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vsd20cHey guys quick question. I'm making a ubuntu network based on an older machine. I was planning to virtualize the network, but, for the base machine should i install the server software directly or could i run virtual box off of puppy linux what seems like the best way to go?00:14
ScottKWould it surprise you to find that people here might recommend running Ubuntu as the base distro?00:15
vsd20cnot really00:16
vsd20cbut just curious as to if i was virtualizing00:16
vsd20cbut that works thanks00:16
Jeeves__jeeves_: Hi!00:22
Jeeves__Would you mind leaving my nick alone? :)00:22
jeeves_jeeves_, mine should be "Jeeves_Moss"00:22
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Jeeves__Thanks :)00:22
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jeeves_mossJeeves_, better?00:23
Jeeves_Much :)00:23
jeeves_mossJeeves_, cool00:23
jeeves_mossJeeves_, got a sec to see if you can help me take a stab @ this script?00:23
Jeeves_a sec, maybe00:25
Jeeves_But it's currently 1:25 AM where I live, so I'd like to go to bed soon :)00:25
jeeves_mossJeeves_, ok, one sec00:29
jeeves_mossJeeves_, it's only d-loading the first index.html page (not finishing the list of URLs in the URL input text file), and it's only doing the first page of the index.html it's pulling00:30
Jeeves_jeeves_moss: I've just joined again00:32
Jeeves_so i've got no clue what you're talking about :)00:32
jeeves_mossJeeves_, it's only d-loading the first index.html page (not finishing the list of URLs in the URL input text file), and it's only doing the first page of the index.html it's pulling00:33
Jeeves_That's what you said before00:35
Jeeves_I've got no context, no script00:35
jeeves_mossoh, sorry.  one sec00:36
Jeeves_So i've really got no clue what you're talking aout :)00:36
jeeves_mossJeeves_, http://pastebin.ca/196049000:36
Jeeves_Hmm, that strange00:42
jeeves_mossJeeves_, ???00:42
Jeeves_That should work, if you ask me00:43
Jeeves_                $WGET wget -r -p -nd -nc -l"$DEPTH" -t5 -H --domains=images.4chan.org -A.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.pix -erobots=off "$URL" -e robots=off00:43
Jeeves_That does /usr/bin/wget wget00:43
Jeeves_which isn't good00:43
jeeves_mossJeeves_, ok, crap.  you know it's been a LONG day!00:45
jeeves_mossJeeves_, any ideas on why it's not following the page links?  I want it to scrape the images out of images.4chan.org ONLY.00:46
Jeeves_You say that twice00:46
jeeves_mossJeeves_, and the recursive scrape of the linked page under the start?00:47
Jeeves_No clue00:47
Jeeves_Never been looking for hot girls like this :)00:48
jeeves_mossok, thanks.  I'm trying to site scrape as a "proof of concept".  So far, I can't get it to scrape anything further than the seed page00:48
Jeeves_jeeves_moss: Sure :)00:48
jeeves_mossJeeves_, lol.  I'd like to find a way of writing all of the file names to a flat file so I can skip the ones already d-loaded.00:49
jeeves_mossJeeves_, thanks again for your help.  I think I can find a "round about" way to make it do what I want.00:50
njbairCan I configure Server with a root account and get rid of sudo, or will that break stuff?00:53
Jeeves_njbair: That will not break stuff00:59
Jeeves_So, yes you can!00:59
njbairI imagine just `sudo passwd root` and then `apt-get remove sudo` should do it, eh?00:59
billybigriggercan anyone here help me restore a borked system upgrade?01:05
billybigriggerthe process is still running though, i can see it via ps aux01:05
billybigriggerroot     26055  0.0  4.9  42856 25088 hvc0     S    Oct11   0:00 /usr/bin/python /tmp/tmpzQNQJU/mave01:05
billybigriggerrick --mode=server --frontend=DistUpgradeViewText01:05
billybigriggerhow do i resume that process?01:06
ScottKI'd suggest let it run if it shows signs of doing anything?01:25
billybigriggerit was in an ajax console for a vps (linode.com) and i thought originally that i killed the process...with a ctrl-z, but i paused it01:29
billybigriggerso then i accidentally01:29
billybigriggererr i ran the command fg which showed the process and ctrl-c out of that01:29
billybigriggerso i have no idea how to resume this process...01:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #659602 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.3 failed to install/upgrade: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65960201:46
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billybigriggerok i'm trying to resume a borked system upgrade...attempting $ sudo dpkg --configure -a results in this error02:20
billybigriggerdpkg: status database area is locked by another process02:20
billybigriggerhow can i resume the system upgrade?02:21
billybigriggeris it safe to remove /var/lib/dpkg/lock?02:22
four2zerohello i just upgraded to from 10.04 32bit and now when i run vnc-client from windows to ubuntu-server, im not able to connect to the desktop, I went to Adminstrations or Preferences > Remote Desktop and it appears to freeze once i set allow access to this desktop and set password for it. I've even installed x11vnc as well but that was not working as well, what to do ?03:11
four2zeroedit: upgraded from 10.4 to 10.10 32bit03:11
detrixRCola, you available to assist me again03:11
rneeseis php5 =5.3 ?03:12
rneesewhat ver of php is in the pkgs now03:12
rneeseI need php503:13
rneesereally 5.3 and 5.3 fpm03:13
sanduz2yes it is 5.3.303:17
rneeseI dont fins fpm03:18
rneesewhy does php5 install apache03:18
rneeseI only want phpe and some modules03:19
rneeseusing nginx and not apache03:19
rneeseits wrong to force apache on a install03:19
rneeseis there a way to only install php5 without apache03:19
sanduz2i agree, i dont like that either03:20
rneeseis there no way to reject parts and just get what you need03:21
sanduz2i dont think mine installed apache but i did see it installed some apache files03:21
rneeseThe following extra packages will be installed:03:21
rneese  apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-bin apache2.2-common libapache2-mod-php5 libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 libaprutil1-ldap libcap2 php5-common03:21
rneese  ssl-cert03:21
rneesethats just wrong03:21
sanduz2yea that sucks.id like to remove all that extra crap too03:22
rneesewho are the pkg devs03:22
rneeseit needs to be delt with03:23
sanduz2try in #ubuntu-dev03:23
rneeseis there a plan to upgrade php to 5.3.3 on ubuntu-server 10.0403:34
micahgrneese: a full version upgrade generally doesn't happen after release03:35
maxbrneese: If you don't want apache, don't complain, just don't install it03:35
rneesewemaxb the issue is php should be its own pkg and not force apache with it03:37
maxbIt is.03:37
rneesethen the meta php5 pkg03:37
maxbAnd php5-fpm is available in Ubuntu 10.1003:38
micahgrneese: the meta package is for people that just want the defaults, if you want something else, you need to install the appropriate package from the dependencies first (php5-cgi | php5-fpm) and then install php5 or just install php5-common afterwards03:39
rneesei dont find php5-fpm for 10.0403:39
micahgthere will always be defaults03:39
sanduz2whats the difference between php5-cgi and php5-fpm?03:39
micahgrneese: we already said it's not in 10.0403:39
sanduz2i read one uses fast-cgi one uses regular cgi, which is most desirable?03:40
rneeseis there a nginx-devel03:42
rneesethis is a old ver of nginx03:42
sanduz2add the ppa if they have one03:42
micahgrneese: I think MTecknology is familiar with nginx03:42
rneesethe ver in the pkgs is old03:42
rneesefrom what I have seen03:43
MTecknologythere's a PPA for the latest stable and dev03:43
MTecknologydev recently moved to stable so development is just a copy03:43
rneeselooking for the ppa03:44
rneesenot finding the ppa03:44
MTecknologyi just gave you a link that gives you the ppa03:44
MTecknologyrneese: what you said about php.. php-apc depends on some apache pieces and I think a couple other parts of that meta package do too - but php5-fpm and php5-cgi and php5-cli don't03:46
MTecknologyI haven't figured out why the apache deps yet03:46
rneesewell I just installed 8.52 nginx03:50
rneesethats the lates03:50
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rneeseit has non of the php stuff in it03:51
rneeseman this layout compaired to bsd is ugly03:51
MTecknologynginx shouldn't come with php..03:51
MTecknologythey're two separate things03:52
rneesebut the config file should have the php settings in it03:52
rneeseand it does not03:52
MTecknologyyes it does03:53
MTecknologythere's fastcgi_params and an example of how to use it03:53
rneesenone of the lines on that page are in the files03:54
MTecknologywell.. for starters...03:54
MTecknologyin the first code block - I already see examples of things you should never ever do03:55
rneesewell this is right out of a working nginx conf file03:55
rneesethat it was pulled from03:56
MTecknologyooh! it suggests some REALLY ugly stuff03:56
MTecknologythat stuff is horrible03:57
MTecknologyrneese: read that wiki page I just sent you03:57
rneeseI am and its nothing like we do on bsd . I am doing this on ubuntu virtual box for a friend03:58
rneeseand this is just not what I would expect03:59
MTecknologybsd guys roll their own package same as anything else03:59
MTecknologymost distros have these pitfalls in them03:59
rneesewe tend to use ports not pkgs04:00
rneeseand the config file layout is diff04:01
MTecknologyhere's the thing.....04:02
MTecknologyif you don't like it04:02
MTecknologyfile a bug04:02
|rt|rneese: I think that bsd's have a bit more consistency compared to Linux distro's but different isn't always wrong04:02
twbRight!  The maintainers can't ignore your bug, or claim that it's a feature, if you don't report it!04:03
|rt|rneese: the way that Debian and it's derivatives setup their apache config is way different than redhat and it's derivatives....although in that case I think that the redhat way is wrong :)04:04
|rt|j/k it's just different but I do prefer the way that debian and it's derivatives approach it04:05
MTecknology|rt|: speaking of which... I really need to chat with the debian nginx maintainer sometime about marging the changes in the ppa..04:05
rneesei have spawn-fcgi installed but not finding the startup script04:09
MTecknologyJust use php-cgi and write your own inti script... or copy/paste from the nginx wiki04:11
MTecknologythe cool new thing is php-fpm04:11
MTecknologythats in the nginx repos04:11
MTecknology!info php5-fpm04:11
ubottuphp5-fpm (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary). In component universe, is optional. Version 5.3.3-1ubuntu9 (maverick), package size 2875 kB, installed size 7624 kB04:11
MTecknologyit's also in 10.1004:11
rneesebut this is only 10.0404:12
rneeseso we opted to use spawn-fcgi04:12
MTecknology22:11 < MTecknology> thats in the nginx repos04:12
MTecknologyspawn-fcgi only starts the processes, there's a lot of extra leg work04:12
rneeseok thanks04:19
MTecknologyrneese: btw - there is #nginx if you need more nginx specific help04:24
rneesethat works04:24
rneesegot it up and the website is working04:24
MTecknologydid you use a socket instead of a port for the php connection?04:25
MTecknologythat tends to make things much cleaner and easier to work with - especially when you get into really funky and weird setups like i have04:26
MTecknologyeach website is its own user, each user is inside of a jail, each website uses its own php process, blah, blah04:26
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rneeseMTecknology: its all working thanks05:21
MTecknologyrneese: :)05:22
rneeseits working flawlessly05:23
rneeseand the full install on a vps is 1 gig05:23
spotteranyone have any idea why ssh wont come up on boot?05:29
spotterjust upgraded from lucid to maverick05:29
spotterit's a headless box so have to blindly login w/ an attached keyboard and do a /etc/init.d/ssh start to login05:29
jferhow can i select which packages are installed using a preseed file05:29
spotterwhats stranger is that no services are visible (nmap) before I start ssh05:29
spotterbut after I start ssh they are visible as expected05:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #659655 in openssh (main) "openssh-server fails to come up on maverick (upgrade from lucid)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65965505:32
spotterthat be me uvirtbot05:32
jferis it possible to slect which packages are installed using a preseed file for ubuntu server?05:35
ideopathicanybody have pam-mysql working with vsftpd?  I could use some pointers.05:39
sanduz2lets say i add a ppa repository and run my webserver from that.  do i need to manually run apt-get update every time i want to check to security updates and such?06:10
RudyValenciaMy server offers Ubuntu installation via PXE booting and approx apt package caching :D07:34
RudyValenciahow cool is that?07:34
isbricdoes anyone know if xen supports Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)?07:39
twbRudyValencia: approx isn't cool at all07:48
RudyValenciaIt works for me.07:48
twbOne of them even allows clients to inject arbitrary packages into the cache07:49
RudyValenciaI was considering apt-mirror for my packages but balked at the expensive amount of downloading I'd need to have a mirror of just main07:49
RudyValenciaIt's only me using it on my LAN07:49
twbRudyValencia: main of one arch, one release, no sources is only 8GB or so, IIRC07:49
RudyValenciaYeah but I'm on a 1.5Mbit/sec connection here07:49
twbYou only download it once07:50
RudyValenciaBut I just don't have a time to let it download.07:50
RudyValenciaIt'll eat my connection up.07:50
twbEr, throttle it.07:50
RudyValenciaSo, approx also downloads the packages only once.07:51
tgwoollardGood morning all. I am trying to setup NIC Bonding in Ubuntu 10.04. In every previous release of Ubuntu i have sucesfully managed to do this by following the instruction in the following guide http://www.howtoforge.com/network_bonding_ubuntu_6.10. Things seem to be slightly different in 10.04 and i am yet to sucesfully manage to bond eth0 and eth1. Well i kind of got it working, but it fails on each subsequent restart. Anyway long story short, i07:51
RudyValenciaI'm not distributing Ubuntu to a computer lab or to a whole organization with this server, just using it for PXE install caching07:52
RudyValencia(When I finish using my local apt configuration, I just copy over the original sources.list with Ubuntu servers.07:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #659700 in clamav (main) "package clamav-base 0.96.3 dfsg-2ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65970007:57
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_rubenpfft, mirroring only main is for wussies, i just mirror main/universe/multiverse incl -updated/-backports/-security for gutsy - maverick ;)08:22
andriijashow do i upgrade to 10.10?  sudo do-release-upgrade says no new version08:35
_rubenandriijas: check its config, it probably is looking for the next lts, which doesnt exist yet08:36
andriijas_ruben: which file is this?08:36
_rubenandriijas: the prompt setting in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades08:40
_rubenchange lts to normal08:40
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[Ben]Hi everybody. I am looking for some help on how to bypass the problem with the P410 raid controller (HP DL370 G6) with ubuntu 64bits, showing no logical disks (and even if I "disable" the raid, seeing no disk at all). Thanks.09:56
jpdsYep; just looked it up.09:58
[Ben]I have two bays with 8 2,5" drives09:59
[Ben]I've looking for a solution, the only valuable thing learned is that it needs cciss to work09:59
[Ben]it works on 32bits, but failed on 64bits ...09:59
_rubenthat'd be rather odd10:00
[Ben]I was looking everywhere for 64 bits drivers, but it seems only Red Hat and Suse are able to handle this in 64bits (are they ?)10:00
[Ben]I have two version of Ubuntu 10.04, 32 and 64bits, the 32 bits shows me the disks, and the 64bits just failed ...10:01
[Ben]I tried a debian 5.0.6, too (in 64bits) with the same results10:01
jpds[Ben]: You can't "modprobe cciss" ?10:03
[Ben]It's when the install is asking me to set the partitions, I can't do a modprobe at this time, can I ?10:05
jpdsPerhaps try moving to another tty?10:06
[Ben]I'll try this right now. I saw this thing, too : http://cciss.sourceforge.net/10:06
jpdsLast sentence of the first paragraph.10:07
[Ben]Yes, I can read :p. But still, it doesn't work as advertised in 64bits mode.10:09
[Ben]I'll try a modprobe (no ssh yet, so I have to go downstairs in the server room, brb)10:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #659784 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE9-2ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65978410:15
[Ben]dmesg : cciss - compat_alloc_user_space10:20
[Ben]module unknown (he said)10:20
jpds[Ben]: Weird.10:30
[Ben]as you said ...10:33
[Ben]What surprise me the most is that NOBODY is talking about this problem. Like I am the first to install ubuntu on a Proliant with this fairly known controller10:34
alvinSo, the cciss module isn't loaded? Or not available at all?10:34
[Ben]how can I know ? It just said what I showed you10:41
[Ben]shown (?)10:41
ivoks-afkdl370 is certified to work on ubuntu10:41
=== ivoks-afk is now known as ivoks
[Ben]Yes I know ...10:41
ivoksScottK: no :/10:41
[Ben]but maybe Ubuntu 32bits (it works on Ubuntu 32bits)10:41
ivoksnope, 64bit10:41
ivokswhich version are you installing?10:42
[Ben]It's the tower version, the "ML"10:42
[Ben]Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server10:42
[Ben]64bits ("amd")10:42
ivokscciss module is available in ubuntu 10.04 64bit10:43
ivoks[Ben]: do you have access to this server? like, keyboard and VGA?10:44
ivoks[Ben]: no private messages10:44
jpds[Ben]: Is this a DL370 or ML370 ?10:45
ivoks[Ben]: you'll gave to site in front of that server or setup an installer with network access10:48
[Ben]It's a DL 370 G610:49
ivokscan you start the installer and sit in front of the server?10:51
ivoksdo it10:52
[Ben]I'll move with a laptop downstairs10:52
[Ben]_@ivoks : I am in front of the DL 370 G611:02
ivoks[Ben]_: start the installer11:02
ivoksdid you get to the partitioning?11:03
[Ben]_shell active11:04
ivoksis cciss module loaded?11:04
ivokslsmod | grep cciss11:04
[Ben]_nothing appears11:04
ivoksmodinfo cciss11:05
ivoksis cciss there?11:05
[Ben]_(test : /bin/sh: modinfo : not found)11:05
ivoksyou should get a lot of output11:05
ivoksmodprobe cciss11:06
[Ben]_FATAL : error inserting cciss (/lib/modules/2.6.32-24-generic/kernel/drivers/block/cciss.ko):11:06
[Ben]_Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)11:06
[Ben]_dmesg : cciss : unknown symbol compat_alloc_user_space11:07
ivokswhat image did you download?11:08
ivoks10.04 or 10.04.1?11:08
[Ben]_I think 10.04 lts, I'll check11:08
[Ben]_how to tell ? (I know for debian)11:08
ivoksby the image name? :)11:08
ivoksyou have the image on your laptop?11:09
[Ben]_but can scan the USB drive on the server11:09
ivoksdoes anyone know which kernel is in 10.04 and which in 10.04.1?11:09
ivokshm... ok11:10
ivokswould it be a pain to try 10.04?11:10
[Ben]_I can try the 10.10 out today (?) :D11:10
[Ben]_No, I can just download it and make different USB drives, I am stuck with a non-working server, so I'll give a try11:11
ivoksdo it11:11
[Ben]_I tried Debian 5.0.6 64bits and it didn't work (for your information)11:12
[Ben]_SO you want me to try the 10.04 and/or the 10.10 ?11:12
ivokscciss loads on my 64bit lucid11:12
Aisonhow can I get my ldap back :(11:12
Aisonbdb(dc=alvhaus,dc=ch): Program version 4.8 doesn't match environment version 4.711:13
ivoksAison: ?11:13
AisonI no longer can start ldap because of this error11:13
Aisonand so I get segfaults in nss11:13
ivoksAison: what ubuntu version is that?11:13
Aisonthe new one11:13
ivoksenvironment version?11:13
ivokswhat's that...11:13
Aisonno idea11:14
ivoksmy slapd starts just fine11:14
ivoksis this a new install or upgrade?11:14
ivoksslapd is compiled with libdb-4.811:15
[Ben]_Why upgrade when it works :p ?11:15
ivoksnow, where would it pick up 4.7 as an environment version11:16
AisonI guess the database files are from 4.711:16
Aisonso the environment version of the database files have to be upgraded also11:17
Aisonthere should be a tool like db_recover or so11:17
ivoksdon't do that yet11:17
ivoksdo you have /etc/ldap/slapd.conf maybe?11:18
tgwoollardGood morning all. I am unsucesfully tyring to setup NIC Bonding in Ubuntu 10.04. I managed this with ease in prior releases. In 10.04 the bond appears to work, but then fails to come up on subsequent reboots. Is anyone able to advise on a possible "how to" for Ubuntu 10.04? Many Thanks11:18
Aisonivoks, no, just /etc/ldap/slapd.d/11:19
Aisonthere's my config11:19
ivokstgwoollard: that's probably cause of upstart11:19
ivoksAison: do you have some custom files there?11:20
tgwoollardivoks thanks. I'll have a dig and see if i can get it working.11:21
Aisonivoks, well, I added new schemas, added stuff for ldap replication, etc...11:21
ivoksAison: is 4.7 mentioned anywhere? :)11:22
ivoksdb4.8_upgrade: Program version 4.8 doesn't match environment version 4.711:24
JamesPageivoks, Aison:  bug 658227 details a workaround for this issue; the newer version of slapd in Maverick uses 4.811:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 658227 in openldap "upgrade process does not upgrade underlying BDB format from 4.7 to 4.8 (so slapd aborts with "Program version 4.8 doesn't match environment version 4.7" error message)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65822711:26
JamesPagehowever the version in Lucid uses 4.7 (and the upgrade does not accomodate this)11:26
Aisonoh, thx11:26
AisonJamesPage, the funny thing is, I get segfaults on other places, because libnssldap is not working ;)  that's not nice also11:27
ivoksAison: there's a workaround how to fix it11:27
Aisonyes, upgrading to 4.8 ;)11:28
ivoksoh, i see... JamesPage pasted the link :)11:28
ivoksthis is how you should do it11:28
ivoksstop slapd11:29
ivoksinstall db4.7-util and db4.8-util11:29
ivoksgo to /var/lib11:29
ivokscopy ldap to ldap.backup11:29
ivoksrun db4.7_checkpoint -111:29
ivoksthen db4.7_recover11:29
ivoksthen db4.8_upgrade *.bdb log.*11:30
ivokser.... no log.* :)11:30
ivoksjust db4.8_upgrade *.bdb11:30
ivokswe should export database on update11:31
ivoksclean it, and import it on install11:32
Aisonivoks, my ldap is working again11:36
Aisonhad to upgrade var/lib/ldap/accesslog also11:36
ivoksthat's replication log, i guess11:37
ivoksproblem solved11:38
ivokswe should fix this in natty and maybe even backport to lucid and maverick11:38
JamesPageIts been raised as a SRU for Maverick11:39
ivoksfix is available?11:41
JamesPageNot yet11:41
ivoksthen how can we have sru? :)11:41
JamesPage/SRU/potential SRU/11:42
ivokshm... everything needed is already in the package11:48
[Ben]_@ivoks : running 10.10 Ubuntu with HP DL370 G6 seems to be ok !12:19
[Ben]_I can see the drives12:19
[Ben]_Two possibilities :12:20
[Ben]_1) the usb key installation is not suitable for this kind of product (hdd layers incompatibility ?)12:20
[Ben]_2) The Usb Key installation was corrupted (I MD5(12:20
[Ben]_I MD5ed the iso of the 10.04 LTS before using the tool to put it on a usb Key12:21
[Ben]_Anyway, God bless Ubuntu 10.10 :p12:21
[Ben]_Thank you for your help and see you soon12:21
Aisonfor several weeks, I changed the motherboard / cpu in one of my servers12:32
Aisonits a 64bit cpu now, but the system of course is still running on 32bit12:34
Aisonis there a way to change to 64bit? eg. install a new harddrive, install new ubuntu and the copy somehow the whole configuration and install the same packages?12:35
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[Ben]_it's really complicated due to the facts that all the drivers are written in 64bits instead of 32bits12:44
[Ben]_so your software and /home, etc can be "imported", sure12:44
[Ben]_but for packages and drivers, it's a different thing, in my opinion (depending on the software)12:44
xxfogHi guys, I got a question. I installed ubuntu server edition some days ago and configured a softwareraid 1 on 2x 1TB hdd drives - I had to set the partitions on both HDDs when installing software raid 1 - now one of the HDD crashes and I want to install a new HDD (also a hdd from another manufacturer) as second drive again, but how do have to install it? Will the sync-prozess start itself or...12:50
xxfog...will i have to start it manually? do I have to set the partions before the installation of the hdd by hand?12:50
xxfogOr will raid set the new partitions itsself?12:51
qman__xxfog, you need to create a partition on the drive the same size as your other one, of type linux raid autodetect, then use mdadm to add it to your array13:00
qman__it will then rebuild itself13:01
qman__xxfog, tutorial here, start at number 4: http://www.howtoforge.com/replacing_hard_disks_in_a_raid1_array13:03
qman__skipping the bits about md1, if you only have one raid13:03
ivoks[Ben]_: it should work with lucid13:05
daffy_dowdenHi all, can anyone tell me how I'd locate my php install location on a server? I've tried locate php, and trawled through all that, and also whereis php, but nothing appears13:12
ivoksdaffy_dowden: you are new to linux?13:12
daffy_dowdenI thought it'd be in /etc13:13
qman__only configuration files go in /etc13:13
ivoksyou do know how programs are installed on linux? there's no single directory13:13
daffy_dowdenI'm aware of that13:13
daffy_dowdenSo how can I find the executable?13:13
ivoksso, what exactly are you looking for? executable?13:13
ivokswhich php13:13
qman__which php13:13
daffy_dowdenwhich doesn't return anything, as mentioned13:14
ivoksthen you didn't install php CLI executable13:14
ivoksinstall php-cli or php5-cli package13:14
daffy_dowdenok, so how are the php sites on the server being run?13:14
daffy_dowdenthat's what I don't get13:14
qman__through mod_php13:15
ivoksapache's mod_php13:15
jumbersThey run though an apache module13:15
daffy_dowdenright, ok13:15
pmatulismaybe he should tell us why he's "looking for php"13:15
daffy_dowdenand that can't be run directly?13:15
jumbersAre you trying to execute a PHP file via the terminal?13:15
jumbersThen you need php-cli13:15
qman__then you need php5-cli13:15
jumbersOr that13:15
ivoksthen you need php-cli :)13:15
pmatulisthen you need php-cli13:15
ivoksyou might want to consider php5-clie13:16
jumbersI don't even see php-cli available in my aptitude, I think the only package left is php5-cli13:16
daffy_dowdenIf i install php5-cli will apache still use mod_php then?13:17
jumbersIt's just another method of using php13:17
daffy_dowdenout of curiosity, could you force it to use another method?13:18
jumbersThere's php-cgi I believe13:18
daffy_dowdenWould that run as a daemon?13:19
daffy_dowdenLike if I were hosting say a python site with fastcgi and nginx?13:19
jumbersI don't know, you'd have to ask somebody that has experience with php-cgi13:19
daffy_dowdenfair enough. Thanks for the help13:20
ivoksthere's fastcgi13:21
ivoksand fcgid13:22
daffy_dowdenand you can use those with php5 like you would with say python or ruby13:22
ivoksit's better for performance and server13:25
ivoksbut it lacks some features13:25
daffy_dowdenahh cool13:25
ivoksyou can't use .htaccess for example13:25
ivoks(with php values)13:25
daffy_dowdenthat makes sense13:25
daffy_dowdenDo you know why it's better for performance vs mod_php?13:26
ivokscause apache doesn't start with php module every time someone vistis your website13:26
daffy_dowdenI see, thanks13:27
jumbersIs there a way to disable SSH password authentication for a specific user? I want to switch my user account over to public key authentication, but I have 2 other users that I don't want to affect by disabling password auth13:28
ivoksand then you don't have to use apache prefork, which is slower than apache worker13:28
pmatulisjumbers: yes13:28
jumberspmatulis: How would I go about doing so?13:29
pmatulisjumbers: man sshd_config and investigate the Match keyword13:29
daffy_dowdenwhat's the difference between prefork and worker?13:29
ivoksdaffy_dowden: prefork is used only cause of php13:29
ivoksdaffy_dowden: how many cpus do you have?13:30
daffy_dowdenon this server - 1cpu 4 cores13:30
ivoksthat's 4 cpus13:30
jumberspmatulis: Thanks13:30
ivoksworker scales better than prefork13:30
ivoksprefork is not threaded (cause php doesn't support it)13:31
xxfogqman__: there are 3 partitions but i don`t know there size for sure. so i should better control the working harddrive and add same partitions on the new drive right?13:31
ivokswhile worker is threaded and therefor scales much better13:31
daffy_dowdenso say a site I had on this machine were to become incredibly popular, it'd be better to use fastcgi to get the benefits of the multiple cores?13:32
qman__xxfog, the command given on that tutorial will copy the partition scheme from the working drive to the new one13:32
ivoksdaffy_dowden: yes13:32
ivoksdaffy_dowden: and varnish13:32
daffy_dowdenis that similar to memcached?13:32
ivoksno, varnish is reverse proxy13:33
daffy_dowdenah ok13:33
ivokswith varnish and static content, your server will be able to provide, almost, unlimited connections13:33
ivoksfor more info, my bank account is... :)13:34
jdstrandsoren: hi! would you mind looking at and commenting on my patch for bug #659532 ?13:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 659532 in vm-builder "vmbuilder XML is incomplete with libvirt 0.8.3 (No bootable devices)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65953213:34
daffy_dowdenso, if I understand this right, a request would come through varnish first, then if it's static get served via apache worker, if dynamic go via a fastcgi thread?13:34
daffy_dowdenivoks: lol13:35
* soren buries his head in shame13:35
zulsoren: what did you do now?13:35
sorenzul: 12:34 < jdstrand> soren: hi! would you mind looking at and commenting on my patch for bug #659532 ?13:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 659532 in vm-builder "vmbuilder XML is incomplete with libvirt 0.8.3 (No bootable devices)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65953213:36
zulsoren: ah yeah :)13:36
ivoksdaffy_dowden: if it's static, it will be served by varnish, which cached it13:37
daffy_dowdenivoks: cool, otherwise it goes to the app server, in this case fastcgi, right?13:38
daffy_dowdenthanks man, much appreciated!13:40
Riddelljiboumans: who from your team can join us for this UDS session? https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appselection-server-n-kolab13:40
xxfogqman__: so i can insert a blank new hdd without setting up the partitions of type raid?13:40
sorenjdstrand: Looks lovely.13:41
jdstrandsoren: cool, thanks. so, one thing I wanted to be sure about was --raw. I had a time figuring out how to properly use it. I'd like to make sure I use libvirtxml_fsimage.tmpl. what is an invocation that would?13:42
sorenjdstrand: Create a 5G disk image. Pass it to vmbuilder with the --raw arg.13:44
sorenjdstrand: It basically just tells vmbuilder to use that file (or device) instead of creating a new one.13:44
jdstrandsoren: right. I thought I did that in some iteration of the patch before I modified libvirtxml_fsimage.tmpl and saw qcow2 pop in there (ie, it used libvirtxml.tmpl13:45
jdstrandsoren: but I won't be able to reproduce that at this point, so I could have jacked something up13:46
jdstrandsoren: alright, cool. thanks for your help :) I'll take care of maverick and lucid (when it is required). can you handle natty if you are doing a separate upload rather than a pocket copy (I can do a pocket copy)?13:47
[Ben]_ @all : ubuntu 10.10 server installing process on DL 370 G6 (hp), seems to be blocked - 83% on "configuration of Linux-image-2.6.35-22-server"13:48
sorenjdstrand: Better do a pocket copy for now (althought I doubt anyone is running natty anyway).13:48
[Ben]_other tty reachable but no pertinent info13:48
jdstrandsoren: sure, np13:48
RoyK[Ben]_: just curious, but why would you be running a non-LTS release on a server?13:48
[Ben]_@RoyK because LTS didn't recognize my P410i raid controller ...13:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #659880 in php5 (main) "libapache2-mod-php5 will consume all available memory when installed and activated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65988013:51
Jeeves_RoyK: Because you sometimes need newer software than available ?13:51
RoyK[Ben]_: k13:51
RoyKJeeves_: well, obviously, but mostly the 'old' software works just as well, and I wanted to ask in case he was making a mistake13:52
[Ben]_Anyway I am stucked with a non-working raid controler or a non-installing system :D13:52
pmatulis[Ben]_: did you already say what make and model of server this is?13:54
[Ben]_HP DL 370 G6 (P410i and P410 controler)13:54
pmatulis[Ben]_: k13:54
[Ben]_cciss driver not loading with 10.04.1, will try to download the ISO again (but was "sure" it was ok because of the MD5 hash)13:55
david506I did not find an apparmor profile for RoundCube Webmail for my Ubuntu 10.04 server, therefore I plan to write my own profile. Where can I list the profile once it is completed so other people don't have to redo the same work?14:02
toshkoHi I'm trying to make Pacemaker start my KVM/QEMU machine but it gives me an error. I suppose the reason is that the init script is not OCF or LSB compatible, but up-start. Is there any VirtualDomain resource for up-start jobs? Or am I completely wrong?14:03
toshkoI'm using Ubuntu 10.04 by the way.14:05
ivoksdavid506: submit a bug with feature request14:05
ivokstoshko: i didn't understand your question14:05
ivokstoshko: do you have problems with starting upstart or virtualdomain resource?14:05
david506ivoks : thanks14:05
ivoksstarting pacemaker :/14:06
toshkoas I understood the "virtualdomain" resource of pacemaker tries to start/monitor/stop the libvirt-bin "init" script, which is in fact converted to upstart job in ubuntu 10.0414:08
ivoksvirtualdomain? hm... i don't think so14:08
ivokslet me check14:08
toshkoas i see there is no support for upstart jobs (only for LSB/OCF) scripts in the pacemaker14:09
ivoksVirtualDomain RA doesn't check if libvirt is running14:10
ivoksyou should make sure it's running14:10
ivoksyou can start it manually, with anything RA or upstart plugin for cluster-agents14:11
ivoksi belive i've created packages for lucid, that support upstart14:11
ivokslet me check14:11
david506I notice that Ubuntu 10.04 does not come with IPTables enabled with rules by default, I was surprised by this decision as IPTables adds an important layer of security. Is there a Wiki article discussing not activating IPTables by default in detail ? THanks14:11
jpdsdavid506: Erm, some people would rather choose which firewall software they'd like to use instead?14:12
jpdsdavid506: ie, Shorewall, ufw, ...14:12
david506The same could be said about apparmor vs selinux, no ?14:12
jpds(Not saying that they shouldn't use iptables).14:12
ivoksit's not the same14:12
ivoksiptables is enabled14:13
ivoksyou can use14:13
ivoksbut no one can give you sane default that will protect you14:13
pmatulis[Ben]_: the DL380 G7 is fully certified by Canonical.  this system uses a P410i14:13
ivoksit's up to sysadmin to create its own rules14:13
ivoksand by default, all ports are closed14:13
ivoksso, what would you firewall by default? :)14:14
pmatulis[Ben]_: please open a bug if you can't get it to work14:14
jdstranddavid506: ivoks is right. however, ufw is installed by default and if you want to add firewall protection, you need only do 'sudo ufw enable'. see man ufw for details14:14
jpds[Ben]_: Bug would be best; a DL380 G6 I admin has a P410i controller and it Just Works.14:14
ivokstoshko: is libvirt running?14:15
jdstranddavid506: it will make some decisions for you (that you can customize later if desired)14:15
ivokstoshko: by default, it should14:15
david506New question, I have 6 servers. 1 public net Squid reverse proxy, 2 private net web servers ( feed squid ), 2 private net database servers ( feed web server ) and 1 webmail/SMTP/POP3/IMAP server. Should the mail server be public or private? If it's private, should I use the squid machine with iptables to forward appropriate ports using NAT MASQUERADING ?14:15
ewookufw might be nice on desktops.. but running it on a server causes (at least for me ) a real mess rule-wise.14:15
toshkowell it's running when i start it14:15
jdstranddavid506: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#UFW14:15
jdstrandewook: how so?14:16
david506thanks jdstrand14:16
toshkobut isn't the idea the resource to start it on the second machine when the first falls down14:16
ewookjdstrand: the rules thats generated via ufw isn't how I would do them myself :)14:16
ivokstoshko: it is, but VirtualDomain RA starts and stops VMs, not the libvirt14:16
david506the text under UFW answers my original question about not enable iptables by default. It makes sense.14:17
jdstrandewook: can you elaborate?14:17
ewookjdstrand: also, the order and the really... almost stupid chain-layout isn't something I like either.14:17
ivoksjdstrand: :)14:17
ivoksjdstrand: relax...14:17
ivoksjdstrand: don't swear14:17
jdstrandewook: what order? you can change the order with 'insert'14:17
toshkoivoks: thanks, then i missunderstood14:17
david506I was told that I needed a firewall anyway as there are many IP based protocols that don't rely on open ports14:18
ivokstoshko: upstart plugin was developed for pacemaker14:18
toshkoivoks: so what is the script VirtualDomain monitors?14:18
ewookjdstrand: sure I can. but it's still a mess how ever you choose to see it.14:18
ivokstoshko: i just can't find it :)14:18
ivokstoshko: it monitors VM14:18
jdstrandewook: you are of course free to not use ufw. if you aren't going to provide useful comments, it cannot be improved14:19
david506I'll be back in twenty minutes14:19
ewookjdstrand: I will provide useful comments when I am able and have time for it. Just a penny regarding using ufw and other "smart" wrappers for iptables.14:20
toshkoivoks: well if it does not monitor the "libvirt-bin" script, then i shouldn't need upstart job resource14:20
toshkoivoks: how does it monitor the VMs?14:21
ivokstoshko: that's right14:21
ivokstoshko: look at the RA, it's a shell script14:21
toshkoivoks: ok thanks very much :-). Will do!14:22
[Ben]_@all : unable to boot the 10.04.1-server-amd64.iso writen on CD14:29
[Ben]_has anyone the same problem ? I burned two different CDs with two different burners. 10.10 is fine and 10.04.1 on USB Key is ok (but faulty for other things)14:30
ivoksunable to boot?14:33
_rubenpxe boot/install ftw ;)14:36
toshkoivoks: I've looked at the RA and it seems that it uses virsh to monitor and stop/start the VM. Thanks :-)14:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #656738 in landscape-client (main) "apache2 restart fails, but exit code is zero" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65673814:53
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techbreakI installed ubuntu-server in my laptop but I dont know to work on it.. how to setup a home server for six systems?15:00
techbreakis there any way to work GUI in ubuntu-server?15:01
Nyxationtechbreak: Well, you could install one, but it's not really recommended with it being a server and all.15:03
techbreakNyxation, where can I get good how to's or tutorial for ubuntu-server? for setting up home server?15:04
* patdk-wk wonders exactly what is the definition of a homeserver15:04
Nyxationtechbreak: That really depends on what you're going to be using it for.15:06
_rubenpatdk-wk: a server that resides in a home? :)15:06
patdk-wkheh :)15:06
techbreakNyxation, I wanna setup a server among six systems at my home.. any suggestions?15:06
patdk-wkmy *home server* does dns, dhcp, tftp, ftp, smb, nfs, mythtv, bgp, ospf, http, https, ssh, ipsec, iscsi, auth, ntp, (hmm, sure I'm missing a few)15:07
patdk-wktechbreak, to do what? act as a firewall? fileserver? webserver? ....15:08
patdk-wknormally your have an howto for each one15:08
techbreakpatdk-wk, webserver15:08
techbreakpatdk-wk, and if its possible together with firewall too15:09
patdk-wkwell, webserver almost doesn't even warrent a howto these days15:09
patdk-wkfirewall though, can be more complex, depending on how you want to do it, with dhcp/dns and whatnot15:09
hggdhDaviey: I am proposing we close bug 610987 INVALID15:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 610987 in euca2ools "euca-describe-availability-zones output is a hint, not totally accurate - and should be documented" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61098715:17
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ttxhggdh: o/15:26
=== rgreening_ is now known as rgreening
ttxWas about to file a other-server-n-sq spec catchall for UDS, to cover "QA workflow redux", "Foundations bug triage overlap", "SRU tracking", potentially more apport hooks etc.15:28
ttxhggdh: want to file it or should I ?15:28
ttxhggdh: looks like we'll have a separate one for testing autmation (the hudson stuff) and another for UEC testing15:28
ttxI meant other-server-n-qa15:29
hggdhttx: give me a minute, have to digest what you said15:30
hggdhttx: what about renaming the UEC testing to Cloud testing?15:31
ttxhggdh: cloud is a bit vague. UEC is more precise15:32
ttxhggdh: but whoever files it gets to decide how he names it15:32
ttxhggdh: want me to file the Server QA catchall session ?15:33
ttx(you'll probably lead it) :)15:34
hggdhttx: please do, and we can then discuss all involved15:34
jauntypaperclipHey folks, I have a quick question. Running a file server and I'm trying to change permissions. So far I did sudo chgrp %groupname% %foldername%, sudo chown %username% %foldername%, and finally sudo chmod 770 %foldername% the problem is that the permissions don't carry over to the subfolders. how can I change the subfolder access? couldn't find much on it but I may not be searching for the right thing online.15:34
* hggdh is unsure on what has been going on15:34
hggdhjauntypaperclip: sudo chown -r and chmod -r15:35
alvinjauntypaperclip: The -R option will do that (see man chgrp)15:35
jauntypaperclipOH! recursive duh thank you!15:35
hggdhoops -R, not -r... thanks alvin for the correction15:35
jauntypaperclipduh on my end. thanks folks15:35
alvinI love case sensitivity :-)15:36
RoyKwtf is this console-kit-daemon?15:36
spotterdid something change in nfs between lucid and maverick?15:41
spottermy exports had to change15:41
spotterhave to have an export for each mount point on server instead of just using the crossmnt option15:41
kinygoshi...i've installed dovecot+postfix on my ubuntu 10.04 server...i need to create a mailbox for webmaster@mydomain.com, but the documents are baffling, probably because i'm missing one simple bit of understanding...do i need to create a ubuntu user called webmaster then do something to it?15:48
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RoyKspotter: can you pastebin old/new fstab?15:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:51
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=== mgolisch_ is now known as mgolisch
uvirtbotNew bug: #659958 in squid (main) "Squid requires restart after Network Manager made connection to network" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65995815:52
spotternot fstab15:53
spotterat least all I did was change something on server15:53
kinygoscan anyone give me a hint so i can narrow down the docs i'm reading in trying to understand this...would webmaster be a virtual user for dovecot?15:53
RoyKwtf. I can't find _any_ references to console-kit-daemon under /etc, but still the bastard starts on every bloody bootup15:55
pmatulisRoyK: maybe /etc/ConsoleKit15:58
DormantOdenhey, what can I use to connect to a vpn on an ubuntu server?16:03
pmatulisDormantOden: openvpn is pretty good16:05
DormantOden(should of said pptp vpn :P)16:05
DormantOdenfound pptp-linux, that the only one?16:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #659975 in mailman (main) "mailman breaks CC field incorrectly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65997516:06
kinygosignore my question...i created a ubuntu user...seemed the mailbox was already configured...the simplicity is totally awesome :)  just hope the security is ok16:06
ToddDormantOden: vpnc if it's cisco16:14
dryliketoasthello all - could someone help me with an apache/php problem?16:15
dryliketoastdoes anyone actually chat on this server? lol16:20
ivoks /list will tell you how few of us are here16:21
dryliketoastthanks for the tip ivoks16:22
ivoksbe careful with that command16:22
Picidryliketoast: There are a bunch of Apache and PHP specific channels.  If you ask your actual question here you're more liklely to get a response.16:23
Pici(Also, you should be using alis , not /list.   /msg alis help list)16:23
ivoks#ubuntu is the only channel with 1000+ users :)16:25
PiciNo, there are others.16:25
PiciBut Ubuntu is the largest.16:25
ivoks /m alis LIST * -min 1000 said so16:25
Piciivoks: oh, nevermind then16:27
dryliketoasti managed to get to the bottom of my problem on another channel - thanks all for helping an IRC n00b :)16:27
ivokswell, you didn't ask the question here at all16:28
ttxSpamapS: around ?16:30
zulivoks: yes #ubuntu is really useful as well16:30
SpamapSttx: o/16:37
ttxSpamapS: mumble ?16:39
SpamapSttx: on now, sorry, forgot i had tea brewing ;)16:45
DormantOdenanyone good with iptables?16:49
DormantOdenI want to pass traffic from a certain port range to a vpn =)16:50
kinygoshi...apologies for the n00b question...my server has a silly hostname...what are the consequences of me changing this?  i believe i need to change something in /etc/hosts too although that doesn't contain any reference to the name in /etc/hostname16:52
digitolxis server 10.10 an lts release?16:53
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jauntypaperclipHey awesome peeps, I have one more question. I'm trying to set up a group for my file server. I currently have access however another windows machine that I'm using does not. I tried doing sudo chown ubuntuserveruser /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chgrp groupname /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chmod 770 /srv/samba/share/group folder I ensured that the other user is added to the group but no dice. Please and th16:55
kinygosok...i'll try to be less vague...does anyone know if i change the server hostname, will i need to re-install or re-configure apache2, postgresql, postfix, dovecot?16:55
jauntypaperclip^ to add where ever you see a space I backslashed to accept the space16:56
uvirtbotjauntypaperclip: Error: "to" is not a valid command.16:56
jauntypaperclipjust to add, to add where ever you see a space I backslashed to accept the space16:56
m1r1 hello, i am trying to install ubuntu 10.04.1 x64 server, downloaded server image several times and burn on few cd/dvd and it always halts on "starting up partitioner 47%". tried on 2 diferent PC same result. is there a option to try install from USB key or from net ? any help is appriciated17:02
erimar77m1r1: have you compared md5sums for the downloaded file?17:03
qman__and the burned disc?17:04
qman__that's the best way to verify it17:04
m1r1i have not verify file or disc, how could i do that ?17:05
erimar77what kind of operating system is the iso located on?  linux/windows?17:06
m1r11st was on linux, now on windows17:06
m1r1both same error on partitioner 47%17:06
erimar77window's doesn't have md5sum installed, if you can run it on a linux box, the command is md5sum <filename> then it'll generate a number for you17:07
m1r1erimar77: sadly , no linux box available here :/17:07
erimar77m1r1: sure, something like this can work http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/md5sums/17:08
erimar77m1r1: and the list of hashes is here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes17:08
erimar77basically, it verifies that nothing was corrupted in transit17:09
m1r1erimar77: if somthing was corupted in transit, how much is posibility that it breaks on same location in install ?17:09
erimar77couldn't tell you17:10
erimar77this is step one... the easiest to figure out17:10
m1r1erimar77: i will redownload again and then verify before burning17:10
m1r1many thanks m817:10
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erimar77m1r1: another thing to try is a generic desktop version and see if you can get to the "try it out" desktop17:13
qman__if the numbers don't match, your download is corrupt or incomplete17:13
qman__which can cause any number of problems17:13
kinygosis there a reason why apache2-ssl-certificate missing from ubuntu server 10.04?  have i not installed something, or is this still an open issue?17:16
kinygosnevermind...i've found what looks like a useful doc on help.ubuntu.com17:18
jauntypaperclipHey awesome peeps, I have one more question. I'm trying to set up a group for my file server. I currently have access however another windows machine that I'm using does not. I tried doing sudo chown ubuntuserveruser /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chgrp groupname /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chmod 770 /srv/samba/share/group folder I ensured that the other user is added to the group but no dice. Please and th17:18
OverandHmm.  I've just migrated a filesystem, but need to 'fix grub' - i.e. install it.17:18
Overandi.e. I added a new drive to a system, copied the root FS, fixed the fstab, etc etc - but I don't know how to straighten out the bootloader.17:18
OverandI'm currently in the installer 'rescue' mode, no root FS loaded.17:20
Overand..oh, there's a helper in the installer.17:22
digitolxhow bad is it to use the maverick repository from lucid to maverick to upgrade the cups package?17:26
digitolxwhat type of problems can I expect?17:26
qman__very, very bad problems17:28
qman__your package versions will get horribly messed up17:28
qman__if you're going to go that far, manually download the cups packages you want and install them with dpkg17:28
qman__don't add a maverick repository to lucid17:28
NoobFukaireubuntu lucid server appears to be blocking udp ports by default for some reason17:31
NoobFukaireI'm starting freeradius and if I use any port but the official freeradius port, its fine17:31
NoobFukaireokay my bad17:32
NoobFukaireit's something stupid freeretard is doing17:32
alcyfolks, isn't there a way to do a echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward using sudo and not sudo su - ?17:43
ivoksalcy: there is17:43
ivoksalcy: tee17:43
alcyivoks: cool, thanks17:44
ivoksecho "1" | sudo tee  /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward17:44
digitolxqman: thank you ... just to clarify your saying download the cups1.4.4.deb and just use dpkg to install17:45
digitolxis there a recomended place to download newer packages from for lucid?17:45
alcyivoks: cool.17:46
alcyivoks: but is that a work around, or a std. way of manipulating such system variables ?17:48
qman__digitolx, the backports repository is best, a PPA second best, and manually installing the way I explained would be third best17:48
ablertis there a public PPA or other repo that contains a more up to date version of the ec2 api tools?17:50
RoyKcan someone please tell me wtf console-kit-daemon is and how I can disable that?17:50
ivoksalcy: standard way is /etc/syslog.conf17:50
ivoks /etc/sysctl.conf17:50
ivoksalcy: ^^17:50
RoyKalcy: set some.var = something in /etc/sysctl.conf and run sysctl -p17:51
alcyivoks: or rather, why doesn't a direct sudo work, where as piping the value to tee works ? ...yeah I could've changed sysctl but still, it would be nice to know this17:51
qman__RoyK, IIRC, that's what was causing a memory leak for me in jaunty, I removed the package it was a part of and it solved the problem17:51
qman__with no other noticeable effects17:52
ivoksalcy: cause you are piping as user17:52
RoyKqman__: it still leaks in maverick17:52
ivoksalcy: and tee is a program which you run as root17:52
digitolxqman, understood.. if the first 2 are not available for cups 1.44 is there a recommended place to get a deb.. or can you use dpkg to install src ? sorry for the qustions I'm just trying to get this right in my head17:52
qman__digitolx, you should get the deb from the ubuntu packages site, under maverick17:52
alcyivoks: ah cool ! thanks :)17:52
qman__it may depend on other maverick packages17:52
digitolxqman: thank you very much17:53
alcyRoyK: thanks for the tip.17:53
qman__but at least that way you don't have to worry about packages outside of that dependency chain17:53
digitolxright on,, I was debating on enabling maverick then disabling once I updated the cups packages .. being that there are more than one package depending .. ie libcups2-dev,, cups-bsd, cups-client.. ect...17:56
qman__that's a very bad idea, because once apt-get is aware of all the new versions, you will have dependency hell17:56
qman__just do it manually17:57
SpamapSYou can also rebuild it.. which would be awesome if you did so, and then filed a backport request if it worked without changing the source. ;)17:57
digitolxwill do,,, since that is the case should I get all the packages that are installed now affiliated with cups or just the main cups1.4.417:58
qman__well, you want to replace as few packages as is necessary17:58
qman__so I would download the main cups, and attempt to install it17:59
qman__then find what it complains about, and attempt to install those17:59
qman__rinse, repeat until happy17:59
digitolxcool,, think my questions are over for now lol.. thank you very much17:59
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qman__re: consolekit, I'm still not exactly sure what it's good for18:01
qman__supposedly it keeps track of user sessions, but my system works just fine without it18:01
qman__and the internet is not clear on what uses it or why18:02
RoyKqman__: I just removed the whole thing on this Maverick test box, and it runs well without it18:02
RoyKseems if running a box with rapid cron execution, we have a few of those, consolekit eats up a large chunk of memory over time18:03
m1r1 hello, i am trying to install ubuntu 10.04.1 x64 server, downloaded server image several times and burn on few cd/dvd and it always halts on "starting up partitioner 47%". tried on 2 diferent PC same result. MD5 hash was checked with latest download and it was correct and also fails on partitioner 47%.  is there a option to try install server from USB key or from internet ? any help is appriciated18:07
RoyKm1r1: perhaps hardware problems? the cd drive?18:08
RoyKm1r1: anyway - try memtest86 first18:08
digitolxqman: one last question.. would this be the same process going back to karmic ?18:08
qman__digitolx, yes18:09
m1r1RoyK: tested on two diferent PC's, same error occurs on both "47%" halt18:09
RoyKsame cd drive?18:09
RoyKor cd18:09
m1r1this last machine is brand new from store with new cd rom18:09
m1r1wasted about 6 cd's already :)18:09
RoyK_burnt_ with the same cd writer?18:10
qman__m1r1, did the md5sums match up?18:10
qman__also, sometimes a full speed burn won't work, try setting it lower18:10
m1r1qman__: yes md5 its corect18:10
RoyKcdrecord -speed 1018:10
RoyKor something18:10
RoyKmight help18:10
m1r1RoyK: downloaded from two diferent machines , burned on two diferent writers (dvd and cd)18:10
RoyKsame sort of hardware?18:11
m1r1RoyK: i give a shoot on 8x18:11
RoyKas in same type of server machines?18:11
m1r1RoyK: two completley diferent machines18:11
* RoyK has installed quite a few lucid servers 18:11
m1r1i didnt manage to pass 47% for few days now :)18:12
RoyKwell, try with 8x18:12
RoyKif that fails, try with a usb pen18:12
RoyKif that fails, pray to the nearest god and hope18:13
m1r1yes, that what i was planing to if this fail, but dont know procedure for server install from USB18:13
qman__lots of factors can cause a bad burn, slowing it down improves the chances of success18:13
RoyKm1r1: if you have an ubuntu desktop machine, it's easy18:13
qman__low quality media, worn out drive, dust, voltage fluctuations, cosmic rays, planets aligning, etc18:14
RoyKm1r1: otherwise, the ubuntu 10.10 download pages has some links18:14
RoyKindeed, especially planet alignment18:14
RoyKdon't forget the mass of the person next to the machine18:14
m1r1that for sure aint issue here :)18:15
m1r1burning on 8x , disc-at-once18:15
_rubenremovable media, bah .. pxe boot/install for the win ;)18:16
RoyK_ruben: takes a little longer to setup, though18:16
m1r1well i need server for pxe :D and it wont install :D18:17
RoyKunlock the drawer with the key inside18:17
qman__RoyK, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Desktop/FastUserSwitching#ConsoleKit -- it provides some magic for gvfs and similar, but there is still no explanation why it exists on systems without X18:18
jauntypaperclipHey sorry for reposting, wondering if someone is able to help. I'm trying to set up a group for my file server. I currently have access however another windows machine that I'm using does not. I tried doing sudo chown ubuntuserveruser /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chgrp groupname /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chmod 770 /srv/samba/share/group folder I ensured that the other user is added to the group but no d18:18
RoyKqman__: I just installed the damn thing18:18
RoyKproblem solved - NEXT!18:20
_rubenRoyK: a little, yes, which is earnt back within a few server installs, especially when messing with lots of test servers/vms :)18:21
* jauntypaperclip bounces up and down on her weird fitness ball chair18:21
qman__jauntypaperclip, your message is getting cut off, as your IRC client is not smart enough to line break at the limit18:22
qman__regarding your problem, have you tried rebooting the windows client?18:22
qman__windows is very stupid when it comes to credential management, and once it decides to authenticate as guest or as the logged-on user, it will refuse to do otherwise until you log off/log back on or reboot18:24
m1r18x burn done, going to test 47% again :)18:25
pmatulism1r1: check the cd for defects in the installer18:26
pmatulism1r1: maybe you have a bad batch of CDs18:26
qman__I've actually found that feature to not be reliable18:27
qman__it has passed discs that don't match the md5sum18:27
pmatulisqman__: it doesn't check md5sum i thought.  just some kind of basic defect finder  :).  otherwise it would take a very long time18:28
m1r1pmatulis: how you mean bad batch od cd's ?18:29
m1r1failed sucsesfully on 47% again18:29
qman__bad media18:29
pmatulisfailed successfully, i like that18:30
pmatulisgood outlook18:30
m1r1cant be all cd's i tryed are bad (they not same brand, or even bought at same store)18:30
pmatulism1r1: did you check for defects as i suggested?18:31
m1r1pmatulis: how to check for defects ?18:31
pmatulism1r1: the installer should have an option18:31
jauntypaperclipsorry qman__ I'm using the webchat in case you need to know here's the second half of the message. I tried doing sudo chown ubuntuserveruser /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chgrp groupname /srv/samba/share/group folder, sudo chmod 770 /srv/samba/share/group folder I ensured that the other18:31
m1r1pmatulis: got it18:32
m1r1will check now18:32
jauntypaperclipI will try what you suggested right now though! Thanks! :)18:32
jauntypaperclipthe other user is added to the group but no dice. Please and thank you! *argh!!! darn webchat18:32
qman__jauntypaperclip, have you created a password for that user with smbpasswd?18:34
jauntypaperclipqman__: yup sure have. That's why I thought it was weird that I couldn't get in on the other machine. I can do it on mine.18:34
jauntypapercliplike my own windows box aside from the ubuntu server18:35
lauhello, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vim/+bug/57262718:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 572627 in vim "ftdetect scripts not loaded from directories added to runtimepath" [Undecided,New]18:35
jeeves_mossis there a way of writing the file names already d-loaded to a file so the next run of wget won't re-download the same files?18:35
lauI tried to comment syntax on in /etc/vim/vimrc to fix the issue but pathogen still not detects new files18:36
lauany idea ?18:36
jauntypaperclipqman__: is there something I should be doing to fstab? in 9.04 I had to add acl to fstab... but I don't think that's still needed. Just for my own curiosity. :)18:37
qman__jauntypaperclip, not for basic samba file sharing18:37
qman__does your share in smb.conf have any allowusers statements?18:38
jauntypaperclipqman__: hmmmm but what about managing users and groups?18:38
jauntypaperclipqman__: ; add group script = /usr/sbin/addgroup --force-badname %g ?? it's still commented...18:40
qman__jauntypaperclip, to add a user to a group, use `sudo adduser username groupname`18:41
lauok found the fix !18:41
jauntypaperclipqman__: I've added all the users to the groups...18:41
qman__jauntypaperclip, you can verify by running `grep ^groupname /etc/group`18:42
m1r1i have checked install CD burned on 8x for defects, it replyed that cd is ok18:42
jauntypaperclipqman__: yup already parsed it out of the group file using grep to validate and all my peeps are there :(18:43
qman__jauntypaperclip, pastebin the share from /etc/samba/smb.conf18:43
jauntypaperclipqman__: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/512535/18:45
jauntypaperclipsorry :( I kinda left the comments in from the sample config18:46
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jauntypaperclipit helps my backup in case of emergency18:46
qman__change guest ok to no18:46
qman__again, windows is fairly stupid and will attempt to authenticate as guest18:46
qman__and some windows installs will while others do not18:46
qman__also, you're probably going to want create mask to be 77518:47
qman__or 77018:47
qman__but that's up to you18:47
jauntypaperclipahhh uncomment it huh? *facepalms*18:47
jauntypaperclipyeah I gotta get around to changing it to 77018:47
qman__no, not under the printers share18:48
qman__under your share18:48
qman__you have "guest ok = yes"18:48
qman__change it to no18:48
jauntypaperclipohhhhh!! oops thanks. Thought you meant global18:48
qman__many windows clients will attempt to authenticate as guest first, and with that option, they will succeed, then not ask for any credentials18:49
m1r1so, i :  1. downloaded server 10.04.1 x64, 2. verified md5 corect, 3. burned with 8x speed disc-at-once , 4. tested disk for errors is ok... install halts on 47%...  any tips how to proced with install ?18:49
qman__and subsequently fail to access any of the files18:49
qman__m1r1, do the two computers you tried to install on have the same type of disk controller?18:50
jauntypaperclipqman__: gotcha. though I entered the credentials. I was able to validate that the user can see their folder with permissions set so that only they may see it and not see my folder for instance. I confirmed that it worked so I don't think it's credentials18:50
m1r1qman, you mean ide/sata ?18:50
qman__m1r1, no, I mean the same brand and model18:51
qman__or, if they're using the same exact hard drive18:51
m1r1qman__: i dont know :(18:51
m1r1hardware is diferent18:51
qman__what I'm getting at is, a failing disk or an issue with a particular type of disk controller might be the problem18:52
jauntypaperclipqman__ is the man!18:52
qman__but if they're not the same disk, and they're not the same type of controller, that's not it18:52
m1r1qman__: the first one was older PC , core2duo , this one is quad 8200 (brand new from store)18:53
qman__m1r1, what chipset does each use?18:54
m1r1for older one i dont know, sent it back, for new one i would need to look18:54
qman__also, how much time did you give it at 47%?18:57
qman__and how big is/are your hard drive(s)?18:57
jauntypaperclipqman__: the guest thing worked. you are in fact... the man!18:59
qman__glad to hear it18:59
m1r1qman__: hdd is 1tb , when it comes to 47% there is no activity on PC at all, no matter 1h or 15min, just halts19:01
m1r1i went to bios and set port 1-4 AHCI (was on IDE), but still same result19:02
m1r1will load now live cd to see what chipset (if it manage to load)19:03
jauntypaperclipqman__: Sorry for ever doubting you even for a half minute. lol. The windows thing authenticating as guest after you've defined the user id and pass is so weird. I may set up a batch file if utterly required. But yeah thanks again!!19:08
m1rthanks for help people, i return this box and try tomorow with other one hopefully19:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #660105 in apache2 (main) "when deflate is enabled, please also compress CSS and JS by default?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66010519:31
RoyKm1r1: no luck with the new image?19:33
m1r1RoyK: no luck at all :(19:35
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RoyKm1r1: can you try to install 8.04?19:35
m1r1RoyK: will return this box to shop and get new one during this week i hope, its acting real weird :/19:36
RoyKI'd try 8.04 first if I were you19:37
RoyKperhaps there's some local issue19:37
RoyKsince two different boxes fail....19:37
m1r1yes, both on 47% which is most strange :/19:37
m1r1what i found out, this box is AMD pehonm and old was core2duo so, as qman__ sugested maybe could be bad hdd controler, but strange that same block on 47% for both19:39
m1r1AMD is new from shop , recived yesterday19:40
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RoyKm1r1: do you have any chance to test 8.04?19:44
m1r1RoyK: no more empty cd's :(19:47
m1r1RoyK:  only USB stick, but dont know how to preprare for server install from usb key19:48
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RoyKm1r1: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download <-- instructions there - it applies to building an USB boot device from an iso image, not necessarily u10.1019:50
m1r1RoyK: thanks, will cehck it out now19:51
* RoyK is quite sure he said that some hour or two ago19:51
m1r1RoyK: there is no 8.04 in that list19:53
m1r1in usb installer list19:53
RoyKwhat OS is your PC running?19:54
RoyKit's all on that page19:55
m1r1so i can also format usb and put 8.04 server install with universal installer ?19:55
m1r1i read this is only for live cd roms, or am i wrong ?19:56
RoyKit shouldn't be a problem19:58
RoyKit's just  the bootstrap that needs a little fiddling19:58
martin___I want to know how to set up sendmail on linux server so I can make php send emails, can anybody help?19:59
claydis it possible to turn on tab completion after the sudo command? if so how?19:59
RoyKmartin___: no need for sendmail - that's ancient history - apt-get install postfix20:00
RoyKthat'll fix most of it20:00
martin___no configuration then? :RoyK20:01
RoyKmartin___: should work well out of the box20:01
RoyKclayd: google for bash custom tab completion20:01
m1r1RoyK: i ordered intel quad procesor and got amd quad, will return it tomorow, and get intel during this week, then i retest all20:01
martin___Royk: thanks :)20:01
RoyKm1r1: imho the AMDs are just as good, though20:01
RoyKwell, depends on model, obviously20:02
m1r1yes, but firm shipped wrong pc20:02
claydRoyK:  I have been looking around and cant seem to make it work.  I uncommented the lines in bash.bashrc then rebooted and still no go?20:02
RoyKI think you need to configure it, clayd20:03
cdubyahow can I display the stats like I see when I ssh into ubuntu server?20:03
RoyKcdubya: landscape-sysinfo20:05
cdubyanice, thanks20:05
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martin___cdubya: if you install webmin you can see this all graphically, best of all, its free!20:17
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.20:19
SpamapSmartin___: we generally recommend ebox, not webmin20:19
martin___SpamapS: I assume its personal preferance?20:20
RoyKmartin___: read that line from ubottu again20:21
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brendan0powersDoes anyone know if its possible to use extended attributes over NFS?20:28
RoyKit is20:28
cdubyamartin___, yeah, I've installed webmin but it's been a long time. :-)20:42
martin___cdubya: well apperently it isnt supported, however i havnt had any problems20:43
cdubyamartin___, no worries. Thanks!20:43
martin-dear god, highlight!20:48
martin___can anybody tell me how to install ebox with all modules? thought i woulde give it a try?20:50
guntbertmartin-: as I see it they regard their product more as a standalone tool based on ubuntu than as something to add to ubuntu20:55
qman__I'm not a fan of web interfaces that I didn't write myself20:57
guntbertmartin-: an on top of this: ebox uses only its own config files, not the standard ones from the system21:00
guntbert*and ...21:00
martin-guntbert: what?21:06
guntbertmartin-: I don't think it is wise to put ebox on top of a running system and expect the system to still work21:07
martin-guntbert: no idea what you're talking about21:11
guntbertmartin-: sorry, my client lead me to a faulty nick completion - there are more martin... around21:13
guntbertmartin___:  as I see it they regard their product more as a standalone tool based on ubuntu than as something to add to ubuntu21:13
harpetteis it an issue if i put a 64-bit server as a Distcc helper to a 32-bit client ?21:14
guntbertmartin___: and on top of this: ebox uses only its own config files, not the standard ones from the system21:14
martin___guntbert: so what are you saying, i shouldnt install it? as i have been told i should, webmin is no longer supported apparently21:15
guntbertmartin___: yes, webmin is no longer supported (for a long time now) - but I was very dissatisfied with ebox, I removed it as soon as I saw how it handled the system configuration21:17
guntbertmartin___: I cannot give real advice here - just my own experience shows that ebox seem in no way to be a tool like webmin21:18
martin___tbh if it works and doesn't create security issues then I'm happy :guntbert21:18
guntbertmartin___: the problem for me was that you seem to be completely sold to that system once you start using it - I didn't see a way back - with webmin it is enough to not use it or unistall it and the system will behave exactly the same21:20
martin___good, because i have just uninstalled webmin on my production server with a view to maybe install zentya (formally ebox) that i am currently installing on a test server21:22
smoserSpamapS, ping21:32
smoser other-server-n-upstart-server-enhancement21:32
ablertis anyone aware of a public PPA or other repo that contains a more up to date version of the ec2 api tools?21:40
Madwillhi, seriously is using ubuntu + tomcat going to be an hassle or its quite simple21:48
Madwilli don't like not having gui21:48
Madwillmaybe i'm not clear21:48
Madwilli want to have a tomcat server, i was wondering if i use normal ubuntu and add tomcat am i going to suffer a lot from it21:49
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smoserScottK, i wonder if you could bump https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bug/64974221:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 649742 in lucid-backports "backport maverick ec2-api-tools to lucid" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:55
smoseror anyone who is backporter21:55
* ScottK looks21:55
jasonbMadwill: The Ubuntu tomcat deb should work well for you, actually.21:56
ScottKsmoser: Done.21:56
smoserScottK, gracias.  so is there another way to get a bump on such things othe rthan pinging you ?21:57
ScottKsmoser: Currently probably not (and I don't mind) as we are very short of people looking over backports.21:57
Madwillin fact i'm going for openfire rpm which is sort of build on tomcat21:57
DormantOdenCan anyone explain how I can use `route` to route all traffic through an interface?22:01
ajmitchScottK: what's actually involved in that?22:02
=== _Techie_ is now known as _TechAway_
ScottKajmitch: Not a lot.  It's just reviewing bugs to make sure they've been properly tested.22:11
ScottKajmitch: The biggest thing is checking to make sure rdepends are tested (if any).22:11
jumbersDormantOden: You need to set the default route to use that interface22:11
ScottKThe test standard is builds, installs, runs.22:11
ScottKBut you can't break rdepends.22:12
ScottKThat and we want an upgrade path, so if you want to backport Natty to Lucid, you probably also need to backport to Maverick (for example)22:12
ajmitchmakes sense22:12
murphy_Is webmin ok to use with ubuntu server?22:18
murphy_Ive heard it isn't supported anymore?22:19
murphy_Ive heard it isn't supported anymore?22:19
murphy_does anybody use it?22:20
jumbersIt's still supported and I use it22:20
murphy_great thanks :)22:20
jumbersThey've made it a lot nicer to look at too22:21
jumbersSince the ancient days22:21
murphy_haha, I wouldnt know, im not that ancient myself :)22:21
jumbersIt used to look like this http://www.obsceneart.com/images/icons-icons-icons.png22:21
murphy_wow :D22:22
uvirtbotNew bug: #660199 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66019922:26
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ScottKmurphy_: To be clear: It's not supported here.  We'll send you to ask the webmin people if you have any problems.22:29
murphy_ScottK: Thanks, i just wanted to make sure it would cause any problems to my production server22:35
ScottKmurphy_: I wouldn't make that assumption.22:35
murphy_ScottK: sorry?22:35
ScottKIn the past, I've helped people fix postfix setups where webmin ate the config file.22:35
ScottKI've no idea why, but I wouldn't assume it's safe.22:36
jcastromurphy_: it's not in the archive for a reason22:38
eroickMy ubuntu server installation does not give a login prompt on boot, I have to press CTRL-ALT-F1 before logging in. Is there a fix for this? I'm using Lucid.22:41
chrismateroick is it a fresh install or have you used the server for a while?22:44
eroickchrismat: fresh22:45
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murphy_Will everybody stop talking in riddles and just TELL me whats wrong with it :ScottK :jcastro22:46
ScottKmurphy_: I don't use it, so I don't know exactly.  I can tall you that I've helped people fix postfix configs that got eaten by webmin.22:47
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.22:47
jcastroit's not a riddle, it's just not recommended on debian/ubuntu because it doesn't work22:47
ScottKThat's the official position.22:47
ScottK... reliably.22:47
ScottKIt does work fsvo work, but then stuff happens.22:47
jcastrowell, he did say _production_ system so I assumed reliably. :)22:47
eroickso can i configure a tty to appear right after boot? I'm using serial to get into this machine, and I cant send the CTRL-ALT-F1 over GNU Screen (or can I?_22:49
RoyKeroick: if serial console is configured correctly, you'll get a login on ttyS0 or whatever you're using22:55
eroickRoyK: I get the boot messages, and it sits at Starting NTP server ntpd    [ OK ]22:56
eroickbut I know that CTRL-ALT-F1 will get it to a login prompt, i tried it in qemu22:56
RoyKconfigure a tty in /etc/init/ttyS0.conf or something22:57
RoyKthe serial console in kernel won't setup a getty for it22:58
RoyKexample http://pastebin.com/09k2y9uZ22:58
eroickand then just do screen /dev/ttyUSB0 baudrate?22:59
eroickfrom the computer i'm connecting from22:59
RoyKor minicom23:00
eroickdo I need to do an rc-update?23:00
RoyKI'm not sure if screen supports serial stuff23:00
RoyKnever used that, though23:00
RoyKminicom does23:01
eroicki've been using screen, it works to display all the boot messages, i just don't get a TTY23:01
eroickbut I don't get a tty with the same image in qemu...23:01
RoyKdunno then23:02
RoyKI haven't been using qemu a lot23:02
* RoyK just uses serial consoles for physical boxes including good old RS/23223:02
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frankstervilleWhat am I doing wrong...  http://pastebin.com/eE0jZ20P   Error=salesperms.sh: 4: SalesDocuments[0]=/media/data/Sales: not found23:06
frankstervillesalesperms.sh: 28: Bad substitution23:06
eroickRoyK: thanks.. i'll try this when i have a chance. one more question: do you know where the startup of ttys is controlled?23:09
RoyKthre are scripts there starting them23:09
RoyKor config files, even23:09
eroickok, i'll check those too23:09
RoyKthe one I pastebinned was my /etc/init/ttyS0.conf23:10
eroickcan you send CTRL-ALT-* from minicom?23:11
RoyKwhy would you?23:12
RoyKif a serial console (aka getty) is set on a serial port, it'll work23:12
eroickhow would you send it?23:13
RoyKsorry - why would you want to?23:13
eroickto change tty23:13
RoyKon a serial console, you just have one tty23:13
eroickhmm, ok23:13
RoyKvirtual ttys is a "new" thing that came up only 20 years ago or something23:14
eroickim not sure what my serial connection is doing... it's monitoring the entire boot process23:15
eroickie, before a tty even exists23:15
RoyKthat's kernel output23:15
RoyKyou need to launch a tty on the serial link to be able to log in23:16
eroickalright, i'll make the ttyS0.conf23:16
eroickand will I need to add that to start up somehow?23:16
RoyKiirc init will read through that dir and start whatever is set there23:17
dlublinkI am getting errors when starting apparmor about missing PROC and HOMEDIR variables. It's as if the files in tunables/* were not being parsed.23:23
dlublinkFound reference to variable HOMEDIRS, but is never declared23:23
sbeattiedlublink: does the profile in question have "#include <tunables/global>" near the beginning of it?23:24
sbeattiedlublink: then you need to add it, in order to get the definitions included.23:25
dlublinkSorry, my bad, I copy/pasted a script and didn't notice that because it starts with a #23:25
dlublinkWonderful, thanks23:26
jurgenmy movies on samba shares sometimes stutter, how do I know if its my network bandwidth or resource strain on server thats causing it23:59

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