nhandlerakgraner: I'll add that script to the bzr branch00:51
nhandlerakgraner: Does http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/290/can-someone-whip-up-a-quick-script-for-uwn/483#483 actually work for you?00:57
akgranernhandler, I haven't tried the new one01:31
akgranerthe old one did but gave me some weird errors01:31
akgranerI'll try the new in just a few minutes01:32
nhandlerakgraner: Get a chance to try it?02:15
akgranerI knew I forgot someone  - one sec let me change it out02:16
nhandlerakgraner: Hmm...Installing xsel made it run. I thought he removed that part from the code. Let me look02:18
akgraneryep it works02:20
akgranerI just the last one and it's working02:21
akgranerI named it stackstats.py on my machine but you can call it whatever02:22
nhandlerakgraner: I figured out the issue.02:22
akgranerawesome :-)02:22
akgranerthank you02:22
nhandlerThey didn't have a shebang line, so running it without 'python' failed02:23
akgranerhmm wonder why it worked for me02:24
akgranerI know why - I left it in from the old script02:25
nhandlerakgraner: It is now in lp:uwn02:27
akgranernhandler, in your band do you all have a "pit crew"02:28
alouriegood morning07:43
akgranerGood Morning :-)13:48
nigelbMorning akgraner13:54
akgranerGood Morning13:55
newz2000hey, just relaying a message:23:01
newz2000 > stas: ok, btw, if somebody knows whom to ping about ubuntu-news.org, could you ask them to upgrade to lates wordpress theme23:01
newz2000stas can often be found in #ubuntu-website. He says there's an update to the theme framework.23:03
nhandlernewz2000: Is the latest in the bzr branch? If so, I can do the update23:04
newz2000nhandler: would you mind hopping on #ubuntu-website and giving him a ping?23:04
newz2000he's there now23:04
pleia2hm, looks like the by line on old posts needs to be updated? (it was "admin" before but now they are all showing up as "boredandblogging")23:15
pleia2admin was better :)23:15
nhandlerpleia2: boredandblogging posted them from his account. He has the username of 'admin' and set his account so that shows up. When I cleaned up the accounts, I changed it to 'boredandblogging' so that it is clear when he posts stuff (mainly in the future). Sadly, there isn't an easy way to set the old posts to a dummy account/the real accounts afaik23:18
pleia2could the old posts just be from a separate account like "fridge" or something?23:19
nhandlerpleia2: Probably, but I'm not sure if we can easily transfer them other than deleting and re-importing them.23:20
pleia2ah, sucks23:20
pleia2maybe give boredandblogging a new account and keep this as legacy?23:20
pleia2just seems to do a pretty grievous disservice to all the folks who have contributed over the years, giving someone else credit23:21
pleia2a generic account at least shows a line in the sand for a migration23:22
nhandlerpleia2: Does WP give the first user (admin) any additional special access?23:22
pleia2not like drupal23:24
akgranerhey all  - I just got off the phone with elmo and charlieS23:26
nhandlerAny news akgraner ?23:27
akgranerBoth of them will have SSH and Admin to ubuntu-news.org23:27
akgranerper elmo and charlie - they would like the opportunity to see if it will work for us (Fridge Team) on a Canonical Server - I expressed the pain points we had before and they are willing to work with us to overcome those issues23:28
nhandlerakgraner: Might I ask what there reasoning was for having it on a Canonical server?23:28
akgranerso that no one can just up an run off with the keys to the kingdom23:29
akgraneror shut the site down etc23:29
akgranerthey also said that it is not their policy to direct an ubuntu.com address to a site not hosted by Canonical23:30
akgranerso the workaround is - they will set up a test site - we review it - then they go live with it - we will still keep ubuntu-news.org up as well23:30
akgranerif we feel restricted or we aren't able to do what we need to do  - then we'll go back to ubuntu-news.org with the blessed re-direct23:31
akgranerthat sounded like a win-win solution for us and Canonical23:31
akgranerI'm drafting the email now of my understanding after the call - is there anything I need to ask about or add23:32
akgraneralso we will have a POC from CharlieS team throughout all of this - so we aren't let feeling  like we are hanging out in the cold23:33
nhandlerakgraner: Besides having it hosted on a Canonical server, what changes to the fridge itself or the way we interact with it will change?23:33
akgraneror so they told me23:33
akgranerthey don't want to limit the content we add  - the only issue will be widgets and plugins23:34
akgranerthose will have to be blessed by the security team23:34
akgranerif they haven't been already23:34
nhandlerakgraner: And have they inspected the current fridge yet to make sure we are good?23:34
akgranerI am giving the access in just a few minutes23:35
akgranerso in the meantime we keep doing what we are doing now on ubuntu-news.org23:35
akgranerso they can look at it from the code perspective... and let us know23:36
nhandlerAlright. Thanks for the heads up akgraner. Please continue to keep us updated :)23:36
pleia2thanks akgraner :)23:36
newz2000good news akgraner, good work23:38
akgranernhandler, pleia2 newz2000 I'm trying :-)23:38
nhandlerakgraner: You are doing a nice job too :)23:38
* nhandler will get the fridge theme updated once LP is back online23:38
akgranerthank you!23:38
akgraneralso 100+ have replied to the survey23:39
akgranerabout UWN23:46

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