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diwicIf I have a commit SHA, how can I find out if that SHA is in the current lucid-proposed and/or lucid-preproposed?07:56
jj-afkdiwic: check out the git tree07:58
jj-afkdiwic: then there are a few way07:58
jj-afkgit log07:59
jj-afkand then search for the commit id07:59
jj-afkpreprosed is everything in the tree07:59
jj-afkproposed is everything up to the commit specify the proposed release pocket07:59
diwicjj-afk, thanks, so where do I go to find out what's currently in lucid-proposed so I can match it against the commit in the git tree? 08:01
jj-afkhrmm, just a sec08:01
jj-afkdiwic: perhaps the easiest way is to look at the changes to the debian.master/changelog08:03
jj-afkgit log debian.master/changelog08:04
jj-afkand find the most recent proposed08:04
jj-afkits bd9fca8ea5bdc5c2af1a2e0f3388576dddd2ab8c08:05
jj-afklook at the changes to debian.master/changelog08:05
ikepanhcIs .33 stable kernel is still alive or end of maintaining?08:05
jj-afkikepanhc: still alive isn't?  I haven't heard of it being killed08:06
smbikepanhc, long dead. though greg had been rumoring about it a bit08:06
jj-afkerr wait, .32 is stable08:06
smbjj-afk, tight. :)08:06
smberrr right08:06
jj-afkyeah .33 is dead08:06
ikepanhcthanks :)08:07
diwicjj-afk, so if my patch was applied to 2.6.32 at 2010-09-21, and the latest debian.master/changelog was at 31 aug, the conclusion is that it is currently in pre-proposed but not in proposed. Right?08:08
smbdiwic, That is most likely. Btw if you have upstream commit sha1s it is likely to find them if we did it right and referenced it, but that is manual08:09
smbdiwic, Searching for a commit message string usually is more successful08:09
jj-afkdiwic: uhm, refresh your tree08:10
jj-afkdiwic: but yeah that is the general idea08:10
diwicjj-afk, hmm, actually I'm looking directly at the git-web at kernel.ubuntu.com?08:10
diwicand the ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid.git08:10
smbdiwic, If you then do a "git describe --contains <the sha1 in the ubuntu tree found> and that gives a tag name its in there (and depending whether this version is in proposed or updates) it is out08:11
smbdiwic, Otherwise just in pre-proposed likely08:11
* diwic so wants a "where-is-my-patch" script that checks all possible trees :-)08:11
smbUnfortunately, given the way things work, this is not always true (because security could overwrite a version)08:12
smbdiwic, This would be much simpler if time was linear. :-P08:13
jj-afksmb: the last commit to debian.master/changelog for lucid-proposed is a bit odd, it has .44 lucid-proposed and .45 unrleased08:14
diwicsmb, so if it says "fatal: cannot describe 'dc960f0d...", the result confirms what I saw in the changelog, i e, it is not yet in lucid-proposed08:14
smbdiwic, right08:15
smbjj-afk, Well you can have multiple uploads to proposed before moving to updates08:15
diwicjj-afk, smb, thanks for helping out, I got my question answered08:15
jj-afksmb: right, I just thought it odd that the changelog had both those changes in it for one commit08:16
smbjj-afk, Hm, for one commit. I guess I need to look at the tree to understand. :)08:16
smbjj-afk, Hm, still not fully understanding. The .25-44 was a proposed upload done at some point (it is now in updates, but that does not make the changelog change ever) and a new upload cycle has started but not finished08:21
jj-afksmb: bd9fca8ea5bdc5c2af1a2e0f3388576dddd2ab8c debian.master/changelog08:21
jj-afkI just found the making + linux (2.6.32-25.44) lucid-proposed; urgency=low08:22
jj-afkand ++linux (2.6.32-26.45) UNRELEASED; urgency=low08:22
jj-afkin the same changelog entry odd08:22
smbNot at all. Thats merging back a security update :)08:22
smbOverruling what has been the proposed version number08:23
smbThats what I meant with time not being linear08:23
jj-afkright I got that part08:23
jj-afkjust me being pedantic08:23
jj-afkTo my mind the ++linux (2.6.32-26.45) UNRELEASED; urgency=low08:24
jj-afkto should have been in a separate commit08:24
jj-afkthe lucid-proposed version override made perfect sense08:25
smbIt may be the way git displays it, but in essence we had a proposed upload and a new release started when security came along and required all versioning to be revised08:25
smbIts one of the pains I gladly passed to Steve.  :)08:26
jj-afkand since I don't usually troll through the change log the entry for that particular update struck me as odd08:26
smbjj-afk, You usually found me going "urgh argh grrr mje" at the beginning08:27
* apw yawns09:03
* smb slurps more coffee09:04
apwtseliot, whats the binary nvidia driver source package called ?09:14
tseliotapw: nvidia-graphics-drivers09:15
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apwtseliot, during release sprint davidm updated his system getting the 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 version, which booted to a black screen ... downgrading to the previous version sorted him out ...09:32
tseliotapw: it's hard to say what it is without the X log09:33
apwtseliot, he filed bug #65763409:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 657634 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "[GeForce GT 330M] nvidia 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 update triggers black screen on boot for sony vaio F-series (affects: 4) (heat: 1749)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65763409:33
tseliotapw: right but the X log was taken with the old driver09:35
apwtseliot, we really need to get apport to take the .old as well as that is commonly the one one needs09:36
tseliotapw: good point09:36
apwtseliot, dave is a keen tester so i am sure he'll get it for you09:36
smbtseliot, We may ask him to try to get it now that he probably is back and has additional hw around to connect to it09:36
tseliotapw, smb: good. Also I'd like him to try a mainline kernel09:37
smbtseliot, I think there also was one thing coming up with it: the update to the nvidia driver did not trigger a "you should reboot to have changes take effect" message, so he only found out about the broken gfx driver when a kernel update prompted him to do so. And now guess who got blamed? ;-)09:39
* jj-afk is really out of here, good night *09:40
apwjj-afk, see ya09:40
smbjj-afk should really be out of here09:41
smbGood night09:41
smbjj-afk, And don't forget to silene mumble!09:41
tseliotsmb: I'm not sure it's supposed to trigger that09:42
tseliotsmb: if the module wasn't built correctly then dpkg should complain09:43
smbtseliot, Why not? You upgrade the nvidia driver but the new module will not take effect unless you reboot09:43
smbProbably dkms should trigger it. Well, from a user point of view I don't care what does it really09:44
tseliotsmb: I think jockey tells you to do so but the nvidia package doesn't09:44
apwit does seem remis to not trigger a reboot required09:44
tseliotspeaking of which09:45
tseliotI really have to reboot now ;)09:45
smbWhatever was supposed to did not do it apparently. 09:45
smbGood luck. :)09:45
JFohave fun storming the castle09:46
JFo<- can't sleep still09:46
JFo<-needs to 'shutdown' but cannot :)09:46
smbapw, Remember to bring a rubber club with you to uds09:46
JFoyes, do that so you can whack me in the head with it09:47
apwsmb, rubber ... a house brick perhaps ?09:47
JFoanything that you think will be effective09:48
smbI sort of was thinking of one of those hammers you use for tents while camping09:48
smbBut brick should do the trick as well09:48
apwJFo, time to get off the coffee09:48
JFohaven't been drinking anything but water :-(09:49
JFojust in case I was doing something inadvertent09:49
smbwithdrawal symptoms, then09:49
JFohaven't been eating anything past 8PM either09:50
JFocould be I guess, but I never drank much to begin with09:50
JFono liquor/beer either09:50
apwJFo, i find i get into that when i am here alone09:50
JFomaybe I need some 09:50
apwindeed i've been getting to bed later and later09:50
apwthis week ... i recommend reading09:51
apwdoing something other than work09:51
JFook, yeah. I haven't done much of that lately09:51
apwits easy to keep staring at the screen, and something changes in your brain09:51
JFooh yeah09:51
apwwhen you stare at a screen, you enter a different 'mode' which is a waking one09:51
JFoI often find myself still here at 8PM09:52
JFonot necessarily work related, but on the computer09:52
apwmake a time to walk away and do something else09:52
* apw should take his own advice09:52
* smb agrees09:53
JFoalmost finished setting up my treadmill desk, so exercise will be happening again soon as well09:54
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apwJFo, so what are you still doing here, go finish it up and then go to BED10:08
JFok, will do.10:09
smbJFo, Otherwise apw and myself will start to sing a lullaby. An you DO NOT want that!10:09
JFoooh, good point :)10:09
JFok, walking away now.10:10
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ubot2Yum! Err, I mean, APT!10:52
smbSome people seem to have too much time on their hands... :)10:52
apwlag, you are a sad man10:55
lagIf you don't feed him, someone has to ...10:56
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* apw is visiting friends for lunch, so will be offline for a while11:09
* smb realizes he has to leave, too11:10
maxbHow can I _usefully_ report that my hardware requires pci=nocrs to boot, on Maverick?11:13
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sonic_bakerHi there, does anyone know how I can install kernel version 2.6.12 on my system?13:20
sonic_baker...without compiling from source13:20
diwicsonic_baker, that is not likely to work with recent ubuntu version13:21
sonic_bakerah, ok. So I guess I need a re-install. Perhaps debian?13:22
diwicperhaps. Ubuntu dapper runs 2.6.15 and that was four years ago, so...13:24
sonic_bakeroh, ok. Can I downgrade to dapper without a re-install?13:26
diwicand that's 2.6.15 and you wanted 2.6.12 13:27
sonic_bakerAh well. 2.6.15 may work. I just need to test a piece of hardware whose driver was compiled for 2.6.12. Looks like a re-install it is then. Thanks siw13:28
sonic_baker*diwic 13:28
diwicsonic_baker, I doubt that will work.13:29
sonic_bakerok, I think debian sarge is 2.6.1213:30
diwicThat's the plague of binary drivers.13:31
sonic_bakersarge is?13:34
diwicno idea13:35
diwicThe plague of binary drivers is that you need the exact kernel version it was compiled for, and I don't know what kernel version debian sarge had.13:36
sonic_bakerI have the code for the driver. We tried to compile it on 10.04 with a few minimal modifications to get it working. It compiles. It just won't fill the frame buffer (sorry, it's a frame grabber/MPEG encoder card). I'm no Kernel hacker so I wanted to try it on the version of the kernel it was written for to see if that will do.13:38
diwicgood luck13:39
sonic_baker:) Thanks, I'll need it13:40
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akgranerapw  - just wanted you to know I updated to maverick and the temp on my computer hasn't gotten above 50 degrees Celsius 14:04
tgardnerakgraner, thats a good thing, right? no more panic shut downs?14:05
akgraneryep that's a good thing14:06
akgranercorrect no more panic shut downs 14:06
akgranerI thought you all would want to know 14:06
tgardnerakgraner, cool, glad to hear it.14:07
tgardnerakgraner, did you add that info to your bug?14:07
akgranernope but I will  - I just didn't know if that was a technical enough response to add14:07
tgardnerakgraner, its certainly an interesting tidbit (the temperature I mean)14:08
akgranerok I'll add it  - thank you14:08
akgranerIf there is something I can help figure it out y'all just let me know :-)14:09
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tgardnerakgraner, we know where to find you. I assume you're bringing that laptop to Orlando?14:10
tgardnerakgraner, if you would, remind me taht I want to see the dmesg from it14:10
akgranerI'll have an extra one with me in case you all would like to take this one and work on it 14:11
akgranertgardner, will do14:11
tgardnerakgraner, and break a working laptop? I think not :)14:11
akgranertgardner, roger that..14:12
apwakgraner, thats good news14:26
apwtgardner, morning14:26
apwi created u-n-meta today with a cut down master ready for upload14:27
tgardnerapw, dude14:27
apwand i am sure you noticed the kernel is uploaded and building14:27
tgardnerin fact I had not. I was looking at Lucid/Maverick stuff14:27
* smb wonders whether that is a good or bad sign14:28
tgardnerwhat do you guys think about consolidating git repos for the smaller packages, meta, lbm, and the like?14:29
apwtgardner, as in having a 'maverick/master' branch in it etc ?14:29
tgardnerapw, right. much as I've done for linux-firmware.14:30
smbHm, so having eveything in one repo... not really thought much on it14:31
tgardnerI'm not sure it makes sense for the kernels14:32
* apw doesn't know if it makes any real difference either way14:32
tgardnerbut we are getting a lot of repositories14:32
apwshouldn't our repository count be constant as of 'now' as we lose as many as we gain in lock step ?14:32
smbHopefully we soon get rid of some14:32
apwmodulo the skew to 10/10/10 obviously14:33
apwi think we top out at about 2514:34
smbI guess it could work. Though it feels like you less likely can mess up all the repos at once now, while that might be possible then14:34
apwyeah thats one side of the coin, lower risk of pushing over the wrong branch14:34
apwagainst fewer repos and less disk space probabally14:34
ckingapw, http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/iotest-4k-writes.png http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/iotest-4k-reads.png14:43
diwicfor less disk space, can't we just remove all repos that hasn't been used in x years?14:43
apwdiwic, oh we already do that and space per-see isn't the issue14:57
apwits maintainability for ones head14:57
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ckingtgardner, urbana, so far: http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/io-4k-tests/urbana-md0/test1/iotest-4k-writes.png15:49
ckingapw, the 2nd write test to the 2.5TB HDD shows the same write dip at ~1.5TB http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/io-4k-tests/2500MB-4K-sectors/test2/iotest-4k-writes.png15:55
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BenCWhat do you guys use to cross compile arm kernels from x86?16:41
tgardnerBenC, Maverick has a cross compiler package now. 16:42
tgardnerI'll get the name in a sec16:42
tgardnerBenC, gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi and g++-arm-linux-gnueabi16:43
BenCtgardner: thanks16:43
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ubot2Yum! Err, I mean, APT!18:15
lagSee? It's fun to feed the bot18:16
ckingvery amusing18:16
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bjfogasawara, when you cherry-pick from linus' tree to you add your sob?18:41
ogasawarabjf: yah, I use the -s flag so my sob is added automatically18:41
jdstrandtgardner: hey. is there a bug for tracking the backported maverick kernel in lucid-proposed? I looked in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lts-backport-maverick/2.6.35-22.34~lucid1 but don't see anything18:42
ogasawarabjf: I usually do git cherry-pick -e -s -x <sha1>18:42
bjfogasawara, and when you edit the commit you add the "acks"?18:43
ogasawarabjf: yep18:43
bjfogasawara, thanks, sigh18:43
tgardnerjdstrand, you mean the soyuz issue?18:43
ogasawarabjf: I've got vim shortcuts set up for everyone's Ack's18:43
bjfogasawara, heh18:43
tgardnerjdstrand, bug #65988218:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 659882 in soyuz "No package information is displayed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65988218:44
jdstrandtgardner: no. you sent an email to ubuntu-platform announcing the backported kernel. is there a bug for tracking that (ie, an 'SRU' type bug)18:44
tgardnerjdstrand, nope. why would I have an SRU type bug for it? If there are problems unique to the backport, then I guess we'll just files bugs aginst the package.18:45
tgardnerotherwise, its likely a maverick bug since the backport is source code identical18:45
jdstrandtgardner: well, it is a new package. we normally have bugs associated with those so that people (eg ubuntu-archive, ubuntu-sru) can communicate about it18:46
jdstrandtgardner: well, yes, but that kernel will have a different userspace around it, so an otherwise fine maverick kernel on maverick might make things act funny18:46
jdstrandon lucid18:47
ogasawarabjf: wanted to sync up with you and sconklin later today about stable maintenance and who's handling what, likely just a quick mumble chat would suffice18:47
bjfogasawara, that sounds good, got a time in mind? after lunch?18:47
jdstrandtgardner: ie, while I was planning an apparmor SRU for lucid for exactly this situation, I was not aware of the timing of the backport18:47
sconklinsounds good any time.18:47
jdstrandtgardner: I've filed bug #66007718:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 660077 in apparmor (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "update AppArmor to 2.5.1 for backported maverick kernels (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66007718:48
ogasawarabjf: figured after lunch sometime, maybe 1pm PST, which is 4pm EST for sconklin18:48
tgardnerjdstrand, so why not just file a bug against the package like we would for anything else?18:48
bjfogasawara, that time works for me18:48
sconklinogasawara, bjf: wfm18:48
jdstrandtgardner: I have. I think normal procedure is that new packages in a stable release get a bug. it is fine that you didn't, mine was more of a question so I could mention the apparmor bug I just filed in it18:49
jdstrandtgardner: I'll just need to communicate to the archive admins and ubuntu-sru (ie, the ones who will do the pocket copy to -updates) about this18:49
tgardnerjdstrand, I agree that a bug report is required when upgrading a package. I guess I just didn't see the need for a new package bug report.18:50
jdstrandtgardner: that's fine. it is just a coordination thing18:51
* tgardner lunches18:53
apwjdstrand, i'd assume we would file the bug against the lts-backports-modules-maverick package as well as linux if it should be found to be  backports specific18:55
apwjjohansen, would we expect compatibility issues between lucid userspace and maverick apparmor?  i though we have basically the same code in the kernel in both, and backwards compatibility turned on ?18:57
jjohansenapw: yes there are a few issues, the policy will load and be enforced18:58
jjohansenbut some of the userspace tools won't work correctly18:58
jjohansenthis has to do with the log parsing library in userspace18:58
jjohansenso core functionality works18:58
jjohansenbut the tools that parse the logs, need an update18:59
apwand updated tools would be applicable to older kernels /18:59
jjohansenyes, they work with both18:59
apwjjohansen, would a normal user care about the non-working functionality?19:01
jjohansenwe actually discussed this at last UDS, whether it was worth making log parsing compatible in the kernel, and the general consensus was that since its secondary, and can be handled by a userspace sru that was the way to go19:01
* apw ran that combination for months without noticing19:01
jjohansenapw: not really19:01
jdstrandapw: we are aware of the issues and have prepared for them with the apparmor 2.5 branch. this SRU was planned for oem anyway; the only issue is that I was caught off guard on the timing of this kernel19:01
jjohansenif your authoring policy or running the notifier you would care19:02
apwso is it 1) worth holding the kernel back for it, and 2) is it worth the risk of backporting it at all?19:02
jdstrandI think server admins are very interested in authoring policy, and that is who this kernel is targeted at19:02
jjohansenapw: 1) no I don't think so, 2) the backport is fine19:02
jdstrandI disagree on '1'19:03
apwjdstrand, fair enough, but is it worth holding the kernel given its elective?19:03
jdstrandsince it is elective, we can wait a few days19:03
jdstrandI plan to have it uploaded late this week19:03
jdstrandI'm assuming a 7 day wait on that kernel since it is in lucid-proposed anyway (the standard wait time)19:04
apwi guess my point is why are we tying them together if the only people who are affected are server admins writing policies19:04
jdstrandapw: because the kernel is for servers?19:04
jjohansenright that is how I see it19:04
jdstrandat least, that is what was in the email19:04
apwand it works fine on servers, unless you are writing policy19:04
apwwhich is ~0% of its consumers19:04
jdstrandpeople edit policy on servers all the time19:05
bjfogasawara, the person that asks for the cherry-pick, do you add them as a sob or ack?19:05
jjohansenjdstrand: some, but most of them do minor edits by hand19:05
apwjust wondered, i'll let you argue about it :)19:05
* jdstrand shrugs19:05
jdstrandif you guys don't care, then I won't19:05
jdstrandI figured it was 7 days vs 10, why not play it safe19:06
ogasawarabjf: usually I add them as an ack19:06
apwits unfortuanate tgardner and i didn't know about the issue sooner, we'd have coordinated better19:06
bjfogasawara, thanks, just trying to be consistent (where I can be :-)19:06
jdstrandapw: if you can put your comments in bug #660077 about you not requiring the sync, that would be appreciated19:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 660077 in apparmor (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "update AppArmor to 2.5.1 for backported maverick kernels (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66007719:06
apwjdstrand, jjohansen, i'll let you two decide between you :)19:07
apwa couple of days either way makes little difference, and if its safer ... maybe19:07
jdstrandjjohansen: I think I've made my case. I think you should have the final decision. I agree it is not a big issue19:10
jdstrand(but prefer the safer route)19:10
jjohansenjdstrand: well if its not a big issue, then lets play it safe19:10
jdstrandthat is not the logic I was anticipating, but ok19:11
jdstrandI'll try very hard to get the SRU out tomorrow, but it may be friday19:11
jjohansenjdstrand: what can I do to help19:12
jdstrandjjohansen: nothing really-- it is packaging and testing. I have several security updates I am working on atm19:12
jdstrandbut will get to it19:12
jjohansenjdstrand: right, can you offload some of the testing19:12
jdstrandjjohansen: sure, but most of that we can do when it is in -propsoed19:13
jdstrandie, I can run the qrt tests, etc, which are all automated19:13
apwcool, plan19:16
jdstrandtgardner, apw: I'm sorry that I didn't already have the sru prepared in time for this. I knew about some oem stuff and must have forgotten about the server bits19:40
jdstrandtgardner, apw: so it got pushed back a couple weeks. but like I said, I'll get in uploaded soon19:40
apwjdstrand, not the end of the world19:40
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ckingapw, http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/io-4k-tests/hpmini/   - hpmini results (took forever!)19:56
ckingnote there is a periodic event where the reads or writes block temporarily and I get a very low read/write rate19:58
apwcking, i wonder if we need to review the code for the test 19:58
apwcause if its good (and I suspect it is) then its showing something pretty compelling19:58
ckingoh, one more set of results: http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/io-4k-tests/urbana-md0/no-seek-linear/  (not using the seeks as requested by smb)19:59
* ogasawara lunch19:59
ckingnote the weird spikes on the writes20:00
apwcking, so there is some difference20:00
apwwe'd need to get some io traces to see what difference it is makeing20:00
ckingyep, I'd like to, but I'm not a I/O expert at this level20:01
apwblktrace is easy to use20:01
* cking nods. But I'm busy doing a shed load of OEM stuff too. :-(20:02
ckingapw, agreed, however, that's for tomorrow. 20:03
ckingmy half day is turning into a full day again :-)20:04
apwcking, indeed, GO20:05
* jjohansen -> lunch20:12
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ogasawarabjf: just fyi, I'm finally getting around to looking at yingying Maverick SRU request for the coretemp and pkgtemp drivers.  There's definitely some oddities with the patches so I'm going to respond to her email to get more info.21:23
bjfogasawara, thanks, that sounds good to me21:23
ogasawarabjf: for her other Maverick SRU request for the corruption on S3 resume on Huron River, I say we just wait for those to come through stable.  I suspect they'll be in
bjfogasawara, yes, and smb is of the same mind as well, i'm sure sconklin doesn't have a problem with it either21:24
ogasawarabjf: also, just need a 2nd ack on http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/67109/ and then it can be added to the ti-omap4 branch for Maverick21:37
bjfogasawara, acked it21:42
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tgardnerbjf, ogasawara: I think ti-omap4 already been uploaded.22:06
tgardnerhas already*22:07
bjftgardner, ok22:07
tgardnerbjf, biking for beers. see you all for a brief period in the AM, then off to Moab for 5 days.22:08
ogasawaratgardner: ah, I should have looked closer.  Looks like you already applied that patch to ti-omap4.22:08
bjftgardner, enjoy22:08
tgardnerogasawara, yeah, I'm not too worried about SRUs o ARM stuff, especially when they have the HW to test on22:08
* ogasawara cleans up patchworks to get it off my todo list22:09
bjfogasawara, in my public Lucid repo i've applied the two commits that I were working on, this is the last Lucid patches I'll apply until you hand it back to me22:41
ogasawarabjf: ack22:41
=== jcrigby_ is now known as jcrigby

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