MichealH-iPodIs the BT meeting on?00:10
malevMichealH, I though that too00:12
MichealH-iPodIt's 23:12 UTC00:13
pedro3005sorry I'm late00:25
pedro3005am I late?00:25
MichealH-iPodWe haven't even started00:26
duanedesign;lo all00:32
MootBotMeeting started at 18:35. The chair is duanedesign.00:35
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]00:35
duanedesigngood day all00:35
MichealH-iPodHi duanedesign00:35
Mohan_chmlHola duanedesign00:35
duanedesign[TOPIC] wiki update for new theme00:36
MootBotNew Topic:  wiki update for new theme00:36
collinpI apologize, I'll be drifting in and out for most of the meeting, as there are things happening IRL currently around me.00:36
duanedesignmr cprofitt has started on redesigning our wiki to fit the new theme00:36
* nhandler thanks cprofitt for taking on this task00:37
duanedesignthe new theme , as far i know, is set to go live tom00:37
nhandlerWe just need to make sure that whatever theme we go with is still usable with other wiki themes. i.e. I use a Kubuntu wiki theme00:37
duanedesignthat is a good point00:38
duanedesignSaji has worked on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki00:39
phillwAs non-official, we use a lubuntu header, but I've seen that the proposed one does not work.00:39
MichealH-iPodI could do the Launchpadm00:39
duanedesignit uses a look that is more 'nuetral'00:39
duanedesignphillw: what does not work?00:40
phillwit does not center, there is a bug report against it which I confirmed.00:41
Mohan_chmlphillw: your team is working on it?00:41
phillwMohan_chml: we are not using the new ubuntu theme.00:42
MichealH-iPodPhillw: it could be a syntax error/markup error?00:42
* phillw give me a moment to go through my logs and find the bug report, then you can see for yourselves.00:42
duanedesign(a)lanbell is working on some bug fixes. His latest code is available at http://libertus.co.uk:8080/BeginnersTeam00:43
duanedesignif you wanted to test our page^00:43
duanedesignfor example.00:43
duanedesignso we should test our wiki as nhandler suggests.00:44
MichealH-iPodLike a trial basis00:45
phillwnhandler: was it you who asked me to confirm the bug?00:45
duanedesignzkreisse has offered to help with this topic as well00:46
Mohan_chmlOur wiki FG can help at anytime :)00:47
duanedesignanyone interested in working on that. Should be fairly straight forward.00:47
phillwzkreisse is a good lad,. If you need art work, then I may be able to kidnap our art person on the lubuntu team.00:48
MichealH-iPodAnything with Launchpad I am happy to do...00:48
Mohan_chmlI will help zkreisse00:48
duanedesignok great00:49
nhandlerphillw: I didn't ask you to confirm anything00:50
duanedesignthere are a couple of threads already going on the mailinglist to report your findings :)00:50
duanedesign[ACTION] mohan and zkreisse will look at the new theme on various *buntu wiki to help team make a final decision00:52
MootBotACTION received:  mohan and zkreisse will look at the new theme on various *buntu wiki to help team make a final decision00:52
Mohan_chmlAt your service =]00:52
duanedesign[TOPIC] Review List Of Prospective Members In Need Of Mentor00:53
MootBotNew Topic:  Review List Of Prospective Members In Need Of Mentor00:53
duanedesignI think silverfox is going to be helping us in the future with our mentor program. You may remember  a couple meetings ago we asked for volunteers for a Mentor Admin00:54
duanedesigni think this will help us a lot to improve the quality of our mentor program.00:55
Mohan_chmlyes and FYI, I saw people adding their name in our wiki but when they are said to come to Our channel in IRC, they are not. We already informed all the people needing mentors to come to our channel. We have to change/add some rules that they should make their presence in #ubuntu-beginners00:55
nhandlerAgreed. Having someone keeping this on track will be good00:55
duanedesignMohan_chml: yes. Our sessions in -classroom have also brought an influx of users wanting to join BT. Specifically they are interested in -dev00:56
duanedesignsome of them have not added there name to the prospect seeking mentor list00:57
duanedesignso both are good points were someone keeping on top of this will be beneficial00:58
duanedesignlooking at the list now00:58
Mohan_chmlBut they are visiting -dev more and they are enquiring about development and that is a good news. Thanks to pedro3005 and other staffs00:58
duanedesignyes the community at large has been very interesteed in increasing the participation of developers in Ubuntu01:00
duanedesignanother place the BT could really make a difference \o/01:00
MichealH-iPodYup \o/01:00
Mohan_chmlfor sure =]01:00
duanedesignthe list of prospect seeking mentors is a little old01:00
MichealH-iPodJust today I was thinking of a Q&A session every month or so01:01
MichealH-iPodHard questions --> -beginners01:01
duanedesignthose folks signed up, If i am remembering correctly, and have not really followed through01:01
Mohan_chmlMy suggestion is, "we can send a mail(final one) to those people to come to IRC, if they are really interested"01:01
duanedesignMohan_chml: i agree, that is a good idea01:02
MichealH-iPodAnd to see of they even signed up to the lists :P01:02
Mohan_chmland we have one more applicant who didn't add his name in the page but sent a mail to our mailings list.Brandon Tomlinson with the nick thebwt01:03
duanedesignalso we can go through the mailing list for the last two months and try and contact those that sent hello letters and never put name on wiki01:03
Mohan_chmlHis wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/thebwt01:03
duanedesignwould be good for us to do this and help silverfox start with a clean slate :)01:04
Mohan_chmlHe mentioned about BT-dev \o/01:04
* phillw is willing to take on a "trainee", 01:04
phillwdepends if you guys wish me to do so.01:04
Mohan_chmlphillw: thebwt https://wiki.ubuntu.com/thebwt is there in BT now also =]01:04
Mohan_chmlcheck out his time and rock it on phillw =]01:05
phillwMohan_chml: I'd be proud to do so.01:05
MichealH-iPodI currently have a mentor heh01:06
duanedesign[ACTION] duanedesign will contact those on prospect seeking mentor list. Also contact community members who have sent hello letter to ML but not signed up on prospect seeking mentor list01:07
MootBotACTION received:  duanedesign will contact those on prospect seeking mentor list. Also contact community members who have sent hello letter to ML but not signed up on prospect seeking mentor list01:07
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: who is that?01:07
phillwI tried to contact https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kdotj but have not had a response.01:07
Mohan_chmlAnd I have a suggestion. We should identify the mentors good in programming(mentioning what they are good with) in our wiki and we can tell people to contact them01:07
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: ahh good one01:07
Mohan_chmlOkay then. we can remove kdotl from our wiki01:08
duanedesignthe mentor/ prospect relationship is a great opportunity to make good friends. I have stayed close to all my prospects(padawans)01:08
Mohan_chmlSilver_Fox missed this meeting and One should be reporting him to start working on the mentors list01:09
* phillw can do GMT or +5 hours as my shift patterns.01:09
Mohan_chml+1 duanedesign01:09
phillw+1 duanedesign I still nag nhandler to death :)01:10
duanedesignMohan_chml: good idea. i did touch base with SF the other day on this but i will do so again to let SF know we are going to try and clear out the queue to offer clean slate01:10
Mohan_chmlphillw: we need nhandler. do not make him run away :P01:10
phillwSF has not been well, he's getting better. But like the stubborn ox he is; he did not tell anyone.01:11
duanedesignok moving on01:11
malevI'm sorry, what is SF?01:12
duanedesign[TOPIC] Request Status Update From All Mentors01:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Request Status Update From All Mentors01:12
duanedesignmalev: silverfox01:12
duanedesignill go first01:12
duanedesignmy prospects malev and km0r3 are doing great01:13
duanedesignthe membership process has been in a state of 'change; for a little bit now01:14
duanedesignthe council is working hard to finalize all membership requirments so there is no confusion01:14
duanedesigni appreciatte all prospects patience during this time01:15
duanedesignwe are going to require all mentors to update monthly by meeting or ML to the mentor admin (silverfox)01:15
nhandlerBut keep in mind, just because you are not an official member does not mean you are unable to participate in team activities/contribute01:15
MichealH-iPodI am not a member but look at me!01:16
duanedesignanyone else with a padawan that wants to comment01:16
Mohan_chmlaww o/* typo :P01:17
* phillw has a prospective member, but not ready to propose him yet.01:17
duanedesignsounds good phillw01:17
phillwbut that is for full ubuntu membership, not just UBT01:18
duanedesignno one is up for voting01:18
duanedesignright now01:18
Mohan_chmlMy prospect JoeMavericksett is doing awesome in helping in BT as well as #ubuntu. I am making him learn about all and he is enjoying learning new stuff daily. I am putting up the schedules for him to what to learn and I am testing him how far he learnt.01:18
Mohan_chmland I am also knowing new daily =]01:18
duanedesigni have seen joemaverick around in -team and it has been nice getting to know him/her01:19
Mohan_chmlHim :)01:19
phillwMohan_chml: If he is helping, and doung it well, then he deserves membership of UBT01:19
duanedesignanyone want to volunteer with Post-Meeting Tasks01:19
duanedesignupdate team rerport, wiki with next meeting date01:20
phillwduanedesign: hit me with one, and I will do it.01:20
* Mohan_chml hits phillw with a chair 01:20
duanedesignphillw: have you done a team report before01:20
* phillw wiki is me :)01:20
duanedesignMohan_chml: :)01:20
MichealH-iPodI could do one01:20
duanedesignphillw: ok. if you have any questions me or nhandler can probably help01:20
phillwyeah, I did, but a while back. For lubuntu01:21
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: #01:21
duanedesignUpdate Next meeting time on the wiki01:21
nhandlerYep, I have no issue helping (just don't have time to do it myself right now)01:21
Mohan_chmlMichealH: you support phillw with your ideas01:21
duanedesignhow about that one MichealH-iPod01:21
Mohan_chmlMichealH-iPod: ^01:21
MichealH-iPodWhat one?01:21
Mohan_chml<duanedesign> Update Next meeting time on the wiki01:21
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: just update the meeting header on wiki with date of next meeting01:21
Mohan_chmlMichealH-iPod: and help phillw in writing team report :)01:22
MichealH-iPodWhere do I find the header?01:22
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Includes/Bulletin01:22
duanedesigni will send minutes to the ML01:22
duanedesigni have to go all, sorry to stop so ubruptly01:23
phillwwas  it decided to remove https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kdotj from the mentoring list, sorry but I'm also on lubuntu support area.01:23
MichealH-iPodWhen is next meeting?01:23
duanedesignphillw: i think we will send a finale email. Oh wait yu did that?01:23
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: second tuesday of next month01:23
MootBotMeeting finished at 19:24.01:24
duanedesignok all i will be back in 30 minutes have a real world issue and must scoot01:24
MichealH-iPodduanedesign: I can't really bring up my calendar on this so can you tell me01:24
* Mohan_chml takes the chair and hits phillw, when duanedesign gets off from it01:24
phillwduanedesign: I have only added my self as willing mentor, not deleted anyone. I sent him an email a couple of days ago and have not had a response.01:24
duanedesignMichealH-iPod: nov 901:24
duanedesignsee you all in #ubuntu-beginners-team01:25
Mohan_chmlcya duanedesign01:25
duanedesignthank you for coming to the meeting!01:25
MichealH-iPodIs it okay01:30
MichealH-iPodduanedesign: ^^01:30
Mohan_chmlMichealH-iPod: Yes okay :)01:31
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highvoltage‚óŹ Edubuntu Meeting Time!20:00
* stgraber waves and then pokes mgariepy 20:00
highvoltageAgenda for this meeting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Meetings/Agenda20:01
highvoltagewas only slightly updated for this meeting, mostly recycled from old meetings :)20:01
highvoltageVikram wanted to talk about his documentation ideas today but seems that he couldn't make it.20:01
stgraberanyone here who's not in a 2m radius from me ?20:02
stgraberhey alkisg20:02
alkisgHi stgraber, hi all20:02
highvoltageSusan suggested that we have a meeting at another time but she never actually suggested a time20:02
highvoltageso maybe next week20:02
highvoltageI guess it's also pretty much pointless to announce here that we've released Edubuntu 10.10 over the weekend \o/20:03
alkisgCongrats! :)20:03
highvoltage(right at 10:10 on 10/10/10)20:03
highvoltageThe next release is 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), release schedule here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule20:04
highvoltageso UDS is at 25 October20:04
highvoltageThe first Alpha is on 2 December20:04
highvoltagewe missed the first alpha for lucid *and* maverick20:05
highvoltagelet's not do that again :)20:05
highvoltageotherwise maverick was a pretty good release, thanks to everyone involved with that20:05
stgraberas long as they don't break our langpacks, we should be fine ;)20:05
highvoltageEdubuntu's position on distrowatch is increasing. It was taken off from the site when edubuntu became an add-on Cd20:06
highvoltagesince it wasn't technically a Linux distribution per se anymore20:06
highvoltageit's been added when we switched back to DVD mode20:07
highvoltagefor the filter for 'last 7 days', we're at #27, which puts it higher than FreeBSD!20:07
highvoltage(in the old days it used to be consistantly above FreeBSD)20:07
highvoltagewe started our facebook page a bit more than a month ago, it already has more than 250 fans20:08
stgraberwe also have 108 followers on twitter and 39 on identica20:09
highvoltageI put together a new installation guide for Edubuntu 10.10: http://edubuntu.org/documentation/10.10/installation-guide20:09
highvoltageI posted it out to the list and received some feedback and fixed up a bit, but further feedback is always welcome20:10
highvoltagejbicha suggested that I add an explanation of what LTSP is somewhere in there. that's the only feedback I got that isn't yet applied20:10
highvoltageanything we should add to the agenda before moving on? we don't exactly have a very busy meeting today :)20:11
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* stgraber doesn't think so20:11
stgraber(still reading installation-guide)20:11
highvoltagethis is an old idea that has been discussed a few times in the past, but due to not really getting any clear answers from Canonical on whether we can go ahead, we never did: http://edubuntu.org/marketplace20:12
highvoltagethe idea with the edubuntu marketplace is that people who build services and products around Edubuntu can list themselves on the site20:12
highvoltagesimilar to the Ubuntu marketplace on http://webapps.ubuntu.com/marketplace/20:13
highvoltagewe're going ahead with it, if we step on any toes someone can just scream then20:13
highvoltageexcept for revolution linux, I just took the liberty of adding the rest of them there, so I'll contact them and confirm that they do indeed want to be listed, and also which details they'd like on there20:14
highvoltageonce I've done that, we can link to it from the rest of the site and announce it20:15
highvoltagestgraber: do you have any suggestions regarding the contact address for that?20:15
stgraberhighvoltage: not sure ... I can probably create an alias on some random domain or try to get one from Canonical IS20:16
highvoltagean alias sounds ideal20:16
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highvoltageI suppose something generic like contact@edubuntu.org would be ok?20:17
highvoltageit probably won't necessarilly be the EC that would always be responsible for that20:17
highvoltagedinda wanted to discuss a blueprint, but she didn't make it today either (I guess she's still traveling)20:19
highvoltageso that's probably it for this meeting, unless anyone else has something?20:19
stgrabernothing here20:26
highvoltageok, adjourned!20:26
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