maxb"temp.%s-%s" % (distutils.util.get_platform(), sys.version[0:3])00:02
maxbit would appear00:02
jremersonHello All.00:14
jremersonI am interested in helping develop packages, I have read through the blog, and I understand that their is a sponsorship process, however I was wondering if someone could point me in the best place to start practicing.00:16
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RAOFjremerson: One good way to start practicing is to pick up bugs on launchpad with patches and produce a package with that patch applied.00:19
RAOFThat'll expose you to a wide range of packages, and be useful to boot!00:19
jremersonRAOF, Is there a guide on how to do that?00:19
RAOFHm.  Not off the top of my head, but there may well be.00:20
jremersonis there an easy link to find bugs with patches?00:24
micahgjremerson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.has_patch=on00:25
jremersonThank you :)00:26
micahgjremerson: the Ubuntu Reviewers team in #ubuntu-reviews review bugs w/patches00:27
jremersonmicahg, I joined thank you, It also looks like the Mentor program might work well for me.00:31
micahgjremerson: cool00:31
ScottKDo we have an equivalent of "bts show nnnnnn"?00:55
james_wI don't think so00:57
micahgScottK: xdg-open pad.lv/######01:01
RAOFDo's launchpad plugin?01:03
dholbachGood morning! :)07:48
geserGuten Morgen dholbach07:48
dholbachhey geser! :)07:50
dholbachWie geht's?07:50
gesertoo much to do for too less time, but otherwise good :)07:51
persiaAnglais seulement, si vous plait!07:51
dholbachgeser, es ist immer dasselbe... :)07:52
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micahgis someone available to sponsor an SRU, bug 65531115:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 655311 in silc-client (Ubuntu) "Loading silc plugin crashes with error "undefined symbol: server_setup_find_port"" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65531115:14
debfxmicahg: have you tested if the patch works?15:26
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jcastrohyperair: do we need the banshee appindicator package now that we have mpris2 support?15:29
hyperairjcastro: not really, no.15:31
hyperairjcastro: soundmenu replaces it nicely too.15:31
jcastrodang I wasn't paying attetion, I should have mentioned this ages ago15:32
micahgdebfx: no, but the fix was released to Debian already for 3 months15:34
hyperairjcastro: how do i go about enablng indicator-datetime by the way?15:35
ari-tczewdebfx: probably other people subscribed to bug could test patched package15:36
jcastrohyperair: it should just work? mine does, you should just have it installed?15:36
jcastrohyperair: I use indicator-applet-complete, which melts them all together into one nice one15:37
hyperairjcastro: aha. that's the answer15:37
hyperairindicator-datetime should honestly just depend on -complete15:37
hyperairit doesn't show up otherwise.15:37
jcastroit should, ping kenvandine to fix it pls.15:37
hyperairjcastro: by the way, have you noticed your notify-osd bubbles being cropped?15:38
jcastromaybe for this cycle datetime will get finished so we can just ship -complete by default15:38
jcastrono, I see some people mentioning it though15:38
hyperairjcastro: hmm so it's acommon issue.15:38
jcastroI don't know if it's common or not15:39
hyperairi mean it's not just me and my weird setup15:39
jcastroI know you're not the first but I am not sure if it's widespread or what15:39
hyperairjcastro: who have you heard it from?15:39
jcastroI don't recall15:40
hyperairoh well =\15:41
jcastroI'll pay attention for you from now on, heh15:42
shadeslayeris archive open for buisness? :)15:45
ari-tczewshadeslayer: not yet. probably Friday.15:45
debfxany REVU admins around to add me as a reviewer?15:46
ari-tczewRainCT: ^^ (pinging as see that you're not away)15:47
RainCTdebfx: Done. Welcome in the team :)15:48
debfxRainCT: thanks :)15:49
debfxdholbach: could you please add me to ubuntu-sponsors15:56
dholbachdebfx, done15:57
debfxdholbach: thanks16:02
debfxmicahg: I've uploaded silc-client16:05
micahgdebfx: thanks16:05
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Laneywgrant: The sid information on MDT is still out of date17:52
Laneyoh, it's probably the multiple source entries problem isn't it?17:53
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ari-tczewlucidfox: ping18:06
ari-tczewcan I use change only in LDFLAGS, if CFLAGS has been removed from debian/rules?18:10
ari-tczewprevious change was both in CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, but CFLAGS is no longer exist18:11
lucidfoxari-tczew> pong18:12
ari-tczewlucidfox: I'm merging epiphany-browser and I have a problem with your change. could you take a look on package in Debian, how we can adapt change in debian/rules? I asked about it above ^^18:14
lucidfoxsorry, not now18:19
Laneypatch the autofoo18:20
Laneyor readd a CFLAGS override18:20
lfaraoneI'm using mk-sbuild to create a sbuild chroot of sid. Is it normal for it to be bringing in packages like exim4, openssh-client, xulrunner (!!!), and hicolor-icon-theme? The log is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/512633/21:13
lfaraonekees: ^^21:13
keeslfaraone: ew, no21:17
ajmitchI think that's because it's installing recommended packages?21:18
ubottuDebian bug 599699 in ubuntu-dev-tools "ubuntu-dev-tools: mk-sbuild wrongly installs recommends in debian chroots" [Normal,Open]21:19
keesI wonder how, given that it explicitly uses --no-install-recommends21:19
keesno, only in the Ubuntu case.21:19
keesI will fix it.21:20
ajmitchok :)21:20
lfaraonekees: ah, glad I'm not crazy :)21:24
keeslfaraone: yeah, sorry about that. I've replied to the bug and committed the fix.21:26
lfaraonekees: awesome, thanks.21:27
lfaraonekees: worth a SRU? or is there already a bundle of bugs being SRU'd in ubuntu-dev-tools?21:27
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keeslfaraone: it's been like that for a while, but yeah, if you want, go for it.22:14
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