:37
dairanot to 1200x800 :D11:37
bioterrorin the config file?-)11:37
dairai went to display settings11:37
bioterroryou got it to 1200x800 @60Hz or automatic?11:38
dairait is on 1280x76811:38
dairai have no option for 1200x80011:38
dairai should enter that manually i think11:38
dairainto xorg11:38
bioterrorand I gave the xorg.conf with correct settings with the post 1911:38
dairai am using this xorg right now11:39
dairathe one from the link you gave me11:39
bioterrorjust a moment11:39
bioterrorctrl and + mark11:39
bioterrordoes it change something?11:39
bioterrorModes "1280x768@60" "1280x720@60" "800x600@60" "1280x800@60" "800x600@56"11:40
dairabut i have to use shift for + mark11:40
dairai can see that also in xorg.conf but i cannot choose it from gui11:41
daira"Virtual1280 768" what is this11:41
bioterrorthat comes from the amiga times11:42
bioterrorvirtual desktop size or something like that11:42
bioterrorremove those modes and put only 1200x80011:43
bioterrorand restart the X11:43
dairashould i remove virtual also : )11:45
bioterrorleave just 1200x80011:45
bioterrorlet's see if that works11:45
dairawhat is shortcut to restart x11:45
bioterrorif it works11:46
bioterrorI've seen comments that it doesnt work11:46
bioterrortry it out11:46
dairai will reboot11:46
dairajust to wait my download to finish11:47
bioterrorthere goes nothing ;)11:58
dairahey, now it is like before i believe12:01
bioterror? :D12:02
dairawhat is terminal command to check resolution?\12:02
dairaxrandr outputs that i am using 1600x1200 @ 0 hz : )12:03
bioterrorwhat :D12:03
bioterror*double facepalm* :D12:04
dairaseems like i should remove more things from xorg than just modes12:04
bioterrorcan you pastebin?12:04
bioterrorI would like to see it12:04
bioterrorthere's different kind of resolutions12:10
bioterrorI have no idea about those sync rates12:14
dairai remember some website where it calculated syncrates for you12:23
bioterrorhey hey hey!12:26
bioterrorback to square #112:26
bioterrorhttp://pastebin.org/166294 try that one12:27
bioterror"crosses fingers"12:28
dairastill 1600 x 120012:40
dairaand xorg is empty now when i opened it12:41
bioterrorcant be12:41
bioterrorit just cant be12:41
dairai will try again12:41
bioterrorif you mean /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:41
dairawhat is happening : )12:42
dairaeven the txt i download from pastebin is empty12:42
dairayes, it is empty12:42
dairawith nano also12:42
bioterrori m p o s s i b l e12:43
bioterrorI'm gathering myself12:43
bioterrorlet's open terminal12:43
dairai had to shutdown by holding power button12:43
bioterroropen terminal12:43
dairadid it12:43
bioterrorlet's do it like this12:43
bioterrorsudo nano -w /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:44
bioterrorand paste that stuff12:44
bioterrorWed14:27 <bioterror> http://pastebin.org/166294 try that one12:44
daira0 lines12:44
bioterrorand close it with ctrl+x12:44
bioterrorpress y as yes12:44
bioterrorand press then enter12:44
bioterrorand can you cofirm with "$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf"12:47
bioterrorthat there's not that stuff12:47
bioterroryou can paste with your mouses middle button (3)12:47
bioterrorif you dont have three buttons, you can emulate it by pressy both buttons at the same time12:48
dairawhat does cat do?12:48
bioterrorit shows that file12:49
bioterrornothing more, nothing "less" ;)12:49
dairait just shows nothing12:49
bioterroryou just added stuff in there? :D12:49
bioterrorlet's try it this way alt+f2 to open the "run prompt"12:50
bioterrorgksudo leafpad /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:50
bioterrorpaste that pastebin what I gave to you12:50
bioterrorand save it12:50
bioterrorby pressing ctrl+s12:50
dairajust a minute12:51
bioterrorgksudo should ask the permission to run as root12:51
dairai did12:54
bioterrorif we now do in terminal cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:54
bioterrordoes it show us something?12:54
dairashows xorg12:55
bioterrordoes it now have those parameters in side it? :D12:55
dairayes :D12:56
bioterrorhow about reboot or something12:56
bioterrorand wonder if it's empty again12:56
dairahow can i reboot from terminal?12:56
bioterrorsudo reboot12:56
bioterrorgimme some good news12:59
dairaI am using irrsi now12:59
daira: )12:59
dairascreen scrambled12:59
dairaon 1200x80012:59
dairaI wonder if 1200x800 is the real resolution for this monitor12:59
dairaif 1280x768 worked partially13:00
bioterroryou can try 1280x80013:00
dairai think that should do the trick13:00
bioterrorwe have got nothing to lose13:01
dairai will go to tty2 and edit it in nano13:01
dairawhat exactly should i edit?13:01
bioterrorthe line with "virtual 1200 800"13:02
bioterrorchange it to 128013:02
bioterrorI think13:02
dairai did13:02
dairalemme try : )13:02
dairait works : )13:04
dairathank you bioterror13:04
bioterrorso, you had a problem with sounds. HAHAHAHA :13:05
dairayes : )13:05
bioterrorI have 55 minutes of my workday left13:05
bioterrorwhat shall we do now13:05
bioterror4th mug of coffee, maybe?-)13:05
dairai will google it first : )13:05
bioterrordaira, I bet it's a little satisfying when you small things like that to work13:08
dairai just love the fact that when i configure the notebook with linux they never call me again, it allways works13:09
dairaso it's worth the trouble : )13:09
dairait would be good to paste correct xorg.conf to forums maybe13:10
phillwpop it  onto http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332 to help others.13:13
bioterrordaira, I had a problem with Dell D600 regarding suspend/resume. when I solved my problem, my son broke the DC adapter on the motherboard :-)13:15
bioterrorI enjoyed a working suspend/resume for a 5 days13:16
bioterrorand I had that problem for like 4 months13:16
dairai found this for my audio problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/7678413:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 76784 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Audio-output error in Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2055 (affected: 0, heat: 2)" [Undecided,Invalid]13:16
dairahow to enter sound configuration on lubuntu?13:17
bioterrordaira, amixer -q set "Duplicate Front" mute13:24
bioterrorput that in your terminal13:24
dairastill not working13:25
bioterroryou dont hear anything at all?13:26
dairaonly on speakers13:26
dairaseems like it is old problem, but i havent found any solution to it13:29
bioterrorusb soundcard, hahaha13:29
dairano way : )13:30
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bioterrordaira, http://www.prash-babu.com/2008/02/sound-problems-in-ubuntu-gutsy-710.html :D13:44
dairai found the solution13:45
dairajust now13:45
bioterroryou got it working13:45
dairamust try it13:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 184314 in linux (Ubuntu) "Headphone jack does not work in NC1502 (affected: 1, heat: 7)" [Medium,Triaged]13:45
dairanow, how to find out what alsadriver version am i using?13:45
bioterror$ dpkg -l alsa-base13:47
bioterrorii  alsa-base             ALSA driver configuration files13:47
dairaseems like i have the latest alsa driver13:47
bioterroryou really got yourself a laptop with issues13:49
dairaalthough this is vt17xx card and mine is vt23xx13:50
dairaif i have the same driver version and i manually compile it, will it override previous driver?13:52
bioterroryou can try it ;)13:53
daira: )13:54
dairai got some errors in "make"13:55
bioterrorerrors are bad, warning are okay13:55
bioterrorwell, my work day is done and I'm about to hit the train station and head to my home13:56
dairaheh, thx for help13:57
bioterrorhope the leafs are off the tracks so that the train is not late like 40 minutes or something like and the train goes all the way to my home station13:57
dairashould i try to compile it13:57
bioterrorwe have had somekind of problems today13:57
dairaand gl with your train : )13:57
bioterroryou're compiling a whole kernel13:57
dairaomg  : )13:58
bioterrorif I got it right?13:58
bioterroror something like13:58
dairajust alsa driver i believe13:58
bioterroror what was it doing in the kernel folder :D13:58
dairai will ask this in ubuntu irc, now that you are going home : )14:01
bioterrorthanks for the confidence ;)14:04
kosaidpohello guys15:09
kosaidpois it possible to install a gaia theme on lubuntu15:09
kosaidpocus icudnt at all15:09
kosaidpoif so can someone tell me how please15:09
OlMightyGreekis there a 64bit version of lubuntu?15:45
bioterrornot yet, but do you have over 3GB of RAM?-)15:46
bioterrorit depends on the kernel configuration if sees it all15:46
bioterror4GB is the limit on 32bit system15:47
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dairais there a way for aqualung not to open another instance when i click another song from the file manager16:39
phillwbioterror: if they want a 64Bit version, they need to use minimal install and put the 64bit kernel on.17:03
eee701FTWI want to remove some applications from my fresh install of lubuntu 10.10. However, it wants to remove lubuntu-desktop as well in every case.17:20
eee701FTWhow do I remove, say, chromium without removing lubuntu-desktop too?17:20
phillweee701FTW: the desktop package is a meta package and be removed17:20
eee701FTWOkay, thanks. Just appeared to be a bad idea at a glance.17:21
eee701FTWprob solved.17:21
b0mzHi guys, i want to get lubuntu on an USB with unetbootin.. I dont see lubuntu on the distro list, does it work if i choose ubuntu or xubuntu but with the lubuntu.iso file? =/17:45
phillwb0mz: unetbootin will put it on if you have the iso file on your computer. lubuntu is not 'adopoted' yet.17:46
phillwb0mz: please use the torrents, the servers are getting hammered !!!!!17:46
b0mzphillw: ok, so i can choose ubuntu then? phillw im downloading it from an swedish server :)17:47
phillwyou would need to download the lubuntu iso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Get%20Lubuntu and then tell unetbootin to use that iso to create the usb.17:48
b0mzphillw: yes i know, but lubuntu doesnt exist in unetbootin list.. my question was if it doesnt matter if i choose ubuntu or xubuntu from that list17:50
* phillw thinks the secondary server is quiet if you need a direct download. That's my server area and they haven't shouted at me... yet :P17:50
phillwb0mz: if you have the lubuntu iso, then you can tell unebootin to use a local iso.17:50
b0mzaight now i see that, sorry... my mistake17:51
phillwb0mz: there is no need to apologise while you are learning :)17:51
b0mzthanks ;)17:52
camsterhello! just installed lubuntu. i was running a webcam on cheese and recording video just fine under ubuntu 10.04. cheese loads in lubuntu but recording video fails. is there anything i can do to get it to work? thx17:52
camsteri switched to lubuntu as its faster on this cheap computer17:53
camstercheese does see the webcam in lubuntu, but attempting to record video does not work17:54
phillwcamster: I'm sorry, I'm not really up to speed on multimedia stuff, if you head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 and have a read of what they have, if you need to ask a question, use the lubuntu tag.17:54
camsterok thanks17:56
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sepplmasterhey to all! i am looking for a backup solution, like deja dup for lubuntu but i do not want to use nautilus. can anyone help me?18:38
phillwsepplmaster: depends if you like cli or gui?18:41
phillw(command line or grphics)18:41
bioterrorI've heard only good about rsync18:44
phillwokies, give me one moment and I'll dig a couple of links out for you to look at.18:45
* phillw here's one I wrote earlier :D http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25#p2718:46
sepplmaster1phillw: excuse me, but i was afk. well graphics would be better19:06
=== sepplmaster1 is now known as sepplmaster
phillwsepplmaster: use either CloneZilla or Pybackpack.19:07
phillwboth are excellent Graphical systems.19:07
sepplmasterphillw: i have heared about pybackpack, and will try it. i was not sure wether it depends on nautilus. clone zilla is only for entire partitions so it is not my favourite.19:08
phillwpybackpack is good for normal backups, I use clonezilla for disk backups.19:09
sepplmasterphillw: the forum entry looks interesting, marked it as a favourite, will try pybackpack now.19:10
phillwthere are some others around, but I only have experience of them two. you can ask in #ubuntu-beginners to ask what others recommend.19:10
sepplmasterphillw: i chose #lubuntu because i thought you will know about the problems with nautilus dependencies but good idea. i will try! thank you for now.19:12
phillwjust let them know that you don't want gnome and are using lubuntu. But pybackpack is pretty  lean and mean.19:13
phillwsepplmaster: you can "/join #lubuntu-offtopic" if you want, we don't bite :)19:20
aaqany one out there, one who cares?20:58
bioterrorwhat's your problem?20:58
aaqwell after i installed lubuntu20:59
aaqand uodated20:59
aaqit deleted win7 boot20:59
bioterrorthis is though one20:59
aaq3rd time :(21:00
bioterrorI'm trying to gather myself up21:00
bioterrorand we can try to do it21:00
bioterrorokay! ;)21:00
bioterrorhave you used terminal?21:01
bioterroris it weird for you?21:01
aaqnot motch21:01
aaqits like matrix21:01
bioterrorbut you know how to use nano?-)21:01
aaqbut does this happend with ubuntu to?21:02
phillw!grub2 | aaq21:03
ubot5aaq: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:03
phillwaaq: if you just want to re-install the windows boot loader and loose the ubuntu area, you can do that, else sometimes a re-install of grub2 will settle things down for you.21:04
aaqi want lubuntu and win.21:05
aaqso i guess i have to look into grub21:06
phillwaaq: give me one moment21:06
bioterrorwe could edit the /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:06
bioterrorwe only need to dig out your windows partition (which is /dev/sda1 for sure) and the UUID for it21:06
phillwaaq: have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101470821:06
kosaidpohello guys21:07
kosaidpoim wondein how ican install gaia theme they look cool and wanna install one but i see no way to21:07
kosaidpocan  someone please tell me how21:07
phillwaaq I have more detailed instructions for if that does not work, but get the win boot loader back on & make sure win7 is happy, then put grub2 back on.21:07
aaqok. thanks21:08
kosaidpophillw: hello : D21:08
kosaidpohave you ever tried gaia them on lubuntu ?21:09
phillwhiyas kosaidpo yes, I saw your question earlier, but I'm not a 'themes' person, you may be better asking on the mailing list, unless one of the people who know how to do it are in.21:10
phillwI do have a forum posting of it, so can always try to find that.21:10
kosaidpophillw: okies thnaks mych other then that hows you21:10
phillwkosaidpo: /join #lubuntu-offtopic21:12
kosaidpo /join #lubuntu-offtopic21:12
kosaidpoidk why icant get on it21:12
kosaidpoahh the lil space : )21:12
aaqwell now i just need to know how to get acess to lubuntu to fix grub ^^21:35
bioterrorsounds like livecd and chroot21:35
ubot5A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot21:35
phillwaaq: do you have a cd with (l)ubuntu on it?21:39
phillwbut you can boot from it?21:39
phillwone moment ....21:39
phillwaaq: you will be able to use http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35  just be really careful with device names !!!!21:41
aaqok ill try21:41
phillwaaq: if it is just a grub issue, have a read of http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=521:44
aaqyes and no i think21:45
phillwaaq: try http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5 first, I don't really think it is a kernel issue; as I doubt you have deleted that.21:46
aaqbut this make ma head hurt21:46
phillw"When a good Grub2 becomes a poorly Grub2" is the section you want21:47
mark76When good Grubs go bad21:47
phillwaaq: it makes your head hurt? Just imagine how much it hurt my head when I wrote it !!!!21:48
aaqwell i know nothing of this21:49
aaqjust looking forward to my girlfrind is going to fix hers21:49
phillwaaq: just so as you know, http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=57#p8121:51
phillwmy instructions are checked out before I post them on my forum or onto the lubuntu wiki area.21:51
aaqwell i have reinstalled win and lubunto 2 times so i dont care if it goes to hell. i just want to find i way to get it working even if that mean reinstalling21:53
aaqbut i guess someone it working his ass off over this? its not only me?21:54
phillw10.10 is fairly recent, let me have a look and see if it is having issues with Win721:54
aaqbut i installed 10.1021:55
aaqand it was some linux image update and then it failed21:56
phillwis okay, I'm just asking Mr Grub :)21:56
phillwaaq: then you will need to use http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35 to get a replacement kernel. Again, be really careful of device names.21:58
phillwaaq: there are no reported issues from thousands of users with 10.10 and Win7. Can I suggest that you check the install cd passes the self test.21:59
phillwif you're on usb, then you need to manually check the iso download on both your computer and the usb stick22:00
aaqwell it did work until i updated22:00
aaqso i had both win7 and lubuntu 10.1022:01
phillwI'm guesssing there was a file corruption as you downloaded the updates.22:01
aaqmaybe but it happend 3 times :)22:02
aaqshould i dl updates while installing?22:04
phillwno, do not do the updates. get the system up and stable first.22:04
phillwaaq: ensure you do https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/CheckCD to the iso file you're using to make the usb stick with.22:06
head_victimIs there anywhere that has differences between Lubuntu and a mini iso with lxde over the top?22:15
head_victimGoogle is only showing me something from 200922:15
phillwhead_victim: I'm not sure, but you now have two options to install lubuntu via the mini-iso22:17
phillwstandard and cut-down22:18
head_victimI was curious because I have a Lubuntu 10.10 in a VM from the Beta and I have a 10.04 that was originally gnome with lxde installed over the top and they look very different.22:19
* phillw has just realised has missed a page on the wiki :'(22:20
phillwhead_victim: if you have gnome with it, you will have a legacy of gnome on it.22:21
bioterror!removing gnome22:22
head_victimI'm thinking simply using Lubuntu will just be "easier"22:22
phillwyou can rid your system of gnome22:22
phillwhead_victim: and a lot faster :)22:22
bioterrorI have to remember that ubuntu mini iso is for the 64bit installation22:23
head_victimphillw: so lubuntu is quicker than mini iso + lxde?22:23
phillwlxde and lubuntu work very closely together, so you will get a system that works well together.22:23
head_victimOk. I'm hoping the scroll wheel flicking through all my open windows will be gone when I install it properly as opposed to in a vm. It's painful with a free scrolling mouse22:24
phillwhead_victim: I can only repeat what others say, and that is that they love lubuntu.22:25
head_victimMy 2.4 celeron is starting to really chug with gnome and xfce wasn't really much different.22:25
phillwlxde is smaller than xubuntu, "A Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 MiB of RAM is probably a bottom-line configuration that may yield slow yet usable system with Lubuntu." and we know it works on such systems.22:26
head_victimYeah I was pretty happy with it in the vm. It may just save me buying a new pc if I'm lucky.22:27
phillwhead_victim: I do see people pop on here thanking the team for breathing life into an older computer.22:28
kosaidpopeace out guys22:28
head_victimIt's coupled with a quad core sitting beside it with synergy so I don't NEED another powerhouse, I just use this for irc, amsn & skype. It's nice while gaming to have a whole second PC sitting there with other things going. I never thought dual head was a good solution when you can have dual PCs.22:29
=== head_v is now known as head_victim
phillwhead_victim: if it meets the minimum spec, you'll be very pleasantly suprised. lubuntu is very gentle on resources and RAM22:31
head_victimRAM is cheap and so easy to expand. The CPU has been my bottleneck for ages.22:31
phillwgnome is an eater of CPU, lxde is not.22:32
szczurhead_victim, about this mini.iso + lxde vs lubuntu. if you will add lubuntu ppa to the mini.iso based system there will be no difference except the gtk theme and so on22:33
szczuryou can install lubuntu and then disable unneded daemons22:34
aaq@phillw now i got both win7 and lubuntu up and running. so now its just to never update lubuntu?22:34
meetingologyaaq: Error: "phillw" is not a valid command.22:34
head_victimszczur: so not a huge performance difference?22:34
szczurbluetooth for example if you don't use it22:34
szczurhead_victim, not really22:34
head_victimszczur, fair enough I'll stick with Lubuntu install then, just a little easier.22:34
szczurbut if you want only your software (for example you use gedit and not leafpad) you can use mini.iso22:35
szczurand install everything manually22:35
szczurthis will save you a couple of megabytes :)22:35
head_victimYeah, I'm still working on getting chromium to do everything I want but it's getting there.22:35
phillwaaq: I'd leave it be, if it is working. I'm still asking for you.22:35
head_victimI have 80gb for / so I think I'm safe :)22:36
szczurohh, so there's no problem i think :)22:36
szczuranother advantage is that you know what you have on your system and that you have only software you want. but it's more time consuming that installing ready to use lubuntu22:37
head_victimAnyone been able to get the program "mail-notification" working? Everytime I try to add a mailbox it aborts with a small list of gtk and glib errors.22:37
head_victimszczur, yeah that's handy but looking at Lubuntu it doesn't seem to dump a bunch of stuff needlessly anyway22:38
szczurthat's true22:38
* phillw waves to szczur22:39
szczurwhat are the specs of PC you're trying to put Lubuntu on?22:39
szczurhi phillw :)22:39
szczurand high five goes to bioterror22:39
szczuras well gilir22:39
head_victim2.4 celeron, 3gb ram 7600gs video card 80gb / and 500gb /home22:40
szczurwhoa :)22:40
phillwszczur: /join #lubuntu-offtopic22:40
head_victimThe CPU is really killing me and making me want to buy a new PC. Lubuntu is my effort to save buying a new pc.22:41
szczurireplace celeron with pentium22:41
szczur12kB of L2 cache is overkill22:41
head_victimIs this error something easily fixed or is it hinting that the program requires a gnome install? http://www.lubuntu.pastebin.com/V21EHX4q22:47
szczurhead_victim, i'd ask you to post it in bugzilla and/or ubuntu forums22:49
phillwhead_victim: we do not use evolution in lubuntu22:49
szczurthis would help us squash the bug and fix the problem22:50
head_victimphillw yeah it's not only for evolution mailboxes22:50
head_victimszczur no dramas, I wasn't sure if it was just a "it's dependant on gnome" thing or not.22:50
szczurmaybe, the problems is that lxpanel doesn't work in the same way as gnome panel is, I think22:51
head_victimAh fair enough I know enough about things to get me into trouble22:52
head_victimNot much more :)22:52
szczurhead_victim, try gnubiff > http://gnubiff.sourceforge.net/22:54
szczurdon't know if it will work but it doesn't need GNOME to work22:54
szczurmaybe it is worth to try22:54
head_victimszczur, setting it up now23:01
head_victimI found a little script on the forum that sort of does what I want23:01
kiethsQuestion regarding customizing a USB Pendrive 'live' version...23:06
phillwask away kieths23:08
kiethsInstallating with 'persistence' develops problems after perhaps 30~50 boots (suspect writing too much to the USB / SD card).  Goal is to customized once, write once, then only read, as in 'livecd' but using an SD / USB pendrive23:08
kiethsProblems developed include incorrect sudoers mode, and corrupted file.  Correctable (using Ubuntu to mount casper, etc.), but bothersome.23:10
kiethsPrefer to mount (something) to modify the core list of file one time, then save to USB and only read.23:10
phillwkieths: select no area for persistance, else 'burn' the usb as a CD - it would mean you have no memory for what you do on the computer. It's more likely that you need a usb stick that meets speedboost requirements.23:12
kiethsHmmm...  Currently using a 4GB Class 10 SD (EeePC supports boot to SD).  Currently doing a persistence of 3GB.  Killed Google Chrome, added Firefox, a couple other aps, scripts, and replaced teh built in network drivers.  Needless to say, there's some extra space needed for these mods.  But I don't want it 'auto-modding' and breaking the work done (it's corrupting mods, I suspect due to writing too often).23:15
phillwkieths: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/tomarcher/archive/2006/06/02/615199.aspx should point you in the correct direction, I have one that I use for ubuntu / lubuntu usb installs.23:16
phillwI also have one from Canonical store which is also working perfectly.23:17
kiethsTok a quick glance.  Will read in detail this afternoon.23:17
kiethsThinking I need to pre-modify an ISO to add in dependencies, etc before blasting to SD/USB.  That make any sense?23:18
kiethsFor the corrupted files / wrong mode issue, I was able to mount my Lubuntu SD card using Ubuntu 10.04 (full install), and using root, correct the corrupted problems, temporarily.   Building the bootable SD takes perhaps 2 hours.  Glitching takes seconds if something goes wrong.  If only I could clone it once I get it right.23:23
phillwkieths: yup it does, you may want to take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-6509.html or possibly look at remastersys via http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html23:24
head_victimkieths, I've run persistent usb installs on standard (even cheap) usb drives before for months.23:24
head_victimTried it with a different SD card?23:25
phillwkieths: soz for the gaps, I have to and dig the links up !!!!23:25
phillw*to go and*23:25
kiethsNot yet.  Copied the linx, will sincerely read and research.  Got the one Class 10 4GB.  Got a ton of 1GB cards.  If I could create a custom card - as in no Google Chrome wasting space, no wrong drivers, only the stuff I need, it may fit to 1 GB.  THEN, if I could CLONE the SD card to backup the effort...amazing solution.23:27
head_victimGood luck getting down to 1gb :)23:28
kiethsThe 1GB is too small for any kind of persistence, though.  Wouldn't matter.  A thumb drive is perfect for copying out any data.23:28
phillwkieths: you can use minimal install, then the minimal lubuntu install.23:28
kiethsI can install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in a 1GB SD card.  Lubuntu should fit easily.23:29
phillwand No, I have not yet written up the full instructions yet :p23:29
kiethsLubuntu is good stuff.  I have a serious problem with Google Chrome, though.23:30
phillwlubuntu is, from memory, about 540MB atm, so should happily fit on a SD card.23:30
kiethsYes, definately.23:30
* phillw is getting used to it. I have to use Ffox for some of my web-dev stuff; but chromium is becomming a really good browser.23:31
kiethsI truly believe that missing Google Chrome, it could hold FF and choice other aps/scripts under the 1 GB mark.23:31
* phillw is biased as I also know the guy who deals with the *buntu / Chromium bugs really quickly; he's a star.23:32
kiethsChrome is crashing on me seriously.  It finally gave up, and no longer runs under the USB install.  Can't figure which dependency glitched.  Installed FF, killed teh G-C shortcuts.  FF works much better, and has much more add-on support.23:32
kiethsChrome is lighter weight, but no running one all the websites I visit.23:33
phillwkieths: please file a bug report. Fabian cannot get it investigated unless it is reported. If you prefer, just email what information you have on it over phillw@phillw.net and I will ensure he gets to know about it. "Bugs that are not reported will only be fixed by accident"23:34
kiethsIs there an effort to make a module-picker for building customized Lubuntu (similar to the Slax concept)?23:35
phillwkieths: there is a difference between Chrome and Chromium, which have you been using?23:35
kiethsDefault in Lubuntu 10.04.  It doesn't run, so I can't open it and read it to tell you.23:36
phillwwell, if you're running 10.04 you are long way out of date. you may well find that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Have%2010.04%20and%20want%2010.10? sorts out your problems23:38
kiethsI tried to use it when I first flashed.  It worked.  Booted perhaps 20+ times, then one day is simply would run Google at all.  Click, pause like it's opening, then.... nothing.  Pulled in FF via GZ file on USB, installed smooth, problem resolved (for me at the time).23:38
phillwI really think it is a hardware issue, either the SD card / USB stick.23:39
kiethsThere is, and will constantly be minor and major version updates.  I'm trying to make an SD card that...works.  I can change OS's for each release, but it will take a bout 2 hours of customizing each time.  It's like your alarm clock - there's a new version of firmware that adds 12 new 'bells'.  As long as it wakes me in the morning....23:41
phillw10.10 of lubuntu will be here untill 11.04 :)23:41
kiethsWish for a familiar browser that has all the add-ons I use daily - forecastfox, fasterfox, and various others.  Never liked the Google colors or feel, and it crashing permanently gave me another excuse to not use that.23:43
kiethsOK.. will pull down 10.1023:43
kieths...IF it uses Firefox.23:43
phillwno, you can do it via the mini-iso and have no browser at all. The reason we use chromium is that is less resource hungry than Ffox.23:45
kiethsSerious note, thanks, phillw, for the links.  Will research, and hopefully find input to better the SD situation.  Will also buy a second card for comparison.23:45
kiethsAgreed.. Google is smaller footprint and resource wise.  It just kills my morning weather forecasts (bottom bar - not a website), the international times (Foxclocks, again bottom bar), and several others.  I'll pay the bandwidth and resources, even if using an older 900 MHz box, for the conveniences.23:47
kiethsFamiliar wins over quick to crash23:48
stlsaintphillw: sup, i added lubuntu to autojoin but moved to other lappy so i had to readd :D23:51
kiethsGot to run for a bit.  Thanks again Phillw, for your advice and assistance.23:52
phillwstlsaint:  lol, you may want to pop onto #lubuntu-offtopic once in a while, we relax in there23:52
head_victimszczur, I've been able to get that gnubiff configured pretty well actually thanks for the pointer23:57

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