hot_wheelzjust to confirm can you upgrade mythbuntu using the the updrade distro when its set to normal release10:58
Guest97146I am having a problem trying to rebuild 0.24 trunk packages on 10.04 amd 64. There is a dependency on libqtwebkit-dev that is unmet. Is there a fix?15:31
Guest97146I found bug 586007 that appears to describe my problem, but the proposed fix is already applied to trunk 26766  source package and I still have an unmet dependency.16:01
ZinnBug 586007 in mythplugins (Ubuntu) "Missing dependency on libqt4-webkit-dev" [Undecided, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/58600716:01
superm1Guest97146, are you building by hand from the source package on the mythbuntu PPA?16:41
superm1it should be listed as a dependency in debian/control16:41
Guest97146@superm1 debian/control lists this: libqtwebkit-dev | libqt4-webkit-dev | libqt4-dev (<< 4:4.7.0~beta1), I have libqt4-dev 4.6.2 installed. When I do a apt-get build-dep mythtv it bombs complaining of missing libqtwebkit-dev.16:47
tgm4883is 4.6.2 less than 4:4.7.0~beta1?16:48
superm1Guest97146, do you have the source repository added in /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d?  the apt-get build-dep will only work properly if it's in one of those and you've apt-get update'd16:48
superm1(source repository for mythbuntu PPA that is)16:48
Guest97146@superm1, yes the deb-src line for the uk mythbuntu repository is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mythbuntu-repos.list.16:49
superm1peculiar then that's happening16:49
superm1it does work properly in sbuild or pbuilder, so you can do your builds there instead16:50
Guest97146Ok. Which should I try?16:51
superm1pbuilder is easier to setup16:51
superm1once you have it setup, it's literally just sudo pbuilder blah.dsc and it will spit out debs16:51
Guest97146Ok. I will give it a try. Should I open a bug with the failed output of a debuild?16:51
superm1it's probably not a high priority item - we don't support building out of a clean env normally16:52
superm1pbuilder and sbuild both prepare a clean chroot and only pull in the dependencies they need16:52
mrandsuperm1: this is the part where I ask if this is documented, and if not, could it be on the receipe's?16:53
mrandrather, could you update the receipe's?16:53
superm1i think there's a recipe for building out of pbuilder/sbuild that's basically what he was following, but these weird apt resolving order bugs will cause problems on earlier releases - i'm guessing this is 9.10 or so16:54
Guest97146@superm1 what is the easiest way to apply patches to a source before building with pbuilder? btw this is 10.04 amd6416:56
superm1Guest97146, you can apply patches by putting them in debian/patches, and then "debuild -S -sa -us -uc" will spit out a source package to pass to pbuilder16:56
superm1and modify debian/patches/series to list out your patches16:57
Guest97146Ok. pbuilder is setting up its initial environment now and then I will try to build the mythtv package16:57
superm1did you enable universe/multiverse in the initial environment?  I think there's some extra switches for them16:58
superm1if not then it will fail when you try to build16:58
Guest97146@superm1 I did not enable anything extra. I will wait until it completes its first configure and try again.17:05
superm1you can add them after the fact17:05
superm1you just need to use pbuilder login with the --savesomething  (don't remember) option17:05
superm1and then you can modify /etc/apt/sources.list in the pbuilder chroot to meet your needs17:05
FredYerkesHi - I'm having no luck archiving a recording to a DVD .iso file, could someone take a glance at my log and help me head in the right direction please?17:07
Guest97146@superm1 I now have the 26766 myth package building. The pbuilder HOWTO has info on adding the universe repo. The other way is using pbuilder --login --save-after-login17:34
Guest97146@superm1 The build completed for mythtv_0.24~trunk26766. It is installed and operating. Would it be possible for me to build a debug build this way? What would I need to change?18:04
superm1Guest97146, the build you made should actually be a debug build18:13
superm1you just need to install the -dbg package that was created too18:13
Guest97146@superm1, you are right. The dbg package is with the rest of them. I just missed it before.19:05
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SpiffydudexHello all, I recently upgraded from 9.10 to 10.10 and I am running into the issue of my 950q not having any sound. I looked in the Backend setup for the 950q and there was no audio device listed. The only things listed are ALSA:default and (none). Can anyone give me a hint from where I can begin to look? I know Ubuntu made a big change to push pulse audio and make it baselined in the OS, but that surely cant be the only re22:10
Spiffydudexstalling just for kicks and it did not fix anything.22:10

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