ubot2MarkShuttleMorph called the ops in #ubuntu-sugarteam (emergency)07:34
rwwFYI other namespace ops, MarkShuttleMorph [~chatzilla@] (changes nicks frequently) appears to be causing problems in random channels.07:37
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ssameach time i join #ubuntu i get a 'Disconnected (Connection reset by peer' and get disconnect from freenode. other channels are ok. have done something wrong?19:44
charlie-tcanot necessarily. you should ask them in #ubuntu-ops, though20:14
rww#freenode's probably better for that sort of thing. Odds are their client's doing something that's problematic for a huge channel, like /whoising everybody.20:28
marienzit's plausible there's someone in there with a realname their client or firewall/router doesn't like20:30
marienzssam: what is the error message on your end?20:30
ssammarienz, http://pastebin.com/PSLx55zR it disconnects almost straight away. if i set itnot to auto log in to #ubuntu then it stays connected. if i then join #ubuntu it disconnects22:34
marienzssam: both our ircd and your client think the connection is "reset by peer", which makes me suspect there's some kind of firewall between you and it that doesn't like one of the users on #ubuntu22:39
marienzssam: (for example because they have something weird in their realname)22:39
marienzssam: we've seen that before, it's a variation on the infamous exploit involving the words "dcc" and "send"22:39
marienzssam: unfortunately I don't see straight away who on #ubuntu might be triggering it22:39
nikowhich client ssam ?22:40
ssamshall i try joining again22:40
nikoi remember that long time ago, the #xchat topic used something which disconnect xchat users ( old version )22:41
nikossam: try perhaps, and come here again if you are disconnected22:41
nikobefore join it22:41
nikoopen the raw log windows22:42
marienzthat's a good idea22:42
marienzseeing how far it gets is useful22:42
ssamok, thats open and logging22:42
ssamit let me in this time22:43
ssami'll keep logging in case it happens again22:44
marienzssam: connecting via ssl may also help22:49
ssamhow do i check that?22:49
nikouse 6665, 6666, 6667, 8000, 8001, 8002; SSL = 7000, 707022:54
ssamit is set to 800122:57
nikowhich is not ssl22:58
ssami'll change it to 700022:59
marienzyou have to change the port and turn on a checkbox for ssl somewhere23:04
marienzmaking only one of those changes will cause it to just fail to connect23:04
ssamok. think i am on ssl now. it says Version: TLSv1/SSLv3, cipher DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA (256 bits)23:07
marienzso try #ubuntu again?23:08
ssami have join #ubuntu. its working :-)23:09
marienzssam: might want to make sure any router/proxy/firewall between you and us has current firmware23:48

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