JadenKornHello everyone.11:58
JadenKornI've been trying out the new Ubuntu in the Cloud - 55 minutes trial service, and after almost 30 minutes, I was still unable to properly log in via ssh.11:59
JadenKornEvery time whenever I want to login, it ends the connection with a "Permission denied (publickey)" message on ssh.12:00
Hussainhello fine people13:13
Hussaini am using XCP13:13
Hussaindoes anyone know about it13:13
Hussainas i have some issues13:13
kim0Hussain: heh .. is that Xen Cloud ?13:21
kim0I used to know about it yes13:22
kim0in a previous life, I've written a python workflow to automate deployment with it13:22
kim0however .. how does that relate to ubuntu13:22
Hussainthat doesnt but still i thought that the issue coklud be fixed from here13:23
Hussaini am having issues of connecting the vm's console from the web browser13:24
kim0Hussain: are you getting the web UI to begin with ?13:24
Hussainyup im using CGI perl for that13:25
kim0isn't it a browser13:26
Hussainyes it is13:26
Hussainthe scripting is done using perl13:26
kim0You're scripting it13:26
Hussainand CGI for frontend13:26
Hussainthat's what i said13:27
Hussaini wanna access the vm's console from the browser13:27
kim0from the browser doesn't mean from a script to me13:27
Hussainuuumm okay so what do u think the issue is13:28
Hussainis it possible13:28
kim0well .. I have to say that this really shouldn't be discussed in this channel .. perhaps ask in #xen13:28
kim0However .. this may be helpful13:28
kim0that's my blog where I've written almost everything I could find out about xcp consoles13:28
Hussainyes i have already gone through post13:29
Hussaini am having problems installing the socat on xcp13:29
Hussainthe XenAPI module is working fine13:30
kim0Hussain: The best place to ask seems to be #xen-api13:30
kim0from http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XCP_Overview13:30
Hussainokay sure13:30
kim0cool .. good luck :)13:31
Hussainthanx mate13:31
kim0Hussain: btw in my post, socat is installed on your local machine not on xcp13:32
Hussainokay i get it13:33
Hussainill try it and get back to you13:33
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ablertis there a public PPA or other repo that contains a more up to date version of the ec2 api tools?17:57
IdleOneDon't have any questions kirkland but interested in seeing answers to others questions :)18:02
IdleOneerr I meant kim0 :)18:02
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ablertis anyone aware of a public PPA or other repo that contains a more up to date version of the ec2 api tools?21:39
smoserablert, what distro ?21:53
smosererr... lucid ? maverick ?21:53
smoserablert, the maverick version of ec2-api-tools should be very up to date. there is a source rebuild in my ppa.21:56
smoserwe're workingon getting backports: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bug/64974221:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 649742 in lucid-backports "backport maverick ec2-api-tools to lucid" [Wishlist,In progress]21:56
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