paul_h1TheMuso: does the accessibility profile do anything essential to enable orca to read apps that are running as root?00:00
TheMusopaul_h1: It does as much as can be done yes. It adds some variables to sudoers that need to be passed through to the root session to enable orca/at-spi to listen to application activity as the root user.00:01
paul_h1TheMuso: thought it might. I did an install but didn't manage to get the a11y profile activated on the CD so I can't access root apps on the installed system. could you tell me what the additional lines to sudoers are please?00:03
TheMusopaul_h1: You running lucid or maverick?00:04
TheMusoIf so, then you want to add the following lines to /etc/sudoers.d/a11y-sudo00:04
paul_h1TheMuso: just upgraded to Maverick00:05
TheMuso# TO allow accessibility in GTK to work with sudo.00:05
TheMusoDefaults        env_keep = "ORBIT_SOCKETDIR XDG_SESSION_COOKIE GTK_MODULES"00:05
TheMusoThe file needs to be set with permissions 044000:05
TheMusoI suggest using "sudo -i" to get to a root shell, and working in the root shell, so you don't break anything during the process.00:05
TheMusopaul_h1: Hope all that makes sense.00:10
paul_h1TheMuso: giving it a go now00:10
TheMusoYou need to make sure you create the file and set permissions on the file in one sudo session, otherwise sudo will break and you won't be able to use it. You will have to reboot in recovery mode to fix it.00:12
paul_h1TheMuso: thank you :) working now00:15
paul_h1TheMuso: nice to see that update-manager isn't using gksu anymore00:16
Fudgealot of ppl failing upgrades to maverick03:39
davidb_err wrong number13:32
nigelbthat was interesting13:33
nigelbHeya folks, charlie-tca is talking about accessiblity in Ubuntu in #ubuntu-classroom as part of UOW.  Those interested can join #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat15:12

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