akgranerfinally took the time to upgrade to maverick :-)  happy dance time01:33
nigelbgood morning all!02:11
nigelbwoohoo winter has arrived :)02:15
duanedesignnigelb: hello!04:06
duanedesignnigelb: yes, i woke up yesterday and it was nice and cool outside. I enjoy Fall/Spring04:07
nigelbheu duanedesign :)04:21
nigelbwoot, I have an awesome script to github today04:23
nhandlernigelb: What does it do?04:24
nigelbnhandler: deploys the code on our and pings the entire team of the update :)04:25
nhandlernigelb: Doesn't github offer several post-commit hooks to handle the notification04:26
nigelbnhandler: yes, it does04:26
nigelbbut the repo in question is not on gihub04:26
nigelbthe repo in question is on my  gitosis server at work04:26
nigelbI had to sit down and plan a whole workflow, I'm just glad it came out well04:27
nigelband I found out that I can code in python :p04:27
duanedesign nigelb awesome!04:31
nigelbI'll share the code today so you folks can pick at it and adopt :)04:32
duanedesignnigelb: you did this for work?04:33
nigelbduanedesign: yep04:35
nigelbI just to plan to make sure it isn't hacked together  thingy04:35
nigelbso, I generalized as much as I could.04:35
duanedesignnigelb: do you know what the default icon set is for Maverick?06:08
duanedesigntrying to take my desktop back to default so i can do some screencasts06:09
popeyduanedesign: create a new user06:37
* duanedesign slaps forehead06:40
duanedesignpopey: thank you :)06:41
popeymorning btw :)06:41
duanedesigngood morning06:42
doctormoFew what a night07:12
doctormoMorning popey? isn't it early there?07:12
doctormopleia2: ping07:16
nigelbmorning popey07:30
nigelbdoctormo: she's in ireland, in a more saner time zone :p07:30
AlanBelldoctormo: are you still up? or over here?07:32
doctormoAlanBell: I'm up07:36
doctormonigelb: Ah right!07:36
dholbachGood morning! :)07:48
dholbachhey ara - how's life in that other part of Berlin?07:55
kim0Morning o/07:59
dholbachkim, صباح الخير08:00
dholbachhola dpm08:00
kim0dholbach: :D08:00
dpmmorning dholbach08:00
dpmhey kim008:00
kim0dpm: hey man08:00
dpmmorning everyone08:00
* kim0 sprinkles mornings all over the channel08:01
* dholbach hugs dpm08:10
* dpm hugs dholbach08:10
nigelbmorning dholbach :)09:05
nigelbhey dpm09:05
nigelbdpm: how was your vacation?09:05
nigelbmorning ara :)09:05
dholbachhi nigelb09:05
aramorning nigelb, dpm, all09:05
dpmhey ara, good morning!09:06
dpmhey nigelb, apart from the OW session fiasco, very well, thanks :)09:07
* nigelb hugs dpm 09:12
nigelbwe had a session by somone and I got to entertain the crowd - its all good!09:12
dholbachjono, insomnia? :)09:13
jonodholbach, no, just finished working09:14
jonojust a final thing before I go to bed09:14
jonodpm, kim0 did you mail me the stats we are going to track for the 11.04 items?09:15
dpmjono, I didn't yet. I'll do it today.09:18
kim0jono: same here09:18
* dpm hugs nigelb09:18
duanedesignmorning all09:18
dpmmorning duanedesign09:19
kim0hey duanedesign morning09:19
jonodpm, kim0 please update  each objective in the 11.04 plan with which stats you want to track each objective - can you get this done ready for when I wake up?09:19
kim0yep will do09:19
jonodholbach, also, how are you getting on with the architectural diagram for the dev process?09:19
jonokim0, also, ping Marianna and get them to call the embassy :)09:19
dholbachjono, working on it and getting feedback from a few folks09:20
jonodholbach, great, I am looking forward to talking it through in our team call :)09:20
nigelbkim0: ah, visa problems?09:25
jonokim0, I didn't get a chance to look at the CommunityReview again, I was slammed today - what do I need to unblock you?09:25
kim0nigelb: they're just too slow :/09:26
nigelbkim0: ah, ok :)09:26
dpmjono, will do09:27
kim0jono: well, mostly read the people's comments and think about whether the next step should be more talking to them, or starting to engage them and handling problems as they come (I like this one, but need a procedure). We have 8 interested people now09:27
jonothanks dpm09:28
jonokim0, I fear I will block you further like the useless boss I am09:28
kim0hehe :)09:28
jonokim0, could you just go ahead and talk more with them and figure out some concrete things we should focus on09:28
kim0jono: well most of them haven't really started working .. they're just interested09:29
kim0jono: hey .. maybe we can have an irc session with them ?09:29
kim0ask all questions we need09:29
kim0and get them started ?09:29
jonokim0, sounds greatr09:29
kim0jono: would you like to be in that ?09:30
jonokim0, I think your job here is to understand what steps we could make to make their experience easier09:30
jonokim0, naaa, I trust you can do it :)09:30
jonoalright, I am going to bed09:30
jononight all!09:30
dholbachnight jono09:30
kim0jono: nightie09:30
jonothanks dholbach, kim0!09:30
jonosee you soon09:30
czajkowskialoha folks12:32
kim0czajkowski: howdy12:35
czajkowskikim0: nice wiki page :)12:36
kim0cool :)12:36
dholbachman, I'm so glad I was invited to "4th Annual Future of Business Jets Conference"12:56
dholbachit's the most worthwhile conference12:56
kim0doh ?12:58
kim0dholbach: in the Jets business ?12:58
dholbachkim0, I was thinking of buying a new one12:59
kim0same here :)12:59
kim0someone I know actually owns a private jet13:00
dholbachdon't we all? :)13:01
nigelbdholbach: seriously though, whats the conference about?13:03
dholbachnigelb, it was a spam message13:04
nigelbdholbach: ah! I did recently inherit 1 million US dollars apparently13:05
kim0don't we all :D13:06
dholbachnigelb, yeah, dpm and I won a few gazillions some months ago - in the same week, we must've been the luckiest guys on the internet13:06
nigelbI'm now a member of the classroom management team :)13:07
dpmnigelb, definitely. I've already spent mine, so be conservative with your millions. I don't have any more space to fit any other sports car in the garage now13:07
nigelbdpm: heh, I decided to buy all of HP and demand that they stop making laptops :p13:08
dpmnigelb, I'd recommend to buy all Ubuntu-based laptops to increase demand ! ;)13:08
nigelbdpm: ahh, good point.13:09
* nigelb places order for 10^10 zareason laptops13:09
* kim0 prepares his shipping planes fleet13:10
nhandlerI'm going to need a new computer soon. My laptop is going to most likely die on me in a few months13:10
nigelbMine died on me and is in the process of resurrection13:12
duanedesignnhandler: can you get me one too ;)13:13
nhandlerduanedesign: I'm not even sure how I'll afford one for me yet ;)13:13
kim0money should fall from the sky13:14
duanedesignwhere! where!  >.>   <.<13:16
nigelbkim0: oh? I'm moving to egypt next month then13:17
kim0why is everyone skipping the should part :)13:18
* nisshh cant wait to get his hands on his new desktop machine later this month :)13:19
* nisshh wonder's why everypone stopped talking when he said something *facepalm*13:26
nigelbEveryone's at work, that's why13:32
scott-workAlanBell: i'm not sure you are necessarily responsible, but we had talked before about changes to wiki.u.c13:55
scott-workAlanBell:  it's not devestating to me but i wanted to pass on that there appears not be a 'View' link anymore, which is very handy when you are subscribed to a page and get a link that takes you to a diff page13:56
scott-workAlanBell: it's very convienient to be able to see the diff and then click the 'View' link to marvel at the beauty that is the wiki page ;)13:57
AlanBellI agree14:00
nigelbjcastro: "... JFo? whats that?15:24
nigelbseen in -bugs15:25
nigelbakgraner: ^^ :p15:25
hggdheverybody knows JFo is a bot for kernel bugs ;-)15:25
nigelbdarn it, I forgot to github that code I wrote :/15:38
jcastrokim0: you and kirkland all set?15:41
kim0kim0: I am15:49
nigelbkim0: feel free to ping me if you have problems with classbot, etc15:49
kim0jcastro: my session is in one hour huh ?15:49
kim0nigelb: thanks man :)15:49
nigelbAlso, you may join #ubuntu-classroom-backstage to talk to us (classroom team)15:50
jcastrokim0: no I think it's in like 215:50
jcastrokim0: I just wanted to remind you in case you didn't get one of akgraner's 56 emails15:50
jono_morning all15:50
kim0jono_: morning15:50
jcastrogood mourning!15:50
nigelbjcastro: 1 hour right?15:50
kim0lol @ akgraner's 56 emails :D15:50
jono_hey kim015:50
nigelbkim0 is after bilal15:50
nigelbhey jono_ :)15:51
paultagOh, speaking of. JFo -- are you around?15:51
akgranerjcastro, I'm making your count 60 each day :-P15:51
kim0nigelb: jcastro yes my session in one hour15:51
jono_hey nigelb15:51
* jono_ makes coffee15:51
jono_had about three hours of sleep :/15:51
nigelbI was about to ask you15:51
jcastrokim0: oh dude right, kirkland is after you, sorry I almost doomed you15:51
jcastrokim0: tweet your session right about now on your cloud account15:52
kim0doing it15:52
nigelbjono_: http://www.wedontsleep.org/ -> caffeine link15:52
akgranerjcastro, one day you'll miss me :-P15:52
jcastroI miss you every day!15:53
jcastroit's your emails that I won't miss.15:53
* jcastro hugs akgraner 15:53
jcastroakgraner: I enable the cute little reminder things in gmail and I give you a special one15:53
nisshhjcastro, what? no special one for me!?15:54
sensegood afternoon15:54
nigelbnisshh: start spamming jcastro with mails, he'll hug you :p15:54
akgranernisshh, you have to send him 56 emails at day to get that15:54
nigelbheya sense :)15:54
paultagJFo, That bug I had with 10.04's kernel that was not also in the sister Debian kernel is fixed with 10.10. Not sure what it was or why it's fixed, but it is. I've closed my bug on the issue. Thanks for being you! :)15:54
sensehi nigelb15:54
jcastrogood, looks like bilal is around15:55
jcastroand kim0/kirkland know what to do15:56
jcastroso we're lowmaintenance today akgraner15:56
dpmrestarting, brb15:56
kim0jcastro: it's my first session .. so expect some problems :D15:56
nigelbthe day I decide to be there, we're low maintenance15:57
* kim0 hugs nigelb 15:57
nigelbkim0: its all good :)15:57
* nigelb hugs kim0 :)15:57
nisshhi swear, if i ever meet they guy who worked on the new Ubuntu font, i will hug him to bit's :)15:58
paultagnot bytes?15:58
paultag*cheep rimshot*15:58
nigelbhey there paultag :)15:58
paultagmorning nigelb :)15:58
* kim0 hopes it's not a guy to begin with15:59
nigelbjcastro: heh, I like the comments on the action item :)15:59
nisshhpaultag, hehe, i'm not that geeky :)15:59
paultagnisshh, You're on IRC. I beg to differ :)15:59
jono_dholbach, jcastro, kim0, gentlemen, team call!15:59
jono_let's try mumble15:59
nisshhpaultag, ok, you got me there :)16:00
paultagnisshh, :)16:00
paultagnigelb, where's that code you said you'd published?16:00
paultagnigelb, I have some time inbetween projects, I'd love to take a look through it16:00
nigelbpaultag: totallly forgot today :(16:00
paultagnigelb, it's OK. Let me know when it's up, I'd love to review it :)16:01
nigelbI was working on getting it to work all day16:01
paultagnigelb, it's OK. Take your time :)16:01
nigelbbig gotcha - GIT_DIR environment variable16:01
paultagnigelb, I'm going to work on fixing a few fluxbox bugs. I'll be "here"16:01
nigelband some gotcha on rsync16:01
paultagnigelb, ahhh, yeah.16:01
paultagnigelb, well get too it.16:01
* nigelb takes conversation to PM16:01
paultagGo fur it :)16:02
czajkowskidoes anyone now where the logs are from Open week ?16:05
nigelbczajkowski: we haven't gotten around to pasting it on wiki yet16:05
czajkowskiaah ok16:05
nigelbyou can look at irclogs.ubuntu.com16:05
czajkowskihad a few people ask just wondered thanks16:05
nigelbI'll take  apoke at pasting it today16:05
akgranerjcastro, you have more mail :-P16:28
* nigelb is glad the "To: " is jcastro :)16:29
akgranernigelb, don't worry you 'll get one soon  - as soon as I add Classroom Events to the list :-)16:30
nigelbdoh, it hit me now :D16:32
nigelbakgraner: neat16:33
akgranerI'll move it to the wikis tomorrow  just getting it all together on the googledoc before I move it - just easier for me that way16:33
mattiakgraner: :)16:42
nigelbakgraner: good part about inviting people to -backstage, they get pinged 5 and 10 mins before the session16:47
nigelbwe don't have to do it manually - not for future :)16:47
nigelbs/people/session leaders/16:47
akgranernigelb, nope  - I only ping them when they are missing16:47
nigelbakgraner: ah, I lilke to remind folks16:48
nigelbtimezones are confusing is my excuses :)16:48
akgranerbut I do email reminders each morning to the various session  leaders, helpers, and backstage folks16:49
nigelbyeah, thanks for that one :)16:49
dpmok, bye everyone, see you all tomorrow!16:57
nigelbwow, I just tried the cloud17:03
nigelbtrying to be exact17:03
nigelbit is awesome!17:03
scott-worki'm fairly excited, this will be my first openweek to host a discussion :)17:05
duanedesignnigelb: tried what, were17:08
duanedesignscott-work: awesome17:08
nigelbduanedesign: https://10.cloud.ubuntu.com17:08
duanedesignthank you /me looking17:09
duanedesignnigelb: i wonder what the price comparison is for amazonEC2 and a VPS17:11
nigelbduanedesign: it depends on use case17:13
nigelbif you want lots of systems but nott all the time, amazon is way cheaper17:13
nigelbvps is good for constant use like web servers (that's what I think)17:13
nigelbfeel free to prove me wrong :)17:14
nigelbjcastro: will you be around?17:20
nigelbI'm heading to bed, or at least planning to17:20
jcastroI'm slammed right now17:20
jcastrofor what?17:20
nigelbin case something goes wrong in -classroom :)17:20
jcastrooh yeah17:20
nigelbgreat, g'nite all!17:21
* dholbach hugs you all17:45
dholbachhave a great rest of your day17:45
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:45
jcastro<-- tacos, bbiab17:50
macojcastro: close? http://askubuntu.com/questions/6871/ubuntu-will-die-in-2017-jokes18:09
jcastromaco: flag it18:16
macowish there was a way to separate "no upvoted answers" from "no answers, period"18:26
jcastrothere's a custom search somewhere18:31
jcastro(I am slammed right now, ping me later)18:31
PiciAskUbuntu.com is the same as ubuntu.stackexchange.com? (Just want a confirmation before I update the factoids)?18:33
macoPici: its the new official url for it18:39
macou.se was the beta version18:39
AlanBellscott-work: I am not responsible for the wiki, I just did a bit of hacking on the theme to unbreak some bits of it18:42
AlanBellnewz2000 is responsible for it in #ubuntu-website and today he is picking out the bits he liked from my theme and whatever he ends up with will go live later today18:43
Picimaco: good good.  I changed it before anyone answered anyway ;)18:43
scott-workAlanBell: thanks for letting me know :)19:01
akgranerjcastro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/UbuntuWeeks19:46
akgranerI don't know where you really want this but that's where I stuck it for now :-)19:47
jcastrosounds good to me19:47
jcastrojono_: don't forget about me. :)20:26
JFo^ Don't forget about jcastro20:27
AlanBellduanedesign: 2.821:23
popeyhttp://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2010/10/13/s03e18-laughing-gas/ \o/21:39
paultagnigelb, boom. In 6 hours I just wrote an XDG autostarter for Fluxbox. I'm stoked. Feel like reviewing some code?22:36
paultagnigelb, there are a lot of problems with it ( I can see some bugs ), but I'd love a review on it22:36
jono_doctormo, around?23:31

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