nhandlerPici, ikonia: I saw the hilight. Was it just a mistake, or do I need to read more of the scrollback?00:20
nhandler* :)00:52
ubottuscott_ino called the ops in #ubuntu (Geert_Wilders)01:31
h00kAmaranth: that works, too01:32
Seeker`that shoulda been a ban01:32
Seeker`/lastlog shows a troll01:32
AmaranthYeah, obvious troll01:33
AmaranthDon't want to waste a ban if he doesn't come back right away though01:33
marienzthat was weird. FWIW: "Geert Wilders" is the name of a somewhat controversial dutch politician.01:40
wizzohi I was just wondering why there's no #ubuntu-men04:36
tonyyarussowizzo: There was at one point at least.  I don't think it ever had more than about three people in it though.04:41
wizzotonyyarusso: if we get more users can we have the channel running then?04:41
wizzoI think that there's a pretty big cross section of people who use ubuntu and people who are men04:42
wizzowe could have something here04:42
tonyyarussowizzo: If you'd like, you could create an ##ubuntu-men (with two # marks) first, see how it goes, and if it seems worthwhile and gets a community behind it while following the Ubuntu IRC Guidelines, then we could transition such a thing into the namespace, yeah.04:42
wizzowell that makes sense04:43
wizzoalright thanks for your help04:43
tonyyarusso!guidelines | For reference04:43
ubottuFor reference: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:43
nhandlertonyyarusso: I didn't think #ubuntu-men was ever used for any legit purpose and was just some troll response to #ubuntu-women (hence it being closed now). I could be way off on this though05:09
tonyyarussonhandler: I think I saw it used reasonably maybe once or twice.  Either way, if it has new management / leadership I don't think the past really matters all that much, and properly starting it outside of our namespace rather than just creating it within might be a nice trial I thought.05:12
tonyyarussoMostly it was a troll thing, but not 100%, since people joined who weren't part of the initial setup.05:12
persiaI'm not sure it's fair to call creation of -men groups in response to -women groups trollish.  I suspect there's a fair number of men who want somewhere to be special when there is prohibition of sexism in common areas, and women are special in -women.05:13
persiaNot saying Ubuntu needs such a group, but I've seen any number of them created over the past couple of decades.05:13
persiaAnd I believe they tend to improve the sense of equality and lack of sexism in common channels.05:14
nhandlerpersia: I wish their intentions were that noble ;)05:14
persiaYeah, well, I can't talk about specifics: just wanted to make sure it wasn't a blanket reflex response to the creation of mens groups.05:14
mneptoknhandler: i think it's unfair for you to assume you know every person's intentions05:15
elkyI'm cautious by default of a group which is inspired by the horrid situation we find ourselves in where only 95% of the community is male.05:15
nhandlerpersia: Nope. I have no issue trialing this (especially outside of our namespace). I just want to make sure that there is an actual and legit purpose behind the channel (which will depend on the founder)05:15
persianhandler, Makes sense.05:15
nhandlermneptok: I would never assume such a thing05:15
mneptokelky: it's horrid if it is planned or expected. the demographics of Ubuntu usership are neither.05:16
persiaelky, I completely understand your caution: that said, I've seen some groups (especially related to non-technical non-profit communities) where the simple creation of a mens group that sends the "it's OK to be a man, but don't assume everyone is, except here" message helps the general situation.05:16
elkypersia, I might agree if it were not for the whole 95% part.05:18
* persia is also not advocating #ubuntu-men, just wanting to make sure it's not reflex-dead, from a belief that a well-managed one ends up having similar goals and utility to -women05:18
elkyAnd the assumption that to "be a man" one must be as opposite to "a woman" as possible.05:18
* persia goes off-channel to have an interesting debate about the 95% part05:18
Jordan_U[Screamo] is trolling in #ubuntu07:00
bazhangthanks, will keep an eye on him07:01
jpdsToo late for that...07:01
jpds-[Screamo](wearethesi@should.have.tried.shellium.org)- i was having a convo with someone just throwing around some good old healthy  critacism and you ban me :\07:04
eboyjrI remember a long time ago, when @lark worked.. what happened to it?07:11
eboyjrEven in ubuntu-offtopic? It was fun07:12
bazhangall fun is outlawed07:12
eboyjrlol darn07:13
ubottuIn ubottu, robojake said: !nopassword is How To Create a Passwordless / Guest Login see - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=513820&highlight=shadow - BEWARE USER! DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!07:19
tonyyarussoIf you knew what you were doing, why would you need the factoid?07:22
jussiexactly... :D07:22
persiaThere's a school of thought  that every piece of information should be a factoid so that people can remember factoids rather than URLs.  There's another school of thought that believes if information is good and useful it should be integrated with the standard documentation in an intuitive manner.07:24
tonyyarussoThen there's a school of thought that says why is persia philosophising instead of baking me cookies?07:25
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (permapute)07:25
tonyyarussothat was random07:26
ubottuCheri703 called the ops in #ubuntu-women ()07:27
* tonyyarusso wouldn't be surprised if it's the same guy07:28
tonyyarussoI don't have access there though.07:28
persiatonyyarusso, Come here with an oven that fits in my house, and I'll bake you cookies.  Until then you have to put up with philosophy.07:28
MarkShuttleWorthgosh dang07:29
MarkShuttleWorthi got banned07:29
persiaLikely your nick.07:29
tonyyarussoNope, it wasn't his nick.07:30
MarkShuttleWorthglad i was trolling and not being serious07:30
MarkShuttleWorthcan you let me offf this time07:30
bazhanghitting multiple channels07:30
MarkShuttleWorthis there a communication error07:30
MarkShuttleWorthfrom what i am picking up here07:30
MarkShuttleWorththere is07:30
bazhangnope crystal clear: no unban.07:30
MarkShuttleWorthbut why07:31
MarkShuttleWorthdid i say something07:32
MarkShuttleWorthhow do words hurt so bad?07:32
MarkShuttleWorthsticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you07:32
MarkShuttleWorthok i will make it up to everyone here07:32
jussiMarkShuttleWorth: really, you are behaving unacceptably.07:32
MarkShuttleWorthi am not forcing you to believe anything. you can make up your own mind07:32
MarkShuttleWorthbut if you wants nudes let me know07:32
bazhangnow trolling -sugarteam07:35
jussiIm now there...07:35
tonyyarussochanges nick every two seconds too, just to be annoying07:35
* jussi waits for the next ops call07:36
jussiits nice though that when I joined the channel he quit...07:37
jussiargh, medibuntu is down07:37
persiacame and gone from -reviews, being insulting.  I'm not going to bother with an ops call there, as /part has already happened07:42
HooberWhy am I still banned07:50
Hooberthe graphics in this room is good07:51
bazhangHoober, making problems in multiple channels, I'd guess07:52
HooberI am banned from 1 channel07:52
jussi3 actually07:52
Hooberthe ubuntu-women07:52
Hooberwhat how?07:53
Hooberi thought we cleared this up like months ago07:53
Hooberor 1 month at best07:53
Hooberhere let me quote the message for you07:54
Hoober"[INFO]    You are banned from this channel."07:54
bazhangAugust 7th07:54
HooberSo what we up to anyway?07:55
Hoobermy birthday is tomorrow07:56
HooberI am 19 right now but almost 20!07:56
HooberMy cake will be an Angel Food Cake with frosting/topping and cherry on top07:57
bazhangHoober, was there something else you needed?07:58
Hooberbirthday presents will likely include: 1 Fallout New Vegas and 1 Draw on the monitor07:58
Hooberwill you throw a party for me07:58
HooberI am giving you a day's warning in advance07:58
HooberI think a couple of you are my friends07:59
HooberIt shouldn't be too hard. you have OP08:00
bazhangHoober, please read the channel topic here, thanks.08:00
Hooberor whatever08:00
Hooberk read it08:00
Hooberso what do you think?08:00
Hooberis this a topic for off-topic08:01
HooberI figured you ladies and gentlemen have the power to make my birthday party official08:01
Hooberit is just a neat little request08:01
bazhangHoober, this is not a social channel08:02
HooberBut Ubuntu is for attracting a community08:02
Hooberthis is the one stop shop for friends08:02
bazhangHoober, and your behavior lends no great confidence to your being allowed back into #ubuntu08:02
Hooberi can already go to ubuntu08:03
Hooberyou mean ubuntu women08:03
Hooberdo you even keep track of the history ? :(08:04
Hoobermy history I mean08:04
Hooberi will give you a few minute to let your memory catch up.08:05
bazhangodd. the ban tracker has you as banned there.08:06
Hooberwhoever unbanned me didn't fix the records08:06
Hooberi can't remember who.. but it was probably Flannel or someone08:06
Hooberdoesn't your log say who my custom service representative was08:07
bazhangyep unbanned there08:08
Hooberwell i am heading to off-topic to chat with the rest of the homies08:08
bazhangbizarroid. #bansearch shows it, but bantracker shows the opposite08:09
bazhangerr @08:09
bazhangyep back to trolling -ot08:15
bazhangsuicide bombers08:15
rwwHello. Did someone decide to unban Hoober from #ubuntu-offtopic for some odd reason, is he ban-evading, or is my memory going wonky?08:18
bazhangunbanned it seems08:19
* tonyyarusso apparently had him on ignore08:19
rwwbad tonyyarusso :(08:19
tonyyarussoI know :(08:19
bazhanghe was told explicitly not to do that kind of thing or the ban would be much longer08:19
tonyyarussomust have been annoying somewhere else and I didn't bother to -channel08:19
bazhanghis comments are clearly upsetting folks08:20
rwwHe's one of those borderlines that toggles between normal topics and insanity :(08:21
bazhangmostly the latter08:21
bazhanghe was warned clearly about not trolling again when the ban was removed.08:46
elkyI'm too involved to act now too.08:48
ikoniaHoober: you've banned from #ubuntu-offtopic, you just admited you where trolling it earlier08:50
Hooberfuck you. fuck you in the ass. thats right you are such pieces of shit for not looking at my side but only what you could interpret a person's motives having to be to have my side08:50
Hoobershut the fuck up i quit08:50
Hooberyou ruined08:50
Hooberyou ruined my respect08:50
Hooberyou don't do this to me08:50
ikoniayou didn't need to start08:50
Hooberi had real times08:50
Hooberfuck yourselves08:50
ikoniaand your language will not progress this any futher08:50
ikoniathe channel will be a simpler and easier place without him08:51
elkySuch a loss. That valuable contribution will be sorely missed.08:51
ikoniaI was quicker to type elky08:51
elkyNo, I refrained since I had engaged him.08:51
ikonia(no great loss comment)08:52
ikonianow recieving "threats" from hoober in pm that the Linux community will know of this outrage08:55
ikoniajust ignoring it now after I drectred him back in here to discuss it reasonably08:55
elkyNow he's returned as hoober_ to PM me.09:19
elky<Hoober_> Nice name Melissa. When you said predator that hurt my feelings. Did you mean a predator like the alien versus predator?09:19
ikoniaI've already told him to not discuss it in pm09:20
ikoniathat's what this channel is for09:20
elkyHe's not taking silence so well.09:21
ikoniagone now09:25
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Hoober_ ban evading)11:02
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ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: SoftSources is <reply> Looking for your Software Sources? Go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Missing%20repositories%20in%20Ubuntu%2010.10 for a simple way to enable the menu item.16:16
IdleOneThere done16:17
IdleOnedon't like the factoid name, figure a better one :P16:18
IdleOneset a forward here on Licuadora. seen them do the curse and part thing a couple times16:30
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:44
jussi!no softsources is <alias>sources16:44
ubottuI know nothing about softsources yet, jussi16:44
IdleOneyes but from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories it is 2-3 more clicks before you get to the actual info the user is looking for16:44
jussiIdleOne: and?16:45
IdleOneand having a direct link will avoid the user asking " Where do I click now?"16:45
jussiIm really against putting huge urls in factoids...16:45
IdleOnegive the user the info they want. problem solved, happy user :)16:45
IdleOneit isn't that huge :/16:46
IdleOnejust looks it because of the %2016:46
jussiit is, but those to pages should be merged...16:47
jussianyway, got to run16:47
IdleOneI don't know, maybe it is just me but the !sources factoid looks like one giant link, the 3 links all merge into one at first glance.16:49
IdleOneI really don't see what the difference is in having 3 links in one factoid or 1 link that looks long.16:50
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: SoftSources is <reply> Looking for your Software Sources? Go to http://tinyurl.com/24jxd6t for a simple way to enable the menu item.16:58
IdleOneshorter :)16:58
IdleOnes/Software Sources?/Software Sources in 10.10?17:01
Pici!softsources is <reply> Looking for your Software Sources in Maverick/10.10? For a simple way to enable the menu item see http://tinyurl.com/24jxd6t - More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories17:02
ubottuI'll remember that, Pici17:02
PiciIdleOne: Hows that?17:02
IdleOneperfect dude17:03
IdleOnethank you17:03
ikoniahello nozes17:05
nozesI was banned form #ubuntu17:05
nozesikonia, hello, how are you?17:05
nozesIdleOne, Remember?17:06
IdleOnenozes: yes I do. I will ikonia handle this as he was the op who set the ban17:06
IdleOneI will let*17:06
ikoniayou where posting links where you not17:06
ikoniaIdleOne: thank you17:06
IdleOnesure thing17:07
ikonianozes: you where posting links in multiple #ubuntu channels and freenode in general17:07
nozesikonia, already apologized, ;)17:08
nozesI'm still grounded?17:09
ikoniaone moment please17:09
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:09
ikoniayou where also rude to operators in the channels17:10
IdleOneand in PM17:11
ikonianozes: if I remove the ban in #ubuntu - do you know how to behave ?17:11
nozesikonia, yes17:12
ikonianozes: ok - so you fully understand no posting of offtopic content of any sort (not links, not text not anything) and if anyone (nost just operators) ask you to stop, you stop without being rude in channel or pm ?17:13
nozesikonia, yes17:13
ikonianozes: ok, I'll remove the ban from the #ubuntu channel, but please keep in mind what we have talked about in here today17:14
nozesikonia, on the other channel, they asked me to stop, just banned17:14
ikonianozes: don't try to defend that17:14
ikoniaI explained to you in multiple channels to stop posting links and you joined more and posted17:14
ikoniathat's why you where banned17:15
ikoniadon't try to defand that17:15
nozesok, sorry!17:15
ikonianozes: I've removed the ban in #ubuntu now, you're welcome to leave this channel and join #ubuntu and participate17:15
nozesnot want to be rude sorry17:16
nozesthanks, you and very friendly17:17
ikoniaok, thank you. Your welcome to leave this channel and join #ubuntui17:18
nozesI could go with another nick, but preferred to do it right!17:18
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ts2KM0201: can we help you with something?19:26
KM0201um, i don't know how i ended up here.19:27
KM0201i'll leave19:27
PiciOkay :)19:27
IdleOneforwarded here from +119:30
ts2but +1 is +i, so it shouldn't matter19:35
ts2maybe seven is just odd like that19:38
Tm_T...so you can forward others than invited?19:40
ts2i would assume +i would stop the forward from being applied19:42
ts2besides, it's +if #ubuntu19:43
ts2so it should forward to #ubuntu19:43
Seeker`@bansearch KM020119:45
ubottuNo matches found for km0201~km0201@user-0c93d5m.cable.mindspring.com in any channel19:46
IdleOneWould an update to !wubi with the link to wubi.exe for 10.10 be useful?20:04
IdleOneI checked and it does in fact download the 10.10.iso for installation20:04
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe20:08
IdleOnein case someone wants to add it20:08
ubottuIn ubottu, tasaduq said: no one is replying. sorry.20:53
nhandlerubottu: !no wubi is <reply> Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe22:54
ubottuI'll remember that nhandler22:54
nhandlerIdleOne: ^^^22:55
ubottuilovefairuz called the ops in #ubuntu (julian__)22:58
IdleOnenhandler: thank you23:06

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