wgrantcjwatson: My suspicion about the broken Maverick armel builds was correct. We've had some more show up and a LOSA confirmed that the queue record is missing.00:15
wgrantSo I'm not completely insane.00:15
ScottKwgrant: Correction: That's not evidence of you being completely insane.00:15
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cody-somervilleIs there something wrong with hpijs-ppds in Maverick?04:01
jmlcjwatson: the thing to create the branches was kicked off overnight. Once I finish interviewing this candidate I'll check on the status and get back to you.09:16
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dokocjwatson: ok to promote llvm-2.8 (used by openjdk-6) and python3.2 (used by python3-stdlib-extensions)? new upstream versions09:27
apwdoko, ok the initial kernel is finialised and in the accept queue10:43
apwcjwatson, i've pushed the initial kernel for natty, i believe doko wants that built to bootstrap the toolchain10:43
cjwatsonapw: looks like somebody beat me to accepting it :)10:48
apwcjwatson, :)  thanks anyway10:51
dokocjwatson: I did :-/11:06
dokoI won't interfer anymore after the initial bootstrap11:06
dokosecurity hits the buildds hard ...11:09
cjwatsonI didn't consider it interfering11:14
cjwatsonjml: ooh.  I spy a bunch of branches.11:23
jmlcjwatson: yes. the script is still running[1] afaik11:23
jml[1] Where "running" means one of: actually running; stopping; waiting for someone to restart it11:24
dokoapw: how long do the kernel builds usually take?12:02
cjwatsondoko: are you still intending to upload python2.7?12:06
dokocjwatson: hmm, no12:07
dokocjwatson: so when the kernel headers are there, we could open natty12:10
jmlcjwatson: the branching process is done. some branches failed. we'll look into it, but not as an issue of critical importance.12:13
cjwatsondoko: last linux build was 2h on amd64, 15h on armel, 7h on i386, 4h45m on powerpc12:16
cjwatsonjml: great, thanks - I think that's good enough to open with12:17
cjwatsondoko: I'd like to run through at least one compiled package with the new linux, so that we won't get the situation where we open the floodgates and find that everything fails to build12:17
jmlcjwatson: cool. let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.12:17
cjwatsondoko: (there are plenty of random merges in the queue we could use)12:18
dokocjwatson: yes, makes sense12:18
dokoxvfb still broken, no jtreg test results for openjdk-6, but at least the build doesn't take that long12:54
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dokoagain, firefox security uploads ... we'll never open this week with powerpc lagging that behind :-/13:15
cjwatsonwe'll still be ahead of historical schedule for opening, I think13:17
cjwatsondepending on whether you count in calendar days or working days13:17
cjwatson(I think calendar days are slightly more realistic for this purpose since much of the time is spent waiting around for computers)13:17
cjwatsondoko: I've scored up linux/powerpc, not that it will help hugely (UI says start in 7 hours)13:28
cjwatsonactually, that will have it finishing around the same time as linux/armel finishes, so that might be OK13:28
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apwdoko, cjwatson the build will be about 6-7 hours total, armel is only one flavour right now14:25
cjwatsonah, so powerpc will be the last one after all then14:26
apwcjwatson, yeah i see, damnable security15:06
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dokoapw, cjwatson: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/57569441/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-powerpc.linux_2.6.36-0.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz should we ignore this, or fix it before opening natty?22:56
apwdoko, well its probabally an easy fix22:57
dokoapw: ok, I'll be awake for about 30min, let me know if you could prepare another upload22:58
apwdoko, i'll know shortly if its easy23:00

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