stas!seen akgarner00:13
ubot4I have no seen command00:13
nhandlerstas: FYI, '/msg nickserv info akgraner' would would to see when she last was online (identified to nickserv)03:04
stasthanks nhandler10:19
AlanBellnewz2000: so is today wiki day?11:11
jpdsAlanBell: quick day?11:39
AlanBelljpds: the theory is that the light wiki theme will be deployed as a default on wiki.ubuntu.com today11:40
jpdsAlanBell: I know; I was twisting the meaning of "wiki". ;-)11:41
* nigelb shudders at wiki day11:41
mhall119FYI, I just merged in some changes to the light-base-theme css files13:04
mhall119MTecknology stas___ ^^ you might want them for your branches13:04
stas___mhall119: will check that13:59
stas___hmm, still no news for ubuntu web-font14:21
dakerstas___, there is a web font :) used in askubuntu14:28
stas___not ours :)14:29
newz2000AlanBell: that's the plan. It's going to be a tough job for me to pull it all together, but that's the plan.14:38
AlanBellstas: you might ask sladen about the webfont18:41
AlanBellnewz2000: shout if you need any testing or want me to do any more stuff18:47
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newz2000hi stas, around?22:49
stasnewz2000: sure22:49
newz2000heya, do you remember the status of your planet theme you made?22:50
stasyeah, http://planet.ubuntu.ro/22:50
newz2000ah, so it's status is "works!"22:50
newz2000I'm going to start pushing to get this in for planet.u.c then22:51
stasit will get a facelift, basically I will port the updates from light-wordpress-theme there too22:51
stasnewz2000: you got all my support22:51
newz2000stas: cool, thanks.22:51
newz2000I'm not sure what's going to happen but people are asking me about it22:52
stasyeah, p.u.c is so 90x :)22:52
newz2000people will freak out when they see it change. :-)22:52
stasthose who don't use reader will definetly do :)22:53
newz2000stas: do you happen to know if this is for the same version of planet we use or for something newer?22:53
staswell, we were using http://intertwingly.net/code/venus/22:54
newz2000stas: were or are?22:54
staslet me check to be sure22:54
stas<meta name="generator" content="http://intertwingly.net/code/venus/" />22:56
stasso yes its the planet venus22:56
newz2000ok, thanks for clearing that up22:56
staslooks like planet.u.c is old planet 2.022:57
stasping me if you dont decide to update to planet venus so I can backport the theme22:58
newz2000stas: ok, thanks for the offer. I'm personally a big fan of being recent so lets try to steer them that way.22:59
stasok, btw, if somebody knows whom to ping about ubuntu-news.org, could you ask them to upgrade to lates wordpress theme23:00
newz2000stas: sure, I'll tell Nick in #ubuntu-news23:00
stasok thanks, it wouldnt be so important if only they didn't release a new version of the framework the theme uses, so the update should help upgrading23:02
newz2000alas launchpad is down for maintenance as of now. :-(23:05
nhandlerstas: Is the new WP theme in the bzr branch?23:05
stasnhandler: yes, the code is on lp23:05
stasyo newz2000, I can see jdub is listed as a contributor in planet venus AUTHORS file, thought it can be useful when pushing for upgrade :)23:08
newz2000indeed. I mentioned that to the guys pushing to get this done. :-)23:09
nhandlerstas: Would you happen to have a link to the WP theme bzr branch handy?23:09
stasnhandler: try cloning this lp:ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme23:11

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