MichealH-iPodPing for the meeting?00:14
Mohan_chmlNo heads available now :(00:16
Mohan_chmlbodhizazen: !!!00:16
MichealH-iPodbodhizazen: Isn't there a meeting?00:17
bodhizazenzup ??00:17
MichealH-iPodIsn't there a meeting on?00:17
Mohan_chmlbodhizazen: it is 23:15 and today is our meeting00:17
bodhizazenThis is not the greatest time for me, but I can peek in00:18
MichealH-iPodIt's the fact there is noone chairing it?00:19
Mohan_chmlbodhizazen: so, no peeps today to discuss??00:20
bodhizazendiscuss what ?00:21
Mohan_chmlI think duanedesign has a topic to discuss00:21
Mohan_chmlI forgot it but lemme see in my mail00:21
aocoderHowdy! I was trying to install Cairo-dock, and in the process, caused an error that prevents my Synaptic package manager from opening. What should I do? Here's the error: E: Type 'wget' is not known on line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list04:12
aocoderE: The list of sources could not be read.04:12
aocoderGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.04:12
aocoderE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:12
paultagHey Ubuntu Beginners team. I got me a problem. I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 UNR on my HP Mini 110. I have an Intel 945GME and I can't get hardware acceleration working.04:34
paultagThe card should be supported under xserver-xorg-video-intel04:34
paultagIt's installed and up to date04:35
paultagIt was working with 10.04 UNR, 10.04 Stock and Debian Testing04:35
nhandlerpaultag: You installed all of the things under System->Administration->Additional Drivers, right?04:41
paultagnhandler, it's intel, the driver is f/oss and included by default. The only stuff there is WiFi ( which I have working OK )04:41
nhandlerBleh, I can't keep track of which companies have the darn proprietary drivers ;)04:42
nhandlerpaultag: You could put askubuntu.com to the test ;)04:43
paultagmeh :)04:43
paultagI'll just get condescending responses ( esp. when I'm doing it on a netbook )04:44
paultagit's why i hate fourms, really04:44
nhandlerpaultag: It is still in the early stages, so the trolls haven't shown up yet. And so far, the rep system has been keeping the answers pretty well in line (we also have jcastro to slap bad users around for us)04:45
paultagnhandler, all the posts I've seen are "Lawl, post your xorg.conf" for a post WRT 10.1004:45
paultagWell, back to the drawing board.04:48
paultagthanks nhandler04:48
nhandlerSorry I couldn't help more paultag, hardware is not my area04:48
paultagit's cool04:50
paultagtime to dig deep.04:50
duanedesignhey paultag04:58
duanedesignpaultag: do  not know if this might be helpful.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks#HP%20Mini%20110%20/%20Compaq%20Mini%20100c/110c05:00
ruihello everybody05:04
aveilleuxhello rui05:05
ruican you helpeme05:05
ruii have a problem with skype05:05
aveilleuxrui: I use Skype a little, what's up?05:05
ruihello aveillex05:06
ruii have ubuntu 10.10 and every time i start the video it crashes05:06
aveilleuxrui: What webcam do you have? Are you sure it works under Ubuntu?05:07
ruiyes it it works with linux mint 905:07
ruii have linux mint  9 and ubuntu in the same computer05:07
aveilleuxrui: Okay. Does the test video work?05:07
ruiaveilleux: i try with cheese and works05:08
aveilleuxrui: I don't know what "cheese" is. I meant the video test in the Skype settings.05:09
ruiaveilleux: i have an logitech c27005:09
duanedesigncheese - A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam05:10
aveilleuxrui: Do you have uvcvideo installed?05:10
aveilleuxThanks, duanedesign05:10
aveilleuxrui: the uvcvideo driver, I mean05:10
ruiaveilleux:i try the test with the skype and works05:10
aveilleuxrui: Hm, so it's only when you're in a call? Interesting...05:11
aveilleuxrui: Open Terminal for me and paste the output of the following command: uname -a05:12
ruiaveilleux:Linux rui-desktop 2.6.35-22-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Sun Oct 10 09:24:00 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux05:12
duanedesigncan you run skype from the terminal? to see if it prints any messages when it fails?05:13
aveilleuxrui: DOes this happen if the other user is not broadcasting their webcam?05:13
ruiaveilleux: it happens when i start my video05:14
ruiaveilleux:when im in a video call and start my video05:15
aveilleuxrui: What I mean is, does this happen if the other user does *not* have their camera enabled?05:15
aveilleuxrui: That is, you are the first user to turn on your video05:16
ruiaveilleux:it happens when i start th other user  have is video first05:16
aveilleuxrui: So, the answer to my question is "no".05:17
ruiaveilleux:im the second to start the video05:17
aveilleuxrui: Can you try that for me? Start a call (voice only) and enable your camera first. See if the call crashes.05:17
ruiaveilleux:you see im strong positive05:17
ruiaveilleux:i need somone to make acall and the test call only accepts audio without the video05:19
aveilleuxrui: I'll sign into Skype then. My username is tony.vee05:20
aveilleuxrui: You are tyler713247?05:20
ruimy is rui.edward.gouveia05:21
aveilleuxOh. okay. *ignores...*05:21
ruiaveilleux my is rui.edward.gouveia05:21
ruiaveileux you are offline05:22
aveilleuxrui: http://jira.skype.com/browse/SCL-42805:26
aveilleuxrui: So yeah, like I mentioned in the Skype chat, just try to be the first person to start the video and the connection should work05:28
aveilleuxAwww :(05:28
maddethmorning ladies07:29
maddethMorning Bodsda07:31
mR0My gnome menu (places) won't opened. It shown "No application is registered as handling this file". How can I fix it?10:11
ehcahIs there a ubuntu add-on to open Windows Java based applications?13:56
zeroseven0183Hi ehcah: I'm not familiar with Windows Java-based stuff but you might want to try installing WINE.13:57
ehcahTried that first. The applet doesn't end in .exe.13:58
ehcahIt installs, but won't open?13:58
zeroseven0183I see13:58
ehcahAt least I figure it won't open for that reason anyway? I'm not getting an errors.13:59
zeroseven0183It's in .jar I assume14:01
paultagthere is no such thing as a windows java application14:04
paultagjava is java14:04
paultagand zeroseven0183 -- sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin14:04
paultagzeroseven0183, that should let you run it. Just do java -jar file.jar14:04
paultag( in the working directory )14:05
paultagOh sorry zeroseven018314:05
paultagehcah, that was all for you14:05
paultagI've just woke up14:05
paultagehcah, and never resort to wine as a first-line defense. Always look for a native version of an application14:05
paultagehcah, wine is buggy, you should not rely on it. that's a plan B14:05
ehcahFolks:  Sorry. I was away from my desk for a few minutes. I will try paultag's suggestion immediately.14:10
ehcahpaultag: none of those packages exist? I've also looked for them in the Synaptic package manager and ubuntu software centers. The closest I found was an Apache licensed product?14:16
Mohan_chmlehcah: look for Java 614:19
ehcahRuntime or web start14:20
Mohan_chmlehcah: you read http://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_install.xml ?14:21
ehcahMohan_chml: Thank you. From what I read just a second ago, I beleive it's the runtime that I need...14:22
Mohan_chmlehcah: =]14:23
ehcahOne problem solved and now another: "wine: Install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables"14:26
Mohan_chmlaww you are using Wine???14:27
ehcahThe "mono" apps I find are for developpers? which I am not.14:27
ehcahI am. This is a different app.14:27
ehcahI just did a complete rebuild of my laptop to ubuntu 10.10 (single boot, no more windows)14:27
Mohan_chmlehcah: Had you tried installing directly?? coz Wine is not good14:28
ehcahI need to run 2 different applications to manage my Russound Whole House Audio System.14:28
ehcahRun's on windows only. :(14:28
Mohan_chmlyou are sure that it only works for win X ?14:29
ehcahAgreed. Ironically, most of Russounds devices run on embeded Linux OS's.14:29
ehcahPer documentation and that I could not install it without invoking the "wine" command.14:29
Mohan_chmlI have no clue about wine. Lemme google about the error14:31
ehcahNo worries. I'll do that.14:31
ehcahI appreciate the offer though.14:31
Mohan_chmlehcah: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=527319 for installing mono14:33
ehcahMohan_chml: Are you running 10.10 or 10.4 LTS?14:37
Mohan_chmlLucind 10.0414:38
ehcahI kept 10.04 on my servers, but when I rebuilt my laptop last night I used 10.10. I'm wondering if the repo's are different or If I'm missing some? I find I'm not able to apt-get install.... things I was able to before?14:39
seidosis downloading an ubuntu iso from torrents sufficient for insuring data integrity?14:39
ehcahI wonder if I should go back to 10.04 on my laptop before I do to much customization.14:39
Mohan_chmlehcah: no14:40
Mohan_chmlseidos: Be sure that you have the links from the official ubuntu website14:40
seidosMohan_chml, of course :)14:42
Mohan_chmlsebsebseb: then no worries :)14:42
AndrewMCseidos: in fact using bittorrent is better as it dosnt put so much load on Ubuntu's servers14:44
handlephi folks.  i have ubuntu on my desktop in a dual boot setup.  it's never worked particularly well, mainly because i have problems with my monitor not being supported.  anyway, i thought i would give it another try to see if the updated version is better, but when i try to upgrade i get told i do not have enough room in my /usr directory.  i don't know where trash is, so i can't check that's empty, and i don't know how to increas14:46
Mohan_chmlhandlep: Hola. you can find trash by clicking computer in places14:51
seidosAndrewMC, do you think doing md5sum on the iso is overkill after downloading through bit torrent?14:54
handlepright ok, thnx, i'll look there.  but, what if i can't free any more space up?  is it possible to increase the size of usr?14:54
Mohan_chmlhandlep: what is the side of you "/" partition?14:55
handlepoff the top of my head i don't know, i'm chatting from windows now - is there a way for me to look in my windows file manager to see that?  if not, i know the upgrade wanted just over 1200 meg, and i needed to free up about 500 meg14:58
Mohan_chmlhandlep: right click My Computer, Click manage and then Disk management I think14:59
Mohan_chmlyou can find the size of the partition. BUT15:00
Mohan_chmlDO NOT name the partition as it is not visible15:00
handlepok, on my way15:00
handlepok, in disk manager15:01
handlepbut not sure i can see the ubuntu partition15:02
handlepbut when i look in my d drive, ubuntu is using 12 gig15:02
Mohan_chmlhandlep: are you using dual boot or installed inside windows?15:10
handlepit's dual boot - when i boot up, i get a boot menu, and select either windows or ubuntu15:13
handlepi know ubuntu has an unistall function, but i have heard it mnight mess up my windows installation too15:13
Mohan_chmlhandlep: Okay do one thing. get into ubuntu and move the contents in home folder to some other partitions15:14
Mohan_chmlHola Silver_Fox_. Feeling good now?15:19
handlephmmmm...........  ok15:19
handlepcould you give me an idiot's guide to doing that please?15:20
Mohan_chmlhandlep: can you come here from Ubuntu ?15:20
handlepsure, will do15:22
handlepmight be a few minutes before i am back15:22
Mohan_chmlhandlep: Take your time :)15:22
Mohan_chmlLate :/15:22
Silver_Fox_I am fine thank you Mohan_chml . How are you?15:24
Mohan_chmlI am doing good and I heard you are not well Silver_Fox_ :(15:25
handlephi Mohan_chml, I'm back!15:41
Mohan_chmlhandlep: hello.15:41
Mohan_chmlhandlep: places->home folder15:41
handlepok, in15:42
Mohan_chmlmove some contents from Desktop and Downloads folders15:44
Mohan_chmlBut keep those folders. just copy their contents15:44
paultagehcah, are you all set?15:45
* Mohan_chml waves over paultag 15:46
handlepok, desktop only has 2 files, totalling about 12 K.  i have no downloads folder15:46
paultagheyya Mohan_chml15:46
Mohan_chmlpaultag: see what you have done.... ehcah quitted :P15:53
Mohan_chmlLOL Gotcha paultag :P15:55
Mohan_chmlhandlep: look for downloads on your left side bottom of the explorer15:56
=== Mossyfunk is now known as Mossyfunk|Sleepi
handlepMohan_chml:  definitely no downloads folder15:57
=== Mossyfunk|Sleepi is now known as keyboardface
Mohan_chmlhandlep: you have documents, music, pictures and downloads?15:58
=== keyboardface is now known as Mossyfunk|Sleep
handlepMohan_chml:  no, documents, music, pictures, videos15:59
Mohan_chmlHmmm How your 12 GB is filled??16:00
* hobgoblin thinks Downloads is new 16:00
handlepi have this, which is 3G - {95EA60FC-B631-470C-98A7-B6EC973B6AA8}16:01
handlepis that important?16:01
handlepcancel that, i read the properties wrong16:01
handlepthat is 15 m16:02
Mohan_chmlhobgoblin: Hola. handlep is thinking of upgrading. but there is no free space.16:02
bioterrorsudo apt-get clean16:02
bioterrordoes it make more space?16:03
Mohan_chmlah...! forgot about removing packages downloaded buring update =]16:04
handlepi did the sudo command yesterday, it didn't help16:04
hobgoblinMohan_chml: that thread ^^ du and stuff16:05
Mohan_chmlhandlep: you can see the link that hobgoblin has posted16:05
handlepok, i will read that through, many thnx16:05
handlepyes, in it now16:05
genupulashello i need help on postfix configuration17:10
genupulaskomputes,  i need help on postfix configuration17:11
komputesgenupulas: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html17:12
genupulaskomputes,  thank you very much17:12
komputesgenupulas: you are welcome17:13
komputesgenupulas: if you need help along the way, ask in #ubuntu-server (very knowledgeable server folks chat there)17:14
genupulasoh thank you very much17:14
Mohan_chmlYay komputes is here17:15
Mohan_chmlHello Elonoir17:15
ElonoirI am have recently tried out/installed Ubuntu and took notes while doing so.17:18
ElonoirWhat I did etc.17:19
ElonoirI want to know what the best place is to get those notes to & help to get some things changed.17:19
ElonoirCouldn't find anything online.17:19
ElonoirLong story: What's the best place to learn as much as possible from my expierence?17:20
Mohan_chmlElonoir: Explore your machine and ask here or in #ubuntu if you have any difficulties17:20
Mohan_chmland another best way to learn is by helping other peeps. You can do that by remaining in official channels, watching people helping others with issues and you trying to help others17:21
ElonoirI mean what can I do with my note, expierence to improve those things in Ubuntu.17:22
ElonoirIt's a terrible test; but it might be possible to get some UX improvements out of it.17:22
Mohan_chmlElonoir: make a bolg about what you are learning and try converting yourself as a developer by learning programming regarding OS regularly17:23
Mohan_chmlHola aveilleux17:23
aveilleux'lo Mohan_chml17:23
ElonoirAnd what if what I want to change is something else than source code?17:24
Elonoir( UX design, etc. )17:24
ElonoirIt's useless to write a blog that nobody will read.17:24
Mohan_chmlElonoir: blog is for your future use and look for GNOME development17:25
aveilleuxElonoir: I write a blog that no one reads :(17:25
Mohan_chmlElonoir: we use blogs for our reference in future and that is the best way to do if you learn (as human brain forgets a stuff soon =])17:26
ElonoirThat's why I made notes and am typing it out as I speak.17:26
JoeMaverickSettElonoir: i'd agree to what Mohan_chml says. :)17:26
JoeMaverickSetteven i do write a blog that no one reads.17:27
ElonoirThought there should be a user expierence department that I can help with my expierence.17:27
aveilleuxElonoir: But what if someone happens to come accross something that you already fixed? Your knowledge isn't on the Internet, so they can't find it :P17:27
Mohan_chmlElonoir: try remaining here and help people coming with issues :)17:27
ElonoirThat it's why I want to help fix something within another project. Instead of working out nothing.17:27
aveilleuxElonoir, how are you working out nothing?17:28
aveilleuxElonoir, blogs are indexed by Google too17:29
ElonoirWriting a blog that who's expierence is never used is useless.17:29
aveilleuxElonoir, How do you know it would be useless?17:29
ElonoirBecause nothing gets changed.17:29
aveilleuxElonoir, So, until it gets fixed upstream, you can help other users fix the problem.17:30
ElonoirI'm willing to work things out and do what I can for upstream.17:30
Elonoir( this case mostly Ubuntu. )17:30
aveilleuxElonoir, my blog (before I took it down) was full of little nitpicky problems I faced with Ubuntu, and it got upwards of 100 hits a day.17:30
ElonoirAnd did any of them improve?17:31
aveilleuxElonoir, Then the problems got fixed eventually, but I still got hits for slightly different problems17:31
aveilleuxElonoir, Yes!17:31
aveilleuxElonoir, The point is that fixes aren't instantaneous. You can't find a problem then immediately deploy a solution. Until a patch is made, the problem will persist.17:31
ElonoirAnd wouldn't it be better if I took matters in my own hands and work together with people that face the same problem. Instead of sitting on the sideline and yelling that people have to fix it for me.17:32
aveilleuxElonoir, Uh, we never told you not to.17:32
Elonoirmost things I noticed are very very small things.17:32
aveilleuxElonoir, Do both!!17:32
ElonoirI can't code; but I can help with UI design.17:32
aveilleuxElonoir, I even get hits on my LP page because I wrote about how to move the close-minimize-maximize buttons back over to the right, which is something that Canonical apparently really loves not "fixing"17:33
ElonoirOr preferably user expierence.17:33
ElonoirItÅ› motivated etc. Understable. =)17:39
ElonoirGet their motivation.17:40
ElonoirThat blog won17:45
Elonoir't change anything. Is there another place to be part of such discussions?17:45
aveilleux#ubuntu-dev, probably17:47
shahanI am using Maverick. I have selected ADMINISTRATION> UPDATE MANAGER18:03
shahanits downloading the 2.6.32-22 generic18:04
bioterrorsounds okay so far18:04
shahanbut mine is http://paste.ubuntu.com/512502/18:04
aveilleuxshahan, So it's trying to downgrade? Hmm. Did you manually upgrade your kernel?18:05
shahanthe version its downloading, seems to be already installed18:05
shahanaveilleux: no..... in Maverick, 2.6.32-22 is default18:05
Mohan_chmlshahan: as hobgoblin It is 35 in maverick. so it is upgrading18:07
aveilleuxshahan, Your current version of the kernel is newer than the one it is downloading.18:07
aveilleuxshahan, 2.6.35-* is newer than 2.6.32-*18:08
shahanaveilleux: ooooooooo :) sorry.... I didnt looked at this...18:08
bioterrorI just installed lubuntu18:08
bioterrorand I did dist-upgrade18:08
bioterrorLinux dopethrone 2.6.35-22-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Sun Oct 10 09:24:00 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux18:08
bioterrorlike 20 minutes ago18:08
shahanI just looked at the last 2 digit18:09
aveilleuxshahan, So you had a different problem and didn't even realize it!18:09
hobgoblinshahan: is this just a normal update you are doing? If so there was a kernel update here this morning18:10
shahanhobgoblin: ya... its normal update18:10
sepplmasterhi to all! i am looking for an easy to use backup tool for lubuntu. i wanted to use deja dup, but it has dependencies on nautilus. has anyone other suggestions for me?19:14
* phillw waves to sepplmaster19:14
sepplmasterphillw: i would wave back, if i knew how to19:15
phillwit's quite okay, you use "/me waves to <username>" without the quotes.19:16
* sepplmaster waves to phillw19:16
phillwguys, I've suggested pybackpack, do you have a better idea?19:17
sepplmasterphillw: impressive! wouldn't this be offtopic?19:17
bathtub_i require help20:39
bioterrorwhat kind of20:39
Mohan_chml!ask | bathtub_20:39
ubot2bathtub_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:39
bathtub_im installing ubuntu on this laptop via live cd and i have had it saying "formatting swap space partition..." for the last 2 hours and nothing has happened20:40
bioterrorswap is used if you're running out of RAM20:40
bioterrorpart of your hard drive works as a extension for RAM20:41
bioterrorbut is the installer stuck?20:41
aveilleuxbathtub_, It seems like the installer has crashed... Have you tried canceling the install and starting again?20:41
bathtub_im not sure.. and no i have not tried that20:41
bathtub_is this any help...20:41
bathtub_nevermind..i cant copy the text20:42
bioterrorbtw. did you check out the md5 checksum of the .iso -file before burning or doing a usb stick20:43
aveilleuxbathtub_, you can hit printscrn and get a screenshot20:43
aveilleuxbathtub_, then upload the image to something like http://imgur.com/ or another image host20:43
bathtub_thats what my installer has been like for hours20:45
bioterrorfor hours? :o20:46
aveilleuxbathtub_, Yes, that means the installer crashed. Quit out of it and start the install over.20:46
bathtub_erm...how exactly do i quit?20:46
aveilleuxbathtub_, Open Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and run the command killall -9 ubuquity20:47
aveilleuxer, ubiquity bathtub_20:48
bathtub_ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ killall -9 ubuquity ubuquity: no process found ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ killall -9 ubiquity ubiquity(6096): Operation not permitted ubiquity: no process found ubuntu@ubuntu:~$20:48
bathtub_operation not permitted :|20:49
bioterrorsudo killall20:49
bathtub_i have had a usage list pop up20:50
bathtub_installer wont die20:50
bioterrorshutdown and start all over again20:51
bathtub_okay then20:51
Mohan_chmlHmmmm! strange bug20:51
Mohan_chmlbathtub_: try swap partition formatted before by using system-> Administration -> GParted20:52
Mohan_chmlhxcjonnysniper: explain the issue with what you did before and what error you got20:56
hxcjonnysniperwell i just have no wired network and i need help setting one up.20:57
hxcjonnysniperthere is nothing on the forums about it.20:57
bioterroryou need to connect to the Access point or you want to set up a ad-hoc?20:58
hxcjonnysniperno i need a wired connection.20:59
bioterrorahhh wired21:00
bioterrorsome how I read wireless :D21:00
Mohan_chmlhxcjonnysniper: you are in 10.04?21:01
hxcjonnysniperhaha. thats fine. the wireless works but not the wired connection. idk if i need to install some driver or something for ethernet. no im on 10.1021:01
bioterrorhxcjonnysniper, if you say in terminal "ifconfig -all" do you see eth0?21:01
bioterrornevermind the -all21:02
hxcjonnysnipersorry. i cleared it instead of copied.21:02
hxcjonnysnipercan you say that again?21:02
bioterrorif you say in terminal "ifconfig", can you see a eth021:02
bioterrorcan you say "sudo dhclient eth0" in terminal21:04
hxcjonnysniperokay i did that.21:05
bioterrordid you get ip address?21:06
kosaidpohello guys21:10
kosaidpoim on lubuntu and iwanna install gaia theme but idont kno how21:10
AndrewMCkosaidpo: ask in #lubuntu21:52
kosaidpoAndrewMC: i already did21:53
bioterrorkosaidpo, clearlooks is soooo nice by default, that we dont have had a need to try anything else21:57
bioterrorkosaidpo, do you have a url for the mother earth theme?21:57
aveilleuxbioterror, clearlooks is Metacity, not LXDE :P21:58
kosaidpobioterror: yeh but i have radiance now but i like to change the look time to time21:58
kosaidpoaveilleux: i dont think so theres a clearlook on lxde : )21:59
aveilleuxkosaidpo, LXDE uses GTK+? That's odd for a lightweight system.21:59
kosaidpoaveilleux: im not sure as in i dont kno but i do have it in22:00
kosaidpolet me make sure22:00
kosaidpoyeh theres a clearlook22:00

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